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Question: 10
Which two statements are correct regarding the Health Indicator status? (Choose two.)
A. The last status in a sorted list of HealthIndicators is used to derive the final system health.
B. The status with the least severity is used as the top-level status.
C. Custom status values can be created.
D. The built-in status values are DOWN, OUT_OF_SERVICE, UNKNOWN, and UP in decreasing order of severity.
E. The severity order cannot be changed due to security reasons.
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 11
What is a Spring Boot starter dependency? (Choose the best answer.)
A. A setting for specifying which code you want Spring Boot to generate for you.
B. A specific POM which you must build to control Spring Bootâs opinionated runtime.
C. A pre-existing model project you can obtain and use as the basis of your project.
D. An easy way to include multiple, coordinated dependencies related to a specific technology, like web or JDB
Answer: D
Question: 12
Which option is true about use of mocks in a Spring Boot web slice test? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Mocking a Spring Bean requires annotating it with @MockBean annotation.
B. If a Spring Bean already exists in the web slice test spring context, it cannot be mocked.
C. Mocks cannot be used in a Spring Boot web slice test.
D. Mocking a Spring Bean requires annotating it with @Mock annotation.
Answer: A
Question: 13
What two options are auto-configured Spring Boot Actuator HealthIndicators? (Choose two.)
A. DataSourceHealthIndicator
B. GoogleCloudDataStoreHealthIndicator
C. DynamoDBHealthIndicator
D. RabbitHealthIndicator
E. OktaHealthIndicator
Answer: A,D
Question: 14
Which two statements are correct regarding Spring Boot 2.x Actuator Metrics? (Choose two.)
A. An external monitoring system must be used with Actuator.
B. The metrics endpoint /actuator/metrics is exposed over HTTP by default.
C. Timer measures both the number of timed events and the total time of all events timed.
D. Custom metrics can be measured using Meter primitives such as Counter, Gauge, Timer, and Distribution
E. A metric must be created with one or more tags.
Answer: A,B
Question: 15
Which two statements describe Spring JdbcTemplate? (Choose two.)
A. All JdbcTemplate methods throw SQLException which you are required to handle.
B. The JdbcTemplate provides the ability to work with result sets.
C. The JdbcTemplate can only perform update but not insert to the database.
D. The JdbcTemplate provides methods for query execution.
E. The JdbcTemplate generates SQL statements.
Answer: A,B,E
Question: 16
Which statement describes the @AfterReturning advice type? (Choose the best answer.)
A. The advice is invoked only if the method returns successfully but not if it throws an exception.
B. The @AfterReturning advice allows behavior to be added after a method returns even if it throws an exception.
C. The advice has complete control over the method invocation; it could even prevent the method from being called at
D. Typically used to prevent any exception, thrown by the advised method, from propagating up the call-stack.
Answer: A
Question: 17
Which two statements are true regarding @DataJpaTest? (Choose two.)
A. TestEntityManager provides all methods that are provided by EntityManager and more.
B. If an embedded database is on the classpath, it will be used to configure a DataSource by default.
C. It can be used for testing both JPA components and NoSQL components.
D. It auto-configures a TestEntityManager bean.
E. It can be used for testing JdbcTemplate.
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 18
Refer to the exhibit.
How can a response status code be set for No Content (204)? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Annotate the update() handler method with @PutMapping(â/store/orders/{idâ}â, HttpStatus.NO_CONTENT).
B. Annotate the update() handler method with @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.NO_CONTENT).
C. Annotate the update() handler method with @ResponseEntity(204).
D. The update() handler method cannot return a void type, it must return a ResponseEntity type.
Answer: C
Reference: using-
Question: 19
Which three statements are advantages of using Springâs Dependency Injection? (Choose three.)
A. Dependency injection can make code easier to trace because it couples behavior with construction.
B. Dependency injection reduces the start-up time of an application.
C. Dependencies between application components can be managed external to the components.
D. Configuration can be externalized and centralized in a small set of files.
E. Dependency injection creates tight coupling between components.
F. Dependency injection facilitates loose coupling between components.
Answer: A,B,D,E
Question: 20
Which three types can be used as @Controller method arguments? (Choose three.)
A. Locale
B. Principal
C. Language
D. Session
E. Request
F. HttpSession
Answer: A,E,F

Vmware Professional testing - BingNews Search results Vmware Professional testing - BingNews Broadcom ends VMware perpetual license sales, testing customers and partners
The logo of American cloud computing and virtualization technology company VMware is seen at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the telecom industry's biggest annual gathering, in Barcelona on March 2, 2023.

Broadcom has moved forward with plans to transition VMware, a virtualization and cloud computing company, into a subscription-based business. As of December 11, it no longer sells perpetual licenses with VMware products. VMware, whose $61 billion acquisition by Broadcom closed in November, also announced on Monday that it will no longer sell support and subscription (SnS) for VMware products with perpetual licenses. Moving forward, VMware will only offer term licenses or subscriptions, according to its VMware blog post.

VMware customers with perpetual licenses and active support contracts can continue using them. VMware "will continue to provide support as defined in contractual commitments," Krish Prasad, senior vice president and general manager for VMware's Cloud Foundation Division, wrote. But when customers' SnS terms end, they won't have any support.

Broadcom hopes this will force customers into subscriptions, and it's offering "upgrade pricing incentives" that weren't detailed in the blog for customers who switch from perpetual licensing to a subscription.

These are the products affected, per Prasad's blog:

  • VMware Aria Automation
  • VMware Aria Suite
  • VMware Aria Operations
  • VMware Aria Operations for Logs
  • VMware Aria Operations for Networks
  • VMware Aria Universal
  • VMware Cloud Foundation
  • VMware HCX
  • VMware NSX
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • VMware vCloud Suite
  • VMware vSAN
  • VMware vSphere

Subscription-based future

Broadcom is looking to grow VMware's EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) from about $4.7 billion to about $8.5 billion in three years, largely through shifting the company's business model to subscriptions, Tom Krause, president of the Broadcom Software Group, said during a December 7 earnings call, per Forbes.

"This shift is the natural next step in our multi-year strategy to make it easier for customers to consume both our existing offerings and new innovations. VMware believes that a subscription model supports our customers with the innovation and flexibility they need as they undertake their digital transformations," VMware's blog said.

With changes effective immediately upon announcement, the news might sound abrupt. However, in May, soon after announcing its plans to acquire VMware, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan signaled a “rapid transition” to subscriptions.

At the time, Tan pointed to the importance of maintaining current VMware customers' happiness, as well as leveraging the VMware sales team already in place. However, after less than a month of the deal's close, reports point to concern among VMWare customers and partners.

Customer and partner concerns

VMware's blog said "the industry has already embraced subscription as the standard for cloud consumption." For years, software and even hardware vendors and investors have been pushing IT solution provider partners and customers toward recurring revenue models. However, VMware built much of its business on the perpetual license model. As noted by The Stack, VMware in February noted that perpetual licensing was the company's "most renowned model."

VMware's blog this week listed "continuous innovation" and "faster time to value" as customer benefits for subscription models but didn't detail how it came to those conclusions.

"Predictable investments" is also listed, but it's hard to imagine a more predictable expense than paying for something once and having supported access to it indefinitely (assuming you continue paying any support costs). Now, VMware and its partners will be left convincing customers that their finances can afford a new monthly expense for something they thought was paid for. For Broadcom, though, it's easier to see the benefits of turning VMware into more of a reliable and recurring revenue stream.

Additionally, Broadcom's layoffs of at least 2,837 VMware employees have brought uncertainty to the VMware brand. A CRN report in late November pointed to VMware partners hearing customer concern about potential price raises and a lack of support. C.R. Howdyshell, CEO of Advizex, which reportedly made $30 million in VMware-tied revenue in 2022, told the publication that partners and customers were experiencing "significant concern and chaos” around VMware sales. Another channel partner noted to CRN the layoff of a close VMware sales contact.

But Broadcom has made it clear that it wants to "complete the transition of all VMware by Broadcom solutions to subscription licenses," per Prasad's blog.

The company hopes to convince skeptical channel partners that they'll see the way, too. VMware, like many tech companies urging subscription models, pointed to "many partners" having success with subscription models already and "opportunity for partners to engage more strategically with customers and deliver higher-value services that drive customer success."

However, because there's no immediate customer benefit to the end of perpetual licenses, those impacted by VMware's change in business strategy have to assess how much they're willing to pay to access VMware products moving forward.

Tue, 12 Dec 2023 00:04:00 -0600 Scharon Harding en-us text/html
Top 15 Highest Paying IT Professional Certifications In 2021: Report

Certifications from AWS, Google, Nutanix and VMware made Global Knowledge’s new 15 Top-Paying Certifications List for 2021 with average salaries ranging from $110,000 to more than $170,000.

15 Top-Paying IT Certifications You Need To Know About

Technology professionals looking to get the most bang of out their certification buck need to know about the 15 top paying IT certifications in the market today, which have average salaries ranging from $110,000 to over $170,000.

Global Knowledge recently released its 15 Top-Paying Certifications List for 2021, revealing the most in-demand skills and technology areas for businesses today, and for employees, the highest average salaries associated with them.

From Google and AWS to Nutanix and VMware, there are several key vendor certifications that IT professionals should have if they are looking to make a higher salary in 2021 and beyond. This year, cybersecurity and cloud certifications lead the way in Global Knowledge’s 15 Top-Paying Certifications List as more organizations focus more on risk management than ever.

Global Knowledge’s IT certifications report is based on data from more than 3,700 U.S. respondents who participated in the company’s IT skills and salary survey.

CRN breaks down the 15 top paying IT certifications that technologists and IT professionals need to know about.

15. CompTIA Security+

Average Salary: $110,974

Most Likely Job Role: Network Engineer or Information Security

With every company across the nation needing to worry about cybersecurity regardless of if they work in security or not, security certifications like CompTIA Security+ are in high demand with an average salary of $110,974.

CompTIA Security+ is vendor-neutral certification with IT professionals needing to demonstrate competency in network security; compliance and operational security; threats and vulnerabilities, application, data, and host security; access control and identity management; and cryptography.

With organizations’ attack surface always expanding and evolving, IT professionals outside of proper security roles who can articulate cybersecurity risks and know what to look out for can increase their earning-potential, Global Knowledge says.

14. Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization (CCA-V)

Average Salary: $115,308

Most Likely Job Role: Systems Engineer

The Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization, known as CCA-V, validates the skills IT operators and administrators need to install, configure and manage highly available environments. The average salary for a Citrix CCA-V certification is $115,308.

These environments are comprised of virtual apps and desktop delivery controllers, cloud connectors, StoreFront, the Citrix Workspace app, and more that reside either on-premises or in the Citrix Cloud.

To achieve the CCA-V certification, IT professionals must pass the exam 1Y0-204: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Administration.

13. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) - Enterprise

Average Salary: $118,911

Most Likely Job Role: Network Engineer, Analyst or Technician

With Cisco being the longtime dominant networking world leader, it comes as little surprise that the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Enterprise certification is one of the highest paying certs in the IT market with an average salary of early $119,000.

Cisco’s CCNP is an advanced certification that requires deep knowledge and understanding of the Cisco technology used in modern complex networks. The enterprise certification is designed for network engineers and administrators who collaborate with certified on advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions.

In order to earn a CCNP Enterprise certification, candidates must pass two exams: a core exam and a concentration exam within the specific technology segment.

12. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

Average Salary: $121,420

Most Likely Job Role: Cloud Architect or Cloud Engineer

The world’s largest software company is currently the No. 2 public cloud player in the world thanks to its growing Azure business, which is why the Azure Administrator Associate certification holds an average salary of $121,420.

Owning an Azure Administrator Associate certification validates a cloud administrator’s ability to manage an Azure instance — from storage to security and networking. It is one of Microsoft’s role-based certifications, which means it aligns directly with sought-after job roles.

To achieve this certification, Microsoft requires a deep understanding of each service across the full IT lifecycle. Technologists in an administrative role will take requests for infrastructure services, applications and environments. IT professionals will be equipped to make recommendations on services used for optimal performance and scale, as well as provision and size. They must monitor and adjust resources as appropriate.

Candidates must pass one exam: the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator.

11. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Window Server

Average Salary: $125,980

Most Likely Job Role: Systems Administrator

With Microsoft shifting to role-based certifications, the company’s popular MCSA, MCSD and MCSE certifications were retired on Jan. 31, 2021. However, Microsoft still recognizes them in the market during the transition with a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert still generating an top-notch average salary of $125,980.

Microsoft’s Certified Solutions Expert: Windows Server certification validates a professional’s ability to run a highly efficient and modern data center as well as identity management, systems management, virtualization, storage and networking environments.

Microsoft’s replacement certification opportunities for Windows Server are included in role-based certifications in the Azure Apps and Infrastructure and Data and AI solution areas. People who hold an MCSE: Window Server certification can choose from three options during Microsoft’s transition including Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Solutions Architect Expert and Azure Security Engineer Associate.

10. VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2020

Average Salary: $132,947

Most Likely Job Role: Systems Architect or Enterprise Architect

VMware is the dominant world leader in virtualization while also a top-notch hybrid cloud software player, which is why someone who holds a VMware Certified Professional: Data Center Virtualization 2020 certification generates an average salary of $132,947.

The VMware Certified Professional: Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) certification validates a technologist skill to implement, manage and troubleshoot a vSphere infrastructure -- VMware’s server virtualization software -- as well as use best practices to provide a flexible and secure foundation for business agility that can accelerate the transformation to the cloud.

This certification continues to rank highly each year given VMware’s ability to help organizations transition to digital environments, Excellerate experiences and streamline operations and workflows, says Global Knowledge.

In order to achieve this VCP-DCV 2020 certification, VMware requires candidates to attend at least one course offered by an authorized training provider or reseller. In addition to attending a class, candidates should have at least six months of experience working with the latest version of vSphere.

9. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Average Salary: $134,460

Most Likely Job Role: IT Auditor

Simply put, employing a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certified professional helps organizations implement policies to secure critical business assets with certainty. This important role and certification generate an average salary of $134,460 per year.

The CISA certification has been around since 1978, making it one of the oldest and most respected credentials on this Global Knowledge’s list. International professional association ISACA offers an CISA certification validates audit, risk and cybersecurity skills.

To achieve the certification, technology professionals must pass the CISA exam that consists of five domains including Auditing Information Systems and Governance and Management of IT. The remaining three domains are Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation; Information Systems Operation, Maintenance, and Service Management; and Protection of Information Assets.

8. Nutanix Certified Professional – Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI)

Average Salary: $142,810

Most Likely Job Role: Systems Architect

Nutanix and VMware dominant the hyperconverged infrastructure software market on a global basis, with Nutanix constantly expanding its IT portfolio with a variety of software offerings for hybrid cloud.

The Nutanix Certified Professional - Multicloud Infrastructure (NCP-MCI) certification recognizes a professional’s skills and abilities to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Nutanix AOS in the Enterprise Cloud. The average salary for an IT professional who achieves Nutanix’s NCP-MCI certification is $142,810.

Earning Nutanix’s certification validates a professional’s ability to guide an organization through the next phase of its enterprise cloud journey. During exam preparation and training for the NCP-MCI, technologists gain the essential knowledge and skill to deploy and manage a Nutanix environment.

To earn this certification, candidates must pass Nutanix’ Multicloud Infrastructure exam.

7. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Average Salary: $148,906

Most Likely Job Role: Program Manager

Projects live and die by how they’re managed, which is why skilled project managers are critical to any organization because they define, organize and manage projects from start to finish.

The Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the most highly regarded project management certifications in the world, with PMP’s generating an average salary of nearly $149,000.

A PMP provides employers and customers with a level of assurance that a project manager has both the experience and knowledge.

To earn the PMP, candidates must meet the Project Management Institute’s requirements including owning a four-year degree, having three years of experience leading projects, and 35 hours of project management education or a CAPM Certification.

6. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

Average Salary: $149,246

Most Likely Job Role: Information Security

The international professional association ISACA provides a highly sought-after Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification that is for professionals who are pursuing IT leadership positions. It confirms a high level of technical competence and qualification for leadership and management roles, which is why the average salary for this certification nearly hits the $150,000 mark.

CISM validates a professional’s ability to manage, design and assess an enterprise’s information security.

In order to earn ISACA’s certification, candidates must meet the real-world experience requirement and pass the CISM exam, which covers four domains: Information Security Governance; Information Risk Management; Information Security Program Development and Management; and Information Security Incident Management.

To achieve the CISM certification, IT professionals must have at least five cumulative years of paid, relevant work experience in two or more of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) domains. CISSP is an independent information security certification granted by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, also known as (ISC)².

5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Average Salary: $151,853

Most Likely Job Role: Information Security

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, known as (ISC)², provides a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification that cracks into Global Knowledge’s top five with an average salary of $151,853.

Earning the CISSP certification has been compared to earning a master’s degree in IT security.

This (ISC)² credential denotes cybersecurity expertise and years of experience. It proves professionals have what it takes to effectively design, implement and manage a cybersecurity program.

The CISSP exam is based around eight domains in information security: Security and Risk Management; Asset Security; Security Architecture and Engineering; Communication and Network Security; Identity and Access Management; Security Assessment and Testing; and Software Development Security.

To achieve this certification, candidates also need at least five years of paid, relevant work experience in two or more of the (ISC)² domains.

4. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

Average Salary: $151,995

Most Likely Job Role: CISO, CSO or ISO

With a drastic increase in security breaches and ransomware worldwide, there is a growing demand for professionals who understand IT risk and how it relates to a specific industry or organization. ISACA’s Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) certification helps professionals develop these in-demand skills which generate an average salary of roughly $152,000.

CRISC provides IT professionals with the knowledge to identify, evaluate and manage IT risk and to plan and implement control measures and frameworks. It also helps individuals establish a common language to communicate within IT and across the organization about security and systems control.

Security managers and directors are the most common job roles for a CRISC-certified professional, but a large percentage also work in information security, as a security engineer or analyst, or as a security architect, according to Global Knowledge.

To achieve the Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control certification, candidates must pass the CRISC exam that consists of four domains: IT Risk Identification; IT Risk Assessment; Risk Response and Mitigation; and Risk Control, Monitoring and Reporting.

3. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Average Salary: $159,033

Most Likely Job Role: Cloud Architect

Amazon Web Services most highly sought-after and highest paying certification is the AWS Solutions Architect which has a long-standing presence on Global Knowledge’s list. This AWS expert generates an average salary of $159,033 as the public cloud titan continues to be worldwide market.

The AWS certification validates an individual’s expertise in designing and deploying scalable systems on the AWS platform. It’s ideal for those who design cloud infrastructures, reference architectures or deploy systems and applications.

To achieve this certification, candidates must pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C02) exam.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is a recommended prerequisite. AWS recommends a year of hands-on experience designing systems on its platform before taking its exam.

2. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Average Salary: $169,029

Most Likely Job Role: Cloud Architect

Two Google certifications rank No. 2 and No. 1 on Global Knowledge’s 15 Top-Paying Certifications List for 2021.

The second most top paying certification in 2021 is the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification which demonstrates an architect’s ability to design, develop and manage secure, scalable and reliable cloud architectures. The average salary for an IT professional holding a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is $169,029.

IT decision-makers are having a hard time finding qualified candidates for cloud roles which is among their greatest struggles behind cybersecurity. Google’s certification helps professionals stand out from the crowd, while proving to employers they have the skills to excel in a Google Cloud environment.

In order to achieve this high paying certification, candidates must pass the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect exam.

1. Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer

Average Salary: $171,749

Most Likely Job Role: Cloud Architect

The Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification is associated with the highest paying salary in the IT industry, generating a whopping $171,749 on average.

This highly sought-after Google Cloud certification stems from the demand for data engineers being one of the most in-demand disciplines in the industry. Data engineers analyze information to gain insight into business outcomes, build statistical models to support decision-making and create machine learning models to automate and simplify key business processes.

Google’s Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification enables data-driven decision making by collecting, transforming and visualizing data.

To achieve Google’s certification, candidates must pass the Google Certified Professional – Data Engineer exam.

Wed, 01 Sep 2021 00:48:00 -0500 text/html
VMware Letting Some Partners Sell Professional Services Under New Pilot Program

VMware partners that invest in learning the vendor's new storage and networking technologies may soon get a shot at potentially lucrative professional services projects.

In a pilot program unveiled Tuesday at VMware's partner conference in San Francisco, VMware will let services-savvy partners which meet its requirements sell and deliver professional services to customers.

VMware has its own professional services organization, but with new products like NSX, VSAN and vCloud Air now on the market, it's looking to leverage partners' services muscle to meet expected future demand.

"We've grown up as a company that needs professional services. Now, for scale, we need to [bring] partners into the services value channel. Partners that make the investment will get rewards," Dave O'Callaghan, senior vice president of channels and alliances, said in a press conference at the event.

VMware will bring a "limited number" of partners into the program during the first half of the year, and plans to expand its scope in the second half, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based vendor said in a press release.

[Related: VMware Execs Say Software-Defined Data Center Is A 'Bridge To The Future' For Customers]

VMware says partners with skills that span the whole VMware software-defined data center portfolio get priority consideration for the program. While most every partner knows vSphere server virtualization, a lesser number are up to speed on VMware's storage and networking technologies.

Partners in the program will sell services to customers directly, owning the billing relationship. They'll also have free access to VMware's software-defined data center experts, as well as discounted training and other benefits.

Jason Silva, principal at Revel Technology, a Houston-based solution provider and VMware channel partner, told CRN he was impressed that VMware is launching a channel program specifically for professional services.

"VMware for years had ESX," Silver said. "Now it has NSX, AirWatch, and other new things that need to be integrated. I think VMware is trying to round out its partners' professional services capabilities so that they are not just relying on VMware's own professional services."

Getting certified and up to speed on professional services for VMware's growing solution set is a big differentiator for channel partners, Silva said. "This will be beneficial to us," he said. "This is not just a discount on products. We will need to show we are dedicated to the solution set."

In another sign of VMware's commitment, the vendor has hired a new vice president specifically for the program, Silva said. "This is the first time VMware had someone specific to professional services through the channel," he said.

VMware, which plans to make a big channel push with Airwatch this year, also launched a mobility competency for partners. And in Q2, VMware says it plans to launch a software-defined data center competency.

Tue, 03 Feb 2015 15:31:00 -0600 text/html
University Testing Center Testing Center

Appointment availability at all UNG Testing Centers varies by campus location. Oconee students and community members may refer to the Gainesville Campus or Dahlonega Campus testing centers for in-person testing needs and our virtual testing option for remote testing needs.

Our testing center staff are following strict cleaning regimens after each exam admission session that includes disinfecting all items and surfaces that candidates encounter. Please review our testing center’s Procedures and FAQs prior to your scheduled appointment for information on what to expect during your visit. With safety measures in place, we are working together to ensure a clean and hygienic testing environment.

Mask Update: Individuals are not required to wear face coverings in the Testing Center. Face coverings are still permitted and may be inspected during check-in procedures.

Please be mindful: Testing staff may use latex free gloves when handling test materials. If you have an allergy that may impact your testing experience, please notify testing staff of your concern.

The mission of the Testing Center at the University of North Georgia (UNG) is to provide a professional testing environment for the campus and community that enables test takers to perform at their maximum ability and provide services to assist students, faculty, staff and the community in maintaining the university’s goal of academic excellence and leadership. In order to provide professional standards in testing services that reflect positively on the university, the Testing Center maintains membership with and adheres (follows/subscribes) to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.

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Malware Fighter Pro from IObit software uses Two Anti-Virus Engines – Did you know?

In this quick post, I wanted to give it a try to the IObit Malware Fighter software. I have to warn you a bit here, because when I have installed the Free version, it also installs two other software without my consent. (not very nice indeed). It also installs iTop VPN and iTop Screen Recorder. I do hope this happens ONLY with the free version. Anyway, two clicks and it's uninstalled if you don't need those. The reason I downloaded the product is that I wanted to have a look at their software and I know that IObit has many more products (Advanced system care etc…) you could be interested in. But let's start and delve into the product.

More and more Malware is around. That's a fact. Perhaps it is high time to get good anti-malware software. Let's see if the one from IObit is the one that stands up. Malware today, it's not only some bad guy's software running on your system. You need anti-phishing protection as those phishing attacks are more and more frequent and sophisticated. Ransomware is on the rise not only within the enterprise section, but touches SMBs, and individuals too.

Malware Fighter Pro is an award-winning antivirus software that protects your PC from various online threats, such as viruses, ransomware, spyware, trojans, adware, and worms. Malware Fighter Pro uses two antivirus engines, its own and Bitdefender, to detect and remove malware with high accuracy and speed. It also has a large anti-malware database that can detect over 200 million malware.

The software has multiple layers of protection for your PC and your privacy. It has a ransomware protection feature that prevents your files from being encrypted by hackers. It also has a privacy protection feature that allows you to lock your sensitive data with a password and block unauthorized access. Moreover, it has a webcam security feature that prevents intruders from using your webcam without your permission.

Malware Fighter Pro also enhances your browsing experience by keeping you away from phishing websites, malicious ads, and tracking cookies12. It also has a browser password guard feature that encrypts and protects your local browser password data from leaks. Malware Fighter Pro is easy to use and compatible with all versions of Windows OS. It has a user-friendly interface and a smart scan mode that can scan your PC in a few minutes. It also has a behavior guard feature that warns you of potential threats or suspicious activities in advance.

According to the official website of IObit Malware Fighter Pro, it uses two antivirus engines, its own and Bitdefender, to achieve a higher level of malware detection and removal. The IObit engine can detect and remove common malware, while the Bitdefender engine can handle more advanced and sophisticated threats. By combining these two engines, Malware Fighter Pro can provide comprehensive and reliable protection for your PC.

The free version enables you to have basic protection where not all areas of protection are active. Screenshot from the lab below.

You need to buy the Pro version to enable the Anti-ransomware engine, Bitdefender engine, MBR guard, USB disk guard, Behavior guard or browser password guard.

However, some experts advise against using more than one antivirus program on the same computer, as this can cause conflicts, performance issues, and false alerts. I don't think it is the case as the integration with Bitdefender is done internally so you don't need to run Bitdefender software and at the same time IObit software.

On the Toolbox menu, you can enable a Safe Box which can block access to some files/folders on your system. Also, you can see that a VPN system comes as an optional offer.

The menu on the left hand side has several sections. One of them is scan section.


You can initiate a Smart scan, Full Scan, or custom scan. Options that might be useful when suspecting that your system has a problem. You can drag and drop file onto the window and do a custom scan or execute full scan with a delete/clean action with shutdown at the end of the scan.

Example of custom scan with System Critical Areas and Suspicious processes…..

Browser protect

This menu is again, show what's protected and what's not. You can add Surfing protection or Anti-Tracking, within the pro version. Anonymous Online option is the iTOP VPN protection we have talked about in the beginning of the article. It's there.  If you don't have or use other VPN… why not? It's integrated somehow in the product where by clicking the link you get to the page with the offer and install it on your system.

Looks solid.

Overall, the software looks like destined for nonexperienced users who need to be carried by hand. It's simple to use and navigate through.

The IOBit Malware Fighter Pro has been here for a very long time. The first release was out back in 2010 so the product has a good background with a lot of experience under the belt. We cannot test the effectiveness of removals or detections, but it seems like a solid product that has its place here.

Take a look here – Malware Fighter Pro

Can I recommend using it? For sure I can. Except for the “forced install” the Malware Fighter is a good piece of software, but it's not alone within the security space. It's just one of them, with long experience in the field.

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VMware Backup for Dummies

Your virtual machines are at the heart of all that your business does, hosting practically any workload from mission-critical backup applications to dev/test environments.

In VMware Backup for Dummies, find out how you can implement agentless backup to ensure seamless recovery of critical workloads. Dive in to discover the best recovery methods and data protection solutions to ensure maximum business continuity.

Here’s what’s covered inside:

  • Explore VMware backup tools and components
  • How to implement VMware backup
  • Understand levels of backup consistency
  • Five tips for better virtual machine backup

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Test Preparation Resources

Entry into most professional health schools requires students to perform well on Standardized Admission Tests.  Since standardized tests are a way of life in health care, you will want to develop the skills necessary to succeed on them over the course of your undergraduate degree. 

  • OAT (Optometry Admission Test)
  • DAT (Dental Admission Test)
  • MCAT (Medical College Admission Test -- also required by most podiatry schools)
  • GRE  (Graduate Record exam -- required by many PT, OT and PA programs.  Also required by most graduate schools).

Professional health schools also expect students to have a well-rounded understanding of current issues, research and ethics that are faced on a daily basis when working in the medical field.

The resources listed below will help you to prepare for admissions tests for professional health schools, and you may even find them useful in your current studies!



ADA (American Dental Association)

ADEA (American Dental Education Association)

DAT Practice Tests

DAT Guide


Allopathic Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, Podiatric Medicine, and accepted (but not required) by some Physician Assistant Programs

AAMC Association of American Medical Colleges Practice Materials

AC Online MCAT Prep and Success for Medical Students

MCAT Khan Academy Study Materials



Optometry Admission Test Information


Physical Therapy, some Occupational Therapy programs, and many Physician Assistant Programs

GRE Free Test Prep

GRE Online Guide


A situational judgment test that is increasingly used by Physician Assistant programs (sometimes in place of the GRE); Used by other professional health programs in the secondary phase of applications

CASPer Test Prep

To make an advising appointment, click HERE.

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I would love for a company to actually stand up and say no to subscription payments so this scheme can finally be put out to pasture.

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