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QlikView 12 System Administrator
QlikView Administrator study

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QV12SA QlikView 12 System Administrator

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Question: 164
When configuring QlikView Server to integrate with Microsoft IIS which QlikView service should be installed on the
Microsoft IIS server?
A. QlikView Redirect Service
B. QlikView Settings Service
C. QlikView Publisher Service
D. QlikView Webserver Service
Answer: D
Question: 165
A QlikView server environment is restarted multiple limes. The system administrator finds this message in the
QlikView Server event logs:
Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Phoenix detected:
Performance monitor stuck.
Which are threepossible causes for this error? (Select three)
A. File locking
B. Memory shortage
C. Corrupt PGO files
D. Lack of permission
E. Corruption in performance counter library
Answer: A,B,D,E
Question: 166
A system administrator is testing a QlikView Server where the Publisher is also licensed After completing the testing
phase, the system administrator wants to copy all tasks from the test environment to the production environment.
What should the system administrator do?
A. Create a triggered task that will export all tasks from the test environment and import these tasks in the production
environment using Task Dependencies
B. Export the tasks from the test environment using the QlikView Management Console and use the Paste icon to
import the tasks into the production environment
C. Use the Remote Management Service to set up a link in the test environment towards the production environment
and push the tasks to the production environment.
D. Use the Remote Management Service to set up a link in the production environment towards the test environment
and pull the tasks into the production environment.
Answer: B
Question: 167
A system administrator needs to open a support case for an issue related to QlikView Distribution Service task failures.
The administrator gathers the appropriate QlikView document and task log files for support staff to analyze.
What additional information should the administrator provide for support staff to ensure optimum response and
resolution time?
A. QlikView system information
B. Example QlikView documents
C. Example QlikView data files (QVDs)
D. Meta files related to the failing QlikView documents
Answer: B
Question: 168
A QlikView Server is using more than 93% of its total memory. Users report slow performance when working within
a QlikView document. The Working Set Low value is 70% and the Working Set High value is 90%.
What is causing the performance issue on the server?
A. The QlikView Server PGO files have been removed
B. The Object Calculation Time Limit has been reached
C. The QlikView Server swapped physical RAM to virtual memory
D. The QlikView Server has begun to drop cached results from memory
Answer: C
Question: 169
Users report that the data in several QlikView documents failed to refresh A system administrator needs to determine
what is causing the reload failures.
Which log files should the administrator check?
A. QlikView task and distribution log files
B. QlikView session and performance log files
C. QlikView workorder and load balancer log files
D. QlikView distribution service and management service log files
Answer: D
Question: 170
A system administrator needs to add resilience redundancy and increase capacity of a QlikView Distribution Service
(QDS) What should the administrator do?
A. Add more free disk space to the server running the QDS
B. Add more CPU and memory resources to the server running the QDS
C. Install, license and configure additional QDS nodes in a QDS Cluster
D. Install license and configure additional QlikView Server nodes in a QlikView Server Cluster
Answer: C
Question: 171
The reloading of a QlikView document is dependent on an external file being created in a specific folder.
A system administrator has developed a custom application that searches for the external file and communicates with
the QlikView Management Service.
Which functionality of the QlikView Distribution Service should the administrator use to reload the QlikView
A. Set up a supporting task for the custom application
B. Set up an On a schedule trigger with a dependency on the custom application
C. Set up an On event from another task trigger initiated by the custom application
D. Use an Event Driven Execution (EDX) trigger that is initiated by the custom application
Answer: C
Question: 172
A system administrator finds this error message in the event log file 500 Warning WorkingSet: Virtual Memory is
growing beyond parameters - 22.761(22.393) GB
Which is the cause of the error?
A. QlikView Server memory is below the Low limit for the Working Set
B. QlikView Server memory is above the Low limit for the Working Set
C. QlikView Server memory is above the High limit for the Working Set
D. QlikView Server memory is above the Cache limit for the Working Set
Answer: C
Question: 173
A system administrator configures a new QlikView Server node to integrate with an existing QlikView Server
Which port number does the system administrator need to ensure is open for communication with the existing
QlikView Management Console?
A. 4750
B. 4747
C. 4720
D. 4780
Answer: B
Question: 174
QlikView Server (QVS) and QlikView Distribution Service are on the same server. The system administrator needs to
make sure that the QVS does NOT use all of the CPU cores
Which setting should the administrator modify?
A. Working Set
B. CPU Throttle
C. CPU Affinity
D. Object Calculation Time Limit
Answer: C
Question: 175
A system administrator needs to provide custom users access to QlikView documents Which two actions should the
administrator take? (Select two.)
A. Set the login address web page to Custom login page
B. Set the QlikView Web Server authentication type to Custom User
C. Set the QlikView Server authorization mode to DMS authorization
D. Set the QlikView Web Server authorization mode to DMS authorization
E. Set the QlikView Web Server authentication type to Default login page
Answer: A,C,E
Question: 176
A QlikView deployment has poor end user performance when many users view QlikView documents simultaneously.
The documents are relatively small and correctly developed. No data reduction tasks are present.
Which service should the administrator cluster to increase performance?
A. Distribution Service
B. QlikView Server service
C. QlikView Web Server service
D. Directory Service Connectors service
Answer: A
Question: 177
A system administrator wants to set the value of a variable in a Source Document in the task reload Which option
should the administrator use?
A. Reduce > Loop and Reduce
B. Reload > Script Parameters
C. Reduce > Reduce By Field Value
D. Distribute > Load Field in Document > Destination
Answer: C
Question: 178
A system administrator creates a task for a QlikView document with Section Access implemented. The administrator
enters the correct values into the Data Protection fields to allow the QlikView service account to reload the file. When
the task runs, it fails to reload the QlikView document
The administrator finds this error message in the QlikView distribution log file:
Error: Document open call failed. The document might require username and password.
What should the administrator do to resolve the task failure?
A. Add the QlikView service account to Section Access in the QlikView document
B. Enter an administrator username and password that is part of the Section Access
C. Validate the QlikView service account username and password are correct in the task
D. Ensure the QlikView service account has file permissions to read the QlikView document
Answer: C
Question: 179
The QlikView Distribution Service fails to allocate a QlikView Batch (QVB) engine. The system administrator needs
to monitor the QlikView Publisher for 24 hours to determine if the current QlikView Publisher schedule has over-
allocated QVB engines.
Which two tools should the administrator use? (Select two)
A. Wireshark
B. HTTP Watch
C. Microsoft Task Manager
D. QlikView Governance Dashboard
E. Microsoft Performance Monitor
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 180
QlikView users report that when they open the AccessPoint the webpage displays the error messageNo server. The
AccessPoint is installed on a server in the DMZ. Both the QlikView Server service and the QlikView Management
Service are installed on a single server behind a firewall. The QlikView Server service is running and is working in the
A system administrator pings the AccessPoint server from the QMC server command-line and receives this response:
Request rimed out
What are two likely causes of the error message? (Select two.)
A. The QlikView Web Server has stopped
B. The QlikView Server has no available CALs
C. Firewall constraints are blocking communications
D. The QlikView Web Server does NOT have a valid license
E. The two servers are on untrusted domains without a valid digital certificate
Answer: A,E
Question: 181
A system administrator is increasing the amount of system RAM from 128 GB to 256 GB The QlikView Server
Working Set Low and Working Set High are currently configured with the default values of 70% and 90%.
How should the administrator ensure the QlikView Server performance is optimized?
A. Increase the Working Set Low value only
B. Decrease the Working Set High value only
C. Decrease both the Working Set Low and Working Set High values
D. Increase both the Working Set Low and Working Set High values
Answer: D
Question: 182
There is a QlikView document with separate "City" and "State" fields A system administrator needs to create separate
QVW documents each with a singular "City and State" field.
Which method should the system administrator use?
A. Loop and reduce by "City" only
B. Loop and reduce by "City and State"
C. Concatenate "City" and "State" then loop and reduce by "City and State"
D. Concatenate "City" and "State" then loop and reduce by "City and State" bookmark
Answer: A
Question: 183
For which two tasks is the QlikView Server service responsible? (Select two)
A. Authenticating Custom Users
B. Loading selected QlikView User Documents into RAM
C. Reloading QlikView documents when no QlikView Publisher license has been applied
D. Authorizing document administrators to access the QlikView Management Console
E. Performing calculations when users make selections in a document containing expressions
Answer: A,D,E

QlikView Administrator study - BingNews Search results QlikView Administrator study - BingNews Analytical Enablement: How Leaders Harness Distributed Business Intelligence to Drive Breakthrough Results
Analytical Enablement: How Leaders Harness Distributed Business Intelligence to Drive Breakthrough Results

Summary: The fact that corporations around the world are embracing business intelligence (BI) should come as no surprise. The advanced analytics developed by world-class BI practitioners leads to deeper insight and significantly enhanced performance. But decidedly newsworthy is the degree to which the most successful BI programs are migrating toward a self-service, distributed BI delivery model—a sort of analytical enablement.

To investigate this development, in March 2016, Forbes Insights, in collaboration with Qlik, conducted a robust global survey of 449 senior IT and business unit executives. Respondents were from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and India. Forbes Insights also conducted qualitative interviews with senior executives.

To get a pdf of the study, please fill out the following information. If you experience any trouble, please send an email to:

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How to login as an Administrator in Windows 11/10

In a Windows operating system, an Administrator account is an account that allows a user to make changes that require administrative permissions. An Administrator has more rights on a Windows OS as compared to the users with a local account. For example, the users with a local or standard account can access files and folders on their own user space, make system changes that do not require administrative permissions, install and uninstall programs, etc. On the other hand, an Administrator can change security settings, install and uninstall software, add and remove users, make changes to other user accounts, etc. In short, to perform the tasks that require administrative permissions, you should be logged in as an Administrator. In this tutorial, we will see how to log in as an Administrator in Windows 11/10.

Login as an Administrator in Windows

Every Windows computer has a Local Administrator account that is created at the time of Windows installation. As described above, the Administrator has full access to the Windows device as compared to other standard users. The Administrator can also create new and delete the existing users and change the user account permissions. You can log in as an Administrator in Windows 11/10 by:

  1. Using the existing Administrator Account
  2. Enabling the built-in Administrator account
  3. Creating a new Local Administrator account
  4. Changing the local or standard into an Administrator account

Let’s see all these methods in detail.

1] Using the existing Administrator Account

log in as admin

If you are starting your PC then locate the Administrator account and use the password to login.

If you are currently not logged in as an administrator and want to change to an admin, open Start, click on the user icon, select Sign out and then log into the Admin account by using its password.

2] Enabling the built-in Administrator account

The Windows OS has a built-in Administrator account. In Windows 11/10 and Windows Server 2016, the built-in Administrator account is disabled at the time of Windows installation and another local account is created which is the member of the Administrators group.

The built-in Administrator account is also called the Super Administrator account. If we compare the built-in Administrator account with the Local Administrator account, the built-in Administrator account has elevated privileges. This means when you perform the administrative tasks, you will not get the UAC prompt. Apart from that, if you want to do some serious troubleshooting on your Windows machine or if you want to recover your main account or another user account, you can use the built-in Administrator account.

Because the built-in Administrator account does not show the UAC prompt, any application can have full control over your system. Therefore, running this account on a regular basis can be risky. You should enable the built-in Administrator account only if you have to do some troubleshooting or recover other user accounts. After performing your task, you should disable it.

As explained above, every Windows OS has a Local Administrator account which is created at the time of Windows installation. Hence, you have to sign in to that Local Administrator account in order to enable the built-in Administrator account. After enabling the built-in Administrator account, you can login as an Administrator in Windows 11/10.

3] Creating a new Local Administrator account

add a family member Windows 11

Every Windows 11/10 computer has a default Local Administrator account which is created at the time of Windows installation. Using that account, you can create another Local Administrator account for another user. To do so, open the Accounts page in your Windows 11/10 Settings and then click on the Family & other users option. Now, you have two options:

  • You can create a Local Administrator account for your family member.
  • You can create a Local Administrator account for a person who is not your family member.

Let’s see how to create a Local Administrator account for a family member and other users.

 Create a Local Administrator account for your family member

You can use this option if you have another Microsoft account and you want to add that account as an Administrator to your Windows computer.

Create administrator account for family member

  1. On the Family & other users page in Windows 11/10 Settings, click on the Add account button next to the Add a family member option.
  2. Enter the email address of the family member and click Next.
  3. Select the role (organizer or member) and click Invite. After that, an invite will be sent to the email address.
  4. Open the email address and accept the invitation. After accepting the invitation, that account will be added automatically to your Windows device.
  5. Now, open the Family & other users page in WIndows 11/10 Accounts settings and select the newly added account.
  6. Click Change account type and select Administrator in the drop-down and click OK.

Now, you can login as an Administrator in Windows 11/10 using that account.

Create a Local Administrator account for a person who is not your family member

If you do not have another Microsoft account, you can still create a Local Administrator account. This time, you have to add an account in the Other users section on the Family & other users page. The steps are as follows:

Create administrator account for other users

  1. Open the Family & other users page in Windows 11/10 Accounts settings.
  2. Click on the Add account button next to Add other user.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Click on the I don’t have this person’s sign-in information link.
  4. Now, click Add a user without a Microsoft account.
  5. Enter your username and password. After that, select the security questions and type your answers.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Now, select the newly created account and click Change account type.
  8. Select Administrator in the drop-down and click OK.

Now, you can use this account to login as an Administrator in Windows 11/10.

Read: How to rename built-in Administrator Account in Windows.

4] Changing the local or standard account into an Administrator account

If you already have created a local account on your Windows machine, you can change its type and use that account to login as an Administrator. The steps to change the local account to an Administrator account are as follows:

change user account type windows 11

  1. Open the Family & other users page in Windows 11/10 Accounts settings.
  2. Select the local user account under the Other users section.
  3. Click on the Change account type button and select Administrator in the drop-down.
  4. Now, click OK.

How do I log onto my computer as an Administrator?

At the time of Windows installation, a Local Administrator account is created automatically. You can use that account to log onto your computer as an Administrator. Apart from that, you can also enable the hidden or built-in Administrator account or create an additional Local Administrator account.

We have explained all these methods above in this article.

How do I run Windows as an Administrator?

To run Windows as an Administrator, you should have an Administrator account. There are different methods by which you can create an Administrator account. In addition to this, you can also enable the built-in Administrator account. But it is not recommended to use the built-in Administrator account on a regular basis due to security issues.

This is all about how to log in as an Administrator in Windows 11/10.

Read next: How to fix the disabled Administrator account on Windows 11/10.

Login as an Administrator in Windows
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Study Abroad

An early leader in the field of international education, The New School continues to expand and Boost the quality of its study abroad offerings in an increasingly global world. As part of the university’s department of Global Engagement and International Support Services, the Study Abroad office seeks to promote education abroad opportunities that develop intercultural competence and globally-relevant leadership skills in cooperation with academic departments and student services both for current New School students to go abroad for study and for students from international institutions to study at The New School in NYC while completing degrees at their home institutions.

Go Abroad for Study

A wide variety of study abroad programs are available to you as a New School student while you earn your degree. By studying abroad, you embark on a life-changing journey, embracing the unfamiliar, gaining new perspectives on the world, and developing greater cultural sensitivity. When preparing to study abroad, there are many questions to consider, but we’re here to help you succeed on your journey. To get started: 

Students are strongly encouraged to attend the study abroad events, fairs, and info sessions starting in the first year to discover exciting study abroad programs and begin planning for their own experience.

Come Study Abroad at The New School

The New School’s NYC campus offers unique opportunities for students who are completing a degree program abroad to gain an international study experience while they complete their degrees. Each semester, our campus hosts students from Parsons Paris and other schools around the world. Learn more about these opportunities below and contact us with any questions.

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Study suggests Mediterranean diet could boost male fertility: 'Crucial role'

A new study from Italy found that the Mediterranean diet could have a beneficial effect on male fertility.

The study, published in the journal Food Science, explored the different causes of male infertility, pinpointing how diet plays a "crucial role in improving a man’s reproductive capacity."

The researchers suggested that an appropriate diet for men should include a diverse range of essential ingredients, similar to those found in the Mediterranean diet.


The Mediterranean diet involves high amounts of vegetables and fruits that are "rich in detoxifying and antioxidant substances," the researchers noted in a discussion of the findings.

The study included 50 "sub-fertile" men who were provided with specific nutrition plans that consisted of 80% organic foods.

The Mediterranean diet was ranked as the top regimen in U.S. News and World Report’s annual list of the best overall diets for 2022.  (iStock)

The plan also introduced whole grains and low glycemic load options (which have minimal impact on blood sugar levels), grass-fed meat and wild-caught seafood, and a daily intake of leafy greens and red fruits.

It also eliminated refined carbs and saturated fats in exchange for healthy fats like olive oil, avocado and nuts. 

Dairy products were reduced or eliminated.


The men, who were ages 35 to 45, followed this diet for three months and were evaluated between Nov. 2020 and Oct. 2021.

Before the study, the pool of men exhibited "limited concern for food quality, rarely reading food labels and rarely purchasing organic products."

"Grass-fed meat, fish and organic eggs can contain higher levels of omega 3 DHA, which is found in the sperm tail and is associated with sperm motility," a dietitian told Fox News Digital. (iStock)

The men who stuck with the Mediterranean-inspired food plan saw a significant increase in testosterone levels, the study found.

In a subgroup of individuals who reduced their carb intake by 35%, sperm DNA fragmentation (damaged DNA) decreased with consumption of the modified diet.

"Diets rich in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants are critical for protecting sperm from oxidative stress and damage."

"The male contribution to a couple's fertility is important and the findings of this study underscore the importance of dietary variation and the inclusion of organic foods in achieving this goal," the researchers wrote. 

"Specifically, adhering to a pre-conception Mediterranean diet that is low in carbohydrates and high in legumes, whole grains and green leafy vegetables, along with consuming 80% organic foods, was associated with improved testosterone levels and reduced sperm DNA fragmentation."

The study findings emphasized the importance of "dietary variation," according to the researchers. (iStock)

Although the study size was limited, the researchers said the findings "emphasize the significance of consuming quality food for physical and psychological well-being and suggest that it may serve as an achievable measure of human resilience against environmental insults."

Fox News Digital reached out to the study authors for additional comment.


Registered dietitian and nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein, who is based in Los Angeles, told Fox News Digital she’s seen firsthand the beneficial impact nutrition can have on both male and female fertility.

"It’s amazing how even a moderate weight loss can make significant changes to a person’s hormone levels and ability to conceive," she said.

Other studies have shown how diets high in refined carbs and sugar can have negative effects on sperm health, Muhlstein mentioned.

Registered dietitian nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein (pictured) called the new study "eye-opening." (BODi)

"Additionally, following a Mediterranean-style diet rich in vegetables, lean proteins, high-fiber carbohydrates and healthy fats may help reduce inflammation, which can benefit fertility," she added.

The study took the diet "one step further" by focusing on specifics like mostly organic food, frequent nuts and seafood, limited dairy, daily red fruit, three servings of green vegetables, and refined sugar and packaged food avoidance, Muhlstein pointed out.


The "noteworthy" increase in testosterone levels could be due to the focus on organic foods, which contain fewer pesticides and pollutants and higher levels of bioactive compounds, she said.

"Diets rich in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants are critical for protecting sperm from oxidative stress and damage," the dietitian said. 

The new study revealed that Mediterranean-style diets could Boost male fertility. (iStock)

"Additionally, grass-fed meat, fish and organic eggs can contain higher levels of omega 3 DHA, which is found in the sperm tail and is associated with sperm motility," Muhlstein added.

The study also surveyed the benefits of lowering carb intake, which proved beneficial for weight and blood sugar control.


The study was limited by including only men with a BMI range of 20 to 24, Muhlstein pointed out.

"I wish in the future that they would conduct this study with overweight and obese men, because I am sure the findings would have been even more significant," she said.

A fertility doctor recommended that men who are experiencing fertility complications switch to a Mediterranean-based diet. (iStock)

Dr. Reem Sabouni, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist and fertility specialist at Aspire Houston Fertility Institute, called the study findings "interesting" in a response sent to Fox News Digital.

The Mediterranean diet "appears to positively influence male fertility," the doctor said.

"This aligns with our understanding of nutrition's role in overall health," she said. "For men with male factor infertility (MFI), adopting a Mediterranean-based diet could be a beneficial, non-invasive strategy to Boost fertility health."


These findings are "promising, potentially contributing to addressing the global decline in sperm counts," Sabouni told Fox News Digital.

Based on the study's evidence, the doctor recommended that men with MFI should switch to a Mediterranean-based diet.

The Mediterranean diet involves high amounts of vegetables and fruits that are "rich in detoxifying and antioxidant substances," the researchers noted in a discussion of the findings. (iStock)

"The diet's rich antioxidants and balanced nutrients likely play a key role in enhancing reproductive health," she added.


"[The study] underscores the importance of lifestyle and dietary factors in reproductive health, which [are] in our control."

For more Health articles, visit

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Study reveals which style of drinking is the most likely to cause liver disease

A single night of binge-drinking is more likely to cause liver disease than a few drinks spread across the week, a study revealed.

According to a study done by the University College London, first reported by the London Standard, measuring the pattern of alcohol intake was more accurate than volume for predicting the risk of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis (ARC).

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, ARC is a stage of liver disease where the liver has become significantly scarred and may cause the liver to stop working correctly.

The scientists analyzed data from 312,599 active alcoholic drinkers in the United Kingdom to assess the impact of the pattern of drinking, genetic predisposition and type-2 diabetes on the likelihood of developing ARC.

Dr Linda Ng Fat, a first author of the study from UCL Epidemiology and Public Health, said that the study’s approach was a “better indicator of liver disease risk than volume alone.”

“We took a different approach by focusing on the pattern of drinking and found that this was a better indicator of liver disease risk than volume alone,” Dr. Fat told the London newspaper. “The other key finding was that the more risk factors involved, the higher the ‘excess risk’ due to the interaction of these factors.”

Assortment of hard strong alcoholic drinks and spirits in glasses on bar counter
A new study indicates that your health is not only affected by how much you drink, but also by how you drink. Getty Images

Dr. Fat said the study revealed that those who engaged in heavy binge-drinking, which is defined as having 12 units of alcohol in a day, were three times as likely to develop ARC.

The risk for those with a high genetic predisposition was four times higher and the risk for type-2 diabetics was two times higher.

People who engaged in binge-drinking while also having a genetic predisposition were six times more likely to develop ARC, the study found.

Pamela Healy, Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust told the London Standard that this study revealed that the way people drink alcohol is important and that excessively drinking can have “servious consequences.”

“This research is important because it reveals that it’s not just how much you drink overall but the way that you drink matters,” Healy said. “Drinking a lot, quickly, or drinking to get drunk can have serious consequences for your liver health.”

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 04:51:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Optimism linked to bad decision-making, lower cognitive ability: study

A new study concluded that people with excessive optimism are more likely to struggle with decision-making and could have lower cognitive function.

"Those highest on cognitive ability experience a 22% (53.2%) increase in the probability of realism (pessimism) and a 34.8% reduction in optimism compared with those lowest on cognitive ability," reads the abstract of a University of Bath study published in Neuroscience News.

According to the study, people who have unrealistic optimism are more prone to "excessively risky behavior" and do not act with adequate caution. The impact on these traits is felt most when it comes to financial issues, when those with excessive optimism make risky choices and are prone to complications with saving and investing wisely.


Unrealistic optimism can lead to bad financial decisions, a new study revealed. (

"Unrealistically optimistic financial expectations can lead to excessive levels of consumption and debt, as well as insufficient savings. It can also lead to excessive business entries and subsequent failures," Dr. Chris Dawson of the University’s School of Management, said of the results. "The chances of starting a successful business are tiny, but optimists always think they have a shot and will start businesses destined to fail."

The study surveyed over 36,000 households for their expectations of financial well-being and compared them to the household's actual financial outcomes, with those in the overly optimistic category having the worst results.

Coins surround a piggy bank. (Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

"The problem with our being programmed to think positively is that it can adversely affect our quality of decision-making, particularly when we have to make serious decisions," Dawsom said. "We need to be able to over-ride that and this research shows that people with high cognitive ability manage this better than those with low cognitive ability."


Meanwhile, those with higher cognitive ability showed traits that balanced optimism with realism in their decision-making processes, the report noted.

A furniture store posts a "Going Out of Business" sign in a residential strip mall. (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

"This suggests that the negative consequences of an excessively optimistic mindset may, in part, be a side product of the true driver, low cognitive ability," the study reads.

Because of this, Dawson argued that "positive thinking" and other optimistic traits that are widespread and typically viewed positively should be more thoroughly rethought.


"Unrealistic optimism is one of the most pervasive human traits and research has shown people consistently underestimate the negative and accentuate the positive," Dawson said. "The concept of ‘positive thinking’ is almost unquestioningly embedded in our culture — and it would be healthy to revisit that belief."

Sun, 10 Dec 2023 19:00:00 -0600 Fox News en text/html
Federal Work-Study

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Federal Work-Study is a need-based program designed to create part-time employment opportunities for eligible students.

Work-study funding is awarded as part of a student's financial aid package. Students search and apply for work-study positions and if hired, earn up to the amount offered for the year through bi-weekly paychecks based on the hours they work.

Information for Students

  • Federal Work-Study funds are awarded based upon students indicating they are interested in the program on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that meet the University's established awarding policy. Students must accept the award in DrexelOne to use the funding.
  • Work-study funding is available to full-time undergraduate students, as well as graduate, law, and medical students. Students must be at least half-time.
  • Any students who did not receive work-study funding in their initial financial aid award package, but may be eligible, are encouraged to contact Drexel Central to discuss eligibility.
  • Students are encouraged to use their work-study funding as soon as possible. Financial Aid will check the status of work-study funding regularly. Students who are not utilizing their funding are in jeopardy of this award being canceled.
  • Work-study funding can only be earned during the federal fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).
  • Being awarded work-study funding does not certain students will be hired for employment. Students are responsible for searching and applying for positions.
  • If a student has been selected for federal verification, the process must be completed before the student can begin employment.
  • Students cannot work during times when they are scheduled to be in class.
  • Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week during class terms.
  • Students cannot be employed in a work-study position in terms during which they are on co-op.
  • Students cannot earn more in a fiscal year than the total amount awarded to them in their financial aid package.
  • Students cannot have more than one work-study position at one time, with the exception of students employed as on-campus tutors.

Applying for a Work-Study Position

The first step in applying for a work-study job is to review the list of available positions on the Federal Work-Study Positions page. When you find a position you are eligible to apply for, you should contact the individual listed in the posting to set up an interview.

Work-study supervisors will make the final determination regarding the hiring of students. If you are offered a position, you will need to do the following:

  • If you have not previously worked at Drexel, complete the New Hire Packet and bring it, along with proper identification, to the Human Resources Department, located at 3201 Arch Street, Suite 430.
  • Follow the procedures of the department where you are working to submit your hours in order to receive a paycheck.
  • Monitor your work hours in DrexelOne to ensure you do not exceed your work-study award.

Information for Employers

Drexel faculty and staff can find information about posting positions, hiring students, and other administrative aspects of the work-study process on the Information for Work-Study Employers page.

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Federal Work Study

If your department employs student workers, the department must verify if each student is Federal Work-Study eligible during the hiring process. Authorized business office personnel may verify FWS eligibility by following these steps: 

  • Go to Cognos and follow the click path:
    • Team Content  
    • Departmental Content  
    • Treasurer  
    • Comptroller  
    • Federal Work-Study Report – Payroll and FA Data. 
    • Report views of Federal Work-Study Award & Employment Details 
  • Access to this report is specific to approved personnel.  Work with your Business Office/Payroll Team Lead to verify FWS eligibility. 
  • Complete a search using the student Purdue University Identification (PUID). 
  • The report will confirm if the student is FWS eligible and if the award has been accepted. If the student is not FWS eligible (the student should not be on the report list). 
  • If the award has not been accepted, instruct the student to accept their award in their myPurdue portal. 
  • After confirming acceptance, complete the Payroll Authorization Form (PAF).
    • If you are the departmental payroll clerk, fill out the PAF completely. 
    • Do not leave blank fields on the PAF document. 
    • Job titles must clearly define the position.  “Work-Study” and “Student Worker” are not sufficient job titles.  
    • Do not forget to copy the student’s job description at the end of the PAF document. 
    • Save the completed PAF as “First Initial, Last Name, PERNER” 
    • Email the PAF to  
    • Complete your normal student hiring process. 
  • Additional Federal Work-Study information can be found here.
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Study Abroad


Lucie is a senior double majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy. They are back at Smith after spending last Spring in England at Lady Margaret Hall, a college in Oxford University. While abroad, Lucie took tutorials about Artificial Intelligence, Logic, Epistemology and Metaphysics, and AI Ethics. Lucie had an incredible experience with the tutorial system and would love to tell you all about it. During their spring break, Lucie travelled across Europe to Edinburgh, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Vienna.

Lucie is thrilled to be working with the LGSC this semester, and looks forward to seeing you at their peer advising hours!

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Study Abroad

Not sure where to start? Try a study abroad workshop!

The Global Education Office at the Reves Center is open to in-person visits.  We are available to assist you by phone, email, and Zoom. Connect with us via Study Abroad Workshops, Virtual Pop-in Advising, Peer Advisors, and One-on-One Advising.

  Announcements | Diversity Abroad | FAQ | ChecklistForms & Handbooks | Student Voices 

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