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630-007 C.P.M. Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies tricks |

630-007 tricks - C.P.M. Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: 630-007 C.P.M. Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies tricks January 2024 by team

630-007 C.P.M. Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies

Exam Specification:

- exam Name: 630-007 C.P.M. Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies
- exam Code: 630-007
- exam Duration: Varies (typically around 90-120 minutes)
- exam Format: Multiple-choice questions

Course Outline:

1. Value Analysis and Engineering
- Understanding the concepts and principles of value analysis and engineering
- Applying value analysis and engineering techniques to optimize costs and Strengthen quality
- Identifying opportunities for value enhancement in the supply chain

2. supplier Collaboration and Development
- Developing collaborative relationships with suppliers
- Implementing supplier development programs to enhance capabilities
- Managing supplier performance and continuous improvement initiatives

3. Demand Management and Forecasting
- Understanding demand management strategies and techniques
- Conducting accurate demand forecasting to optimize inventory levels
- Aligning demand and supply to enhance value creation

4. Cost Management and Cost-Reduction Strategies
- Implementing cost management techniques to identify and reduce costs
- Utilizing cost-reduction strategies to enhance value
- Managing total cost of ownership (TCO) and cost avoidance initiatives

5. Quality Management and Six Sigma
- Implementing quality management practices to Strengthen product and service quality
- Applying Six Sigma methodologies to enhance process efficiency and reduce defects
- Managing supplier quality and driving continuous improvement

6. Risk Management and Resilience
- Identifying and assessing supply chain risks
- Developing risk mitigation strategies to enhance resilience
- Implementing business continuity and disaster recovery plans

Exam Objectives:

1. Apply value analysis and engineering techniques to optimize costs and Strengthen quality.
2. Develop collaborative relationships with suppliers and implement supplier development programs.
3. Manage demand effectively and conduct accurate demand forecasting.
4. Implement cost management and cost-reduction strategies.
5. Implement quality management practices and Six Sigma methodologies.
6. Identify and manage supply chain risks and enhance resilience.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following Topics (but is not limited to):

- Value Analysis and Engineering
- supplier Collaboration and Development
- Demand Management and Forecasting
- Cost Management and Cost-Reduction Strategies
- Quality Management and Six Sigma
- Risk Management and Resilience
C.P.M. Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies
ISM Enhancement tricks

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C.P.M. Module 3: Value Enhancement Strategies
Answer: B
Question: 184
A consequence of the Taft-Hartley Act is that it ___?
A. Allows Congress to establish minimum hourly rates for certain workers
B. Enables the Department of Labor to establish minimum hourly rates for certain
C. Allows the President to intervene in labor disputes
D. Enables the Department of Health and Human Services to establish health and
safety standards in certain industries
Answer: C
Question: 185
What would be the break-even level of volume between Machine A and Machine B
where Machine A costs $750 to set up each time it is used, and the unit costs of
operation are $5 per unit. Whereas Machine B has $1,000 set-up costs, and its
operation are $3.80 per unit.
variable costs of
A. 113.6
B. 208.3
C. 210.0
D. 225.4
Answer: B
Question: 186
Which type of supplier would be LEAST critical to develop into a JIT supplier?
A. A key technology supplier
B. A process-intensive supplier
C. A supplier of a commodity
D. A long lead time supplier
Answer: C
Question: 187
What is the term used to refer to the practice of replacing both the salesperson and
the buyer by locating the supplier's employee within the purchaser's facility?
A. supplier partnering
B. Strategic alliance
D. Supply chain management
Answer: C
Question: 188
Which of the following types of Fixed Order Quantity models refers to the
consideration of tradeoffs between the carrying and ordering costs, assuming
constant costs?
A. Economic Order Quantity with Price Discounts
B. Economic Order Quantity with Uncertain Demand
C. Economic Order Quantity
D. Non-Instantaneous Replenishment Economic Order Quantity
Answer: C
Question: 189
What does the term "avoidance of risk" refer to in commodity trading?
A. shorting
B. hedging
C. spot buying
D. margin buying
Answer: B
Question: 190
Which of the following strategies would be the MOST cost effective to follow in an
effort to reduce the cost impact of obsolete retail inventory?
A. introduce a new product
B. revise the specifications
C. scrap the stock
D. conduct special sales promotions
Answer: D
Question: 191
Which of the following represents a major benefit of JIT II to the supplier?
A. an ongoing relationship
B. a decrease in administrative costs
C. a reduction in material costs
D. the creation of supply standards
Answer: A
Question: 192
Which of the following would represent the BEST strategy to follow in an effort to
hold costs relatively constant in the short run in a case where a clothing
manufacturer learns that world climatological conditions will cause the prices of
certain natural fibers to rise?
A. Increasing retail prices of their products
B. Reducing the level of output
C. Employing forward buying techniques
D. Automating production of their products
Answer: C
Question: 193
At which of the following stages of a value analysis study would you typically find
determination and comparison of suitability?
A. Information
B. Analysis
C. Collection
D. Action
Answer: B
Question: 194
Which of the following is a MOST likely consequence of early purchasing
involvement (EPI) during the capital acquisition process?
A. providing data of requirements to suppliers in advance
B. shortening the acquisition process
C. increasing the chances of developing a quality product
D. reduction of the cycle time
Answer: B
Question: 195
Which of the following is NOT permitted within brainstorming?
A. creativity
B. equal opportunity for all participants
C. use of cross-functional teams
D. value judgments
Answer: D
Question: 196
In which type of cost reduction will simplification lead to increased savings?
A. transportation
B. inventory
C. materials shortages
D. obsolescence
Answer: B
Question: 197
In a forward buying scenario the average price paid on the cycle's upswing should be
A. less than the cash price for futures
B. less than the contract
C. less than the market price during that period
D. the average of the market during that period
Answer: C
Question: 198
When considering a cost reduction program the PRIMARY objective is to obtain
products and services ___?
A. without defects
B. at reduced lead times
C. at a lower price
D. at better value
Answer: D
Question: 199
Which of the following does NOT represent a reason for expending considerable
attention to disposal activities?
A. They lead to reduced inventory levels.
B. They result from shortened product life.
C. They contribute to standardization programs
D. They free up valuable space.
Answer: D
Question: 200
Where would international trade merchandise and services manifest an undervalued
U.S. dollar the most?
A. decreased foreign travel to the United States
B. economic weakening of U.S. trading partners
C. increased foreign sales by U.S. manufacturers
D. increased the purchase of foreign goods and services by Americans
Answer: C
Question: 201
What is the logical consequence of falling prices in the case where demand in a
market is inelastic?
A. Total demand will increase.
B. Total revenue will decrease.
C. Total output will increase
D. Total revenue will increase.
Answer: B
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ISM Enhancement tricks - BingNews Search results ISM Enhancement tricks - BingNews 22 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

Google Maps has changed how we navigate the world. Its desktop and mobile apps have become more than just a way to get from point A to B via car, public transportation, or on foot: The ubiquitous Google service is also a geospatial search engine for the world around us.

Google continues to revamp and Strengthen its map product, but there are a ton of customizable tools and hidden functions already baked into Google Maps that you may not know about, such as Incognito Mode. Check out our tips for how to maximize your Google Maps power.

1. We're Doing It Live

screenshots of Search with Live View in Paris

Search with Live View (Credit: Google)

You can get an AR view of the street you're on, if that street is in Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, or Venice. Open Maps, click the camera icon at the top, and hold your phone up to scan your location. You'll get an overlay of all the places you'd see on Maps, so you can easily find restaurants, shops, and more.

Meanwhile, Immersive View for routes, which rolled out in October, gives you a bird's-eye view of your route complete with 3D imagery along the way, whether you're walking, cycling, or driving. Look for it in select cities, including Amsterdam, London, New York, and Tokyo.

2. Inside Access

Google Maps zoomed in to Directory tab on JFK

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

Google Maps isn't just for the great outdoors. You can navigate through malls, airports, and other big buildings by finding the location in Maps, clicking on it, then scrolling to Directory. You'll never get lost looking for a Cinnabon again. This feature is available in over 10,000 locations worldwide.

three screens showing how to use Live view

Navigating with indoor Live View (Credit: Google)

Some places even support Live View inside, where animated arrows will guide you around airports, train stations, and malls. It launched in 2021 in the US, Zurich, and Tokyo, and in early 2023, it announced plans to expand to more than 1,000 new locations in Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Paris, Prague, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Taipei. Just lift your phone up in a supported region to jump into Live View.

3. Plot Multiple Locations on Google Maps

file path for plotting Multiple Locations on Google Maps

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

Rarely do car trips consist of going from point A to B; more often, they are something like A-to-café-to-library-to-Joe's-house-to-B. Thankfully, Google makes it possible to anticipate real trips. To add multiple destinations in the Google Maps mobile app, enter your starting point and your ultimate destination, and then click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner. This prompts a pop-over menu with the option to "Add stop." Click that, and you can create a route with multiple stops. You can even drag and drop stops within your itinerary. (Note that this doesn't work when you're using the mass-transit option.)

4. Customize Your Vehicle Icon

screenshots of changing the car icon that shows up in the google maps app

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

When you're driving, Google lets you choose what kind of car shows up on your navigation in the iOS and Android apps. In the app, plug in your destination and start up driving directions. Tap the icon that shows your current location, and a pop-up menu appears with several car-icon options: a sedan, a pickup truck, or an SUV.

5. 'Hey Google, Where Am I Going?'

google assistant prompts in the google maps app

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

You might want to interact with Maps while you're driving, but you don't want to take your eyes off the road. With "OK Google" voice commands in the Google Maps Android app, you don't have to. For example, if you notice you're running low on gas, say "OK Google, find gas stations," and it will show gas stations on the map (which you can look at when you've come to a red light or pulled over). You can also ask questions like "What's my next turn?", "What's my ETA?", and "How's traffic ahead?" On Android, set up Google Assistant, and you're good to go. (You'll need a phone running Android Version 9.0 or higher with 4GB RAM or more.) On iOS (pictured above), tap the microphone icon at the top-right, then ask your questions via voice.

6. Access Google Maps Offline

screenshot of the  obtain option in the Google Maps mobile app

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

Today, Maps is most useful on mobile, which brings up a problem: When you're in need of Maps, you may find yourself somewhere with limited (or—gasp—nonexistent) coverage. To help, Google Maps supports offline access. Type in an address or area, swipe up on the menu at the bottom of the screen, tap the ellipsis icon on the top right, and select Download offline map. If you have enough storage on your device, the map in question will be saved. To access it later, tap your avatar > Offline maps, and you can then get information about businesses in the region and turn-by-turn directions within the downloaded section.

7. Get Your Groceries

Get Your Groceries

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

Google has incorporated grocery ordering and pickup functionality into Maps for select brands. Things kicked off a few years ago amid the boom in curbside pickup during the pandemic. That's still an option; in early 2023, Google touted the improvements it's made to the ETA function inside Google Maps for Kroger pickups. But grocery stores can also add a Place an order option to their Maps business profiles. In addition to Kroger stores (which also includes Fry's, Ralphs, and Marianos), it's also available for Albertson's and Fred Meyer locations.

8. Let Other People Drive

screenshot of Lyft options within the Google Maps app and then in the Lyft app

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

Ride-sharing services are a big part of the modern transportation mix, so Google added ride options from companies such as Lyft (sorry, no more Uber) to its mobile app. Once you enter your destination, tap the little figure attempting to hail a taxi or the mass-transit option. You'll then be presented with nearby rideshare options, along with the estimated time of arrival and fare. Tap Open App to book your ride.

9. Find Accessible Transit Routes and Locations

screenshot of accessibility file paths in google maps

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

Those with mobility issues can search for wheelchair-accessible transit routes by tapping Options > Wheelchair Accessible when looking for train or bus directions. When you get to your destination, meanwhile, the Accessible Places setting offers up wheelchair-accessibility information about that location.

Turn it on via Settings > Accessibility > Accessible Places. "When Accessible Places is switched on, a wheelchair icon will indicate an accessible entrance, and you’ll be able to see if a place has accessible seating, restrooms, or parking," Google says. "If it’s confirmed that a place does not have an accessible entrance, we’ll show that information on Maps as well."

10. Change The Font Size

Change The Font Size screenshots

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

If the words on Google Maps are too small to read, make them bigger.

On an iPhone, make sure you have iOS 15 or higher via Settings > General > About. Then go to Settings > Control Center. Under More Controls, you'll see Text Size. Tap the green plus icon on the left, which moves it to the top under Included Controls. Now, open Google Maps and swipe down from the upper right where you see the battery icon. Tap on the Text Size button (an icon of a small A next to a large A). On the bottom, select whether you want to increase the font size on just Google Maps or across all apps. You can then increase the font size with the white bars. Close out of Control Center and your font adjustments should update automatically.

On an Android, you can change the size of the font or display but this is going to be a universal change across all of the device's apps. Open Settings, then select Accessibility. You can make words larger by tapping Font Size and then setting your preferred letter size or change the display size by tapping Display Size and then setting your preferred icon size.

11. Remember Where You Parked

dropping an 'i parked here' pin in google maps

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

Remember when the Seinfeld gang spent the whole half hour wandering around a parking garage looking for their parked car? That episode (along with many others) would not work in 2024, thanks to Google Maps.

At your destination, tap the blue location dot, and select Save parking, which adds a label to the Maps app identifying where you parked. On Android, tap that to add details such as the parking garage level and spot or the amount of time left before a meter expires. You can also set meter reminders, add a photo of where you parked, and send your parking location to friends.

To find it later, tap the search bar at the top, and select Parking location (Android) or Saved parking (iOS). Or tap the Driving arrow below, and look for Saved parking on iOS. Google will automatically delete the parking reminder after 8 hours, though you can manually get rid of it by tapping You parked here on the map and selecting Clear (iOS) or More info > Clear (Android).

12. What's the Parking Sitch?

google maps labels about whether parking is busy or not

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

Google Maps can provide turn-by-turn directions based on live-ish traffic data, but it can also provide you with a glimpse of the parking situation. When you search for driving directions to a location on iOS or Android, you might see a P logo at the bottom of the screen along with one of three designations: limited, medium, and easy (plus On-site for retailers with large parking lots). This can help you decide how much time you'll need to allocate for parking or even whether another form of transportation would be a better option.

13. Share Your Location

Share Your Location on ios

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

Google Maps lets you share your current location with people for specified periods of time. When you share your location with a certain contact, they'll see your icon moving in real time on their map. On mobile, tap your profile icon on the top right, and select Location sharing. Then choose with whom you want to share and for how long. (You may need to first allow notifications from Google Maps in your phone's settings menu.)

14. View (and Delete) Your Google Maps History

screenshot of the settings in the ios mobile app for deleting google maps history

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

Google maintains a very detailed record of your digital activities. If you'd rather it lose your Maps data, you can erase it on desktop or mobile. On a desktop, go to Click the hamburger menu, and select Your data in Maps. You'll end up on a page titled Google-wide Controls, where you can go to Location History > See & delete activity. You'll see a map with a timeline of your activity. On the bottom-right of the map, click the trashcan icon to delete all your location history permanently.

As of December 2023, the first time you turn on location history, Google will default you to auto-delete your history every three months. To adjust that, navigate to Click Location History > Choose an auto-delete option, and choose how often Google will delete your data (every 3, 18, or 36 months) or turn auto-delete off completely.

Recommended by Our Editors

On mobile, go to Settings > Maps History, which will bring you to a Maps Activity page. Look for the Delete drop-down menu, where you can opt to delete your history from today, all time, or a custom range. Tap Auto-delete to select a timeframe for when Google will automatically delete Maps data

15. Go Incognito

incognito mode inside the google maps ios app

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

For a quick way to poke around Google Maps without leaving any obvious footprints, go Incognito. Google Maps won't save your browser or search history in your account or send notifications. Your searches and movements won't be added to location history or shared location. And Google won't use your activity while you're in Incognito Mode to personalize Maps. This mode has advantages when you want to peep a location without having it tangled up with your search history, but just as on web browsers, it doesn't make you invisible. To turn the mode on, tap your avatar and select Turn on Incognito mode; the Incognito icon appears in the search bar. Tap it and select Turn off Incognito mode to switch it off.

16. Time Travel With Google Maps

screenshot of the time travel feature in google maps on ios

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

Street View has amassed a huge collection of street imagery over the years. In 2014, Google introduced Time Travel, a way for users to see how Street View has changed over time. And in 2022, it expanded from the desktop to mobile. To look back at a particular address, enter Street View and tap anywhere on the screen. At the bottom, tap See more dates. Where available, this should produce a series of photos. Scroll through and select the date you want to see.

17. Add Some Music

screenshot of music settings in google maps

If you've always got Google Maps navigation open while you're driving (or walking), you can add music to your trip without leaving the app. Sync music apps such as Spotify or Apple Music by opening the menu and navigating to Settings. On iOS, tap Navigation > Music playback controls to connect Apple Music or Spotify. On Android, tap Navigation settings > Assistant default media provider, where you can link a number of music-streaming services, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Deezer. Once you do, a pop-up to your app of choice should appear as you're driving for a quick tap to get your music started. Be sure to create your playlists beforehand so you can keep your eyes on the road!

18. Find Electric-Vehicle Charging Stations

screenshot showing how to search for EV charging stations on Google Maps

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

More and more electric vehicles (EVs) are taking to the road, and Google Maps is adapting. You can search "EV charging" or "EV charging station" in Google Maps, and it suggests the best station for you based on traffic conditions, your charge level, and the expected energy consumption. You can filter by types of plugs, and if you're in a rush, you can select Fast Charge to find the charging stations with the most voltage. If you use Android Auto in an EV, meanwhile, it will no longer show gas stations.

19. Request Fuel-Efficient Routes

fuel efficiency settings in google maps

(Credit: Google/PCMag)

Want to make sure that next road trip is fuel-efficient? Turn on this setting in Google Maps and the app will prioritize fuel- or energy-efficiency over other factors like real-time traffic and road conditions. "So besides showing you the fastest route, it will also show you the most efficient one, even if they aren't the same," Google says.

Go to Settings > Navigation / Navigation settings and toggle Prefer fuel-efficient routes to on. Here, you can also tell Google Maps your engine type: gas, diesel, electric, or hybrid. Google will then serve up routes based on that engine type to help you save fuel.

20. Find Safe Drug-Disposal Locations

Find Safe Drug Disposal Locations

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

Google Maps is doing its part to fight the opioid crisis with a search tool to help users find safe drug-disposal locations. Type "drug disposal" into the search bar to pull up pharmacies, medical centers, and local authority locations where you can safely dispose of excess pills.

21. Share Your Favorite Places

screenshots of creating a list and sharing that list within the google maps ios app

(Credit: PCMag/Google)

Google Maps lets you share some of your favorite places with a friend. Just tap the share icon on the location's Google Maps card to send it to them via text, email, or your app of choice. Save favorite places by tapping the Save icon; they then show up in the Saved option in the menu bar.

If you want to share more than one favorite location, you can create a Pinterest-like list within Google Maps. When you save a favorite place, tap New List to create a collection (like "Thai restaurants in Brooklyn") or add it to an existing collection. You'll find them in the Saved tab under Your lists; tap the three-dot menu and then Share List to send a link to friends.

22. Become (or Consult) a Local Guide

Think you know your neighborhood better than Google's algorithm? Then consider becoming a Local Guide. Although anyone can leave reviews and tips in Google Maps, being a Local Guides allows you to earn points for leaving more insights and data, which—as you go up the ladder—can result in "rewards and early access to new features," Google says.

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Google Assistant Android memory

Android Intelligence

Google Assistant's forgotten memory magic

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26 Hidden Roku Tips and Tricks for Streaming Success

You probably want a streaming device for your TV, whether you're a cord cutter or not. Roku is a popular choice, particularly as it ramps up its own original content.

Roku devices offer plenty of variety and portability, from the budget Roku Express to the feature-packed Roku Ultra. Whichever one you have, there's more to know beyond the basics. Here's how to get more out of your streaming device.

Our Top-Rated Roku Devices

1. One List to Rule Them All

TV with detail page for House of the Dragon showing Add to Save List feature

(Credit: Roku)

You have watchlists for all of your streaming apps, which means you have to scroll and scroll when you want to find something to watch. Instead, you can save everything to one universal list with a Roku. Use the Roku OS to search for the shows and movies you want to watch, and on the details page of each, select Add to Save List. Find the list by going to the Roku home screen and selecting What to Watch.

2. Pick Up Where You Left Off

Have you ever wanted to resume watching a movie or show where you left off, but you've forgotten which streaming service it was on? Just go to the Roku Home Screen, click What to Watch, scroll to Continue Watching, and it'll be listed there.

3. Watch Free Movies and Shows on The Roku Channel

Video-streaming services are great, but the majority aren't free. With The Roku Channel, you can sign in and access those premium channels (including Max and Netflix)—but the channel also offers free access to thousands of movies and TV episodes, if you can handle a few commercials. Roku has been adding more original content as well. Go to The Roku Channel, and scroll down to the Live TV Channel Guide for hundreds of choices. You can also watch in the Roku app, whether you have a Roku device or not: Just obtain it, sign in or create an account, and start streaming.

4. Search Thousands of Channels at Once

Roku search screen

(Credit: Roku)

Instead of searching every Roku channel individually to find what you want, search across them with Roku Search. Enter your search term via the Roku remote, Roku mobile app, or via voice search, and you'll see results from over 4,000 channels. Search by title, actor, or director, and you'll get a comprehensive list. Similarly, use Roku Search to compare the costs of streaming content: Type in a movie, show, or star for a list of available titles and the prices for each across channels and services.

5. Get in the Zone

roku zone screenshot

(Credit: Roku)

Roku Zones are collections of movies and shows from across channels that are organized by genre or topic. Go to search, type in a search term such as "comedy," and scroll through the zone that pops up. Roku added a Live TV Zone for quick access to live TV streaming services like Hulu, fuboTV, Philo, Sling, and YouTube TV, to name a few. 

6. Photos as Big as Life

TV displaying photo of people hanging out at night under a string of lights

(Credit: Roku)

If you want to get a closer look at your photos or share them with a group, you can add Google Photos to your Roku. Go to, sign in (you may have to verify your email), and you'll see a link to connect to Google Photos.

7. Turn Your Phone Into a Roku Remote

Roku app on remote function

As great a device as the Roku is, navigating via the remote could be a better experience. To get around that, obtain the Roku Official Remote Control app (iOSAndroid), and get the benefit of a keyboard, easy searching, and streaming from your phone or tablet.

8. Talk to Your Roku Remote

That said, you could always talk to your Roku directly with a Roku Voice Remote Pro, Voice Remote, or the Roku mobile app. On the remotes, press either the microphone icon and hold down as you speak your request. On the app, select the magnifying glass to get to the search page, then tap the microphone, let it go, speak your request, and tap the middle of the screen.

9. Ask Alexa or the Google Assistant

adding roku to alexa screenshots

Connecting Roku to Amazon's Alexa (Credit: PCMag/Amazon)

If you have an Amazon Echo and a Roku, ask Alexa to control your Roku. First, you'll have to link both accounts by opening the Alexa mobile app, selecting Skills & Games, and searching for Roku. When you find it, tap Enable to Use, sign in to your Roku account, and select the Roku device you want to link (or Select All if you have more than one).

Close your Roku account, and Alexa will search for the device on the Device Discovery screen. Once it's found, tap Manage, Link Devices, and select the Roku you want to connect to Alexa. Then add the Roku to a group by selecting the Devices icon. Either add it to an existing group or create a new one by tapping the plus button. In the Alexa app, tap on the Roku device, and make sure it is enabled. Then you'll be able to use commands such as, "Alexa, open Netflix on living room Roku."

You can also use Google Assistant to make voice requests. First, check that your Roku player is running Roku OS 9.0 or higher or that your Roku TV has Roku OS 8.2 or higher. Set up your Google Assistant on your Google device or app. Open the Google Assistant mobile app, tap Explore > Settings > Home Control > Add Device > Find > Roku. Sign in to your Roku account and then choose which device you want to control with Google Assistant.

10. Find That Lost Remote

speaker grille on the back of the roku remote pro

Speaker grille on the Roku Remote Pro (Credit: Will Greenwald/PCMag)

The Roku remote is easily lost in couch cushions and under coffee tables. If you've spent far too much time hunting for it, we have some solutions.

  • If you have a remote with a speaker grille, open the Roku app, tap the microphone, and say, "Hey, Roku, find my remote." The remote will emit a beeping noise.

  • If you have a Roku Ultra, long-press the button on the right side of the device, and the remote will emit a beep.

  • If the remote you've lost is the Voice Remote Pro, say, "Hey, Roku, find my remote," and it will start beeping.

  • To stop the beeping noise once you've located your remote, press any button on the remote.

To change the noise your Roku remote emits when it's lost, open the Roku app on your TV and go to Settings > Remote > Change Remote Finder Sound. To hear what it sounds like, click Preview Remote Finder Sound.

11. Make Your Roku at Home(Kit)

For iPhone and iPad owners, Roku devices support AirPlay and HomeKit, so you can send videos, photos, and music from your device to the TV and supported speakers. Set it up in the Roku menu by navigating to Settings > Apple AirPlay & HomeKit > Launch Apple AirPlay & HomeKit setup. A QR code will pop up. Scan it with your iPhone or iPad's camera and follow the instructions on your Apple device to finish setup. HomeKit, meanwhile, lets you control your Roku using Siri and the Apple Home app ("Hey Siri, play jazz on the living room TV").

12. Let Siri and Roku Chat

Three screens with Siri Shortcuts process described below

Your Roku and iPhone can work together, with Siri acting as the interpreter. The Roku iOS app has Siri Shortcuts that let you control your Roku with your voice. Open the app on your phone, tap the account icon at the top right, and select Siri Shortcuts. You can turn on the ability to open the Roku remote, play or pause Roku, search Roku, and turn a Roku on and off for certain models. Click on each option to keep the suggested phrasing or come up with your own commands.

13. Roku Screen Mirroring

With AirPlay enabled, you can mirror your iPhone or iPad screen via the Control Center to Roku, though most Roku devices support screen mirroring from Android and Windows devices too. To hook it up, press the Home button on your Roku remote, then go to Settings > System > Screen Mirroring. You’ll have the option to choose between Prompt or Always Allow.

14. Practice Casting

If you prefer Google's Cast technology, you can send music, videos, and photos from mobile devices to most Roku-connected devices easily as long as both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the content you want to share on the device, and look for the cast icon. Click it, and you should see all available Roku devices pop up in a menu.

15. Automatic Volume Leveling

How many times have you been lulled into somnolence by a show only to be jolted awake by a commercial? On most Roku models, you can turn on Leveling, so a commercial or a channel change doesn't result in a spike in volume. You can also choose to have soft sounds increased and loud sounds decreased with Night mode.

Turn on the feature either from Settings, if you have a Streambar or Smart Soundbar, or while streaming with other Roku devices. For Streambars and Soundbars, press the Home button on the remote and go to Settings > Audio > Volume Modes. For other devices, press the star button on the remote and navigate to Sound Settings > Volume Mode.

16. Use Roku Private Listening

Roku Voice Remote Pro with wired earbuds plugged in

Roku Voice Remote Pro (Credit: Roku)

When you want to watch something on your Roku without disturbing those around you, use Private Listening. The Roku Voice Remote Pro, Enhanced Voice Remote, and Gaming Remote include built-in headphone jacks; just plug in and keep watching. Or obtain the Roku mobile app, connect your headphones to your device, and tap the headphones icon.

17. Save That Screen

roku screensaver options

(Credit: Roku)

Maybe you paused whatever you're watching and walked out of the room. Or you fell asleep, and now the Roku logo is bouncing around your screen like the flying toasters of yore. give yourself something nicer to look at with Roku's screensavers. Click the Home button on your remote, then go to Settings > Theme > Screensavers.

Recommended by Our Editors

18. Get Your Game On

Roku games

(Credit: Roku)

It's not a Nintendo Switch, but your Roku is still in the game. Hit the Home button, go to Streaming Channels > Games, and you can go retro with Snake or go on a sugar-fueled rampage in Candy Bear. The Roku Enhanced Gaming Remote with Voice Search supports motion-control gaming.

19. Move the Apps on Your Roku Home Screen

Roku displays channels in the order in which you add them, but you can move them around. Find the app you want to move, press the star button on your Roku remote, and select "Move channel" from the pop-up menu. Use the directional pad to move it to the desired location.

20. Say What?

Roku remote with replay button circled

(Credit: Roku)

If you missed those last few lines in a show or movie, there's a quick way to catch up. Set up instant replay by going to Settings > Accessibility > Captions Mode and selecting On Replay. Then, when you hit the Instant Replay button on the remote, you'll also get the text on the screen.

21. Stream Your Own Stuff Via Plex

family sitting on a couch navigating the plex interface on a TV

(Credit: Plex)

Though Roku offers a ton of different channels and things to watch, you'll probably still want to access your locally stored content on your TV. Sign up for Plex Pass ($4.99 per month, $39.99 per year, $119.99 for a lifetime), and you can. Plex organizes your scattered content and lets you watch it from tablets, TVs, phones, and more; you can record and watch live broadcast TV, too.

Download the Plex app. Then install the Plex channel on your Roku, launch it, then go to Log in and enter the code from the Roku Plex channel on the website.

22. Tap Into Live TV Streaming Services

Cable Alternative or Streaming Channels > Watch With Cable

(Credit: Roku)

New live TV services are popping up regularly to meet your sports and Hallmark movie needs. To see what's on offer, click the Home button on your remote, and go to Streaming Channels > Cable Alternative to log into services including Sling and Hulu, or go to Streaming Channels > Watch With Cable to log in with a pay TV provider, such as Comcast or Spectrum. You can also go to the Roku Channel, scroll down to the Live TV Channel Guide, and flip through hundreds of channels without paying for any of them. That includes NewsOn, which streams local news broadcasts from outlets nationwide.

23. Show Your Team Spirit

screen for a Maryland Terrapins vs. Ohio State Buckeyes game

(Credit: Roku)

You can follow your favorite sports teams on Roku by going to the Home screen on your device, scrolling down to Sports, doing a search for an upcoming game, going to that page, and then selecting the heart icon next to your team's name. That will create a My Favorites row under Sports with all upcoming games.

24. Cloud DVRs

A number of live TV streaming services offer cloud DVR, meaning you can record live TV and access your shows later via the service's Roku app.

  • If you have an antenna to watch live TV, you can record it with a device like the Tablo TV. Set it up, obtain the app to your Roku, and you can watch, pause, and record.

  • YouTube TV subscriptions come with a cloud DVR that holds an unlimited number of hours of programming for nine months.

  • Sling TV customers get 50 hours of free DVR storage. Upgrade to DVR Plus for 200 hours of storage starting at $5 per month.

  • DirecTV Stream comes with a cloud DVR that holds 20 hours of content for nine months.

  • Included with Hulu with Live TV is the ability to record unlimited live news, sports, shows, movies and events, which are saved for up to nine months.

  • Philo subscribers can save anything that streams to the service's included DVR for a year.

  • fuboTV provides subscribers with a DVR function that can be set even partway through a show's airing to capture the entire thing. How much is stored depends on your plan.

25. Be Our Guest

roku guest mode

(Credit: Roku)

Your guests can make themselves at home by accessing their Roku settings without disturbing yours. All you have to do is enable Guest Mode (previously Auto Sign Out Mode). Go to, set up a PIN, and then press the Home button on the Roku remote. Go to Settings > System > Guest Mode > Enter Guest Mode. Then enter your PIN and select OK. When guests come to stay, direct them to the Roku guide on using Guest Mode

26. Stay Up to Date

To get the most out of your Roku, you should install the latest software version. The device generally handles this on its own, but if you've recently added a channel, or your Roku has been disconnected for a while, you might have missed an update. In that case, you can update manually by going to Settings > System > System Update.

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12 best cbd gummies for male enhancement in 2024

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

Reviewed by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, Clinical Consultant Services, Google Scholar

With the wide availability of herbal remedies for sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction which is shown to be caused organically 80% of the time, CBD gummies have become a viable option. Just last year, an estimated $6.5 billion was spent on male enhancement products worldwide. 

This is a lot of men looking for assistance with their sexual dysfunction, that’s why we decided to feature the 7 best CBD gummies for male enhancement today. We want to make sure you have a variety of options available to choose from that may help you get your groove back safely and naturally

7 Best CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are derived from the hemp plant, making them legal in most places under the 2018 farmers bill. They contain cannabidiol, known as CBD for short, and have been shown to reduce anxiety, Strengthen mood, and help with overall wellness. 

They are made with a variety of ingredients to get the gummy texture, and flavor. Most CBD gummies include 1-mg to 25mg or more of CBD per gummy. Some of the gummies may contain a small amount of THC, so it’s imperative that you read the label for each brand before buying the best CBD gummies for male enhancement. 

These libido gummies may help you achieve sexual wellness and improved mood. With ingredients like zinc, tongkat ali, and others you’ll find that this blend helps Strengthen your wellness quickly when used as suggested regularly. This formula is available in both male and female blends to help you both achieve maximum sexual wellness together. 

These male libido gummies from Penguin have been created with tongkat ali, muira puama, ginseng, CBD, and more to help male’s with sexual dysfunction. Penguin started branching their line of supplements out last year to include a variety of helpful gummies for your needs. These libido gummies are among those additions. You can purchase these male libido gummies in CBD, full-spectrum, or no CBD. Each 30-count container holds a month supply for you. 

These full spectrum gummies from Everest contain natural and organic quality ingredients for you. With a blue-raspberry flavored option and vegan-friendly ingredients, these full spectrum CBD gummies will have you feeling at ease and ready for the ‘act’ in no time. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD with 5mg of THC to help with erectile dysfunction.

This brand has CBD from organically grown hemp in Colorado. The gummies come in a mixed flavor or natural flavor option. Each gummy in this 30-pack container has 50mg of CBD with the recommended dosage to be 1-2 gummies per day. 

These extra strength CBD gummies from R&R contain 60mg of USDA-certified organic hemp extract per gummy alongside 6.8mg of minor cannabinoids. This includes CBD and CBN among other properties. We’ve read that customers feel the gummies are potent and the flavor can be a bit strong, but they do the trick to help with male enhancement. 

Many customer reviews show that FOCL Full Spectrum CBD gummies are worthy of an inclusion in our list of the 7 best CBD gummies for male enhancement. This brand features fast acting gummies to ensure you’ve got a hand quickly. You can select from three flavors; sour watermelon, tropical punch, or mandarin orange. The dosage per gummy is 25mg of CBD. 

Colorado Botanicals have two dosage options to choose from with their CBD gummies for male enhancement; 25mg or 10mg per gummy. Both options are available in orange or strawberry flavor with 30 gummies per container. This brand is organic, non-GMO, and vegan friendly. 

Our Criteria For Choosing the 7 Best CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement

  • CBD quality: We evaluated each brand for the quality of their CBD. This was conducted by reviewing the source for each of the CBD gummies for male enhancement source of extraction and whether or not they are organic. 

  • Customer Reviews: Among the top factors to consider before playing a CBD gummy on our list was what customers thought of the product. We wanted to make sure that the overall product satisfaction level was reasonable for inclusion in this list to help with male enhancement. 

  • Transparency: All of the 7 brands of CBD gummies for male enhancement have third-party lab testing completed with tests available for the general public to review.

  • Medication Conditions: While most of the CBD gummies for male enhancement are safe for most users, we do recommend you check in with your doctor if you’re on any medications or have health conditions that may interact negatively with these gummies.


What are CBD gummies for male enhancement and how do they work?

CBD gummies are gummies that contain cannabidiol which is the long word for CBD. CBD has been shown to help alleviate anxiety and other symptoms that can often cause issues with sexual connection. Erectile dysfunction can be cause from simple anxiety before the moment for some men, and in those milder cases of ED, CBD can help. 

Are CBD gummies safe to use?

CBD gummies are considered safe for use and when derived from hemp they’re legal in most states. The only time you should consider CBD gummies or not is if you’re on medications or have certain health conditions. In that case, discuss this option with your doctor before consuming CBD gummies. 

Are there any side effects from CBD gummies?

Some users have experienced dry mouth, drowsiness, or digestive issues when consuming CBD gummies. These side effects are rare and often mild, that often go away within a short time of using CBD gummies. 

Can CBD be taken at any age?

These CBD gummies for male enhancement are for adults. We’ve seen other CBD gummies used for different purposes in children, but for our purposes we’re sharing options for adult users. If you’re interested in CBD for people who are not of the majority age in your area, then discuss the options with your doctor before getting them. 

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Upgrade Every Season of Your Life With These Wellness Tips and Tricks

The top of the year is a great time to reflect and make some major changes. While doing so it's also important to shift your mentality for that change. We all go through seasons in our lives, and depending on what area of self-care you're focusing on, grounding your mind, body, and/or spirit can help you attain these goals more easily. Rather than making one potentially unattainable goal, adjust to the season and let your senses guide your journey.

Instead of forgetting about that resolution by March, try a full system refresh that's easy to maintain. Between making a few lifestyle changes and using the vitamins and supplements from Nature's Sunshine, you'll be able to keep your goals intact for longer and see results you can be proud of this time next year.


Adjust Your Sleeping Habits to Enhance Your Fitness Goals

If your "new year, new me" manifesto includes working on your fitness goals, then you may first want to examine your sleeping habits. It may seem like common knowledge, but making sure you're getting enough restful sleeping hours is important for its energetic benefits. Giving your mind and body enough time to recharge and reset for a new day will promote more alertness and optimal functioning throughout the day. Utilizing Power Beets — a superfood performance booster — will also enhance your daily activity as nitric oxide (for heart health, circulation support, and energy) can help enhance endurance and recovery time. Just mix one packet of Power Beets with water and you're good to go.

With the added energy, you'll be able to exercise more effectively rather than feeling like you're dragging your body along. To give your body additional support, try magnesium complex; it can assist with energy production and fatigue reduction. Getting in three to five workouts a week may be a great place to start for your fitness goals, but definitely go at your own pace and find a schedule that works for you while also giving your body enough recovery time. It's all about balance.


Practice Daily Meditation For Spiritual Clarity

Life comes with a diverse mix of stressors, and while many of them are out of our hands, we can control how we emotionally react to each situation. Meditating is a great practice for clearing the mind and grounding yourself into your body to avoid that spiritually disjointed feeling and to slow down racing thoughts. Sometimes all it takes is placing your feet firmly on the ground and taking a few deep breaths.

Another great way to clear the mind is journaling, allowing your subconscious thoughts to flow out of you and onto the page. To elevate your writing experience, you can rub lavender oil — known for its relaxing and calming properties — onto your temples or add a few drops into a diffuser. This simple aromatherapy practice will ease your mind and deepen your connection to the page. The great thing about aromatic oils is that you can utilize them anywhere, whenever you need a slight reminder to calm. For additional assistance with stabilizing your nervous system, try ashwagandha. Known for its cognitive performance benefits, taking a couple of these vitamins a day may result in reducing cortisol levels (for added stress relief) and supporting a healthy mind-body connection.


Take Your Vitamins to Jumpstart Your Gut Health Detox

Understanding your relationship with food can answer many of your tummy's ailments. We're not saying it'll solve any and all issues, but getting in tune with your diet can garnish many benefits, including helping with the digestive system's functionality and lowering the chance of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It's important your food intake works for you, but you also need to ensure you're getting proper nutrients and vitamins.

This can look like eating intuitively — essentially eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full — and taking daily multivitamins or additional supplements such as Power Meal, that's packed with plant-based calories from whole foods, roots, herbs, and mushrooms. You can also utilize a probiotic vitamin, like Probiotic Eleven, which can assist in digestive regulation thanks to 11 strains of rebalancing bacteria. And if you're an avid social media user, you've probably heard of many people discovering the impressive gut benefits from drinking chlorophyll, which include intestinal, digestive and immune wellness.


Embrace Gratitude For a More Holistic Elevation

Even if you're not focused on a specific sector of your life, keeping up with your mind, body, and spirit is essential to holistic health. No matter where you are in your wellness journey, sticking to a healthy eating practice will keep you physically and energetically prepared to face any of life's many challenges. For daily foundational nutrition, Power Greens will provide you with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants you would get from two servings of vegetables, herbs, prebiotics, and natural fiber. You might also want to consider Super Omega-3 EPA for its brain and circulatory benefits.

Another daily practice could be as simple as stretching and participating in any type of weekly physical activity that your body is able to handle. Ask anyone over the age of 30 — stretching is your best friend. Even walking around the block will do wonders for your heart — literally and figuratively. And finally, nothing is more important than gratitude. Taking time to reflect on the beautiful things in your life, the people you love, and the simple things we may take for granted will gain you greater appreciation for life and all that it has to offer, in every season you choose to grow in.

Mon, 01 Jan 2024 20:41:00 -0600 en text/html
ISM Services PMI rises slightly in November, more than expected
Group of business persons talking in the office.


November ISM Services PMI advanced to 52.7, vs. 52.0 consensus, from 51.8 in October, signaling economic activity in the services sector saw a faster rate of expansion during the month.

"The services sector had a slight uptick in growth in

Tue, 05 Dec 2023 01:02:00 -0600 en text/html
U.S. services sector picks up a bit in November, ISM survey finds

The numbers: An ISM barometer of business conditions at service companies such as restaurants and hotels rebounded to 52.7% in November from a five-month low of 51.8% in the prior month. 

Economists polled by the Wall Street Journal had expected the index to rise to 52.4%.

Numbers over 50% indicate expansion in the economy. The index has been above 50 for 11 straight months.

Key details: Fifteen industries reported growth in November while three industries reported a decrease in activity.

New orders in the service sector were 55.5% in November, unchanged from the prior month.

Prices paid by services industry for inputs fell only slightly to a still-strong 58.3% in November from 58.6 in the prior month.

The ISM service employment index rose to 50.7 from 50.2 in the prior month.

A separate report from S&P Global reported that the service sector PMI rose to 50.8 in November from 50.6 in the prior month. This matched the “flash” November reading.

What the ISM said: The buildup for the holiday season is not as robust as sometimes in the past but better than last year, said Anthony Nieves, head of the ISM services survey committee.

Respondent in the transportation and warehousing said there was “solid activity heading into the final stretch of the fourth quarter.”

What are they saying? “Employment growth in the U.S. economy has slowed consistently over the past year, but remains solid. The ongoing need to hire workers across U.S. service industries is one factor that will keep the Fed’s monetary policy in ‘higher for longer’ mode,” said Kurt Rankin, senior economist at PNC Financial Services.

Market reaction: Stocks DJIA SPX opened lower on Tuesday while the 10-year Treasury yield BX:TMUBMUSD10Y was down to 4.20% in early morning trading.

Tue, 05 Dec 2023 01:32:00 -0600 en-US text/html
These Tricks for Softening Butter Actually Work No result found, try new keyword!Don't worry, because we're here to help with some quick and easy tricks for softening butter. But first—why exactly do you need to know how to soften butter? If your butter is too cold ... Thu, 21 Dec 2023 08:32:00 -0600 en-us text/html The 10 Best Viral Cooking Tricks We Tried in 2023

Best Cooking Hacks of 2023

There's no doubt 2023 will go down as a big year for viral cooking hacks. People love to share their ideas online, and food tips, tricks and hacks seem to be an especially popular category for sharing. And we're not complaining. This year there certainly was no shortage of innovative tips and techniques that turned familiar culinary concepts on their head. And naturally, we ran to the kitchen to give these hacks a whirl. Some failed to deliver on their promise, but some actually worked. (And yes, we were as shocked as you were.) Here are the 10 cooking hacks we tried in 2023 that we're taking into 2024—and beyond.

Related: 90 Best TikTok Recipes and Food Trends of 2023

1. Grill your eggs.

Out of all the ways to cook eggs, grilling is not the method that immediately comes to mind. But this year, Babs Costello of @brunchwithbabs fame, shared that it's her secret to making the best hard-boiled eggs and the tastiest egg salad, so we gave it a shot. We were shocked by how well this grandma-approved trick makes the perfect, never-over-cooked hard-boiled eggs.

Try it: The Grandma-Approved Trick to the Best-Ever Hard-Boiled Eggs

2. Meal prep your brown butter (yes, you read that correctly!)

Courtesy of Jessica Wrubel

Did you know that you can make a big batch of rich, nutty brown butter in less than 10 minutes and then stash it in the fridge or freezer for later? We were shocked that we hadn't thought of this sooner, but luckily the Internet provides. We've added this to our meal prep routine so we can level up our chocolate chip cookies, make our pasta better, turn frozen cooked corn into brown-butter corn or just make our morning toast a lot more fun.

Try it: Make-Ahead Brown Butter

3. Smash your baked potatoes.

Ever feel like baked potatoes are creamy, dense, and never as fluffy as you want them to be? Martha Stewart is here to put an end to your starchy woes. According to the culinary queen, smashing a baked potato against the counter fresh out of the oven is the necessary step to get the potato to be its fluffiest. "That smashing breaks up all the fibers, and makes the potato a delightful, fluffy creation," says Stewart.

Try it: Martha Stewart's Trick to the Fluffiest Baked Potatoes Ever

4. Add orange juice to banana bread.

Give your favorite banana bread or another quick bread some more personality by adding a few tablespoons of OJ to the batter. The breakfast beverage provides a bright flavor contrast against the warming spices in those easy bakes and it also makes your treat extra tender.

Try it: The Secret Ingredient for Better Banana Bread

5. Make your own brown sugar.

Never ever run out of the baking staple ingredient again! Mixing regular white sugar with molasses is all you need to do to create a fresh batch of baking-ready brown sugar.

Try it: The Two-Ingredient Trick to DIY Brown Sugar

6. Start your pasta in cold water.

Courtesy of Jessica Wrubel

Here's a trick we were sure wouldn't work: the cold water pasta cooking hack. Cooking pasta for carbonara or mac and cheese is so easy, do we really need another way to do it? Turns out, we do. Instead of heating up a huge pot of pasta water, when using this hack, you cook your noodles in a skillet full of cold water in just 20 minutes from start to finish.

Try it: A Quicker Way to Cook Pasta

7. Cut your peppers in a cool new way.

If you have to break down a bell pepper, there's a way to do it where you don't have to deal with the seeds. We came across a TikTok hack where you cut off the stem, stand the veggie stem-side down on a cutting board and make slices down the pepper that align with the sections of the veggie. Once those cuts are made you can open the pepper up like a flower, revealing seed-free segments.

Try it: Be a Better Pepper Prepper (Try Saying That Three Times!)

8. Shred your chicken in the stand mixer.

You can mix a plethora of things in the stand mixer, but one thing that might surprise even the most avid home cook is that you can (and should) use your stand mixer to shred chicken quickly and easily. Simply insert the paddle attachment in your stand mixer, add cooked chicken to the bowl, turn it on low-medium speed—and watch the magic happen. No more going at a whole bird with two forks.

Try it: The Genius Chicken-Shredding Trick You Need to Know About

9. Don't toss stale croissants.

Fight food waste and level up your lunch salads with this viral hack that shows you how to make hearty croutons with stale, day-old croissants. Simply tear the buttery pastries into bite-sized bits, arrange them in a baking dish or on a baking sheet, and bake until golden brown and crisp.

Try it: How to Turn Your Stale Croissants Into Croutons

10. Add cream cheese to your sugar cookies.

Decorated sugar cookies


The secret to achieving perfect sugar cookies, as we found out this holiday cookie season, is to simply add a bit of cream cheese. The high fat content of cream cheese ensures that the flour in the dough doesn’t absorb too much water while baking and creates a softer, airier cookie texture. The fat also adds a tangy flavor that helps to keep the sweetness of the cookie in check.

Try it: The Secret Ingredient to the Best Sugar Cookies

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ISM State meet begins

The State conference of Ithihadu Shubbanil Mujahideen (ISM), the youth wing of the Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen, which began on December 30, was inaugurated at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium here by Palestine Ambassador to India Adnan Abu Al Haija.

He termed as ‘injustice’ attempts to challenge the Palestine State and added that the solidarity expressed by Kerala society to Palestinians offered a ray of hope.

He exhorted the youth to be active in nation-building and termed as ‘dangerous’ youth not having commitment to society and the country. Youth must strive to be doers of good deeds, he said.

Sat, 30 Dec 2023 16:28:00 -0600 en text/html

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