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Killexams : Hitachi Implementer learn - BingNews Search results Killexams : Hitachi Implementer learn - BingNews Killexams : Hitachi Developing Generative AI That Saves the Knowledge of Retiring Workers No result found, try new keyword!Nikkei Asia reports that Hitachi is interested in the intuitive experience of workers. For example, a deep understanding of high-tech equipment that could allow a worker to notice changes in sound, ... Tue, 15 Aug 2023 08:21:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : As Workers Retire, Hitachi Trains AI to Remember Their Expert Skills

Hitachi is developing an AI system tasked with remembering the skills of workers who retire so it can train new human replacements.

As Nikkei Asia reports, the Japanese company is planning to use a generative AI to learn and then pass on the "expert skills" required for a number of maintenance and manufacturing jobs carried out by its workforce. Those jobs are spread across industries including railways, power stations, and a whole host of manufacturing and processing plants.

By expert skills, Hitachi means skills it's hard to describe in a manual, such as noticing small irregularities in sound, smell, or the temperature of machinery. In other words, situations that could lead to an accident or serious malfunction occurring and being able to react appropriately before they turn serious.

A representative of Hitachi's Advanced AI Innovation Center explained that the aim is "making it possible for employees to experience past failures and notice in a simulated manner, so that know-how can be passed on to the next generation."

Hitachi's solution for teaching such skills is to project images in a room so as to recreate different working environments. Those environments could be railroad tracks, a nuclear power plant control room, a manufacturing assembly line, or metal processing facility. The AI then projects appropriate malfunctions (smoke, blinking lights, a cave-in) on to the images to simulate a problem and the trainees are tasked with solving the problem. The same system will also be available to use with virtual reality headsets.

Alongside such training, another real-time AI is being developed to help workers troubleshoot problems as they arise. Think of it like ChatGPT, but for very specific Hitachi work situations. For example, if a light is blinking in a power plant, a worker can ask the AI for help in determining its cause and the appropriate actions to take to resolve it.

More companies are turning to AI to help solve problems. Alongisde the chatbots, AI is being tapped to sum up product reviews, map out environmentally friendly flight paths, reduce the cost of making movies, and watch us shop so as to suggest better products.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 21:22:00 -0500 en-gb text/html
Killexams : Hitachi microscope program encouraging students to plug STEM skills shortage

Summer Forensic Class at California Northstate University. Students used the SEM to analyse evidence in mock crime scenes and through critical thinking extrapolated a version of what likely happened in the “crime scene”©Mario Cuellar, Hitachi High-Technologies America

At James Enoch’s High School in California, students gather around a sleek machine sitting on a desk. Presently, an image appears on the computer screen next to the instrument. It is a grain of sand magnified up to 120,000 times, with a resolution of 10-15 nanometres (10-6 mm), prepared by the students for the scanning electron microscope just minutes before.

Exclamations of wonder surge through the small group.

Dr Dave Menshaw, lead teacher and career technical education specialist at James Enoch’s High says the hands-on experience with the microscope is a sure-fire way to get the students excited about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

“We use the scanning electron microscope to engage students from a variety of middle and elementary schools in science with an emphasis on lower income or special needs students.

“On numerous occasions, we have seen the lights come on in children who were less engaged than they would have been. Elementary school students enjoy the freedom of learning to use the device at their own pace, get to bring and prepare samples, then make images that we either email to them or print.”

Such enthusiasm will be necessary if just the USA alone is to meet its STEM needs in the immediate future.

STEM education advocate, the Smithsonian Science Education Center, estimates that more than 2.4 million STEM jobs remained unfilled in America in 2018. It says an astonishing 78% of American high school graduates failed to meet benchmark readiness for one or more college courses in mathematics, science, reading, or English.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Commerce says STEM occupations in America have grown by 24.4% over the past decade compared with only 4% for non-STEM occupations. STEM degree holders receive higher incomes, even in non-STEM careers.

Aiming to address some of this shortfall, Hitachi High Technologies America launched the Inspire STEM Educational Outreach Program in 2007. The program provides schools and educational organizations with access to advanced scientific technologies, improving science education and literacy, not just in America, but also globally.

“The program is centered on our miniaturized scanning electron microscopes that are portable, compact, plug into regular room outlets and are easy to operate,” explains Robert Gordon, a senior executive for Hitachi High Technologies America, who is directing the program’s development. “The microscope operation and demo preparation techniques are provided to each educator, and they actually operate the microscope with their students.”

Unlike optical microscopes that use light to magnify an object, scanning electron microscopes use a beam of high-energy electrons to scan the surface of objects, and are capable of magnifying an object up to 100,000 times, revealing details down to the nanoscale level.

The program is providing students of all ages, from grade-schoolers to graduate students, with active learning experiences that teach them about electron microscopy and its applications. Educators also have access to instructional modules, called Learning Lab, that provide lesson plans, teaching tools, and videos.

“The students are able to explore the mysteries of the nanoworld while also learning about microscopy and nanoscience,” says Gordon.

Hitachi works in partnership with organizations like The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (Now the NNCI - National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure) and Change the Equation (Now endorsed by Change the Equation to STEMworks and WestEd), funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and companies like IBM and the Boeing Corporation.

Dr Nancy Healy, Associate Director for Education at Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia, America

“With Hitachi’s assistance we have educated thousands of teachers about scanning electron microscopes and their use in science and engineering. In turn, those teachers have reached thousands of students.

“Being able to see objects at higher magnifications has always been a wow factor with students, teachers, and the general public. The resources from Hitachi’s website allows us to provide a wider range of materials suitable for students, and we plan to use them in our outreach program and also continue to direct K-12 teachers and students to the these resources.”

Dr James Perkins, Physics Teacher and Head of Science at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Kent, United Kingdom

“Working with the program has been an exciting journey, and anything that captures the pupils’ imaginations and allows them to experience the excitement of real science, not the dry regular science lessons, is worth doing. I have seen pathway changes for students, just in the last year I have senior students shifting to science or engineering choices at university rather than less technical or less ambitious subjects.

“There is no doubt that programs like Hitachi's represent the best of extra curricular science activities that we can provide for the students.”

Dr Ben Dubin-Thaler, Founder and Executive Director of Biobus, New York, America

“Hitachi's electron microscopes have been a crucial element of our programs, adding greatly to the ‘wow’ factor for our mobile labs and allowing students the chance to do research out of reach to most graduate students.

“Students have been able to answer novel scientific questions with the three Hitachi scanning electron microscopes, making images of the digestive system of worms and understanding the microbiome of fresh water organisms living in New York City.

“Every day for both our mobile labs, more than 300 students get the chance to use an electron microscope and see the powerful, inspiring images they can create with it. Over the past five years, thousands of New Yorkers have used these microscopes and have been inspired by the power of science to explore the hidden microscopic world all around us.”

Find more: STEM Educational Outreach Program


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Killexams : Hitachi Vantara Achieves AWS SAP Competency Partner Status

Hitachi Vantara announced it has achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) SAP Competency status, recognizing the company as an AWS partner with technical proficiency and proven success in SAP implementation, migration, and innovation on AWS Cloud.

Certified AWS SAP Competency Partners have the experience, tooling, methods, and best practices to streamline client migrations or transformations. As a premier-level partner with AWS SAP Competency, Hitachi Vantara’s proven proficiency helps clients seamlessly move to AWS Cloud.

Hitachi Vantara has been working with SAP clients globally for more than two decades to drive business outcomes as they shape their journeys to become intelligent enterprises. With their extensive experience as a global SAP customer, partner, and advisor, the company helps add value to clients’ SAP technologies and investments by optimizing the digital core.

The company unleashes the power of the cloud and extends the digital core with machine learning, analytics, and robotic automation—driving smart, connected operations.

UACJ Co., Ltd., a leading aluminum manufacturer in Thailand, experienced this first-hand when it partnered with Hitachi Vantara to replace its on-premises hardware with a new SAP system on AWS Cloud to enhance scalability, supporting its business agility and facilitating growth.

“Our environment was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and offered little flexibility,” said Fukami Kohsuke, senior manager at UACJ Co. “Hitachi Vantara helped us implement the SAP system on AWS and ensured our integration with third-party tools worked smoothly, while avoiding any disruption to the business. Our new environment allows us to scale and increases business continuity, speed, and agility.”

According to the company, becoming an AWS SAP Competency partner is an integral part of how Hitachi Vantara advises, migrates, implements, and manages SAP environments for clients.

For more information about this news, visit

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Killexams : Trimble Presents Watch and Learn

Overview of real-world application of end-to-end on-board and wayside condition monitoring solutions to optimize rail operations.

On-board and wayside condition monitoring

Using on-board and wayside condition monitoring solutions, rail companies can Improve operational efficiencies, increase safety, manage service levels and reduce costs. Trimble’s rail asset lifecycle management products manage the lifecycle of rail transport assets from operation through maintenance and repair.

Trimble end-to-end solutions

This presentation gives a technical overview, with real world examples, of data aggregation and analytics solutions and of both on-board and vision-based wayside measurement and inspection technologies that enable the automated monitoring of rolling stock condition to Improve operation performance.

How digitizing rolling stock condition monitoring is enabling the transformation and optimization of rail operations, rolling stock asset costs, and productivity.


As the focus on innovation within the rail industry increases, rail operators are striving to build digital models of their operations and fleets to streamline business processes.

These digital models play an increasingly important role in understanding rolling stock condition to optimize operational performance and reliability, Improve safety performance, and minimize operational, asset, and maintenance costs.


Trimble provides the solutions that build and consolidate this digital model digitization through a comprehensive suite of on-board and wayside systems and software.

These solutions transform rolling stock condition data into business information that provides actionable insight through rules engines and analysis tools.

Trimble solutions

This presentation shows how this digital model can be built, tailored, and leveraged to Improve safety, reliability, and operational cost outcomes in rail operations.

For more information, fill out the enquiry form on this page.

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Killexams : Hitachi Democratizes Knowledge To Build a Life-Long Learning Culture
Every organization's success depends on its ability to keep customers satisfied and meet their expectations in a timely manner. Knowledge silos and inaccessible knowledge don't just harm productivity but also threaten the customer-facing teams' ability to be agile and work independently. What if they could tap into the expertise and best practices of the entire organization wherever and whenever they need it?

Join Marc Vontobel, Starmind Founder and CEO, and Ilija Mrvelj, Head of Strategy PMO Business Unit Grid Integration at Hitachi Energy, to learn how democratizing knowledge helps to create a more open and inclusive work environment and can level up your customer-facing teams.

– Get 285% ROI within 2 years by leveraging the collective knowledge
– Grant fast access to answers and people and contribute to the company's knowledge management
– Unlock the undocumented tacit knowledge hidden in your organization's expert pool

Don't miss this live event on Tuesday, October 25 – 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET.

Register now to attend the webinar Hitachi Democratizes Knowledge To Build a Life-Long Learning Culture.

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Killexams : Hitachi Focuses on Climate-Change Innovation

Founded over a century ago, Hitachi is not a new company. But over the last several years, it has focused its vision and sharpened its business strategy for the 21st century.

In short, it has transformed itself from a consumer-facing company to adigital infrastructure companywith the goal of helping the world address the problem of climate change. As a climate-change innovator, the company aims to help government and industry cut CO2 emissions. It has reorganized its business structure to focus on energy transmission and distribution, mobility, industry and digital capability. In 2020, Hitachi joined the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign, committing to align its business with the Paris Agreement goal of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. A principal partner of COP26, the company has pledged to becarbon neutralin its operations by fiscal 2030 and across its entire value chain by fiscal 2050.

Although the company has focused on “powering good” since its founding in 1910 (its original mission stated Hitachi would contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products), its exact evolution “has created a renewed purpose for Hitachi and has energized our people,” says Alistair Dormer, Chief Environment Officer for Hitachi, Ltd.

Dormer was elevated in April 2021 to the newly created role as part of the company’s environmental focus. He is responsible for driving initiatives to enhance environmental value across Hitachi and the world.

"It’s very important that we walk the walk as well as talk the talk"-says Dormer

The company recently announced plans to invest almost £10 billion over a three-year period in technologies to foster digital innovation. This will include research and development of high-efficiency products, energy management systems and hydrogen-related technologies to help unlock digital innovation to achieve a decarbonized society.

Mobility and transportation currently emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, says Dormer. Those industries will require an overhaul in infrastructure before EV vehicles can be adopted on a large scale. “That new infrastructure needs to be smart, using technologies like blockchain, big data and AI to ensure a reliable network that can store and transmit energy efficiently and effectively,” he notes. That’s why digital capability is so important. “The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine,” says Dormer.

One example of Hitachi’s exact work on smart infrastructure is Optimise Prime. The three-year project is a collaboration among Hitachi, Royal Mail, Uber, UK Power Networks, Centrica and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks to help the UK government develop its EV infrastructure. The goal is to provide data that fleet operators and network operators can use to better manage their businesses – from the size of the fleet to the capacity of the network to the timing of vehicle charging.

The system could collect and analyze data from vehicles, charging stations, and the network to optimize EV charging in the most efficient way. For example, the power grid might need vehicles to reduce or stop charging during certain times of peak demand. That could reduce stress on existing network capacity and require less expenditure on new transmission equipment.

Dormer notes that Hitachi’s new focus is good for business, in addition to being good for the world. The company is already starting to see financial returns on some of its environmental investments. The company did analysis on installing solar panels on the roof of a factory in its rail business in Italy, which will save 30% in energy costs. “Saving CO2 is fundamentally saving energy,” he says.

Developing viable solutions for environmental sustainability is expected to be a profitable business, thus ensuring the success of Hitachi over the long term. And the company expects its environmental focus to help it attract and retain new talent. A exact survey by the United Nations Development Programme found that nearly 70% of people under the age of 18 believe climate change is a global emergency.

“New graduates today have a lot of choice of where to work,” says Dormer. “We want the new generation of movers and shakers to be attracted to us as a company that is doing the right thing.”

Climate Change Innovators

The time for change is now – we must preserve our planet for future generations. The breadth of Hitachi allows us to combine information technology, operational know how and physical products to tackle climate change - and ultimately Improve people’s quality of life. We are applying that same innovation to our own business to contribute to a Net Zero society.

Visit Climate Change Innovator - Hitachi Sustainability to learn how Hitachi Social Innovation is Powering Good and helping drive change across the globe.

Sat, 25 Jun 2022 00:22:00 -0500 en-us text/html
Killexams : The Learning Network No result found, try new keyword!Teach and learn with The Times: Resources for bringing the world into your classroom Five practical steps for deciding what you most want to express, and experimenting with how to express it. Mon, 21 Aug 2023 22:13:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : Get Out And Learn

- How much does Get Out And Learn cost?

  • Get Out And Learn is a free, one-time participation program.

- What should my child bring to the Get Out And Learn session?

  • Ice: Participants are encouraged to bring a helmet from home (bike helmet is acceptable). A limited number of helmets will be available at each session to borrow. Hockey equipment is not required to participate but is welcomed if you have your own and wish for your child to wear it.
  • Street: Participants should wear sneakers/athletic shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather conditions. Hockey equipment - including a helmet - is not required to participate but is welcomed if you have your own and wish for your child to wear it.

- I do not own a pair of ice skates. Can my child still participate in the program?

  • Yes! Skate rental is complimentary for the program.

- Does my child receive anything else at the rink?

  • Ice participants will receive complimentary knit gloves. Street participants will receive a complimentary street hockey ball.

- What can I expect during my child's 30-minute session?

  • During each 30-minute session, participants will receive age-appropriate instruction from USA Hockey certified coaches.

- What time should we arrive at the rink for our session?

  • Families are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes prior to their session for check-in, pick up their complimentary items, and get prepared to participate.

- I arrived at the rink for my session, what do I do next?

  • The Blue Jackets will have a check-in table and will be greeting families upon arrival.

- I want to register my child for the Get Out And Learn program, but the session is full. What do I do?

  • If your desired session is full, please sign up for our "to be notified" list, and you will be alerted when new sessions are open for registration.

- Does my child need to have skating experience to participate in Get Out And Learn?

  • Basic skating experience is recommended, but not required. Get Out And Learn has numerous instructors to assist with first-time skaters.

- What is the next step after Get Out And Learn?

  • Parents will receive a "Next Steps" packet which includes information on how to continue the pathway to becoming a hockey player through programs or classes offered through local rinks and community partners.

- Where can I learn more about ice/street hockey programs?

- If my child has participated in the street session of Get Out And Learn, can he/she participate in the ice session?

- My child does not meet the age requirement for Get Out And Learn (younger than 5/older than 9). What should I do?

- My child is already playing for a youth hockey association. Can he/she participate?

  • Get Out And Learn is intended for first-time players, not those already in a league. If you are looking for additional ice time, visit for camps and clinics.

- I registered my child for the Get Out And Learn program, but they are no longer able to participate. Can I cancel my registration?

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 08:24:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Service Electric Network Future-Proofs with Hitachi Kokusai Cameras No result found, try new keyword!Our three mobile units are deployed to the local venues, where we use Hitachi Kokusai cameras for our live production workflow. Our friends at Hitachi Kokusai would agree that SEN is an anomaly in ... Mon, 31 Jul 2023 06:16:00 -0500 en-us text/html
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