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AIE02 Blue Prism Installation Engineer certification | Sun, 09 May 2021 20:35:00 -0500text/html Blue Prism Group PLC

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Blue Prism Group Plc (BPRMF) No result found, try new keyword!*Data is provided by Data reflects weightings calculated at the beginning of each month. Data is subject to change. **Green highlights the top performing ETF by % change in the past ... Sat, 26 Oct 2019 14:58:00 -0500

AIE02 certification - Blue Prism Installation Engineer Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: AIE02 Blue Prism Installation Engineer certification January 2024 by team
Blue Prism Installation Engineer
Blue-Prism Installation certification

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Question: 112
Which of the following statements are true in reference to the permissions required for the Blue Prism Application
Server service log on user? (Select four.)
A. When a Blue Prism Server is configured with a SQL Server database connection that uses SQL Native
Authentication, the service log on user needs SQL dbowner privileges
B. When the Blue Prism connection used by the server is configured to use SQL Native Authentication, the service log
on user does not need any SQL privileges
C. When a Blue Prism Server is configured with a SQL Server database connection that uses SQL Windows
Authentication, the service log on user needs the minimum permissions on the appropriate Blue Prism SQL Server
database as identified in the documentation
D. When using Single Sign on for the Blue Prism platform, the service log on user needs permission to query Active
Directory Security Group membership
E. When using Single Sign on for the Blue Prism platform, the service log on user needs to be a Domain Administrator
F. When using Blue Prism native authentication for the Blue Prism platform, the service log on user needs to be a
Domain administrator
G. When configured to use a connection mode that uses Transport encryption, the service log on user needs read-
access to the associated certificateâs private key
Answer: C,D,F,G
Question: 113
What does the Server Services tab within BPServer.exe provide? (Select one.)
A. It allows you to select which logon account will be used when the server service is started
B. It allows you to select whether the service account will be started automatically and configure the behavior if the
service fails to start
C. It checks that the service logon account is allowed to start a listener for the configuring binding
D. It checks that the service logon account is allowed to start a listener for the configured binding and provides the
option to manage the permissions
E. It validates that there is a service associated with the profile, and if not, provides the option to create a new service.
It also checks that the service logon account is allowed to start a listener for the configured binding and provides the
option to manage the permissions.
Answer: B
Question: 114
Which of the following are steps that would normally be taken on the local device when configuring a Blue Prism
Application Server? (Select four.)
A. Use the Blue Prism Client to configure a connection to a supported database server
B. Use BPServer.exe to create and configure a connection to a supported database server
C. Use BPServer.exe to create or configure a profile for the server service that uses a configured database connection
D. Use BPServer.exe to select an appropriate connection mode and, if required, to select a certificate to use
E. Use BPServer.exe to configure which users can log into Blue Prism
F. Use BPServer.exe to configure all encryption schemes for the environment that will use an Application Server key
Answer: A,B,D,F
Question: 115
When configuring multiple Application Servers for a single Blue Prism environment what must be considered? (Select
A. Each Application Server must connect to a different database
B. Each Application Server must be configured with the same encryption schemes and identical key
C. The master application server must be turned on first
D. All application servers must be configured to enable schedules in order for scheduling to work correctly
Answer: A
Question: 116
What steps can be useful to identify why a Blue Prism Server service is failing to start? (Select three.)
A. Review the message across all tabs within appropriate profile via BPServer.exe
B. Review the device Windows Application Event Logs
C. Review the server status panel in Control Room
D. Use a configured Blue Prism process to interrogate each connected server in turn
E. Review messages when starting the service manually using BPServer.exe
F. Use BPDiagnostics to start out a Server Diagnostics and Repair task
Answer: A,B,E
Question: 117
What BPServer.exe profile name is the default Blue Prism Server service configured to use? (Select one.)
A. It will use the profile which is configured with the âIs Defaultâ flag
B. It will use the first profile when ordered alphabetically
C. It will use the last profile when ordered alphabetically
D. It will use the profile named âDefaultâ
Answer: D
Question: 118
When a Runtime Resource has been started using the /sslcert switch, why might it not be able to receive connections?
(Select three.)
A. If the name on the certificate does not match the name being used to connect to the Runtime Resource
B. If the thumbprint of the certificate is not for a valid certificate on the local device
C. If the certificate has expired or been revoked
D. If the certificate has not been issued by a certification authority that is trusted by the device attempting to connect
E. If the context user of the Runtime Resource does not have read-only access to the certificateâs private key
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 119
Which of the following reasons would prevent the Blue Prism Server service from being started? (Select four.)
A. If it canât find a BPServer.exe profile with the name that is expects
B. If the BPServer.exe profile is not configured with the expected encryption schemes
C. If the user that the server is attempting to use cannot access the Blue Prism database
D. If there are no Blue Prism devices configured to connect to the server service
E. There is a problem with the Blue Prism license key in the environment
F. If the server service has nothing to process (e.g. if there are no schedules configured)
Answer: B,C,D,E
Question: 120
Which of the following are common reasons why a Blue Prism Interactive Client is not be able to connect to an
Application Server? (Select three.)
A. If the Application Server service is not started
B. It firewalls prevent the Application Server from receiving traffic on the appropriate port
C. If the Application Server is configured to use Transport Encryption but the certificate cannot be validated
D. Invalid user credentials
E. A user is logged into Blue Prism on the Application Server
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 121
When staring a Runtime Resource using the /sslcert switch, what reasons can prevent it from starting? (Select two.)
A. If the name on the certificate does not match the name (or correct format) on the Runtime Resource
B. If the thumbprint of the certificate is not for a valid certificate on the local device
C. If the certificate has expired or been revoked
D. If the certificate has not been issued by a certification authority that is trusted by device attempting to connect
Answer: A,C
Question: 122
What format of machine name does an Interactive Client or Application Server use to establish a direct connection
with a Runtime Resource? (Select one.)
A. It always uses the short machine name (e.g. robot001)
B. it always uses the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) (e.g. robot001.mydomain. local)
C. it depends on the system wide setting which indicates whether short name or FQDN will be used
D. It uses the format of the name specified on the certificate that is associated with the Runtime Resource
Answer: C
Question: 123
Which of the following are common reasons why a Blue Prism Runtime Resource is not be able to connect to an
Application Server? (Select three.)
A. Active directory has not been configured correctly
B. If firewalls prevent the Application Server from receiving traffic on the appropriate port
C. If the Application Server is configured to use Transport Encryption but the certificate cannot be validated
D. A user is logged into Blue Prism on the Application Server
E. If there is a mismatch between the Connection Mode setting on the Runtime Resource and Application Server
Answer: B,D,E

Blue-Prism Installation certification - BingNews Search results Blue-Prism Installation certification - BingNews Blue Prism

If companies could hand off their mundane administrative tasks to software robots, employees could focus on higher-level work. That’s Blue Prism’s pitch, and an increasing number of companies—in finance, health care, law, and other industries—are receptive. Blue Prism’s “Robotic Process Automation” software mimics the way humans complete rules-based tasks, such as manually entering data from a paper form into a database. The U.K.-based firm recently expanded its U.S. and Australian operations and signed partnerships with Accenture and IBM. It is currently worth about 500 million pounds, a tenfold increase in value since it went public in March 2016.

Wed, 10 Feb 2021 08:39:00 -0600 en text/html
Blue Prism Group PLC

Blue Prism invented the term Robotic Process Automation. Its software platform enables business operations to be agile and cost-effective through rapid automation of manual, rules-based, back-office administrative processes, reducing cost and improving accuracy by creating a “virtual workforce”.
The virtual workforce is built by the operational teams or accredited Blue Prism partners using the company's robotic process automation technology to rapidly build and deploy automation through leveraging the presentation layer of existing enterprise applications. The automation schemes are configured and managed within an IT governed framework and operating model that has been iteratively developed through numerous large scale and complex deployments.

Mon, 14 Mar 2022 11:59:00 -0500 en text/html
Albert Lea residents reflect on Blue Zone certification Albert Lea residents reflect on Blue Zone certification - CBS Minnesota

Watch CBS News

Living to 100 may seem like a major feat, but there are communities around the world where it's common. They're called "Blue Zones." Several years ago, a Minnesota community decided it wanted families to follow his guidance. WCCO's Erin Hassanzadeh traveled to Albert Lea to see how it's going.

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How Does Offshore Pipeline Installation Work?

Laying pipe on the seafloor can pose a number of challenges, especially if the water is deep. There are three main ways that subsea pipe is laid -- S-lay, J-lay and tow-in -- and the pipelay vessel is integral to the success of the installation.

Buoyancy affects the pipelay process, both in positive and negative ways. In the water, the pipe weighs less if it is filled with air, which puts less stress on the pipelay barge. But once in place on the sea bed, the pipe requires a downward force to remain in place. This can be provided by the weight of the oil passing through the pipeline, but gas does not weigh enough to keep the pipe from drifting across the seafloor. In shallow-water scenarios, concrete is poured over the pipe to keep it in place, while in deepwater situations, the amount of insulation and the thickness required to ward of hydrostatic pressure is usually enough to keep the line in place.

Tow-In Pipeline Installation

While jumpers are typically short enough to be installed in sections by ROVs, flowlines and pipelines are usually long enough to require a different type of installation, whether that is tow-in, S-lay or J-lay.

Tow-in installation is just what it sounds like; here, the pipe is suspended in the water via buoyancy modules, and one or two tug boats tow the pipe into place. Once on location, the buoyancy modules are removed or flooded with water, and the pipe floats to the seafloor.

Surface Tow Pipeline Installation

Surface Tow Pipeline Installation

There are four main forms of tow-in pipeline installation. The first, the surface tow involves towing the pipeline on top of the water. In this method, a tug tows the pipe on top of the water, and buoyancy modules help to keep it on the water's surface.

Using less buoyancy modules than the surface tow, the mid-depth tow uses the forward speed of the tug boat to keep the pipeline at a submerged level. Once the forward motion has stopped, the pipeline settles to the seafloor.

Off-bottom tow uses buoyancy modules and chains for added weight, working against each other to keep the pipe just above the sea bed. When on location, the buoyancy modules are removed, and the pipe settles to the seafloor.

Lastly, the bottom tow drags the pipe along the sea bed, using no buoyancy modules. Only performed in shallow-water installations, the sea floor must be soft and flat for this type of installation.

S-Lay Pipeline Installation

When performing S-lay pipeline installation, pipe is eased off the stern of the vessel as the boat moves forward. The pipe curves downward from the stern through the water until it reaches the "touchdown point," or its final destination on the seafloor. As more pipe is welded in the line and eased off the boat, the pipe forms the shape of an "S" in the water.

S-Lay Pipeline Installation

S-Lay Pipeline Installation

Stingers, measuring up to 300 feet (91 meters) long, extend from the stern to support the pipe as it is moved into the water, as well as control the curvature of the installation. Some pipelay barges have adjustable stingers, which can be shortened or lengthened according to the water depth.

Proper tension is integral during the S-lay process, which is maintained via tensioning rollers and a controlled forward thrust, keeping the pipe from buckling. S-lay can be performed in waters up to 6,500 feet (1,981 meters) deep, and as many as 4 miles (6 kilometers) a day of pipe can be installed in this manner.

J-Lay Pipeline Installation

Overcoming some of the obstacles of S-lay installation, J-lay pipeline installation puts less stress on the pipeline by inserting the pipeline in an almost vertical position. Here, pipe is lifted via a tall tower on the boat, and inserted into the sea. Unlike the double curvature obtained in S-lay, the pipe only curves once in J-lay installation, taking on the shape of a "J" under the water.

The reduced stress on the pipe allows J-lay to work in deeper water depths. Additionally, the J-lay pipeline can withstand more motion and underwater currents than pipe being installed in the S-lay fashion.

Types of Pipelay Vessels

There are three main types of pipelay vessels. There are J-lay and S-lay barges that include a welding station and lifting crane on board. The 40- or 80-foot (12- or 24-meter) pipe sections are welded away from wind and water, in an enclosed environment. On these types of vessels, the pipe is laid one section at a time, in an assembly-line method.

On the other hand, reel barges contain a vertical or horizontal reel that the pipe is wrapped around. Reel barges are able to install both smaller diameter pipe and flexible pipe. Horizontal reel barges perform S-lay installation, while vertical reel barges can perform both S-lay and J-lay pipeline installation.

When using reel barges, the welding together of pipe sections is done onshore, reducing installation costs. Reeled pipe is lifted from the dock to the vessel, and the pipe is simply rolled out as installation is performed. Once all of the pipe on the reel has been installed, the vessel either returns to shore for another, or some reel barges are outfitted with cranes that can lift a new reel from a transport vessel and return the spent reel, which saves time and money.

Fri, 22 Feb 2019 04:50:00 -0600 en text/html
Blue Raven Solar Reviews, Panels, and Installation (2023)

By Alex Hawkins August 9, 2023

Modern house with solar panels on the roof at sunset.

Affiliate Disclaimer: All products and services featured are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Going solar is a long-term investment with important financial considerations. Blue Raven Solar is one company that understands the need for financial flexibility when going solar. In addition, it holds an excellent reputation and provides quality solar panel systems, which is why it’s on our list of top-rated solar installation companies. 

Learn how Blue Raven Solar helps finance your solar investment and other vital details about the company with this in-depth review.

Compare Solar Companies

Fast Facts About Blue Raven Solar

Read over some fast facts about Blue Raven Solar in the list below: 

  • State availability: 18*
  • Warranty options: 25-year manufacturer warranty
  • Panel options: Monocrystalline (various manufacturers)
  • Payment options: Cash payment and solar loan
  • BBB rating: A+**

*Available in Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

**BBB rating is current as of May 2024.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Blue Raven Solar

Benefits Drawbacks

Includes 18 months of free solar with its BluePower Plus+ plan

Has more limited state availability than other providers

Has comprehensive financing options

Customer reviews mention aggressive sales tactics

Provides a two-year power production guarantee

Doesn’t offer solar battery installation, which many homeowners want

Blue Raven Solar Reviews

Blue Raven Solar has an overall positive customer reputation. It’s currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and holds an A+ rating from the organization. 

We analyzed the 100 most recent customer reviews for Blue Raven’s headquarters in Orem, Utah. We found that 78% were three out of five stars or more, giving the company an average 4.3 customer rating. Many customers praise the company’s quality solar panels and quick and professional communication. Negative reviews mention aggressive sales tactics, such as spam calls.

Here are some of the reviews we analyzed during our research: 

“The entire process from start to finish was quick and efficient. Blue Raven took care of everything … including all permits. The installation was fast, and the install team was focused—they finished installing 22 panels in less than 8 hours. They were very clean and left with all their trash. I would highly recommend Blue Raven to anyone looking to get solar panels.” —Leslie Walsh via Google

“Good communication, quick response, good service, very professional. Also, I like that the apps show energy usage produced from each solar panel.” —Chan Kung via Google

“I had an installation in August 2022, and since then, I have been paying Rocky Mountain [energy company] $50/month on top of the loan on solar. I called Rocky Mountain and was told the solar is not producing enough, and that’s why I am paying. I called Blue Raven, and they said there’s nothing they can do about it.” —Jean Claude via Google

“I was called three times and texted multiple times this Saturday morning by Blue Raven Solar. I told them each time they had the wrong number. I’ve never once given them my information nor have I entered my information into any solar company as I do not own a home to put solar on. After multiple times of telling them they had the wrong information, they continued to call me.” —Luke Shaia via Google

Blue Raven Solar Overview

Blue Raven is a newer solar company to the industry. It began as a startup in 2014 and has since grown into a reputable solar installer. Blue Raven has a smaller service area than other providers, but intentionally limits its presence to states with established solar incentive programs. Its smaller service area also allows it to provide more quality customer support.

Blue Raven Solar’s BluePower Plus+ program was a standout feature in our review. This program provides a $0 down loan with a fixed monthly payment and interest rate, 18 months of free solar, and other benefits. 

Blue Raven Solar Cost and Payment Options

Like most solar companies, Blue Raven Solar doesn’t provide cost information on its website. You’ll have to schedule a consultation to receive pricing information. 

However, you can expect the company’s pricing to align with the national average of $25,000 for a typical 6-kilowatt (kW) system.* This price is before applying any federal tax credits or local incentives. We recommend studying our guide to average solar panel costs to better understand what goes into calculating a solar panel system quote.

Blue Raven Solar offers several unique financing options. The company doesn’t provide solar leases or power purchase agreements (PPAs), but we advise most homeowners against these payment options anyway, as they don’t grant you system ownership and disqualify you from solar incentives.

Find Blue Raven Solar’s financing options below.

  • Cash purchase: The most cost-effective payment option is an up-front cash purchase. Though this requires a large initial investment, you save money by avoiding long-term interest costs. You can also take advantage of state and federal solar tax credits and rebates to lower the cost.
  • BluePower Plus+: This solar loan offers 18 months of free solar energy to eligible customers. You can also receive $0 down, depending on your credit score. The BluePower Plus+ loan includes a fixed monthly payment and interest rate for the life of the loan. You can still take advantage of solar tax rebates and incentives to lower your cost.
  • SmartStart: SmartStart is another unique financing option from Blue Raven. This loan guarantees your monthly solar payments will remain the same for five years. Plus, you receive 18 months of no solar payments, full system ownership, and access to tax incentives. 

*Based on a 2024 report from The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Compare Blue Raven to Other Top-Rated Solar Companies

See how Blue Raven compares to other top solar companies in the chart below.


Our Score (Out of 5)

Recommended For

Panel Options

Warranty Options

Momentum Solar


Best For Guided Services

Monocrystalline (various manufacturers)

25-year workmanship and equipment warranty

Palmetto Solar


Most Protection

Monocrystalline (Q Cells)

25-year manufacturer warranty

ADT Solar


Best Comprehensive Coverage

Monocrystalline (LG)

25-year power production guarantee

Blue Raven Solar


Best In-House Financing

Monocrystalline (various manufacturers)

25-year manufacturer warranty



Most Experienced

Monocrystalline (Maxeon)

25-year system and labor warranty

Our Recommendation

Blue Raven Solar is an excellent option for those looking for financial flexibility. It offers two solar loans to create a payment plan that best matches your financial needs and goals. The company also supplies high-quality solar panels and maintains an excellent reputation among customers, though it has a limited service area.

We recommend requesting at least three quotes from solar installers before making a decision. Use our tool below to request quotes from local solar experts. 

Blue Raven Solar FAQ

What type of solar panels does Blue Raven install?

Blue Raven Solar installs high-quality, monocrystalline solar panels from several top-rated solar panel brands, such as Trina and Canadian Solar. The brand it uses depends on your location.

Can I store my excess energy?

Yes, you can store excess solar energy by installing a solar battery. This additional equipment stores energy for use during low sunlight hours or during power grid outages.

Is Blue Raven owned by SunPower?

Yes, Blue Raven is owned by SunPower. Customers may be outsourced to SunPower or notice Blue Raven using SunPower’s Maxeon solar panels for installation.

How We Chose the Top Solar Companies

We researched and analyzed dozens of solar panels and solar installation companies. We then formulated a rating system based on each solar installer or manufacturer’s services and products. We weighed several significant factors, including the quality and type of solar panels offered, the customer support network, warranty lengths and limitations, and additional benefits such as mobile apps for monitoring and customer service. 

Speaking directly to representatives, we determined how each solar company personalizes its solar panel installation for each home. We also analyzed each company’s warranty options to ensure their product and performance guarantees match or exceed industry standards. 

We evaluated each provider based on their rating and history with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine reputation. In addition, we analyzed the 100 most exact Google Reviews for each provider across various locations and branches.

Read more: Our Methodology

Thu, 07 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Shohei Ohtani rumors: Blue Jays emerge as serious suitor, and here's why two-way star would be great fit

The Toronto Blue Jays are believed to have met with two-way superstar free agent Shohei Ohtani at their spring training complex on Monday, reports The Athletic. The team rescheduled manager John Schneider's Winter Meetings media availability from Monday to Tuesday, and GM Ross Atkins conducted his daily media session on Zoom because he was not at the Winter Meetings in Nashville. Ohtani's agent, Nez Balelo, also was not at the Winter Meetings.

"Due to scheduling conflicts, I was able to be on this call, and I am grateful for your adjustment to be here with me today," Atkins told reporters, including, when asked why he was not at the Winter Meetings (his background was a blank wall, providing no clues about his whereabouts). "I wanted to make sure that I was with you, and Zoom permitted that."

The Blue Jays extensively renovated their spring training and player development complex in Dunedin, Florida, in 2021. Although the Los Angeles Angels hold spring training in Arizona, Ohtani has played at TD Ballpark in Dunedin. The Angels visited there in April 2021, when the Blue Jays were playing home games in Florida due to pandemic restrictions. Ohtani went deep that series.

Of course, a quick stop in and playing a few games at the ballpark is much different than touring the facilities and seeing everything the team has to offer. Backfields, clubhouses, workout areas, the team's pitching lab, the works. Assuming Ohtani did meet with the Blue Jays, they surely rolled out the red carpet and showed them everything they have in Dunedin.

The on-field fit is obvious, and not only because Ohtani is the most talented player in the world. The Blue Jays desperately need an impact middle-of-the-order left-handed hitter. Cavan Biggio, who is tentatively in line to replace Matt Chapman at third base, and Daulton Varsho, who underwhelmed in 2023, are the club's only two notable lefty bats.

These two stats tell you exactly how badly the Blue Jays need a left-handed bat, and Ohtani is arguably the best left-handed hitter in the world (not to mention a very good pitcher when healthy):

30. Houston Astros: 1,349

30. Houston Astros: 35.7%

29. New York Yankees: 1,650

29. New York Yankees: 41.6%

28. Toronto Blue Jays: 1,836

28. Toronto Blue Jays: 42.0%

MLB average: 2,524

MLB average: 53.4%

If Toronto's two lefty hitters were Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker, they could live with so few lefty bats like Houston. That isn't the case though. They badly need a lefty thumper to slot in around righty hitters Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and George Springer. Bichette and Vlad Jr. are two years away from free agency and Springer is 34. Now is the time to go all-in.

The Blue Jays have splurged for a few free agents in exact years, most notably Springer and Hyun-Jin Ryu, though they have rarely played at the tippy top of the free agent market. They also face a few obstacles, namely the exchange rate and having to go through customs when they leave and return for every road trip. No one likes going through customs.

That said, Ohtani is a unique opportunity not only because he's a great player, but because he generates revenue like no one else in the game. He opens the door to Japanese sponsors, new Japanese fans, etc. The Blue Jays are owed by telecom behemoth Rogers Communications, and Rogers executives surely understand the marquee value Ohtani would bring to the franchise.

Also, the Blue Jays are currently in Phase 2 of their $300 million renovation at Rogers Centre. Seating capacity will be reduced by approximately 7%, and with capacity shrinking, ticket prices will likely increase to make up the revenue difference. Ohtani would help the club justify those price hikes. Every team could use Ohtani. The Blue Jays could use him more than others.

If nothing else, Ohtani visiting the Toronto's spring training complex suggests he is inching closer to a decision. Ohtani has also met with the San Francisco Giants, according to's Jim Bowden, though it is unknown whether he's met with any other clubs. There is no firm timetable for his decision, though it is expected to come within the next 10 days or so.

Ohtani, 29, threw 132 innings with a 3.14 ERA and also led the American League with 44 home runs in 2023. That earned him his second unanimous AL MVP award. Ohtani will not pitch next season after having an elbow procedure in September.

The Blue Jays went 89-73 this past season and were swept by the Minnesota Twins in the Wild Card Series. They are 0-6 in the postseason in the Bichette and Vlad Jr. era.

Tue, 05 Dec 2023 00:59:00 -0600 en text/html NHL - Training Camp capsule: Columbus Blue Jackets


  Ron Tugnutt
Ron Tugnutt will see lots of rubber in Columbus.
  Coach: Dave King
Camp location: CoreComm Ice (Columbus, Ohio)
Report date: Sept. 8

Preseason schedule:
Sept. 15: at Pittsburgh
Sept. 17: Nashville (Dayton, Ohio)
Sept. 20: Detroit
Sept. 22: Buffalo (Syracuse, N.Y.)
Sept. 23: Buffalo (Rochester, N.Y.)
Sept. 26: NY Rangers
Sept. 27: Pittsburgh
Sept. 29: Florida (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Sept. 30: Florida (Louisville, Ky.)

Because they are an expansion team, Columbus doesn't have much in the way of offensive talent. The club will have to play most of its games close to the vest just to have a chance to win a game. That's why GM Doug MacLean acquired veteran goaltender Ron Tugnutt. With Tugnutt and young Marc Denis between the pipes, MacLean has built a solid foundation.

MacLean secured some fine leadership in the form of Lyle Odelein at defense and Kevin Dineen up front. Steve Heinze and Robert Kron should provide some offense at forward. Jamie Heward and Jamie Pushor might be the best on the blue line. Coach Dave King will try tons of line combinations in camp.

Here's a look at the rest of Columbus' training camp.

Question mark: Young offense
Kron, Heinze and Geoff Sanderson are the only players on the roster who have proven they can score at the NHL level. Four forwards could emerge as surprises in camp and not only make the club, but provide some offense this season. The oldest of the group is 25-year-old right wing David Vyborny, who scored 25 goals in just 50 games for Sparta in the Czech League. Fellow countryman Martin Spanhel, 23, scored 21 times and added 27 assists for Plzen. Left wing Jonathan Schill, 21, is a hard-driving forward who notched 39 goals in just 65 games for Kingston of the OHL. The last of the group is Chris Nielsen, 20, who scored 38 times in just 62 games in the WHL last season, and is noted for his leadership abilities.

Training camp will show whether they can do anything (now) at the NHL level.

Biggest position battle: Defense
Odelein, Pushor, Heward and Deron Quint are the only defensemen assured of jobs. After those four, as many as six players compete for the final three spots. Early favorites are Frantisek Kucera, Mattias Timander and Bert Robertsson. The latter two spent last season in the NHL, while Kucera spent '99-00 in the Czech Republic but does have previous NHL experience. However, none of the three spots are locked up. In fact, MacLean and King are going to supply 18-year-old Rotislav Klesla every opportunity to make the squad. In addition, Radim Bicanek and Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre have a good chance of making the team.

That's a lot of names for a few open spots.

Future watch
Here, looks at one or two young players who could make an impact, either now or in the future.

Rotislav Klesa (Defense):
Klesa, 18, will be the answer to a trivia question one day: Who was the first amateur player ever to be selected by the Columbus Blue Jackets? Taken fourth overall in the 2000 Entry Draft, the Czech defenseman showed a lot of poise playing juniors in Canada last season. In 67 games for Brampton of the OHL, Klesa notched 16 goals and 29 assists. Obviously, Klesa can rush the puck up the ice well and is adept at joining the play in the offensive zone. Don't be surprised if he makes the big club this season.

Training camp roster
Goaltenders: Shane Bendera, Frederic Chabot, Gene Chiarello, Jomar Cruz, Marc Denis, Greg Gardner, Ron Tugnutt.

Defensemen: Jonas Andersson-Junkka, Radim Bicanek, David Boychuk, Kevin Dahl, Robert Ek, Trevor Ettinger, Michael Gaul, Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre, Scott Heffernan, Jmaie Heward, Rostislav Klesla, Sergei Klimentiev, Frantisek Kucera, Hunter Lahache, Louis Mandeville, Petteri Nummelin, Tim O'Connell, Lyle Odelein, Dan Preston, Jamie Pushor, Deron Quint, Bert Robertsson, Shawn Skolney, Tyler Sloan, Andrei Syrubko, Mattias Timander, Dan Watson.

Left wings: Mathieu Darche, Rick Gorman, Ben Keup, Steve Maltais, Krzysztof Oliwa, Robb Palahnuik, Jeremy Reich, Chris Rowan, Geoff Sanderson, Jonathan Schill, Sean Selsmer, Jody Shelley, Martin Spanhel.

Centers: Kevyn Adams, Serge Aubin, Blake Bellefeiulle, Bill Bowler, Ted Drury, Brett Harkins, Mike Isherwood, Espen Knutsen, Robert Kron, Brad Moran, Chris Nielsen, Reggie Savage, Jeff Williams, Tyler Wright, Ravil Yakubov.

Right wings: Jan Caloun, Matt Davidson, Kevin Dineen, Bruce Gardiner, Steve Heinze, Scott Hollis, Ben Knopp, Mike Maneluk, Kent McDonnell, Trevor Roenick, David Vyborny, Alexei Yegorov.

Charles Avellino is a lead NHL researcher at ESPN.

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