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PCNSE Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) PAN-OS 10

PCNSE - Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer

The test covers the following topics:


Deploy and Configure


Configuration Troubleshooting

Core Concepts

The test covers the following topics:

Next-Generation Security Platform and Architecture

Firewall Configuration

Security and NAT Policies




URL Filtering

Monitoring and Reporting

Security Best Practices

Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE) PAN-OS 10
Palo-Alto Certified education
Killexams : Palo-Alto Certified education - BingNews Search results Killexams : Palo-Alto Certified education - BingNews Killexams : Palo Alto Networks CEO warns companies need modern, integrated cybersecurity: 'The bad actors are moving faster'
Companies need 2-3 year road maps to modernize and create an AI stack: Palo Alto Networks CEO

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Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora told CNBC's Jim Cramer on Monday that companies need integrated, modernized cybersecurity systems in order to protect themselves from "bad actors" who are getting faster at gaining access to sensitive information.

Arora said the problem isn't that companies lack cybersecurity vendors. Rather, their security infrastructure may consist of a complicated assortment of vendors, some of which are outdated.

"Listen, you need to have a two-, three-year road map to try and modernize all of that. Put that in some sort of an AI stack, so you can actually do this in more real time. Because, the bad actors are moving faster," he said. It used to take days to hack into systems, Arora added, but now it can occur within a matter of hours.

"It's important for us to make sure we're ready to deflect the stuff in hours, not in days," Arora continued. "And that requires sort of a modernization. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to spend more money. It just means you have to spend it smartly."

The Securities and Exchange Commission released new guidelines late last month that require companies to report a "material" security breach within four days from when the breach is confirmed. Notable companies like copper miner Freeport-McMoRan, cosmetics maker Estee Lauder and consumer products manufacturer Clorox were recently hit with cybersecurity breaches.

"You really don't want to be exposed, telling the SEC that you have been breached, you haven't fixed it yet," Arora said. "So, one of the things which all of us will have to make sure, is that customers can fix these things much faster."

Palo Alto Networks' stock surged nearly 15% on Monday, likely driven by a Friday after-hours earnings report that showed the company's revenue increased 26% compared with the year-earlier quarter. Revenue came in at $1.95 billion, slightly below $1.96 billion consensus estimates, according to Refinitiv. The company reported adjusted quarterly earnings per share of $1.44, beating the Refinitiv consensus of $1.28 per share.

Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora goes one-on-one with Jim Cramer

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Killexams : Palo Verde Elementary No result found, try new keyword!Palo Verde Elementary is a public school located in Palo Alto, CA, which is in a small city setting. The student population of Palo Verde Elementary is 337 and the school serves K-5. At Palo Verde ... Wed, 16 Aug 2023 11:59:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Palo Alto Networks: Despite Impressive Rally, Still Undervalued No result found, try new keyword!Palo Alto Networks' stock impressively outperforms market, predicted to show strong earnings and future growth. Click here to read why PANW stock is a Strong Buy. Mon, 14 Aug 2023 02:00:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Palo Alto Networks soars 15% after earnings report. What the pros say to do next

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Killexams : With visitors on the rise, Palo Alto eyes safety improvements at Foothills Nature Preserve

When Palo Alto expanded access to Foothills Park in December 2020, nature lovers leapt at the chance to visit the pristine preserve, which was formerly limited to the city's residents and their visitors.

According to city staff, about 202,000 visitors went to what is now known as Foothills Nature Preserve in 2022, about 40% more than the historic average. Whether families gathering by Boronda Lake, sightseers snapping photos on Vista Hill, runners huffing along Los Trancos Trail or picnickers congregating at the Oak Grove area, the nature preserve has seen a boost in popularity.

More visitors, however, also means more demand for parking, more speeding vehicles and more pedestrians straying off the official paths and into sensitive areas, according to city staff.

These problems are at the heart of Palo Alto's latest improvement project at Foothills Nature Preserve, an effort that includes new crosswalks and stop signs, increased fencing along trails and reconfigured parking at Boronda Lake and Vista Hill.

The plan has been in the works for more than two years, a product of meetings by a stakeholder group that included, among others, the nonprofits organizations Grassroots Ecology, Friends of Foothills Park, and the Stanford University Haas Center for Public Service. The Parks and Recreation Commission, which discussed the improvements at its meeting Tuesday night, Aug. 22, also had two representatives on the group.

Daren Anderson, assistant director in the Community Services Department, said the recent uptick in visitations has underscored the need for improving safety conditions in the preserve, where drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are currently forced to share relatively narrow roads.

Staff are also concerned about the number of people walking off trails, a problem that they've tried to solve by installing temporary barriers.

While these stakes and ropes proved somewhat effective, Anderson said the city needs a long-term way to protect the sensitive areas.

"We need real split rail that stays up and fits in aesthetically," Anderson said.

A key component in the package of improvements is a creation of a new pedestrian path that will stretch from the west end of the nature preserve to the east and roughly run along the length of the existing road.

The path would go from the Oak Grove Picnic Area in the west to Lake Boronda in the east, according to a map provided by the city. A separate path, just north Boronda Lake, would allow pedestrians to easily walk from the lake to Vista Hill in the north part of the preserve.

Peter Jensen, landscape architect with the Public Works Department, said the goal is to "create a defined and continuous pathway" through the park,

"Right now, mostly people who are walking through it go down the road and it's just not setting up the best circumstances," Jensen said at the meeting.

Most of the changes center on the area around Boronda Lake, which is the most popular parking area in the park. In addition to installing the split-rail fencing and making two new pathways that will connect the lake to Vista Hill and Oak Grove Picnic Area, the city is preparing to create a parking lot near the northern portion of the lake with 19 stalls.

Because this lot would be set back from the main entry points to the lake, a pathway will be added to make pedestrian access easier.

The new lots will replace most of the parking spots that previously existed along the side of the road but that the city has eliminated in the past two years to Boost safety and protect sensitive areas.

The new configuration would take the total number of parking spots from 355 to 360 spaces, though that's still shy of the roughly 400 spots that existed before 2020.

According to a report from Anderson, most of the parking reductions occurred at the entrance to the preserve and in areas where the road is too narrow to accommodate parking.

Other components of the new Foothills plan aim to slow down cars. The city plans to paint crosswalks and put up stop signs near Boronda Lake. It will also install speed bumps along the main road, in areas where long straightaways make the roads inviting for speeders.

One such area, west of Boronda Lake, will also see new curbs dividing the road from the pedestrian path.

"I think this is going to really aid and address that speeding-vehicle issue," Anderson said of the various traffic-calming measures.

The commission broadly supported the proposal, which will still require City Council approval before the city goes out to bid on a contractor.

Some members proposed other ideas, including stricter time limitations on parking at Vista Hill and other high-traffic areas and narrowing of some road. But the commission generally agreed that the approach proposed by the stakeholder group and adopted by staff will Boost conditions in the nature preserve.

"I look at this as a little bit of an investment to maintain that natural environment with the increased visitation, knowing it's part of a multi-pronged approach," Vice Chair Amanda Brown said. "We have these physical changes, but it is also complemented by the education and enforcement done by our park ranger staff, and we appreciate that."

Commissioner Anne Cribbs, who had previously served on the Foothills stakeholder group, concurred and encouraged the city to also consider improvements to the Interpretive Center at the preserve.

She lauded the efforts by environmental advocates and city officials in advancing the proposed improvements, which the city plans to implement over the next year.

"It's really wonderful to see this come from where it started and the work that has been done by so many people — the stakeholders and the community," Cribbs said.

Chair Jeff Greenfield, a member of the stakeholder group, also supported the plan, though he noted that the removal of roadside parking near Boronda Lake will require some visitors to do a little more walking after they park.

"We'll provide more parking for people overall but it's not quite as convenient as in the past," Greenfield said. "I expect there will be some frustration for visitors who were able to park at the edge of the lake but not anymore."

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Killexams : Palo Alto Unified teachers and staff get 7% raises

Teachers and other staff at the Palo Alto Unified School District are getting 7% raises under an agreement reached Tuesday, Palo Alto OnLine reported.

The raises are retroactive to the start of the academic year, the website reported. They are also larger than raises given in previous rounds of bargaining.

In a separate vote Tuesday, district trustees also unanimously approved 5% raises, plus 2% one-time payments, for each of the district’s six top administrators: the superintendent, deputy superintendent, chief business officer, assistant superintendent of equity and student affairs, assistant superintendent of education services, secondary, and assistant superintendent of education services, elementary.

“I think they’re healthy raises that reflect the economic conditions of both the district and the marketplace,” board member Todd Collins said.

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Killexams : A Year Later, Palo Alto Is Still A Hold
Palo Alto Networks



As a dividend growth investor, I seek new investment opportunities in income-producing assets. I often add to my existing positions when I find them attractive. I also use market volatility to my advantage by starting new positions to diversify my holdings and

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Killexams : Crime and Public Safety

Jason Green is a breaking news reporter for the Bay Area News Group. He works week nights and spends most of his time covering crime and public safety; reviews videogames now and then, too. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, with a BA in Communication; and the University of Southern California with a MA in Print Journalism.

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Killexams : Palo Alto Networks CEO addresses Friday earnings experiment: ‘Lesson learnt’

Lesson learnt :)

— Nikesh Arora, Palo Alto Networks CEO

After spooking Wall Street for weeks with its plans to report earnings after Friday’s closing bell, Palo Alto Networks Inc.’s mysterious move turned out to be much ado about nothing. 

Some analysts were fearing trouble at Palo Alto Networks PANW, +0.47%, especially after fellow cybersecurity company Fortinet Inc. FTNT, +1.49% delivered a downbeat report earlier in the cycle and Palo Alto teased that its own call would last about two hours. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives didn’t mince words in his preview note, writing that the decision to post results late Friday was “one of the biggest PR disasters and black eyes we have seen in decades of covering tech.”

See also: Why is Palo Alto Networks reporting earnings Friday afternoon? The strange timing draws speculation.

Going back to 2018, only one member of the S&P 500 index SPX posted earnings on a Friday, according to Dow Jones Market Data. That was Nike Inc. NKE, -2.67% in December 2020, and while the report from Nike brought good news, Wall Street was still fearful headed into Palo Alto Networks’ report given the unconventional scheduling.

But results turned out to be fine, as Palo Alto beat earnings expectations and largely topped estimates with its guidance.

Palo Alto Networks shares sunk about 18% between when the company announced its earnings date, toward the start of the month, and Friday’s close, before the release came out. That selloff came during a period when tech stocks in general were under pressure, though the Nasdaq 100 index NDX was down only about 6% in the period.

Shares of Palo Alto Networks rallied sharply after the latest results, however, up more than 11% in Friday’s extended session.

Palo Alto Networks Chief Executive Nikesh Arora suggested on the earnings call that he thought the company had been clear enough in its rationale for the Friday afternoon timing.

“We apologize to people who are inconvenienced,” he said at the top of his prepared remarks, according to a transcript provided by AlphaSense/Sentieo. “But as we had mentioned in our press release, we wanted to supply ample time to analysts to have one-on-one calls with us over the weekend, and we have a sales conference that kicks off on Sunday. We want to make sure all of our information was disclosed out there.”

He added some more lighthearted remarks, including to say that the company “enjoyed the attention” and that analyst reports that speculated on the timing “made for some very interesting reading.” Arora said that analysts might tell future mentees about the unusual Friday event, which came out of the company’s “sort of misdirected sense of trying to get you guys to go do this over the weekend for us.”

Arora shared on X, the service formerly known as Twitter, that 5,500 people had dialed into the company’s call about two hours into it, whereas average attendance over the past five years was about 1,000.

But would the company do it all again? Presumably not, he suggested.

Wallace Witkowski contributed reporting.

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Killexams : Palo Alto Networks Inc.

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