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Question: 155
Your company has just acquired another company and you are responsible for setting up and configuring the users and
stations. There are 35 users and Polycom IP phones that require setup and configuration.
What Interaction Administrator tool is designed for quickly creating the managed IP stations?
A. Manually create each phone in the Managed IP Phones container.
B. Use the Managed IP Phone Assistant to import a .csv list of the 35 IP phones to be created.
C. Manually create all of the phones in the Stations container.
D. Use the import wizard in the Stations container to import the phones from a .csv list.
Answer: B
Question: 156
What statement is true regarding this user?
A. If this user is not logged in, he will not receive calls at his workstation because his default workstation is not
B. The user cannot receive emails because his default workstation is not defined.
C. The user must enter his IC password to log on to the interaction Client because his default workstation is not
D. The user will not be active until the default workstation is defined.
Answer: B
Question: 157
You are the supervisor of a contact center that uses chat, email, and phone calls to communicate with your customers.
You want to Excellerate the time required for the initial introductory chat and other common chat topics.
What would you do to Excellerate your agents' efficiency when working with chat messages?
A. Use Response Management libraries to create an initial chat welcome message and other chat messages and links
for common questions.
B. Create text messages and send them to each agent so they can copy and paste them when needed.
C. Store a pre-created message as a whisper tone, for chats, that will be sent automatically
to anyone communicating via chat.
D. Have each agent copy and paste their initial chat message into a text file so they can access it again later.
Answer: A
Question: 158
Under what circumstances is it useful to create a Client Button?
A. To make a custom button available from the Interaction Client/Desktop to make it easy for call center agents to
access an application when they are on a customer call.
B. When you want to make a custom button for agents to quickly open their Interaction Client application when they
arrive at work.
C. When you have created a unique interface using an API and want to add a custom Pickup button to it.
D. You want your customers to be able to phone you by pressing a custom button on a web page.
Answer: A
Question: 159
You are configuring the Default User for your company and want to assign Emergency and Local phone number
classifications for everyone.
Where would you make this assignment?
A. Under Access Control on the Security tab for the Default User.
B. Under Security Rights on the Security tab for the Default User.
C. Under Administrator Access on the Security tab for the Default User.
D. Under Manage Classifications in the Phone Number configuration.
E. Under Dial Plan in the Phone Number configuration.
Answer: A
Question: 160
What security property page would you choose to configure custom Client Button display, permit specific phone
number Classifications, and select Queue Views accessible through Interaction Supervisor?
A. Administrator Access
B. Access Control
C. Security Rights
D. Master Administrator
Answer: B
Question: 161
You have configured your default profile and default schedule to have the functionality that you wish callers to hear
when they dial in during regular business hours. Now you want to assign your main number to the default profile.
How would you assign the main number to the default profile?
A. You can't assign a number to the default profile. You must create a custom profile and assign the main number to
B. Assign the main number in the Incoming Call Selection area of the Default Profile property window.
C. Check "Use this profile to process incoming calls with any of the following DNIS values", then enter the number
into the text box.
D. Check "Use this profile to process incoming calls with any of the following ANI values", then enter the number into
the text box.
Answer: A
Question: 162
Where must you create new stations for them to be eligible for auto-provisioning?
A. INN IP phone configuration utility
B. INN TFTP Server
C. Managed IP Phones container
D. Stations container
Answer: C
Question: 163
All of the following are ways that the Interaction Client or Interaction Desktop can be configured to alert you when
you have a new incoming interaction, except:
A. Your telephone rings.
B. You receive a text message.
C. Your computer plays a .wav file through the speakers.
D. The Interaction .NET Client receives focus.
E. A Call Information window appears.
Answer: D
Question: 164
Agents in your contact center are complaining that they do not have time to complete their after call work before a
new call arrives.
How can you use CIC features to address this problem?
A. Assign a wrap-up status to the workgroups in Interaction Administrator. Assign an appropriate amount of time for
the agents to complete their after call work.
B. Assign a wrap-up code to the agents. Have them select the Wrap-up code that will put them in an unavailable status.
C. CIC does not have a feature to address this problem. You must train the agents to change their status to Do Not
Disturb when they finish a phone call. When they finish the after call work, have them change their status back to
D. CIC does not have built-in features to address this problem. You must use interaction Designer and write a custom
Answer: A
Question: 165
You are configuring an email schedule in Interaction Attendant.
How do you configure the system so that Interaction Attendant is monitoring the correct mailboxes?
A. Configure the monitored mailboxes in Interaction Administrator and select them in the E-mail Profile in Interaction
B. Enter the mailbox addresses in the Mailboxes to Monitor text box in the E-mail Profile in Interaction Attendant.
C. Select the mailbox from the drop-down that lists all the system mailboxes in Interaction Attendant.
D. Select the mailbox in the Default Schedule for the selected E-mail Profile.
Answer: A
Question: 166
When creating non-managed stations, what must be created so that port 5060 is used for the receive port?
A. Registration or contact line
B. Registration group
C. Dial group
D. Default station setting
Answer: A
Question: 167
What is a View in Interaction Center Business Manager?
A. Views are the windows that provide data, such as agent and workgroup statistics, historical reporting data, and
system information.
B. Views provide a way to manipulate the configuration of agents and workgroups.
C. Views contain the system and custom workspaces.
D. Views are only used to set alerts within Interaction Center Business Manager.
Answer: A
Question: 168
You have a group of remote agents who all require the same set of user permissions within IC.
In the image below, what is the recommended container for configuring user rights for the remote agents.
A. Users
B. Schedules
C. Lines
D. Groups
E. User
F. Roles
G. Default User
H. Workgroups
I. Skills
J. System Parameters
Answer: G
Question: 169
Select the three primary groups that are used to organize Interaction Center configuration data in Interaction
Administrator. (Choose three.)
A. Sites
B. Server
C. Interaction Processor
D. People
E. System
Answer: A,B,D,E
Question: 170
What port should be configured for managed IP phone registration when using DHCP option 160?
A. 8089
B. 8060
C. 8061
D. 8088
Answer: D

Genesys Certification study help - BingNews Search results Genesys Certification study help - BingNews Genesis Certified Pre-Owned Program No result found, try new keyword!What does CPO mean? A certified pre-owned or CPO car has been inspected to meet minimum quality standards and typically includes some type of warranty. While dealers and third parties certify cars ... Wed, 04 Oct 2023 09:20:00 -0500 Arianna Huffington’s Thrive And Tech Giant Genesys Partner To Empathetically Help The Employee Burnout Crisis

Customer service is mission critical to the success of a company. Call center agents are the hardworking, often overlooked, important link between the company and their customers and clients. They have to cheerfully respond to a wide array of difficult questions, and sometimes bear the brunt of angry people taking their frustrations out on a faceless voice behind a headset. 

A Salesforce survey of more than 1,000 service employees revealed “current tensions within the industry.” There is the risk of people quitting in the Great Resignation movement and a war for talent being waged. It's one of the most in-demand jobs, but a “whopping 71% of service agents have considered leaving their job in the past six months and 69% are considering leaving customer service roles entirely.” 

The study also found that service leaders are experiencing this turbulence directly, with 50% claiming they have seen an increase in resignations in their department. If the people who are responsible for interacting with your best customers feel disengaged and unhappy, it's reasonable to conclude that their attitude will have a negative impact on their clients’ experience.  

We’ve all experienced a disgruntled customer service person who has ruined your day with their lack of interest or abusive attitude. Consumers air their poor experience on social media, assert that they’ll never use the brand, service or product ever again and urge others to do the same, creating a public relations nightmare. 

Tony Bates, CEO of Genesys, a leader in cloud customer experience orchestration, and Thrive, the behavior change technology company founded by Arianna Huffington, are partnering to Excellerate this situation by empathetically empowering workers. The two well-experienced CEOs know that the best customer experiences start with happy employees who are shown appreciation and gratitude. Bates and Huffington recognize that employee mental health and overall emotional well-being are the most urgent workplace issues of our time.

Thrive and Genesys are turning toward technology to Excellerate the quality of the worklife of people, starting with customer services professionals. They are keenly aware that while tech is helpful, it can’t be focused solely on business efficiency, as it would only lead to more feelings of frustration and burnout. 

To greatly Excellerate and enhance the employee experience, Thrive and Genesys are jointly introducing a unique innovative solution that enables organizations to embed well-being tools directly in the workflow, so workers can de-stress, reset and recharge in real time. In a pilot program with a Fortune 10 retailer, the results showed improved employee well-being and increased customer satisfaction.

Stress, anxiety and burnout has hit record highs over the last two years of the pandemic. It's now compounded, as many people begin their third year of remote or hybrid work. The blurring of the lines between work and home life has created an “always-on” culture that leaves no time to decompress. 

Employees are feeling the strain of the unrelenting workload and overall stress of living and working during a global virus outbreak. It's made many people reevaluate their jobs. Millions of Americans have arrived at the conclusion that life is too short to waste on a job that they don’t like, where they are being mistreated, unappreciated and paid unfairly. This mindset led to multiple months of 4 million people quitting their jobs in the Great Resignation movement. 

Progressive CEOs, like Bates, CEO of Genesys, former head of Skype and GoPro and current board member of eBay and VMware, exemplify the new breed of empathetic leaders. Empathy is understanding what a person is going through and taking helpful action. Smart forward-looking business leaders in this new fast-growing digital economy recognize that providing empathy is a proven business strategy to empower and energize people.

Now is the time to highlight empathetic experiences that earn customer loyalty. Companies need to manage their businesses from the vantage point of two mission-critical assets of their business—the employees and their customers—putting empathy into action, resulting in becoming highly successful.

Genesys, the global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions, previously gauged the sentiments of 5,000 adults across the world about their customer service experiences, and found the following: 

  • While a majority (71%) believe that customer service has become more personalized in the last five years through the use of technology, nearly half (48%) still note a distinct lack of compassion in their treatment.
  • Just 21% say their customer service experiences have become "much more" personalized. Fully half of those surveyed (50%) say their experiences are only "somewhat more" personalized, leaving a lot of room for improvement.
  • When contacting a company to resolve a support issue, just over half (52%) of survey respondents feel they're shown empathy when they need help. What's worse, participants sense this lack of commiseration from companies with which they regularly do business.

With this data in mind, organizations should reinvent their relationship with employees by taking an empathy-first approach. That’s why Thrive and Genesys created a solution aimed at improving people’s overall well-being, helping them to achieve more clarity, balance and focus on the job. With Thrive Reset for Genesys, the customer experience industry now has an employer-initiated stress intervention solution for frontline workers that is science-backed and designed to focus on the root causes of burnout.

Customer service departments are a critical lifeline for consumers, who have required unprecedented levels of support to deal with challenges related to the pandemic, economic volatility and societal strain. At the same time, many contact center employees have been stretched thin, handling increasingly tense customers, while working virtually from an isolated environment for organizations that are short-staffed. 

According to a Cornell University study, nearly 90% of contact center operators report high or very high-stress levels. In addition, even before the pandemic the average attrition rate for contact center workers was two times that of other occupations.

Huffington said about this new game-changing initiative, “Thrive is on a mission to end burnout.” She continued, “It starts with reshaping the employee experience by giving employers tools to foster individual well-being. Together with Genesys, we’re embedding well-being experiences into everyday workflows, which is key for the sustained mental health and resilience of employees.”

Bates pointed out, “Many workplaces today are optimized for efficiency and effectiveness. That results in people feeling overworked and their contributions being undervalued.” Bates added, “With Thrive, we can shift the way businesses use technology to create personalized, empathetic employee experiences.”

To change the dynamics, Thrive Reset for Genesys promotes taking short breaks throughout the day. Neuroscience shows that even 60- to 90-second breaks are enough to break the cycle of cumulative stress. "In my research over the last 20 years, I’ve focused on finding the smallest thing that gives the biggest positive impact," said BJ Fogg, Ph.D., founder and director of Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab and Behavioral Science chair of Thrive's Scientific Advisory Board. "That’s what I see in Thrive Reset. So easy. But yet so powerful. This wonderful offering will boost the health, well-being and happiness for people around the world.”

Businesses that deploy the platform to orchestrate their customer experiences have a proactive way to help their employees course-correct from stress in 60 seconds based on proven neuroscience methodology. With the new empathy-led offering from Genesys and Thrive, organizations can intervene in their employees’ workday by delivering well-being breaks straight to their desktops when they’re needed the most.

For example, imagine the stress an agent experiences during an intense interaction with a frustrated customer. Instead of another call being thrown into the queue, the employee is given a brief video-based break designed to reduce stress and help them reset. As a result, the next customer is dealt with by an employee who is recharged and better prepared to deliver great service, instead of one coming directly off a stressful experience. 

An early trial of the offering showed employees who experienced Thrive Resets received greater customer satisfaction ratings (+5%), higher productivity scores (+17%) and better overall satisfaction levels with their employer.

Organizations can get Thrive Reset for Genesys with a simple click and customize the timing of the breaks to address their employees’ needs. For example, Thrive Reset may be triggered due to long call durations, a certain number of calls handled or hours worked with no downtime. In the future, Genesys and Thrive plan to enable the automatic delivery of well-being breaks for employees during critical times using technologies like real-time, AI-based sentiment analysis, determined by key factors, including mood of the previous interaction, behavior and tone of voice.

Explaining the science behind Resets, Leanne Williams, Ph.D., director of the Stanford Center for Precision Mental Health and Wellness, wrote, “Stress shapes how our brain changes and adapts and the brain sometimes gets stuck in cycles of negative thought patterns, especially when we experience stress that is outside our control. Strategies for boosting positive connections can help break this cycle. As we practice them, our brain can adapt and create new thought patterns.”

Thrive Reset for Genesys will be available in March to businesses via the Genesys AppFoundry, a dedicated customer and employee experience marketplace.

Wed, 23 Feb 2022 00:41:00 -0600 Jack Kelly en text/html
Joint Genesis Reviews: (BioDynamix) Is It Worth Trying?
Joint Genesis Reviews: (BioDynamix) Is It Worth Trying?

Onlymyhealth Dabur Vedic Tea

Aging brings on a lot of challenges. We start to look and feel different. One place we tend to feel the effects of aging the most is in our joints. It’s totally natural to start to develop pain in your knees, wrists, ankles, elbows, hips and back as you get older. 

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do about it. That’s where a supplement like Joint Genesis comes in. Joint Genesis is an all-in-one joint health support supplement that utilizes the power of natural herbal extracts as well as the complexes that our bodies produce naturally to lubricate the joints and Excellerate mobility. 

In the following BioDynamic Joint Genesis review, we will be examining this supplement to help you determine if it is the right choice for your needs. So read on to find out about the formula and important consumer information you need to know about!

Click Here to Learn More About Joint Genesis!

What is Joint Genesis?

Joint Genesis is a natural supplement that was made without any dairy products, BPA’s, crustaceans, gluten, GMO’s, dairy, soy or nuts. It is also guaranteed to be pure so it is safe for a wide variety of consumers. 

It is a supplement that can help with various types of joint pain in the hands, legs, back, hips and feet. And if you are wondering about the efficacy of supplements as they pertain to joint pain treatment, consider the following quote taken from a Pubmed study on joint supplements:

“The overall analysis including all trials showed that supplements provided moderate and clinically meaningful treatment effects on pain and function in patients with hand, hip or knee osteoarthritis in the short term.”

From this quote, we can see that joint supplements have been validated by high-quality scientific research. practicing BioDynamic Joint Genesis review can therefore help you manage joint pain and Excellerate joint conditions to avoid pain in the future.

Joint Genesis Key Facts

Form: Capsule

Type: Joint Health

Price: $59

Active Ingredients: Boswellia serrata, ginger, hyaluronic acid, pine bark, black pepper

Benefits: Improves Joint mobility, decreases joint pain, increases synovial fluid

Dosage: One capsule per day

Joint Genesis Pros & Cons

What We Like

  • Eliminates joint pain
  • Works for hands, feet, legs, arms, hips and back
  • Many positive reviews
  • Safe formula
  • Science-backed ingredients
  • No GMO’s, BPA’s, soy, nuts or dairy

What We Don’t Like

  • May not work for severe arthritis
  • Shipping may take a while

Main Ingredients in Joint Genesis

In the following section, we will break down the science behind each Joint Genesis ingredient:

  • Boswellia Serrata – Boswellia serrata is considered an effective treatment for osteoarthritis because of its anti-inflammatory effects. Seven trials including 545 test subjects were reviewed by the NIH and the evidence showed that Boswellia significantly reduced joint pain for most of the patients.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Hyaluronic acid is a compound found naturally in the joints. Studies have found that this is a necessary compound for normal joint function because it helps keep the joints lubricated. 
  • Ginger – In a study highlighted by Versus Arthritis, it was shown that a ginger group (compared to a placebo group) reported significant decreases in knee pain. As we can see in the following quote, ginger has great potential in reducing joint pain caused by arthritic conditions. “63% of the participants who were treated with ginger had significant reduction in knee pain compared to 50% of the placebo group.The severity of pain and overall improvement of osteoarthritis-related symptoms were also significantly reduced in the group taking ginger compared to the placebo group.” 
  • Pepper – Pepper is included in the Joint Genesis formula as Bioperine. Bioperine is a treated extract of black pepper fruit and is included in this formula to make the other ingredients more bioavailable.
  • Pine Bark – In a study cited on the Versus Arthritis website, it was found that pine bark is rich in flavonoids which have potent antioxidant effects. The study showed that pine bark not only relieved joint pain and stiffness; but swelling as well.  

Benefits of Joint Genesis

Biodynamix Joint Genesis offers a lot of important health benefits. Take a look at just a few of them:

Reduced Joint Inflammation

One of the main causes of joint pain is inflammation. Joint Genesis has ingredients, such as pine bark, that have been proven to reduce joint inflammation. 

Improved Flexion

Joint flexion is defined as the range of motion you have in your joints. Joint Genesis can significantly increase your joints’ range of motion through natural supplementation and increased synovial fluid.

Joint Protection

By including ingredients like hyaluronic acid which can Excellerate joint fluidity, this supplement can actually provide long-term support for your joints - making them more resilient and preserving mobility.

Click Here to Learn More About How Joint Genesis Works!

How Does Joint Genesis Work & How Should I Use It?

Joint Genesis works by providing the joints with nutrients they need to generate more synovial fluid which cushions the joints and allows for greater range of motion. It also works by preserving the functions of your joints so you can remain more mobile and active as you age. 

It’s very easy to incorporate Bio Dynamix Joint Genesis into your daily routine. Just take one capsule a day with a glass of water.  You can also ask your doctor how to take this supplement for the best results. 

Are There Side Effects Associated With Joint Genesis?

While everyone’s health is different and everyone reacts to supplements in a different way, Joint Genesis should be safe for most healthy adults. However, you should still talk to your doctor about Joint Genesis before actually  taking it. 

Joint Genesis Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

Joint Genesis reviews from real customers have been very positive. Some customers even say that the effects of this supplement were life-changing for them. Most customers have reported a reduction in joint pain associated with arthritis. 

Others have said that it really does work to block joint inflammation and increase the presence of synovial fluid in the joints. Joint Genesis currently holds a favorable star-rating on popular 3rd party retail sites. 

Purchase Joint Genesis

How to Purchase Joint Genesis - Pricing & Availability

You can get Joint Genesis from the official manufacturer website as well as popular 3rd party retail sites. It is currently only available online. The pricing options for Joint Genesis are typically:

  • One bottle: $59
  • Three bottles: $147
  • Six bottles: $234

Click Here To Buy Joint Genesis From the Official Website!

Final Thoughts

Joint Genesis is a supplement that is made using good manufacturing practices and has been certified as pure. It is a very safe method for alleviating troublesome joint pain and preserving the function of your joints as you get older. 

Many Joint Genesis reviews written by real customers praise the product for its potent effects and ability to Excellerate mobility. Joint Genesis is a supplement that can keep you moving and active. 

If you are looking for a joint health supplement that won’t cause side effects, is made of natural, proven ingredients and one that actually works, you owe it to yourself to try Joint Genesis.

Joint Genesis FAQs

Is Joint Genesis safe?

Yes. Joint Genesis is made from natural ingredients and contains no soy, nuts, GMOs, BPA’s or crustacean byproducts.

How long does it take to work?

Everyone is different. For some, Joint Genesis may take effect after just a few days but for others, it may take more than a month. 

What is the return policy?

The official website states that you have 180 days to return any unopened bottles of Joint Genesis if you are unhappy with the results. Opened and empty bottles should not be returned. The 180 days starts from the date of purchase. 

What are the benefits of joint supplements?

Some of the benefits include improved joint flexion, less pain when you move your joints, increased mobility and protection against joint inflammation. Some joint supplements may even Excellerate skin and hair health. 

What is the number one rated joint supplement?

Joint Genesis is one of the top-rated joint supplements currently on the market. It has a very effective formula and it has been received very well by consumers. Other top choices include supplements for chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM. 


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Pine Bark Extract:

Review of Joint Genesis: A Revolutionary Solution for Joint Pain Relief 


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NOTE- This article is written by Brand Desk 

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Genesys Logic USB 3.0 Hub Controller - GL3520 is Certified by Microsoft Windows 8 Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK2.0)

Taipei, Taiwan, July 20, 2012—Genesys Logic, Inc., a leading IC design company in mixed-signal high-speed I/O technologies, today announced its high performance USB 3.0 hub controller, GL3520, has achieved Microsoft Windows 8 Hardware Certification for successfully meeting the performance, quality, and feature criteria of Windows 8 based systems. With WHCK certification, GL3520 solidifies its status as the best of breed among USB 3.0 hub controllers on the market and is well-suited for the performance-intensive and power-efficient markets, such as high-performance PC peripherals.

With the rapid growth and constant change on the features and capabilities of computing applications, the incessant strong demands for speed and performance require the I/O controllers to be more powerful and yet more energy efficient. Toward that goal, Genesys Logic has developed proprietary technologies that enable the GL3520 USB 3.0 hub controller to achieve the industry-leading 0.9W power consumption with four downstream ports connected to SuperSpeed devices. Some of the noteworthy features of GL3520 include built-in 5V to 3.3V regulators, native fast charging, compliance with Battery Charging Spec. v1.2, and support of Smart CDP. In addition, GL3520 incorporates patented Smart Power Management that can dynamically switch the mode of downstream ports to ensure the quality of flow. Its firmware is upgradable and configurable based on customers’ needs for features such as charging support and port number setting.  GL3520 supports both individual and gang mode.  It is available both in QFN 88-pin and QFN 64-pin package.

“USB 3.0 certainly has the lead in future growth potential with its user friendliness and complete backward compatibility,” said Linus Wang, Chief Sales Officer at Genesys. “With Windows 8 native driver support, USB 3.0 market is expected to begin a speedy expansion. As one of the few USB 3.0 hub controller providers, Genesys devotes its efforts to increasing its USB 3.0 market penetration by cooperation with tier 1 OEM/ODM. With WHCK2.0 certified, GL3520 helps advance USB 3.0 applications into the market quickly while minimizing risk and speeding time-to-market.” he added.

GL3520 was released in Q3, 2011, and started shipping at the end of 2011. It is aimed at PCs, monitors, docking stations, retails, digital TVs, and home entertainments. The total shipment of GL3520 is expected to double in 2012 through the market momentum driven by Intel and AMD’s native USB 3.0 host platforms.

“Genesys’ expertise in high speed I/O design, more than 10 years of experience in USB product delivery, and over 700 million total hub shipments are all key factors contributing to the success of GL3520 USB 3.0 hub controller,” said Miller Lin, Vice President at Genesys. “Featuring the best performance/cost on the market with unparalleled energy efficiency, GL3520 is able to satisfy a variety of applications with assured quality.” he added.

For more information associated with products and Genesys Logic, please visit Genesys Logic’s website .

About Genesys Logic

Founded in 1997, Genesys Logic Inc. (TWO:6104) develops system controller ICs and interface controller ICs for high-speed I/O applications, such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, IEEE 1394, PCI Express, Serial ATA up to 6.0GBs and others. Its major products are scanner controllers, USB HUB, USB storage controllers.

About Microsoft Windows 8 Hardware Certification Kit

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Genesys International’s digital twin tech to help Dharavi redevelopment plans

Mumbai-headquartered Genesys International, a mapping technology company has bagged an order to deploy its Digital Twin mapping technology for the redevelopment of Dharavi, which is recognised as Asia’s most densely populated urban settlement.

The order is valued at Rs 22 crore (excluding GST) and has been awarded by Porter House. The project is anticipated to be completed within a timeframe of 9 months, which will aid towards the transformation of Dharavi’s landscape and urban planning.

This initiative aligns seamlessly with Mumbai city’s long-standing goal of revitalising key areas and underscores Genesys’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of mapping technology. The Oyster 3D Maps platform, known for its precision and innovation, will play a pivotal role in this ambitious project.

The company says mapping the unmapped is a big step towards urban inclusion. Genesys says it has also launched the new India Map stack, targeting advanced platforms in consumer, logistics, automotive, and infrastructure areas.

Sajid Malik, Chairman and MD, Genesys International said, “This project exemplifies Genesys’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries in the mapping space. Our dedicated team has been instrumental in this marquee mapping project, capturing the attention of the entire geospatial community for its unparalleled complexity.”

In addition to this, the company recently bagged the digital twin mandate for the holy shrine of Mecca by the Saudi government.

Tue, 19 Dec 2023 01:32:00 -0600 en text/html
Study Suggests Horticulture Therapy Could Help Fight Depression No result found, try new keyword!A study suggests that horticulture therapy, which focuses on gardening activities, may help reduce depression symptoms in older adults. The greatest benefits were found when therapy lasted 4-8 ... Thu, 14 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en-us text/html Certified used 2022 Genesis GV70 for sale near me No result found, try new keyword!Prequalify now It only takes a couple minutes and won't affect your credit. Genesis Certified This was our first vehicle from a Hyundai Dealership and so far no problems. The vehicle we purchased ... Tue, 12 Dec 2023 23:17:00 -0600 Ozempic could help curb alcohol abuse, study reveals

The latest weight loss craze could also help people control their drinking.

Semaglutide treatments such as Ozempic and Wegovy have been shown to reduce the symptoms of alcohol use disorder (AUD), according to a study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry on Nov. 27.

The collaborative study from The University of Oklahoma (OU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU) found a “significant and noteworthy decrease” in the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) scores of six patients who were receiving semaglutide treatment for weight loss.

Lead study author Dr. Jesse Richards, director of obesity medicine and assistant professor of medicine at the OU-TU School of Community Medicine, said the study was inspired by his conversation with Dr. Kyle Simmons, professor of pharmacology and physiology at the OSU Center for Health Sciences.

“I had been hearing from a significant number of patients that their alcohol intake was spontaneously decreasing while [they were] on the medication,” Richards told Fox News Digital.

As a bariatric surgery clinic employee, Richards noted that it’s standard to screen patients for alcohol use.

Studies found that there was a decrease in Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) scores for six patients receiving weight-loss treatments. AP

At the clinic, a number of patients tested positive for alcohol consumption, sometimes in concerning amounts.

Later, while on semaglutide medication, they reported reduced alcohol intake.

One of Richards’ patients — who previously drank large amounts of alcohol — shared a new inability to drink more than two cans of beer now because it “just doesn’t sound good.”

After semaglutide medication, a patient who formerly drank beer regularly began to think that alcohol just didn’t “sound good.” Getty Images

This response piqued Richards’ interest in learning more about patients’ aversion to alcohol, which directly correlated to his research.

Research has shown that this effect is “mediated through adjustments in the reward pathway in the brain,” he said.

“The GLP-1s are actually modifying dopamine, decreasing the craving and decreasing the motivation to acquire things in that compulsive intake category.”

The most surprising takeaway from the study, Richards said, was that the same significant treatment response was seen even at very low doses.

“We found that even patients on the lowest dose of semaglutide — a quarter milligram — had a quite significant and relatively … quick onset reduction in alcohol intake,” he said.

Of the six patients studied, all but one were on low doses — from a quarter to a half milligram.

“And that’s very encouraging because we know that the lower doses of these medications are tolerated much better,” said Richards.

While the results seem promising, the doctor said he does not recommend that patients use semaglutide treatments for alcohol use disorder at this time, due to supply and safety issues.

“If patients have [obesity and diabetes] indications for the medication and they also struggle with alcohol intake … having them on this treatment may potentially be beneficial,” Richards said.

Due to medication shortages and a lack of long-term data, it may not be advisable to take Ozempic to target alcoholism specifically. NurPhoto via Getty Images

“But because there has been a global medication shortage, and because we don’t have prospective trials and don’t know what the specific safety is versus the well-established safety data in obesity and diabetes, [I] would not recommend it just for patients who have AUD.”

There are three FDA-approved drugs available for alcoholic use disorder that are currently underused, the doctor noted.

Given that five million people in the U.S. are currently taking semaglutide medications, if it is proven that those drugs have a significant effect on alcohol use disorder, “by default, they are going to become the most widely used drug to Excellerate these symptoms — just by virtue of the fact that so many people are on them for diabetes or obesity,” Richards noted.

Trials are underway to gather more information on the weight-loss medication and its effect on alcohol intake. UCG/Universal Images Group via G

He confirmed that additional research is underway with two ongoing trials.

“Since we were able to show clinically meaningful reductions in alcohol intake and AUD symptomatology in a real-world setting, that bodes very well for these types of medications,” he said.

Looking ahead, Richard said there is a need for higher-quality evidence of the medication’s impact on AUD compared to placebo drugs or environmental factors.

People struggling with alcohol use should speak with their healthcare provider. Getty Images

Even though it’s unclear whether GLP-1 producers will market the medication to AUD patients in the future, Richards said this could become an “established medical practice once the safety and efficacy has been determined.”

For patients who struggle with AUD, Richards recommended they talk to their health care providers about available treatment.

He also alerted patients that if they experience a reduced appetite and usually consume “a bunch of calories” in alcohol, it may be necessary to look into a more balanced diet.

Avantika Waring, 9amHealth’s chief medical officer and a trained physician and endocrinologist in San Francisco, applauded the OU and OSU study findings for further supporting what clinicians “are already seeing in practice,” she told Fox News Digital.

“GLP-1 medications have a lot of effects that we are still learning about, and the ability to decrease cravings and the reward signals related to alcohol use are just some of the benefits,” she said.

“It’s an important starting point for further clinical trials,” she added.

Waring also warned that GLP-1 medications should not be used to treat AUD specifically, as they can cause side effects such as nausea and changes in appetite.

“People struggling with alcohol use disorder should consult with their physicians before starting GLP-1 medications to make sure that they can stay hydrated and safe on therapy,” she said.

Waring noted that if ongoing clinical trials find semaglutide treatments to be effective for AUD, the medical community will “have another tool to help people living with alcohol addiction and we’ll see expanded use of these already popular drugs.”

Fox News Digital reached out to Novo Nordisk for comment on the potential link between semaglutide medications and alcohol use disorder.

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