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Certification-Board Assessment Topics
Killexams : Certification-Board Assessment courses - BingNews Search results Killexams : Certification-Board Assessment courses - BingNews Killexams : Credentialing in Pharmacy

Appendix A


The process whereby an association or agency grants public recognition to an organization that meets certain established qualifications or standards, as determined through initial and periodic evaluations.

A certificate is a document issued to a pharmacist upon successful completion of the predetermined level of performance of a certificate training program or of a pharmacy residency or fellowship. See also "statement of continuing-education credit."

A structured, systematic postgraduate education and continuing- education experience for pharmacists that is generally smaller in magnitude and shorter in duration than a degree program. Certificate programs are designed to instill, expand, or enhance practice competencies through the systematic acquisition of specific knowledge, skills, attitudes, and performance behaviors.

The voluntary process by which a nongovernmental agency or association formally grants recognition to a pharmacist who has met certain predetermined qualifications specified by that organization. This recognition designates to the public that the holder has attained the requisite level of knowledge, skill, or experience in a well-defined, often specialized, area of the total discipline. Certification entails assessment, including testing, an evaluation of the candidate's education and experience, or both. Periodic recertification is usually required to retain the credential.

Adjective that is used to describe an individual who holds certification and that is incorporated into the name of the credential awarded that individual. For example, someone who has earned BPS certification in oncology is a "Board-Certified Oncology Pharmacist."

Authorization to provide a specific range of patient care services. See "privileging."

The ability to perform one's duties accurately, make correct judgments, and interact appropriately with patients and with colleagues. Professional competence is characterized by good problem-solving and decision-making abilities, a strong knowledge base, and the ability to apply knowledge and experience to diverse patient-care situations.

A distinct skill, ability, or attitude that is essential to the practice of a profession. Individual competencies for pharmacists include, for example, mastery of aseptic technique and achievement of a thought process that enables one to identify therapeutic duplications. A pharmacist must master a variety of competencies in order to gain competence in his or her profession.

Organized learning experiences and activities in which pharmacists engage after they have completed their entry-level academic education and training. These experiences are designed to promote the continuous development of the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to maintain proficiency, provide quality service or products, respond to patient needs, and keep abreast of change.

Documented evidence of professional qualifications. For pharmacists, academic degrees, state licensure, and Board certification are all examples of credentials.

(1) The process by which an organization or institution obtains, verifies, and assesses a pharmacist's qualifications to provide patient care services. (2) The process of granting a credential (a designation that indicates qualifications in a subject or an area).

A directed, highly individualized postgraduate program designed to prepare a pharmacist to become an independent researcher.

A credential issued by a state or federal body that indicates that the holder is in compliance with minimum mandatory governmental requirements necessary to practice in a particular profession or occupation.

The process of granting a license. Pharmacy Technician: An individual who, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, assists in pharmacy activities not requiring the professional judgment of the pharmacist.

The process by which a health care organization, having reviewed an individual health care provider's credentials and performance and found them satisfactory, authorizes that individual to perform a specific scope of patient care services within that organization.

Adjective used to describe a pharmacist who has met state requirements for licensure and whose name has been entered on a state registry of practitioners who are licensed to practice in that jurisdiction.

An organized, directed, postgraduate training program in a defined area of pharmacy practice.

The boundaries within which a health professional may practice. For pharmacists, the scope of practice is generally established by the board or agency that regulates the profession in a given state or organization.

A document issued to a pharmacist upon completion of a continuing-education program provided by an organization approved by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education

A short, intensive, clinical and didactic postgraduate educational program intended to provide the pharmacist with knowledge and skills needed to provide a high level of care to patients with specific diseases or conditions.

a These definitions have been developed by a variety of organizations involved in credentialing and are generally accepted by those in the pharmacist credentialing arena.

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Killexams : What You Need to Know to Pass the CFA Exam No result found, try new keyword!"Level 3 is where a lot of our portfolio management courses tend to be covered," says Chris Wiese, a CFA and senior head of learning experience and assessment design for the CFA Institute. Thu, 26 May 2022 19:51:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Gary schools rebrand, state wants academic rebound

The Gary Community School Corp. is kicking off the school year Aug. 9 with a rebrand officials said has academics at its core.

“The Gary Way” rebrand announcement came Friday, a day after members of the state Distressed Unit Appeal Board peppered school officials with questions about the students’ proficiency on ILEARN, the state’s assessment exam. Scores were released last month.


Gary students in grades 3-8 showed slight improvement with 2% passing both English/language arts and math. Last year, just 1.2% passed.

“Our scores are going up, we have worked hard the last couple years to lay an operational foundation,” said district manager Paige McNulty.


Earlier, McNulty reported student scores increased 10% to 15% on an internal assessment that measures growth called iREADY. The district used its COVID-19 relief funding to finance the assessment.

Still, the low ILEARN scores drew criticism from DUAB members.

“Something’s wrong, you’re not getting to kids,” said board member Wes Bruce, who said the low assessment scores preceded the pandemic.

“What are we calling success? A percentage that is still failure?” he asked officials. “When are we at least going to get to 80% of the state average?”

The DUAB governs the district and in May, it awarded a two-year contract to MGT Consulting to continue managing it.

In response to Bruce, new transformation director Andre Wright said the analysis needs to begin at the bottom and build upon improvement each year. “Get the continuum to start to move,” he said.

“That has to be become our strategy. Too many students have been on the floor (level) for too long,” Wright said.

Wright said they should ask students who are scoring well about how they do it.


“Do an analysis and find out,” Wright said. “You can PD (professional development) all day long but the key is we need to be learning and using results of assessments to determine what we’re going to develop… Take the results and turn it toward teachers.”

McNulty and chief academic officer Kimberley Bradley defended the district’s approach saying they’ve beefed up the teaching staff with people certified to teach math and added coaches and teacher support across the district.

McNulty said the graduate rate at the West Side Leadership academy increased 20 points to 79% this year from 2021.

Earlier this year, MGT hired Wright and project director Rajeev Bajaj to lead the turnaround effort.

McNulty said she expects enrollment to increase and said the Gary Area Career Center already has 325 students signed up, compared to 58 last year.

At West Side, there will be co-principals with new hire Carl Scott overseeing day-to-day operations and Brandi Herrod heading up a new dual credit program as West Side begins the certification process to become an Early College High School.


Also, as part of the rebrand, all the schools will have a Cougar nickname and blue and orange colors. “The blue and orange colors and the Cougar mascot across the district symbolize our unity,” said McNulty.

Carole Carlson is a freelance reporter for the Post-Tribune.

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Killexams : AWS Marketplace’s new Vendor Insights tool: five features

As more businesses buy their IT via the AWS Marketplace, the public cloud kingpin is making it quicker and easier than ever to procure independent software vendors (ISVs) and partner solutions through the Marketplace with its new Vendor Insights tool.

Unveiled at AWS re:Inforce today, the new AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights simplifies third-party software risk assessments by compiling security and compliance information in a single unified dashboard, cutting down the buying process by weeks and even months.

Chris Grusz, general manager of worldwide ISV Alliances and Marketplace, said the new solution will fix the software procurement “bottleneck” process which occurs when selecting a technology solution.

“So once the technology was selected, you go through the legal review, but then a lot of times an ISV would get a 200-question packet from a customer saying, ‘OK, you need to answer all these questions before we buy. Where are you at with PCI? What’s your GDPR status?’ Who’s on your board?’ All these kind of technical questions and certification questions about the technology that was being brought in,” said Grusz.

“And just as soon as the ISV would finish one of those questionnaires, they would win another customer and get another packet and have to go through another 200 questions,” Grusz told CRN. “So it’s kind of a Groundhog Day event where our customers were passing these packets to our ISVs, and this was adding multiple weeks or even months to process the software procurement experience.”

AWS built the AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights tool to streamline vendor assessments which is what customers were asking for.

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights partner benefit

The unified web-based dashboard gives governance, risk, and compliance teams access to security and compliance information, such as data privacy and residency, application security, and access control.

Vendor Insights also provides evidence backed by AWS Config and AWS Audit Manager assessments, external audit reports, and software vendor self-assessments. It helps buyers reduce assessment lead time to a few hours by allowing buyers to access the vendor’s validated security profile and removes the need for periodic reassessments.

Channel partners will also benefit greatly from new dashboard.

“As a channel partner selling one of these products, they’re now enabled through Vendor Insights to be able to get their deals done dramatically faster,” said Grusz. “Because oftentimes they had to play kind of the broker between the customer and the ISV to gather this information back and they became a middleman. … It’s going to simplify our channel partners role because now they won’t have to play that middle person between the ISV and customer.”

In an interview with CRN, AWS’ Grusz explains five key features of the AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights that channel partners, ISVs and customers need to know.

‘A big time saver’: all publicly available data in one spot

The first piece is the ability to collect publicly available information on certifications.

A lot of these certifications are available on a public domain basis. You just have to know where to get them. You can figure out if an ISV has gone through FedRAMP if you go to the FedRAMP website. Now the problem is you need to know how to navigate that.

Then you can go to PCI and you can find out who’s PCI compliant, but you have to navigate their website. Then you can go to a whole bunch of these other sites that have these certifications, but you have to continuously navigate these sites.

So with Vendor Insights, we’re going to pull in all of that information on a real time basis.

So when you go to the AWS Marketplace’s seller page for a particular ISV—anything that’s available on a publicly available process will be displayed directly on their Marketplace listing page.

So our customers will have one place that they can go look to see all of these public certifications.

It’s a great way for our customers to get an initial read on: what is the security profile of this particular ISV. So we think that’s going to be a big time saver because now our customers won’t have to navigate dozens of websites to go find that.

150 security credentials visible

There’s a number of security controls that ISVs can configure with AWS. Those security controls are not actually displayed to customers. So what we’re going to be doing is using some of our own AWS services to continuously look at the security controls of our ISVs.

Once you look at an ISV, it will actually show the certification of those ISVs: do they have SSL enabled? Have they encrypted all the S3 buckets? And all of these types of credentials.

There’s 150 of them in total that we’re going to be checking for.

So now our customers are going to be able to look at a SaaS ISV that’s built on top of AWS, and be able to see the status of these different security options that our ISVs can set up for their products.

It’s going to be continuously scanning those ISV solutions as well. So if they turn off something like encryption on an S3 bucket, that would then show up in that very same report.

So we feel that this combined with the public available information, alongside things that we’re going to be continuously scanning for these SaaS ISVs that are built on top of AWS. Because they’re built on top of AWS, we’re in a unique position to actually consolidate that view, and provide that to new buyers.

‘Available on a real-time basis’

All of this ISV data and certifications will be available on a real time basis.

So if a someone suddenly loses their FedRAMP status, for example, then that tile will be removed off of our website.

That was one of the pieces of feedback that we got was that: you do these questionnaires, but it was a point in time exercise.

So how do you kind of check on an ongoing basis that they still maintain those credentials.

This is going allow our customers just to look at the seller pages within Marketplace to actually see all of those credentials in one place. So again, just really simplifying that vendor assessment piece.


Key benefits for channel partners

From a channel perspective, this adds a lot of value because we’ve obviously added the ability for our channel partners to resell all these technologies through Marketplace.

As a channel partner selling one of these products, they’re now enabled through Vendor Insights to be able to get their deals done dramatically faster. Because oftentimes they had to play kind of the broker between the customer and the ISV to gather this information back and they became a middleman.

Instead, what you’re going to be able to do is say, ‘Hey, go look at the Vendor Insights profile through Marketplace. That’s going to answer 90 percent of what you have, and then I’ll go find that remaining 10 percent for you.’

So our channel partners are also going to see acceleration on their subscriptions when they go through Marketplace. This is really an incredible tool which is why we’re excited about this.

We think this is going to be a great value add for our buyers because it’s going to simplify their experience buying, especially when it goes to Marketplace.

It’s going to simplify our channel partners role, because now they won’t have to play that middle person between the ISV and customer for a large majority of questions that are basic questions that they probably don’t want to get involved with.

Instead, they can steer them towards Marketplace to address those questions. They will get their deals done dramatically faster.


Vendor Insights looks at the ‘SaaS application inside out’

This is unique in that it’s actually looking at the SaaS application from the inside out.

A lot of times, an MSP or an system integrator (SI) will provide almost like a penetration test report, where they’ve looked at the SaaS application from the outside saying, ‘OK, we’ve tested all the fields. And we know that they’re encrypted,’ but it’s from an outside-in.

This is going to provide an inside-out view of those SaaS ISVs. So that’s going to be a value-add for these MSPs and Sis who are providing services around these technologies.

Then because a lot of times MSPs and SI’s don’t really care about the reseller technology, they care more about the professional services element—they will still be able to sell the professional services through Marketplace and put that directly on the Marketplace bill.

It’s going to accelerate our ISV and AWS channel partner sales.

This article originally appeared at

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Killexams : Stahl's Self-Assessment Examination in Psychiatry

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Killexams : What a board should know when choosing a CEO No result found, try new keyword!By Sorayuth Vathanavisuth Jack Welch, the late CEO of GE, once said: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”. Fri, 29 Jul 2022 12:05:22 -0500 en text/html Killexams : GOP candidates in primary for La Crosse County sheriff answer Tribune questions

La Crosse County voters will choose the Republican nominee for sheriff in the Tuesday, Aug. 9 primary election.

Two Republicans -- Fritz Leinfelder and Marte Peterson -- are on the ballot. John Siegel is unopposed in the Democratic primary and will advance to the Nov. 8 general election.

The Tribune sent the Republican candidates a series of questions. Below are their responses:

Fritz Leinfelder

Education/background: I graduated from La Crosse Aquinas High school and then attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, where I studied exercise science to be an educator. I received my Wisconsin Law Enforcement certification from Chippewa Falls Technical college, where I was elected president of my recruit class. After being employed at the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office, I attended my DARE instructor certification class in London, Ohio, at the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy. I was valedictorian and named the outstanding student in the 42nd Ohio DARE instructors graduating class. Additionally, I have received numerous law enforcement trainings and certifications throughout my 29-year career.

People are also reading…

What motivated you to run for sheriff? I am a lifelong resident of La Crosse and have dedicated over 29 years to the sheriff’s office. I care about our community. When sheriff Jeff Wolf made his retirement announcement, I jumped at the opportunity to run for sheriff. My experience, skill sets and my lifelong connections to the community and businesses have made running for sheriff an easy decision. I am eager to run the Office that means so much to me.

What steps can the sheriff's office take to reduce drug trafficking? My campaign platform focuses on ridding our communities of drug trafficking organizations flooding our streets with heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl, so our children feel safe when they go out to play. I have been an active member of the West Central Metropolitan Enforcement Group (drug task force), a collaboration of 15 agencies across five counties that serves western Wisconsin in drug investigation and enforcement. I have spent 20 years learning and developing my investigative skills in combating our drug dilemma. I have cultivated several strong relationships with local, state and federal entities that share in the same vision.

I currently work alongside our drug task force investigative coordinator. Together, we acquire intel that focuses on large drug trafficking organizations with the hopes of interrupting their distribution efforts. This task is overwhelming and under allocated as strong cases take an enormous length of time to build. I am also currently on the executive board of directors for the Wisconsin Narcotics Officers association. I was president of the organization in 2011-2012 and will be president again in two years. WNOA is a training organization that provides updated training to officers from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. My duties include presenting training and scheduling trainers to come educate our members in the latest narcotics issues as well as the increasing dangers we are facing in the field of narcotics enforcement.

Interrupting drug trafficking organizations takes focused effort on the shoulders of multiple players across many jurisdictions. The most effective way to become successful is to continue growing partnerships and encouraging communication. La Crosse County hasn’t always been successful in keeping lines of communication open between local law enforcement partners. It is my hope to be able to repair and rebuild those trusted relationships to work as a cohesive unit to tackle our toughest assignments.

Describe your views on traffic safety and enforcement: I believe that the enforcement of our traffic laws is critical to providing and improving safety within our community; consistent enforcement saves lives and reduces accidents. However, enforcement activities alone are simply not enough. Education is essential. Not only am I for enforcing traffic safety laws, but I also want to educate and interact with the the community, so they understand the laws as well.

What kind of training is necessary to prevent racial profiling? My number one vision for my campaign is to provide current and relevant training and education to all levels at the sheriff’s office to ensure all employees and citizens feel safe. Effective communication is key. I want to implement learning strategies to Excellerate communication skills for all staff at the sheriff’s office. I want the community to feel comfortable engaging in simple communication, no matter what the situation entails.

The sheriff’s office provides in-service training to all jail and road employees on a yearly basis. In-service is held the same time each year. I would like to expand upon this mandatory training to provide subsequent training throughout the year, to keep both physical and mental skills sharp. Through education and by implementing small changes, I hope to create long-lasting habits that positively impact employees’ reactions and problem-solving skills.

What is your assessment of how the county jail is managed? I will break down the Mission of the La Crosse County Jail into sub-sections:

1. It is the objective of the La Crosse County Jail to provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment for inmates; staffed by efficient and well-trained jailers. I believe that the jail is effective in ensuring that the incarcerated individuals under its care are safe, secure and living in a healthy environment. I also believe the current front-line correctional officers are among the most caring, empathetic and well-trained individuals working in law enforcement.

2. It is our intent to establish an environment that is respectful of inmates as citizens and human beings. Under the direction of the current sheriff, jail medical staff, jail mental health staff, the program coordinator, and the jail chaplain provide access to a multitude of activities, tools, and programs to advance the social and mental well-being of incarcerated individuals. This is no small task, but it is a necessary one. The learning opportunities within the jail cultivates an individualized exit strategy for everyone if they are willing to work cooperatively with program staff.

Paid staff and volunteers inside the jail are also provided with mandatory training to ensure that incarcerated individuals feel respected and safe.

3. We will work together closely and cooperatively with the elements of the local criminal justice system to establish activities that will make good use of the inmate’s time while in the facility and will benefit the inmates upon their release. I believe that the Jail does an outstanding job providing incarcerated individuals with the tools they need to develop their social and mental well-being. However, I do believe that we have some work to do in order to help incarcerated individual’s advocate for their own place within the local criminal justice system.

I have heard some constructive criticism during my campaign regarding the lack of services and opportunities afforded to incarcerated individuals in advocating for their own legal defense. Attorneys have brought to my attention that it is difficult for them to represent their incarcerated clients, as there are too many barriers by the jail for them to adequately communicate. Along with criticism, I have also been presented with what appears to be simple solutions to overcome a few of the barriers.

As sheriff, I would like to create a Jail Advisory Board, comprised of all the stakeholders within the criminal justice system and members from the community to help explore ideas to help our jail provide communication and other attention to other needs in a more efficient and effective way. This will also give the sheriff’s office the opportunity to educate the community on its pre-existing notions and overcome misinformation.

Change may be hard, but sometimes it is very necessary.

Marte Peterson

Education/background: Patrol captain for the La Crosse County Sheriff’s Office; associate degree, criminal justice, Western Technical College; SWAT team leader, level 1 and 2,=; Leadership In Police Organization; Command College University Wisconsin Madison (currently enrolled); U.S. Army veteran; Walworth County Sheriff’ Office; business owner (part-time) for over 23 years.

I have been with La Crosse County for 21 years, through my career I have held the following positions: jailer, patrol deputy, DARE officer, patrol supervisor, investigative supervisor, and I am currently the patrol captain. In this position I am responsible for budgeting, scheduling, grant writing, squad maintenance, hiring, oversee the Training Division and many other responsibilities. I am also the team commander for our Emergency Response Team as well as the Honor Guard.

What motivated you to run for sheriff? As I stated, I currently work in an administrative position as the patrol captain. A lot of the responsibilities I have would merge well with the sheriff position. I have been involved with the training department for over half of my career, and I think it is vital to ensure that La Crosse County residents are getting very well trained and professional sheriff's deputies. I want to build good relationships with the citizens of La Crosse County and have an open-door policy with the staff as well members of the community. I have been very happy working at the sheriff’s office and am motivated to make it an even better workplace than it is now.

What steps can the sheriff's office take to reduce drug trafficking? To start with, a pro-active approach. This can start with school programs to educate kids on the negative aspects of drugs. This should also be an educational tool for parents as well so they are aware of the dangers of drugs and help them have the conversations with their children.

We also need to make sure resources are allocated into K-9 programs and officer training to make sure training is up to date and the officers have the knowledge and skills to get the drugs off the street.

There needs to be appropriate penalties in place to ensure the habitual offenders are not easily back on the streets.

Describe your views on traffic safety and enforcement: The current year-to-date car crash fatalities in the State is 276, in 2021 the TOTAL for the year was 259. Traffic enforcement is vital for public safety. I also understand that everyone has a bad day and may not be paying attention to their speed. Depending on the nature of the offense, sometimes maybe just being stopped and having a conversation may be enough to correct the issue. Citations do not need to be written every time.

What kind of training is necessary to prevent racial profiling? The sheriff’s office has trainers in racial bias. We also have a variety of trainings at our annual in-service that cover a wide variety of areas, these include: fair and impartial policing, gender bias, de-escalation, gender response, partnering with “The Good Fight” organization, and a variety of mental illness and addiction trainings.

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Killexams : BCCC offering EMS courses in Beaufort and Washington counties No result found, try new keyword!Beaufort County Community College is offering emergency medical technician and paramedic courses both at its main campus in Beaufort County and at the Washington County Center ... Wed, 27 Jul 2022 07:51:42 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Best online courses and online class sites of 2022

The best online courses and online class sites make it simple and easy to learn new skills from home through distance learning online.

Long gone are the days of having to attend a college to take a class. Now, with available learning platforms, through the use of video streaming, there are a wide variety of skills that can be learned from the comfort of your abode.