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TCP-BW6 resources - TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification Updated: 2024

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TCP-BW6 TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification

Exam Details for TCP-BW6 TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification:

Number of Questions: The exam consists of approximately 60 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions.

Time Limit: The total time allocated for the exam is 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes).

Passing Score: To pass the exam, you must achieve a minimum score of 70%.

Exam Format: The exam is conducted online and is proctored. You will be required to answer the questions within the allocated time frame.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to TIBCO BusinessWorks 6:
- Overview of TIBCO BusinessWorks 6
- Understand the concepts of integration and messaging
- Introduction to the BusinessWorks development environment

2. Building TIBCO BusinessWorks Applications:
- Create and configure BusinessWorks projects and modules
- Design and develop BusinessWorks processes and activities
- Implement error handling and exception management

3. Data Transformation and Mapping:
- Understand data transformation concepts
- Use mapping tools and functions in BusinessWorks
- Perform data manipulation and conversion operations

4. Message Routing and Orchestration:
- Implement message routing using routing activities
- Configure content-based and rule-based routing
- Design and build process orchestrations

5. Web Services Integration:
- Develop and consume web services in BusinessWorks
- Configure SOAP and REST connectors
- Implement security and authentication for web services

6. Error Handling and Exception Management:
- Implement error handling mechanisms in BusinessWorks
- Define error policies and error management strategies
- Handle exceptions and faults in BusinessWorks processes

7. Testing and Debugging BusinessWorks Applications:
- Perform unit testing of BusinessWorks processes and activities
- Debug and troubleshoot BusinessWorks applications
- Utilize logging and monitoring features for debugging

8. Deployment and Administration:
- Package and deploy BusinessWorks applications
- Configure and manage BusinessWorks run-time environments
- Perform application monitoring and performance optimization

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the concepts and fundamentals of TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.
2. Build and develop TIBCO BusinessWorks applications.
3. Perform data transformation and mapping in BusinessWorks.
4. Implement message routing and orchestration in BusinessWorks.
5. Integrate with web services in TIBCO BusinessWorks.
6. Handle errors and exceptions in BusinessWorks applications.
7. Test and debug TIBCO BusinessWorks applications.
8. Deploy, administer, and optimize BusinessWorks applications.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to TIBCO BusinessWorks 6
- TIBCO BusinessWorks overview
- Integration and messaging concepts
- BusinessWorks development environment

2. Building TIBCO BusinessWorks Applications
- BusinessWorks project and module creation
- Process and activity design and development
- Error handling and exception management

3. Data Transformation and Mapping
- Data transformation concepts
- Mapping tools and functions in BusinessWorks
- Data manipulation and conversion operations

4. Message Routing and Orchestration
- Routing activities and mechanisms
- Content-based and rule-based routing
- Process orchestration design and implementation

5. Web Services Integration
- Web services development and consumption
- SOAP and REST connector configuration
- Security and authentication for web services

6. Error Handling and Exception Management
- Error handling mechanisms in BusinessWorks
- Error policies and management strategies
- Exception handling in BusinessWorks processes

7. Testing and Debugging BusinessWorks Applications
- Unit testing of BusinessWorks processes and activities
- Debugging and troubleshooting techniques
- Logging and monitoring for debugging

8. Deployment and Administration
- Packaging and deployment of BusinessWorks applications
- Configuration and management of run-time environments
- Application monitoring and performance optimization
TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification
Tibco BusinessWorks resources

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TCP-BW6 TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification

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TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification
Question: 59
A bank built a DebitAccount Service and a CreditAccount Service, both exposed as standard Web Services
(SOAP/HTTPS) in the enterprise. The bank now wants to build a FundTransfer Service that debits an input amount
from one account and credits it to another account. The FundTransfer Service must be able to throw and handle all
errors as SOAP Faults.
Which two TIBCO ActiveMatrix products are capable of enabling the implementation of this FundTransfer Service?
(Choose two.)
A . TIBCO ActiveMatrix Policy Manager
B . TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks
C . TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid
D . TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Performance Manager
Answer: B,C
Question: 60
Which two encryption types are supported by Policy Palette activities? (Choose two.)
B . 509
C . MD5
D . 3DES
E . AES-256
F . SHA1
Answer: C,D
Question: 61
Where is the Domain Utility run when adding a machine to a domain?
A . on any other machine in the domain
B . on the machine where the Administrator is installed
C . on the machine you want to add to the domain
D . use the Administrator GUI to add the machine
Answer: C
Question: 62
You need to define a process that can only be involved by other processes that are a part of the same package.
Which modifier should the process have?
A . private
B . protected
C . static
D . public
Answer: A
Question: 63
Which two statements are true about the Block Data Visibility Data Pattern? (Choose two.)
A . It is able to define data elements, which are accessible by each of the components of the corresponding sub-
B . It can be defined by tasks, which are accessible only within the context of individual execution instances of u that
C . It is specific to a process instance or case. They can be accessed by all components of the process during the
execution of the case.
D . It exists in the external operating environment, able to be accessed by components of processes during ^ execution.
Answer: A,C
Question: 64
Which two issues can occur when too many operators are used in a message selector? (Choose two.)
A . message store overflow
B . selector truncation
C . stack overflow
D . recursive selector evaluation
Answer: C,D
Question: 65
In which format does TIBCO Designer store project trusted certificates?
A . PKCS12
D . Key Store
Answer: C
Question: 66
In a mapping, you want to copy a node from the input tree without any of the children this node might have.
Which statement should you use to accomplish this?
A . Copy Contents of
B . Copy All Except
C . Copy of
D . Copy
Answer: D
Question: 67
Two machines, Ml and M2, belong to the same domain. A TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks engine is deployed on
Ml, and a TIBCO Adapter is deployed on M2. The TIBCO Administrator server is hosted on Ml.
What is the most likely reason for the TIBCO Adapter status being "Unknown" and the ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks
engine status being "OK" in the TIBCO Administrator console?
A . The TIBCO Administrator server is down.
B . On M2, the TIBCO Hawk Agent is down.
C . The TIBCO Adapter is down.
D . The domains messaging transport is down.
E . On Ml, the TIBCO Hawk Agent is down.
Answer: B
Question: 68
Which three field names are found on the Outbound Packet Total on the Service Information page of the Rendezvous
daemon (RVD) HTTP Administrator interface? (Choose three.)
A . lost MC
B . lost PTP
C . bad pkts
D . shed MC
E . missed MC
F . suppressed MC
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 69
How can you implement a consistent form experience for a common subset of data across multiple tasks and forms,
while minimizing the number of places where changes must be made?
A . Use embedded forms.
B . Use a pageflow.
C . Copy and paste a form section into other forms.
D . Make a form pane read-only.
Answer: A
Question: 70
What are two accurate descriptions of a record that has conflict? (Choose two.)
A . A record has three versions and the same attribute in all versions has the same value in only two of the versions.
B . A record has three versions and the same attribute in all versions has different values.
C . A record has two versions and the same attribute in both versions has different values.
D . A record has two versions and the same attribute in one version has a null/empty value and the attribute in the
other version has a value.
Answer: B,C
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Tibco BusinessWorks resources - BingNews Search results Tibco BusinessWorks resources - BingNews Hacking Into SAP

The techniques used targeted SAP's Sales and Distribution, and Material Management modules. But the same techniques will work on all SAP ERP modules, according to our expert. The flaw lies in the openness of the system itself. SAP's Web Service .Net connector allows remote BAPI calls as well as direct raw IDOC files to pass through. There are no checks that can prevent hackers from accessing records by using a listener.

To get to that stage, hackers have to be able to connect to a message queue. TIBCO's BusinessWorks for SAP R/3, for instance, is simple a wrapper around JMS queues, so it is designed to simply route messages to SAP's BAPI. If the JMS queues are left public, hackers can easily bypass TIBCO's stack and connect directly. Because TIBCO uses a proprietary BPEL engine, it is tougher to pass messages directly through its native environment, so it is generally considered more secure. The caveat is the access layer to the queue, of course.

Java has been in decline for quite some time as development shifts towards .Net in the enterprise. On some vertical markets, Java is reaching the point of becoming legacy technologies. According to our source, .Net is playing a key role in the way MOM architectures today are being redrafted. One issue is performance.

Companies looking to Improve transaction performance replace their TIBCO BPEL implementation with a .Net. TIBCO's BPEL is expensive to maintain and it is slow. What's more, companies are finding that the work to link processes to SAP through message queues is not difficult.

To bypass adapters, developers build their SAP IDOC XML Schemas manually. The algorithm is simple, for each segment in a IDOC-XML document, so identifying fields and determining offsets and lengths can be constructed with Altova's XML tools in minutes. In fact, all one needs to communicate directly with SAP is the XML Schema for all of its modules. And here's where the vulnerabilities can arise.

On large and complex projects, test code often end up becoming production code. Companies that get used to using Public MSMQ Message Queues continue to use them in live system. Since MOM servers reside behind firewalls, there's little danger of breaking into them or so they think.

Public queues is the easiest way to break into SAP. This is by far the easiest way with this MSMQ architecture. Like JMS, hackers only need to write a simple XSLT construct that map IDOC to an internal SAP Schema. Crafting a fake IDOC gives hackers unlimited access to an entire IDOC store.

Creating a simple listener is the next step. Once the listener reads off the queue, hackers can easily reroute responses somewhere else like a file, another queue, email, and external web service. To secure the traffic, developers have to get used to writing AD based private queues and encrypting messages between the Web tier and SAP. What's more, the SAP story must be designed to accept encrypted keys to verify the validity of the messages.

In addition, companies that are still using legacy file directory based queues by Sun's EGate, for instance, are vulnerable. Anyone with general access to application servers can simply drop IDOC files and they would be processed by EGate and then forwarded over to SAP for further processing.

Anyone one of those communication points discussed could be exploited because they become the transport agent to hit an SAP store, and each one can be peeked at to see what they are sending. This architecture is a nightmare for IT administrators.

While companies that fail to secure SAP stores generally do not pass most IT audits, there's a short cut that managers sometime make to pass audits. According to our source, IT managers cheat and pass audits by taking a messaging stack out of production and replacing it legacy brokers that provide one-to-one access to a SAP store. The messaging system remains in prototyping stages while an audit takes place. This decision can save IT thousands of man-hours but it is shortsighted. In the end, messaging systems must be encrypted regardless of the layers of security in put in place.

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Citrix, Tibco Layoffs: 5 Things To Know

A person familiar with the situation tells CRN that cutting 15 percent of Citrix and Tibco’s workforce, which is what Cloud Software Group CEO Tom Krause has noted as the percentage of employees being laid off, comes to about 2,000 jobs.

Four months after the close of Citrix and Tibco’s $16.5 billion merger into Cloud Software Group—and amid high inflation, rising interest rates and concern of a possible global recession—the cloud and enterprise application vendor became the latest tech company to lay off employees.

CSG CEO Tom Krause said in an online post Wednesday that CSG cut about 15 percent of its workforce in an effort to make a more streamlined company with cash to invest in products, technology and acquisitions in an increasingly competitive cloud market. He also posted some of the statement to his LinkedIn account.

Sources close to the situation told CRN that 15 percent of CSG’s employees means about 2,000 jobs were cut. The roles range from commercial sales to channel software engineers.

“It’s a sad day for a company that pioneered the VDI [virtual desktop infrastructure] market,” one source told CRN. “It’s a terrible day, with a lot of good Citrix employees with families and kids leaving the company. This is brutal.”

[RELATED: ‘Brutal’ Citrix, Tibco Layoffs Hit Thousands Of Employees: Sources]

CRN has reached out to CSG for comment.

The tech industry as a whole has been hit by a wave of cutbacks .

Salesforce, Cisco, HP Inc., Intel, Elastic, Aqua Security, AvePoint and N-able are some of the vendors to announce cuts recently.

Here’s what you need to know about Citrix and Tibco’s job cuts.

CSG CEO Tom Krause

CSG CEO Tom Krause

15 Percent Of CSG Cut

Krause said that CSG cut about 15 percent of its workforce in an effort to make a more streamlined company with cash to invest in products, technology and acquisitions in an increasingly competitive cloud market.

In an online post Wednesday, Krause said that CSG cut redundant corporate roles at Citrix and Tibco and will invest more in “customer satisfaction” and product development—eliminating resources for “other nonessential areas.”

A person familiar with the situation told CRN that cutting 15 percent of Citrix and Tibco comes to about 2,000 jobs cut. The person called the layoffs the “largest Citrix has ever had.”

The source said that Krause—hired from Broadcom amid its bid to acquire VMware—sent an email Friday about layoffs happening Tuesday.

The source received an email from human resources Tuesday morning about getting laid off, with webinars all morning in shifts to explain next steps, the source said.

Channel Sales Engineers Affected

The layoffs include much of Citrix’s commercial sales organization as well as some channel-facing employees, sources said.

Citrix employees who took to LinkedIn to say they were laid off from the company included a networking, application delivery and security specialist for Florida and Georgia commercial field sales; a senior sales engineering manager who’d worked at Citrix for about 15 years; a software engineer; and an enterprise application delivery and security specialist, among others.

Employees of other vendors took to LinkedIn to post about job openings those affected by CSG’s layoffs could pursue, including IGEL, Aisera and Seesy.

In his online statement, Krause said that CSG sought to simplify its internal processes, programs, systems, management and administration roles and conducted a three-month review process before Tuesday’s layoffs.

Remaining employees will focus more on top customers and product road maps aligned to those customers. The changes ready CSG for more predictable business results and “more realistic plans and targets that keep the business on track,” Krause said.

More Accounts To The Channel

The layoffs come as CSG moves to focus directly on its top 1,000 enterprise accounts, leaving midtier and commercial accounts to be supported and serviced by solution providers, sources familiar with the situation told CRN.

“This [strategic shift] could be a really good thing for the channel,” said another source. “With Citrix focusing on the top 1,000 accounts, that leaves the channel with the opportunity to service the remaining accounts. This could provide some explosive growth for Citrix service providers.”

That said, it is going to take some time for the aftershocks of the layoffs to wear off within the partner and customer community, the source said.

“When there is this big a shakeup, it takes a while for things to shake out,” said the source. “But anytime you have this much change and transformation, there is an opportunity for the channel to make money.”

Layoffs Come After Acquisition

The changes come four months after the acquisition of Citrix in September for $16.5 billion. Investment firms Vista Equity Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital—an affiliate of Elliott Investment Management—took Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Citrix private, merged it with Palo Alto, Calif.-based Tibco and created a new parent organization, CSG.

In November 2021—two months before Vista and Evergreen unveiled their acquisition plans, Citrix had said in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that its board had approved a restructuring plan that included “the elimination of full-time positions,” with $65 million to $90 million earmarked for employee severance agreements. It’s unclear if Tuesday’s layoffs stem from that pre-acquisition plan.

The source said that the Citrix acquisition and the planned acquisition of VMware by chipmaker Broadcom represent “a major bellwether change” in the VDI market.

The virtual desktop industry has gotten more competitive for Citrix and VMware as cloud giants such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft have rolled out similar services and turned to third-party vendors to keep users within the hyperscalers’ environments.

Ethan Fitzsimons

Ethan Fitzsimons

Upcoming Channel Program Changes

Earlier this month, Citrix named Ethan Fitzsimons its new channel chief and promised a “more predictable” and “more profitable” partner program, set to launch March 6 for Citrix partners. Tibco partners will not be affected by those changes.

“It’s about how do we allow [partners] to do their job faster, easier, simpler,” Fitzsimons told CRN. “How can we be simpler to work with? More predictable. More profitable. And really remove any of the inhibitors—in most cases, artificial inhibitors—that were slowing down the pace of business that we could do with our partners. … We allowed ourselves to become a little bit too complex when it came to our partner program. … That’s feedback that I received from our partners consistently.”

Mike Strohl, CEO of Concord, Calif.-based Citrix partner E360—No. 111 on CRN’s 2022 Solution Provider 500—told CRN in an interview that some CSG people he has worked with have been impacted.

Nevertheless, Strohl said that he is still confident in Citrix’s channel leadership, including Fitzsimons, Hector Lima, CSG’s executive vice president of field and channel sales, and Mike Fouts, CSG’s vice president of global service providers.

“The core DNA of what makes Citrix Citrix lives within those guys,” he said. “I fully believe in what they’re doing.”

Strohl said he is happy with the upcoming partner program changes he has heard about from Citrix.

“We’re most excited about the Citrix [Service Provider] program [changes] and what we can bring to market collectively with our customers,” he said. “There’s actually been a lot of work done on Citrix’s part to make that a much better and more-aligned go-to-market” motion.

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  • “Resources” are larger items such as monographs, videos, presentations, etc.

We welcome your ideas for new items or changes to existing materials. Send your inputs to the Best Practices Editor, Greg Utecht.

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Resources on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion No result found, try new keyword!Throughout any given year, the National Academies convene hundreds of conferences, workshops, symposia, forums, roundtables, and other gatherings that attract the finest minds in academia and the ... Sun, 17 Jul 2022 13:25:00 -0500 text/html Explore resources by topic

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A new study advances fundamental knowledge about the role of solvation in ion binding and presents a new pathway for electrochemically controlling ion ...

A research team has concluded that China will be the first country worldwide to become independent of the need to mine the raw materials which are essential for batteries. They have also established ...

Hydrogen is a building block for the energy transition. To obtain it with the help of solar energy, researchers have developed new high-performance nanostructures. The material holds a world record ...

A new AI model that optimizes the use of renewables and other energy sources outperforms traditional power restoration techniques for islanded microgrids, a new paper ...

Scientists provide new evidence to motivate rapid fossil fuel phaseout. The science team determined exposure to ambient air pollution and its health impacts using an updated atmospheric composition ...

Cryptocurrency mining uses a significant amount of water amid the global water crisis, and its water demand may grow further. Researchers provides the first comprehensive estimate of Bitcoin's ...

Researchers could find no simple solution to limiting non-CO2 emissions from ...

Researchers characterize nearly 600 microbial genomes collected from goldmine. The study illuminates 'microbial dark matter' residing below the surface. Microbes divide into two groups: ...

Nearly a third of the world's mine tailings are stored within or near protected conservation areas, new research has ...

A new form of wave devouring propulsion (WDP) could power ships and help to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime ...

Donor doping into a mother material with disordered intrinsic oxygen vacancies, instead of the widely used strategy of acceptor doping into a material without oxygen vacancies, can greatly enhance ...

The remarkable proton and oxide-ion (dual-ion) conductivities of hexagonal perovskite-related oxide Ba7Nb3.8Mo1.2O20.1 are promising for next-generation electrochemical devices. The unique ...

A team of pioneering researchers has made a significant leap forward in the complex world of molecular chemistry. Their focus? Azaarenes, unique molecular puzzle pieces crucial to many everyday ...

Energy researchers posit hydrogen fuel can potentially be a cost-competitive and environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel, and that supplying hydrogen for transportation in the ...

As power generation from sources like solar and wind increases, along with the introduction of devices such as heat pumps and batteries, a new optimization tool will help the UK plan for a greener ...

A team of researchers looked back at a model that predicted nuclear power would expand dramatically in order to assess the efficacy of energy policies implemented ...

Engineers enhance hydrogen fuel cell durability via tungsten oxide ...

Electrochemical catalysts used in water splitting often show poor performance due to low electrical conductance of (oxy)hydroxide species produced in situ. To overcome this challenge, researchers ...

A research team has devised a battery electrode protective film using biopolymers sourced from cosmetic ...

Green ammonia has the potential to drastically reduce the carbon footprint needed to produce fertilizer vital for ...

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