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WPT-R Wonderlic Personnel Test

The full version of the Wonderlic Personnel test is a timed 12-minute test made up of 50 questions.
Youll take this test on-site and under supervision. In some cases youll have already taken the WPT-Q to qualify yourself for the interview.
Your results on the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) will be compared to other candidates results during the interview process and can be the deciding factor in the hiring decision.
As with the quicktest, the average test-taker answers less than 50% of the questions correctly (the average score is about 21) and only a small fraction of people even finish all 50 questions.
Instead, there are a series of different Wonderlic tests. The most common one is the Wonderlic Personnel Test, which is also called the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability test. When you hear someone talk generally about “The Wonderlic Test” (and that probably happens most during NFL draft season), this is the test theyre talking about.

Algebraic Word Problems
Ratios & Rates
Spatial Reasoning
Deductive Reasoning
3D Shapes
Pattern Recognition
Verbal Reasoning
Finding Exceptions
Sentence ordering
General Knowledge
Finding errors/duplicates
Date recognition
Decimal number ordering
Graphs and data plotting

Wonderlic Personnel Test
Wonderlic Wonderlic guide
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