All tips and tricks of HPE0-S55 exam are provided here is a reliable and dependable company that offers HPE0-S55 examination questions along with 100% pass assurance. You have in order to practice HPE0-S55 questions with regard to one day in order to score well inside the Delta - Designing HPE Server Solutions exam. Your own real task within HPE0-S55 exam, actually starts with HPE0-S55 cram this is the particular great and legitimate.

Exam Code: HPE0-S55 Practice test 2022 by team
HPE0-S55 Delta - Designing HPE Server Solutions

Exam ID : HPE0-S55
Exam type : Proctored
Exam duration : 1 hour
Exam length : 40 questions
Passing score : 65%
Delivery languages : English
Supporting resources : These recommended resources help you prepare for the exam:
Designing HPE Server Solutions, Rev. 18.11

The Minimally Qualified Candidate (MQC) for Server Architect at the Accredited System Engineer (ASE) level has advanced knowledge of HPE solutions and underlying technologies, which include CPU, memory, disk, power, networking, management subsystems, data center environments, and multi-site configurations. The typical MQC will have worked in the IT industry in an HPE server environment for at least 18 to 36 months.

Complete the training and review all course materials and documents before you take the exam. Use HPE Press study guides and additional reference materials; study guides, practice tests, and HPE books. Exam items are based on expected knowledge acquired from job experience, an expected level of industry standard knowledge, or other prerequisites (events, supplemental materials, etc.). Successful completion of the course or study materials alone, does not ensure you will pass the exam.

55% Plan and Design Solutions
Based on the customers goal, determine the appropriate information to gather from the customer.
Given a scenario, determine an appropriate tool to size, specify, or build a solution.
Given a scenario, describe how to generate the customer proposal (for example, Bill of Materials, TCO Report, diagrams, Quote, third-party items, power and cooling statistics).
Given a scenario, identify potential design issues with the customers existing environment.
Determine under which circumstances an architect would propose specific industry standard server, storage, network architectures and technologies.
Given a customers long-term vs short-term needs, determine a solution with a possible upgrade path.
Given a scenario, describe the service offerings that meet the business and IT objectives.
Analyze customer information to determine the gap between the existing customer environment and the documented customer needs.
Compare and contrast available HA and DR solutions, match them with the customers business needs, and available budget.
Provide a rationale for a product line within a given solution.
Given a scenario, map the solution benefits to the original customer requirements and respond to customer objections raised by key stakeholders.

20% Install, Configure, and Set Up, Solutions
Evaluate the customer environment to determine POC suitability. (site specific/scenario based)
Analyze the success criteria and proposed POC solution to determine the gap between them.
Describe the steps for implementing the design.
Determine how the design achieves the customers technical requirements and highlight additional improvements identified during design implementation.

10% Troubleshoot Solutions
Given a customer problem, determine an appropriate resolution path.
Explain how to use the appropriate tools to identify a problem.
Describe the correlation between a remediation and its predicted outcome.

15% Manage, Monitor, and Maintain Solutions
Given a customer situation, identify the appropriate management tool to use.
Describe the steps for performing common management tasks.
Interpret collected data for lifecycle management operations.
Interpret collected data to optimize performance and availability.

Delta - Designing HPE Server Solutions
HP Designing learner
Killexams : HP Designing learner - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Designing learner - BingNews Killexams : HPE to ship a dedicated inference server for the edge

Later this month, HP Enterprise will ship what looks to be the first server aimed specifically at AI inferencing for machine learning.

Machine learning is a two-part process, training and inferencing. Training is usign powerful GPUs from Nvidia and AMD or other high-performance chips to “teach” the AI system what to look for, such as image recognition.

Inference answers if the subject is a match for trained models. A GPU is overkill for that task, and a much lower power processor can be used.

Enter Qualcomm's Cloud AI100 chip, which is designed for artificial intelligence on the edge. It has up to 16 "AI cores" and supports FP16, INT8, INT16, FP32 data formats, all of which are used in inferencing. These are not custom Arm processors, they are entirely new SoCs designed for inferencing.

The AI100 is a part of the HPE Edgeline EL8000 edge gateway system that integrates compute, storage, and management in a single edge device. Inference workloads are often larger in scale and often require low-latency and high-throughput to enable real-time results.

The HPE Edgeline EL8000 is a 5U system that supports up to four independent server blades clustered using dual-redundant chassis-integrated switches. Its little brother, the HPE Edgeline EL8000t is a 2U design supports two independent server blades.

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Killexams : The 5 best desktops for graphic design: Top rigs for creatives

Processor - Intel Xeon Bronze 3204; GPU - AMD Radeon Pro WX 3200; 16GB memory, 256GB solid-state drive; Ports - 2x USB-C, 8x USB-A, 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 1x SD card slot, 1x headphone, 1 microphone, 1 line-out, 2x PS/2, 1x Serial; Dimensions - 433x218x566mm, 20.4Kg

As well as its attractive OptiPlex all-in-one systems, Dell also makes a range of workstations with more conventional designs. The recently updated Precision 7920 sits right at the top of the range, is available in either tower or rack configurations, and is aimed at virtual reality, 3D graphics and AI applications.

Customers in the US get five pre-built tower configurations (with some latest price cuts), starting at $2,219 for an entry-level 1.9GHz Xeon Bronze 3204-based system with 16GB of RAM, a 500GB 7,200rpm hard disk and an AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 graphics card with 2GB of dedicated video RAM. The top-end pre-built system in the US runs Ubuntu Linux on dual 3GHz Xeon Gold 5217 processors, with 192GB of RAM, 256GB of SSD storage and an Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000 graphics card with 24GB of dedicated video RAM. This 'science'-oriented variant is considerably more expensive -- $13,809 to be exact.

Dell's UK website lists one primary Precision 7920 configuration, which costs £2,602.82 (ex. VAT; £3,123.38 inc. VAT). This has a six-core 1.9GHz Xeon Bronze 3204 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB 7,200rpm hard drive, and an AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 graphics card. The dual-Xeon 'science' model costs £9,186.02 (ex. VAT; £11,023.22 inc. VAT) in the UK.

These configurations are just the starting point, though: in both the US and the UK, Dell provides dozens of build-your-own options for customising the Precision 7920. Max these out, and you can easily end up in six-figure territory.


  • Great configuration options
  • Great for 3D modeling and animation


  • Pricey at higher configurations
  • Not for Linux beginners
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Killexams : We Would Rather Buy A Muscle Car Than These British Sports Cars No result found, try new keyword!There are a few iconic British brands that should always be mentioned when looking for a new sports car. These brands include the likes of Jaguar, Aston Martin, and even McLaren. While these sports ... Fri, 05 Aug 2022 10:30:13 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Here are the best webcams if your are a working professional

New Delhi: Webcams have grown in popularity over the last two years. Everyone uses a teleconferencing service, whether it's for seminars and conferences, group calls with coworkers, online learning, or even contacting doctors for medical issues.

While smartphones have good cameras, they aren't ideal for learning or collaborating on professional projects, so most people use a webcam with their computer. Investing in a good webcam with a clear microphone and a camera sensor that provides high quality and fast frame rates can also help your chats run more smoothly.

The following choices offer good video quality:

MAXHUB UC M40 360-Degree

The UC M40 combines four 4K cameras to form a 360-degree camera, as well as speakers and voice-tracking microphones. As a result, the design appears both portable and stylish. The camera also does not require any external devices or time-consuming setup. According to MAXHUB, this results in a high level of performance and ease of use. Furthermore, the new MAXHUB UC M40 combines 4-lens precision with intelligent speaker tracking to provide a truly immersive 360-degree meeting experience. The UC M40 also has a robust feature set that makes operation simple. Its 360-degree panoramic wide-angle view places everyone at the table in the centre of the screen. Furthermore, its 5MP 4-lens camera captures every meeting participant's face clearly and without distortion. Additionally, the one-tap mode switching and LED voice location indicator turn even the most difficult spaces into productive meeting places.

Price in India: 89,999/-


Elgato is best known for its capture cards and streaming equipment, but the company's most latest product announcement puts it ahead of every other web camera vendor. The Elgato Facecam features a Sony STARVIS back-illuminated CMOS sensor and an 8-element low-dispersion glass lens with an aperture of f/2.4, 82-degree field of view, and 2.4-cm focal length. When there are too many direct light sources, anti-glare coatings are applied to the lens elements to prevent lens flares. The majority of the processing occurs within the webcam, putting the computer to which the camera is connected under minimal strain. The Facecam uses a USB Type-C interface because it can output uncompressed YUV video for those who are interested.

Price in India: 27,936/-


The Elgato Facecam shares the same Sony STARVIS back-illuminated CMOS sensor as the Dell UltraSharp Webcam. It has an 8.3-megapixel resolution and can output videos at up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. There is an AI-powered auto framing feature that keeps the subject in focus at all times, and you can switch the FOV between three presets - 65, 78, and 90 degrees. The mounting clip is easy to use and detachable. For added versatility, you can mount the webcam on a tripod. Because there is no built-in microphone, you must use a separate microphone or a headset with a microphone. In addition, a privacy cap is included in the box.

Price in India: 18,000/-


The Logitech C930e is a high-end webcam with a more business-oriented design for PCs, Macs, Linux, and Chromebooks. It costs four times as much as the Logitech C270 or even the Lenovo 300, but it outperforms both in terms of video quality and functionality. The C930e features a 3-megapixel camera sensor with a 90-degree field of vision and the ability to record video at up to 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second (field of view). You can even zoom in four times with the included software. Furthermore, the front panel of the camera assembly is made of glass rather than plastic, resulting in significantly sharper video and picture output. It has a built-in stereo microphone system with two dual Omni-directional microphones on each side.

Price in India: 9,733/-

HP W200

The HP w200 camera is on par with the other low-cost webcams on this list. The only statistic available is the video resolution, which can reach 720p at 30 frames per second. On their website, HP does not specify the resolution of the camera sensor. The focal length of the camera is fixed, as it is with most other web cameras in this price range. The camera lens has a 72-degree FOV, which is comparable to the Logitech C270 and Lenovo C300 webcams. According to HP, the HP w200 comes with two microphones. The main body of the webcam tilts up and down by 180 degrees, as does the mounting clip.

Price in India: 2,499/-

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Killexams : Best Prime Day Chromebook deals still available in 2022
Prime Day 2022 Chromebook deals graphic.

Prime Day has been and gone already, with some killer Prime Day deals seen. But if you missed out on the event don’t despair as there are still some great deals floating around today. We’ve rounded up all the very best Prime Day Chromebook deals right here, so you don’t need to hunt anywhere else! None of these Chromebook deals quite right for you? Why not check out our pick of the best Prime Day laptop deals? Or perhaps you’re in the market for a gaming laptop, in which case our pick of Prime Day gaming laptop deals is the place to be.

See All Prime Day Chromebook Deals

Lenovo Chromebook 3 — $79, was $139

Lenovo - Chromebook 3 11 Chromebook - AMD A6 - 4GB Memory - 32GB eMMC Flash Memory - Onyx Black

They wouldn’t be Prime Day Chromebook deals if they didn’t include the Lenovo Chromebook 3, as it’s one of the most popular and often-discounted Chromebooks on the market. The reason for its popularity isn’t just it’s affordability but also the value it brings to such a low price point. Like all of the best laptops and best Chromebooks, the Lenovo Chromebook 3 is made to make your computing life fast, convenient, and fun. It’s made to suit the needs of modern computer users, while keeping its design and user experience as simple as possible to keep its price low.

With access to thousands of apps, built-in virus protection, and even cloud backups, the Lenovo Chromebook 3 is the perfect device for living in a digital world. It’s a secure, fast, and simple way to go about your daily computing needs, and things like built-in cloud support allows you to save your files to your Google Drive account for secure access wherever you go. Lenovo has managed to pack a lot of capability into this Chromebook while keeping it a super light 2.42 pounds and 0.67 inch of thickness. That leaves a lot of room in your backpack, and takes a lot of weight off your walk to class or the coffee shop. Some people may need the computing power only a laptop can offer, and if you aren’t certain where your needs sit, you can check out our Chromebooks vs. laptops guide.

With Prime Day laptop deals available, you could also contrast the Chromebook 3 against Lenovo’s best ThinkPad laptops, which are higher-end laptops that make the price point of the Lenovo Chromebook 3 seem almost unbelievable. The Chromebook 3 is also a great option for diving into some binge-watching. You can break it in with some of the best new movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and more, and if you’re ready to put it to more collaborative use, it has a built-in HD webcam that makes it easy to video chat with friends, family, and even creative collaborators and colleagues.

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HP 11.6-inch Chromebook — $98, was $225

Woman sits at desk using a HP 11.6-inch Chromebook.

If you’re still learning about what a Chromebook is and how it can Strengthen your life, it makes sense to keep things cheap. In the case of the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook, you’re getting an ideal starter Chromebook that offers much of what would be needed from the best student Chromebooks right down to a robust design. While the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook keeps things super simple and basic, it has all the essentials you need for working while on the move without having to worry about needing a Windows-based machine.

Hardware-wise, you get an AMD A4 processor along with 4GB of memory. That’s basic stuff that Windows 11 would struggle with but ChromeOS has no trouble flourishing here. Alongside that, there’s 32GB of eMMC storage which is the minimum you need but just fine for Chromebooks. That’s because all your files and even your apps will be accessed via the cloud so there’s simply no need to have much storage space other than what’s needed to install ChromeOS. As well as that, there’s an 11.6-inch HD display. The display offers anti-glare properties and 220 nits of brightness so it can deal with a little brightness when out and about as needed.

The highlight of the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook, however, is its build quality. It’s built with students in mind as well as anyone who may find themselves running into accidents with their gadgets. That’s because it’s built to last. It is 122cm drop tested which is higher than most desks. That means if you drop it from a height, it will be fine thanks to its metal-reinforced corners. Alongside that, it can handle a splash from a drink or a tugged power cord too. It’s also capable of resisting spills and any attempts to remove its keys. The latter could prove extra useful when younger children use it, while the robust nature and spill-resistant design make the HP 11.6-inch Chromebook a good choice for anyone seeking out the best laptops for college.

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Acer Chromebook 315 — $119, was $249

A front view of an Acer Chromebook 315 on a white background.

When checking out the difference between Chromebooks and laptops, you’ll notice a lot of it comes down to different hardware, with ChromeOS relying on older and slower specs than Windows. The Acer Chromebook 315 15.6-inch partially bucks that trend. While it may have limited storage space, everything else about it is more in line with what one would expect from a Windows-based laptop, meaning you get decent speeds in conjunction with ChromeOS. It also looks like a conventional laptop and offers a respectable 15.6-inch HD display with anti-glare properties, and reasonably narrow borders, so you’ve got more room to see what you’re doing while you work.

As well as the reasonable aesthetics, the Acer Chromebook 315 15.6-inch also sports an Intel Celeron N4000 processor along with 4GB of memory. As anticipated, there’s only 32GB of eMMC storage but that’s sufficient for running ChromeOS with the expectation being that your files and apps are stored on the cloud. It’s reasonably speedy for this price range too, thanks to the processor, with a boot time of about eight seconds. Thanks to its larger size, there’s also room for an integrated numeric keypad which you don’t always see on cheaper Chromebooks. If you need to enter plenty of figures, it’s a real time saver.

The well-thought-out features keep on coming too. For instance, the Acer Chromebook 315 15.6-inch promises a battery life of 12.5 hours so you can easily work all day long without needing to take your power cable with you. The Acer Chromebook 315 15.6-inch is useful to hook up accessories with too, as it has two USB-C ports along with two USB 3.1 ports, and a microSD slot to expand storage or so you can plug in cards from cameras and other devices too. There’s also a front-facing webcam with a resolution of 720p for any time you need to take a video call. Weighing 3.59 pounds, the Acer Chromebook 315 15.6-inch isn’t the lightest Chromebook out there but with its sizeable keyboard and screen, it’s a great way of feeling like you’re getting more for your money, making it one of the best Prime Day Chromebook deals around.

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Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook — $319, was $396

Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook on a desk.

Lenovo is one of the best laptop brands around and that trend continues when it comes to Chromebooks. The Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook is a delight to use in laptop, tablet, or tent mode, and one of the best Prime Day Chromebook deals. It looks great, has the benefits of a touchscreen, and backs that up with some reliable specifications. If you’re looking for a more high-end Chromebook that’s still perfectly portable, this is an ideal option to pursue.

The 13.3-inch touchscreen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, with narrow bezels and wide viewing angles, so you can see more of what’s going on while enjoying the benefits of a touchscreen, without distraction. It has a 360 degrees flip and fold design so you can easily switch it between laptop mode or tent mode, or even use it as a tablet. That 13-inch screen and slim design mean it’s pretty lightweight, ideal for productivity or entertainment on the go.

Fast boot-up times are guaranteed here as the Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook offers up an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor as well as 8GB of memory. It also boasts 64GB of SSD storage, with a microSD card slot, should you need more space for your files and apps.

The Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook looks great in a deep Abyss Blue shade, while including all the essentials when it comes to ports. It supports Wi-Fi 6 so you get more reliable Wi-Fi speeds and connections, plus Bluetooth 5. There’s a built-in webcam, too, so you can easily take video calls, and it has a physical privacy shutter that you can close for security when you’re not on a call. Movies and shows sound great thanks to user-facing stero speakers and a built-in amp certified by Waves Audio — in fact, these sound surprisingly loud and clear for a Chromebook, for an immersive experience.

With up to 10 hours of battery life, the Lenovo Flex 5i 13 Chromebook packs a punch when it comes to performance and portability, with the added security that comes from using ChromeOS over Windows 11. Being able to use it as a tablet proves all the more useful if you can’t decide what kind of system you need most.

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Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 — $330, was $450

A red Samsung Galaxy Chromebook opened on a table.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 may have only landed earlier this year, but it’s been quite the hit since. It’s focused on making life easier for students but it works for anyone who simply wants a stylish 2-in-1 Chromebook that doesn’t weigh any more than it needs to. It has a delightful 12.4-inch display that promises slimmer bezels than the competition and a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Refreshingly, it also has a peak brightness of up to 340 nits. Of course, it’s a touchscreen display so the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 works just as well as a tablet as it does a Chromebook laptop. Such flexibility is instantly attractive if you can’t choose between the two devices, and you want the best of both worlds.

Underneath the stylish exterior is a decent set of hardware. You get an Intel Celeron N4500 processor along with 4GB of memory. Storage-wise, there’s a hefty 128GB of eMMC storage so you can store plenty of files away from the cloud if you prefer. A battery life of up to 10 hours also means you can use the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 all day long without a problem.

Much of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360’s success comes down to the finer details you’d ordinarily only see amongst the best Chromebooks. For instance, besides its 16:10 aspect ratio display, you also get a spill-resistant keyboard that has larger keycaps and an easier-to-use touchpad than much of the competition. Built to last, the Chromebook is shock-resistant, sturdy and durable while weighing 2.8 pounds and being just 0.66 inches thin. A 720p webcam proves useful while there are also two USB-C ports, a USB 3.2 port, as well as a microSD slot. Covering all the essentials, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 demonstrates that you can have style and practicality without necessarily spending a fortune. It’s a great way of embracing the ChromeOS way of doing things while still feeling like you have a device to show off to others and feel proud of.

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HP Chromebook 14b — $370, was $470

HP Chromebook 14b sits on a desk.

If none of the best Prime Day Macbook deals seem quite right for you, why not check out the HP Chromebook 14b? This is one of the best Prime Day Chromebook deals around, and it looks more like one of the best MacBooks than a Chromebook — an aesthetic we love. When someone has tried switching to a Chromebook, they sometimes feel like they’re missing out on cool looks and decent speeds. The HP Chromebook 14b corrects that by looking great and offering some key advantages over other Chromebooks. Crucially, while looking like a MacBook, it has an advantage over them — its 14-inch screen is a touchscreen so you can get more tactile with your work, giving you a different way of working over using your keyboard or trackpad.

The HP Chromebook 14b also offers some decent hardware for the price. It uses an AMD Athlon Silver 3050C processor and alongside that, you get 4GB of memory . There’s also generous storage with 64GB of eMMC ensuring you can even store a few files on the Chromebook itself rather than solely relying on cloud storage. The aforementioned touchscreen is pretty sweet too. It’s a Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 while including anti-glare properties and 250 nits of brightness. A cut above many other Chromebook displays, it’s nice to look at right down to its micro-edge design which means fewer bezels to get in the way.

The HP Chromebook 14b is also going to last you a while throughout the day. It has a long-lasting battery life of up to 10 hours and 45 minutes. The HP Chromebook 14b also offers up two USB-C ports, two USB Type-A ports, plus a microSD card reader for hooking up your camera or other devices. Finally, an HP Wide Vision 720p HD camera with integrated dual array digital microphones ensures the HP Chromebook 14b has everything you could need for getting work done while on the move, right down to video calls.

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Editors' Recommendations

Wed, 13 Jul 2022 14:21:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Govt striving to upgrade skills of Himachal youth: CM

Tribune News Service

Shimla, July 16

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur yesterday said that the government was making earnest efforts to enhance the skills of the youth of the state so that they could get more gainful employment and self-employment opportunities in various sectors. He presided over a programme organised by the HP Skill Development Corporation (HSDC) on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day here.

Thakur said that the government was committed to provide all possible assistance to the youth for their skill upgrade so that they could earn their livelihood in a better way. “The government has awarded contracts of Rs 545 crore under the Himachal Pradesh Skill Development Project while Asian Development Bank (ADB) has granted Rs 195 crore,” he added. Besides, a Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality and IT sectors was being established at Waknaghat in Solan district with the help of the ADB.

Thakur said that the HSDC had signed MoUs with government institutions and universities to provide training to about 16,000 youth in various fields such as artificial intelligence, web designing, machine learning. Besides, short-term up-skilling and multi-skilling training had been started through government industrial training institutes (IITs), he added.

The Chief Minister said that the HSDC had started the Navdharana programme for differently-abled persons to provide skill training to 300 candidates in the field of retail, tourism and hospitality. He added that the third phase of the programme was in progress and more than 16,200 youth had enrolled for it. In the third phase, more than 1,600 candidates had been trained, he added.

Sat, 16 Jul 2022 13:57:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : First Drive: Lucid’s All-Electric Air GTP Dominated Goodwood. Its 1,050 HP Mill Lives Up to the Hype.

Fresh from learning of its record-breaking run at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed, we got a chance to drive the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance (GTP) sedan near the EV automaker’s base in Northern California’s Silicon Valley. Positioned just below Lucid’s sold-out 1,111 hp Air Dream Edition, the Air GTP is powered by two electric motors that make a combined 1,050 hp and 921 ft lbs of torque. That output allows the all-electric four-door to sprint from zero to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds and reach the quarter-mile metric in 10.1 seconds.

While those numbers are shy of the Tesla Model S Plaid’s official specs of zero to 60 mph in 1.99 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 9.23 seconds, the Air GTP achieves an EPA-estimated range of 446 miles on a single charge. That’s a mark in the win column over Plaid’s 396-mile range. And this after Tesla announced last month it was pulling the plug on its Plaid+ model, which would have purportedly offered a range of 520 miles. But Lucid offers the latter range now in its 819 hp Air Grand Touring model.

The all-electric Lucid Air Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance sedans.

The 819 hp Air Grand Touring and 1,050 hp Air Grand Touring Performance from Lucid.  Lucid Group, Inc.

On a latest sunny day, we put the GTP’s launch control to the test with the help of racing driver Ben Collins—best known as “the Stig” on the erstwhile BBC series Top Gear. Collins, who first saw the Air on display in New York, was so impressed that he asked Lucid execs if he could help fly the proverbial company flag. Later, at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Collins was piloting the Air GTP when it became the fastest production car to race up the 1.16-mile hill climb with a time of 50.79 seconds.

“The power off the line was fairly unimaginable, unless you’ve played contact sports and can relate to impact,” Collins later wrote. “Handling-wise the brute proved to be sophisticated and agile.”

Back in California, it was one foot on the brake and one foot on the accelerator, simultaneously, with Collins coaching from the passenger seat. This move activates launch control, which cues a little bear icon (a nod to Lucid’s California roots) on the driver’s display. A quick release of the brake thrusts our GTP forward with face-scrunching, stomach-tickling velocity. Only a few shallow breaths—and one expletive—later, it’s time to hammer on the brakes, where the Air GTP slides to a stop in an impressive distance, considering its 5,250-pound curb weight. The acceleration test is over in a flash, but the feeling of one’s heart being firmly lodged in one’s mouth lingers for the rest of the morning.

The all-electric Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance on its way to setting a production-car speed record at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Lucid’s all-electric Air Grand Touring Performance sedan on its way to becoming the fastest production car at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed.  Lucid Group, Inc.

On the road drive that follows, we experience some of the Bay Area’s iconic arteries to the coast. We keep a fast pace around the serpentine stretches, with the Air’s adaptive suspension handling the shifting loads with grace. The car is exceptionally quiet, and even with its 21-inch wheels, there is very little noise from either the road or tires. As with all Lucid Air model versions, the GTP has three drive modes, which adjust steering, braking and suspension response. Each mode also offers two levels of regenerative braking, although “high” is not as aggressive as some other models from competitors, such as the Polestar 2. We’d like to see Lucid add a third level of regen and the ability to switch quickly between them via paddle shifters, which Mercedes-Benz presents on its EQS and EQE models.

For the most part, the Air GTP shares the same design cues as other Air variants, save for the bigger wheels with a unique, chunky five-spoke design. The interior materials are beautiful and elegant, with a focus on natural fibers and woods in palettes that reflect various locales in California. A wide, digital display stretches out in front of the driver, while a dual-screen setup in the central stack includes a smaller screen above and a larger tablet set down near the center console.

Race driver Ben Collins in the all-electric Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance sedan.

Racer Ben Collins sits behind the wheel of the Air Grand Touring Performance.  James Lipman, courtesy of Lucid Group, Inc.

While some new brands have opted to go all-digital with their controls, the Air offers manual buttons and knobs for certain functions such as climate control and seat adjustments, including air vents that you can actually move by hand. (Do you hear us, Rivian?). For the sake of consistency, we’d also like to see hard controls for mirror and steering-wheel adjustments.

Lucid has done a good job with the user interface, keeping most functions from being buried too far into endless menus, although the position of the lower tablet makes keeping eyes on the road difficult. And at some times of day, the bright trim around the display can deliver off substantial glare due to the car’s glass roof. The latter, although an impressive feat of design and engineering, can also make the cabin uncomfortably hot, causing the air conditioning to work overtime, which reduces range. The entry model, called Air Pure, is available with a metal roof, but we think this option should be available across the range.

The driver's perspective inside the all-electric Lucid Air Grand Touring sedan.

A wide, digital display stretches out in front of the driver, while a dual-screen setup in the central stack includes a smaller screen above and a larger tablet near the center console.  Lucid Group, Inc.

Beyond their looks and the specs, cars from Lucid are also defined by in-house-developed innovations, from smaller and lighter drive units to more efficient battery packaging and cooling systems. Every Lucid retail space—lounge-like boutiques created with heavy input from Lucid’s design team—prominently displays examples of its motors, batteries, chassis and charging technology, along with those of some top competitors.

At the Lucid headquarters in Newark, Calif., Lucid chief engineer Eric Bach took us around each of these elements, particularly proud of the internal rotor differential integrated into the electric motor. By comparison, the less powerful drive unit on display, one used by two mass market competitors, looks gargantuan and subpar. In fact, Bach jokingly refers to it as the “Tower of No Power.” Smaller components, like those used in the Lucid, he says, not only reduce weight and increase range, but use fewer raw materials, which means less burden on the supply chain, from mining to delivery. When it comes to energy replenishment, Bach says that using the combo connector at DC fast charging stations will enable the Lucid Air to gain 200 miles of charge in 12 minutes and 415 miles in 37 minutes.

A detail of the material used in the cabin of Lucid's all-electric Air Grand Touring Performance Sedan.

The interior presents a focus on natural fibers and woods in palettes that reflect various locales in California.  James Lipman, courtesy of Lucid Group, Inc.

In addition to the Air’s competitive technology, material quality and packaging, there seems to be little risk of the company’s even-tempered CEO (and former Tesla engineer) Peter Rawlinson flitting from one business interest to the next, or imploding markets with impetuous tweets. This, in theory, makes Lucid an attractive bet for consumers and investors alike.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance sedan.

Lucid’s Air Grand Touring Performance sedan makes 921 ft lbs of torque and can cover zero to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.  James Lipman, courtesy of Lucid Group, Inc.

Yet the marque isn’t immune from growing pains, as supply chain issues continue to beleaguer the industry and waiting times for some existing Air orders have increased beyond the two-to-five-month window, according to some customers. Lucid’s Gravity SUV, first teased in 2020 and earlier promised for 2023, has also been pushed back at least another year. If Lucid can step up its production and deliveries, and start turning out body styles beyond its flagship sedan, it could be a force to be reckoned with.

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