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Microsoft Fundamentals education
Killexams : Microsoft Fundamentals education - BingNews Search results Killexams : Microsoft Fundamentals education - BingNews Killexams : NPower Texas Expands Free Tech Fundamentals Program to Dallas-Fort Worth

At a time when many young people are struggling to get ahead, NPower Texas is expanding its flagship Tech Fundamentals program to Dallas-Fort Worth. The free training gives 18- to 26-year-olds the opportunity to skill up for in-demand tech jobs that are forecasted to grow in 2022.

NPower has extended the application deadline for its next training cohort to August 15.

The free, 16-week virtual training program was created for young adults from underserved and marginalized communities in Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as military veterans and their spouses.

NPower’s Tech Fundamentals program teaches students the basics of programming and information technology and offers students opportunities to earn various certifications.

Mission: Moving people from poverty to the middle class

NPower is a national nonprofit with a mission to move people from poverty to the middle class. Its free tech training program for young people is backed by corporations and by donations from billionaires such as novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of billionaire Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, who donated $15 million to NPower last March.

NPower graduate success stories

Rasheda Walker is an NPower Tech Fundamentals graduate and an apprentice at CITI. [Photo: NPower]

Two recent NPower Tech Fundamentals graduates showcase the program’s success.

Before joining the NPower program, Rasheda Walker was facing the most difficult period of her life. She recognized the need to obtain skills and training to ease the life stressor which affected her strength to overcome many personal challenges, NPower said.  

When she saw the organization at a veteran’s job fair, she grabbed the opportunity for its free training and the opportunities it could provide. She ended up getting not only tech instruction, but much-needed social support as well.

“It’s OK to be a beginner at something,” Walker said in a statement, “because you can continue to learn and develop.”

In a little over five months, she learned new technical and life skills, earned multiple certifications, and has begun an apprenticeship with CITI.

Pravin Shrestha is an NPower Tech Fundamentals graduate. [Photo: NPower]

“I could not have imagined these accomplishments a short while ago,” Walker said. “With my new skills, I plan to work hard as an apprentice with the goal to obtain a full-time career in a specialized field, then move on to advanced training

Pravin Shrestha, a Fall 2021 graduate of the program, was the first in his family to come to the U.S, and pursue his education.

He graduated from Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, then got an undergraduate degree from East Central University. After joining the Army Reserve, he started his own business, but wanted to explore a career in IT.

After the pandemic hit, he heard about NPower, sold his business, and took the organization’s professional development classes. He completed his own successful apprenticeship with CITI and has recently been promoted to a full-time role as a compliance anti-money laundering analyst.

Dallas-Fort Worth ‘has so much untapped potential’ for tech labor

Jonathan Pride, executive director of NPower Texas. [Photo: LinkedIn]

Jonathan Pride, executive director of NPower Texas, says expanding into Dallas-Fort Worth was a long time coming. The region has “so much untapped potential in the form of underserved young adults and veterans,” Pride says.

The program’s effectiveness elsewhere provides a strong blueprint for success in Texas.

“NPower Texas is one of the fastest-growing work training hubs in the U.S.” he said, noting that DFW is home to the fifth-largest tech labor force in the country.

NPower’s program was created to help businesses find new tech talent and young adults launch new careers.

NPower Texas located at innovation center south of downtown Dallas

NPower Texas is located within Dallas College’s Bill J. Priest Small Business Innovation Center, just south of downtown Dallas. Since 2013, the nonprofit has provided tuition-free tech training and certifications to veterans and their spouses. According to the NPower website, it offers an “alternative fast-track to tech jobs” with employers committed to hiring diverse IT talent.

80% of graduates get a full-time job or continue education; average salary jump of 384%

Students who enter NPower’s program earn industry-recognized certifications and graduate with the competencies of an IT professional with one to two years of experience, NPower said in a statement. The nonprofit also places its young students in paid internships with corporate and nonprofit organizations.

According to national data from NPower, the nonprofit said that 80% of its graduates get a full-time job or continue their education and that its graduates see an average salary increase of 384%.

Veterans program is supported by grant

The veterans program is supported by a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance, which provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families.

More than 400,000 veterans and their spouses living in North Texas are underemployed, NPower said, and are challenged to adapt to the specialized workforce.

More than 50% of all jobs require tech or digital skills

NPower noted that in today’s economy, more than 50% of all jobs require some degree of technology and digital skill. A recent Microsoft Data Science report estimates that U.S. digital job capacity—the total number of new technology-oriented jobs—will grow to 13 million by 2025, NPower said.

Beyond Texas, NPower operates in New York, California, Maryland, Toronto, New Jersey, Missouri, and Michigan.

To apply or for more information, visit the nonprofit’s website.

Sign up to keep your eye on what’s new and next in Dallas-Fort Worth, every day.

R E A D   N E X T

  • A new GolfTEC training center has opened in Southlake to help duffers straighten their slices and handle their hooks.  The new 2,900-square-foot facility features four indoor training bays powered by TECSwing, using Foresight Sports simulators for lessons, club fitting, and practice. Each training bay is equipped with OptiMotion, a motion tracking innovation that "sets a new standard for how golf swings are measured and the way golf instruction is delivered," according to the company. Put off by your putting? The facility also has an indoor putting green with lessons utilizing TECPutt, a motion technology that analyzes face angle, loft, and path…

  • In addition to overall tech job postings, those for remote and work-from-home positions increased across U.S. metros. The top posted remote/WFH positions were software developers (No. 1) and IT support specialists (No. 2). Plus: You'll find the top 10 U.S. employers by tech jobs postings.

  • The IT managed services provider is the second Dallas-Fort Worth company in the last six month to participate in the program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Labor. Apprentices will receive on-the-job and structured training, paired with mentorship and real work experience. With 18,600 DFW tech job postings last month alone, more talent is definitely needed.

  • Despite turmoil in the markets and layoffs making headlines, the tech job market remains relatively strong in Dallas, according to a new report. Across the country, technology companies added 20,300 net new workers in June, marking the 19th consecutive month of growth, according to nonprofit CompTIA’s latest Tech Jobs Report. And among metros, Dallas ranks among the top three for new job postings, though the number of new jobs added month-over-month has declined.

  • The gender gap in computing is getting worse: In 1995 37% of computer scientists were women, dropping to 24% today. State Farm is taking action with a new STEM summit to engage girls in science, technology, engineering, and math. Registration is open until Sept. 18.

Fri, 05 Aug 2022 10:35:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Poster boys of ‘new normal’ are facing reality check

Medha Deb Roy had just landed her first job when her father fell seriously ill in 2016. The world was not yet familiar with the term WFH, but she requested her employer to let her work from home so that she could care for him. “Luckily, the MNC I was working with was understanding, and did create the environment for me. My clients did not even realise I was working remotely,” she said.

You don’t get the ‘persona’ on a Microsoft Teams call! Personality is a very important factor in product, manufacturing and services industries. —Bhupindra Singh, managing director (north India), Colliers

Many companies have come to the realisation that when it comes to engagement and retention, the fundamentals of employee connect still haven’t changed. —Jeevant Kumar, senior director and head of HR at Lam Research

The main reason companies wanted people to come back is to control attrition. —Rishi Das, CEO and cofounder of the co-working space IndiQube

However, reality hit when she moved to an Indian company, which refused her request. “I sensed a lack of trust,” she said. “It is also a sense of control, I guess, as a boss does not know what the junior is up to while working in a completely remote environment.”

When the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown gobsmacked the world in the summer of 2020, it brought with it some dramatic new ways of living. WFH suddenly became the de facto standard, with office workers of the world meeting on video conferencing apps like Zoom and children attending virtual classrooms. E-commerce sites and food delivery aggregators replaced shopping and eating out, while OTT platforms became the go-to modes of entertainment.

Two years down the line, however, as the world moves slowly back to normalcy, the poster boys of the ‘new normal’ are facing their big reality check. Across the spectrum, the big push is to get things back to the physical, to ‘how it used to be’.

Rather surprising, considering the predictions that were made about the tectonic shift in the ways in which we will live, work and play. So what exactly did change?

“People tend to underestimate the impact of change in the long run, and overestimate the impact of change in the short run,” said Raman Kumar Singh, India CHRO of the multinational technology giant ABB. “I think a lot of companies went ahead of the change, moving to the WFH model completely. While that must have been the need of the hour, that’s where they overestimated how things will change in the short period.”

Take for instance, the edtech sector. With schools shut, the likes of Byju’s and Vedantu were touted as the future. Raghav Gupta, MD (India & Pacific) of the global edtech firm Coursera predicted then: “A significant part of learning will move online (and) transform the education system…forever.” Some Rs37,000 crore of funding flowed into the sector during this period; a lion’s chunk to the market leader Byju’s alone, which went on an expansion spree snapping up other companies. It became the second most valuable startup in the country, after Flipkart.

Then reality hit. As schools reopened and the funds from investors abroad dried up, edtech companies started facing choppy waters. The government took note of the numerous customer complaints against Byju’s. Vedantu has been buffeted by allegations of kickbacks. Some 10,000 employees have been laid off in the sector by the likes of Unacademy, Lido Learning, Toppr and WhiteHat Jr (the last two are subsidiaries of Byju’s).

The biggest irony, however, has been that after advocating for virtual learning model all the while, some of these companies have opened physical coaching centres. Byju’s is aiming for 500 such centres across the country. “You either die trying, or live long enough to become the very thing you went out to disrupt,” sniped startup professional Manan Agarwal on Twitter.

The wheel has turned full circle not just for the edtech sector—almost all areas that saw a boom during the lockdown are seeing the flip side now. The International Monetary Fund and Harvard Business School tracked Mastercard usage in 47 countries from 2018 to 2021 and found that while online shopping rose sharply when the lockdowns hit, it fell soon after. The share of e-commerce spending, though higher than pre-pandemic level, is just 0.6 per cent above the regular growth trend.

“One common narrative is that the pandemic accelerated digitalisation, forcing consumers to learn how to shop online, and that this learning was here to stay,” the IMF researchers noted. “While our results support the quick uptake of e-commerce, the persistence does not appear broad-based.”

The Swiggys and the Zomatos that urban India turned to make up for its lack of dining out options are facing the same crunch as Byju’s. With profits nowhere in sight and user growth slowing down, both have tried diversification into grocery and 10-minute deliveries.

Netflix, after being the unofficial entertainment partner to the pandemic, is now facing desertions owing to the return of pre-pandemic schedules and persistent global inflation. As subscribers have started thinking twice before renewing their subscriptions, it lost 10 lakh users in the April-June period and its share dropped 60 per cent in the first six months of the year.

It is a falling sensation the fellow pandemic poster boy Zoom is pretty familiar with. The app that the whole world turned to for meetings during the lockdown days has had its shares drop 41.3 per cent so far this year. It had grown a whopping 173 per cent during the two years of Covid-19.

While big companies seeing a correction is one thing, even more surprising has been the veering off course of the WFH bandwagon. The return to office has been near-complete across the Indian workplace. “In a typical Indian company, there is nothing called WFH pretty much anymore,” said Rishi Das, CEO and cofounder of the co-working space IndiQube. “The fact is that everybody is now expected to be back in office.”

It is quite a contrast to the initial months of the pandemic, when even biggies like Google predicted the death of the office as it was. Tata Consultancy Services announced plans to keep at least 75 per cent of its employees working remotely and its CEO, Rajesh Gopinathan, said it was their new operating model that represented “the future of work”. TCS is now talking of the reverse and is aiming to get at least 80 per cent of its six lakh staff back at office. The likes of Google and Microsoft are all snapping up more office space across Indian cities. Traffic data shows that workplace visits are now 21 per cent above what it was before the lockdown in March 2020.

What changed? “The main reason companies wanted people to come back is to control attrition,” said Rishi Das. As corporate India moved past the initial uncertainty over Covid and the opportunities of a brave new post-pandemic world became clear, so did career prospects. Many switched to better jobs with better pay as companies sensed future opportunities and started hiring big time. As a result attrition levels shot up to worrisome levels. TCS, for instance, had an attrition level of about 20 per cent in the last quarter, which is about one lakh employees leaving the organisation in just three months!

This, coupled with a ‘screen’ fatigue after about two years of working ‘distantly’, the worries over training new recruits and the concern over the trend of ‘moonlighting’ (many professionals working from home had taken up additional gigs), set alarm bells ringing and finally seem to have ended the ‘work-from-anywhere’ dream.

But the biggest factor is something abstract—forming a connection. “Many companies have come to the realisation that when it comes to engagement and retention, the fundamentals of employee connect still haven’t changed. You need to work with people, get to know them and care for them. A transactional relationship doesn’t have tenure,” said Jeevant Kumar, senior director and head of HR at Lam Research, a Fortune 500 semiconductor equipment company. “No water cooler moment (meant) our attrition was higher last year; it is harder to build connections while working remotely.”

“You don’t get the ‘persona’ on a Microsoft Teams call!” said Bhupindra Singh, managing director (north India) of Colliers, a multinational investment management company. “Personality is a very important factor in product, manufacturing and services industries.”

There was a feeling that while productivity did go up in the initial phase of the lockdown, too much of ‘screen time’, with professionals glued to their computer during working hours and to television and mobile phone after that, was leading to a fatigue. “It just became too much,” said Singh. “Market changes need deliberation, strategy and thinking. That is not possible through technology mediums alone.”

Training of new employees was another pesky lacuna. “Most companies have grown 50 to 100 per cent. When you hire such a large number of people, normally freshers through campus placements, you have to train them. And that is not possible remotely,” said Das.

However, the pandemic has definitely left its imprint of change, the biggest being hybrid working. A majority of Indian workplaces now have employees working between home and office. “A hybrid model has options and choices—it’s not a policy, but we are creating a framework. As long as the final service and product is delivered to the customer, we are allowing that choice to the employee and the manager as a unit,” said Singh of ABB.

With attrition levels still high, companies are treading carefully, being very flexible in timings, setting up branch offices and re-designing offices to offer perks. “Employees are now expecting everything—they want gyms, food courts, game areas,” said Das. “I have had even conservative Marwari business owners coming to me asking for office redesign to incorporate these new requirements.”

The office may have made a comeback, but in its post-Covid new avatar, it is no longer central to the scheme of things. “We go to work only when there is a client meeting or training,” said Eldho Skariah, a software architect with CSG International in Bengaluru, which offers flexi options to its employees. “Unless there are meetings, I go to the office just once in a week. The real work is all done while at home. The hybrid model is ideal as it helps us work creatively, as well as manage things on the personal front, too.”

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Killexams : Cambridge IGCSE™ & O Level Computer Science 2nd Edition

Build upon the fundamentals of computational thinking and programming with this series, developed to support teachers and students through the Cambridge IGCSE™ and O Level Computer Science syllabuses (0478/0984/2210). Bring computer science to life through real-life contexts and applications, including case studies from Microsoft Research®. A three-tiered approach to programming tasks across the coursebook and programming books develops both skills and confidence for students of all levels of understanding. In response to syllabus updates our programming books now cover Java, Python and Visual Basic, offering tailored support for each of the programming languages recommended in the syllabus. Our teacher’s resource now includes over 200 teaching activity ideas, teaching plans, language support, homework ideas and differentiated worksheets, giving you and your students plenty of ways to bring computer science into your world.

Sat, 23 Jul 2022 03:07:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : LPU graduate gets 3 Crore package

After graduating from LPU, he did not pursue any other degree.

He attributes his success to the strong fundamentals he received at LPU.

By getting   a grand placement package of INR 3 Crore, LPU class of 2018 passout   Yasir M. has created a new placement record. Hailing from Kerala, Yasir, a B.Tech. CSE graduate from Lovely Professional University will be working for a world-renowned multinational company, which has contributed significantly to the world during the pandemic, at a whopping package of Rs. 3 crores. He did not pursue any other degree after graduating from LPU and attributes this success to the strong fundamentals that he got while studying at the LPU campus.

While at LPU, he has always emerged as a bright student and completed his B.Tech in Computer Science with a CGPA of 8.6. He has always been part of numerous hackathons and other technical events at the campus and has won most of them. “  While I was at LPU I got exposed to new age technology like AI, ML and also made friends from all across the world. This exposure and mentorship of the faculty has helped me to be prepared for a grand role and I am delighted that I made not my parents but the whole university and India proud by getting such a huge opportunity to work in Germany,” said elated Mohammad.

It’s not only Yasir who has got such an offer but thousands of LPU alumni are also working at 1 crore and above packages in companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes and other Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

Recently, LPU B.Tech. graduate   Harekrishna Mahto joined  Google’s Bangalore office in 2022 receiving a commendable package of INR 64 Lakh, which is also one of the highest packages received by any young graduate. Listen to what Hare Krishna has to say about LPU:

LPU possesses an incomparable placement record that emerges from the university’s consistency towards academic excellence, an unending flow of opportunities for students, and impeccable placement support to assist and guide students. Also, this year LPU has set one of the highest placement records as its student Arjun has been placed at a package of 63 lakhs straight from the campus. This is one of the highest packages received by any engineering fresher in the whole of India.

Listen to what Arjun has to say about LPU:

Also, not just a handful of students but as large as 431 students of LPU fresh 2021, 22 batch are placed at a package of 10 lakhs and above. Not only this, marquee recruiters have recruited a large number of students at differential packages of up to 10 lakhs. Top companies that recruited one of the highest numbers from LPU include Cognizant which recruited 670+ LPU students, similarly, Capgemini recruited 310+ students, Wipro recruited 310+, MPhasis recruited 210+, and Accenture recruited 150+ and there are numerous much more names. In recent years, more than 20,000 placements/internships have been offered to LPU students by top recruiters. Several of the Fortune 500 companies have extended more than 5000 offers.

Such commendable stories indicate how LPU has emerged as a top institute in India from where such fantastic placement records are becoming a normal norm.

Having been ranked 74  th globally by the prestigious Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022, LPU delivers excellent education and placement support to young minds from across the world and India. Some other aspects to consider LPU for pursuing education are the state-of-the-art campus, tie-ups with 300+ universities, and students hailing from 28 Indian states and 50+ countries in a single establishment.

Admission to LPU for the 2022 intake is closing soon. To know more about the test & admission process, students can visit

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Killexams : Learning the fundamentals

The Wilson County Civic League summer basketball camp has been going on long enough that former students are now helping lead the program.

On Thursday, Omar Watkins was manning the scoreboard during a scrimmage in the Carlos Bruce Gymnasium at the Wilson County Civic League.

“I see the kids doing things that I remember doing back then,” Watkins said. “The drills, the scrimmages and being able to meet new people is a cool experience. To be able to see it from my point of view now, compared to how it was back then, it’s just a great experience.”

According to the camp’s organizer, Reggie Hatcher, returning teens are a staple of the summer program.

“We have some first-timers, but we also have some sixth-timers,” Hatcher said.

While the camp is dedicated to basketball, Hatcher said that the lessons transfer just as well off the court.

“The main thing that we have, we try to make sure that everybody leaves here with something fundamentally that they can take to other places,” Hatcher said. “We have fun, but it is all about learning too … we can supply them all something they can use later on, whether they want to pursue basketball or anything in life. That is how the camp is designed.”

Hatcher admits that the camp would not be possible without the help of the staff made up of volunteers from the community.

“Every one of my staff now played high-school or college basketball,” Hatcher said. “They know what it takes, as far as having what it takes to play basketball, but you have to have a lot of discipline too.”

That discipline takes on many forms.

“Every session, we have a little time where we discuss the importance of keeping your grades up and behaving in class, things that really go beyond basketball,” Hatcher said. “They can be ok basketball players when they leave, but we try to make them good citizens too.”

Hatcher hopes that the basketball camp can supply them something to look forward to, especially for the teens who don’t have travel plans during the summer.

“For a lot of kids, this is their summer vacation,” Hatcher said. “I work for Wilson County Schools. As I am walking the halls, students ask me, are we going to have that again? They look forward to it.”

One former camper turned volunteer coach, LaStacia Andrews, will attest to that. Andrews has been helping out at the camp for eight years.

“We have a kid helping now, who was 10 when we started,” Andrews said. “He’s 18 now. He’s been a part of the program the whole time, and now coming back to help. That is what we like to see.”

Andrews smiled while talking about the change she sees in the campers.

“The biggest change is confidence,” Andrews said. “To see them progress, especially because we have kids who have played basketball before as well as kids who have never played basketball before, to see them mix together and see their confidence build as the kids learn what they’re doing is the main thing that drives me.”

A fellow instructor of Andrews’, Eddie Thompson, indicated that the camp’s most gratifying element was “watching the children matriculate.”

Thompson’s granddaughter was in the program before joining a travel team. Basketball brought Thompson to Lebanon in 1981, when he played for the Cumberland University basketball team. He’s hoping to transfer some of those lessons and skills to the kids.

“I try to teach them discipline, more than anything, to make sure that you always address your coach as coach, and the referee as Mr. ref,” Thompson said. “Not that no child should be on a first-name basis with the coach, but it’s just more of a discipline thing.”

Of course, the fundamentals do still come into play.

“I teach them how to box out, how to line up for a free throw properly, and how to rebound without fouling,” Thompson said.

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Killexams : Auckland Transport Greenlights Landmark Microsoft Cloud Agreement

Migration to new hyperscale datacenter region promises greater innovation, sustainability and skills to deliver the future of transport

 Microsoft and Auckland Transport (AT) today announced an agreement aimed at dramatically boosting agility and innovation, reducing costs and improving sustainability in transport services.

The central plank of the agreement involves shifting AT’s data and computing from on-premises servers to Microsoft Azure cloud. As part of the agreement, Microsoft is training AT employees in cloud fundamentals, security and other digital skills to help them get the most from emerging technologies. Not only does this investment in its team help attract and retain the best people, it also enables AT to shift its focus from business as usual to exploring innovative ways technology can be harnessed to create new services and enhanced experiences.

Aucklanders will also benefit from cost savings and the extra agility and efficiency public cloud creates for AT. During times of high demand, AT will no longer need to wait for more physical servers to be ordered – public cloud services can simply expand to deliver extra capacity as needed, coping instantly with more web traffic, transport service updates and card top-up requests. If demand ever falls again, like it did during the Covid lockdowns, AT also won’t be left paying for unused infrastructure. Meanwhile, next-generation security services will boost the resilience of AT’s transport systems and better protect customer data.

Roger Jones, Executive General Manager Business Technology at AT, said he was also thrilled to have found a technology partner whose sustainability values and strategy aligned so well with the organisation’s, supporting the sustainability of the city as much as our environment.

“At its core, this agreement is about smarter use of resources: using less of the planet’s precious resources, optimising operations and increasing our internal capability to make the most of data and modern technologies. All of this will help us become a much more agile, efficient organisation that will deliver better services across the region and Strengthen the liveability of our city for many decades to come,” he says.

Microsoft’s forthcoming hyperscale datacenter region will be among the most sustainable ever built, running on 100 per cent renewable energy from day one and using waterless cooling technologies. Using Microsoft’s cloud solutions, AT will easily be able to track emissions across its networks and adjust policies or services to reduce these further.

Vanessa Sorenson, Managing Director of Microsoft New Zealand, said she was excited by the potential for innovation that the agreement would enable.

“One of the things we’re getting lots of enquiries about is latency – the ability to upload and download data in almost real time, which AT’s CCTV networks at stations and intersections rely on. Having a local datacenter region here in Aotearoa means much lower latency than ever, so transport systems can run more smoothly and AT is able to respond faster to security or safety incidents, in partnership with Waka Kotahi and the police,” she said.

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Killexams : Much Ado About a Lot in ETFs No result found, try new keyword!About 1/3 of all US equity ETFs own shares of Microsoft; some 30% own Apple. Their earnings impact ETFs across the board. For ETF investors, where built-in portfolio diversification typically helps ... Thu, 28 Jul 2022 03:39:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : FYERS to offer free demat account for NRIs

FYERS, a trading and investing platform, launched a demat account for NRIs to enable international customers invest in India. Currently, with over three lakh customers, the launch of the FYERS Demat Account will enable NRIs to seamlessly trade in equities, mutual funds, ETFs, Futures and Options.

It is a cost-effective platform with zero account opening and annual maintenance charges. It offers value-added features such as access to research reports, economic calendar, fundamentals and technical analysis. NRIs can open a portfolio investment scheme account by approaching any one of its banking partners.

Tejas Khoday, CEO and co-founder, FYERS said the capital markets had a bull run over the last few years and the launch of the NRI Demat Account will enable them to participate in the India growth story.

About 60 per cent of FYERS customers are aged below 35, indicating millennials and young investors are making beeline to the capital markets for income generation and wealth creation, he added.

Published on August 03, 2022

Tue, 02 Aug 2022 20:51:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : LPU graduate bags a whopping 3 Crore package, attributes his success to strong fundamentals received at LPU LPU’s Class of 2018 graduate Yasir M. has created a new placement record by getting a grand placement package of INR 3 Crore. Yasir, who hails from Kerala, was a B.Tech CSE graduate at Lovely Professional University. He will be working for a world-renowned multinational company at a whopping package of Rs. 3 crores. Yasir did not pursue any other degree after graduating from LPU and attributes this success to the strong fundamentals that he got while studying at the LPU campus.
While at LPU, he has always emerged as a bright student and completed his B.Tech in Computer Science with an 8.6 CGPA. Yasir has also been part of numerous hackathons and other technical events at the campus and has won most of them.
“While I was at LPU, I got exposed to new age technology like AI, ML and also made friends from all across the world. This exposure and mentorship of the faculty has helped me to be prepared for a grand role, and I am delighted that I made not my parents but the whole university and India proud by getting such a huge opportunity to work in Germany,” said elated Yasir.

It’s not just Yasir who got such a mighty job offer after graduating from LPU. Thousands of other LPU alumni also work at packages of 1 crore and above in Fortune 500 companies spread across the globe, like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mercedes, among others.


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Recently, LPU B.Tech. graduate Harekrishna Mahto joined Google’s Bangalore office in 2022 with a whacking package of INR 64 Lakhs, which is also one of the highest packages received by any young graduate.

Listen to what Hare Krishna has to say about the university:

Clearly, LPU possesses an incomparable placement record that emerges from the university’s consistency towards academic excellence, an unending flow of opportunities for students, and impeccable placement support to assist and guide students. This year, LPU has set one of the highest placement records as its student Arjun has been placed at a package of 63 lakhs straight from their campus placement drive. This is one of the highest-ever packages received by any engineering fresher countrywide.

Listen to what Arjun has to say about his university:

Also, not just a handful of students, but as many as 431 students of LPU’s fresh 2021,22 batches have been placed at packages worth 10 LPA and above. Not only this, marquee recruiters have recruited a large number of students at differential packages of up to 10 lakhs. Top companies that recruited one of the highest numbers of LPU freshers include Cognizant, which recruited 670+ LPU students; Capgemini, which recruited 310+ students; Wipro, which recruited 310+ students; MPhasis, which recruited 210+ students; and Accenture, which recruited 150+ students, among other industry giants. In recent years, more than 20,000 placements/internships have been offered to LPU students by top recruiters. Several of the Fortune 500 companies have extended more than 5000 offers.

Such meritorious stories explain how with time, LPU has emerged as one of the top institutes in India to yield such incredible placement records year after year.
Having been ranked 74th globally by the prestigious Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2022, LPU delivers excellent education and placement support to young minds from India and across the world. Some other aspects to consider LPU for pursuing education are the state-of-the-art campus tie-ups with 300+ universities and students hailing from 28 Indian states and 50+ countries in a single establishment.
Admission to LPU for the 2022 intake is closing soon. To know more about the test & admission process, students can visit here.
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Killexams : Environmental Science Degree Online

Register By: August 27 Classes Start: August 29

Online Environmental Science Degree Program

Environmental scientists are stewards of the planet. They analyze environmental issues related to everything from climate change to overpopulation to biodiversity. They are the champions of clean energy, clean air and a thriving, healthy planet.

Southern New Hampshire University’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Science degree online program gives you a strong foundation in natural and physical sciences. You can gain the education and hands-on experience you need to pursue your passion for the environment.

The program focuses on real-world environmental issues and scenarios and lab courses are conducted with custom lab kits mailed directly to students. In addition, students have the opportunity to volunteer, participate in internships, and take experiential learning courses to gain relevant and real-world skills. These hands-on experiences are designed to prepare you for your future in the field of environmental science by developing your skill to create sound solutions to the environmental problems of today and tomorrow.

Amy Hunt with the text Amy HuntAmy Hunt '21 was inspired by her passion for the environment to enroll in the online BS Environmental Science program and it has exceeded her expectations. "I gained so much knowledge in all areas of environmental science and why it’s so important for humans to protect, preserve, and acknowledge our role and responsibilities for conserving our planets resources both human and non-human," said Hunt.

Learn how to:

  • Propose practical solutions to complex environmental problems
  • Apply technological and field-based methods to environmental study
  • Design and execute projects that integrate the scientific method
  • Analyze intersections of the human and natural world

As an environmental science major, you have the option of customizing your degree through the 39 free elective credits, or by adding on a data analytics in science or natural resources concentration.

Career Outlook

The future is bright for careers in environmental science. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of environmental scientists and specialists is predicted to grow by 8% through 2030, the national average for all professions1.

A career in environmental science lets you apply your love of natural science in many ways. You will learn to protect the environment and human health.

Kylie Lorenzen with the text Kylie LorenzenKylie Lorenzen ’19, who became SNHU's all-time leading scorer as a four-year standout on the university's woman's basketball team, said she plans to use her degree to make a similar impact in the environmental field.

“The environment is something that is changing, and it affects everyone,” Lorenzen said. “It affects wildlife. It affects humans. It’s a big syllabu nowadays and usually, we just see the policy and government side, but there’s a lot that goes into … protecting and conserving what we have while also utilizing it and being sustainable in the same way.”

Careers in environmental science lend themselves to office, lab or fieldwork. You could work for local, state or federal agencies. You may work for nonprofit organizations to promote healthy environmental practices.

Careers in environmental science include:

  • Environmental scientist: Use your knowledge of the natural sciences to protect the environment and human health
  • Environmental health and safety specialist: Explore environmental health risks
  • Conservation land manager: Work to protect habitat and biodiversity
  • Climate change analyst: Study the effects on ecosystems caused by the changing climate
  • Soil and water conservationist: Work to prevent erosion
  • Park ranger: Protect and manage federal and state parks and forests

SNHU’s environmental science degree online blends analytical skills, communication skills and critical thinking throughout the degree program. These skills can prepare you to succeed in the exciting and challenging career of your choice.

The median annual wage for environmental scientists and specialists was $76,530 in May 2021, which is notably higher than the median annual wage of $45,760 for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1.

You may also wish to explore SNHU's online BS in Geoscience, which takes a look at complex environmental issues through a geological lens.

Courses & Curriculum

A degree in environmental science provides a strong foundation to protect the planet. Our program combines the natural and physical sciences, like biology, chemistry and physics, with real-world scientific lab work.

You can also choose to focus your degree even more with our concentration options - natural resources and conservation or data analytics in science.

Or customize your environmental science degree with the general curriculum track. Even without a concentration, you can choose from the geology or general sciences courses that you like best.

Kylie Lorenzen '19 said she has a new outlook on the world thanks to her environmental science courses.

“It’s something that inspires me,” she said. “I’m passionate about traveling … So, I’m really interested in other cultures around the world, and it’s something that’s important to me to protect and keep working at.”

With an environmental science degree, you will have many chances to apply your education to the workforce. Environmental expertise is valuable in all types of businesses. A minor in environmental studies is also offered for non-science students who would like to add another aspect to their learning.

SNHU’s bachelor’s in environmental science curriculum can help you build a number of key skills, including:

  • Oral and written communication
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Applied statistics
  • Ecological principles and field methods
  • Research methods

Due to shipping laws, lab courses requiring lab kits must be completed within the contiguous United States. New students living outside the lower 48 states may be eligible to transfer in lab credits from accredited institutions. If a currently enrolled student moves outside of the contiguous U.S., they may petition to take the labs at another institution for credit.

Our environmental science major boasts 39 free elective credits. That is ideal for transfer students who don’t want to repeat courses. This can also allow you to add a minor that complements your major or help you explore new interests.

Another special feature of the environmental science degree is the opportunity to engage in experiential learning. These classes let you explore special subjects related to your major. You will also build key skills to help with career development. The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science offers 6 experiential learning topics:

  • Field experiences: This syllabu allows you to extend your knowledge even further. You'll conduct research and apply the scientific process. Hands-on research skills and engaging in primary research will help when entering the fields of environmental science or geoscience.
  • Citizen science: This syllabu allows you to engage in, and maybe lead your own citizen science efforts. Hands-on experience with crowd-sourcing scientific projects leads to leadership. That is important to have for a career in environmental or geoscience.
  • Research experiences in science: This syllabu allows you to extend your knowledge of the scientific process. You'll engage in research projects that you design. Having hands-on research skills and participating in research are great skills for working in the fields of environmental science or geoscience.
  • Certifications and licensures: This syllabu allows you to begin or continue studying for a certification or license exam. You will select a certification or license of your choosing, with help from your instructor. It is up to you to choose a certification or license for which you qualify. You will use the course time to work toward studying for the exam.
  • Animal behavior: This syllabu allows you to engage in a research practice that you design. The scientific process and animal behavior are the basis for this work. As with the other learning opportunities, hands-on research skills and engaging in primary research are great skills for the fields of environmental science or geoscience.
  • Grant writing in science: This syllabu provides useful experience in writing grants. This skill is vital for a career in the nonprofit sector. Securing grant funding can be the key to getting a project off the ground. The written communication skills developed in this syllabu will be helpful in any career path.

Dr. Kelly Thrippleton-Hunter with the text Dr. Kelly Thrippleton-HunterOnline learners also benefit through a partnership between the SNHU Arboretum and the online science programs, which recently received an Effective Practice Award through the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). This partnership provides increased access to undergraduate research and learning opportunities with access to 25-acre forested wetland. “Collaborations like this provide our students with great real-world and hands-on experiences that can truly make a difference in the application of their knowledge, their skills and their future successes, wherever their path may take them,” says Dr. Kelly Thrippleton-Hunter, technical program facilitator of science programs at SNHU.

Curriculum Requirements & Resources

  • General education courses: All bachelor's students are required to take general education classes, if not obtained in prior coursework. Through these foundation, exploration and integration courses, students learn to think critically, creatively and collaboratively. This provides the edge employers are seeking.
  • Technology resources: We provide cloud-based virtual environments in some courses to provide access to the technology you need for your degree and your career. Learn more about our virtual environments.
  • Earn credits for what you already know: Did you know certain work and life experiences – like industry-recognized certifications, law enforcement training and math knowledge – could save you time and money at SNHU? Learn how you could get credit for work or life experience.

Tuition & Fees

As a private, nonprofit university, we’re committed to making college more accessible by making it more affordable. That’s why we offer some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation—and haven't raised our costs in a decade.

We also offer financial aid packages to those who qualify, plus a 30% tuition discount for U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty.

Online Undergraduate Programs Per Course Per Credit Hour Annual Cost for 30 credits 
Degree/Certificates $960 $320 $9,600
Degree/Certificates (U.S. service members, both full and part time, and the spouses of those on active duty)* $675 $225 $6,750

Tuition Rates are subject to change and are reviewed annually. *Note: students receiving this rate are not eligible for additional discounts.

Additional Costs No Application Fee, $150 Graduation Fee, Course Materials ($ varies by course)

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