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Killexams : HDI Qualified availability - BingNews Search results Killexams : HDI Qualified availability - BingNews Killexams : What Is A Non-Qualified Annuity?

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Earning guaranteed income with an annuity can be a great way to bolster your retirement plan. Before you buy, you need to decide whether a qualified or non-qualified annuity is best suited to your needs.

What Is an Annuity?

The purpose of an annuity is to provide guaranteed income in retirement. They can strengthen your financial plan by giving you confidence that you won’t outlive your retirement savings.

Technically, an annuity is an insurance contract that supplies you with guaranteed income, starting either immediately or at a time in the future. You can purchase an annuity with just one payment or a series of payments, known as premiums.

Handing over money now for the prospect of small, but steady income payments is a big ask for many people, especially those who want to leave the lion’s share of their savings to their families.

While this is an understandable hesitation, it’s worth considering that annuities can be an effective component of a comprehensive financial plan. Moreover, some annuities do pay death benefits to beneficiaries.

What Is a Non-Qualified Annuity?

Whether or not an annuity is non-qualified has little to do with how the annuity pays out income. Instead, it refers to where you get the money to purchase the annuity contract and how the payments are taxed.

Non-qualified annuities are purchased with after-tax dollars. That’s money on which you’ve already paid taxes.

Contrast this with a qualified annuity, which is paid for with pre-tax dollars. Recall that you can contribute to a traditional individual retirement account (IRA) with pre-tax funds.

How Does a Non-Qualified Annuity Work?

A non-qualified annuity is funded with money that’s already been taxed. That confers certain advantages: There are no contribution limits, and income payments from the principal are free of income tax. Only the funds derived from income growth in the annuity are taxed.

Contrast this with a qualified annuity, which is funded with pre-tax dollars. All income payments—from both principal and investment growth—are taxed as ordinary income. In addition, qualified annuities have contribution limits and some additional restrictions.

Features of a Non-Qualified Annuity

  • Federal income tax is paid on the earnings from a non-qualified annuity. The principal and premiums aren’t taxed.
  • A non-qualified annuity isn’t tied to an employer-sponsored retirement account, such as a 401(k) or IRA. Among the vehicles for buying a non-qualified annuity are mutual funds, savings accounts and certificates of deposit (CDs).
  • The buyer of a non-qualified annuity doesn’t need to have earned income, whereas the buyer of a qualified annuity does. Earned income is all work-related taxable income, such as salary and tips.
  • The IRS doesn’t limit annual contributions to a non-qualified annuity, although the provider of the annuity might set its own limits. The IRS caps annual contributions to qualified annuities.
  • Under federal rules, the owner of a non-qualified annuity never needs to take required minimum distributions (RMDs). Once withdrawals begin, the owner initially gets interest or earnings. After that, the owner receives the money deposited upfront—the principal—as well as the premiums they paid. By contrast, most owners of qualified annuities must start RMDs by age 72.
  • Early withdrawals from a non-qualified annuity normally take less of a tax hit than early withdrawals from a qualified annuity do. Withdrawals from a qualified annuity that are made before age 59½ usually face a 10% tax penalty, which might apply to the entire sum. But with an early withdrawal from a non-qualified annuity, only earnings and interest are subject to a 10% tax penalty.

“You should always consult your tax advisor to make sure you are aware of any adverse tax consequences either during the purchase of an annuity or when you need to make a withdrawal,” said investment advisor Jeff Bush, a partner at Lift Financial in South Jordan, Utah.

Should You Buy A Non-Qualified Annuity?

A non-qualified annuity isn’t necessarily better than a qualified annuity. However, your financial situation may dictate whether one stands above the other.

What Are The Tax Consequences?

Contributions to a non-qualified annuity have already been taxed, while contributions to a qualified annuity have not been taxed.

Meanwhile, only the earnings—not the principal and premiums—from a non-qualified annuity are taxed when withdrawals start, but all the money taken out of a qualified annuity is taxed.

Which Type of Annuity Can You Purchase?

Qualified annuities usually are purchased in conjunction with an employer-sponsored retirement plan, while non-qualified annuities aren’t connected to workplace benefits.

If you don’t have access to a workplace retirement plan, your only option very well could be a non-qualified annuity.

How Popular Are Annuities?

In 2021, U.S. sales of fixed and variable annuities reached $233 billion, representing the highest yearly total since 2008 and up 12.3% from 2020, according to the Insured Retirement Institute.

Qualified annuities attracted more money in 2021 ($131 billion) than non-qualified annuities ($102 billion).

Sales in 2022 are building off the momentum from the year.

In the second quarter of 2022, total annuity sales rose 22% to $77.5 billion, according to preliminary data from LIMRA, an insurance industry trade group. That marked the highest quarterly sales number since LIMRA began tracking annuity sales. The total in the second quarter of 2022 bested the previous record, set in the fourth quarter of 2008, by nearly $9 billion.

LIMRA attributes the sales spike to volatility in the stock market and still-rising interest rates. The organization predicts annuity sales will climb from a range of $267 billion to $288 billion in 2022 to a range of $294 to $314 in 2024. LIMRA says the projected increase aligns with the aging of the U.S. population, as most annuity sales happen around the traditional retirement age of 65.

Do You Need an Annuity?

In some cases, buying either a non-qualified annuity or qualified annuity might be a smart move. Your best bet is to visit with a fee-only financial advisor before selecting an annuity.

“In today’s volatile bond market, annuities have been used as a safe alternative to bonds,” Bush said. “If you are looking for the security of knowing your future income in retirement is secure, then annuities may get the job done for you.”

Younger investors need to maximize the growth of their portfolio, making stocks and other investments a better choice than an annuity. Additionally, if you need to take cash out of a non-qualified or qualified annuity before age 59½, you face tax penalties.

“Annuities, like any other savings or investment vehicle, should be assessed on a personal basis, as they will be right for some people and not for others,” said Aaron Freedman, a MassMutual financial advisor in Meridian, Idaho.

Looking For A Financial Advisor?

Get In Touch With A Pre-screened Financial Advisor In 3 Minutes

Looking For A Financial Advisor?

Get In Touch With A Pre-screened Financial Advisor In 3 Minutes

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Killexams : HDI to Host Third Quarter 2022 Results Conference Call

LANGLEY, BC, Oct. 13, 2022 /CNW/ - Hardwoods Distribution Inc. ("HDI" or the "Company") (TSX: HDI) today announced that it will report its 2022 third-quarter results on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 after the markets close.

The Company will host a conference call on Wednesday, November 9, 2022 at 8:00 am Pacific (11:00 am Eastern) during which Rob Brown, Chief Executive Officer, and Faiz Karmally, Chief Financial Officer, will discuss the Company's financial performance for the third quarter ended September 30, 2022.

Conference Call Details


Wednesday, November 9, 2022


11:00 a.m. ET

Conference Call:

Toll Free Dial-In Number

(888) 254-3590

Dial-In Number (GTA)

(647) 484-0475

Please dial in at least five minutes before the call begins.


Available through November 16, 2022    

Replay Access:

Toll Free Dial-In Number

(888) 390-0541

Dial-In Number (GTA)

(416) 764-8677


852499 #

About HDI

HDI is one of North America's largest suppliers of specialty building products to fabricators, home centers and professional dealers servicing the new residential, repair and remodel, and commercial construction end markets. The Company currently operates a network in North America of 86 facilities in the United States and Canada. HDI's common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "HDI".

SOURCE Hardwoods Distribution Inc.


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Killexams : Enhance Recruiting Tools To Attract Qualified Candidates

Niki is Insperity's director, service operations. She specializes in employee onboarding, human capital management and HR infrastructure.

As the labor shortage continues and resignations remain at record levels, leaders are hard-pressed to find qualified candidates to fill open positions. While many are addressing the situation with improved benefits and perks, that does not necessarily translate to ideal candidates who are perfect fits for companies.

Enhancing recruiting tools such as job descriptions and sourcing methods to reflect current best practices and appeal to qualified candidates can be a game changer for companies.

Optimizing Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are the first introduction many job seekers have to companies, so it is critical to make a good first impression. A well-crafted description not only attracts qualified candidates but also reduces the number of unqualified applications recruiters receive, saving them time and energy to focus on the best fits. Here are some key strategies to consider:

• Assigning job titles that people can understand and relate to will help Strengthen search results and generate interest from qualified candidates. Companies may think that quirky titles will attract younger generations, but it may only lead to confusion.

• Using bullet points throughout a job description makes it quicker and easier to digest. It is especially critical for job seekers who use mobile devices to review and apply for jobs.

• Being clear and direct about skills/responsibilities without using too many words is critical. Lengthy job descriptions may be overwhelming for individuals, causing them to go unread and/or preventing people from applying because the position sounds too complicated.

• Posting a short list of non-negotiables/minimum requirements as opposed to ideal qualifications can lead to better results. Too many requirements can cause people to question their abilities and prevent them from applying because they are unsure about meeting the criteria.

• Incorporating a brief video that explains and demonstrates daily tasks gives job seekers a better sense about the role, the company and the company's culture. With an internal glimpse into a company, it is easier for applicants to see themselves in the work environment.

• Using relevant keywords to optimize job descriptions for search engines will help ensure postings appear at the top of search results. Start with keywords in job titles that incorporate job location, including “remote,” that facilitate quick searches.

• Displaying a salary range for jobs is a growing trend that promotes transparency and helps people make informed decisions about whether to apply for positions. This practice can attract ideal candidates and eliminate others, saving time and energy for everyone.

• Altering or eliminating language about four-year college degree requirements to include highly skilled workers who have alternative credentials, such as on-the-job training, industry-recognized certification programs and military service will boost a qualified talent pool.

• Aligning keywords, skills, alternative credentials and industry certifications with automated applicant tracking systems helps to ensure qualified candidates are not eliminated from the process.

• Outlining employee benefits and significant perks is important to include because they not only help elevate preferred employers, but they can also serve as a quick reference tool when candidates are comparing companies.

• Removing obstacles that impede the application process will Strengthen results. Time-consuming activities that provide no value—such as uploading a résumé (if information was previously provided via an application form), skills assessments, cover letters and references—should not be necessary to apply for jobs.

Refining Sourcing Methods

As workforce demographics change and the ways job seekers look for jobs evolve, it is critical for companies to refine their sourcing methods to attract qualified candidates. While tried-and-true avenues are still applicable and should not be discarded, there are other options and best practices that companies can use to complement their recruiting efforts. Here are five avenues to consider:

• Employee referral programs that offer monetary rewards to employees who recommend new hires are a great way to source qualified candidates. Engaged employees serving as brand ambassadors and promoting a company and its benefits to their networks can be invaluable for talent pipelines.

• Internal hiring can be an ideal source for companies that have an effective succession plan, formal mentoring program, internships or on-the-job training opportunities because qualified individuals have likely been identified and trained for roles.

• Company career pages are a tried-and-true method; however, they should be enhanced with short videos that include courses such as culture, employee testimonials, mission and values, and community involvement events to create enthusiasm and action that accurately portrays a company.

• Job boards are mainstays for sourcing efforts, but niche job sites should also be considered for industry-specific and specialty positions.

• Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter should be optimized with branding, content and videos that convey a company’s culture and should be leveraged to post job openings. Encourage employees to share and repost content with their networks to extend the company’s reach.

Amid labor shortages and myriad job openings, companies that optimize job descriptions and refine sourcing methods will make great strides toward attracting qualified candidates and maintaining a solid talent pipeline.

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Killexams : Quadient: Availability of the 2022 half-year financial report


Quadient: Availability of
the 2022 half-year financial report

Paris, 29 September 2022,

Quadient (Euronext Paris: QDT) announces that it has filed its 2022 half-year financial report on 29 September 2022.

It can be viewed and downloaded at the following address: 2022 half-year financial report, in the “Publications / Financial Reports” section of Quadient’ Investor Relations website (, as well as on the AMF’s website (

For more information, please contact:

Or visit our website:


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Killexams : Brewers NLDS single-game ticket availability revealed

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 28: Luis Urias #2 of the Milwaukee Brewers reacts to a double during the eighth inning against the St. Louis Cardinals at American Family Field on September 28, 2022 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Get

The Milwaukee Brewers announced details on Thursday, Sept. 29 regarding the purchase of single-game tickets for potential National League Division Series games (NLDS) at American Family Field. Games 3 and 4 would be played in Milwaukee on Friday, Oct. 14 and Saturday, Oct. 15.

A news release says single-game tickets for NLDS games at American Family Field will be available for purchase by the general public at 10 a.m. CT on Friday, Oct. 7. registered users who previously purchased a ticket for any game during the 2022 season will receive access to NLDS tickets one day earlier - 10 a.m. CT on Thursday, Oct. 6. The full schedule of postseason presales and single-game ticket opportunities can be found at

Customers will also have an opportunity to purchase parking passes online, with digital parking passes available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Note that all single-game tickets for potential postseason games at American Family Field will exclusively be delivered via the MLB Ballpark App.

RELATED: Check out the new and improved FOX Sports app

In the event that fans purchase tickets for postseason games that do not occur, the full value of the purchase (including fees) will be refunded to the credit card within 10 business days of the scheduled game.

For more information, including seating and pricing information, you are invited to visit or call 414-902-4000.

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Killexams : Top Quotes | Media Availability - September 21

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and linebackers Jerome Baker and Jaelan Phillips met with the media today as the team practiced before Sunday's game vs. Buffalo. Check out the top quotes from their media availabilities.

(On his first impression of Buffalo QB Josh Allen from 2020 and how he's grown since then)
"Well, it goes further than that. I saw his growth in Wyoming. That's what was really cool was it was an example of young in his career, the guy is a giant with a giant arm. But he had kind of like a stigma about accuracy or something that, I think each year in his college career, he drastically improved. You can tell – which was a big deal to me with him coming out because you learn a lot, not by hearing, but by seeing. And what you could see was a guy diligently working at his craft, who's however old he is. So fast forward to the league and I think we've all been witnesses to he's steadily become one of the best players in the National Football League. (You could) easily argue he's the best one. And it's not because he's God's gift. It's because he's unbelievably talented. But it's because you can tell more than that, it's because he works at his craft. He's developing every time he's on the field. He's a really, really good player that you'll never, I don't think, see him stopped necessarily. It's about minimizing and containing all together."

(On QB Tua Tagovailoa being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week)
"Yeah, how about that? Yeah, it's awesome. It's a team award to me, but an award that he tremendously deserves because when you're around the guy and you see him work amongst noise and you see him – who doesn't appreciate an earned achievement? I think he's done a great job handling all the stuff that he can control and not worrying about the stuff that he can't. And I think our entire team felt a little ownership too, because they all have his back. And if as an organization we'd allow it, you'd hear a ton more rants from players because they see him work each and every day. And like I said, whenever I talked to you guys last, I don't think his teammates were totally surprised. They were just excited."

(On his reaction to winning AFC Offensive Player of the Week)
"It was cool. That's my first one, but I've said this in many other interviews that individual success is only done within team success. If we never won that game, if the defense never did what they did, if our offense didn't go out and put points on the board; none of that would have been possible. So I amend that to our team."

(On what makes a home-field advantage at Hard Rock Stadium)
"Well, I would say the crowd for one and then I would say the atmosphere. Like our first game, I would say that was probably the most people that I've seen in our stadium and it got really loud for the opposing team's offense and that's probably the loudest that I've heard since I got here with the Miami Dolphins fans at Hard Rock (Stadium). I think that plays a big key with how they operate within their offense."

(On the challenge of facing Buffalo this week)
"We understand that they're a really good team. That's no secret. Everyone knows that they're really good team. They're tough defensively, they're explosive offensively. So I wouldn't say that we have a measuring stick for how good that these guys are because when you look at it, their opening game, they beat the Super Bowl champions of last year. And they didn't just beat them; it was by a lot. And the next team they played, a really good team; they beat them by a lot. So for us, we're just looking at playing the way we play and playing the way we've played for the past two weeks and we'll go out there, they'll get our best and we'll get theirs."

(On how the team responded in the second half last week)
"I think as a team, we all knew that the first half wasn't us. It wasn't just our head coach, it was the leaders on our team, our captains – just everybody. We all knew we had to lock it in. In years past, we all have been in tough games and we came back and gave teams a challenge. We knew we had it in us and it worked out for us in the second half and we got it done."

(On facing Buffalo QB Josh Allen)
"I mean it's a war. Every time you go out there, every single play is a battle. When you have an offense that is as dynamic as the Bills are, they can really take the top off at any time. You have to prepare for everything and you have to bring your A-game when you come, so you better believe we'll be playing hard."

Tue, 20 Sep 2022 22:12:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Report: Pregame workout to determine Josh Jacobs’ availability

Raiders running back Josh Jacobs made it to Nashville, but no one’s guaranteeing he’ll make it into Sunday’s lineup.

Jacobs missed practice on Thursday and Friday because of an illness that also caused the Raiders to leave him behind when they flew to Tennessee on Friday. Jacobs was cleared to fly on Saturday to join the team, which suggests that the team believes he can play but there’s reportedly still some doubt on their end.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jacobs will work out before Sunday’s game against the Titans and the Raiders will determine his status after seeing how he does in that session.

Jacobs has 29 carries for 126 yards through the first two games of the season. The team’s other running backs have four carries between them, so Jacobs’ absence would lead to a major change in roles in the Vegas backfield.

Sun, 25 Sep 2022 02:29:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Media advisory - Media availability on Hurricane Fiona

DARTMOUTH, NS, Sept. 21, 2022 /CNW/ - Media representatives are advised that the Canadian Hurricane Centre will provide an update on Hurricane Fiona on Thursday, September 22, 2022. Bob Robichaud, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, will discuss the latest information about the storm that is anticipated to impact Eastern Canada.

Please note our meteorologists for the affected regions will not be conducting media interviews on this subject from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (ADT) on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

The media availability will be held via Zoom. Following the briefing, media will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Event:            Media availability (bilingual)
Date:              Thursday, September 22, 2022
Time:             1 p.m. (ADT)

Media representatives are asked to register for the media availability in advance by contacting Media Relations at Environment and Climate Change Canada by Thursday, September 22 at 12 p.m. (ADT). Zoom details will be provided upon registration. Media are asked to join 10 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Depending on Fiona's track, it is possible another media availability will take place Friday, September 23. In that case, another media advisory will be issued.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's Twitter page

Environment and Climate Change Canada's Facebook page

SOURCE Environment and Climate Change Canada


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Killexams : Hamilton asks Ontario for 1 more year to clean up Chedoke Creek spill amid Haudenosaunee dispute

The City of Hamilton is asking the Ontario government to extend the deadline to clean up the sewage in Chedoke Creek by a year — to Dec. 31, 2023 — because of demonstrations from representatives of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI).

It's also asking the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks to issue an order to HDI to prevent the group from causing any further disruptions as it tries to meet ministry orders to clean up the 24-billion-litre sewage spill, a leak that took place over four years.

Nick Winters, director of Hamilton Water, said a year-long delay is needed because the city would have to potentially renew permits and can't perform work in the water between mid-March and mid-July, among other considerations.

The city was set to start dredging Chedoke Creek in late August, but contractors paused the $6-million project when HDI representatives arrived on site.

HDI representatives say they're exercising treaty rights and its lawyer, Aaron Detlor, said he had no intention of stopping the work, but wanted to monitor it.

HDI says it hasn't had meaningful consultation with the city about the dredging and the city should get its consent before doing the work, as Haudenosaunee treaty lands cover a large portion of Ontario.

Lawyer Aaron Detlor of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute (HDI) says the City of Hamilton needs to consult Haudenosaunee leaders about how to care for Chedoke Creek, and the city needs HDI's consent. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

In a accurate email from Detlor to the city, HDI said it would cost Hamilton $350,000 to undergo that consultation and have environmental monitors at the site.

In a news conference Tuesday, Carlyle Khan, general manager of the public works department, said the city is willing to work with HDI to establish environmental monitors, but won't seek consent to complete a ministry-ordered cleanup.

Khan said the city hasn't had issues when communicating with Mississaugas of the Credit, Six Nations of the Grand River and the Huron-Wendat Nation.

Winters said there have been 40 reported instances of disruptions at the dredging site.

Some of those instances include demonstrators launching watercraft into the dredging area, and someone breaking into a dredging machine and stealing equipment.

Winters said the cost for a timeline extension isn't clear. 

As for the environmental impacts, he said the material the city is trying to remove has high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus, which could leach into the water and create more algae blooms.

In an email to CBC Hamilton, ministry spokesperson Gary Wheeler said: "The ministry is aware of the unexpected delays and will be having discussions with the city about their request to extend the deadline." 

HDI spokesperson Brian Hendry said the institute welcomes the city's deadline extension, saying it would allow for "ample time to properly engage and obtain consent from the Haudenosaunee as they should have undertaken prior to the issuance of the first order of December 2020."

"Our No. 1 priority is to preserve our lands and waters to a complete pre-spill condition so that future generations can realize the benefits of the natural environment to the fullest."

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Killexams : Baldwinsville swimmer has already qualified for states in 3 events, is close in fourth

Baldwinsville swimmer Eva Smith has already earned her spot in this year’s state meet in three separate events.

The junior has posted qualifying times in the 200-meter individual medley, the 500 freestyle and the 100 backstroke. Her coach, Jen Dahm, said she’s very close to qualifying in the 200 free.

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