Latest syllabus of CLF-C01 is provided by helps big numbers of check takers to obtain high marks within their exams plus achieve their professional goals. Simply signing up and downloading material will make a person sure you may pass your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) along with high marks. CLF-C01 exam prep are usually updated on a normal basis and down load is ready within your account, constantly.

Exam Code: CLF-C01 Practice test 2022 by team
CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)

Format : Multiple choice, multiple answer
Type : Foundational
Delivery Method : Testing center or online proctored exam
Time : 90 minutes to complete the exam

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) examination is intended for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to demonstrate basic knowledge of the AWS platform, including: available services and their common use cases, AWS Cloud architectural principles (at the conceptual level), account security, and compliance. The candidate will demonstrate an understanding of AWS Cloud economics including: costs, billing, and analysis, and the value proposition of the AWS Cloud.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS Certifications. The test can be taken at a testing center or from the comfort and convenience of a home or office location as an online proctored exam.

Abilities Validated by the Certification
- Define what the AWS Cloud is and the basic global infrastructure
- Describe basic AWS Cloud architectural principles
- Describe the AWS Cloud value proposition
- Describe key services on the AWS platform and their common use cases (for example, compute and analytics)
- Describe basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform and the shared security model
- Define the billing, account management, and pricing models
- Identify sources of documentation or technical assistance (for example, whitepapers or support tickets)
- Describe basic/core characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud

Response Types
There are two types of questions on the examination:
 Multiple choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses (distractors).
 Multiple response: Has two or more correct responses out of five or more options.
Select one or more responses that best complete the statement or answer the question. Distractors, or incorrect answers, are response options that an examinee with incomplete knowledge or skill would likely choose. However, they are generally plausible responses that fit in the content area defined by the test objective.
Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect; there is no penalty for guessing.

Unscored Content
Your examination may include unscored items that are placed on the test to gather statistical information. These items are not identified on the form and do not affect your score.

Exam Results
The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) examination is a pass or fail exam. The examination is scored against a minimum standard established by AWS professionals who are guided by certification industry best practices and guidelines.
Your results for the examination are reported as a score from 100–1,000, with a minimum passing score of 700. Your score shows how you performed on the examination as a whole and whether or not you passed. Scaled scoring models are used to equate scores across multiple test forms that may have slightly different difficulty levels.
Your score report contains a table of classifications of your performance at each section level. This information is designed to provide general feedback concerning your examination performance. The examination uses a compensatory scoring model, which means that you do not need to “pass” the individual sections, only the overall examination. Each section of the examination has a specific weighting, so some sections have more questions than others. The table contains general information, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. Exercise caution when interpreting section-level feedback.

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts 26%
Domain 2: Security and Compliance 25%
Domain 3: Technology 33%
Domain 4: Billing and Pricing 16%
TOTAL 100%

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts
1.1 Define the AWS Cloud and its value proposition
1.2 Identify aspects of AWS Cloud economics
1.3 List the different cloud architecture design principles
Domain 2: Security and Compliance
2.1 Define the AWS shared responsibility model
2.2 Define AWS Cloud security and compliance concepts
2.3 Identify AWS access management capabilities
2.4 Identify resources for security support
Domain 3: Technology
3.1 Define methods of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud
3.2 Define the AWS global infrastructure
3.3 Identify the core AWS services
3.4 Identify resources for technology support
Domain 4: Billing and Pricing
4.1 Compare and contrast the various pricing models for AWS
4.2 Recognize the various account structures in relation to AWS billing and pricing
4.3 Identify resources available for billing support

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)
Amazon Practitioner tricks
Killexams : Amazon Practitioner tricks - BingNews Search results Killexams : Amazon Practitioner tricks - BingNews Killexams : 12 Amazon buying tricks every Prime member should know

Amazon has become a one-stop shop for many of my shopping needs. Whether I’m looking for a new coffee machine or deals on Apple's latest smartwatch, the mega retailer appears to have it all. However, like any other retailer, Amazon doesn’t always offer the lowest prices. Sure, there are plenty of great Amazon deals out there, but most of the time I shop at Amazon for convenience. This is especially true since I’m an Amazon Prime member. 

Over the past decade or so, I’ve discovered various tricks and hacks to ensure I always get the best price at Amazon. Some of these tricks you might be familiar with, whereas others are a little more obscure. So I’m sharing all of my Amazon tricks to help you shop like a pro and ensure you always get the best Amazon deal possible. (Make sure to check out our list of the best Amazon Prime member benefits an today's best Amazon promo codes for more ways to save).  

Always look for digital coupon codes

Amazon Coupon

(Image credit: Amazon)

One of the biggest ways to save money on Amazon is also one of the easiest. The retailer has a tendency to offer digital coupon codes on thousands of products. At times, the coupon will apply automatically during checkout. Other times, you have to manually select the coupon box to make sure you get the discount. The trick here is that it's very easy to overlook the digital coupons. When available, you'll see a tiny radio box underneath the Amazon price. Click the box and the coupon will be automatically applied at checkout. It’s such an easy trick, but it’s also very easy to overlook. 

Know when to reach out to customer service

A few weeks ago, I purchased a box of N95 masks from Amazon. When they arrived, the box containing the masks was completely torn and appeared taped up. (The exterior packaging was fine). Each mask was individually wrapped, so I didn't worry too much about the torn box. However, the masks were incredibly tight. What I thought was adult-size, was more like child-size. I read a few reviews of the masks and multiple customers noted that the masks were abnormally tight. 

So I reached out to Amazon customer support to let them know that the masks' packaging was torn and that the masks themselves were not adult size. I was polite throughout the entire exchange and Amazon offered a refund for my purchase. My point — if you ever buy something from Amazon that isn't what was advertised, you can reach out to Amazon for an exchange or refund. Your mileage will vary, but if you're polite and go in with no expectations, you might be surprised at how things play out. 

Take advantage of Amazon freebies

Amazon loves to offer freebies. From Kindle books to cloud storage, there are plenty of Amazon freebies available for Prime members. Even Prime membership itself can be free (for the first 30 days). Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t offer a guide to all of its freebies. However, some of my personal favorites include: 

  • Free reading: Prime members get access to over a thousand books, magazines, comics, and more via Prime Reading. Best of all, you don’t need a Kindle to get your free books. The Kindle app can turn practically any iOS- or Android-based device into your preferred method of reading. 
  • Free movie streaming: I admit, I’m more team Netflix than I am Prime Video, but as a Prime member I get free access to thousands of movies and shows on Prime Video. Don’t know where to start? Make sure to check out our list of the best movies on Amazon Prime Video
  • Free music streaming: Amazon Music Prime gives Prime members free access to 2 million songs. I’m a huge music fan, so I should warn you that you don’t always get access to the latest songs or biggest artists. Sam Fender's excellent Seventeen Going Under, for instance, requires Music Unlimited; however, The Weeknd’s new Dawn FM album, however, is free to stream for Prime members. 
  • Free photo storage: Prime members can get unlimited cloud storage for their digital photos via Amazon Photos (opens in new tab). Yes, you read that right — unlimited, full resolution storage. You also get 5GB of video storage. (Non-members get 5GB of combined photo and video storage). 

Take advantage of Amazon Prime student

A photo of college students with laptops and tablets

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you’re a college student, Amazon Prime Student is a must. Not only do you get a free 6-month trial (opens in new tab), but you'll also pay half the price of a traditional Prime membership. Students will pay $59/year or $6.49/month for membership. Students also get exclusive offers like discounts on textbooks, etextbook rentals, Music Unlimited for just $0.99/month (instead of $7.99/month for regular Prime members), and a free 2-month Kindle Unlimited trial (instead of just one free month). 

Always shop with Camelizer

A chart showing the price of the iPad Air at Amazon

(Image credit: Camelizer)

Not every deal you come across on Amazon will save you money. To find out if a product is truly on sale I rely on CamelCamelCamel (opens in new tab), a website that displays the price history of most items sold on Amazon. Just paste the product's full Amazon URL in CamelCamelCamel and the site will show you a price chart outlining that device's price history on Amazon. Personally, I prefer to use their browser extension, The Camelizer (opens in new tab), which lets you glance at price charts directly from your browser. Keep in mind it doesn’t track everything Amazon sells and price history isn’t always 100% accurate, but it’s an excellent tool every Amazon shopper should use. 

Get the most of free Prime membership

There are a ton of benefits to being a Prime member. However, I get that not everyone can afford to pay $139/year for membership. Fortunately, there are a few hacks around that membership price. The easiest is to sign up for Amazon’s free 30-day trial (opens in new tab). (This only works for non-members or those who haven’t been a Prime member in the past year). Alternatively, you could share a Prime membership with someone else. It’ll have to be someone you trust as you’ll have to share wallets in order to share Prime perks. (You can manage your household settings via Amazon’s website (opens in new tab)). Lastly, you can opt to go monthly. You’ll pay $14.99/month, which is pricier than paying for a full year, but you could activate your membership on months you know you’ll do a lot of shopping, such as Black Friday season or during Prime Day deals season. On months you don't require Prime membership, you can cancel your subscription.  

Shop Amazon Warehouse if you’re ok with refurbished

One of the easiest ways to save money on electronics is by purchasing used items. I’m usually very hesitant to recommend used tech, but the Amazon Warehouse (opens in new tab) does a good job of refurbishing old devices. First, they do a good job of describing the item’s condition. Descriptions range from "used - like new" to "used - acceptable." That said, you should always check the product page to make sure the warranty info is clear and to ensure the item is sold by Amazon Warehouse (or a third party you trust). 

Checkout those hidden coupon deals 

Amazon Coupon page

(Image credit: Amazon )

Whenever I buy household items, one of the first pages I check is Amazon's digital coupon dashboard page (opens in new tab). I've found that eight out of 10 times I'll find a coupon for things I frequently buy like Tide Pods, deodorant, household cleaners, and cough/flu medicine. The coupon section also has a page dedicated to food items (opens in new tab), with discounts on things like PopCorners (they're my new addiction), Quaker Granola Bars, and protein powders. 

Trade-in your old devices for Amazon credits 

Amazon Trade In homepage

(Image credit: Amazon )

I currently own a 3rd-gen Amazon Echo and 3rd-gen Echo Dot. When Amazon unveils its 5th-gen devices later this fall, I plan on trading in my old smart speakers for discounts on Amazon’s new devices. Anyone can do this via Amazon’s Trade-In Store (opens in new tab). You'll get Amazon credit for the device you're trading in plus an extra 20% to 25% off select Amazon devices. If you really want to save, you can do the trade-in when the Amazon device you want is on sale. (Amazon device sales happen so frequently that you'll probably just have to wait a week or two for the item you want to go on sale). In addition to Amazon devices, you can also trade in Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and gaming hardware. 

Not everyone wants a Rose Gold colored iPad Air. As a result, Amazon tends to offer bigger discounts on less-coveted devices. So while the Space Gray iPad Air may sell for list price, the Rose colored tablet might be $50 off. I see this everyday when searching for deals on Amazon. Likewise, sometimes the higher priced configurations (e.g. the 1TB model) might receive steeper discounts than the base models. This happens not only with tech devices, but with most items that come in various colors, like coffee machines, blankets, mixers, and more. Bottom line — not all Amazon deals are cut from the same cloth, so it’s worth checking all configurations of a device until you find the best price. 

Gift yourself a Prime membership to avoid price hikes

Amazon Prime end membership

(Image credit: Amazon)

The price of an Amazon Prime membership increased earlier this year. The e-commerce giant raised the price of its Prime membership from $119 per year to $139 per year. Month-to-month subscriptions also jumped from $12.99 to $14.99. The increases are already in effect for new members, but for any future price hikes, you can always dodge the increase by gifting yourself a Prime membership (opens in new tab). You'll then need to manually end your Prime membership the day before it expires. (This will prevent auto-renewal). Then redeem your "gifted" membership to enjoy Prime for one more year at the current rate. 

Next: These are the five best credit cards for shopping at Amazon.

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Killexams : How To Get Free Stuff on Amazon: 12 Great Tips and Tricks

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the country and sells just about everything under the sun. If a product is for sale online, chances are it’s on Amazon. The retail giant doesn’t just sell its own products, it’s also a virtual marketplace for millions of vendors around the globe.

Competition between these sellers is fierce and with just a little bit of work, you can take advantage by scoring deals and getting free stuff on Amazon.

While there are some things on Amazon anyone can get for free right away, the best way to get high-quality freebies is through helpful, informative and well-written product reviews.

In 2016 the company changed its review policy and now the only way to get free products through reviews is the Vine program. While you won’t be able to reach out to a struggling retailer and offer reviews in exchange for merchandise, there are still ways for reviewers to get free stuff.

Robust Reviews Earn Amazon Freebies

Reviewing products is one of the prime ways to get Amazon freebies. We offer some tips and tricks to be successful.

1. Become a Top Amazon Reviewer

So we’ve established that the best way to get free stuff on Amazon is with an invite into the Vine program. But how do you get invited? It does require some work on your part and the first step to getting that invite is becoming a Top Amazon reviewer. Believe it or not, the company tracks the best and most prolific reviewers, posting it all on a rankings board. 

It’s not hard to become a Top Amazon reviewer, and we’ve laid out all of the steps you need to take to join the upper echelon. It’s important to remember that Amazon values quality reviews and the number of helpful votes you accumulate is critical, so be sure you think about the kind of information consumers would care about and craft a well-written, detailed and grammatically-correct review.

Another helpful tip is to look for products without a lot of reviews, because yours is more likely to be read and earn “Helpful Votes.” Focus your reviews on the types of items that you would like to get for free, as becoming an expert in a specific category helps achieve Top Reviewer status more quickly.

2. Get Invited to Be a Vine Reviewer

The early days of Amazon reviewing was like the Wild West – companies sent out free products or other compensation in exchange for positive reviews, despite the actual quality of the item. Unsurprisingly, this led to companies manipulating reviews and “earning” inflated scores for subpar products. Amazon responded in 2016 by prohibiting incentivized reviews, with the exception being those facilitated through Amazon Vine.

In this program, companies send Amazon products which they distribute to trusted reviewers for free. Then, Vine identifies the most helpful and trusted reviewers (Vine Voices) and invites them to provide their opinions on new and pre-release products. Voices aren’t under any pressure to post positive reviews, and sometimes aren’t even required to write one.

Vine membership is by invite-only; you can’t apply to join the program. Amazon watches out for customers who post reviews frequently, are considered the most helpful by customers, and write about the types of items that are typically featured in the program.

Vine is a more transparent program because the decision-making about who reviews what products is in the hands of Amazon. Vendors have no influence over which Vine Voices review their products.

3. Use Influencer (or Micro-Influencer) Status for Freebies

Let’s admit it: most of us don’t have the kind of social media following that gives us influencer status.

But marketing departments also see the value in micro-influencers — social media users that have smaller, intensely-dedicated followings. If you have a blog, Youtube channel or a certain number of social media followers, signing up with a company like Tomoson is one way to get free stuff from Amazon.

Tomoson’s business model is to connect brands with influencers — if you meet the right criteria you’ll be selected for a campaign. You don’t necessarily need to have a huge number of followers; brands care most about someone with an audience that fits the niche of their product.

These reviews or mentions will be posted on your social media so you don’t need to worry about violating Amazon’s terms by receiving a free item for review — though FTC laws require you to disclose your relationship with the brand you’re posting about.

4. Tread Carefully With Facebook Groups and Third Party Review Sites

When searching for Amazon freebies, Facebook groups and third party review sites are a popular recommendation. It’s true these groups can provide vouchers or gift cards for items you’ve purchased on Amazon — usually, in exchange for a positive review — but you need to be careful.

Many sellers on these Facebook groups and review sites aren’t reputable and are violating Amazon’s incentivized reviews policy or soliciting fake paid reviews. This is most risky for them but could result in your Amazon account being suspended. Additionally, most of the products on these sites and groups aren’t name brands and appear to be low-quality.

Free Stuff Anyone Can Get

There are ways to get free things without much effort. Here are some.

5. Free 30-Day Trial of Amazon Prime

If you’ve never had a subscription to Amazon Prime or it’s been a year since your last subscription expired, you are entitled to a free 30-Day trial of Amazon Prime. This membership gives you access to ad-free Amazon Music, Prime Video, Prime Reading and Amazon Photo, plus free shipping on items ordered through Amazon.

6. Amazon Music Free

Like most streaming services, Amazon Music Unlimited has a free three-month trial for new subscribers, giving you unlimited, on-demand, ad-free music and podcasts. Of course, you’ll need to remember to end the subscription before your three months are up or you’ll be charged for a month ($7.99). Signing up for a free 30–day trial of Prime also gives you unlimited access to the service’s deep library.

But did you know that you don’t even need to sign up for a trial to access free songs on Amazon? Head over to the Free Songs page on Amazon Music where you can listen to and obtain thousands of free tracks.

7. Free Kindle Books

There are a couple ways to get free Kindle books on Amazon. If you’re already a Prime Member, the First Reads program entitles you to one free Kindle book a month. Even if you don’t have Prime, you can use First Reads to pay just $1.99 for one book a month. Plus, you have access to thousands of free Kindle books in the company’s library.

8. Audible Audiobooks

If audio books are more your speed, Amazon offers a free 30-day Audible trial. This includes one credit for a free audiobook that you get to keep after the trial is over.

9. Free Cloud Storage

If you’re an Amazon customer, you can get access to free cloud storage. Every customer has access to 5GB of cloud storage for photos, videos and other files through Amazon Drive. These files can be accessed on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

10. Free Baby Box With Amazon Registry

If you’re expecting a new baby, sign up with Amazon Registry for a free gift with goodies for the newborn and parents, with a value of up to $35. The program also has a wedding registry which offers “bonus gifts” for the couple.

11. Get a $10 Gift Card for Signing Up With Amazon Cash

Who doesn’t love free cash? As an incentive for new customers, if you add $50 in Amazon Cash to your account, you’ll get a $10 credit towards your first purchase.

12. Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card After Rewards Card Approval

If you’re doing a lot of shopping for everyday items on Amazon, consider an Amazon Rewards Card. For one, you’ll get a $100 gift card as soon as you’re approved for the card. Then, you’ll earn 5% back at and Amazon stores, 2% back at gas stations, restaurants and drug stores, and 1% on utilities and rideshare. If you’re also a Prime member, you’ll earn 5% back at Whole Foods grocery stores.

Not Free Stuff, But Free Cash Back

Use your old electronics to get credit? As good as gold.

13. Get Gift Cards With Amazon Trade-In

Like everyone, you probably have a ton of old electronics laying around the house. Instead of sending them off to the e-waste collection, why not turn obsolete devices into Amazon credit? Amazon Trade-In is a program that gives customers the chance to exchange their unused electronics into gift cards. Thousands of items are eligible for the program and don’t necessarily need to be Amazon Devices.

Matt Matasci is a Southern California freelance writer who writes on technology and business, plus travel and lifestyle topics.

This was originally published on The Penny Hoarder, a personal finance website that empowers millions of readers nationwide to make smart decisions with their money through actionable and inspirational advice, and resources about how to make, save and manage money.

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Killexams : Try Virtual Tricking and Treating With the Amazon Alexa Halloween Routine

You already know about many of the neat Alexa routines you can set up on your trusty Amazon Echo devices. But did you know Alexa can also help you get into the spooky season? Last year, Amazon released a pre-made Halloween Alexa routine that requires only a few taps to enable. Here's how to get the ready-made fun going. 

Luckily it's super easy. All you have to do is say, "Alexa, enable Halloween Routine." 

Once the routine is enabled, you can start it by saying "Start Halloween." If you want to adjust your Alexa command, you can do that in Alexa's settings for routines. For example, you can change "Start Halloween" to "Trick or Treat." 

This preset routine starts with a creaking door opening, flashing smart lights and a game of trick or treat. When I tried out the trick-or-treat routine, Alexa offered a fun ruse: a recipe for sweet potato and black bean cookies meant to fool someone into thinking they're picking up a chocolate chip cookie. 

My second roll of the trick-or-treat dice resulted in a corny Alexa rap about being a voice assistant for ghouls and goblins. I'll spare you the full lyrics, but here's the last line:

"There are only three things that can strike me with terror: water, bad Wi-Fi and a 404 error." 

In addition to the preset routine, you can also get tips on fun fall activities in your area by asking, "Alexa, find pumpkin patches nearby" or get costume and decor ideas by saying, "Alexa, provide me Halloween essentials." That's just the tip of the candy corn when it comes to Alexa and seasonal fun

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Killexams : Amazon Astro's latest Tricks Don't Include Letting You Buy One

No, you can't order an Amazon Astro yet.

Amazon announced updates to the endearingly expressive robot, a rolling mash-up of Ring and Alexa features with a telescoping camera, at its annual devices and services event on Wednesday. For example, Astro will be able to run automated programs to update you on your pets' antics or whether you've left open a window or door in updates that will be available in the coming months.

Not announced: Astro's public release date.

Amazon revealed Astro in an out-of-left-field announcement at the finale of its annual event last year. The company considers Astro to be an experimental product, which is why it's still only available for purchase for $1,000 by invitation. The company says it's received hundreds of thousands of requests for invitations, and the robot will cost $1,450 when released to the public.

Astro represents one of the more audacious examples of Amazon's bid to touch every part of our lives through everything from its retail services to its array of smart Echo speakers. It's also the latest instance in which it appears to have run ahead of its ambitions (remember Amazon Prime Air, aka its drone service announcement, back in 2013?). However, because the technology is so new, Amazon has opted to refine and grow Astro's features in real time as its select group of customers use the robot in their homes. 

Astro will be able to provide pet monitoring during its regular patrols. The robot can send notifications with photos or videos of pets during these encounters. To keep the notifications manageable, Astro won't text a pet owner more than once in a 5-minute period. People can also customize the frequency of Amazon's patrols, which are an opt-in feature. Ken Washington, vice president of consumer robotics at Amazon, said he uses the feature to keep track of his cat when he's out of the house.

"I get the little notifications," Washington said. "It just makes me smile every time." 

To monitor your doors and windows, Astro will learn where each one is by following you through the home and documenting them as you point them out. Astro will also learn what your door or window looks like when closed or open on the tour and then asks you if it got it right when it updates you about an open door in the future to refine its learning.

Now playing: Watch this: Watch Every Product Announced at Amazon's Devices Event


More automation in Astro's future

As CNET reviewer David Priest found while spending time with the robot this year, Astro is in search of a purpose. It can serve as a mobile home security system, a voice assistant that can come to you from another room or simply a very expensive product for conveying drinks from the kitchen to the den (as long as they're on the same floor).

Wednesday's event only added a couple more ways to use the device, but Astro's new automated features provide a hint of what it might be capable of in the future. The automated pet-monitoring feature was built with a new software development kit Amazon created for Astro. Three university robotics programs will have access to that code later this year, letting them create new "routines" for Astro to complete. The programs are at the University of Michigan, the University of Maryland and Georgia Tech. Eventually, a wider group of coders could access the software.

That could open up more possibilities for Astro. Right now, the robot can go on automated patrols around the house, but more specific actions like checking whether the stove is off must be carried out by a human with access to the companion app. In the future, Astro could check the stove as part of routine patrols and then text you a photo if your burners are blazing while you're out of the house.

Astro goes to the workplace

Astro is also finding a purpose beyond the home, courtesy of its onboard Ring-compatible technology. Ring's Virtual Security Guard service already lets live response agents monitor the cameras in homes and small businesses that subscribe to it. Now Astro will work with that service for select firms within the next few months as part of a pilot program for small and medium-size businesses.

Whatever Astro sees, those live agents will see and respond accordingly if something's amiss. Business owners also need Ring Alarms and a Ring Protect Pro subscription for the integration to work.

A Ring spokesperson said the service will be a good fit for facilities that are hard to monitor with stationary cameras alone. It could also serve, the spokesperson said, "as an affordable alternative to hiring a human security guard by bringing Astro's physical presence and the rapid human response of a professional agent together in a single business monitoring solution."

With autonomous steering capabilities and built-in cameras, Astro is designed to move independently through its environment, and it's capable of separating strangers from known users on sight. Piloting it out as a roving security bot could be a way for Amazon to demonstrate one of Astro's key use cases ahead of that launch.

Wed, 28 Sep 2022 07:02:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Get an Amazon Fire TV Stick for 68% LESS with this Prime Day trick

AMAZONS surprise second Prime Day event is here, and we're hunting out all the best deals.

The best price drops are on Amazon's own devices, with the popular Fire TV stick just £19.99 - but we have a trick to so you can save more.

Prices on Fire TV have dropped this Prime Day, and you can save more with TopCashback's sign up offer


Prices on Fire TV have dropped this Prime Day, and you can save more with TopCashback's sign up offer

Turning your TV into a smart TV has never been easier with the introduction of streaming sticks, and you can pick up Amazon's Fire TV Stick Lite for just £9.49 with this nifty trick.

To bag the extra saving you'll need to head to TopCashback and make use of its introductory offer for new members.

Signing up to the savings site gets you a £10 bonus payout on all Amazon devices, as well as TopCashback's standard 2.5% cashback on Amazon devices.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign up to Amazon Prime if you're not already subscribed (there's a 30-day free trial period).
  2. Go to the new member page at TopCashback and sign-up to be eligible for the £10 payout.
  3. Then go to the Amazon offer page at TopCashback and select 'Fire TV devices'.
  4. You'll be redirected to Amazon, where you can purchase a Fire TV Stick Lite.
  5. After a few days, you'll see the cashback appear in your bank account.
  6. Once your cashback is payable (usually within a few weeks), you can withdraw it. Result!

The streaming stick can be inserted into the HDMI port of your TV and will introduce a smart platform to your TV via home Wi-Fi that enables access to Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video.

You can then stream all your favourite TV shows and movies, and better yet you can summon the use of Alexa at the touch of a button and search with your voice.

You can also apply this saving hack across Amazon's range of devices, so you can pick up the Echo Dot (4th-generation) for just £9.49 or the Fire HD 8 Tablet for just £28.99.

Best Prime Day Deals 2022

PRIME Day is underway, and here's our pick of the best deals that Amazon is offering exclusively to subscribers.

* If you click on a link in this boxout we may earn affiliate revenue

  1. Echo Dot (4th-generation), £19.99 (save 60%) - buy here
  2. Ring Video Doorbell, £34.99 (save 30%) - buy here
  3. Shark IZ103UKGB Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, £169.99 (save £150) - buy here
  4. Tefal ActiFry Genius+ Air Fryer, £143.99 (save 43%) - buy here
  5. Audible: 4 month FREE trial- sign up here
  6. Amazon Music Unlimited: 3 month FREE trial - sign up here
  7. Fire TV Stick Lite, £19.99 (save £10) - buy here
  8. Sennheiser HD 250BT Wireless Headphones, £34.10 (save 43%) - buy here
  9. Remington Shine Therapy Ceramic Hair Straighteners, £22.99 (save 71%) - buy here
  10. JVC 32-inch LT-CF600 Fire TV, £149 (save 42%) - buy here
  11. CeraVe Face and Body Cleanser, £7.91 (save £4.84) - buy here
  12. 100 Finish Ultimate Infinity Dishwasher tablets, £12.75 (save £17.25) - buy here
  13. Quality Street 2KG Sharing Pack, £18 (save £3.99) - buy here

If you haven't signed up already, make sure you sign up here for the Amazon Prime 30-day free trial - otherwise you won't be able to access the deals.

We've rounded up more great offers here:

Follow all the latest deal updates and news in our Prime Day 2022 live blog.

Head over to our Amazon device Deals page for all the best deals on this Prime Day and remember you can save more using this TopCashback hack.

The October Prime Day sale is only live until midnight today (October 12), so make sure you act fast to bag these extra savings.

Get an Echo Dot for £1 with Ring Video Doorbell in Amazon Prime Day deal.

You can also get three months FREE Amazon Music Unlimited in Prime Day deal.

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Killexams : Fall Prime Day deals? Best tips & tricks to save money during Amazon Prime Early Access Sale

Yahoo Lifestyle Canada is committed to finding you the best products at the best prices. We may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

Amazon Canada's first-ever Prime Early Access Sale kicks off next week, and we have all the details.

On October 11-12, Canadian shoppers can kick start their holiday gifting and shop Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale, a new two-day shopping event exclusive to Prime members.

Similar to Amazon's famous Prime Day sale, shoppers can expect thousands of deals across the retailer's top categories, including tech, home & living, fashion, beauty and more.

While a Prime membership is your ticket to accessing the Prime Early Access Sale, it's not the only important thing to keep on (virtual) hand. To learn how to save time, avoid scams, and score the best-possible deals, scroll below.

Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale is coming — click here for all the latest news about the shopping event, and check out all the early Prime member deals and sales you can already shop in Canada here. Don’t have a Prime membership? Sign up for a free trial here.

1. Save time and make a wish list

Unless you're, let's say, a Yahoo Canada shopping editor, you won't be spending hours a day hunting down Amazon deals on October 11-12. For people with busy lives, though, this is where Amazon's Wishlist comes in handy.

Found in the "Account & Lists" tab, your private shopping list allows you to store all your wishlist items in one location and keep tabs on price changes. If you have an upcoming birthday or anniversary on the calendar, you can also see friends' wish lists (if they provide you access) for easy gift shopping.

2. Know how to find the best deals

Amazon’s shopping pages are broken down into easy to shop sections that provide you access to the best daily deals, even outside of the Prime Day-like sale. Under the Deals Store tab, you’ll find each section filled with limited-time offers.

  • Deals of the Day: Here you’ll find a large selection of items that have been marked down for 24 hours — however, when the clock strikes midnight, prices (almost always) go back up.

  • Lightning Deals: These time-limited sales last for just a few hours, while supplies last. Keep track of the progress bar because once it reaches 100 per cent or time runs out, the discount is over. Prime members receive access to these deals 30 minutes before the public.

  • Coupons: Get the best prices on the items you know and love with an ever-changing selection of coupons.

  • Prime Early Access deals: Perfect for people who want to avoid the chaos of the Prime Early Access Sale, Amazon's early deals section includes a wide assortment of products that are already marked down to their Prime Day prices.

  • Prime-Exclusive Deals: Even beyond the two-day sale, Prime members have access to exclusive deals not available to non-Prime members.

3. Use price comparison sites

While Amazon may have the largest marketing budget, that doesn't necessarily mean it will have the best deals.

In Canada, for example, Best Buy Canada, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Wayfair and Canadian Tire are all likely to host their own rival sale events. And while competing retailers may not offer Amazon's coveted one or two-day shipping, their prices may be worth the extra wait time.

A price comparison website will allow you to compare and filter products based on several metrics, including features, reviews, and of course, the bottom dollar.

Below, you can find several popular price comparison websites to test out ahead of the Prime Early Access Sale.

Stock up on basics this Amazon Prime Early Access Sale and save on brands like Tide, Cottonelle, Fleecy, and Mrs. Meyer's (Photos via Amazon)

4. Stock up on basics

While you may have your sights set on a new 4K smart TV or pair of Apple Airpods, the Prime Early Access Sale is a prime opportunity to stock up on all the everyday unsexy essentials: Toilet paper, laundry detergent, coffee pods — you get the gist.

To shop the nitty-gritty basics, there are three key departments you'll want to keep tabs on (found on the left-hand side, under "All" and "Shop by Department":

  1. Home, Garden, Pets & Tools

  2. Grocery & Whole Foods Market

  3. Health & Beauty

This is where you'll find everything from dish soap and toothpaste to the coffee pods that will help fuel your Prime shopping spree.

How to spot a scam: Read the reviews (Photo via Getty)

5. Know how to detect fake reviews and scams

While the bulk of Amazon sellers and products are trusted name brands, that's not to say the retailer isn't without its fake reviews, sketchy sellers, and scams.

Amazon Prime Early Access deals are like anything else — if they look too good to be true, they probably are.

Let's go back to our AirPods as an example. Apple will never have a sale of, let's say, 50 per cent off. They just won't. You may find refurbished or open-box products for half-off, but authentic, brand-new Apple products will rarely be more than 10-25 per cent off. If you see a discount higher than that, lead with caution, not optimism.

Scam-spotting websites like Fakespot use AI technology to weed out scam artists and filter products by reviewer legitimacy.

An easy way to spot a scam: Read the reviews — the bad ones. If a product has hundreds of seemingly-perfect five-star reviews, but its one-and-two-star ratings repeatedly mention that something is off: Take note. As the saying goes: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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Killexams : How to get four months of FREE Amazon Prime perk – simple trick takes seconds

AMAZON is giving away four months of its Spotify rival for free.

It means you can listen to Amazon Music Unlimited without paying a penny.

You can get four months of free Amazon Music right now


You can get four months of free Amazon Music right nowCredit: Amazon

Normally you'd only get a month-long trial.

After that, you'd have to start paying £8.99 a month indefinitely (or £9.99 if you don't have an Amazon Prime subscription).

But Amazon is now giving away four free months of the service in a "limited-time only" offer.

The catch is that the offer is only available to new subscribers.

That means if you've already bought Amazon Music Unlimited before, you won't be able to enjoy the deal.

You also need to be an existing Amazon Prime member.

If you're not a Prime member, you'll only get three months free – although that's still nothing to sniff at.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a direct rival to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

It gets you a larger roster of on-demand tracks without any ads interrupting playback.

You can listen to as many songs as you like in any order.

And there's offline listening with unlimited skips too.

If you've got an Amazon Echo, you can also use Amazon Music Unlimited to enjoy hands-free playback via Alexa.

The offer is available right now, and runs through to October 13.

Once the four-month trial is complete, the subscription will automatically review.

It'll cost you £9.99 a month – or £8.99 if you're a Prime member.

All prices in this article were correct at the time of writing, but may have since changed.

Always do your own research before making any purchases.

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Killexams : Amazon deals

* This post contains affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you use them.

Amazon has impressive deals right now!

Subscription Offers

Prime Membership Benefits

Benefits of Prime Membership:

* Free 1 to 2-day shipping depending on the item, free same day delivery in many areas

* Prime Video with access to thousands of movies, shows and originals

* Amazon Music with access to more than 2 million songs, podcasts and more

* Prime memorizing with access to over 1,000 e-books, magazines and more

* Prime Gaming with access to free games

* Exclusive deals like Prime Day, early access on Lightning Deals, push notifications

* Prescription Savings through Amazon Pharmacy

* Photo storage so you can back up your photos and videos

* Grocery delivery through Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh


Amazon Fresh 2-Hour Delivery

Prime Members get free Amazon Fresh 2 hour delivery (with min. purchase) on groceries, wine, beer, Amazon Devices, toys, games, crafts, decor and more!

The sale prices listed in this post were valid at the time of the post. If the price you see on the Amazon website is different than the price listed here, that means that the deal has sold out or is no longer available. This post is not a certain of price.

As an Amazon Associate, Smart Spending Resources may earn a commission from qualifying purchases.

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Killexams : Trick or treat! These affordable Halloween decorations start at just $10 on Amazon

These affordable Halloween decorations start at just $10.

As October rolls on, now is your time to get started on Halloween decorating (that is, if you haven't already). Whether you're someone who loves to go all-out on your home, or prefer to keep things minimalist, there's no denying how fun it is getting into the spooky season.

To help you get ready, I spent some time digging around on Amazon Canada and found the best decor for indoors and outdoors. No matter if you want simple decor or over-the-top, there's something here for you.

Grab the top Halloween decor from Amazon today and get into the holiday spirit. Keep memorizing to shop our top picks below — staring at just $10.

Halloween 3D Bats Decoration 60 PCS. Image via Amazon.

These 3D bats are perfect for dressing your house up this month. With adhesive strips, they are easy to stick just about anywhere.

$10 at Amazon

Skeleton Head Jewelry Box. Image via Amazon.

A multipurpose jewelry box that can be used a decor piece while still using it to store jewelry or other small items. If you're looking for chic Halloween decor this year, this jewelry box is it.

$20 at Amazon

Witch Leg Wreath. Image via Amazon.

If you're looking to deck up your door, try this funky witch leg wreath this year. It's got ribbons, maple leaves, pumpkins and hats that'll bring your door to life. Besides doors, it's also perfect for windows or walls.

$33 at Amazon

2 Pack Halloween Chandelier. Image via Amazon.

Halloween chandeliers can be the perfect addition to your decor this year, giving some dimension to your decorated space. Made with thick cardboard and glitter, all you have to do is tape them into place.

$16 $20 at Amazon

Boo Wall Decor. Image via Amazon.

A simple yet fun wall decor that can tie your Halloween decor together. Whether you hang it on its own or with other decor items, it works with just about anything.

$15 at Amazon

Halloween Wooden Centerpiece. Image via Amazon.

Get into the Halloween spirit with this adorable centerpiece. Take it with you to your office, put it on a counter, or dining table for a piece the entire family will love.

$16 at Amazon

5 Pack Halloween Decorations Set. Image via Amazon.

If you're throwing a Halloween party, this set is a must-have set to add some punch to your event. It's classic Halloween decor that can cover all the spots from tables, walls and mantels.

$17 $22 at Amazon

Halloween Pillow Covers 16x16 inch Set of 4. Image via Amazon.

These trendy pillow covers make for stylish decor indoors or outdoors. This set includes four pillow covers to add some spooky decor to every room.

$30 at Amazon

Plush Gnomes (2-Pack). Image via Amazon.

Symbolizing good luck, these Halloween edition plush gnomes can make for a cute edition to your decor indoors or outdoors.

$18 $23 at Amazon

Halloween String Lights. Image via Amazon.

Bring your house to life with some bright lights this year. This string includes purple and orange Halloween colours that will add ambience to your decor.

$22 $25 at Amazon

Apsung 275'' Halloween Spider Web. Image via Amazon.

For those that really want to get into the Halloween spirit, try this giant decor for your yard. Your house will be a must-see in your neighbourhood thanks to this set that comes with two large spiders, 18 small spiders, and a long spider web.

$20 $30 at Amazon

Hanging Witch Decoration. Image via Amazon

If you're going for that "scary house" look, this hanging witch is a must-have. It's 84 inches in height with sound effects and voice control so you can have some fun with the trick-or-treaters this year.

$59 at Amazon

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