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HPE3-U01 Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) exam contents | Mon, 11 Dec 2023 04:11:00 -0600entext/html HP Discount Codes for January 2024


How long does HP take to deliver?

HP offers next working day delivery on all products currently in stock. Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday with free postage on all orders over £25. If you buy something under £25, the cost is £3 per order.

Does HP offer an NHS discount?

Yes, HP continues to offer an NHS employee discount. It's up to 40% off on select products and you'll need to verify your status as someone eligible for the discount. All NHS staff with a valid current NHS ID are eligible.

Is there a HP student discount?

HP offers up to 40% off for students. This discount applies to accessories and monitors, while you can save up to 15% on laptops and desktops, and up to 10% off printers. Students in sixth form, college, and university are eligible along with academic staff at all of those institutions. You need to register using your academic email address to be eligible with new students able to send their proof of enrolment to

What is HP+?

HP+ is a concept devised by HP to make its printers smarter. It makes it simpler to set up an Instant Ink subscription so that you're regularly sent ink as you need it with HP monitoring your ink levels. You also get an extra year's warranty with the company in case of any issues. As a smart printer, the device is always automatically kept up-to-date and secure. It's also cloud-connected so you can easily print from any other location.

How do I contact HP customer service?

HP offers many ways to contact customer service. If you want to talk to someone about a potential purchase, you can call 0207 660 3859 to enquire about a product. If you need to call tech support, the phone number is 0207 660 0596. In all cases, the phone lines are open 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Hints and Tips

Trade in your old PC: HP has a trade-in scheme that allows you to trade in any working laptop or desktop to get money off your next purchase. The laptop needs to be no more than six years old, it must be able to power on and hold at least 15 minutes of charge. When buying a PC from HP that costs over £601, you get £200 cashback while any system costing from £400 gets you £100. Check the system you want is part of the offer before signing up for the deal. It works as a cashback offer so you'll pay for the new device outright before receiving cashback within 21 days of receipt of your trade-in.

Check clearance deals: HP has a range of clearance deals with each product deemed as the "last chance to buy". It means stock is limited and you're sometimes buying slightly older tech but there are good savings to be made here if you're able to make the decision fast.

HPE3-U01 exam contents - Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) Updated: 2024

HPE3-U01 Dumps and practice test with Real Question
Exam Code: HPE3-U01 Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT) exam contents January 2024 by team
Aruba Certified Network Technician (ACNT)
HP Technician exam contents

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Question: 182
What is a true statement about wireless communications using Wi-Fi?
A. Amplitude, phase, and frequency of radio waves are modulated to transmit data
B. Wireless communications have a maximum range of 10 meters (30 feet)
C. Amplitude, phase, and frequency of radio waves are modulated to increase range
D. Wireless communications have a minimum range of 10 meters (30 feet)
Answer: C
Question: 183
What are valid configurable "Client VLAN Assignment" options for a Bridge-based WLAN in Aruba Central? (Select
A. native VLAN
B. automatic VLAN
C. hybrid VLAN
D. static VLAN
Answer: D
Question: 184
Before routers forward unicast packets, what information is compared with the unicast routing table entries?
A. The source address of the IP header.
B. The destination address of the Ethernet header.
C. The destination address of the IP header.
D. The source address of the Ethernet header.
E. The inbound port the packet is received in.
Answer: B
Question: 185
Which accurately describes the 051 Model?
A. It is a reference model that describes data flow over the network using four layers.
B. It is a reference model that is used to convert binary bits into analog signals.
C. It is a reference model that explains how data is created by the application layer.
D. It is a reference model that describes how data communications occur on a network.
Answer: D
Question: 186
Which organization provides certifications that ensure interoperability between WLAN vendors?
A. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
B. Federal Communications Commission
C. Wi-Fi Alliance
D. Internet Engineering Task Force
Answer: C
Question: 187
What is the maximum recommended distance for a 1 Gbps Ethernet connection using Cat 6 UTP-based cabling
between a host and the switch where it is plugged in?
A. 50 meters (164 feet)
B. 100 meters (328 feet)
C. 300 meters (984 feet)
D. 15 meters (49 feet)
Answer: B
Question: 188
Refer to Exhibit.
The PCs are not able to successfully establish bidirectional communication .
What change must you deploy to enable the communication between PC-1 and PC-2?
A. change PC-1 's default gateway to
B. change PC-1's IP address to
C. change the Router's 1/1/1 interface IP to
D. change PC-2's default gateway to
Answer: C
Question: 189
Which protocol performs name to IP resolution?
Answer: C
Question: 190
What is the binary equivalent of the decimal number of 233?
A. 11010101
B. 11101001
C. 11100101
D. 11110001
Answer: B
Question: 191
To which wireless device category do a hardwire desktop PC belongs?
A. stationary devices
B. somewhat mobile devices
C. highly mobile devices
D. intermittent mobile devices
Answer: C
Question: 192
Which table must clients populate to remember the L2 addressing of their neighbors?
A. MAC Table
B. ARP Table
C. Routing Table
D. Ethernet Table
Answer: A
Question: 193
Whichcondition allows 5Ghz channels to avoid Adjacent Channel Interference?
A. transmit at 40 MHz bandwidth
B. transmit at high power levels
C. transmit at low power levels
D. transmit at 20 MHz bandwidth
Answer: A
Question: 194
Which dual-band IEEE WLAN standard provides up to 4.8 Gbps of theoretical data rate?
A. 802.11 ac
B. 802.1 lax
C. 802.1 In
D. 802.11 be
Answer: D
Question: 195
You have connected a Multilayer switch to an Internet Service Provider router that has the IP address .
What configuration line do you have to enter on your switch to enable internet access?
A. route
B. Ip route
C. routing
D. ip routing 0/0
Answer: A
Question: 196
Which command should you enter to access the second interface of a one-rack-unit standalone ArubaOS-CX switch?
A. Interface 0/0/2
B. Interface 1/0/2
C. Interface 1/1/2
D. Interface 0/1/2
Answer: C

HP Technician exam contents - BingNews Search results HP Technician exam contents - BingNews HP TET, DElEd 2024 exam schedule released at, check date sheet here Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE) has released the examination schedule for HP DElEd CET and HP TET 2024. Candidates can check the date sheet for the Diploma in Elementary Education (DElEd) and Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) here or on the official website at
As per the schedule, the HP TET 2024 will be conducted twice a year - from June 22 to July 02 and November 15 and 26, 2024. The registration for the first phase of HP TET 2024 will open on May 04 and for the second phase, the registration will begin on September 27, 2024.
Whereas, the HP DElEd 2024 exam will be conducted once a year from April 20, 2024 onwards. The Board has released the examination schedule well in advance to avoid overlapping with other eligibility and recruitment exams.
HP DElED, TET Date Sheet 2024
Exam Name
Date of Exam
DElEd Common Entrance Test 2024
June 8, 2024 (M)
JBT TET June 2024
June 22, 2024 (M)
June 23, 2024 (E)
TGT (Non-Med) TET June-2024
June 30, 2024 (M)
Language Teacher TET June-2024
June 30, 2024 (E)
TGT (Arts) TET June-2024
June 30, 2024 (M)
TGT (Med) TET June-2024
June 30, 2024 (E)
Punjabi TET June 2024
July 02, 2024 (M)
Urdu TET June 2024
July 02, 2024 (E)
JBT TET Nov 2024
Nov 15, 2024 (M)
Nov 15, 2024 (E)
TGT (Arts) TET Nov 2024
Nov 17, 2024 (M)
TGT (Med) TET Nov 2024
Nov 17, 2024 (E)
TGT (Non-Med) TET Nov 2024
Nov 24, 2024 (M)
Language Teacher TET Nov 2024
Nov 24, 2024 (E)
Punjabi TET Nov 2024
Nov 26, 2024 (M)
Urdu TET Nov 2024
Nov 26, 2024 (E)

Download: HP DElEd, TET 2024 Date Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q. When is the HP TET 2024 scheduled to be conducted?
The HP TET 2024 is scheduled to be conducted twice a year, from June 22 to July 02, 2024, and November 15 to 26, 2024.
Q. What are the registration dates for HP TET 2024?
The registration for the first phase of HP TET 2024 will open on May 04, and for the second phase, it will begin on September 27, 2024.
Q. How often will the HP DElEd 2024 exam be conducted?
The HP DElEd 2024 exam will be conducted once a year, and the scheduled date is April 20, 2024.
Q. Why did the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education release the examination schedule well in advance?
The Board released the examination schedule well in advance to avoid overlapping with other eligibility and recruitment exams.
Sun, 24 Dec 2023 08:22:00 -0600 en text/html
Best HP Laptop for 2024

HP sells a wide variety of laptops, and many models are available in multiple configurations to match your performance and budget needs. If you need help finding the right HP laptop, we can help. Here are the main considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a new laptop.


The search for a new laptop for most people starts with price. If the statistics chipmaker Intel and PC manufacturers hurl at us are correct, you'll be holding onto your next laptop for at least three years. If you can afford to stretch your budget a little to get better specs, do it. And that stands whether you're spending $500 or more than $1,000. In the past, you could get away with spending less upfront with an eye toward upgrading memory and storage in the future. But laptop makers are increasingly moving away from making components easily upgradable, so again, it's best to get as much laptop as you can afford from the start. 

Generally speaking, the more you spend, the better the laptop. That could mean better components for faster performance, a nicer display, sturdier build quality, a smaller or lighter design from higher-end materials or even a more comfortable keyboard. All of these things add to the cost of a laptop. I'd love to say $500 will get you a powerful gaming laptop, for example, but that's not the case. Right now, the sweet spot for a reliable laptop that can handle average work, home office or school tasks is between $700 and $800, and a reasonable model for creative work or gaming upwards of about $1,000. The key is to look for discounts on models in all price ranges so you can get more laptop for less. And like other vendors, HP is constantly rotating sales on laptops on its site.


If you'll be taking your laptop with you to class or work or just down to your local coffee shop most mornings, then you'll want a smaller and lighter laptop -- something with a 13-inch or 14-inch screen. If you're buying a laptop for your home or work and don't plan on traveling with it with any great frequency, then it might serve you well to get a larger 15-inch, 16-inch or even a 17-inch display that gives you more room to work, play and multitask. 


When deciding on a display, there are many considerations: How much you need to display (which is surprisingly more about resolution than screen size), what types of content you'll be looking at, and whether you'll be using it for gaming or creative endeavors. 

You really want to optimize pixel density; that is, the number of pixels per inch the screen can display. Though there are other factors that contribute to sharpness, a higher pixel density usually means sharper rendering of text and interface elements. (You can easily calculate the pixel density of any screen at DPI Calculator if you don't feel like doing the math, and you can also find out what math you need to do there.) We recommend a dot pitch of at least 100 pixels per inch as a rule of thumb.

Because of the way Windows can scale the display, you're frequently better off with a higher resolution than you'd think. You can always make things bigger on a high-resolution screen, but you can never make them smaller -- to fit more content in the view -- on a low-resolution screen. This is why a 4K, 14-inch screen may sound like unnecessary overkill, but may not be if you need to, say, view a wide spreadsheet. 

Text and the edges of images can look fuzzy on a lower-resolution display. Look for a Full HD 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution at minimum -- or a 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution on laptops with 16:10 aspect ratios that are taller than traditional 16:9 widescreen displays and provide more vertical screen space for work without significantly increasing the footprint. A Quad HD (QHD) resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels (2,560x1,600 on a 16:10 display) will result in crisper text and images and will likely suffice on a 13- or 14-inch laptop display -- you don't necessarily need a 4K display.


The processor, aka the CPU, is the brains of a laptop. Intel and AMD are the main CPU makers for Windows laptops. Both offer a staggering selection of mobile processors. Making things trickier, both manufacturers have chips designed for different laptop styles, like power-saving chips for ultraportables or faster processors for gaming laptops. Their naming conventions will let you know what type is used. You can head to Intel's or AMD's sites for explanations so you get the performance you want. Generally speaking, though, the faster the processor speed and the more cores it has, the better the performance will be. 


The graphics processor, or GPU, handles all the work of driving the screen and generating what gets displayed, as well as speeding up a lot of graphics-related (and increasingly, AI-related) operations. For Windows laptops, there are two types of GPUs: integrated (iGPU) or discrete (dGPU). As the names imply, an iGPU is part of the CPU package, while a dGPU is a separate chip with dedicated memory (VRAM) that it communicates with directly, making it faster than sharing memory with the CPU.

Because the iGPU splits space, memory and power with the CPU, it's constrained by the limits of those. It allows for smaller, lighter laptops, but doesn't perform nearly as well as a dGPU. In fact, there are some games and creative software that won't run unless they detect a dGPU or sufficient VRAM. Most productivity software, video streaming, web browsing and other nonspecialized apps will run fine on an iGPU, though.

For more power-hungry graphics needs, like video editing, STEM and design applications as well as gaming, you'll need a dGPU; there are only two real companies that make them, Nvidia and AMD, with Intel offering some based on the Xe-branded (or the older UHD Graphics branding) iGPU technology in its CPUs.


For memory, we highly recommend 16GB of RAM, with 8GB being the absolute bare minimum. RAM is where the operating system stores all the data for currently running applications, and it can fill up fast. After that, it starts swapping between RAM and SSD, which is slower. A lot of sub-$500 laptops have 4GB or 8GB, which, in conjunction with a slower disk, can make for a frustratingly slow Windows laptop experience. Also, many laptops now have the memory soldered onto the motherboard. Most manufacturers disclose this, but if the RAM type is LPDDR, assume it's soldered and can't be upgraded. 

Some PC makers will solder memory on, however, and also leave an empty internal slot for adding a stick of RAM. You may need to contact the laptop manufacturer or find the laptop's full specs online to confirm. And check the web for user experiences, because the slot may still be hard to get to, it may require nonstandard or hard-to-get memory or other pitfalls, including voiding the warranty.


You'll still find cheaper hard drives in budget laptops and larger hard drives in gaming laptops, but faster solid-state drives have all but replaced hard drives in laptops. They can make a big difference in performance. But not all SSDs are equally speedy, and cheaper laptops typically have slower drives; if the laptop only has only 8GB of RAM, it may end up swapping to that drive and the system may slow down quickly while you're working. 

Get what you can afford, and if you need to go with a smaller drive, you can always add an external drive or two down the road, or use cloud storage to bolster a small internal drive. The one exception is gaming laptops: We don't recommend going with less than a 512GB SSD unless you really like uninstalling games every time you want to play a new game. 

Sun, 29 Jan 2023 03:36:00 -0600 en text/html
$420 off this HP Envy 2-in1 makes it an excellent choice for students

You can get a $920 laptop for under $500 with this huge saving at Best Buy on the HP Envy 2-in-1.

Laptops for students need to be capable and portable, but they also need to be affordable. After all, a $1,000 laptop is way out of budget for most students, and more of a match for coders

Thu, 04 Jan 2024 23:08:00 -0600 en text/html
HP Spectre Foldable review: A truly futuristic laptop No result found, try new keyword!The HP Spectre Foldable is the result of a remarkable feat of engineering, that lets it transform from a laptop to a tablet to a 17-inch desktop in just a few seconds. Its continuous, unbroken OLED ... Wed, 03 Jan 2024 21:44:48 -0600 en-us text/html Himachal Board Time Table 2024: HP Board Class 10th, 12th exam Date Sheet PDF Download

March 2024

Arts-A(Scale and Geometry), Commerce (Elements of Business, Elements of Bookkeeping and accountancy, Type-writing English or Hindi), Economics NSQF: Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare, Information Technology Enabled Services, Media and Entertainment, Retail, Physical Education, Private Security, Telecom, Tourism & Hospitality, Banking Financial Services & Insurance, Apparels, Made ups & Home Furnishing, Beauty and Wellness, Electronics & Hardware, Plumber

Geekbox HP Dragonfly G4
Price as reviewed $1,490
Display size/resolution 13.5-inch 1,920x1,280 non-touch IPS LCD
CPU 1.8GHz Core i7-1365U
Memory 16GB LPDDR5 6,400MHz
Graphics 128MB Intel Iris Xe graphics
Storage 512GB NVMe SSD
Networking Wi-Fi 6E 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5.3
Operating system Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

The HP Dragonfly G4 is based on 13th-gen Intel Core U-series processors. The baseline model features a Core i5-1335U CPU, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and a 13.5-inch IPS LCD display with a 1,920x1,280-pixel resolution. It's difficult to pin down pricing with an HP laptop because the company constantly rotates discounts on its site. The baseline model at the time of this review was $1,099. Our review unit features a CPU upgrade to a Core i7-1365U chip and costs $1,490 -- a steep increase for a slight bump in processing speed. 

Both chips feature 10 processing cores (two performance cores and eight efficiency cores) and 12 processing threads. The best option, however, in the Dragonfly G4 lineup is the model selling for $1,249 that features a Core i7-1355U that's nearly identical to the i7-1365U in our test system but supplies an OLED display with a 3,000x2,000-pixel resolution. Why choose our $1,490 test system when you can step into a higher-resolution OLED panel and save nearly $250 in the process? We're not sure, but basically, you may need to decode configurations and patiently wait for a sale to get the most for your money.

The Dragonfly G4 with the OLED display is available in the UK for £1,673.99. In Australia, a model very similar to our test system sells for AU$3,299.

Matt Elliott/CNET

OLED option, dual webcam support

This is the second HP Dragonfly laptop I've looked at this year. I liked the similarly designed HP Dragonfly Pro when I reviewed it last spring. The Dragonfly Pro is geared toward freelancers and hybrid employees with built-in support buttons, whereas the Dragonfly G4 is made for larger businesses. It lacks the dedicated support buttons of the Dragonfly Pro, which I view as a positive since they felt forced. The Dragonfly G4, however, is not without security features. It has HP's Wolf Security suite that features hardware-enforced threat detection, malware isolation and BIOS and browser protection, along with the ability to remotely lock and wipe the system if it's lost or stolen. 

I like the crisp, squared-off edges of the Dragonfly Pro better than the rounded edges of the Dragonfly G4, but the G4 is still a good-looking laptop. The matte-black chassis is elegant, and it's made from a 90% recycled magnesium alloy. It weighs just 2.5 pounds, which is the same as the 14-inch Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 and lighter than the 13.6-inch M2 MacBook Air (2.7 pounds) and 13.4-inch Dell XPS 13 (2.6 pounds). It's also considerably lighter than the 14-inch Dragonfly Pro, which weighs 3.4 pounds.

The Dragonfly G4 is light without feeling cheap or flimsy. It's solid, with hardly any flex in the keyboard deck or lid. And the matte finish not only looks sharp, but it's also pleasing to the touch. There's a very fine grit to the laptop's matte-black surfaces that I really like. The matte surfaces are also excellent at repelling fingerprints and smudges. 

Matt Elliott/CNET

The Dragonfly G4 is narrower and a bit deeper than most laptops we review. The majority feature a display with a 16:10 aspect ratio, but the Dragonfly G4 offers up a taller and boxier 3:2 ratio. It's the spiritual opposite of a widescreen 16:9 laptop. 

On a business laptop, it's a good fit because the extra vertical space means you can read more and scroll less. There's a reason you won't find a 3:2 display on a laptop meant for home use: it's less than ideal for watching shows and movies because they appear smaller than they would on a similarly sized 16:10 or especially a 16:9 screen. The taller display results in large black bars on the top and bottom of whichever video player you use. 

Our test system features an IPS panel with a 1,920x1,280-pixel resolution. It suffices for the display size, but the text could be sharper. If your job requires you to read through documents for long stretches, then the upgrade to the OLED panel makes sense just for the bump in resolution alone. As it is, the baseline IPS display is very average. With mediocre color coverage, our test system's display is better for scanning emails and working on spreadsheets than any creative endeavor. In testing with a Spyder X Elite colorimeter, the display covered 99% of the sRGB space but only 75% of AdobeRGB and 76% of P3. 

The display did, however, match its brightness rating. Rated for 400 nits, it hit a peak brightness of 405 nits in testing. It also exhibited wide viewing angles. Still, when HP offers a higher-resolution OLED display option for hundreds less, it's a no-brainer to punt on the baseline display of our test system in favor of the superior contrast and finer resolution that the OLED option affords.

Matt Elliott/CNET

The built-in webcam has a 1440p resolution and produces crisp, grain-free images with accurate skin tones. It also has an IR sensor for easy, secure logins via facial recognition. It's great all by itself, but the Dragonfly G4 lets you double down. HP claims the Dragonfly G4 is the first business laptop to offer simultaneous support of dual webcams. It's the first laptop -- consumer or business -- that I've used that lets you set up a two-camera shoot. 

I connected a Microsoft webcam to the laptop, and was up and running immediately. With the myHP app, you can choose from a handful of layouts for the twin cameras. You can choose a picture-in-picture view or a split view (50/50 or 70/30) of the cameras, but the most interesting option is the view that switches between each camera, depending on which one you're looking at. Granted, the audience is fairly small for this feature, but it could be a fun way to spice up your Zoom calls. It could also be useful for, say, tutorials where you want to remain in the frame while also keeping the focus on the object of the lesson.

Great keyboard, big battery

Given the thin enclosure, I expected less of the keyboard, but the keys offer surprisingly deep travel and snappy feedback. The keys are also very quiet when pressed, even for a heavy typist like this reviewer. I loved typing on the Dragonfly G4. The touchpad, too, is excellent. It's generously proportioned for this size of laptop; the 3:2 display helps in this regard because it allows for a deeper wrist rest. The touchpad felt accurate, and its click response was firm and quiet with just the right amount of travel. 

Matt Elliott/CNET

The audio output was also a pleasant surprise, a rarity among ultraportables where a pair of underpowered stereo speakers is the norm. The Dragonfly G4 offers a quad-speaker array that emits fuller sound than most ultraportable laptops. Bass response is predictably lacking, but the audio output has enough power and separation for shows and movies.

The Dragonfly G4 also supplies a generous port selection for an ultraportable. You get a pair of Thunderbolt 4 ports as well as a USB-A port along with an HDMI port and combo audio jack. The only adapter you might need is a USB-C-to-Ethernet since the laptop lacks an Ethernet port. There's also a SIM card slot if you choose one of the Dragonfly G4's WWAN options.

Matt Elliott/CNET

Most ultraportables feature a small, three-cell battery, but the Dragonfly G4 serves up a six-cell, 68-watt-hour battery. Combined with the efficient 15-watt, U-series Core i7 processor, the Dragonfly G4 delivers excellent battery life. It lasted 14.5 hours on our online streaming video battery drain test. That's more than enough to get you through the longest of workdays without needing to charge. It's also a long enough runtime that there's room to sacrifice a bit for the higher-resolution OLED display that will almost assuredly have a negative impact on battery life. 

On the rest of our tests, the Dragonfly G4 performed as expected. With a Core i7 U-series chip and integrated Intel graphics, it's built for productivity work rather than creative work, but it has more than enough muscle for office tasks and a smooth Windows experience overall. I never ran into any lags or slowdowns, even when multitasking, and it stayed cool and quiet during operation.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 is still the best pick for business execs looking for a premium ultraportable, but the HP Dragonfly G4 is a close second. Both laptops offer strong build quality and OLED display options, but the ThinkPad X1 Carbon gets the nod because it offers a slightly roomier display in the admittedly more useful 16:10 aspect ratio without being any heavier than the Dragonfly G4. The ThinkPad also has a superior keyboard, though I did like the HP's quite a bit. And, the Dragonfly G4 offers better battery life and the unique dual-webcam setup. You might also appreciate its clean design if the basic ThinkPad look doesn't excite you.

The review process for laptops, desktops, tablets and other computer-like devices consists of two parts: performance testing under controlled conditions in the CNET Labs and extensive hands-on use by our expert reviewers. This includes evaluating a device's aesthetics, ergonomics and features. A final review verdict is a combination of both objective and subjective judgments. 

Show expert take Show less

Geekbench 6 (multicore)

Acer Swift Go 14 12,833Apple MacBook Air 15 9,859HP Dragonfly Pro 9,322HP Dragonfly G4 8,709Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 8,528Asus Expertbook B9450 7,817

Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

PCMark 10 Pro Edition

Acer Swift Go 14 6,196HP Dragonfly Pro 6,085Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 5,639HP Dragonfly G4 5,131Asus Expertbook B9450 5,093

Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

Cinebench R23 (multicore)

Acer Swift Go 14 12,789HP Dragonfly Pro 12,696Apple MacBook Air 15 8,721Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 8,237HP Dragonfly G4 5,956Asus Expertbook B9450 5,348

Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

3DMark Wild Life Extreme Unlimited

Apple MacBook Air 15 6,876Acer Swift Go 14 4,116HP Dragonfly Pro 3,790Asus Expertbook B9450 3,633Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 3,563HP Dragonfly G4 3,332

Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

Online streaming battery drain test

Apple MacBook Air 15 991HP Dragonfly G4 870Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 775Asus Expertbook B9450 739Acer Swift Go 14 563HP Dragonfly Pro 449

Note: Longer bars indicate better performance

System configurations

HP Dragonfly G4 Microsoft Windows 11 Pro; 1.8GHz Core i7-1365U; 16GB DDR5 6,400MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe graphics; 512GB SSD
Asus Expertbook B9450 Microsoft Windows 11 Pro; 1.7GHz Intel Core i7-1255U; 16GB DDR5 6,400MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe graphics; 1TB SSD
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 11 Microsoft Windows 11 Pro; 1.7GHz Intel Core i7-1355U; 16GB DDR5 6,400MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe graphics; 1TB SSD
Acer Swift Go 14 (SFG14-71) Microsoft Windows 11 Home; 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-13700H; 16GB DDR5 4,766MHz RAM; 128MB Intel Iris Xe graphics; 512GB SSD
HP Dragonfly Pro Microsoft Windows 11 Home; 2.7GHz AMD Ryzen 7 7736U; 16GB DDR5 6,400MHz; 512MB AMD Radeon graphics; 512GB SSD
Apple MacBook Air 15 Apple MacOS 13.4.1 Ventura; 3.4GHz Apple M2; 16GB DDR5 RAM; Integrated 10-Core GPU; 512GB SSD
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Does HP offer free shipping?

Yes, HP offers free shipping sitewide via the official HP Store. Shipping time for the standard free delivery option is 5 to 7 business days, depending on the item you're buying. If you'd prefer expedited shipping, there's also the option to pay extra for a speedier delivery window. Note that you can also track shipping for your orders via your HP account. 

Does HP price match?

Spotted a better price at a rival retailer? The HP sales team will price match an equivalent machine through the official HP Store website. It doesn't have to specifically be n HP model to be eligible for price match - only a machine of comparable specifications. HP defines a comparable PC as one that's manufactured by Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung & HP, and that is currently available at a major online retailer. 

Does HP offer a military or student discount?

Yes to both! HP offers a 40% sitewide discount for both students and those who are affiliated with the military. These extremely generous discount programs can be accessed on the HP Education store page and the HP Frontline Heroes portal. Note that the education discount applies to both students and teachers and the Frontline discount is available to most key workers (military, healthcare, first responders). All discounts will need relevant identification to prove eligibility (a .edu email, and an account).

How can I contact HP support?

If you're looking for support or advice regarding an order, you can call the HP sales team directly on 800-565-9917. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to use a live chat or consult self-help resources, you can check out the HP contact page. For help or support with an existing HP product, you can contact HP tech support and check out a number of helpful online resources on their website.

What is HP's return policy?

HP offers a 30-day return period for most products purchased directly from HP, including laptops, desktops, printers, and accessories. The 30-day return period starts from the date of shipment or pickup, depending on the delivery method. There are a few exceptions to be aware of such as the product must be returned in its original packaging, with all the accessories, documentation, and parts that came with it. Products that have been opened or used may be subject to a restocking fee. Customized products, such as laptops with custom configurations, may not be eligible for return unless they are defective. HP also offers a separate return policy for products purchased through the HP Marketplace, which is a platform for third-party sellers. The return policy for Marketplace products may vary depending on the seller.

Hints and tips

Wait for an HP sale: Quite possibly the most valuable tip regardless of which store you're shopping at - generally speaking you'll get the best deals and coupon codes around big retail events. The most obvious call-out here is Black Friday in November, but you'll also find smaller (but still great) sales around national holidays like Presidents' Day, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. HP usually participates in retail events so it's a great idea to hold off and see what crops up if you're relatively close to the next event.

Sign up for the HP newsletter: This is a minor tip, but a handy little way to save a bit of cash on your next offer. Navigate to the HP website to sign up to the newsletter. Not only will you be the first to know about big retail events like the ones mentioned above, but HP will also knock $10 off your next order of $60 or more in value.