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Killexams : Turbocharge Your Career Path With an MBA Training and Microsoft Office Bundle for Just $50

You don’t need to blow a hole in your schedule or budget to gain the skills and knowledge you need to fast-track your business career.

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Whether you want to grow your own business or to move up the ladder in the business world as quickly as possible, you may need to learn valuable entrepreneurial knowledge without commuting to classrooms or crashing your budget. While our solution doesn’t replace a formal MBA degree, you can gain additional business knowledge with this MBA course packaged with lifetime access to Microsoft Office Pro 2021.

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Taught by Chris Haroun, who boasts experience in venture capital, hedge funds, equities and consulting, you can feel confident that you’re gaining the proper knowledge for your entrepreneurial pursuits. Again, “The 2023 Total MBA Training in One Box” won’t replace an genuine MBA degree, but it can teach you everything from launching a business from scratch to going public.

You’ll discover insights into management consulting businesses and investment banking firms, as well as how they may benefit your company. You can also learn to create financial models from scratch and quickly examine a company’s finances and entire markets by the time this course is over.

Since you’ll get lifetime access to this 4.5-star rated MBA training, you can study at your own pace. Plus, you don’t have to finish the whole course before taking advantage of the practical and professional skills you develop. Best of all, you can conveniently access classes from desktops, laptops and even mobile devices.

As a huge bonus, this bundle includes a lifetime license for the Windows version of Microsoft Office Pro 2021. It includes Excel, Word, Access, Outlook PowerPoint, Publisher, Skype for Business and the free version of Teams. You’ll get an incredible deal on lifetime access to MS Office for your PC. Say goodbye to expensive yearly subscriptions!

Move up the business ladder with help from Microsoft Office Pro 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License + A Free Entire MBA in 1 Course to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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Killexams : Put Microsoft Excel At Your Fingertips With 40% Off These Training Bundles

Data is everywhere, and increasingly central to our lives. You can put it at your fingertips with these courses from our VIP Sale, 40% off with code VIP40 for a limited time.

Looking to use Excel for more than simple functions? This 24-course bundle touches every possible aspect, from data visualization to day-to-day automation tips to make your life easier.

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New to Excel? Each of the 8 courses in this bundle shows you how a core function works, making it easy to get more from each spreadsheet.

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Increasingly, Excel, Python, and PowerBI are meeting to create amazing data analysis. This bundle focuses on where they meet and how you can draw actionable data out of huge sets.

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Automating Excel by coding functions and actions is a superb way to both save time and get better results. Over the 13 courses in this bundle, you'll learn the basics and build up to more complex automation.

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As big data becomes commonplace, the demands for data management have only increased. This bundle focuses on getting a handle on large datasets in Excel before transitioning to the advanced data tool Alteryx.

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Excel isn't just financial software but used in every department for a wide range of jobs. This bundle focuses on those jobs and how to get better at them as a pathway to becoming a certified Excel expert.

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Business intelligence (BI) visualizes your company's data and results to see what next steps need to be taken and where the business is going. This bundle shows you everything you need to know for effective BI work, from building a dashboard to ensuring the accuracy of a projection.

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Google Sheets is useful as a collaboration tool and for providing shared data to the cloud, but it and Excel don't always get along. This set of courses rated as high as 4.7/5 stars teaches you how to make peace using practical code-along projects to bridge the gap.

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Killexams : Become A Pivot Table Hero With This Excel & Data Certification Bundle

While there's generally something to be said for crafting things by hand, spreadsheets and data analysis don't exactly fall into that category. Fortunately, Excel is commonplace in computers across the world; so much so, that scientists have renamed certain genes so they can keep using it to crunch data.

Mastering Excel can open new doors in your career, whether you want to perform better at the job you have now, or want to add high-end data analysis to your repertoire. The Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle has 24 courses on Excel for just $69.99, 97% off their usual retail price, and will show you just how powerful Excel can be.

New To Excel? Start Here

If you're totally new to Excel, the bundle starts you off with a series of courses to ground you in the program.

  • The Complete Introduction to Excel and New Microsoft Excel & Office 365 Features
    will show you the bones of Excel, from how to start a spreadsheet to formulas to linking different sheets to time-saving features you can use to get work done faster. And, if you need to apply it elsewhere, Google Sheets for Excel Users lays out how to bring your new Excel skills to the free software.
  • Basic/Advanced Excel Formulas and Advanced Formulas & Functions dig into the Excel toolbox to show different ways to calculate and analyze data.
  • Data Visualization with Excel Charts & Graphs and Excel Pro Tips: Data Visualization will demonstrate how to get crisp, snappy images out of data for your presentations and materials.
  • Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables gets into how Excel uses the ever-present pivot table to clarify and explain data.
  • And Intro to Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX will explore three powerful data analysis and visualization tools that are commonly used to draw patterns and valuable information out of databases in Excel and visualize them effectively.

Advanced Excel And Power BI

Once you know your way around a workbook, you can make Excel soar, and pair it with Power BI, Microsoft's data visualization tool, as well. Start with the Advanced Excel Crash Course, and then go deeper with these courses.

  • Learn MS Excel for Data Analysis walks you through the app design process, so you can start building your own custom tools.
  • Excel VBA Tutorials: Learn Excel Programming Language introduces you to macros, and how they can automate the grunt work.
  • DAX Made Easy discusses Data Analysis Expressions and how they work with a multitude of programs, while Power Query for Excel & Power BI looks at databases and queries.
  • Excel for HR Dashboard & Analytics, 360° Financial Modeling & Valuation Course,
    and Excel for Sales Dashboard & Analytics discusses how HR departments use Excel to make the day-to-day of helping people easier, how sales departments use it to spot trends and close more deals, and how finance departments and entrepreneurs build businesses, while Project Finance Ninja Course shows you how to check the feasibility of any plan.
  • Finally, Up & Running with Power BI Desktop and Visual Storytelling with Power BI can get you started with this unique data tool, showing how to build clear, concise, and informative visualizations and designs.

Beyond Excel

If you're looking to take your Excel skills even further, or use it as a starting point for hard-core data analysis,  the bundle includes courses on Python in finance, analytics software Alteryx, SAS programming for statistical analysis, and Tableau for advanced data visualization.

Data drives the world and knowing how to make use of it drives careers. For $69.99, at 97% off, this 24-course bundle will show you how it can take your career to the next level.

Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff.

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Killexams : Microsoft Previews 'Python in Excel'


Microsoft Previews 'Python in Excel'

The cumbersome process of using Python code in Microsoft Excel data-driven projects will soon be eased by the company's new "Python in Excel" initiative, currently in public preview.

Integrating the super-popular programming language that's the darling of data scientists everywhere with the super-popular spreadsheet program means analysts will no longer have to jump through so many workaround hoops or use third-party add-ins like xlwings, PyXLL or DataNitro.

"Python in Excel combines Python's powerful data analysis and visualization libraries with Excel's features you know and love," Microsoft said. "You can manipulate and explore data in Excel using Python plots and libraries, and then use Excel's formulas, charts and PivotTables to further refine your insights."

With the preview, users can now type Python code directly into a notebook cell and get results such as plots and visualizations from the Microsoft Cloud. As of now, the public preview works only on Excel for Windows (not Mac, web, iPad, iPhone or Android). And the cloud integration means an internet connection is required -- users with a local version of Python installed won't see any customizations made to that installation reflected in Python in Excel calculations. If all of those conditions are met, users can go to Microsoft's Python in Excel site to get started, which requires being in the Microsoft 365 Insiders program and using the Beta Channel in Excel for Windows.

While the program does require using Microsoft's cloud version of Python, it comes with the popular Anaconda enterprise Python repository and many core libraries including pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, seaborn, scikit-learn and statsmodels.

The project's architecture was guided in part by none other than Guido van Rossum, Python's creator, emeritus BDFL (benevolent dictator for life) and Microsoft Distinguished Engineer. "I'm excited that this excellent, tight integration of Python and Excel is now seeing the light of day," he said in an Aug. 22 announcement post. "I expect that both communities will find interesting new uses in this collaboration, amplifying each partner's abilities. When I joined Microsoft three years ago, I would not have dreamed this would be possible. The Excel team excels!"

More information can be found in the following resources from Microsoft and Anaconda:

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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Killexams : It’s about time you learned Excel No result found, try new keyword!Fortunately, you can do it on a budget because The 2023 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is just $29 now. This seven-course bundle includes training from some of the web’s ... Sun, 09 Jul 2023 20:16:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Learn to maximize your productivity on Microsoft Excel with these comprehensive training courses No result found, try new keyword!For a limited time only, you can get the 2023 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle, which is on sale for just $26.84, the best price online. Checked purchasers have raved about this ... Mon, 17 Jul 2023 10:20:00 -0500 Killexams : Save 97% off the Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle0 0

Today's highlighted deal comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 97% off the Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle. Kickstart your career as a Data Analyst with 90 hours of basic to advanced content on Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Tableau, VBA, Python and more.

This bundle consists of the courses listed below:

  1. MS Excel/Excel 2020: The Complete Introduction to Excel
    Gain Basic Knowledge on How to Use Microsoft Excel

  2. Microsoft Excel: Intro to Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX
    Get Up & Running with Excel's Data Modeling & Business Intelligence Tools

  3. Excel Pro Tips: Data Visualization
    Think Outside the Pie Chart & Explore Some of Excel’s Most Powerful Visualization Tools

  4. Microsoft Excel: Advanced Formulas & Functions
    Master 75+ Excel Formula & Functions with Hands-On Demos

  5. Up & Running with Power BI Desktop
    Transform, Analyze & Visualize Data Using Microsoft Power BI Desktop

  6. Microsoft Excel: Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables
    Master Excel Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts with Hands-On Demos

  7. Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization with Excel Charts & Graphs
    Master 20+ Charts & Graphs in Excel with Hands-On Demos

  8. Microsoft Excel: Learn MS Excel for Data Analysis
    Use Excel for Data Analysis by Creating Your Own Excel Apps

  9. Microsoft Excel: Basic/Advanced Excel Formulas
    Learn More Than 80 Excel Functions, Formulas & Tips

  10. Project Finance Ninja Course
    Build Project Finance Models From Scratch & Discover Their Economic Feasibilit

  11. Power Query for Excel & Power BI
    2 Hours of Content on Power Query, Excel, BI, and SQL Server Data Tools

  12. Visual Storytelling with Power BI
    Learn Data Modeling Basics, Visualization & Analytics, and More

  13. Tableau Training & Certification
    Analyze Trends Visually & Make Quick Decisions with 3 Hours of Content on Tableau Essential

  14. Python for Finance
    Python Basics, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, & More — Perform Financial Tasks Using Python

  15. Excel for HR Dashboard & Analytics
    AutomateExcel Tasks & Create a Powerful Analysis for HR and L&D Data on Real-Life Business Problems

  16. Excel for Sales Dashboard & Analytics
    Prepare Your Sales Reports & Perform Analytics

  17. DAX Made Easy
    Best of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for Beginners in 90 Minutes

  18. New Microsoft Excel & Office 365 Features
    Increase Your Productivity with All New MS Excel 2019 & Office 365 Features and Save Time!

  19. New Microsoft Excel & Office 365 Features
    Increase Your Productivity with All New MS Excel 2019 & Office 365 Features and Save Time!

  20. 360° Financial Modeling & Valuation Course
    Learn Industry Best Practices & Common Pitfalls in Financial Modeling

  21. Alteryx Online Course
    Get Started with 25 Essential Alteryx Tools for Beginners

  22. Excel VBA Tutorials: Learn Excel Programming Language
    Automate Repetitive Tasks Using Excel VBA with Just One Click

  23. SAS Programming Online Course
    Become a Data Expert Using the SAS Data Science Tools

  24. Advanced Excel Crash Course
    Learn Excel Online for MIS Reporting, Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, Charting, & Time-Saver Tricks with Examples

Good to know

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Here's the deal:

This Premium 2021 Microsoft Excel & Data Certification Bundle normally costs $2,376, but can now be yours for just $69.99, for a limited time, that's a saving of $2,306.01 (97%) off!

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Sat, 21 Nov 2020 02:46:00 -0600 en text/html Killexams : S.S. Lootah Group partners with Tanmia to sponsor training in ICDL and English language courses to UAE National jobseekers

S.S. Lootah Group has announced its partnership with Tanmia, the National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority by sponsoring training courses in International Computer Driving License (ICDL) and English language offered to UAE National jobseekers registered in Tanmia’s database. The second level of this training program entitles select jobseekers to undergo a training session on management and commerce.

Tanmia will provide English language courses to National jobseekers depending on their competency, while another batch will be provided with ICDL training. On the completion of these two courses, which will commence on August 1, 2005, Tanmia will select the best performing jobseekers from the two groups and provide them training on management and commerce.

“We are glad that a large number of companies especially from the private sector have recognised the importance of supporting Tanmia’s initiatives and the Emiratisation drive in the UAE. We highly appreciate this initiative by the S.S. Lootah Group, which not only will result in the training of National jobseekers in key skills, but will also set an example for more companies in the UAE to follow,” said Marwan Al Sawaleh, Acting Director General and Director of the Employment and Skills Development Center, Tanmia.

One the other hand, Hajj Saeed Bin Ahmad, Chairman of S. S. Lootah said: “The Institute of Islamic Information and Education represents the educational arm of the group. It includes Dubai Medical College for Girls, Dubai Pharmacy College, Dubai Specialized Medical Center & Medical Research Laboratories, the Islamic School for Training and Education and the technical institute. We recently carried out the licensing procedure for World Al Lootah University of Communication, which is based on remote virtual web learning. On a general basis, the group pays special attention for improving the educational sector in the country and reinforcing the expertise of the young nationals”.

The jobseekers selected for the training by Tanmia comprise a balanced mix of Nationals with varying educational backgrounds. As a prerequisite for the training, these jobseekers are expected to have basic skills in the use of computers and the internet and the ability to read, write and speak English and Arabic.

“The number of National jobseekers registered in the Tanmia database has been increasing steadily, which puts an emphasis on the need to enhance their basic skills in English language and computers. Tanmia is also focussing on providing training to National jobseekers on important areas such as management and commerce to ensure the all round development of the jobseekers. This training will greatly benefit them by improving their problem solving and planning skills as well,” added Al Sawaleh.

S. S. Lootah Group was founded in 1956 and today has over 6000 employees. The Institute of Islamic Information and Education and its subsidiaries are regarded as an educational, informational and training services center in the country, which is supervised by Hajj Saeed Lootah personally. Hajj himself is regarded as on of the prominent personalities who actively contributed to the educational and economic sectors in the UAE. The group includes a number of non profit educational institutes and successful businesses that comprise consumer brands such as “Islamic Co-Op” products, in addition to many leading companies in various fields such as construction, building materials, pre-casts, real estate, engineering consultancy and general trade. Further, the Dubai Islamic Bank is the first Islamic bank in the world, set up as per the vision of Hajj Ahmad Lootah.
About Tanmia:

Tanmia, the National Human Resource Development & Employment Authority in the UAE, was established by a Presidential decree in November 1999, to address the imbalance in the labour market, due to excessive dependence on expatriate workforce. Tanmia is engaged in a coordinating role, between national job seekers and employers in the private and government sectors, to facilitate increased entry of nationals in the labour market. The responsibilities that rest with the Authority are: to set up the overall policy of the Authority and supervise its implementation, conduct sustained operational and administrative labour market studies and analysis, provide career counseling and guidance to the national work force, follow-up and evaluate employment of nationals in public and private sectors, support small investment enterprises through the establishment of self-employment projects for national human resources and develop programmes for training and qualifying nationals seeking employment, in conformity with the labour market needs.

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Killexams : Microsoft adds Python to Excel

Microsoft announced today that it is integrating the Python programming language into its ubiquitous Excel spreadsheet software. The public preview of this feature is available today for Microsoft 365 Insiders in the Beta Channel, initially limited to Windows users.

The integration will not require any additional software installations or add-ons. Python will be woven into Excel's built-in connectors and Power Query. Microsoft is also introducing a new PY function that will allow Python data to be displayed within the grid of an Excel spreadsheet.

In collaboration with Anaconda, an enterprise Python repository, Microsoft is making popular Python libraries like pandas, statsmodels, and Matplotlib available within Excel. This partnership aims to bring the power of Python's data manipulation and statistical modeling capabilities directly to Excel users, who number in the hundreds of millions globally.

Python calculations will run in the Microsoft Cloud, with the results returned directly into an Excel worksheet. This enables Excel users to create complex formulas, PivotTables, and charts based on Python data. The integration also supports charting libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn, opening the door for advanced visualisations such as heatmaps, violin plots, and swarm plots.

While Python in Excel will be included in a Microsoft 365 subscription during the public preview, Microsoft has indicated that "some functionality will be restricted without a paid license" after the preview period ends.

Microsoft plans to extend this feature to other platforms "at a later date," but for now, the focus is on refining the experience for Windows users. As the lines between traditional spreadsheet manipulation and data science continue to blur, Microsoft's Python-Excel integration marks a significant step toward a more unified, powerful tool for data analysis.

For Excel users and Python enthusiasts alike, the future just became a little more integrated.

Tue, 22 Aug 2023 20:02:00 -0500 en text/html
ICDL-EXCEL exam dump and training guide direct download
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