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We are doing an extraordinary battle to offer you genuine Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer test questions and responses, alongside clarifications. Each Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer braindumps on has been checked and approved by our Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer specialists. They are qualified and confirmed individuals, who have a seriously long encounter seen with the Google certificates. They really look at the Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer Practice Questions according to braindumps.

Exam Code: Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer Practice test 2023 by team
Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Exam Specification: Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer (Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer)

Exam Name: Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer (Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer)
Exam Code: Professional-Cloud-DevOps-Engineer
Exam Duration: 2 hours
Passing Score: Not specified
Exam Format: Multiple-choice

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to DevOps on Google Cloud Platform
- Understanding DevOps principles and practices
- Overview of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and its services
- Role of a DevOps Engineer in managing and deploying applications on GCP

2. Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)
- Setting up CI/CD pipelines using Google Cloud Build
- Configuration and management of source code repositories
- Automating builds, tests, and deployments using CI/CD tools on GCP

3. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
- Introduction to infrastructure as code concepts
- Managing infrastructure using Google Cloud Deployment Manager
- Using Terraform and other tools for infrastructure provisioning on GCP

4. Monitoring and Logging
- Configuring monitoring and alerting using Google Cloud Monitoring
- Leveraging Google Cloud Logging for centralized log management
- Analyzing and troubleshooting application and infrastructure issues using GCP tools

5. Scalability and Performance Optimization
- Designing and implementing scalable and highly available architectures on GCP
- Optimizing performance and resource utilization for applications on GCP
- Load balancing, auto-scaling, and capacity planning strategies on GCP

6. Security and Compliance
- Implementing security controls and best practices on GCP
- Managing access and permissions using Google Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)
- Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations on GCP

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand DevOps principles and practices and their application on Google Cloud Platform.
2. Configure and manage continuous integration and delivery pipelines using Google Cloud Build.
3. Implement infrastructure as code using tools like Google Cloud Deployment Manager and Terraform.
4. Set up monitoring and logging solutions to ensure the availability and performance of applications on GCP.
5. Design and optimize scalable and highly available architectures on Google Cloud Platform.
6. Implement security controls and ensure compliance with industry standards on GCP.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to DevOps on Google Cloud Platform (15%)
- DevOps principles and practices
- Overview of Google Cloud Platform and its services
- Role of a DevOps Engineer on GCP

Section 2: Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) (20%)
- Configuring CI/CD pipelines with Google Cloud Build
- Source code repository management
- Automation of builds, tests, and deployments on GCP

Section 3: Infrastructure as Code (IaC) (15%)
- Infrastructure as code concepts
- Managing infrastructure with Google Cloud Deployment Manager
- Using Terraform and other tools for infrastructure provisioning on GCP

Section 4: Monitoring and Logging (15%)
- Configuration of monitoring and alerting using Google Cloud Monitoring
- Centralized log management with Google Cloud Logging
- Application and infrastructure troubleshooting using GCP tools

Section 5: Scalability and Performance Optimization (20%)
- Designing scalable and highly available architectures on GCP
- Performance optimization techniques for GCP applications
- Load balancing, auto-scaling, and capacity planning strategies on GCP

Section 6: Security and Compliance (15%)
- Implementing security controls and best practices on GCP
- Managing access and permissions with Google Cloud IAM
- Ensuring compliance with industry standards on GCP

Google Cloud Certified - Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer
Google Professional candidate
Killexams : Google Professional candidate - BingNews Search results Killexams : Google Professional candidate - BingNews Killexams : Republican debate live updates: GOP primary candidates take stage − without Donald Trump cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Wed, 23 Aug 2023 13:04:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sues Google, YouTube for alleged censorship

Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing YouTube and its parent company Google for moderating content he posts online.

The 69-year-old Ivy lawyer filed suit against the Internet giants in a Delaware court late Wednesday. His lawsuit claims his freedom of speech has been violated and alleges the U.S. has taken “extraordinary steps “under the leadership of Joe Biden to silence people it doesn’t want America to hear.”


Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing Google and Youtube for alleged censorship. In this photo, Kennedy listens during the World Values Network's Presidential candidate series at the Glasshouse on July 25, 2023, in New York City.

Kennedy is a long-shot challenger to President Biden for the Democratic party nomination in the 2024 presidential race. While he’s proven popular with conspiratorial online media sources and right-wing outlets like Fox News, Kennedy has struggled to gain favor with Democrats and even earned admonishment from his famous political family. A exact poll shows him trailing Biden by as much as 60 points.

The son of assassinated 1968 presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy, Kennedy is a critic of vaccines, including those used to curb the COVID-19 pandemic that’s killed more than a million Americans since 2020.


His complaint claims YouTube frequently blocks content posted by Kennedy on the grounds of “medical misinformation” policies.

“On information and belief, it did so based on statements from the Biden administration about what information to censor,” Kennedy’s complaint alleges.

Kennedy’s legal team complains content taken offline sometimes comes from their client’s 2024 presidential campaign and worries the problem will worsen as primary elections draw nearer.

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Among Kennedy’s many controversies was a dinner last month where he made claims about COVID-19 some critics found antisemitic.

COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people,” he asserted. “The races that are most immune to COVID-19 are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese.”

Kennedy later tweeted his comments were being taken out of context and he never implied “the ethnic effect was deliberately engineered.”

His lawsuit was filed in Delaware, where Google and YouTube incorporated. Kennedy resides in New York. The defendants are headquartered in California.

Google purchased the popular video-sharing website in 2006. A spokesman for the company told the Daily News the Team Kennedy YouTube channel has over 46,000 subscribers and over a million views across its videos, which are held to the same standard as those of other platform users.


“YouTube applies its community guidelines independently, transparently and consistently, regardless of political viewpoint,” that spokesman said. “These claims are meritless, and we look forward to refuting them.”

The Biden administration has not replied to a request for comment.

Thu, 03 Aug 2023 08:09:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Google ordered to hand over anonymous emailer’s information to former Victorian Labor candidate

Google has been ordered to hand over the account information and IP address of a person who a Victorian Labor candidate alleges defamed them in an email.

Nurul Khan was endorsed to run for the Labor party in last year’s state election, but an email littered with allegations against him was sent to ministers and news organisations on 9 November.

He was subsequently disendorsed as an upper house candidate for the Western Metropolitan region before the 26 November poll.

Khan has taken Google to the federal court, seeking to find out the identity of the anonymous sender so he can sue that person for defamation.

His barrister, Justin Castelan, described the contents of the email as “absolutely defamatory”, practicing out a number of the sender’s claims to the court on Tuesday.

The email accused Khan of corruption and abuse, saying he had to pay fines for being unethical.

Castelan sought to have Google hand over the sender’s user account information and IP address.

Representatives for Google did not appear at the federal court in Melbourne on Tuesday, instead sending through a proposed order.

Justice Catherine Button ordered the tech giant to provide the subscriber registration information from the Google account, as well as the email address’s IP logins on and around 9 November.

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The company has 20 days to comply from the service of the order.

Another hearing has been set down for August to see if Khan can persist with his defamation action.

Mon, 10 Jul 2023 16:15:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Republican candidates spar over Trump, war in Ukraine and abortion: Debate recap No result found, try new keyword!Many of the attacks in Milwaukee to upstart Vivek Ramaswamy. Mike Pence, Chris Christie and Nikki Haley hit him on his lack of government experience. Wed, 23 Aug 2023 16:46:24 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Top Google Cloud Certifications

Today’s businesses are adopting cloud computing infrastructures more than ever to optimize their operations. In response, information technology professionals are developing robust cloud technology skill sets to serve these organizations better. Certifications in cloud-based tools from major players like Google offer IT professionals a competitive edge while demonstrating in-demand career skills to hiring managers.

We’ll examine the most essential Google Cloud certifications to help you navigate your career path and show off your skills to potential employers. 

Here’s a more in-depth look at Google’s certification offerings. 

1. Cloud Digital Leader certification

Google phased out its G Suite certification program in favor of the more focused Cloud Digital Leader (CDL) certificate. 

CDL is the only Google Cloud certification designed for people in non-technical roles. CDLs have the following characteristics: 

  • CDLs act as a bridge between the technical support team and an organization. 
  • CDLs can clearly communicate about Google Cloud core products and applications. 
  • CDLs should be able to discuss specific problems that Google Cloud products can resolve. 

The CDL test tests candidates’ knowledge of the following areas:

  • Digital transformation with Google Cloud
  • Google Cloud and data innovation
  • Modernizing infrastructure and applications with Google Cloud 
  • Google Cloud security and operations 

The CDL certification is an excellent Google Cloud entry point for professionals in operational, marketing, or other non-technical roles. It’s the only foundational certificate Google Cloud currently offers. It doesn’t require any specific industry experience – just a desire to learn more about the products and share them with others. 

Google Cloud Leader certification facts and figures

Cloud hosting is a more secure, reliable, and often cost-efficient way to store data than the traditional server-based method.

2. Associate Cloud Engineer

An Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) performs the following functions: 

  • Deploys applications
  • Monitors operations 
  • Manages enterprise solutions
  • Understands how to use Google Cloud Console and the command line to complete common platform-based tasks
  • Maintains one or more deployed solutions that use Google-managed or self-managed services in the Google Cloud environment.

The ACE test evaluates the following skills: 

  • Setting up Google Cloud solutions
  • Planning and configuring Google Cloud solutions 
  • Deploying and implementing Google Cloud solutions
  • Operating Google Cloud solutions successfully 
  • Configuring security and access controls for Google Cloud solutions

The ACE credential is best suited to early-stage or mid-career IT professionals interested in cloud computing who work with Google Cloud already or intend to in the future. The ACE certification training courses offer professionals a great way to hone the skills they need to launch and manage Google Cloud Solutions in their workplace.

Associate Cloud Engineer certification facts and figures

Certification name

Associate Cloud Engineer certification

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends six months of hands-on experience with Google Cloud. 

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free Cloud Engineer learning path

Recertification information 

ACE certifications are valid for three years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

3. Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud Architect

Professional Cloud Architects (PCAs) empower organizations to make effective and efficient use of Google Cloud technologies. PCAs must develop a thorough understanding of Google Cloud solutions and the broader functionality of cloud architecture. Those who hold this credential can design, develop and manage dynamic Google Cloud solutions to meet business objectives that are robust, secure, scalable, and highly available.

The PCA certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Designing and planning cloud solution architectures
  • Managing cloud solution architectures
  • Building secure, compliant cloud solutions 
  • Performing analyses for optimizing processes
  • Managing cloud architecture implementations
  • Keeping cloud solutions and operations stable and reliable 

Additionally, test takers must respond to questions about several case studies. 

The PCA certificate represents a more senior credential that might appeal to more established IT professionals with at least three years of experience. PCAs should be knowledgeable and interested in the vast array of Google Cloud tools and business objectives. 

Professional Cloud Architect certification facts and figures

Certification name

Professional Cloud Architect certification

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends three years of industry experience with Google Cloud solution management. 

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free Cloud Architect learning path

Recertification information 

Certification is valid for two years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

Tip: While the ACE certificate isn’t a prerequisite for PCA certification, it covers many of the skills you’ll need. If you’re interested in becoming a PCA but don’t have the experience, the ACE certificate can be a good place to start. 

4. Google Professional Cloud Database Engineer

A Professional Cloud Database Engineer (PCDE) is a database certification that focuses on designing, operating, and troubleshooting Google Cloud databases. Ideally, PCDEs have broad IT and database experience and are comfortable creating and managing database solutions. 

The PCDE certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Designing highly scalable database solutions
  • Migrating data solutions
  • Managing complex database solutions
  • Deploying databases in Google Cloud

PCDEs are highly skilled professionals. They should have over five years of database experience and at least two years of hands-on experience with Google Cloud databases.

Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification facts and figures

Certification name

Professional Cloud Database Engineer certification

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends five years of industry experience and two years working with Google Cloud databases. 

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free Database Engineer learning path

Recertification information 

Certification is valid for two years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

5. Google Professional Data Engineer

The Professional Data Engineer (PDE) focuses on analyzing and applying data stored in the Google Cloud instead of designing, deploying, or maintaining those systems. PDEs assist their organizations in making data-informed decisions by providing visualizations and expert guidance. They also work closely with existing machine-learning models. The PDE curriculum and test emphasize data-processing security, reliability, and fault-tolerance, as well as scalability, accuracy, and efficiency.

The PDE certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Building and maintaining Google Cloud data structures and databases
  • Designing Google Cloud data-processing systems 
  • Analyzing data that supports Google Cloud machine learning 
  • Using machine learning models
  • Analyzing and optimizing Google Cloud business processes 
  • Ensuring reliable, robust, secure, and compliant data processing systems 
  • Visualizing Google Cloud data 

IT professionals with experience or interest in big data, data analysis, and machine learning could benefit from the PDE certification. It’s also an excellent credential for people with backgrounds and interests in mathematics and data modeling. 

Professional Data Engineer certification facts and figures

Certification name

Professional Data Engineer certification

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends three years of industry experience and at least a year designing and managing Google Cloud solutions.

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free Data Engineer learning path

Recertification information 

Certifications are valid for two years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

If you have experience and interest in big data, check out our overview of the best big data certifications.

6. Professional Cloud Developer

The Professional Cloud Developer (PCD) certification is ideal for candidates who use Google Cloud services, tools, and recommended practices to create applications. Candidates should possess the skills necessary to successfully integrate Google Cloud services and conduct application performance monitoring. While the test does not test coding ability, candidates should be proficient in at least one general-use coding language. 

The PCD certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Designing cloud applications
  • Building and testing cloud applications
  • Deploying cloud applications
  • Integrating Google Cloud services into operations
  • Managing performance testing for applications

Professional Cloud Developer certification facts and figures

Certification name

Professional Cloud Developer certification

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends three years of industry experience and at least a year designing and managing Google Cloud solutions.

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free Cloud Developer learning path

Recertification information 

Certification is valid for two years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

7. Professional Cloud Network Engineer

A Professional Cloud Network Engineer (CNE) is responsible for executing and maintaining network architectures within Google Cloud. In addition to Google Cloud products, successful candidates should be skilled in working with technologies like hybrid connectivity, network architecture security, VPCs, network services, and the Google Cloud Console command-line interface.

The PCD certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Designing and planning Google Cloud networks
  • Implementing Virtual Private Clouds 
  • Configuring network services
  • Implementing hybrid connectivity and network security
  • Managing network operations
  • Optimizing network resources

The CNE certification could be a good fit for a network or systems administrator who has been working with cloud technology for a few years. 

Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification facts and figures

Certification name

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends three years of industry experience and at least a year designing and managing Google Cloud solutions.

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free Network Engineer learning path

Recertification information 

Certification is valid for two years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

Network engineers may also want to consider other networking certifications, including the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

8. Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Another popular option in the Google Cloud certification portfolio is the Professional Cloud Security Engineer (CSE). CSEs aim to prevent and avoid network security threats. They’re well-versed in industry best practices and security protocols, including:

  • Identity and access management
  • Using Google Cloud technologies to safeguard sensitive data
  • Documenting and responding to incidents
  • Compiling logs
  • Interpreting logs
  • Designing, implementing, and managing secure infrastructures on Google Cloud

The CSE certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Configuring cloud solution access 
  • Configuring network security
  • Ensuring data security
  • Managing cloud operations
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance

The CSE engineer certification is an asset for any network administrators already working in cloud technologies. However, all network administrators could benefit from the training as more companies make the leap to the cloud. 

Professional Cloud Security Engineer certification facts and figures

Certification name

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends three years of industry experience and at least a year designing and managing Google Cloud solutions.

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free Security Engineer learning path

Recertification information 

Certification is valid for two years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

9. Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

A Cloud DevOps engineer develops and operates cloud-based applications and services. They analyze a cloud environment’s elements and functions to ensure service reliability.  

The DevOps certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Implementing service-monitoring strategies
  • Optimizing performance
  • Ensuring site reliability
  • Performing development testing
  • Managing service incidents 

Cloud DevOps Engineer certification facts and figures

Certification name

Cloud DevOps engineer

Prerequisites and required courses

None required. Google recommends three years of industry experience and at least a year designing and managing Google Cloud solutions.

Number of exams


Cost per exam



Self-study materials

Follow the free DevOps Engineer learning path

Recertification information 

Certification is valid for two years. You must recertify during the specified eligibility period.

10. Professional Google Workspace Administrator 

A Professional Google Workspace Administrator certification is a mid-career certification for IT professionals who manage and configure Google Workspace services, objects, and environments. These individuals understand their organization’s infrastructure and ensure secure collaboration, communication, and data access. 

The Google Workspace Administrator certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Designing Google Workspace access and authorization
  • Configuring and controlling Google Workspace services
  • Monitoring operations
  • Managing endpoint access
  • Fostering Google Workspace collaboration and communication

Professional Google Workspace Administrator certification facts and figures

Google Workspace used to be called G Suite. It’s now revamped and includes word processing, spreadsheets, Google Forms, cloud storage, and more.

11. Professional Machine Learning Engineer

Professional Machine Learning engineers create and build machine-learning models to facilitate Google Cloud technologies. This is an advanced IT certification for machine-learning professionals. 

The Professional Machine Learning Engineer certification test evaluates the following skills:

  • Developing machine-learning models
  • Designing machine-learning solutions
  • Creating scalable solutions
  • Considering and solving machine-learning problems

Professional Machine Learning Engineers certification facts and figures

Sun, 30 Jul 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : How To Spot Google Chat Scams in 2023 (With Screenshots)

Google Chat, formerly known as “Google Hangouts”, is a chat-based messaging app that gives businesses and regular users a space to collaborate and catch up for free. The app is wildly popular, boasting over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone. But as with other platforms like LinkedIn, its large, predominantly professional user base also makes it a magnet for cyber scammers.

Unlike messaging apps like Signal, Google Chat's security reputation isn't great. Conversations on the platform are largely unmonitored and accounts can be reached by anyone with a Gmail email address –  making users more vulnerable to unwanted advances. Falling prey to scams on Google Chat isn't inevitable, though.

We've spoken to real businesses that have fallen victim to Google Chat scams to save you from making the same mistakes. From your standard-issue phishing attacks to less typical cases of sextortion, here are six scams to be aware of on Google Chat, and advice on how to avoid them.

Receiving Scam Messages? Incogni will help you remove your phone number, email address and other personal information from the internet.
Take Back Control of Your Data

What are Google Chat Scams?

Google Chat scams refer to any type of cybercrime that takes place on the Workspace platform. Scams take a variety of forms: some grifters send chat requests to users directly, while others try and move conversations to Google Chat from social media sites to take advantage of the app's lackluster security settings.

Due to the platform's overwhelmingly professional clientele, Google Chat scams tend to mirror cons spotted on other sites like LinkedIn. But cons aren't just focused around the nine till five, with romance and sextortion scams also becoming more prevalent on the app in exact years.

Here's our summary of the most common scams currently circulating Google Chat:

Google Chat Phishing Scams

Unsurprisingly, the most popular scam to be aware of on Google Chat is phishing – a social engineering practice where criminals masque as reputable sources in an attempt to lure sensitive information from victims.

Due to its low barrier to entry and relatively high success rate, phishing scams are now the most common type of cyber attack in the US, and Google Chat's public access makes it one of the easiest platforms for phishers to target.

Nikita Sherbina from the SaaS company almost fell victim to the hustle after receiving a seemingly innocuous message that claimed to be from a well-known client.

“The message contained a link that appeared to be a shared document, but upon closer inspection, it led to a fraudulent login page” Sherbina tells Fortunately, her IT department was quick to shut the request down, but not all Google Chat users are this luckily.

A phishing scam spotted at the University of Miami

A phishing scam spotted at the University of Miami. Source:

Daily Google Chat user Rhett Stubbendeck from LeverageRx fell victim prey to the ruse after receiving a “seemingly innocent notification appeared from a very trusted financial institution”.

“What happened afterwards was very unsettling”, he tells “My business accounts were compromised, which gave access to unauthorized parties and gave way to potential data breaches.” 

How to avoid this scam: While the rise of generative AI is making phishing requests increasingly hard to decipher from the real deal, telltale signs include an inflated sense of urgency, requests for private information, and misspelled or suspicious-looking email addresses.

Learn more about some red flags to look out for in our guide to avoiding phishing emails.

Google Chat Technical Support Scam

Another common tactic plaguing Google Chat is IT support scams.

Also known as technical support scams, this type of fraud involves fake IT teams reaching out to users and claiming they've found a problem with their device. The scammer will then urge the target to install applications to safeguard their systems, or click on a link to resolve the problem.

Humayun Saleem, a marketing consultant for Clashify, told us about a time when his colleague was targeted by this type of scam.

“The scammer claimed their computer was compromised and offered assistance for a fee” Saleem told us. Luckily, his teammate realized it was a scam before any damage was done. 

“My colleague wisely ignored the message, highlighting the importance of skepticism and verifying the legitimacy of such claims.”

Similarly to LinkedIn, this scam is pervasive on Google Chat as the platform primarily caters to professional communities. There are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate requests may be illegitimate, though.

How to avoid this scam: Legitimate tech platforms like Google Chat won't contact you on the app to notify you about errors on your account.

Real IT teams rarely ask you to click on links to resolve issues, either. So if you're notified about a technical issue on your account try and reach out to service providers directly before following through with any requests.

Google Chat Fake Job Offers

As layoffs sweep across the US, cybercriminals are using fake interview scams to exploit willing candidates looking for work.

Typically, scammers will do a little background research before setting up the honey trap. This may involve logging your employment history on LinkedIn or googling your name to see what sector you're currently working in.

Fake job interview taking place on Google Chat

Fake job interview taking place on Google Chat. Source:

It's common for fake recruiters to reach out to you via LinkedIn or email first, before setting up an “interview” on Google Chat where they'll continue the charade and try to entice you about the proposed job offer. The perpetrator will then request some type of fee in order for you to move forwards with the process.

Liam Lucas, CEO and Founder of the digital tech company Off Road Genius told us about a time he nearly fell prey to a fake job offer scam.

“I've encountered fake job offers where the scammer promises a high-paying job in return for a fee” Lucas shared. In his case, the fee that was demanded was “purportedly for background checks or training materials”, but luckily he declined the bogus offer before any hard-earned cash was exchanged. 

How to avoid this scam: Real recruiters will never demand payments before moving you along the onboarding process. Be wary of any company that makes such requests, and do your background research before getting excited about a new job opportunity.

Google Chat Romance Scams

While Google Chat may be an unlikely place to find love, the platform is a popular destination for romance scams, a type of crime where grifters feign a romantic interest with targets before attempting to extort them.

Romance scams are typically orchestrated by international criminal groups who scope out victims on dating sites like Tinder or Bumble. After establishing a rapport with targets, bad actors will try and move the courting process over to platforms with weaker security protocols like Google Chat.

According to Australian psychologist Monica Whitty, perpetrators will then try to develop hyperpersonal relationships with the victim until they feel like they're ready to depart with their money.

Romance scammer posing as a military doctor

Romance scammer posing as a military doctor. Source

Due to the scam's reliance on emotional manipulation and deception, Whitty explains the ruse often causes a “double-hit” among victims, as those targeted are left with financial damages alongside the abrupt loss of a personal relationship.

Unfortunately for susceptible singletons, instances of romance scams have shot up 91% since Covid-19, with women making up two-thirds of reported victims.

How to avoid this scam: If someone you meet online asks to move the chat over to third-party messaging apps like Google Chat, immediately question their movies. Also, don't share financial information or any other personal details before meeting up in person.

Google Chat Sextortion Scams

Sextortion is a type of blackmail where criminals threaten to publish private, sexual content if victims don't meet their demands.

While cases of sextortion are on the rise across most platforms, Google Chat's current settings – which don't allow users to delete chat history for both parties – make it the platform particularly well-suited to scammers looking to engage in this type of crime.

Like romance scams, the particularly distressing type of scam is normally established on dating platforms before being moved to apps like Google Chat. Then, after both parties are using the platform, the scammers will work on building trust, before eventually requesting compromising images, videos, or information from the target.

But it's not just those handing over sensitive materials that are at risk. It's becoming increasingly common for sextortion scammers to create sexually explicit content from benign images of victims using photo editors and AI technology – opening the scam up to a much wider pool of potential prey.

How to avoid this scam: Be weary of user that suddenly steer the conversation towards sexual themes and refrain from sharing explicit content with unverified accounts.

If you suspect someone is blackmailing you on Google Chat, document all potential evidence, instantly report the suspect to the platform, and contact the authorities.

Google Chat Bogus Giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie. But with this type of online crime, the only party getting a reward is the scammers.

Google Chat giveaway scams take place when cybercriminals reach out to users on the platform, claiming that they've won a payout, product, or service. The grifter will pretend to be a credible organization and ask targets to hand over financial information in order for the prize to be released.

The scam can take many forms, but Google Lotto and Google Pop-up scams are especially common on the platform. Both types of fraud target Google users and ask them to complete a survey or enter personal information to claim their winnings.

Google Chat prize scam

Google Chat prize scam. Source:

Not all bogus giveaways claim affiliation with Google, though.  Tina Grant, tech manager at aerospheres, told us about a personal experience a relative had with this type of scam.

“They eventually got him to share is credit card details for “security verification” and to pay for “shipping”. They completed a $2,800 transaction on his card.” – Tina Grant, Tech Manager at aerospheres

“(My dad) was told he won an Apple hamper from his bank and being someone who always wanted to use Apple but never really “got to it”, he decided to reply” Grant revealed. Unfortunately for her father, he parted with $2,800 before realizing the prize was a hoax. 

How to avoid this scam: Unfortunately, if a giveaway seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you haven't entered a competition or sweepstakes, any claim that you've won a prize should be a giant red flag – especially if they're requesting personal information.

Anyone with a gmail address can join Google Chat and reach out to users. This makes the platform prone to scams like phishing attempts, fake job offer scams, and fake giveaway scams.

Google Chat is a legitimate messaging platform and part of the Google Workspace family. However, despite being a reputable app, its low barrier to entry makes it more prone to cases of cybercrime than apps like Signal.

Google Chat has a solid reputation due to its affiliation with the Google Workspace family. However, this combined with the app's accessibility and high user numbers, makes Google Chat an attractive platform for scammers to con their victims.
Thu, 17 Aug 2023 01:32:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Taiwan candidate chooses ex-Google exec as running mate

TAIPEI--The pro-China opposition candidate in Taiwan's presidential election set for early next year has chosen a former Google executive as his running mate.

Chang San-cheng, a political independent, on Monday joined the ticket of Nationalist Party candidate Han Kuo-yu, who lags behind Democratic Progressive Party incumbent Tsai Ing-wen in most polls. Chang is an engineer who received master's and doctoral degrees from Stanford and Cornell universities in the United States.

China claims sovereignty over Taiwan and has sought to isolate Tsai for her independence-leaning positions. The sides split amid civil war in 1949 and Beijing has threatened to use military force to bring the self-governing, democratic island under its control.

Chang served briefly as Cabinet chief in the administration of Tsai's predecessor, Ma Ying-jeou, who was favored by Beijing for his policies promoting integration between the sides.

Chang worked as search engine Google's head of technology in Asia from 2010 to 2012.

The presidential election is scheduled for Jan. 11, along with polls for the legislature.

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Killexams : PCRecruiter Review 2023: Features, Pros And Cons

PCRecruiter’s main features include its Job Board, PCR Capture, candidate database, ATS and more.

PCR Job Board

PCRecruiter’s job board ensures your job posting is responsive to any device that applicants may be accessing your job site from. The Job Board is hosted on the PCRecruiter server, so you can easily embed or link to your recruiting agency or client’s job site from virtually any platform, such as WordPress.

You can configure different job postings to solicit different amounts or types of information, from simply a name and résumé to a more complex application that asks for references and work history. Each form can be optimized with certain criteria to automatically sort and qualify applicants who apply through your PCR Job Board, but this is the extent of PCRecruiter’s automatic candidate matching for now. PCRecruiter will roll out automatic candidate matching features in version 10 in 2024.

PCRecruiter also connects to major job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed and creates shareable links for Facebook, Twitter, Broadband, CareerBuilder, Dice, Monster and others if your recruiting agency already has accounts for those sites.

Once a candidate submits their application, a customized confirmation message appears, and the system automatically sends a confirmation email to the applicant and the hiring contact.

PCR Capture

PCR Capture is PCRecruiter’s browser extension for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge that allows you to easily import candidate data from external websites, such as the candidate’s LinkedIn profile. That way, there’s no need to copy and paste information over from one window to another.

PCR Resume Inhaler

The Resume Inhaler is a bulk parsing tool that allows you to bulk-import résumés into your PCRecruiter database. When you import résumés from an Excel list, for example, it parses the information and creates or updates a record in the database.

Candidate Database

Any candidates you interact with get stored in your database. Their information, files, notes, keywords or any other metric related to them is all organized in their record. Plus, the system recognizes and prompts action when it detects duplicate records.

Each record displays a person’s basic information and icons to indicate actions you might want to take, such as calling or emailing. You can also simplify the card view to only show their name. Right-clicking on the circular icon on any card opens up a more detailed profile of the candidate. The profile displays various tabs for an overview, their résumé, feedback and correspondence history. You can easily edit information directly in their profile. You can also perform bulk actions, such as archiving candidates, so you don’t have to archive each one individually.

PCRecruiter is in the process of making its search functions more intuitive but otherwise enables Boolean searches based on keywords that appear in résumés, notes, profiles or all of the above.

Candidate Relationship Management

PCRecruiter enables multiple ways to get in touch with candidates, whether through email, SMS or VoIP phone calls. PCRecruiter has native integrations for leading VoIP providers such as RingCentral, Call Logic or Google Voice. You can send bulk emails or texts to save time.

Another convenient feature is that inbound calls automatically pull up a caller’s profile if they’re a known contact in your database. This helps prepare you to take the call, so you’re not fumbling to find their information. No matter the mode of communication, PCRecruiter keeps track of all correspondence that you can view in each candidate’s profile.

Applicant Tracking System

PCRecruiter’s native applicant tracking system is included and allows you to configure your candidate pipeline to fit your company needs, whether you’re an in-house recruiter or a staffing agency recruiter.

The “Inbox” marks the beginning of PCRecruiter’s pipeline. This is where candidates land when they submit their application. You can also manually add candidates to the pipeline via the PCR Capture browser plug-in, the PCR Job Board or directly from your Gmail or Outlook inbox. Alternatively, you can search for their name in the database or from within the “Inbox” section of the pipeline.

From the Inbox, you can manually drag and drop a candidate to any customizable stage of your applicant tracking pipeline. You add up to 18 stages, provide each its own label and use the various sort functions to find candidates more easily from within any given stage. Each stage also displays the number of applicants that are in that stage.

The drawback with PCRecruiter is that you have to manually review each application, unless an applicant lands in the inbox from the PCR Job Board, which can automatically qualify candidates. PCRecruiter will be adding AI-powered candidate matching in 2024 to expand its automated matching capabilities.

PCRecruiter Sequencing for Automated Workflows

PCRecruiter’s Sequencing feature enables you to define automated, task-based workflows for hiring campaigns, call plans, applicant tracking and more. A plus with PCRecruiter is that you’re not confined to one applicant tracking workflow. You can create various hiring workflows based on the employee or client type.

Sequencing is particularly helpful for managing candidate outreach. For instance, once a candidate gets added to your database through LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, HireEasy, Gmail or Outlook, you can place them in one of your customized sequences for different interaction types—whether email, social media, text messaging or phone call. Outcomes of each interaction automatically get logged into the system, and you have a clear idea of what action to take next. PCRecruiter’s sequences ensure that you interact with candidates in a timely and personalized manner.

Candidate Presentations

Recruiting agencies can easily put together a presentation of the top candidates they’ve found for their clients by using PCRecruiter. Choose which applicants to present and how much or which information you want to relay to the client, and PCRecruiter generates a PDF to share with the client.

To control how the client accesses the candidate presentation, you can make it password protected and set an expiration date for the client’s access to the file. You can even see who viewed it and how many times they did so.

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Killexams : Make your business thrive by hiring top candidates near you

This is a sponsored article and all content and opinions expressed within are of the author.

Getting back into the office is something that a lot of companies are focusing on. Whether it’s full-time or for a hybrid work schedule, there are benefits to having employees in the office in person. If your company has had some restructuring over the past few years, you may be wondering how to find employees for in-person work. You can hire top candidates near your office with the help of the best job search sites, such as ZipRecruiter.

You can use job search engines to look for candidates in your area. That way, you’ll be able to go through the best field of potential hires after you post a job for free. But how exactly do you go about looking for employees nearby? Here are some of the best ways how.

Hire top candidates near you

A computer
Posting a job on ZipRecruiter is simple Image source: ZipRecruiter

1) ZipRecruiter

If you’re wondering how to find employees for your local business, there are plenty of ways to get started. For example, ZipRecruiter allows you to post a job for free during a four-day free trial. Once you’ve set up an account, you can use the customizable templates to create your job description and list that you are interested in local candidates. After the job is posted, it will be sent to over 100 of the best job search sites. That way, your “Help Wanted” ad will be turned into more of an “Open for Business” sign.

ZipRecruiter’s powerful matching technology will scan thousands of resumes, so it does the looking for employees for you. It will match ones with the right experience, skills, and even those are nearby your work, and actively invite them to apply. It’s a built-in job recruiter. Plus, you can send a personalized message to candidates you’ve found in your search to advise them of the job opening. 

Your employee search delivers great candidates this way. Then, you can filter more through ones who are interested in working either full-time at the office or on a hybrid schedule. Through the smart and easy-to-use dashboard, you can rate and review the potential hires. As you’re going through the interviewing process, it’s easy to reference. 

More job search engines to utilize

2) Indeed

Indeed is another popular job board that employers use for posting in-person opportunities. You can fill out your job posting with the job description and, with a basic subscription, a job posting is free. Adding in a screener question that mentions the want for workers to come into the office is a breeze. On Indeed, you can virtually interview candidates to discuss the opportunity.

3) Indeed

LinkedIn is also a potential option for employers. With a site that many people go on frequently, it has familiarity for job seekers. Also, you can post a job for free. But paying for a sponsored post is different, as the price isn’t the same for entry-level jobs as it is for more seasoned roles. Regardless, you’ll be able to wade through a candidate pool that shows you which candidates are where.

4) CareerBuilder

Another one of the job boards many use is CareerBuilder. While it isn’t free to use for long, it does offer entry-level packages for as little as $349/month. That gives you up to 310 resume notifications a month and you can see what candidates are out there to match with. Utilizing the in-person or virtual hiring events through CareerBuilder is a great sell for finding the candidates you want.

Hiring for hybrid work schedules

A man using a phone
Searching jobs on ZipRecruiter Image source: ZipRecruiter

If, like many companies, you won’t be requiring workers to come in every day, you can alter your job postings to reflect that. This is an important way to hire top candidates near you because you’re giving them flexibility. If your role can extend to some work-from-home days, you may see a boost in job applications.

At ZipRecruiter, use the “TrafficBoost” tool to provide an extra push for your posting. This increases placement, visibility, and availability on the many job boards your post is going to. It is a vital tool because it will continue to promote your posting for either up to 30 days or until it garners the views you want. If you’re trying to find how to hire local people for hybrid work, this is a way to get your job in front of more eyes.

Make sure to publicize that you’re offering remote work as a part of your role. One of the best ways to hire employees in this job market is to offer a hybrid work schedule, as it allows for flexibility. Highlighting that in your job posting can deliver more views, as one of the top options listed on many of the best recruiting platforms is “remote work.” It’s an easy way to sort through roles for job seekers.

For those who don’t offer full-time remote work, you may have to weed out a few candidates who are only looking for that. Regardless, hiring for a hybrid schedule as well as an in-person role is made easier with the help of job recruiting websites. Utilize them to the best of your company’s ability. It delivers candidates to best fit your role.

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Killexams : New Google Leak Reveals Exclusive Google Photos Feature

A new report reveals a powerful upcoming Google Photos feature destined exclusively for Google’s anticipated Pixel 8 smartphones. Picked up by the unofficial Google News Telegram group, the information comes in the form of a purportedly leaked video, posted by a mystery Twitter user known as “EZ.”

The video demonstrates a new Audio Magic Eraser feature, which identifies the sounds in a recorded video clip and automatically “erases” any distracting background noises while keeping the main soundtrack intact.

In the example given, a woman is seen skateboarding over a footbridge, while children cheer and whoop in the background. Importantly, the rumbling of her wheels is clearly audible throughout. A finger then taps a new Audio Magic Eraser button, which causes the smartphone to display the message “Identifying sounds” before offering a selection of different kinds of audio that can be erased from the soundtrack.

Options for “Noise” and “People” and “Music” are visible, although we don’t get to see the whole selection, so there may be more. Finally, a slider is available to adjust the strength of the effect.

In the video, Noise is selected and the rumbling sound of the wheels is automatically effectively removed, leaving other sounds, including the appreciative sounds of the children, intact.

It remains to be seen how effective the feature will be in day-to-day use, but the demo certainly seems impressive. I can see practical uses for the other options too, such as removing the speech of someone who inadvertently talks over your recording or deleting commercial music that might otherwise cause online platforms to reject your video on copyright grounds.

While the origin of the video hasn’t been verified, it does bear all the hallmarks of an official Google promo. It also briefly displays a Pixel 8 Pro handset at the end of the sequence in the new “Sky” blue color.

Google has a track record of announcing exclusive camera features when launching new flagship smartphones. For example, the Pixel 7 range received the Photo Unblur feature last year, showcasing the power of Google’s Tensor G2 chip. This year’s Pixel 8 range is tipped to feature a new Tensor G3 chip when it arrives later this October, so Audio Magic Eraser would be an ideal candidate to demonstrate the power of the new smartphones.

This may also mean that the feature never arrives on lesser Pixels, but only time will tell.

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