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Killexams : Medical Occupations tricks - BingNews Search results Killexams : Medical Occupations tricks - BingNews Killexams : How to Survive Working 12-Hour Shifts
  • With 12-hour shifts, your physical and mental health may be at risk. Those who work long shifts are more prone to obesity, sleep problems and low energy levels.
  • Certain professions require long shifts due to the on-the-job duties. Examples are truck drivers, nurses and police officers.
  • Taking care of your mind and body will help you get through long shifts. Take breaks, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep each night to curb the effects of extended shifts.
  • This article is for professionals who work long shifts and want to develop strategies to stay energetic and focused throughout.

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12-hour shift health concerns

When you work a 12-hour shift, there are potential concerns for your health and well-being. According to the National Institute of Health, long shifts are associated with medical issues such as obesity, sleep disorders and chronic fatigue.

The issues with shift work are that the person has problems sleeping and finding time to make health a priority. With long shifts, the employee may not have time to exercise on a regular basis. The long shifts also make it difficult to eat healthy and cook balanced meals. Due to time constraints, the person may rely on fast food, which is usually higher in saturated fat and sugars.

If you’re thinking about impact the work schedule is taking on your physical and mental health, make an appointment with your physician. During a physical, the doctor can let you know of any health concerns. They may also order blood work to check your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.    

Did you know?Did you know? 12-hour shifts can cause potential health issues such as sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, and obesity. 

Types of jobs that require 12-hour shifts

Some jobs require longer hours due to the nature of the work. All employees must be told of shift requirements before job acceptance. There are also regulations in place to protect employees from working extremely long hours. As an example, truck drivers are only allowed to drive for a set number of hours before they are required to take a break.

These are some jobs that often require 12-hour shifts:

  • Truck drivers
  • Nurses
  • Police officers
  • Warehouse employees
  • Power plant workers
  • Dispatchers

Tips on surviving a 12-hour shift

Although a 12-hour shift may be unavoidable due to your company’s demands, you can make things easier on yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your schedule, speak up at your place of employment. You should never compromise your health for a job. You can make your 12-hour shift much easier by preparing correctly and making smart choices throughout the day. If you are the business owner or manager, you may want to use employee scheduling software to better plan your staff’s time.

To make 12-hour shifts more manageable, follow these steps.

1. Pack your food and eat right.

When you’re struggling through a long day, you might want to reward yourself with a sugary snack from the vending machine or a greasy burger from the cafeteria. These momentary pleasures ultimately lower your energy level and spell disaster for your day. If you want to know how to survive a 12-hour shift, the first thing you should address is your diet.

You should pack healthy meals to eat during your shift so you’re not tempted to indulge in unhealthy options. Include several small snacks as well. Package these conveniently so you can grab a bag of nuts and an apple or a banana and peanut butter even when you don’t have much time to spare. You should focus on high-energy snacks and whole foods that will keep you going instead of dragging you down.

2. Get enough rest.

It’s important to get a full night’s sleep before a long shift. You should avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine at night so that you can enjoy a restful evening before bed. If you have a break of 20 minutes or longer during work, consider taking a quick nap. Data from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies revealed that a 20-minute nap during a 10-hour shift can Boost performance by 50%.

3. Use your breaks wisely.

A lengthy shift can put you under a lot of mental strain. You should make the most of all breaks allowed in your schedule. You could find a quiet spot to meditate and clear your mind, listen to a relaxing track of nature sounds, or read something you enjoy. You should avoid potentially stressful activities, like watching crime drama snippets or practicing intense thrillers, where you’ll have to stop in the middle of the action to return to work.

4. Take smart supplements.

The right supplements can make a big difference in how well you handle a long shift. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to fatigue. You can get vitamin D from salmon, tuna or fortified food products, but a supplement might be more effective if your levels are low. Vitamin B can decrease fatigue as well. Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to brain cell development and help you stay on top of your game. A well-rounded multivitamin is always a smart choice. Speak to your doctor about the best supplements for your needs.

Surviving 12-hour shifts might be difficult, but you can make these long days easier on yourself by preparing for the challenge. Packing healthy foods, getting enough rest, partaking in relaxing entertainment for your breaks and taking a few smart supplements can make the shift go smoothly.

5. Make friends at work.

12-hour shifts can feel draining and exhausting, perhaps to the extent that you might sometimes need to vent to someone about it or feel otherwise supported. Work friends are the perfect people to meet both these needs. They’ll be with you on the job, and they’ll likely understand your work situation better than your partner or closest non-work friends. That’s because they might be working 12-hour shifts right alongside you.

At the very least, you should try to build a support network among your co-workers so that you can all get through your long shifts together. And if you do wind up spending time with your work friends off the job, these folks might be more okay with your relative lack of free time for socializing. After all, they’re probably living similar lives.

6. Plan for vacation.

There are seemingly countless reasons why you should take vacation, especially if you’re working 12 hours a day. There’s just no better way to refresh yourself and balance your mind and body than getting away from work for a good long while. Even if you love your job, those long shifts will deplete you in ways that perhaps only an extended break can solve. Chances are you’ll return with a clearer mind and better-rested body, so you’ll be more prepared for your lengthy shifts.

7. Adjust your regular days off.

It’s possible that your 12-hour shifts have you working just three or four days a week, so the good news is that you’re off more than two days per week. But the question is, are your off days subsequent, or are they scattered throughout the week? Figure out which option works better for your health and request it. If you get the flextime you want, your days on the job might feel much easier – all it takes is a simple ask.

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Killexams : Tax Tricks and Loopholes Only the Rich Know

CiydemImages /

Before the 2020 presidential election, The New York Times released a bombshell report on Donald Trump's tax records -- claiming that he paid no federal income taxes in 11 of the past 18 years. According to the report, he did pay income taxes in 2016 and 2017 -- in the amount of $750 each year.

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Trump questioned the accuracy of the Times report in a Sept. 28, 2020, tweet: "I paid many millions of dollars in taxes but was entitled, like everyone else, to depreciation & tax credits."

More recently, nonprofit newsroom ProPublica stacked more evidence against America's wealthy elite, revealing that between 2014 and 2018, the United States' 25 wealthiest individuals got $401 billion richer -- but the income taxes they paid covered only 3.4% of their new net worth.

Trump and many other wealthy individuals have taken advantage of some of the tax loopholes that can reduce their yearly tax burden. Find out what you might be able to write off to save more.

TerryJ / Getty Images

1. Claim Depreciation

In his tweet, Trump calls out depreciation as a means of reducing his tax burden. So what exactly is it?

"For federal income tax purposes, depreciation is a deduction that allows you to recover the cost or other basis of certain property," tax expert Kelly Phillips Erb wrote in a post for Forbes. "It can be tricky but generally, you begin to depreciate your property when you place it in service for the first time. The IRS considers property 'placed in service' when it is ready and available for use, not when you actually begin using it. (...) You depreciate the cost of the item over its useful life (based on the kind of property) unless an exception applies."

Small Business Spotlight 2022: Nominate Your Favorite Small Biz

How To Get the Deduction

Depreciation can be claimed for both tangible and intangible property. Property that may be eligible for this deduction includes buildings, rental properties, machines, cars and trucks, furnishings, equipment, patents, copyrights and some kinds of software, according to To qualify for the deduction, the property must meet three requirements:

Depreciation claims are made in section 179 of your federal tax returns. For the tax year 2020, the maximum expense deduction was $1,040,000. In 2022, it stands at $1,150,000.

Uber Images /

2. Deduct Business Expenses

If you run a business, you might reap big tax benefits. Business owners who are filing taxes can claim potential tax deductions for some business expenses, including those tied to:

Not every venture qualifies as a business entitled to such tax write-offs, however. To qualify, you must intend to try to make a profit in your business rather than engaging in what the IRS considers to be merely a "hobby."

However, sometimes the lines are blurred between business and personal expenses. For example, Trump has claimed residences, aircraft and $70,000 in hairstyling for television as business expenses on his tax returns, according to The New York Times. Among these residences is his family's Seven Springs estate in Westchester County, New York, which Trump has classified as an investment property, enabling him to write off $2.2 million in property taxes since 2014.

aluxum / Getty Images

How To Get the Deduction

How do you distinguish between a hobby that produces some income and a bona fide business? The IRS considers many factors that can be found on the organization's website. A few of them include:

  • Whether you carry on the activity in a businesslike manner

  • Whether the time and effort you put into the activity indicate you intend to make it profitable

  • Whether you depend on income from the activity for your livelihood

Ridofranz / Getty Images/iStockphoto

3. Hire Your Kids

Business owners who turn their venture into a "family affair" can put more money back into their pockets. For example, hiring your kids offers potential tax benefits.

According to the IRS: "Payments for the services of a child under age 18 who works for his or her parent in a trade or business are not subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes if the trade or business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership in which each partner is a parent of the child."

It can also help lower taxable profits. For example, Trump hired an unnamed consultant to aid with hotel projects in Hawaii and Vancouver, British Columbia. The amount paid to this consultant was identical to a payment Ivanka Trump received through her consulting company that year, The New York Times reported. These consulting fees reduced Trump's taxes because he was able to write them off as a business expense, lowering the amount of the final profit subject to tax.

How To Get the Deduction

Instead of paying high taxes on your business income, transfer some of that income to your child as wages for services they perform. Your child's work must be "legitimate," however, and the salary must be "reasonable," said Gail Rosen, a Martinsville, New Jersey-based certified public accountant.

4. Roll Forward Business Losses

Trump claimed a total of $1.4 billion in losses from his core businesses for 2008 and 2009, The New York Times reported. By rolling forward these losses, Trump was able to later claim a $72.9 million tax refund. How exactly this all works is a little complicated.

"Business losses are sometimes called net operating losses (NOL)," Phillips Erb wrote in the Forbes post. "An NOL generally results when your tax deductions exceed your taxable income. If that number is negative in one year -- but has been positive in other years resulting in tax payable -- that doesn't quite seem fair. The NOL exists so that you can balance that inequity. In other words, you can use the loss in one year to lower your taxable income and reduce your tax burden in another year."

mediaphotos / Getty Images/iStockphoto

How To Get the Deduction

"Under existing tax laws, if you have an NOL, you first carry back the entire NOL amount for a number of years and if you still have an NOL remaining after you carry those losses back, you can carry the losses forward," Phillips Erb wrote. "You can also opt not to carry back an NOL and only carry it forward for up to 20 years. A carry forward means that you can apply the loss towards your income in a future year."

Trump was able to carry his losses back four years, which allowed him to recover taxes he paid when his business ventures -- including "The Apprentice" -- were profitable.

"By piling on losses (the legitimacy of which may be in question), he was able to generate a tax refund of $72.9 million (tax paid for 2005 through 2008, plus interest)," Phillips Erb explained.

Uber Images /

5. Earn Income From Investments, Not Your Job

Instead of working for their money, wealthy people can make their money work for them, said Pompano Beach, Florida-based accountant Eric J. Nisall, founder of AccountLancer, which specializes in accounting for freelancers.

Investments that offer distributions such as real estate investment trusts (REITs) and master limited partnerships (MLPs) are set up in ways that can bring in a steady generated income. Invest in stocks or invest in real estate by purchasing rental properties. Remember you'll have to make significant upfront investments before you start seeing returns.

How To Get the Deduction

The tax on earned income can be as high as 37%. Invest in high-yielding dividend stocks and collect dividends that the companies pay at regular intervals. Later, you can sell the stock after it has appreciated and pay a relatively low capital gains tax rate. Depending on how much was earned in a particular year, long-term capital gains tax rates are 0%, 15% and 20% for 2022.

If you own property that you rent out as a landlord, you'll be able to deduct your property taxes. Remember, though, you have to find tenants who will pay the rent on time and won't trash your property. Urgent repairs and periodic improvements can be costly, as well.

karamysh /

6. Sell Real Estate You Inherit

If you inherit a piece of property, you can minimize the capital gains taxes by taking advantage of the "step-up in basis." Normally, if you buy a piece of land for $200,000 and then sell that land for $450,000, you'll owe tax on that $250,000 gain. However, if your parents purchase the land for $200,000 and you inherit it, your new basis will be the fair market value of the property at the time you inherit it. If you sell it immediately, you won't owe any tax at all on that $250,000 gain.

kupicoo / Getty Images

How To Get the Deduction

The stepped-up basis is an automatic process that happens to all property that passes by way of inheritance. For tax purposes, it's like you're starting over, purchasing the property anew at the current price.

In the previous example, if you inherit the property from your parents when they die, you won't be liable to pay capital gains tax on the $250,000 increase in the property's value when you sell it using the step-up basis. Make sure your parents don't give the property to you before they die, however. If they do, they'll owe hefty taxes during their lifetime, and any financial benefit to you will be vastly diminished.

skynesher / Getty Images

7. Buy Whole Life Insurance

You ordinarily associate life insurance policies with the need to provide for your dependents if you die. A secret strategy that the wealthy take advantage of is buying whole life insurance, however. It's a combination of an insurance policy and an investment account.

monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images/iStockphoto

How To Get the Deduction

You can receive tax-deferred growth as your policy grows. It's also possible to receive tax-free distributions under certain conditions.

The double benefit is that the wealthy policy owner gets this tax break during their lifetime. After their death, the amount of the policy benefit goes directly to the lucky beneficiary they named, who receives it tax-free.

Consult a qualified and experienced financial planner or insurance agent. Also, consult an expert to find out if whole life insurance is right for you. Some experts believe it's a bad investment, partly because of the expensive fees.

IM_photo /

8. Buy a Yacht or Second Home

Most Americans don't have the cash to buy a boat or a second home. But having multiple residences can lessen a rich person's tax bill.

jacoblund / Getty Images/iStockphoto

How To Get the Deduction

If you own a home and itemize your deductions on your tax return, you can usually deduct the property taxes and the interest you pay on the mortgage -- though there is an upper limit of $10,000 that taxpayers are allowed to deduct for property taxes. If you buy a second home, you can deduct the taxes and mortgage interest on that property, as well.

The IRS notes that a yacht can qualify as a home, provided it includes sleeping quarters, a kitchen and a toilet. This strategy probably isn't practical for those who can't afford a second home -- particularly an expensive one that floats. But even if you own just one home, you should learn about the tax breaks for homeowners.

dusanpetkovic / Getty Images/iStockphoto

9. Open an HSA

A health savings account is a tax-deferred account that was originally designed for healthcare expenses. However, when used properly, the account can become triple tax-free.

For starters, contributions to an HSA are tax-deductible, even if you don't itemize deductions. Next, earnings in the account grow tax-free.

Finally, distributions are tax-free if they are used for qualifying healthcare expenses, according to the same requirements as deductible medical and dental expenses on Schedule A. Distributions for nonhealthcare expenses generally trigger a 20% penalty.

There's one additional kicker that the rich and tax-savvy can also use to their advantage: After you turn age 65, you can withdraw your HSA money for any purpose at all without penalty, although you'll still owe ordinary income tax if you spend the money on nonhealth expenses.

PeopleImages /

How To Get the Deduction

You can get the HSA deduction by opening an HSA and making contributions. HSAs are not available to all taxpayers; you must participate in a high-deductible medical insurance plan. Contributions are limited to $3,650 for individuals in the tax year 2022, or $7,300 for family coverage.

Report your HSA contributions, calculate your deduction, report distributions and figure your HSA taxes and penalties on Form 8889.

Tempura / Getty Images

10. Open a Solo 401(k) Plan

Most employees for larger corporations have heard of a 401(k) plan, which allows for tax-deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth of investment earnings. Those who contribute may be familiar with the annual contribution limit, which is $20,500 for the tax year 2022.

If you work for yourself, you may think that you're out of luck when it comes to contributing to a 401(k). The truth is if you're self-employed, you should consider it a stroke of good fortune. Individuals can open up their own solo 401(k) plans, and they can also contribute up to a whopping $61,000.

svetikd / Getty Images

How To Get the Deduction

You'll have to set up a solo 401(k) plan at a bank or brokerage account to get started. When you file your taxes, submit IRS Form 5500 to report your contributions.

South_agency / Getty Images

11. Defer Income

You only pay taxes on the amount of income that you receive in any given year. Even if you complete work and are entitled to payment, if you don't actually receive the payment until the following year, you won't owe taxes on it until then. Thus, if you can defer receiving income even a single day, from Dec. 31 until Jan. 1 of the following year, you can wait another full year before you have to pay tax on it.

Pekic / Getty Images

How To Get the Deduction

This is probably the easiest "deduction" of all to claim. When you defer income into a future year, you simply don't include it in a given year's income tax filing.

For example, if you're due a bonus on Dec. 31 but ask your employer to pay it on Jan. 1 instead, you simply include that income on your following year's tax return.

RichVintage / Getty Images/iStockphoto

12. Harvest Tax Losses

U.S tax law states that you have to pay capital gains tax on profits you take in taxable accounts. Worse still, if your gains are short-term in nature, meaning you held them for one year or less, you'll have to pay tax at your ordinary income tax rate. If you're in the top federal tax bracket, that means you'll owe 37% in federal tax alone on your short-term gains, according to the standards from tax year 2022.

The smart away around this short-term gains tax is to harvest your capital losses to offset those gains.

vgajic / Getty Images

How To Get the Deduction

If you have any investments trading at a loss, you can sell them, realize those losses and use them to offset your capital gains. If your losses exceed your gains, you can even write off up to $3,000 of ordinary income using those losses. In this way, a paper loss on security can translate into thousands of dollars in tax savings if you use it to offset your gains.

You'll have to report your capital transactions on Form 8949 before summarizing your capital gains and deductible losses on Schedule D.

The wealthy might try to keep these and other tax strategies as their secrets. But, if used correctly, these tax breaks and tax loopholes can benefit everyone else in cutting state and federal taxes.

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Gabrielle Olya contributed to the reporting for this article.

This article originally appeared on Tax Tricks and Loopholes Only the Rich Know

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Killexams : The Tips, Tricks, And Simple Swaps For Prioritising Health On A Budget

As the cost of living rises around the globe, people are feeling the pinch in household expenses. A common pain point is the rising price of groceries, and being aware of your shopping habits can have a wider impact than you think. How do we continue to care for our health when a head of lettuce seems to get more expensive each supermarket visit? What small changes can you make to see the most benefit?

Being mindful of supermarket psychology is one way to keep costs down. Taking a few minutes to prepare a shopping list before entering the store could be the difference between coming away with exactly what you need or more than you intended. You’ve probably already heard that you shouldn’t go shopping on an empty stomach… If you can, resist the obvious trappings of the ‘last minute’ grab items stocked at the checkout as well as the enticement of the product displays – and it might help to know there’s more to your supermarket experience than meets the eye.

Rebecca Rupp of National Geographic wrote in her article ‘Surviving the Sneaky Psychology of Supermarkets’ that “especially popular items are routinely located in the middle of aisles, so that even the most single-minded buyer has a chance to be distracted by alternatives.” Rupp explains that supermarkets are often laid out so the flower shop and store bakery are near the entrance, greeting you with greenery and buckets of flowers and the enticing smell of freshly baked bread. She also notes that the mists of water appearing to freshen vegetables spoil them faster, and certain Pantone-colour bananas sell better than others.

Shopping around for ‘uglier’ alternatives can provide both cost savings and health benefits. You’ll find an abundance of seasonally appropriate offerings at local farmer’s markets, which can run cheaper due to their availability, and with more nutritional value, having spent comparatively less time between harvesting and eating.

Nutritional therapist Amelia Freer says “seasonality means variety, and variety of produce means variety of nutrients. It is this variety that can help to protect us against the risk of nutritional overload or deficiency and is at the heart of what we mean when we talk about ‘balanced’ diets.”

As a cost and quality experiment you could try the ‘ugly’ or ‘wonky’ fresh produce that doesn’t meet all the aesthetic requirements of supermarkets. Subscription services have sprung up in accurate years as a way of combatting the global problem of food waste.

Paying attention to the nutritional makeup of your meals is another way to look after your health, while only buying what you need. Consider, for example, how you’d get your vegetable intake during the winter months. While it may be tempting to save on time and have a salad, making simple seasonal swaps like shopping for broccoli and pairing it with canned tomatoes for a pasta bake can prove to be a significantly more cost-effective option.

Don’t shy away entirely from canned and frozen fruit and vegetables as a source of nutrition, but be aware that some fare better than others during this processing. Studies have found that spinach, for example, loses 100 percent of its vitamin C content in seven days if stored at a room temperature of 20C (68F); it loses 75 percent if refrigerated. Carrots, conversely only lose 27 percent of their vitamin C content when stored for a week at room temperature.

While this makes a case for being selective about the most effective way to source your vitamin C plant sources, it has been found that foods with more vitamin A and E, which are found in high amounts in canned tomatoes, handle the heating process prior to canning remarkably well in terms of the nutritional value they still offer by time of consumption.

NatureBee’s Power Pollen is one of nature’s most complete foods. It is exceptionally nutrient-rich, containing high levels of proteins, amino acids, lipids, minerals, fatty acids, fibre, and vitamins. There are various subscription-based offers available, including a three-month subscription which supplies 400 capsules for $126 incl GST, or around $0.63 cents a day.

This calls for a plan of action! How will you tackle health on a budget?


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Killexams : Washington cold cases: DNA helps ID two homicide victims decades later

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

DNA technology has helped investigators in Washington state identify two victims in separate cold cases decades after they went missing and remains were found. 

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office is asking the public for more information on the deaths of Blaine Has Tricks, 38, who was from North Dakota and disappeared in 1977 after living in Spokane, and Alice Lou Williams, who vanished in 1981. 

A partial human cranium later found in 2009 in a ravine was recently identified as belonging to Williams, officials said. 

Tricks took a train to Spokane with his brother and was never heard from again and not reported missing, authorities said. A bulldozer operator at a landfill later found human remains on Sept. 7, 1977 in Maysville. The Snohomish County coroner determined the manner of death to be a homicide but the victim's identity remained a mystery. 

"Through family history and archived newspaper articles, the Medical Examiner’s Office learned that Blaine Has Tricks was in the Spokane area from 1974 until 1977," officials said in a statement, Fox Seattle reported. "The Bureau of Indian Affairs obtained DNA from three of Blaine’s relatives.  DNA testing of two of Blaine’s nephews confirmed the identification of Marysville Landfill John Doe as Blaine Has Tricks, who was born on May 21, 1939."


Alice Lou Williams was one of two people identified in separate cold cases in Washington, officials said this week. She disappeared in 1981 and her death has been ruled a homicide. The other, Blaine Tricks, vanished in 1977 and was also identified.  (Snohomish County Sheriff's Office )

Investigators are still seeking information on Tricks' death. 

Williams went missing under suspicious circumstances from a recreational cabin on Lake Loma in July 1981, officials said. Decades after the cranium remains were found, DNA was extracted in March and a profile was developed that could be uploaded to genealogical databases.

"The Medical Examiner’s Office uploaded the Othram DNA profile to GEDmatch and obtained multiple close matches. They built family trees and discovered that Alice Lou Williams was a genealogical fit and that she also appeared to be unaccounted for," officials said. "Alice’s adult children were contacted about the possibility, and they volunteered a DNA demo for comparison. 

Williams was officially identified on June 10 and her death has been ruled a homicide. Dona Roth, Williams' daughter, said her family has "become broken" over her mother's disappearance. 


"The only person who could supply any information to the investigators was my Father, who was the last person to see her. Our family became broken over her disappearance and that wound has never healed," she said in a statement released through the sheriff's office. "In closing, I would just like to thank my Mom for her love and devotion. Also, for teaching hard work and dedication and for leading the way for my own family. She will always be remembered in our hearts."

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Killexams : Billie Eilish tricked fans with secret body double: ‘Nobody ever knew’

She’s the “bad guy” with some good tricks.

In an interview with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music 1, Billie Eilish revealed that she used one of her dancers as a “body double” onstage at Coachella 2022.

“I dressed her up in a show look that I had worn before. We got a black wig and we put buns in it and we gave her a mask and sunglasses and she wore my shoes and my socks,” said Eilish.

“I put her up at the back of the stage and she stood there while the lights went on and everybody thought it was me,” the “NDA” singer continued. “And nobody ever knew it wasn’t me, literally nobody knew. And while she’s up there, I put on a big black coat and a traffic vest and a hood and just glasses.”

Billie Eilish at Coachella
Billie Eilish, 20, said she dressed up one of her background dancers like herself as she looked on from the side stage.
Getty Images for Coachella

The switcheroo happened during the intro of the 20-year-old headliner’s set. Bits and pieces of Eilish’s songs “Oxytocin” and “Happier Than Ever” played to plumes of smoke and lights as an Eilish-looking figure stood on stage, taking it all in. However, the sneaky singer’s face was not shown on the festival’s giant screens until two minutes in, at which time she launched into “bury a friend.”

Earlier this month, Eilish and her brother, Finneas, debuted a new song titled “TV” during a concert in Manchester, England. The unreleased track referenced her recent breakup with Matthew Tyler Vorce and the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial.

Billie Eilish performs at Coachella
The Eilish-like figure appeared on stage during the intro of her set.
Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag

“What’s the point of anything / All of my friends are missing again / That’s what happens when you fall in love.

“The internet’s gone wild watching movie stars on trial / While they’re overturning Roe v. Wade,” Eilish sang. Finneas also softly and slowly strummed his guitar to the beat.

Wed, 22 Jun 2022 12:09:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Zambia FA critical of 'stringent' Barbra Banda hormone tests

The Zambian Football Association [FAZ] said they are working towards a long-term solution to what they feel is 'stringent' testosterone testing that ruled out star striker Barbra Banda from Africa Women Cup of Nations.

Banda, 22, was one of four players omitted from Zambia's final AWCON squad after refusing to undergo hormone suppression treatment, after her testosterone levels were said to be above the Confederation of African Football's limit for the tournament.

Banda struck back-to-back hat-tricks during Zambia's debut Olympic campaign in Japan last year, becoming the first woman to achieve the feat, and to net six goals across two matches in the history of the women's competition.

"Our FA President [Andrew Kamanga] is in Morocco and has been pursuing this matter with his colleagues in CAF," FAZ communications director Sydney Mungala told ESPN.

"The Barbra case is just one example, but the broader picture is to strive to see how these regulations can be more responsible for the general situation -- not just Zambia.

"Many players can be affected by these regulations, and football is their livelihood. I think the CAF regulations are a lot more stringent [than Olympic regulations], and they put too much stress on testosterone levels."

Mungala acknowledged that the Zambian federation were made aware that Banda's testosterone levels were outside CAF's guidelines in the aftermath of her star turn at the Olympics, and that a course of hormone suppression was offered to the attacker and the other Zambian players about whom concerns were raised.

"Our medics engaged the players and they weren't willing to go through with it -- I think there are possible side effects," Mungala continued.

"With the players not going down that route and taking up that option, the final decision was that they could not be included in the final list for the competition."

South African Olympic champion runner Caster Semenya is the most famous case of testosterone rules affecting a sporting career, and she recently told HBO Real Sports about the effects of the testosterone suppression drugs on her body.

Semenya said: "It made me sick, made me gain weight, panic attacks, I don't know if I was ever going to have a heart attack.

"It's like stabbing yourself with a knife every day. But I had no choice. I'm 18, I want to run, I want to make it to Olympics, that's the only option for me."

Semenya has since refused to take the medication, rather opting to change her distances, and has been in prolonged court battles to have the IAAF rules changed.

Mungala added that Banda had been shocked at being left off the final AWCON squad list, despite knowing about the testing results: "I think Barbra was surprised.

"She may have suspected it was going to happen, but when it did, there was an element of disappointment and she didn't seem prepared -- or to be expecting -- that she would not be part of the 23-woman squad for the tournament.

"When her No. 11 jersey was assigned to another player, she didn't hide her shock, and I'm not really sure what information she had prior to the final list [being announced], as she was with the team up to this point."

For former FAZ executive committee member Blackwell Siwale, there's an understanding with the decision of Banda and the other banned players -- including Spain-based duo Rachel Nachula and Racheal Kundananji -- not to undergo testosterone suppression treatment, even if it cost them AWCON participation.

"These are personal issues, and she refused," Siwale told ESPN. "Someone should first counsel [them], and tell that how it would affect them, or that it might affect their energy levels etc.

"If Barbra wasn't interested, they should have gone without these players and found others instead, but nobody took it upon themselves to say what [the treatment] means exactly, or that it could have flipped their careers."

Real Madrid-linked Banda has been in this situation before, having missed out on the 2018 edition in Ghana amid similar circumstances, but FAZ, who officially explained her absence in Morocco as due to 'medical reasons', are eager to ensure that her latest exclusion can lead to long-term changes.

"The efforts of FAZ now are more directed towards changing this regulation in the long-term, but not necessarily for this competition. The opportunity [for 2022] has been lost now," said Mungala.

"Where we stand now, the best we can hope for is a long-term solution to the problems, especially because this is a player who has played at the U-17 World Cup in Costa Rica [in 2014], played at the Olympics, played for her club in China, in Spain, and there's even a possibility now for her to move to one of the Madrid clubs.

"Yet despite having played in all of these places, in all of these tournaments, she now can't even play in her own continent, for her national team."

Without Banda, Zambia held fancied Cameroon 0-0 in Casablanca in their tournament opener, and will meet Tunisia on Wednesday in their second Group B game.

The Shepolopolo then conclude their group stage campaign against Togo -- trounced 4-1 by Tunisia in their opener -- in Rabat on Saturday.

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Killexams : Tricks up my Android

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Killexams : Tricks to keep pets calm during the holiday weekend

ST. LOUIS – Fireworks can really frighten some pets.

Anyone with a dog knows how they react to loud noises, and the panic some of them experience. Purina Senior Research Assistant Brian Zangh shared some ways pet owners can make their homes safer and more comfortable if they aren’t home with their dogs this holiday weekend.

For more tips, tricks, and behaviors to keep your dog calm, visit Purina’s website.

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Killexams : 4th of July tips and tricks with Chef Scott KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The grilling master himself spent the whole day entertaining and sharing his best tips and tricks for this holiday weekend.

The Smoky Mountain Chef, Scott Whitaker, is in very high demand around this time of year, and we were honored to spend the day with him.

From distinguishing 2 different types of watermelons to sharing his “Healthy Heart Attack” burger recipe, you can party just like Chef Scott this weekend.

For more information on Scott and how he can be a part of your next event, visit his website.

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Killexams : How Social Media Tricks Us Into Thinking We Are Paying Attention

Your brain is always on the hunt for something interesting.

That’s a good thing in most cases. When you go to the grocery store, you can tell the hunt is underway. You’re looking for good sales or trying to decide between Thai food or chicken curry. At a bookstore, you might glance at a few covers and in a flash see a striking title or a colorful design. Next thing you know you are carrying a pile of books home.

This constant search uses a part of our brain called the temporal lobe. As the name suggests, this region is what allows us to “catch and release” anything that controls attention on a temporary basis. We love this kind of temporal activity because most of us get bored easily; we’re happy when there is a constant stimulus of attention. The allure of material “things” means our brains can switch focus and keep looking for something worthy of our attention.

I mention shopping because, when we go to a store, our temporal lobe is firing on all cylinders. I live near an Amazon 4-Star brick-and-mortar store which only sells top-rated products (sadly, it looks like it will be closing soon). I linger way too long. It’s fun to browse through the top-rated board games, then wander over to the top-rated gadgets. I’ve reviewed products for the last 20 years, so seeing all of “the good stuff” in one place is a dream come true. I’m captivated by the products for sale. I get lost in the moment and time stands still.

If our brains were not easily captivated, we would always be in a slow slog of boredom. You could even make the case that one sign of burnout or depression is when we aren’t captivated by anything and we have to work harder to find interesting diversions in life.

I experience this at times when I’m on the road, hustling through airports and staying in hotels. I’m not as interested in discovering new things, other than a pillow at the hotel. I’m not easily captivated by new experiences, which is also when I typically turn to my phone instead.

Here’s the problem. Social media has changed the smartphone market in accurate years, and not for the better. The algorithms are constantly feeding us interesting information, images, posts, and videos. (It’s one reason articles about being productive on your phone exist.) Our temporal lobe is more than happy to engage with the content as we scroll and scroll and scroll.

What’s really happening? Back to my example of shopping at that Amazon 4-Star shop: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and every other social media app are constantly showing us interesting, attention-grabbing posts and videos. We happily scroll because our brains are wired to look for interesting diversions, and social media is the most efficient option.

You might think this is not the same as addiction, and you’d be correct. At least, mostly correct. I like to think of constant scrolling as temporary attention syndrome, an ailment that is similar to addiction but not quite the same. With addiction, we crave one stimulus that we know is compelling and effective. With temporary attention syndrome, we’re constantly looking for new stimuli. We like that it is temporary and ephemeral; the more fleeting the better. We soak up the stimulus and move on to the next one, usually within a few seconds.

In the last few years, after studying social media and how it provides value but is also incredibly dangerous at the same time, I’ve noticed the problem is getting worse. We are desperately hooked, thanks to how the temporal lobe works. We’re scrolling more than ever.

The solution is not so easy. We need to extract ourselves from this continuous stimulus, so readily available on our plastic devices. The great challenge of our age is to come up with a way to disconnect ourselves from the cycle of fake attention stimulus.

Social media is not actually providing a spectacular experience anyway; it’s just okay. The answer is in realizing, as a first step, that there’s some basic brain science involved, then to break out of the cycle, find new things to focus on instead, and control our usage as a way to combat the addiction.

Where to start? My advice hasn’t changed over the last two years or so: make sure you only use these apps for a limited period of time, or delete them until you need them again. It starts with accepting that the apps are controlling us, and to choose to control them instead.

Need help overcoming your scrolling problem? Drop me a note by email and I promise to respond with a few more tips and provide some basic anti-scrolling strategies.

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