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HPE0-S60 health - HPE ASE - Compute Solutions Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: HPE0-S60 HPE ASE - Compute Solutions health January 2024 by team
HPE ASE - Compute Solutions
HP Solutions health

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Question: 1
Which compute node parameters are captured within server hardware type?
A. Number of the CPUs
B. installed operating system
C. Mezzanine card configuration
D. Size of the memory Installed
Answer: C
Question: 2
You need to setup HPE Synergy frames after hardware components are discovered within HPE OneView.
Put the steps to achieve this goal into the coned order in the answer area on the right.
Answer: C
Question: 3
Which statement about manual orchestration during the firmware update is true?
A. It is supported only for logical enclosures with at least three frames
B. It provides an ability to select and update one side of the Interconnect topology at a time
C. It provides the ability to install an older firmware version than currently Installed In the interconnect
D. It allows all the interconnect modules to be activated manually at the same time.
Answer: B
Question: 4
Which statement about the HPE D3940 storage module is true?
A. SATA drives requires redundant 10 adapters to be installed in this module
B. Up to five modules can be installed in a single frame with Gen10 servers
C. it is configured through CLl available from HPE Synergy console
D. Only one type of drives (SATA, SAS, SSD) can be installed in each module
Answer: B
Question: 5
Your customer has 6 logical enclosures spanning 18 HPE Synergy frames. The customer needs to add one more logical
enclosure based on 5 HPE Synergy frames
How will this change impact the customer environment?
A. The customer can add a new logical enclosure to the existing setup because the maximum number of logical
enclosures in a single management ring is not reached.
B. The customer has to expand the management ring capacity either by adding HPE Composer 2 modules or adding
memory to reach 128GB per module.
C. The customer has to create a new management ring for new logical enclosure because the maximum number of
frames m a single management ring is reached.
D. The customer can add a new logical enclosure to an existing setup once all required licenses are added lo HPE
OneView and associated with the new frames.
Answer: A
Question: 6
Your customer plans to deploy VMware vSAN using D3940 Storage Modules.
Which statement about this solution is true?
A. The 12Gb SAS modules required for D3940 connectivity can only be installed in the first fabric.
B. To use the storage controller that will access D3940 storage modules, a second CPU must be installed.
C. For VMware vSAN deployment, all drives in the D3940 storage modules must be SSD drives.
D. All drives in the D3940 storage modules must formulate a single logical drive with RAID5 configured
Answer: A
Question: 7
Your customer wants to add dedicated Fibre Channel connectivity to the HPE Synergy frame running HPE Synergy
480 Gen10 compute modules, each with one CPU socket populated Currently they use two 12 Gb SAS switches and
two HPE Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 Modules for HPE Synergy installed in third fabric.
What must be done to enable dedicated FC connectivity for this HPE Synergy frame?
A. A second CPU must be installed for all HPE Synergy 480 Gen10 compute nodes.
B. For Brocade switches, a logical interconnect group must be created in HPE OneView.
C. For VC-FC modules, all of server facing ports must be property licensed.
D. SAS switches must be moved to second fabric and FC modules Installed in the first one.
Answer: D
Question: 8
You are troubleshooting an HPE OneView server profile that presents a critical state. The server profile was
configured with a Link Aggregation Group
What should you check to fix the issue?
A. if both FiexNICs are configured with the same speed
B. If the logical enclosure is built on at least three HPE Synergy frames
C. if both FiexNICs are connected to different networks
D. if the logical enclosure is configured with redundant master modules
Answer: A
Question: 9
Your customer plans to expand an existing nPar based on a single HPE Superdome Flex chassis.
Which statement about workload availability during expansion is true?
A. Powered nPar can be expanded only if HPE Superdome Flex 280 is used
B. Online expansion is available only if RMC is used for management.
C. HPE Superdome Flex does not support expansion of powered on nPars
D. Powered nPar can be expanded if it does not use HPE Persistent Memory
Answer: A
Question: 10
Which tool can be used to evaluate me health of an HPE Oneview appliance before proceeding with an appliance
A. HPE Composer Maintenance Console
B. HPE OneView Update Readiness Checker
C. HPE OneView Global Dashboard
D. HPE OneView Firmware Compliance Report
Answer: A
Question: 11
A logical interconnect group can span on multiple HPE Synergy frames for which interconnect type?
A. Brocade 32GB Fibre Channel Switch Module for HPE Synergy
B. HPE virtual Connect SE 32 Gb FC Module for Synergy
C. HPE Virtual Connect SE 100 Gb F32 Module tor Synergy
D. HPE Synergy 12 Gb SAS Connection Module
Answer: C
Question: 12
Your customer manages HPE Synergy using HPE OneView. For one of its projects, the company purchased 50 HPE.
ProLiant DK385 Gen10 Plus v2. They plan to manage the new systems using HPE OneView as well.
What should the customer do to manage rack system using HPE OneView?
A. add the rack system to the HPE OneView instance used to manage HPE Synergy to centralize management of all
B. connect the rack system to an IPDU and add the IPDU to the HP
C. OneView instance that is used for HPE synergy management.
D. Deploy HPE OneView Global Dashboard and add the rack systems there, as AMD systems are not directly in HPE
E. Deploy an HPE OneView virtual appliance, and, after configuration, use it to manage only the rack systems.
Answer: D
Question: 13
Match each HPE OneView network type with its definition.
Answer: D
Question: 14
Which statement about a new HPE SimpliVity deployment is true?
A. New HPE SimpliVity deployments gives customer flexible choice of hypervisor
B. A new HPE SimpliVity node can be a member of multiple dusters
C. AM new HPE SimpliVity models are software optimized
D. All new HPE SimpliVity models are based on mid CPUs
Answer: A
Question: 15
You plan to configure a Link Aggregation Group (LAG) for two connections within a server profile for a compute
node running an ESXI system.
What is required from the VMware side to enable LAG?
A. Virtual Distributed Switch
B. vSphere Standard license
C. Load balancing cluster
D. Dedicated VMKernel port
Answer: A
Question: 16
In the past a customer experienced a networking issue where network ports went down and came back up in quick
Which HPE Virtual Connect SE 100 GD F32 Module for HPE Synergy feature can be configured to disable such
A. Pause flood protection
B. sFlow
C. Storm control
D. Port flap protection
Answer: B
Question: 17
Your customer reports mat an external FC boot volume for Windows server is visible four times in the Disk
Management 1 online and 3 offline.
What should you do to resolve this issue?
A. Disable deduplication for this volume at the array level
B. Remove the offline disks using array management tools
C. Install and configure MPIO on me Windows system
D. Remove the offline disks using Windows Disk Management
Answer: C
Question: 18
Your customer plans to use HPE Primera to boot HPE Synergy compute nodes. They currently have two HPE Virtual
Connect SE 100Gb F32 Module for Synergy modules installed in the frame. The customer wants to use FC as a
storage access protocol
What must be done to complete this task?
A. Enable FC primary and secondary boot on the modules through the HPE OneView interface
B. FC connectivity on the modules should be enabled through the service console by disabling FCo
C. Add FC upgrade licenses in HPE OneView that will enable FC connectivity for the modules
D. Enter both modules into a maintenance mode, then enable FC connectivity through CLI
Answer: B
Question: 19
You modified a logical interconnect group mat is used to configure logical interconnects in five different logical
What will be the impact of that change?
A. All physical interconnects from affected logical interconnects will be placed in a maintenance mode
B. All physical interconnects from the affected logical interconnects must he rebooted to activate the new
C. All logical interconnects configured using this logical Interconnect group will report inconsistency
D. All logical interconnects configured using this logical interconnect group will be automatically updated
Answer: C
Question: 20
Which statement about login redistribution is true?
A. Login redistribution is available only If HPE Primera or HPE Alletra is connected directly to the HPE Synergy
B. Login redistribution is a licensed feature and the number of licenses required depends on the number of active ports
C. Login redistribution is supported only on the HPE Synergy Virtual Connect SE 32Gb FC Modules
D. Login redistribution is used for login balancing when they are not distributed evenly over the FC links
Answer: D
Question: 21
Which statement about an HPE Oneview support dump is true?
A. Appliance support dump by default contains a logical enclosure support dump
B. Support dump is a binary file that can be opened only in a dedicated application
C. Support dump can be created if HPE Virtual Connect modules are installed in the frame
D. Preview support dump is available only when creating an appliance support dump
Answer: B
Question: 22
Your customer plans to add four HPE Synergy frames to an existing management ring Ail installed frames are
equipped with two 2-port FLM modules, while new frames will be equipped with 4-port FLM modules.
Which statement about mixing different FLM modules is true?
A. Existing 2-port FLM modules must be replaced with 4-port FLM modules
B. A management ring can contain mixed frame link module configurations
C. A management ring with mixed FLM modules cannot have more than 12 frames
D. Mixing different FLM modules is allowed if all of them have the same firmware version
Answer: A

HP Solutions health - BingNews Search results HP Solutions health - BingNews HP: Get Ready For 'Cascade' Of Health Care VAR Opportunity


It'll all be part of what one HP executive called a "rolling cascade" of VAR-focused programs designed to help HP VARs capture crucial health-care opportunities created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

HP on Tuesday announced an agreement with EMR application heavyweight McKesson to jointly offer bundled McKesson EMR and practice management systems with HP hardware to the channel. The bundles, which will be distributed through Tech Data, are intended for McKesson VARs and HP VARs looking to expand their health-care practices, and will see a number of new training and support programs from both vendors.

Unlike with large hospital enterprises or other large settings -- not traditionally the province of regional VARs -- HP wants to drive channel business in independent physician practices. Therefore, the bundles are targeted primarily to doctors' offices and other small and midsized health-care settings where regional VARs can make the most impact.

"It's such a huge population, and what we've seen plays absolutely to the strengths of partners and HP," said Chris Mertens, vice president of the Healthcare Business in HP's Personal Systems Group, in a interview. "Physicians are looking for a local partner to be able to deliver the solutions they need in the new health-care paradigm."

Mertens said many VARs get discouraged from aggressively pursuing health care, believing that most health-care channel opportunity belongs to large systems integrators or services firms, or direct sales channels.

ARRA, the federal stimulus, has swung a lot of that opportunity in their favor, Mertens argued.Physician practices are now required to implement meaningfully useful EMR systems or risk losing out on thousands of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid incentives within a few years.

"It's a battle the partners engage in every day," Mertens said. "They may see challenging margins just because of the competitiveness of it. But the physician practice market needs to move to technology, and they have not only a carrot, but also a stick: payments to them will be reduced if they don't get that technology. The timing is right now for VARs. It might not have looked like a market that was worthwhile to VARs in the past, but that's changing, and will be seen in a big way this year, in 2011 and 2012."

Mertens estimated the size of the physician practice EMR opportunity at 600,000 businesses in the U.S. He described the partnerships between HP and McKesson and Tech Data as a "tripod," and referenced other partnerships HP's made in the health-care channel, such as it's ongoing work with application provider Cerner and direct market reseller CDW.

Those types of partnerships -- the HP machine, an EMR specialist with global reach, and an aggressive distribution pipeline -- are giving HP an advantage in health-care channel business, Mertens argued.

"We did a series of dinners with physicians and health-care providers, and what is important to them is the local touch," he said. "What kept coming back is that physicians want to buy from partners in their communities -- people they see in the supermarket, that may be patients of theirs. They don't want to necessarily buy from a Web site. Local service and support means that the value of [VAR] partners to these physicians is dead on."

Among the packages available through Tech Data are bundles of HP hardware -- networking, servers, laptops, everything -- around McKesson's Practice Partner, Lytec, MD and Medisoft EHR and practice management system brands, all of which feature Bright Note Technology, which automates the inputting of patient data for easier charting on tablets and other devices.

"The McKesson and HP relationship delivers trusted solutions together with the national reach and local support that will allow independent practices quick and affordable entry into EHRs," said David Henriksen, senior vice president and general manager of Physician Practice Solutions for McKesson, in a statement. "As stimulus deadlines grow closer, together we are striving to put physician practices at ease by providing technology options that will help them realize their vision of a safer, more efficient and more connected health-care system."

According to HP and McKesson, bundles will be preconfigured based on the size of the physician practice, and include various point-of-care solutions, too. The bundles will be sold 100 percent through reseller partners and be available through an online portal from Tech Data.

Mertens said to expect a number of announcements around HP's support and programs for the health-care channel in the next six weeks, leading up to HP's Americas Partner Conference in Las Vegas at the end of April. Many of HP's hardware brands, including its tablets, are gaining great traction in the vertical, Mertens said -- especially with the arrival of Windows 7 -- and all of its product groups, not just PSG, will be part of the health-care push.

VARs will soon see the debut of separate HP channel programs specific to health care, he said, and also a substantial outreach effort by HP to the app developer community. That, Mertens explained, will culminate in the launch of an HP-backed marketplace for health-care applications.

For more on health-care opportunity in the channel, check out Everything Channel's 10 Hot Health Care Plays for VARs.

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Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch Out for in 2024 Your browser is not supported |
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VAR500: IT Health-Care Comes In Focus For CDW, ACS, HP, CIBER

VAR500 Solution Providers Find Health-Care Opportunities

IT health-care was the key segment for VAR500 solution providers this week, particularly in the area of tools to provide electronic records management. CDW, ACS, CIBER and HP each announced deals to provide IT health-care solutions. In addition, a report was released noting that the IT health-care segment was active for professional services firms as health-care providers look for assistance with clinical system implementations.

Xerox' ACS Steps Up Health-care Practice

Health-care organizations are increasingly using the services of ACS, a Xerox company, to advise them on everything from securing "meaningful use funding" to building Health Information Exchanges. To that end, Xerox has appointed Markus Fromherz, a scientist and former director at the Palo Alto Research Center, as chief innovation officer for health care.

The ACS unit provides health-care solutions to hospitals including Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills, Mich. and Cooper University Hospital in Camden, N.J., on electronic health record (EHR) solutions to help institutions get the most out of meaningful use stimulus funding. That includes steps such as helping select vendors for deploying, integrating and supporting technology. Wyoming is one of several states ACS is helping to implement a Web-based EHR/HIE system. With the Wyoming Department of Health, ACS will help integrate the solution with the state’s Medicaid Management Information System, other EHR systems, designated laboratories and the state’s immunization registry.

CDW Survey: Public thinking About EHR Security

Although Americans say they trust their doctors to keep their health-care records private, they don't seem so sure about computerized records systems, reports a new survey from CDW. That means VARs may have to work harder to prove the worth of their IT health-care solutions.

Thirty-five percent of 1,000 respondents fear their health information will become available on the Internet. Half of the respondents believe that electronic health records (EHRs) will have a negative impact on the privacy of their health data. Furthermore, 24 percent of respondents said they don't even trust themselves with access to their own records. A mere 27 percent of respondents thought EHRs would have a somewhat positive or significantly positive affect on their privacy. An additional 24 percent said that EHRs would have no impact on privacy at all.

CIBER Solutions Reduces Health-Care Costs

CIBER has recently completed several IT health-care solutions projects that will help clients reduce costs, Boost speed to market and engage consumers. Three of note:

-- CIBER leveraged its Global Solution Centers in the U.S. to provide application development, testing and enterprise integration services to a leading health-care firm in Minnesota, achieving 22 percent cost savings.

-- The largest health insurer in North Carolina was experiencing high attrition rate of consultants and losing valuable knowledge base upon assignment expirations. CIBER implemented a Managed Services Engagement to address immediate staffing needs.

-- CIBER helped one of the largest integrated regional health care delivery systems in Wisconsin to integrate business operations.

HP Health-Care Solutions At 7 Top Firms

HP this week announced that seven of the top 10 health-Care companies have chosen its imaging and printing solutions to drive both clinical and financial value. HP’s health-care products, solutions and services are being used at Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Centra Health, Children’s Hospital Boston, Cigna, Exempla Healthcare, Health Net, Humana, and San Juan Regional Medical Center.

For example, one of the largest challenges for health-care providers is keeping a complete patient health record in digital form. A high percentage of data, such as external test results, resides outside the patient record and often in multiple formats, such as paper, images, videos and dictation. Health-care providers and payers can consolidate this data into one file that is accessible to all providers using the HP Distributed Document Capture Solution for Healthcare.

Study Reveals Health-care Providers Seek IT Help

Researcher CapSite has released its 2011 U.S. Professional Services Study, a strategic analysis of the Healthcare Management Consulting market. The research found that there is an "active market" for professional services firms as health-care providers look for assistance with clinical system implementations.

"Our study found the market for clinical engagements has been accelerating since 2008, with 44 percent of U.S. hospitals having engaged a professional services firm for a clinical project during this timeframe," said CapSite Sr. VP and GM, Gino Johnson. ’While the market for RCM engagements slowed in 2009, we found that activity picked back up in 2010 with the strongest demand projected for firms to assist in optimizing providers' revenue cycle."

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 15:49:00 -0600 text/html
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Microsoft's solution to the HP Smart app forcing its way onto PCs is to make you install a tool and use Command Prompt

What you need to know

  • A Windows bug installed the HP Smart app onto some PCs without permission.

  • The issue also renamed printers to be listed as HP devices, even if they were made by a different brand.

  • Microsoft released the Printer Metadata Troubleshooter Tool to fix the issue on affected PCs, though it requires you to use Command Prompt.

Earlier this month, a peculiar bug installed the HP Smart app onto PCs without permission. Windows added the app to computers without any HP devices connected or printer drivers installed. The same bug also renamed printers, regardless of brand, to be listed as HP printers.

Microsoft confirmed the issue and promised a fix. That fix is now here, though it's in a different form than many Windows bug fixes. Rather than a Windows update rolling out with a fix, Microsoft has made a separate tool available that will uninstall the HP Smart app and fix the names of your printers.

Specifically, the Microsoft Printer Metadata Troubleshooter Tool will restore the model information and icons of your printer and remove the "HP LaserJet M101-M106" model information (unless that's the exact model of printer you have). The tool will also uninstall the HP Smart app if that app should not have been installed on your PC.

Microsoft outlines how to use the tool in a support document:

  • When it is run by enterprise administrators, correcting printers for all users and sessions on a system requires running the tool as the Local System account. Tools such as PsExec or Windows Task Scheduler can run commands as Local System.

  • When it is run by users managing their own printers, this tool must be run using administrative credentials. The following are recommended steps to execute the file and confirm it worked:

    • Click Start, type cmd, right-click Command Prompt, and then select Run as Administrator.

    • In the opened command prompt, type cd /d “[path_to_downloaded_tool]” and then press Enter.

    • Type the name of the file appropriate for your device from the list below (for instance PrintMetadataTroubleshooterX86.exe) and then press Enter.

  • The tool will return the message Troubleshooter completed successfully on devices where incorrect printer information was found/fixed. Or, it will return the message Troubleshooter not applicable since metadata package not found on devices that are not affected.

A strange bug gets a strange fix

The bug Microsoft just fixed is rather strange. Windows PCs without an HP printer or any HP device connected installed the HP Smart app, seemingly at random. The issue would also rename printers, regardless of their brand, to be listed as HP printers. Many were upset by the bug, since it meant software appeared on their PC without permission. The issue also locked some users out of advanced printer features, since their printer had been mislabeled.

The fix for Windows installing an app without permission is to make people get and install another tool. The Microsoft Printer Metadata Troubleshooter Tool takes up very little space, the entire get is 877.7 KB. But still, it's somewhat ironic that you have to get something and install it to fix a bug that downloaded and installed an app without permission.

Even with the tool installed, applying the fix requires using Command Prompt as an administrator. Tech savvy users will be fine entering code into Command Prompt, but many people have never used Command Prompt. More importantly, people shouldn't have to use Command Prompt and a separate tool to fix a Windows bug.

Mon, 18 Dec 2023 23:17:00 -0600 en-US text/html
2024 Tech Industry Predications: A Few May Surprise You

As we stand on the cusp of 2024, technology continues its relentless march forward, shaping how we live, work, and interact with the world around us.

Indeed, 2023 was an exciting year in tech, and some of you may enjoy my podcast from a few weeks ago, where I opined during my SmartTechCheck podcast on what I believe were last year’s most significant tech issues.

Anticipating the trends that will define the technological landscape in 2024 requires a desparate understanding of current developments and foresight into the evolving needs of society. It’s no easy task because of the expansive list of hot Topics to choose from.

Regardless, let’s delve into the top five technology predictions for 2024 from my vantage point. While I believe it will be difficult to argue the trends I’ve chosen, some might find the context and perspective controversial.

ARM-based PCs finally become a big deal.

As we enter 2024, the tech industry is abuzz with the anticipation of Arm-based Windows PCs becoming a significant category. Two key players poised to benefit from this transition are AMD and Qualcomm.

This shift represents a departure from the traditional x86 architecture, with Arm’s energy-efficient design offering a compelling alternative for Windows-powered devices.

Microsoft’s latest iteration of Windows 11, which runs Arm-based processors, is getting close to providing an x86-like Windows experience with little app or peripheral compatibility problems. It also provides power and battery life benefits that classic x86 processors simply can’t offer.

AMD has been at the forefront of innovation with its Zen architecture, which has proven to be a game-changer in the CPU market. The collaboration between AMD and Microsoft in embracing Arm for Windows PCs aligns with the efficiency and performance goals that both companies have been striving to achieve.

AMD’s expertise in delivering powerful yet power-efficient processors position it as a critical player in the Arm-based Windows PC landscape. Consumers can expect AMD-powered devices to provide a balance of high-performance computing and energy efficiency, catering to a diverse range of applications from gaming to productivity.

In past years, Qualcomm’s initial Snapdragon-based PCs did not capture significant market share as users and IT managers were reluctant to embrace a new class of laptops that might have app compatibility challenges and not provide sufficient performance for video and photo editing.

However, the company’s latest Snapdragon X Elite processors are showing promising performance and battery life results (in the same ballpark as what Apple has achieved with its M family of chips).

I fully expect customers will take notice as companies like Dell, HP, and others begin offering laptops with Qualcomm’s new processors.

Qualcomm is well-positioned to thrive in the Arm-based Windows PC era. Snapdragon processors are renowned for their energy efficiency and integration of advanced connectivity features.

As Windows PCs increasingly emphasize mobility and connectivity, Qualcomm’s expertise in delivering efficient, connected solutions makes them a natural fit for the ARM architecture. The Snapdragon-powered Windows PCs will likely excel in always-on connectivity, extended battery life, and seamless integration with 5G networks, enhancing the overall user experience.

As Arm-based Windows PCs gain prominence in 2024, AMD and Qualcomm stand out as beneficiaries of this transformative shift.

These chipmakers’ commitment to advancing processor technology aligns with the demands of an evolving market, offering consumers a new era of Windows computing characterized by enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and seamless connectivity.

The democratization of AI solutions will accelerate, especially with PCs.

AMD and Qualcomm stand to gain significantly as the technology sector eagerly awaits the rise of Arm-based Windows PCs as key new devices in the market. This transition signifies a departure from the traditional x86 architecture, positioning these companies at the forefront of this evolving landscape.

What used to be the province that only large government agencies or even countries that could afford or fund these types of programs, AI-based data is fueling the kind of supercomputing power at a lower cost, unthinkable just a few years ago.

Enabled by its Instinct MI300 Series accelerators, AMD is embracing an industry standards approach that allows it to provide a stronger value proposition from a pricing standpoint versus companies like Nvidia, which is a leader in this space but tends to have a more costly proprietary orientation.

AMD is also betting that its Ryzen AI family of Threadripper processors that enable local AI applications with its Zen architecture will broadly appeal to users. While this could be a game-changer in the CPU market, much of this will depend on Microsoft — who will carry the industry’s water on messaging — successfully convincing users that AI truly matters at the PC level.

This process will take a long time as PC OEMs often fragment their messaging on big innovation topics, unlike Apple, which speaks in a singular voice.

Regardless, the collaboration between AMD and Microsoft in embracing Arm for Windows PCs aligns with the efficiency and performance goals that both companies have been striving to achieve. AMD’s expertise in delivering powerful yet power-efficient processors positions the company as a critical player in the Arm-based Windows PC landscape.

Consumers can expect AMD-powered devices to provide a balance of high-performance computing and energy efficiency, catering to a diverse range of applications from gaming to productivity.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chips bring significant benefits from an AI standpoint. These advanced chips leverage AI-enhanced capabilities to optimize network performance, ensuring efficient data transmission and connectivity.

Integrating machine learning algorithms enhances the overall user experience by predicting network conditions, reducing latency, and improving the reliability of AI applications on mobile devices. The Snapdragon X Elite chips thus contribute to a seamless and intelligent AI-driven connectivity experience, positioning Qualcomm at the forefront of mobile AI innovation.

As Arm-based Windows PCs gain prominence in 2024, AMD and Qualcomm stand out as beneficiaries of this transformative shift. Their commitment to advancing processor technology aligns with the demands of an evolving market, offering consumers a new era of Windows computing characterized by enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and seamless connectivity.

Intel, a once-dominant force in the tech industry, especially during the 1990s and early 2000s, is facing new challenges despite its accurate foray into AI-based CPU technology.

Although Intel continues to possess significant market share in the PC industry, which positions it potentially as a key player in AI-enabled laptops and desktops, the company seems to be grappling with issues related to vision and overall user excitement.

Given the current financial pressures and evolving market dynamics, it raises questions about Intel’s ability to meet these new challenges effectively. This shift in Intel’s market position reflects the rapidly changing landscape of the technology sector, where innovation and adaptability are crucial. It’s not 2002 anymore.

The maturation of 5G continues, transforming connectivity.

The benefits hyperbole of 5G that began in 2018 was clumsy and ham-fisted in many ways. The initial rollout of 5G faced several challenges, contributing to an inelegant launch. Infrastructure deployment complexities, varying global standards, and the need for significant investments hampered a smooth transition.

Issues like limited device availability and inconsistent coverage led to a fragmented user experience. Coordinating efforts across telecom operators and addressing compatibility concerns further complicated the early stages of 5G implementation, resulting in a less-than-ideal and somewhat disjointed launch.

But things are getting a lot brighter, which could finally unleash the potential of 5G.

The rollout of 5G networks has begun, ushering in faster and more reliable connectivity. In 2024, anticipate the widespread maturation of 5G technology, enabling a seamless and interconnected world.

Beyond faster smartphone internet speeds, 5G will underpin the growth of the internet of things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, and smart cities.

Integrating 5G into various industries will lead to enhanced capabilities, such as real-time remote surgeries, augmented reality experiences, and smart infrastructure management.

Moreover, research into 6G technology will likely gain momentum, setting the stage for even faster and more efficient communication systems in the latter half of the decade.

The global sustainability movement is shown to have goofed by myopically focusing on EVs.

Hybrid cars represent a pragmatic transitional choice for steering the automotive industry away from traditional gas-based vehicles, providing a middle ground that addresses immediate environmental concerns while easing the shift towards fully electric vehicles (EVs).

There are several reasons why hybrids might have been a more sensible option during this transitional phase.

Hybrid-based cars offer a gradual shift towards cleaner transportation without requiring an extensive infrastructure overhaul. Unlike fully electric vehicles, hybrids can rely on existing gas stations and refueling infrastructure, making them more convenient for consumers and reducing the pressure on rapid charging network development.

Next, one of the primary concerns with early electric vehicles is range anxiety due to limited charging infrastructure and the time it takes to recharge. Hybrids alleviate this concern by incorporating an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. This dual power source provides a safety net, ensuring drivers won’t be stranded if they exceed the electric range.

Environmentally, while hybrids still rely on internal combustion engines, their integration of electric propulsion reduces overall emissions and improves fuel efficiency. This incremental reduction in environmental impact allows for a more gradual transition away from traditional gas-based vehicles, providing manufacturers and consumers time to adapt without sacrificing immediate gains in fuel efficiency.

Finally, there is the subject of cost. Without substantial tax subsidies at the state and federal levels, EVs are a challenging value proposition for most consumers. Subsidy-free EVs cost $60,000 or more, limiting their appeal to many consumers.

Hybrids often come with a lower upfront cost compared to fully electric vehicles. This affordability makes them a more accessible option for a broader range of consumers, encouraging a faster uptake and contributing to a more widespread reduction in emissions. Generally, the cost difference between a hybrid-based car versus a gasoline-only powered cost is approximately $5,000.

Focusing on hybrid cars as a transitional step offers a practical and balanced approach to moving away from traditional gas-based vehicles. By addressing concerns related to infrastructure, range anxiety, environmental impact, and cost, hybrids pave the way for a smoother and more inclusive transition towards a more sustainable automotive future.

Unfortunately, the myopic focus on EVs has turned off many consumers, proving once again that indifference to addressing the challenges above with EVs has backfired as hybrids have represented a much more reasonable approach to transition the auto industry.

Apple’s credibility will be put to the test when Vision Pro finally ships.

Extended reality (XR), encompassing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), is set to redefine how we experience the digital and physical worlds.

XR technologies will mature in 2024, offering more immersive and interactive experiences. From virtual meetings and remote collaboration to augmented reality applications in education and training, XR will bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms.

Whether Apple likes it or not, the company will become the poster child for the future success or failure of the entire AR/VR category once Vision Pro begins shipping in the February or March timeframe (if the industry rumors are true).

As I’ve maintained before, Apple’s “spatial computing” approach will depend mainly on the “killer” app getting developed, which I believe will not come from Apple.

The gaming industry, in particular, will see a surge in XR integration, creating more lifelike and engaging virtual worlds. Additionally, XR will find applications in health care, allowing for advanced medical simulations and remote patient monitoring. As the technology evolves, XR will play an increasingly vital role in enhancing our understanding of and engagement with the world around us.

Final Thoughts

Unquestionably, AI is poised to become an integral part of our daily lives in 2024, transcending its role as a behind-the-scenes technology. Advances in natural language processing and computer vision will make AI more accessible and user-friendly, leading to a more intuitive and humanized interaction with technology.

AI will continue to play a pivotal role in health care diagnostics, personalized education, and content creation. Conversational AI, powered by sophisticated language models, will redefine customer service and automate various business processes. However, as AI becomes more omnipresent, ethical considerations surrounding data privacy, bias, and accountability will demand increased attention and regulation.

2024 promises to be a pivotal year in technology, with the emergence of AI-based PCs and the ripening of 5G, AI, and AR/VR/XR emerging as the driving forces behind transformative change.

As these innovations unfold, the challenge will be to navigate the ethical and societal implications, ensuring that we harness the benefits of technology for the greater good.

The future is exciting, and as we embrace these technological advancements, we must also remain vigilant in shaping a future that is sustainable and conducive to the well-being of humanity.

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