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Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert (ACCX)
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Question: 1
Refer to the exhibit.
A customer has just configured a Posture Policy and the T 2 -Health check Service. Next they installed the OnGuard
Agent on a test client connected to the Secure_Employee SSID. When they check Access Tracker they see many
WEBAUTH requests are being triggered.
What could be the reason?
A. The OnGuard Agent trigger the events based on changing the Health Status.
B. The OnGuard Agent is connecting to the Data Port interface on ClearPass.
C. TCP port 6658 is not allowed between the client and the ClearPass server.
D. OnGuard Web-Based Health Check interval has been configured to three minutes.
Answer: D
Question: 157
Your customer has read about a feature in OnGuard for OnGuard Persistent Agent and Agentless OnGuard that can
display a new Posture Results web page to notify that and users with posture results for unhealthy clients after the
health check is done.
Where do you configure this option?
A. Policy Manager > Configuration > Enforcement > Profiles > Add a new profiles with Agent Enforcement as the
template, and on the Attributes tab add the new Show Posture Results in Guest Page attribute and set the value for the
attribute to true.
B. Policy Manager > Configuration > Enforcement > Profiles > Add new profile with Aruba Radius Enforcement as
the template, and on the Attributes tab add the Aruba-User-Role configured with the captive portal profile mapped
with default Posture Check web page UR
C. Policy Manager > Configuration > Services > Edit the Web-base Health Check Only service, and on the posture tab
under Remediation URL add the default Quarantined Blocked web page URL and complete the service configuration
by hitting save.
D. Policy Manager > Configuration > Services > Edit the Web-base Health Check Only service, and on the posture tab
enable the checkbox for the new option Show Posture Results in Guest Page and complete the service configuration by
hitting save.
Answer: D
Question: 158
A customer would like to allow only the AD users with the "Manager" title from the "HO" location to Onboard their
personal devices. Any other AD users should not be authorized to pass beyond the initial device provisioning page .
Which Onboard service will you use to implement this requirement?
A. Onboard Authorization service
B. Onboard Pre-Auth service
C. Onboard Provisioning service
D. Onboard CP login service
Answer: D
Question: 159
What configuration steps should you follow to add terms and conditions page on Guest seIf-registration for CPPM?
(Select two).
A. Edit the creetoraccepiterms form field in register page and change HTML section by pointing the hyperlink to the
HTML file uploaded
B. Edit the accept_terms form field in receipt page and change HTML section by pointing the hyper link to the HTML
file uploaded m Guest Manager
C. Create an HTML page with custom terms and condition and upload it to public files
under Clearpass Guest -> configuration -> content manager
D. Edit the creatoracceprterms form field in receipt page and change HTML section by pointing the hyperlink to the
HTML file uploaded
E. Create an HTML page with custom terms and condition and upload it to private files under Clearpass Guest ->
configuration -> content manager
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 160
Refer to the exhibit.
When creating a new report, there is in option to send report Notifications by Email Where is the email server
A. In the ClearPass Policy Manager Messaging Setup under Administration.
B. In the Insight report on the next screen of the report definition
C. In the Insight Reports Interface under Administration on the sidebar menu
D. In the ClearPass Policy Manager Endpoint Context Servers under Administration.
Answer: D
Question: 161
Refer to the exhibit.
A customer it troubleshooting a client not getting the SHV posture updated and the OnGuard agent shows the Health
Status Not Known .
What could the user do to update the health status?
A. connect using an interface that is configured as Managed Interface
B. reinstall the OnGuard agent from the Wired interface
C. change the Policy Manager Zone mapping and add the WIRED interface range
D. modify the agent.conf file and add the WIRED interface to it
Answer: D
Question: 162
A customer has acquired another company that has its own Active Directory infrastructure. The 802 1X PEAP
authentication works with the customer's original Active Directory servers but the customer would like to authenticate
users from the acquired company as well.
What steps are required, in regards to the Authentication Sources, in order to support this request? (Select two.)
A. Create a new Authentication Source, type Active Directory.
B. Create a new Authentication Source, type Generic LDA
C. Add the new AD server(s) as backup into the existing Authentication Source.
D. There is no need to join ClearPass to the new AD domain.
E. Join the ClearPass server(s) to the new AD domain.
Answer: A,B,C
Question: 163
You have designed a ClearPass solution for an Information Technology Business Park with 50,377 concurrent sessions
including the visitors. The deployment includes eight ClearPass servers handling RADIUS authentication. Guest Self-
Registration. Onboard and OnGuard. CPPM1 is acting as Publisher. CPPM2 to CPPM8 are added as subscriber nodes
CPPM4 is the designated Standby Publisher. Servers CPPM2 and CPPM3 will be handling the Guest and Onboard
HTTPS traffic. On a few devices, Corporate users will perform username and password based authentication with
Active Directory accounts and on few devices, they will be using private CA signed TLS certificates to do the
authentication The customer has three Active Directories (AD1, AD2 and A03) part of Multi-Domain Forest. To
provide authentication redundancy, the customer has configured multiple Virtual IP settings between ClearPass servers
in a cluster.
On all the Network Access Devices (NAD), the primary authentication server is configured as the VIP IP address and
the secondary authentication server rs configured as CPPM1 MGMT IP address.
Based on the information provided, which ClearPass nodes will you join to the AD domain
A. Join CPPM1. CPPM4 to CPPM7 servers to the AD root domain
B. Join CPPM2 to CPPM7 ClearPass servers to the AD root domain.
C. Join all the eight ClearPass servers to AD1, AD2 and AD3 domains.
D. Join CPPM1. CPPM4 to CPPM8 to the AD1. AD2 and AD3 domains.
Answer: D
Question: 164
Refer to the exhibit.
A customer has configured Onboard in a cluster with two nodes. All devices were onboarded in the network through
node1 but those clients fail to authenticate through node2 with the error shown.
What steps would you suggest to make provisioning and authentication work across the entire cluster? (Select three)
A. Configure the Network Settings in Onboard to trust the Policy Manager EAP certificate.
B. Have all of the BYOO clients disconnect and reconnect to the network.
C. Configure the Onboard Root CA to trust the Policy Manager EAP certificate root.
D. Make sure that the EAP certificates on both nodes are issued by one common root Certificate Authority (CA).
Answer: A,B,C,D
Question: 165
The customer has a 19.940 loT devices connected to the network and would like to use Allow All Mac Auth to
authenticate the users and enforce the action based on the condition defined with the fingerprint details of the device .
Which Authorization source would you use to decide the access of the devices?
A. Clear Pass Profiler Database
B. Endpoint Database
C. Local User Database
D. Guest Device Database
Answer: D
Question: 166
Refer to the exhibit.
You configured a new Wireless 802.1 X service for a Cisco WLC broadcasting the secure-AOM-5007 SSID. The
client fails to connect to the SSIO.
Using the screenshots as a reference, how would you fix this issue?
A. Change the service condition to Radius:lETF Calling-Station-Id EQUALS Secure-ADM-5007
B. Update the service condition Radws:IETF Called-Stat ion-Id CONTAINS secure-AOM-5007
C. Remove the service condition Radius:IETF Service-Type BEL0NGS_T0 Login-User (1), 2.8
D. Make sure that the Network Devices entry for the Cisco WLC has a vendor setting of "Airespace"
Answer: B
Question: 167
Refer to the exhibit.
What could be causing the error message received on the OnGuard client?
A. The Service Selection Rules for the service are not configured correctly
B. The Health-Check service does not have Posture Compliance option enabled
C. The client's OnGuard Agent has not been configured with the correct Policy Manager Zone.
D. There is a firewall policy not allowing the OnGuard Agent to connect to ClearPass
Answer: A
Question: 168
Your customer has recently implemented a seIf-registration portal in ClearPass Guest to be used on a Guest SSID
broadcast from an Aruba controller Your customer has started complaining that the users are not able to reliably access
the Internet after clicking the login button on the receipt page They tell you that the users will click the login button
multiple times and after about a minute they gam access.
What could be causing this issue?
A. The enforcement profile on ClearPass is set up with an IETF:session delay.
B. The self-registration page is configured with a 1 minute login delay.
C. The guest users are assigned a firewall user role that has a rate limit.
D. The guest users are assigned multiple DNS servers delaying DNS response.
Answer: A
Question: 169
A customer has two different geographical sites deployed with two ClearPass servers in each site. Site A has the
Publisher (CPPM1) and a subscriber (CPPM2) and Site B has two subscribers (CPPM3 S CPPM4) All wired and
wireless authentication requests from the respective sites are handled by respective CPPMs deployed in the sites When
both the CPPM servers in Site B are lost, the authentications from Site B is handled by Site A subscriber (CPPM2). To
control the Multi-Master Cache flush and reduce the amount of inter-site traffic, the customer also created a new
Policy Manager Zone (Zone1) The Site B CPPM3 & CPPM4 are part of Zone! and Site A CPPM2 is also mapped to
Zone1 as it will act as the backup RADIUS server for Site B The corporate laptops are installed with Persistent agent
to run the OnGuard check and the OnGuard settings are also mapped to the Zones The Site A corporate user subnets
are mapped to default zone and the Site 6 corporate user subnets are mapped to Zone1. The customer has the following
issue in the setup: The corporate clients from Site A authenticating against the CPPM2 as their Primary RADIUS
server assigns Quarantine enforcement profile even though the user s health status is Healthy.
What is the cause of this issue?
A. Multi-master cache also contains the roles and posture of the associated and unassociated clients and is shared with
all members part of that Policy Manager Zone. CPPM2 belongs to Zone1 and the OnGuard setting for Site A is part of
the default zone and the system health validation information is sent to one of the nodes that are part of its home zone
As Posture cache for Site A hi not available with CPPM
B. it fails to apply the enforcement profile based on correct health status.
C. Multi-master cache also contains the roles and posture of the connected clients and is shared only with the members
part of that Policy Manager Zone. CPPM2 belongs to Zone1 and the OnGuard setting for Site A is part of the default
zone and the OnGuard system
health validation information is sent to one of the nodes that are part of its home zone only. As Posture cache for Site
A is not available with CPPM2. it fails to apply the enforcement profile based on correct health status.
D. Multi-master cache also contains the roles and posture of the connected clients and is shared across all members
part of the cluster. The OnGuard setting for Site A is part of only the default zone and the system health validation
information is sent to one of the nodes that are part of its home zone only As the OnGuard setting of the Site A
corporate user subset is not mapped with default as well as Zone1. CPPM2 fails to apply the enforcement profile based
on correct health status.
E. Multi-master cache also contains the roles and posture of the connected clients and is shared across all members
part of the cluster. The OnGuard setting for Site A is part of only the default zone and the OnGuard system health
validation information is sent to one of the nodes that is part of its home zone only. As the CPPM2 is also not mapped
to the default zone as well as Zone1, CPPM2 fails to apply the enforcement profile based on correct health status.
Answer: C
Question: 170
Refer to the exhibit.
A customer has configured Onboard in a cluster. After the Primary server's failure, the BYOD devices fail to connect
to the network .
Which step below is the best starting point when troubleshooting'
A. Verify the CPPM hostname in OSCP URL under TLS authentication method is updated
to localhost instead of primary server's hostname.
B. Reboot the active ClearPass server and reconnect the client to the SSID by selecting the correct certificate when
C. Check if a DNS entry is available for the ClearPass hostname in the certificate, resolvable from the DNS server
assigned to the client.
D. Check EAP certificate on the secondary node is issued by the same common root Certificate Authority (CA).
Answer: A
Question: 171
A Customer has these requirements:
2.000 loT endpoints that use MAC authentication
6.000 endpoints using a mix of username/password and certificate (Corporate/BYOD) based authentication
1.000 guest endpoints at peak usage that use guest self-registration
1500 BYOD devices estimated as 3 devices per User (500 users)
2.500 endpoints that have OnGuard installed and connect on a daily basis
What licenses should be installed to meet customer requirements?
A. 11.500 Access. 1.500 Onboard. 2.500 OnGuard
B. 13.000 Access. 1.500 Onboard. 2.500 OnGuard
C. 9.000 Access. 500 Onboard. 2.500 OnGuard
D. 11.500 Access. 500 Onboard. 2.500 OnGuard
Answer: A
Question: 172
Where is the following information stored in Clear Pass?
- Roles and Posture for Connected Clients
- System Health for OnGuard
- Machine authentication State
- CoA session info
- Mapping of connected clients to NAS/NAD
A. ClearPass system cache
B. Multi-Master cache
C. Insight database
D. Endpoint database
Answer: C
Question: 173
When building an SNMP-based enforcement profile what option can you assign to the user as actions? (Select three).
A. Enforce a VLAN ID for the client
B. Set a session timeout for the client
C. Enforce Firewall policies
D. Send captive portal web re-direct URL
E. ClearPass Downloadable Role
F. Reset the connection after the settings has been pushed
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 174
The customer has configured the guest self-registration with sponsor approval. The guest users that the sponsor email
and the other requested details while registering the account but the users were able to complete the authentication and
access the internet without the sponsor's approval.
What configuration settings will you check to make this setup work?
A. Check if sponsor name field is enabled in the register form page
B. Check if sponsor email field is enabled in the register form page
C. Check if authentication option n is enabled in the self-registration page enabled.
D. Check if sponsor confirmation is enabled in the self-registration page
Answer: B
Question: 175
You have configured a factory default Aruba controller with Clear Pass for guest access and the NAS vendor settings -
Address field in the guest weblogin page is configured with
Aruba controller's default self-signed certificate common name "" that the client will
use to submit the authentication request.
What happens when the client sends a DNS request to securelogin aruba networks com?
A. The controller will intercept the ONS request sent to its HTTPS certificate common name and return its own IP
B. Address field in the web login vendor settings should be set to IP address of the controller instead of certificate CN
C. Client does not send the DNS request, the ClearPass resolves the hostname in the NAS vendor settings Address
D. The controller will pass the request to the DNS server and server returns the IP of the controller from the DNS
Answer: B

HP Certified book - BingNews Search results HP Certified book - BingNews HP Pavilion x360 m3-u103dx Laptop

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Portability Based on battery life under a mix of light and heavy tasks, size, and weight including the keyboard dock for detachable laptops.

Performance Based on performance while running productivity applications, multimedia applications, web browsing, and 3D games.

Display Covers display size, clarity, color, contrast, brightness, and glare.

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HP 2-in-1 Convertible Chromebook, 14inch HD Touchscreen, Intel Quad-Core Pentium Silver N5030 Processor Up to 3.10GHz, 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics, Webcam, Chrome OS(Renewed (14inch/128GB) HP

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Marissa Robert graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English language and literature. She has extensive experience writing marketing campaigns and business handbooks and manuals, as well as doing freelance writing, proofreading and editing. While living in France she translated manuscripts into English. She has published articles on various websites and also periodically maintains two blogs.

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HP Pavilion x360-13t Laptop

The HP Pavilion x360-13t is part of the Laptops & Chromebooks test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Laptops models like the Pavilion x360-13t are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Portability Based on battery life under a mix of light and heavy tasks, size, and weight including the keyboard dock for detachable laptops.

Performance Based on performance while running productivity applications, multimedia applications, web browsing, and 3D games.

Display Covers display size, clarity, color, contrast, brightness, and glare.

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HP EliteBook 840 G7 review: The best mainstream business laptop0 0

HP's EliteBook 840 G7 has quickly become one of my favorite laptops. There's one big reason for that, which is that it's strikingly similar to the EliteBook x360 1040 G5 that I reviewed in February 2019, albeit without a convertible hinge. It's no surprise though, since the mainstream EliteBook 800 series is all about bringing down features from the premium EliteBook 1000 series.

Compared to the EliteBook 840 G5 that I reviewed in mid-2018, it's much thinner and lighter. In fact, just about everything about it has been upgraded. The keyboard has been vastly improved to be similar to the ones found on the 1000 series, and that's definitely a good thing. It's also got Intel's 10th-generation processors; in the model that HP sent me, it's the hexa-core vPro Core i7-10810U.


CPU Intel Core i7-10810U Processor, 1.1GHz, up to 4.9GHz with Intel Turbo Boost technology, 12MB cache, 6 cores
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics
Display 35.56 cm (14.0 in) diagonal FHD IPS eDP and PSR anti-glare WLED-backlit bent with Ambient Light Sensor for HD and IR camera and WWAN, 400 nits, 72% NTSC (1920 x 1080)
Body 32.36x21.46x1.78cm (12.74x8.45x0.70in), 1.34kg (2.95lbs)
Storage 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD

(2) USB Type-C port with Thunderbolt support
(2) USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port (1 charging)
(1) HDMI 1.4 (cable sold separately)
(1) Headphone/microphone combo jack
(1) AC power input port
(1) Nano SIM card slot
(1) Smartcard reader
(1) Nano security lock slot


Audio by Bang & Olufsen
(2) Integrated stereo speakers
Integrated 3 Multi-array Microphone

Camera 720p HD and IR camera
Connectivity Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2) and Bluetooth 5 combo
Intel XMM 7560 LTE-Advanced Pro Cat 16
Keyboard HP Premium keyboard

Spill resistant
Optional backlit keyboard and DuraKeys

Pointing device

Glass clickpad with multi-touch gestures enabled (taps enabled as default)
Microsoft Precision Touchpad default gestures supported

Battery HP Long Life 3-cell, 53Wh Li-ion, Supports fast charging, 65W Slim USB Type-C adapter
Material Aluminum
OS Windows 10 Pro
Price $2,199

Day one


All of HP's mainstream to premium EliteBooks are made of aluminum these days. Well, that's not counting the magnesium Elite Dragonfly, which is sort of in a different class. All of those aluminum laptops come in the plain old Natural Silver color, presumably because as business laptops, they're not meant to be too flashy like HP's stunning Spectre x360 PCs.

One thing that I want to focus on is how much has changed. HP says that the G7 is 9% smaller than its predecessor. This is evident if you look back at my review of the EliteBook 840 G5. That thing was well over a half-pound heavier than the G7. I started this off saying that this is reminiscent of the premium EliteBook x360 1040, but guess what; this is actually 0.03 pounds lighter than that machine.

I really have to say, I haven't reviewed HP's latest EliteBook 1000 laptops, but they must be amazing. That EliteBook x360 1040 is already one of my favorite laptops around. To see so much of it in the 800 series kind of blows me away.

Another thing that's changed about the design is that it has a tapered edge in the front. Rather than being flat, you can now very easily open the machine with one hand. I think it makes the machine a little more stylish as well. It also has the angled edges on the back along the hinge.

On the sides, there are plenty of ports. On the left side is where you'll find the two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, which will get you speeds of 5Gbps. Toward the front, there's also an optional Smart Card reader.

On the right side are both Thunderbolt 3 ports. The ports can support a 4K display on either one. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to run two 4K displays off of a single port, as HP used to brag about always using "full" Thunderbolt 3 ports. For a little background there, the minimum Thunderbolt 3 spec supports one 4K display, but if it uses all four lanes, it can support two 4K displays or one 5K display on a single port, and it supports 40Gbps data transfer speeds.

On that side is also a pin charging port, HDMI 1.4, and a nano-SIM slot. If you opted not to get the cellular model, that SIM slot is still there; it's just filled with a slug.

Note that you do have an option in how you want to charge the EliteBook 840 G7. It can come with either the pin charger or a USB Type-C charger. This is meant for backward compatibility. If your business has a bunch of pin chargers lying around, you can use them. If you want to use your own USB Type-C charger, you can do that too.

Display and audio

HP actually gave me a choice between the EliteBook 840 and the 830. The difference between the two is the screen size. The 840 G7 has a 14-inch FHD display, while the 830 has a 13.3-inch screen. Personally, I think that 14 inches is the perfect size for a laptop, so that's what I went with.

There are several display configurations to choose from, all of which are 1080p. The one that HP sent me doesn't support touch, and it gets 400-nit brightness. There's also a 250-nit panel, which I really wouldn't recommend. If you want battery life, just turn the brightness down on the 400-nit panel. There are also options for multi-touch.

And finally, HP has some options with its Sure View privacy screen. It's actually pretty cool. You just hit a button and suddenly no one can see anything if they look at your screen from an angle.

The display on this unit reminds me of the EliteBook x360 1040 that I reviewed, in that I love it. The colors are accurate, and it's actually pleasant to use, something that can't be said of many matte anti-glare displays.

As I mentioned above, the footprint of the laptop is smaller than it was, and that's due to narrow bezels. This machine has an 85% screen-to-body ratio, with a 34% smaller top bezel, a 29% smaller chin, and 19% narrower side bezels. It still maintains the webcam and the IR camera in the top bezel though.

The Bang & Olufsen speakers are placed on either side of the keyboard, and they sound phenomenal. They're both clear and loud, and this something that I really appreciate from HP. The company understands that even though this is a business laptop, there's a good chance that it's your only laptop, and you're taking it home from work. That means that you might be using it for entertainment as well as productivity. It's your everything device, and it's meant to be.

Keyboard and trackpad

The EliteBook 840 G7 has one of the best keyboards on the market. No, really. It's comfortable and it's accurate, and in fact, HP says it's more accurate than the previous generation. This is the thing that made me fall in love with the EliteBook 1040. Not only do the keys feel sturdy with a perfect amount of depth and resistance, but they're quiet too.

If you've been following my reviews for a while, then you know that I used to be a huge fan of Lenovo's ThinkPad keyboards, but HP swayed me with the EliteBook x360 1040. It was the first time I was willing to entertain the idea that a keyboard could be better than on a ThinkPad. I'm really pleased to see that HP brought this keyboard down to the 800 series, because with Lenovo's PCs, you don't have to buy premium to get a great keyboard. I do hope that HP brings this keyboard to all of its tiers of both consumer and business laptops.

Right in the middle of the keyboard between the G, H, and B keys is a black nub for controlling the pointer. This is something that's not available at all on the 1000 series, and it was included on the EliteBook 840 G5. These exist from most OEMs in one or more models, and they're a relic from a time when Windows PC trackpads weren't very good. Obviously, some people still use them though.

The clickable trackpad uses Microsoft Precision drivers, so it's fast, responsive, and it supports all of the gestures that you're used to. Above it are two physical buttons, which are meant to be used with the nub on the keyboard, although I prefer the physical buttons with the trackpad.

Performance and battery life

The model that HP sent me is top-end, including an Intel Core i7-10810U and 16GB RAM. The Core i7-10810U is the vPro version of the Core i7-10710U, a 15W hexa-core CPU with 12 threads. It's from the Comet Lake family, as are all CPUs in business laptops that have Intel 10th-gen processors.

Some of the leading competitors to the EliteBook 840, such as Lenovo's ThinkPad T14 and T14s, aren't offered with this CPU. Those only go up to the Core i7-10610U, which is quad-core. Indeed, if you're looking for top-end Intel parts in a mainstream business laptop, the EliteBook 840 G7 is one of few choices.

Battery life is also weirdly good, although maybe I shouldn't feel like it's so weird because I know that this is something that HP focuses on. With my usual usage of the power slider being one notch above battery saver and the screen at 50% brightness, I got close to 10 hours of regular usage. I'm not talking about streaming Netflix or local video; I'm talking about actual work. If you're heading out for an eight-hour day, you can leave the charger at home.

For benchmarks, I used my usual PCMark 8 and PCMark 10.

EliteBook 840 G7
Intel Core i7-10810U
Lenovo ThinkPad T14s
AMD Ryzen 7 4750U
Dell Latitude 7310
Core i7-10610U
Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Yoga
Core i5-10310U
HP EliteBook 840 G5
Intel Core i7-8650U and AMD Radeon RX 540
PCMark 8: Home 3,717 4,298 3,639 3,335 3,874
PCMark 8: Creative 3,814 4,568 3,693 3,455 3,905
PCMark 8: Work 3,593 3,857 3,845 3,436 3,649
PCMark 10 3,909 4,963 4,253 3,819

I did include an AMD Ryzen score, because AMD's Ryzen 4000 processors are legit. But the Core i7-10810U is the best you can get from Intel right now in a business PC.


The EliteBook 840 G7 might just be my absolute favorite PC. That's easy for me to say, because I said it about the EliteBook x360 1040 and these are so similar. It's got one of the best keyboards of any laptop, and it's thin and light. With the previous generation, it was a great all-around PC, but thin and light wasn't how I would have described it.

Also, this model has 4G LTE, a must-have feature for me. Honestly, in 2020, everything should just be able to connect to the internet all the time. I shouldn't have to worry about ending up on the Starbucks mailing list because I wanted to use the Wi-Fi in one of its locations, and I shouldn't have to wander around an airport lounge to find the Wi-Fi password. 4G LTE is a must.

My only complaint is that the Thunderbolt 3 ports aren't 'full' Thunderbolt 3 ports, meaning that you can't use a single port to power dual 4K displays. It was an easy enough issue to work around though. I simply unplugged one of my 4K monitors from the Thunderbolt 3 dock and plugged it into the second Thunderbolt 3 port.

But all-in-all, this thing is nearly perfect. It has great speakers, an amazing keyboard, a solid anti-glare display, and a thin and light chassis. This model comes in at $2,199. You can find the EliteBook 840 G7 on here.



Nearly perfect


Awesome keyboard 4G LTE connectivity Thin and light design Solid display


Thunderbolt 3 can't connect two 4K displays

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This HP Chromebook is 50% off in Best Buy’s post-holiday sale
HP Chromebook 14b sits on a desk.

The holidays may be over, but the deals aren’t. Best Buy has rolled out a new HP Chromebook deal. Right now, you can save $150 on the 14-inch HP Chromebook which means you can get it for half the price. Whether you’re leveling up your work from home space or need something to take on-the-go, this easy-to-use super fast laptop is the perfect option.

Prepare to step up your productivity. The Chromebook features a fast operating system built to handle multitasking with ease. The high-bandwidth RAM keeps things running smoothly and a hefty load of internal storage proves to be reliable for holding onto photo memories or important work. Plus, take advantage of 14 hours of battery life so you can knock out your work without having to reach for the charger — and when it is time to charge up you can go from 0 to 50% charge in about 45 minutes.

Whether you’re designing a masterpiece, playing the latest game, or streaming your favorite shows and movies, do it in 720p (all without needing a dedicated graphics card). Speaking of games, Minecraft is now available on select Chromebook models. You can also turn things up a notch with HP’s dual speaker set up for out of this world stereo quality.

Come through crystal clear for your next video chat or meeting. The HP True Vision 720p HD camera features integrated dual array digital microphones. The camera delivers high-quality imagery even in low light, coming as close to a face-to-face interaction as possible. You can also keep connected and effortlessly use Bluetooth to sync your accessories.

Have Google at your fingertips with the press of a button. The Google Everything Button allows you to get what you need fast, whether it’s answers to pressing questions, your favorite apps, important files and more. Anything you need is within reach.

Don’t miss out on this unbeatable Chromebook deal. Bring in the new year by taking a step into the future of tech and maximize your productivity and performance with this HP Chromebook and take advantage of major savings while you can.

Editors' Recommendations

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Head-To-Head: HP EliteBook x360 Vs. Microsoft Surface Book i7

Windows 10 Goes High End

Many buyers start out trying to find the perfect laptop and usually have to settle for something that falls short in certain areas. Two new Windows 10 laptops, however, come pretty close to having it all -- offering nearly everything that modern laptop users desire, with very few trade-offs. Those would be the HP EliteBook x360, which is brand new this month, and the Microsoft Surface Book i7 (aka the Surface Book with Performance Base), which has been on the market for just a few months.

But "having it all" doesn't come cheap. In the following slides, the CRN Exam Center breaks down how the EliteBook x360 and Surface Book i7 compare on specs and price.


Both the EliteBook x360 and Surface Book i7 feature touch screen displays that convert into tablets; the 13.3-inch EliteBook display can fold all the way back, while the Surface Book has a 13.5-inch display that detaches from the keyboard.

HP is planning a few options for the EliteBook x360 display, but for now just one is available -- FHD (1,920 x 1,080) BrightView. In April, HP says it plans to debut a UHD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) version, as well as an FHD display with the Sure View integrated PC privacy screen.

For the time being, the Surface Book i7 wins in terms of display resolution, with its 3,000 x 2,000 PixelSense display.


For the EliteBook x360, HP has used the latest-generation, top-of-the-line processors from Intel (the seventh-gen Core i processors, known as Kaby Lake). Options are for Core i5-7200U (2.5GHz), Core i5-7300U (2.6GHz) or, at the top end, the Core i7-7600U (2.9GHz).

The Surface Book i7, as suggested by the name, features the Intel Core i7 processor. But it's from the older, sixth-generation line -- the Core i7-6600U (2.6 GHz). Apparently, Microsoft's schedule for the Surface Book i7 did not quite line up with Intel's timetable for Kaby Lake.


One area where the Surface Book i7 shines is on graphics, as the laptop uses a stand-alone graphics processor, the GeForce GTX 965M, from prominent GPU vendor Nvidia. By contrast, the EliteBook x360 uses Intel HD Graphics 620 that are integrated with the CPU.

Battery Life

When it comes to "having it all" on a laptop, a fast processor and high-res display are just two of the key ingredients. Another must is strong battery life, and both the EliteBook x360 and Surface Book i7 have it. Microsoft promises that the Surface Book i7 will get up to an amazing 16 hours of battery life on a charge, while HP promises even more for the EliteBook x360 -- 16 hours and 30 minutes. HP also says the EliteBook x360 is capable of recharging half of its battery life in a half hour.

Weight & Thickness

Both HP and Microsoft have managed develop their respective laptops with a very slim profile, even with the major processing power, high-res displays and battery life. The EliteBook x360 and the Surface Book i7 each measure 0.59 of an inch thick, placing them among the thinnest laptops on the market.

The EliteBook x360 wins in the lightness category, though, with a weight of 2.82 pounds. The Surface Book i7 weighs 3.68 pounds, by contrast.

Memory & Storage

The EliteBook x360 and Surface Book i7 each offer configurations with 8GB or 16GB of RAM. There's a bit more to say about storage, though. The EliteBook x360 comes in configurations with 128GB or 256GB of SATA solid-state storage, and also with 256GB or 512GB of PCIe solid-state storage. Microsoft offers PCIe for all of the Surface Book i7 storage configurations -- 256GB, 512GB or 1TB.


Both the EliteBook x360 and Surface Book i7 are well-endowed when it comes to ports, in contrast to many of the thin laptops now hitting the market. But if you're into USB-C, the EliteBook x360 may be the better choice, as it comes with a USB-C port in addition to two USB-A ports, HDMI and Micro SD.

The Surface Book i7 includes two USB-A ports, two Surface Connect ports (for power and docking), an SD card reader and a Mini DisplayPort.


As mentioned, HP and Microsoft aren't offering any inexpensive options for their respective laptops. The starting price for the two laptops is actually the same -- $2,399. For the Surface Book i7, that gets you the sixth-gen Core i7-6600U, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of PCIe storage. For the EliteBook x360, that gets you the seventh-gen Core i5-7200U, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of SATA storage.

The prices only go up from there, of course, topping out at $3,299 for the highest-end Surface Book i7 and $3,385 for the top-end EliteBook x360. One can assume the EliteBook x360 with a higher-res display will also start a higher price point once it debuts in April.

Fri, 10 Feb 2017 00:30:00 -0600 text/html
Head-To-Head: HP's Spectre Laptop Faster, Thinner And Lighter Than Microsoft's Surface Book

The Fastest Ever Made?

Microsoft claims to have the fastest 13-inch laptop on the market with its first-ever Surface Book. Well, not so fast, Microsoft.

On paper, Hewlett-Packard's 13-inch Spectre x360 convertible 2-in-1 laptop (13-4195dx) is faster when compared with the identically priced Surface Book laptop configured with 128 GB storage and Intel's sixth-generation Skylake Core i5-6300U mobile processor.

Earlier this month, during Microsoft's launch of the Surface Book, Microsoft devices boss Panos Panay called the Surface Book "the ultimate laptop," "ounce for ounce the fastest 13-inch laptop ever made" and "the thinnest, most powerful PC ever created."

This head-to-head match is a battle of laptop equals, pitting the $1,500 HP Spectre x360 against identically priced Surface Book. To be clear, for this challenge, instead of focusing on Microsoft's $2,700 Surface Book with its discrete Nvidia graphics and Intel's top performing i7-6600U CPU, we are focusing on how well Microsoft holds up to the competition as you move down its Surface Book lineup.

Here is how HP's Spectre x360 compares to Microsoft's entry-level Surface Book.

Sizing Up The Competition

HP Spectre x360 convertible 2-in-1 laptop: The HP model 2-in-1 is the closest laptop we've seen to matching the entry-level Surface Book. With a price tag of $1,500, the laptop features an aluminum unibody chassis that weighs in at 3.17 pounds, is 0.63 inches thick, 12.8 inches wide and 8.6 inches deep. The laptop also sports a 13.3-inch touch-screen display with a hinge that swivels 360 degrees -- turning the laptop into a convertible that can be used as a tablet. The main difference is that the display does not detach, as the Surface Book's does.

Surface Book: The Microsoft 13.5-inch Surface Book we are pitting against HP's laptop is its base configuration model, which starts at $1,500. It weighs 3.48 pounds and is 0.9 inches thick, 12.3 inches wide and 9.14 inches deep. The chassis is magnesium silver alloy. The main differentiator between the HP Spectre system and the Surface Book is that the Microsoft laptop has a detachable hinge, allowing it to transform into a tablet.

Bottom line: The Spectre is 8.9 percent lighter and 30 percent thinner than the Surface Book. But the Surface Book has a narrower footprint, allowing it to fit more easily into a briefcase, purse or backpack.

CPU Deep Dive -- Clock Speed

Microsoft uses Intel's sixth-generation dual Core i5-6300U mobile processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz and the ability to jump to 3.0 GHz when needed.

Hewlett-Packard uses one of Intel's top-performing dual Core i7-6500U mobile processors with a base clock speed of 2.5 GHz and a 3.1 GHz turbo boost speed.

Will you notice the speed difference? Probably not. But, keep in mind that the differences between the chips are not just gigahertz, but also class. The difference between an i7 processor and an i5 processor is not insignificant.

CPU Deep Dive -- i5 Vs. i7

Hewlett-Packard's performance edges out Microsoft's in terms of clock speed by a hair. But HP should pull far ahead of Microsoft when it comes to application performance.

Surface Book's i5 processor delivers near-equal clock speeds, but Intel's i7 processors outperform the i5 when it comes to multitasking, multimedia tasks, high-end gaming and running processor-intensive business applications. So just because the Surface Book has comparable clock speed to HP's, it doesn't mean it can keep pace. Using a car analogy, the i5 Surface Book will lag a hair behind HP's i7 on a straight race track when it comes to speed. But HP's Spectre x360 can handily outperform the Surface Book in the race track corners and off-road.

CPU Deep Dive -- Chip Cache

Another determining factor in chip performance is the level of cache is on the chip, allowing for better overall system performance when multitasking. As the name suggests, cache offers the CPU extra storage, allowing the CPU, for example, to handle background tasks, so when you flip from one window to the next, your system doesn't skip a beat.

HP's i7-6500U has 4 MB of smart cache, 25 percent more that Microsoft's Surface Book with 3 MB.

CPU Deep Dive -- Integrated Graphics

Neither the Dell XPS nor the Microsoft Surface Book offers a discrete GPU.

Surface Book: Both the $1,500 Surface Book and HP Spectre x360 use Intel's 520 HD graphics that make use of Skylake CPU and GPU cores. So you can expect the same graphics performance.

Spec-To-Spec Matchup

Surface Book: The $1,500 model of Microsoft's laptop ships with Windows 10 Pro, has an M.2 PCIe hard drive capacity of SSD 128 GB and ships with 8 GB of RAM; however, Microsoft doesn't specify memory speeds. This model Surface Book features a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Spectre x360: HP's laptop ships with Windows 10 Home, M.2 PCIe SSD hard drive capacity of 512 GB, 8 GB LPDDR3 1866 MHz RAM. This model only has one front-facing HP TrueVision camera with unspecified lens resolution.

Bottom line: For the money, HP delivers beefier specs when it comes to processor and hard-drive capacity. Comparing SSD performances between HP's use of M.2 and Microsoft's use of M.2 is difficult because performance advantages depend on wiring, chips and implementation.

Dueling Touch Displays

Surface Book: The Surface Book 3,000-by-2,000 screen is 13.5 inches diagonally and features a technology called PixelSense. PixelSense is a Microsoft-developed technology that helps touch displays differentiate among a finger, palm or stylus touching its screen, so it can respond appropriately. For example, the Surface Book can identify the amount of pressure applied by a stylus tip, and differentiate between that and a palm resting on the display.

Microsoft also includes a pen for use with its detachable tablet/display.

Spectre x360: The Spectre's 2,560-by-1,440 screen is 13.3 inches diagonally.

Better Battery Battle

Surface Book: Microsoft claims its laptop can run 12 hours between charges when playing back video content. Battery life estimates were based on Microsoft's testing Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM. When using just the Surface Book's detachable display in tablet mode, the detached screen has about 3 hours of battery life.

Spectre x360: HP rates the battery life at "up to 11 hours." Like the Surface Book's Core i5, the Spectre x360 uses a processor that is rated at 15 watts. This should guarantee that both laptops will be extremely power-efficient.

Port Appraisal

Surface Book: Nearly all the ports are on the base keyboard portion of this 2-in-1. The detachable clipboard (as Microsoft calls it) includes only an audio headphone jack. Ports on the keyboard base include: two full-size USB 3.0 ports, a full-size SD card reader and Surface Connect port (for power and docking). Other ports on the keyboard base include an additional stereo headphones/microphone jack and a Mini DisplayPort.

Spectre x360: As for connecting peripherals the Spectre includes three USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI port, one Mini DisplayPort and a headphone/microphone combo jack. The Spectre also includes one full-size SD card reader.


Surface Book: Microsoft's detachable keyboard includes backlit keys coupled with a glass track pad and is touted as an extremely "quiet" keyboard. The keyboard includes 12 function keys and four arrow keys.

Spectre x360: While HP's keyboard is not detachable, it is a full-size, comfortable backlit keyboard with an ultra-wide track pad.

Which Is Faster?

On paper, HP's Spectre x360 Convertible 2-in-1 laptop (model 13-4195dx) beats out Microsoft's equally expensive Surface Book (128 GB i5-6300U) model. HP wins when it comes to clock speed, CPU cache and chip architecture. Based on careful analysis of both systems' specs, Microsoft appears to have met its 13-inch laptop match with the Spectre x360.

Which should you buy? Buy what's right for you. Microsoft's 2-in-1 has a display that undocks to become a truer tablet that also comes with an excellent stylus. HP offers a beefier hard drive and better specs. But until benchmark testing can offer definitive performance comparison, we'll have to go with the next best thing -- published specs.

Fri, 16 Oct 2015 05:20:00 -0500 text/html
HP’s end-of-year sale gets you a (starter) gaming PC for under $500

This article contains affiliate links; if you click such a link and make a purchase, Digital Trends and Yahoo Inc. may earn a commission.

The HP Victus 15L gaming PC on a desk.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on gaming PC deals in order to get a decent machine, especially since there are offers like HP’s $300 discount for the HP Victus 15L. From $780, the gaming desktop is down to a very affordable $480, but only if you’re able to take advantage of the bargain while it’s online. As part of HP’s end-of-year sale, there’s probably only a few days left before it gets removed, but you shouldn’t wait until the last minute before you push through with your purchase as stocks may be gone by then.

Buy Now

The HP Victus 15L gaming desktop runs on the AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor, AMD Radeon RX 6400 Graphics, and 8GB of RAM. Compared to the specifications of the most expensive models of the best gaming PCs, these components have no chance of matching up to them. However, they make for a great starter gaming desktop, as they will allow you to play the best PC games on the HP Victus 15L, though probably at low to medium graphic settings for most of these titles. That’s an acceptable trade-off, particularly because of how cheap you can get the machine.

With Windows 11 Home out of the box, you can start installing games on the HP Victus 15L’s 256GB SSD as soon as you finish setting it up. The gaming PC features four USB-A ports and a USB-C port at the front, plus four more USB-A ports at the back, so you’ll be able to connect all the accessories that you use while playing video games such as headsets and speakers.

The HP Victus 15L is the perfect starter gaming desktop for those on a budget or who are new to the PC gaming scene, especially with HP’s $300 discount that pulls its price down to just $480 from $780 as part of the brand’s end-of-year sale. However, once the offer is gone, we’re not sure when you’ll get another chance at it, so if you don’t want to lose this opportunity to buy the HP Victus 15L gaming PC for less than $500, you’re going to have to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

Buy Now

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