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ANVE Axis Network Video

You will learn a wide variety of video surveillance basics, such as:

> Camera technology and setup

> Selecting the appropriate camera type and placement

> Ways to save bandwidth and storage

> Intelligent applications

The Fundamentals is a comprehensive course, covering the essentials
of network video. syllabus such as basic camera installation, image
usability, bit rate optimization and video analytics are explored in
theory lessons combined with hands-on labs.

Axis Network Video
Axis Network action
Killexams : Axis Network action - BingNews Search results Killexams : Axis Network action - BingNews Killexams : Axis Communications Sustainability Report showcases commitment to sustainable business practices No result found, try new keyword!Axis Communications, the world leader in network video and surveillance solutions, has released its Sustainability Report. The comprehensive study highlights the company’s various efforts to promote ... Sat, 19 Aug 2023 08:16:00 -0500 Killexams : AXIS A1210 Network Door Controller

Fully integrated within Axis end-to-end solutions, AXIS A1210 Network Door Controller is optimized for both small and large installations. This smart door controller is a compact, lightweight barebone unit that offers easy installation in areas where space is limited, with a smaller footprint design than previous Axis door controllers. It includes a keyhole mounting plate and support for DIN rail mount for fast and easy installation on walls. Plus, with plenum rating, it’s suitable for installation in plenum spaces and eliminates the need for an additional installation cabinet.

Featuring two reader connections as well as a Form C relay to power the lock, AXIS A1210 includes everything a user needs to control one door. In addition, it’s all powered using one Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable, making installation and maintenance a breeze. And thanks to intelligence on the edge, this smart door controller can internally handle all tasks related to door access – even if the network is down. AXIS A1210 also offers built-in cybersecurity features to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard the system from attack. This includes Axis Edge Vault, which protects the Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis products on the network. Furthermore, it ensures cryptographic keys are safely and securely stored in the onboard EAL6+ Certified compute module.

This scalable solution is designed to meet users’ changing needs as they develop. Users can store up to 250k credentials and 250k event logs on the device itself, and it ensures flexible and secure authentication using different types of credentials. For instance, users can grant access to thousands of visitors using traditional access types such as card or PIN codes, dynamic QR codes, and license plate verification for vehicle access. 

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Killexams : What we know about the Smithsonian’s human remains No result found, try new keyword!The Smithsonian’s human brains were taken mostly from Black and Indigenous people and other people of color. Read key findings from The Post’s investigation. Sun, 13 Aug 2023 17:00:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Cruise AV Robotaxis Block SF Street, Connectivity Issues Blamed No result found, try new keyword!The GM unit said the problem was caused by "wireless connectivity issues," which immobilized its driverless robotaxis.  The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) last week granted approval to ... Tue, 15 Aug 2023 02:48:45 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : The Gut-Brain Connection: How it Works and The Role of Nutrition

The gut-brain axis is a term for the communication network that connects your gut and brain (1, 2, 3).

These two organs are connected both physically and biochemically in a number of different ways.

The Vagus Nerve and the Nervous System

Neurons are cells found in your brain and central nervous system that tell your body how to behave. There are approximately 100 billion neurons in the human brain (4).

Interestingly, your gut contains 500 million neurons, which are connected to your brain through nerves in your nervous system (5).

The vagus nerve is one of the biggest nerves connecting your gut and brain. It sends signals in both directions (6, 7).

For example, in animal studies, stress inhibits the signals sent through the vagus nerve and also causes gastrointestinal problems (8).

Similarly, one study in humans found that people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or Crohn’s disease had reduced vagal tone, indicating a reduced function of the vagus nerve (9).

An interesting study in mice found that feeding them a probiotic reduced the amount of stress hormone in their blood. However, when their vagus nerve was cut, the probiotic had no effect (10).

This suggests that the vagus nerve is important in the gut-brain axis and its role in stress.


Your gut and brain are also connected through chemicals called neurotransmitters.

Neurotransmitters produced in the brain control feelings and emotions.

For example, the neurotransmitter serotonin contributes to feelings of happiness and also helps control your body clock (11).

Interestingly, many of these neurotransmitters are also produced by your gut cells and the trillions of microbes living there. A large proportion of serotonin is produced in the gut (12).

Your gut microbes also produce a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which helps control feelings of fear and anxiety (13).

Studies in laboratory mice have shown that certain probiotics can increase the production of GABA and reduce anxiety and depression-like behavior (14).

Gut Microbes Make Other Chemicals That Affect the Brain

The trillions of microbes that live in your gut also make other chemicals that affect how your brain works (15).

Your gut microbes produce lots of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) such as butyrate, propionate and acetate (16).

They make SCFA by digesting fiber. SCFA affect brain function in a number of ways, such as reducing appetite.

One study found that consuming propionate can reduce food intake and reduce the activity in the brain related to reward from high-energy food (17).

Another SCFA, butyrate, and the microbes that produce it are also important for forming the barrier between the brain and the blood, which is called the blood-brain barrier (18).

Gut microbes also metabolize bile acids and amino acids to produce other chemicals that affect the brain (15).

Bile acids are chemicals made by the liver that are normally involved in absorbing dietary fats. However, they may also affect the brain.

Two studies in mice found that stress and social disorders reduce the production of bile acids by gut bacteria and alter the genes involved in their production (19, 20).

Gut Microbes Affect Inflammation

Your gut-brain axis is also connected through the immune system.

Gut and gut microbes play an important role in your immune system and inflammation by controlling what is passed into the body and what is excreted (21).

If your immune system is switched on for too long, it can lead to inflammation, which is associated with a number of brain disorders like depression and Alzheimer’s disease (22).

Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) is an inflammatory toxin made by certain bacteria. It can cause inflammation if too much of it passes from the gut into the blood.

This can happen when the gut barrier becomes leaky, which allows bacteria and LPS to cross over into the blood.

Inflammation and high LPS in the blood have been associated with a number of brain disorders including severe depression, dementia and schizophrenia (23)


Your gut and brain are connected physically through millions of nerves, most importantly the vagus nerve. The gut and its microbes also control inflammation and make many different compounds that can affect brain health.

Gut bacteria affect brain health, so changing your gut bacteria may Boost your brain health.

Probiotics are live bacteria that impart health benefits if eaten. However, not all probiotics are the same.

Probiotics that affect the brain are often referred to as “psychobiotics” (24).

Some probiotics have been shown to Boost symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression (25, 26).

One small study of people with irritable bowel syndrome and mild-to-moderate anxiety or depression found that taking a probiotic called Bifidobacterium longum NCC3001 for six weeks significantly improved symptoms (27).

Prebiotics, which are typically fibers that are fermented by your gut bacteria, may also affect brain health.

One study found that taking a prebiotic called galactooligosaccharides for three weeks significantly reduced the amount of stress hormone in the body, called cortisol (28).


Probiotics that affect the brain are also called psychobiotics. Both probiotics and prebiotics have been shown to reduce levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

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Killexams : Best Sci-Fi TV Shows of the 21st Century

Person of Interest follows eccentric billionaire computer programmer Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) who has developed an algorithm called “The Machine” that he claims can predict terrorist acts across the world before they’re even committed. With the help of CIA operative John Reese (Jim Caviezel), Harold and The Machine try to stop threats before they happen, while also confronting the complicated ethics of their preventative measures. If nothing else, Person of Interest was the perfect sci-fi training ground for Nolan in advance of HBO’s much bigger Westworld. – AB

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - The Expanse

12. The Expanse

The Expanse is special, that rare TV show that has a good story with something to say and the right people telling it. In the case of the political space opera that started on SyFy and finished its six-season run on Amazon Prime Video, the right people were book authors Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham, as well as showrunner Naren Shankar. They were a passionate and talented ensemble of actors, including women of color Cara Gee, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Frankie Adams, and Dominique Tipper. They were the countless other cast and crew members who helped bring this epic to life.

The good story was a complex exploration of a future in which humanity has colonized the Solar System, taking our systems of inequality and exploitation with us. And the something to say perhaps best boils down to a series-ending voiceover from Tipper’s Belter engineer Naomi Nagata: “The universe never tells us if we did right or wrong. It’s more important to try and help people, and to know that you did. More important that someone else’s life gets better, then for you to feel good about yourself … It doesn’t matter if you ever know. You just have to try.” – KB

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Rick and Morty

11. Rick and Morty 

At its core, Rick and Morty is an animated family sitcom dressed in the most outlandish sci-fi concepts and served with a healthy dose of cynicism. The show plays fast and loose with all of the best tenets of the genre — futuristic tech, alternate dimensions, exotic alien worlds, existential philosophical quandaries — and delivers them with a hearty burp. Creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon perfectly toe the line between high and low brow comedy, mixing in improvisational riffs just to keep the chaos swirling and the audience on their toes. 

Something of an homage to Back to the Future, the series finds titular mad scientist Rick, an alcoholic with a God complex, dragging his naive high school-aged grandson around the galaxy and multiverse with almost no other purpose than to fight off his own crippling boredom. The show can get seriously dark, but it also knows how to bring levity and deliver the typical heart-warming family sitcom moment. Thrilling in its ambition and absurdity, Rick and Morty is a sci-fi high-wire act that continues to surprise and delight. – NH

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Foundation

10. Foundation

Foundation‘s mere existence is a big win for sci-fi nerds of all ages. The fact that it’s also very good just happens to be icing on the cake. This centuries-spanning series based on Isaac Asimov’s classic novels is set in the Galactic Empire run by three cloned emperor “brothers” (one of which is played by Lee Pace). Though the Empire seems stable, “psychohistorian” Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) predicts that its dissolution is fast approaching. To hasten the rebuild of the world to come, Seldon establishes a “Foundation” at the edge of the galaxy and recruits all manner of scholars and survivors to enact his master plan.

Despite running on the, let’s say, lesser-subscribed-to Apple TV+, Foundation is quite simply one of the biggest shows to ever air on television. It looks mind-bogglingly expensive, taking Asimov’s already expansive imagination and casting it out into breathtaking reality. Many thought that Asimov’s series of Foundation novellas-turned-novels would prove unadaptable. But those commentators failed to foresee an entertainment environment that encourages trillion-dollar companies to hand VFX departments a blank check. – AB

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Fringe

9. Fringe

Fringe became a natural successor to The X-Files when it first debuted in 2008, and though this was a much, much slicker sci-fi project from the minds of J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, they’d really done the hard work during the casting process. The show itself, which follows the outlandish casework of the Fringe Division (a Joint Federal Task Force supported by the FBI), simply throws the buttoned-down Agent Olivia Dunham into a working relationship with “mad scientist” Dr. Walter Bishop and his irreverent son Peter, and stands back to watch them cope with one ridiculous scenario after another. But the core acting trio of Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble had all the chemistry needed to make the show work on another level.

The series still took some time to hit its stride. Again, like The X-Files before it, that breakthrough happened when the show’s mythology deepened in Season 2 and beyond. If you were still watching at that point, Fringe soon became appointment viewing with its wild take on parallel universes and alternate timelines, and still makes for an extremely bingeable cult classic. – KH

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Firefly

8. Firefly

Stream on: Hulu (US), Disney+ (UK)

For years after its one-season cancellation in 2003, space western Firefly transcended the identity of mere TV show and became a death lament. Wherever fans would gather, the “f**k you, Fox” cry would echo as tears fell over the loss of this work of staggering genius.

And then the genius in question – creator Joss Whedon – took a mighty dive in popular opinion following misconduct allegations, cast-member Adam Baldwin threw his support behind climate change-denier, anti-abortion, anti-LGBT bigot Ted Cruz in 2016, and Firefly’s premature cancellation no longer seemed like the main story.

Personal mileage on the above will vary, but these 14 episodes (and a movie) following the adventures of the renegade crew of the Serenity led by Nathan Fillion’s Mal remain great viewing. Han Solo-style quipping, a Buffy-ish superpowered kickass girl, a government conspiracy, multiple romantic threads, and terrifying space cannibals who eat you alive…all in a handful of installments that could have been so much more. Can’t stop the signal. – LM

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Russian doll

7. Russian Doll

There are very few TV series that can be described as “perfect”, but Netflix’s Russian Doll is one of them. Initially imagined by the viewing public as just the streaming service’s fluffy take on Groundhog Day, Russian Doll caught everyone off-guard with its distinctively weird, crass, and occasionally very unsettling time loop plot, soon becoming that incredibly rare and most wonderful combo: a word-of-mouth smash hit AND a critical darling.

The show follows game developer Nadia (series co-creator Natasha Lyonne in a career best performance), whose 36th birthday turns into a seemingly never-ending therapy cycle when she’s caught in a deteriorating time loop. It’s no coincidence that Nadia is also at a stage in her life when she has settled into a routine she seems a little too comfortable in, so when she finds herself dying repeatedly and coming back to life at the exact same moment during her birthday party, she has to figure out how to escape the loop and make peace with the past before she can even start exploring the future … and that was all just the first season. – KH

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Orphan Black

6. Orphan Black

Sometimes heavy sci-fi can come across as a little soulless or removed from humanity. Orphan Black, the BBC America thriller developed by Graeme Manson certainly ran the risk of alienating sci-fi-phobic viewers with its high concept plot about a grand cloning conspiracy featuring shadowy corporate machinations and complex themes. Ultimately, however, Orphan Black is one of the most accessible series on this list thanks to one very important factor: Tatiana Maslany.

Maslany puts in some incredible work on Orphan Black. The Canadian actress portrays countless cloned versions of the same character with five, Sarah Manning, Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena, and Rachel Duncan, serving as major ones. Maslany’s brilliant subtle distinctions between multiple identical characters goes far beyond mere novelty and helps the show’s explorations of identity feel far more real and personal. – AB

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Lost

5. Lost

Stream on: Hulu, Freevee (US); Disney+ (UK)

OK, let’s get one thing out of the way first. No, Lost showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse didn’t know where the show was going at any given moment (and according to Mo Ryan’s reporting, that’s not all they didn’t know about when running the show). But what I would like to put forth right now is a big fat “so what?” Lost is quite simply one of the best and most influential sci-fi television experiences of all time. 

Starting with its incredibly ambitious and expensive pilot (directed by J.J. Abrams) and continuing on through its controversial ending (of which I will explain to you if you ask nicely…or even if you don’t ask at all), Lost captivated viewers’ attention spans like little else in its era. A perfect fit for the pit of conspiratorial thinking that was the burgeoning internet, this story about plane crash survivors on a weird ass island was just damn good TV. It also fully embraced its more fantastical elements in later seasons, serving as a good sci-fi Trojan horse for unsuspecting network TV audiences. – AB

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Stranger Things

4. Stranger Things

Science fiction can be a vehicle to explore complex questions about fate, humanity, and the universe in ways that boring old normal life just can’t accommodate. Some of the best sci-fi stories, however, understand that the genre has a more pure, elemental appeal – that of adventure. Like many of the George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Stephen King genre projects that inspired it, Stranger Things uses science fiction as a jumping off point to tell some truly exciting stories. Through three, soon-to-be-four seasons on Netflix, the Duffer Brother’s sci-fi/horror mashup is far more than just a concentrated dose of ’80s nostalgia. It’s pop entertainment at its finest.

The fictional Hawkins, Indiana is not unlike many other medium-sized Midwestern towns of its era. It’s got a school, a police station, a mall – the whole nine yards. It also just happens to be home to a mysterious psychic research station that unlocks the key to the terrifying Upside Down dimension. Each season of Stranger Things unfolds a compelling sci-fi/horror yarn thanks to some smart storytelling sensibilities and the sheer power of its young cast. Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve have all grown in fascinating, yet logical ways through the show’s run. In that way the show’s arc is not entirely unlike that of a well-played game of Dungeons & Dragons. Everyone grows closer and everyone gets better. That’s the magic of good sci-fi. – AB

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Doctor Who

3. Doctor Who (2005) 

Stream on: Max (US); BBC iPlayer (UK)

Putting Doctor Who in a ranked list of the best sci-fi shows is like putting London Zoo in a ranked list of the best animals. Doctor Who isn’t one thing; it’s loads of things in roughly the same place (specifically: Cardiff). Even just counting from the 21st century TV revival, there are three showrunners, 14 series, six – soon to be seven – lead actors, a minibus-full of Companions and hundreds of episodes with thousands of opinions on them. It’s more ecosystem than TV show.

Taking all that into account, this story of an alien with the power to regenerate into different bodies, who travels around the universe(s) having adventures in time and space with their pals – definitely deserves to be placed at the top of this list. And somewhere around the middle. And right at the bottom. Hence: top three. – LM

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Black Mirror

2. Black Mirror

If Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones hadn’t made Black Mirror, we wouldn’t only lack a twisted anthology series of the highest order, we’d also lack a shorthand for describing any scenario which is, well, a bit Black Mirror. You know the kind of thing – uneasily intrusive modern technology, or advances that get hijacked by humanity’s worst impulses. Whenever something that should be a Gene Roddenberry-style utopian breakthrough only ends up reflecting our essential weakness as people, that’s Black Mirror. Robot bees. Robot husbands. Robot stuffed toys containing the trapped consciousness of your comatose mother… 

Or at least, that was Black Mirror. In its later life, other modes crept into the storytelling. Its Twilight Zone-ish tales expanded to include romance and hope. There was comedy that wasn’t entirely dark-hearted. There was the odd win. And there was ‘San Junipero’. Brooker’s ability to create the nastiest and most woeful scenario out of any technological premise broadened, and the show became all the stronger for it. – LM

Best Sci-Fi TV Shows - Battlestar Galactica
BATTLESTAR GALACTICA — Pictured: (l-r) Lucy Lawless as D’Anna Biers, Tricia Helfer as Number Six, Grace Park as Sharon Valerii — SCI FI Channel Photo: Justin Stephens

1. Battlestar Galactica

Stream on: purchase-only on Apple TV and Amazon (US); BBC iPlayer, Sky (UK)

Battlestar Galactica isn’t just the best sci-fi TV show of the 21st century, it practically recreated sci-fi TV for the 21st century. No disrespect intended to the Star Treks, Stargates, and Babylon 5s of the world, but this 2004-2008 Sci-Fi (now Syfy) series expanded both science fiction and nerd culture itself to a whole new audience. 

Of all the concepts to have breakaway mainstream appeal, Battlestar Galactica was one of the least likely going into its late 2003 miniseries debut. The miniseries-then-show was created by Ronald D. Moore (who wrote on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and was a remake of a 1978 series that very few regarded as a classic. The original Battlestar Galactica sought to recapture the magic of Star Wars but instead came to be remembered as a corny pastiche of the regrettable space opera genre.

Impeccably timed for the post 9/11-era, the dark Battlestar Galactica remake was an immediate critical darling and fan favorite. Like the original, this BSG followed the remnants of humanity as they escaped annihilation from their robotic creations known as the Cylons and drifted out into space in search of a new home, protected only by the titular Battlestar Galactica. While things got admittedly a little loopy in the end, Battlestar Galactica’s four seasons, one miniseries, one spinoff, and two TV movies represent some of the most thrilling science fiction the medium of television has to offer. – AB

Honorable Mentions: Torchwood, Colony, Dollhouse, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Lost in Space (2018), Dark Angel, Snowpiercer, Counterpart, Dark Matter, Killjoys, Avenue 5, Raised By Wolves

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Killexams : The 15 best Keke Palmer movies and TV shows, ranked No result found, try new keyword!We would say that Palmer is at the height of her career if it were not so clear that she'll continue to soar for years to come.  In light of her accurate successes (and headlines), EW has ranked 15 of ... Thu, 17 Aug 2023 08:27:30 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Find Out Which Anime Won at the Fantasia International Film Festival

Find Out Which Anime Won at the Fantasia International Film Festival


The 27th Fantasia International Film Festival has completed, so let’s see how anime did there!

When it came to the award for Best Animated Feature in the Audience Awards, all three winners (gold, silver and bronze) are anime movies. First place went to Kurayukaba, second place went to The Concierge, and third place went to The First Slam Dunk.

As for the Axis: Satoshi Kon Award for Excellence in Animation (related to the best animated feature), that additionally went to The First Slam Dunk. And the special jury mention for the Satoshi Kon Award was bestowed upon SAND LAND.

Kurayukaba is an original anime (meaning it’s not based on something else, like a manga or video game) and it received help from crowdfunding. Twiflo gave this description for its plot:

Our story is set beneath the surface of the great metropolis, below the district of Ogi-town in a realm of dreams that floats in a haze of purple lignite smoke.

A network of roads stretches away underground, concealing bandits at every turn! An armored train snakes through the looming darkness: the steel-clad train Sokore 463 is equipped with a 75mm mountain gun that can blow a target to smithereens! In command is the mysterious girl Tanne.

What awaits her and her comrades? From the winding alleys of Akegata (dawn) to the deep subterranean world of Kuragari (dark), a daring adventure unfolds!

The Fantasia International Film Festival gave this description for The Concierge:

“The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in a concierge’s dictionary.” That’s just one of the demanding rules that Akino must abide by in her new job as a saleswoman at the elegant and expansive Hokkyoku Department Store. It’s a very special store — the customers are all animals, and the most valued among them are of extinct species. Sea minks, laughing owls, Japanese wolves, even an enormous mammoth — that’s Mr. Woolly, the celebrated sculptor whose works are showcased at the store. It’s still a luxury retail space, though, and anxious Akino finds her hands full with the customers’ challenging requests. These range from hard-to-find merchandise to more complicated matters of the heart. Can the inexperienced Akino fulfill their whims and meet their expectations? If she wants to keep her job, she’ll have to succeed while under constant observation by the fussy floor manager Mr. Todo, a creepy consultant eager to downsize the staff, and the store’s enigmatic president (who is not a penguin, by the way!).

GKIDS gave this description for The First Slam Dunk:

Shohoku’s “speedster” and point guard, Ryota Miyagi, always plays with brains and lightning speed, running circles around his opponents while feigning composure.

Born and raised in Okinawa, Ryota had a brother who was three years older. Following in the footsteps of his older brother, who was a famous local player from a young age, Ryota also became addicted to basketball.

In his second year of high school, Ryota plays with the Shohoku High School basketball team along with Sakuragi, Rukawa, Akagi, and Mitsui as they take the stage at the Inter-High School National Championship.

And now, they are on the brink of challenging the reigning champions, Sannoh Kogyo High School.

VIZ Media gave this description for the SAND LAND manga:

In the far future, war has destroyed the entire Earth, leaving only a barren wasteland where the supply of water is controlled by the greedy king. In search of a long-lost lake, Sheriff Rao asked the king of the demons for help…and got the king’s son, Beelzebub, and his assistant, Thief. Together the unlikely trio sets off across the desert, facing dragons, bandits and the deadliest foe of all… the King’s army itself! It’s travel adventure and tank action in this new story from Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z!

Source: ANN, Fantasia Film Festival


Danica Davidson is the author of the bestselling Manga Art for Beginners with artist Melanie Westin, plus its sequel, Manga Art for Everyone, and the first-of-its-kind manga chalk book Chalk Art Manga, both illustrated by professional Japanese mangaka Rena Saiya. Check out her other comics and books at

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Killexams : Yup, Modern Warfare 3 is this year’s Call of Duty

Activision has confirmed what energy drinks already knew: this year’s Call of Duty game is Modern Warfare 3 (stylised as Modern Warfare III), and that it’s coming out on 10th November 2023.

The teaser trailer is filled with little details that series fans can pick on, and the game is almost certain to pick up the narrative threads from the end of Modern Warfare II, as this rebooted series remixes plot beats from the original Modern Warfare series. Yeah, it definitely seems like Makarov is making his return in this one and there’s the voice over warning to “Never bury your enemies alive.”

Modern Warfare III looks to be in development with Sledgehammer Games taking the lead – the studio changed their logo on Twitter alongside the announcement and this has been widely reported. It’s a curious twist of fate, as Sledgehammer developed the single player for the original Modern Warfare 3 after the acrimonious fallout between Infinity Ward’s founders and Activision way back when.

Reports had been that the original plan from Activision was for Modern Warfare II to have a two year lifespan, supported heavily by live service seasonal updates, and Sledgehammer was developing a smaller narrative DLC expansion as part of this. However, this soon morphed into being a full game, with the full network of Call of Duty studios falling in to support with a renewed suite of multiplayer options to try and beef this up into a full COD game release.

However, don’t expect a totally fresh start on this one. As we’ve seen in accurate years, there’s often been continuity from one Call of Duty to the next, primarily through the Warzone battle royale game and the many progression unlocks that it ties into. We’re yet to see official confirmation, but it does seem that unlocked Modern Warfare 2 operators, weapons and bundles will carry forward into this year’s game.

Looking at the bigger picture, there’s maybe some concerns for Call of Duty as a whole. Again, Activision had planned for COD to skip a full game release this year, and we’ve seen the franchise bouncing from one development crisis to another in accurate years. Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare was so widely hated upon in 2016 that it surely led to the decision to reboot Modern Warfare a few years later. At least they were able to stick with the three year development cycle, while Treyarch first had to can the single player for Black Ops 4 in 2018 and replace it with a battle royale mode, and then step in to take creative control of the 2020 game from Sledgehammer and Raven, morphing what they were making into Black Ops Cold War while Sledgehammer shifted to working on the WW2 era Vanguard for 2021, which failed to live up to Activision’s sales expectations. Sledgehammer are now lead on a new full game within a two year span as well.

How long can they keep this up before the wheels come off? Will Microsoft do anything to change this pattern after acquiring Activision Blizzard? We’ll wait and see, but it definitely seems that the collection of studios behind Call of Duty need more breathing room and a break from the yearly release cycle grind.

Looking back on last year’s game, Nick said in our Modern Warfare 2 review: “There’s some rough edges to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II that keep it from hitting the heights of the 2019 Modern Warfare, though most of its flaws can and will be fixed or improved through patches. Still, there’s an action-packed story to play through, plenty of multiplayer and a light co-op mode, and the promise of more in future. With Warzone 2.0 just around the corner, the future is certainly bright for Modern Warfare 2.”

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Killexams : Leading the Charge for a Greener Future: AVPN spotlights the climate leadership of Godrej and Wipro

Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), the largest network of social investors in Asia, has unveiled two new videos as a part of its Climate Action Platform. These videos spotlight Climate Impact Leaders through a series of dialogues, showcasing their efforts to scale domestic climate philanthropy in India. The Climate Action Platform aims to address the philanthropic gap and climate change opportunities in Asia. The vision of the platform is to cultivate Asian leadership in the global climate agenda, channel more resources into climate action, and expedite the global shift toward a resilient, sustainable future for all.

The latest additions to the series sheds light on climate best practices shared by Gayatri Divecha, from Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at Godrej Industries Limited & Associate Companies, and Dinni Lingaraj, Group Manager of Sustainability at Wipro. Their insights delve into generating positive climate impact.

In the fifth video, Gayatri Divecha, of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Godrej Industries & Associate Companies shares crucial insights about the biggest challenges we face today: climate change, inequality, and the loss of nature. She emphasizes that solving these challenges requires everyone to work together, including governments, businesses of all sizes, communities, and individuals. Gayatri Divecha also talks about how the Godrej group approaches these issues. They believe in considering the entire life of a product, from its creation to its disposal, and they invest in research to make products more environmentally friendly.

In the final video, Dinni Lingaraj, Group Manager of Sustainability at Wipro Foundation, shares a key message. He emphasizes that at Wipro Foundation, sustainability doesn't mean making a choice between doing good and doing well. Rather, it's about making choices that benefit the planet, people, and businesses. Lingaraj highlights their continuous commitment to sustainable development and its integral part of their business approach. He also elaborates on their "sustainability framework" based on three pillars: environmental care, social responsibility, and ethical governance.

Naina Subberwal Batra, CEO of AVPN, commented on the video release, "We strongly believe that clear understanding lights the way in the complex world of climate efforts in Asia. In India, most of the funding focuses on three main areas: low-carbon and climate-smart agriculture, clean energy and most recently on sustainable financing and carbon markets. Given the broader and cross-cutting nature of climate change, there are multiple other issues that also need attention and action. Through a partnership between the Climate Action Platform and the Climate Impact Leaders, our goal is to highlight these often-overlooked issues, attract funding to solve them, and show how impactful climate funding can truly be.”

Previously, AVPN launched two videos on Earth Day by Raintree Foundation and Rainmatter Foundation and the other two on International Climate Day by Axis Bank Foundation and ATE Chandra Foundation. The last set of videos was launched today as part of the series in the hope of influencing greater participation of philanthropy in India’s climate landscape.

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