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CPSM1 Foundation of Supply Management

This course focuses on management and improvement of supply chain processes and performance. It will be valuable for students who would like to pursue a career in consulting or take a position in operations, marketing or finance functions in a manufacturing or distribution firm. We explore important supply chain metrics, primary tradeoffs in making supply chain decisions, and basic tools for effective and efficient supply chain management, production planning and inventory control, order fulfillment and supply chain coordination. We will also investigate subjects such as global supply chain design, logistics, and outsourcing, several other exact supply chain innovations.

The class format includes lectures, case discussions, guest speakers, and simulation games. The content covers both quantitative and qualitative materials. The cases will feature high-tech companies as well as firms in more traditional industries such as apparel and manufacturing.

Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) is the first and leading not-for-profit professional supply management
organization worldwide. Its 47,000 members in more than 90 countries around the world manage about US$1
trillion in corporate and government supply chain procurement annually. Founded in 1915 by practitioners, ISM
is committed to advancing the practice of supply management to drive value and competitive advantage for its
members, contributing to a prosperous and sustainable world. ISM empowers and leads the profession through the
ISM® Report On Business®, its highly-regarded certification and training programs, corporate services, events and
the ISM® Mastery Model®. The ISM® Report On Business®, Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing, are two of the
most reliable economic indicators available, providing guidance to supply management professionals, economists,
analysts, and government and business leaders.

CPSM Certification Overview

The CPSM is globally recognized as the gold standard of excellence for supply management professionals, in
both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. The designation is transportable across industries, job
roles and regions, providing designation holders with flexibility and mobility.
The CPSM is for forward-thinking supply management professionals who desire to demonstrate a broad
understanding of the components of the profession. The program emphasizes the major competencies of supply
management. Those earning the CPSM will attain a greater understanding of end-to-end supply management
and be better positioned to positively impact their organization.

CPSM Eligibility Requirements

Earning a CPSM designation requires you to take and pass three exams, which can be taken in any order:

• Supply Management Core

• Supply Management Integration

• Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management

Candidates must have three years of full-time, professional supply management experience (nonclerical and
nonsupport) with a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited institution or international equivalent or five
years of full-time, professional supply management experience (nonclerical and nonsupport) without a qualified
bachelors degree.

All applicable experience must be in a professional position where the primary function is supply management.
Professional experience is usually defined as positions with decision-making authority and where independent
judgement is exercised. ISM does not require a candidate to work in all areas of supply management or be in a
management position. Proof of work experience is not required from those with a current C.P.M. certification.
ISM will evaluate work experience for candidates unsure if their current or previous positions are considered
applicable. The evaluation is optional, and there is a nominal charge.
The work-experience evaluation process allows a candidate to submit work experience documentation prior
to taking exams. ISM will return an evaluation to the candidate indicating if the experience is acceptable.
Candidates with acceptable experience should submit the evaluation with their original certification application
after they have passed the exams.

- Assess stakeholder needs and organize into sourcing plans 5

- Analyze and advise on feasibility of internal customer requests 3

- Analyze potential sources of products or services 7

- Determine methods to process requirements for goods or services based on cost, 5 timing, existing contracts and competitive bidding, as appropriate

- Conduct analyses to develop insourcing or outsourcing strategy 5

- Identify and implement technologies to support supply management 4

- Leverage spend through the identification, development and execution of 5 sourcing strategies

- Implement strategic sourcing plans aligned with organizational and stakeholder objectives 5

- Prepare solicitations for competitive bids, quotations and proposals with 6 pertinent specifications, terms and conditions

- Evaluate competitive offerings to identify the overall best offer for a product or service 5


- Create a category management plan to meet the organizations key objectives 5

- Execute a category management plan 5


- Prepare negotiation plan that aligns with organizational objectives 5

- Prepare and develop strategies and tactics for negotiations 4

- Lead, conduct and support negotiations with suppliers 5


- Manage the preparation of contracts/purchase orders 5

- Award contracts to suppliers 3

- Administer contracts and/or purchase orders from award to completion or termination 5

- Perform or obtain legal review of contracts and other supply management documents 4

- Generate and follow supply management processes to ensure legal compliance 4



- Develop provider qualification plans to assure components, materials 4 and suppliers meet specified requirements

- Develop and manage effective relationships with suppliers 7

- Conduct provider performance evaluations 5

- Conduct regular business reviews with suppliers 4

- Identify opportunities and benefits for rationalizing the supply base 4

- Identify opportunities to drive provider innovation 3

- Develop and implement provider exit strategies 3

- Review provider performance against negotiated service level agreements (SLAs) 4

- Resolve invoice and payment problems 2

- Act as a liaison between suppliers and functional areas to ensure accurate 4 information, documentation and product flow

- Work with suppliers to identify constraints and implement value-added processes 3


- Develop cost management program strategies for purchases 5

- Perform cost/benefit analyses 4

- Conduct spend analysis to determine strategies for specific categories 5

- Track and validate cost savings and cost avoidance 4


- Prepare and/or administer a supply management department budget 3

- Develop financing strategies for purchases 3

- Verify that sufficient reporting exists 3

TOTAL 180 (including 15 unscored*)

* Included are 15 statistical data research questions which are unscored (not included in your final exam score)

Supply Management Integration Exam



- Develop and/or implement a material or service standardization program 5

- Implement requirements planning to align supply management activities 7 with organizational strategy

- Implement operations planning, scheduling and inventory control processes 6 to ensure optimum use of resources

- Structure the supply chain in support of the organizations business strategy 7


- Incorporate the use of sales, inventory and capacity forecasts in the planning 6 of materials production to better meet strategic objectives and goals

- Conduct demand planning 4


- Analyze and report on market conditions, benchmarks and industry 5 trends to internal stakeholders

- Develop supply forecasts in light of economic and technological trends 5

- Plan and communicate sourcing and supply strategies based on forecasted data 6

- Manage forecasted data with suppliers 5

- Calculate and report forecast accuracy 4


- Participate in new product or service development in support of marketing efforts 5

- Participate in product-service ramp-up and/or ramp-down strategies and implementation 5

- Create systems and process improvements to help the organization meet sales goals 5


- Develop and/or administer a provider quality certification program 4

- Develop measurements for quality improvement 4

- Implement continuous improvement processes within the supply chain 6



- Design transportation and distribution policies and procedures to 4 ensure optimum flow of materials

- Manage transportation, invoicing and documentation functions to 4 ensure regulatory compliance

- Manage the resolution of delivery/receiving problems 4

- Analyze provider transportation costs 5

- Develop and/or implement a warehouse management system 5

- Conduct network design and optimization to support the business model, 5 increase productivity and lower operating costs

- Oversee the day-to-day operations of a warehousing function 4

- Develop and/or implement an inventory management system 5

- Coordinate and/or monitor the movement of equipment and assets within the organization 3

- Expedite/de-expedite orders 3

- Develop and/or execute plans and metrics to reduce risk of shortages 4

- Identify cost-effective packaging that meets requirements 3

- Conduct investment recovery activities for surplus/obsolete materials 4


- Perform project management activities 8

TOTAL 165 (including 15 unscored*)

Foundation of Supply Management
ISM Foundation mock
Killexams : ISM Foundation mock - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CPSM1 Search results Killexams : ISM Foundation mock - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/CPSM1 https://killexams.com/exam_list/ISM Killexams : Janet Mock

Janet Mock is one of the most visible and important voices in activism—not just for the trans community, but for women, people of color, LGBTQ people and marginalized communities everywhere. From her brilliant books (Redefining Realness and Surpassing Certainty) to her invigorating speeches, she does not placate bigotry or misogyny by approaching it politely, as if there are two sides to equality. She fights for people who have not been fortunate enough to be accepted for who they are. It is a never-ending battle, and she does not waver in the face of it.

I’ve dressed Janet for the Oscars, the GLAAD Awards and the cover of Surpassing Certainty, but one of my favorite memories with her was when she and her husband Aaron came to my country house in Connecticut last summer. She spent the entire weekend poolside in a bikini, memorizing through and taking notes in a work binder she had brought from the city. She was preparing for an interview and wanted to get it right so badly, she couldn’t stop working, even on a mini vacation. She and I are a lot alike that way: it’s hard to relax when you love your work.

To me, Janet is a hero, a thoughtful friend and a sympathetic ear. I could not be more in awe of her accomplishments and excited for her future.

Siriano is a fashion designer

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Mama Dopp always said, "If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right."

Yes, this is a fantasy football column, but I would like you to indulge me for a moment. Let's say you had an important test to take at school or work. This test will pit you against a number of your friends or colleagues and the one with the highest score will receive a special benefit, or a promotion ... let's just say, something of value. Kind of a big deal. So, in this scenario, wouldn't you study for that test? Write down a few notes, take a couple practice tests, maybe print off a study guide? Like, at least a little bit of effort, right?

Sorry for the sarcasm -- Mama Dopp raised me better than that -- but I think it's a pretty good analogy for why every fantasy football manager should mock draft (and more than once!) before the time comes to draft for real. And because anything worth doing is worth doing well, I have some tips for you on how to make the most of your practice rounds.

Get a feel for the battlefield

When you get into your first few mock drafts this year, there are a few main things to take notes on:

1. How did the first round shake out? Did anything surprise you? More RBs than you expected? If anything caught your eye, make a note of it.

2. When did Travis Kelce come off the board? And how long until the second TE was taken?

3. When did the top three QBs come off the board?

You don't need to remember everything, but understanding where players are being drafted is important. You can also look at our ADP page, which is continually updated and shows when a player is typically being drafted in ESPN leagues. We'll come back to ADP in a second.

Try different team construction strategies

Part of ending up with a team you like is knowing how to start. I love trying different draft strategies in mocks every year because the player pool is always evolving. I'll draft at least five teams with each strategy. Since you might not have the time get that many mocks in, keep your eyes peeled throughout August, as I try all of the mock draft strategies below and report my results!

1. WR early in the first round: Wide receiver will be the most popular position taken in the first round of many fantasy drafts this year, so why not start there to see how it works out? As a tip, grab your lead RB in the second or third round, unless you're going with a Zero-RB strategy, in which you bypass the position early on and load up elsewhere (mostly WR).

2. RB in the first round: Sometimes when everyone zigs, it's best to zag. With WRs potentially dominating the first round, being able to secure one of the top five RBs in this year's draft could be a nice pivot. Look at your roster at the end of the mock and compare it to your WR-in-the-first-round mock. Do you like one outcome more than the other?

3. Travis Kelce in the first round: Kelce is a surefire first-rounder this year. What he's done at the TE position in fantasy the past few years is borderline illegal. The advantage you get over the rest of your league is huge. If you take Kelce, you'll have to pay attention to finding values as the draft unveils itself, but deliver it a shot and compare your final roster to the other two mock trials you've done.

4. Draft one of the top four QBs early: Having a cornerstone at the QB position gives you a nice weekly floor to start from. This approach entails using a second- to fourth-round pick on a position you're usually not addressing until later in your draft. Just like the other mock trials, compare this final roster to your other teams. Does one stand head and shoulders above the rest? Maybe that becomes your preferred draft strategy this year.

Improve draft vision

As my Dungeons & Dragons buddies would say, if you've done a few mock drafts, that means you'll have plus-3 draft vision when the real draft rolls around. Too nerdy? OK, I'll tone it back down. The more you mock, the more you start to identify trends that can help you find value during the draft when it counts. For example, in most of your mocks you've noticed that T.J. Hockenson is going in the early fifth round, but for some reason you're midway through the sixth and he's still on the board. Maybe you didn't plan on taking a tight end that early, but his value (based on ADP) is just too good to pass up. Plus, with all the mocks you did, it's easier to read the room when you want to pivot like this. All of these practice reps significantly lessen the chances of making a last-second panic pick because you couldn't decide who you wanted to grab.

Build your own draft board

Really, this is the biggest advantage of all. At the beginning of this mock draft process, you can start by visiting Cheat Sheet Central to print one that fits your league setup. We have a cheat sheet for all kinds of leagues.

But as you do these drafts, you'll notice trends, like which players are going higher than expected, those who are falling and those people are staying away from. You learn so much! Then you can adapt your cheat sheet, move some guys around and bingo-bango -- now you're walking into that test giving yourself the best chance to win. When everyone shows up with the same cheat sheet, it's not really a cheat sheet anymore. It's just a sheet. But you put in the effort to tweak your board, one built from intel you gathered! Now you can feel confident in crushing your draft.

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Killexams : Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation

CBJ Foundation auctions are a great place for fans to grab unique team-signed items, while helping those in need. The auctions are held throughout the season - and at other times throughout the year. All proceeds benefit the Foundation's four pillars: pediatric cancer, education, health and safety and the growth and development of amateur hockey.

Fan can participate by visiting CBJauction.givesmart.com or by texting CBJAUCTION to 76278

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Killexams : Prana Foundation Rib Mock Neck - Women's

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Killexams : Mock crash at Maumee High School - The Blade



Maumee fire and police departments respond to a mock crash at Kazmaier Stadium at Maumee High School.

 The Blade/Andy Morrison

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Melissa Echler, a firefighter/EMT with the Maumee Fire Department, tends to "victim" Precious Ruiz, a sophomore at Maumee High School.

 The Blade/Andy Morrison

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A Promedica Air ambulance comes in for a landing as Maumee Fire Department personnel tend to "victim" Zak Mathias, a senior at Maumee High School.

 The Blade/Andy Morrison

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Maumee Police officer Derek Sanderson photographs "victim" Miranda Camp, as Maumee firefighters Jim Dusseau, left, Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau, and Lt. Rich Ottensman tend to her.

 The Blade/Andy Morrison

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Officer Derek Sanderson checks on "victims" Miranda Camp, and Zak Mathias, both seniors at Maumee High School.

 The Blade/Andy Morrison

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"Victim" Zak Mathias, a senior at Maumee High School, receives treatment.

 The Blade/Andy Morrison

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Maumee High School students Marlie Mitchell, left, a junior, and Taylor Meyers, a senior, watch.

 The Blade/Andy Morrison

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