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Trainers Specialist exam success
Killexams : Trainers Specialist exam success - BingNews Search results Killexams : Trainers Specialist exam success - BingNews Killexams : 5 Great Corporate Training and Development Certifications

One of the most potentially lucrative fields in the realm of human resources is that of corporate trainer or training specialist. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, corporate training and development specialists earn a median wage of $59,000 while training and development managers can expect median earnings of more than $100,000 with the top tier earning almost $185,000. Depending on the job role, corporate training-related positions are expected to grow between 10 and 11 percent between 2016 and 2026, which is higher than the national average.

Corporate trainers assess organizational learning and training requirements, create training materials and solutions designed to fulfill those needs, and then deliver the training. In addition, corporate trainers evaluate training effectiveness and may perform administrative tasks, including class scheduling and enrollment management, along with monitoring the costs of training. At the managerial level, corporate trainers ensure training programs align with organizational goals, review training and related materials, select the delivery format, and conduct train-the-trainer sessions. Managerial trainers frequently oversee a staff of corporate trainers and may have advanced administrative duties.

Professionals working in corporate training and development environments need a variety of skills ranging from instructional design to change management to organizational leadership. Excellent communication and presentation skills are a plus along with related soft skills and a knowledge of HR environments.

Top 5 certifications, by the numbers

In researching training and development certifications, we found that most employers look for a combination of human resource (HR) and training-based certifications. The following table lists the top five certifications most commonly requested by employers for training and development job roles. The numbers are a snapshot in time and reflect the number of open positions found on the specific day the job search was conducted.

Job Site Search Results



LinkedIn Jobs


ATD Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)




HRCI Professional in Human Resources (PHR)




HRCI Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)




SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)




SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)




ATD:  Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

The ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) is the credentialing arm of the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Its premier talent development and training credential is the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). The CPLP validates a candidate’s skill across six foundational competencies (personal, interpersonal and business skills, technology literacy, global mindsets and industry knowledge) along with 10 additional areas of expertise, or AOEs. AOEs include knowledge management, managing learning programs, learning impact evaluation, learning technologies, training delivery, instructional design, performance improvement, change management, coaching and integrated talent management.

To earn the CPLP, candidates must pass both a knowledge-based and skills exam. exam fees are $900 for members and $1,250 for nonmembers (fee includes both exams). In addition, candidates must possess either five years of full-time experience working in talent development or four-years’ talent development experience plus an additional year of college in a talent development related field or four years’ experience plus completion of an ATD Master Series program.

HRCI:  Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

The most requested certification in the job board numbers was the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) from the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). PHR professionals are implementers. It’s the PHR team member who understands the logistics involved to turn plans into reality and implement organization programs (or training) and solutions. PHR responsibilities may be localized to a departmental level rather than the entire corporate organization.

To earn the credential, candidates must pass a single exam plus meet one of the following education and experience requirements:

  • A high school diploma plus four years of professional HR experience
  • A bachelor’s degree plus two years of professional HR experience; or
  • A Master’s degree plus one year of professional HR experience.

The exam fee is $395 with an additional $100 application fee. Some 60 recertification credits are required during a three-year period to maintain the credential.

HRCI:  Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)

Coming in at the number two slot is HRCI’s Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). The SPHR targets senior practitioners who are well versed in all facets of HR. SPHR credential holders are typically engaged in planning, designing, and creating policies, goals, and programs at the organizational level.

To earn the SPHR, candidates must pass a single exam plus meet the prerequisite education and experience requirements. The exam fee is $495, and there’s an additional $100 application fee. To fulfill the prerequisite requirements, candidates must possess a:

  • Master’s degree plus four years of HR experience; or
  • Bachelor’s degree plus five years of HR experience; or
  • High school diploma plus seven years of HR experience

As with the PHR, 60 recertification credits are required during a three-year period to maintain certification.

SHRM:  Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a global leader in HR competencies. It currently offers two credentials: the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP), which is geared to entry-level professionals, and the SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), which targets senior practitioners. Both credentials are well recognized by employers and made the top five list. SHRM validates skills against eight competencies in three target areas:

  • Leadership – including ethical practices and leadership and navigation
  • Interpersonal – targeting communication skills, managing relationships and effectiveness in working with global cultures
  • Business – targeting critical evaluations, business acumen and consultative skills

To earn the SHRM-CP credential, candidates must pass a single exam plus meet the prerequisite experience requirements. The exam fee is $300 for SHSRM members and $400 for nonmembers. This includes a $50 non-refundable application fee. Experience requirements are tied to three factors:  the amount of education a candidate possesses, the amount of direct HR-related experience possessed and if the degree was in an HR-related field.

  • No degree: Candidates who do not possess either a bachelor’s or Master’s degree but who have been a part of an HR-related program need three years’ experience in an HR role. Candidates who have not studied in an HR program must possess four years’ HR experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree: Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in an HR-related field need one year of HR experience, but those with non-HR degrees must have a minimum of two years in an HR-related role.
  • Master’s degree or higher: Candidates with a graduate level degree in an HR-related field are only required to be currently employed in an HR-role to gain the credential while those who possess graduate degrees in non-HR fields must possess at least one-year of HR experience.

Sixty professional development units (PDUs) during a three-year cycle are required to maintain the credential.

SHRM: Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) 

Also making an appearance in the top five list is SHRM’s Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). This credential targets senior-level HR professionals who exemplify leadership and can influence and implement organization goals.

As with the SHRM-CP credential, the SHRM-SCP requires candidates to pass a single exam and possess the required prerequisite education and skills. exam fees are $300 for members and $400 for nonmembers. Because this is a senior-level credential, the experience requirements are more stringent than are required for the SHRM-SCP.

  • No degree:  Six years of experience is required if the candidate has participated in an HR-related program while seven years of experience is required for those who have not been involved in an HR-related program.
  • Bachelor’s degree: Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in an HR-related field take four years of experience while those with a non-HR related degree need five years.
  • Master’s degree: Candidates who possess a graduate degree in an HR-related field need a minimum of three years’ experience in an HR role while those with a graduate degree in another field must possess at least four years’ experience.

As with the SHRM-CP, 60 PDUs are required every three years to maintain credential currency.

What Else?

While they didn’t make the top five list, we found other interesting related certifications. The International Society for Performance Improvement’s (ISPI) offers the Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) for professionals interested specifically in performance improvement. For professionals who don’t meet the requirements for the CPLP, ATD offers an Associate Professional Talent Development (APTD) credential along with a Master Trainer Program credential that allows professional to focus on a particular area of interest.

Several universities offer professional development courses in executive coaching and corporate training. Some of the examples we found included an Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching from the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies and leadership coaching courses from the Harvard University Extension School of Professional Development. Dale Carnegie Training also offers a Corporate Training Certificate program.

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Killexams : 7 tips for scoring your way to exam success No result found, try new keyword!Many people, however, are afraid of them. The truth is, if you are well prepared, exams really aren’t that scary. In fact, with proper study habits and strategies, they can even be a breeze. Sat, 08 Oct 2022 03:42:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Top skill-building resources and advice for CISOs

The role of the CISO has evolved, and so have the responsibilities. Some believe a CISO must have technical knowledge and experience as a cybersecurity professional, others think leadership skills such as being able to communicate with boards are what matters most.

Ultimately, the hiring organisations will define what it needs in terms of cybersecurity to find the right person. In finance and insurance, for example, there will be specific rules that must be followed in different countries and cybersecurity leaders in such organisations may even be liable. In telecommunications, the skills required are likely to be more technical, whereas in government knowledge around governance and risk are top of the list.

“For instance, a smaller organisation which is a greenfield site, or a large multinational where there is already an established security function require different sets of skills and approaches,” Joseph Head, director technical security at Intaso tells CSO. “There are a few commonalities between all CISO roles, however: an understanding of risk and risk appetite — in other words, an understanding of the business, and how much risk it can carry. This dictates how much work a CISO must do, and therefore available budget. Unlocking that budget can only be done by communicating effectively.”

Whether technical or managerial skills, those aspiring to become CISOs, CSOs, or VP of security will need to acquire these skills somewhere. CSO has spoken to a few current and former CISOs across different countries on where to acquire such skills.

CISO skill-building stories

Whether they learn on the job, through a certificate or at university, cybersecurity professionals have many ways to acquire skills to get the top jobs. Clarifying a point he made on a LinkedIn post, Head tells CSO that “a high-level [of technical] understanding is still important, but [CISOs] certainly do not need to know the granular details of everything in security. I have seen quite a few descriptions for CISO jobs asking them to be able to code in Python or be an expert in AWS. This is clearly not the job of a CISO.”

CISOs need to be competent in four areas, according to Tony Vizza, the executive director at KordaMentha in Australia.

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Killexams : Prima Dental reveals its magic formula for success

There is an old saying that ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get’, but application alone does not explain the success of Prima Dental – in the healthcare sector, its name has become a watch-word for performance, quality and service too.

While many of us are asleep, staff at the Gloucester-based firm continue to meet customer demand from 93 countries around the world, manufacturing its market-leading precision carbide dental burrs using the same machines used to make high-end Swiss watches.

Other key ingredients sustaining that success include a continual investment in both machinery and people, and a dynamic culture encouraging staff to accumulate skills and progress.

Matthew Dickerson, recently appointed group financial controller at the Waterwells headquartered business, started with the firm in 2007, when it was based on the Madleaze Industrial Estate off Bristol Road.

Dickerson came to the specialist manufacturing business after working in finance for firms in Gloucester and Bristol, and as Prima Dental invested in developing him, it also began its own journey which would see an incredible and dramatic transition of the 150-year-old business.

‘I had no idea of the journey we were going to embark on or what the business would go on to achieve. We have had consistent growth of at least five per cent year on year, apart from Covid, but returned to form quickly,’ Dickerson said.

The firm’s turnover was £29 million before the pandemic, and is now in excess of that figure by 20 per cent and since last year it has recruited 70-plus new staff.

Looking across the factory floors at one of Prima Dental's three premises on Waterwells Business Park, Stephenson Drive, Gloucester.

‘What I did see was a firm willing to invest in its staff; even back then. It supported me while I completed my ACCA exams (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), and throughout my study.

‘It invests in developing staff at all levels of the business.’

That qualification and his accumulated experience allowed the 39-year-old to progress to his current position, when in 2021 Richard Muller moved from managing director to executive chairman and Alun Jones left his role as finance director to become MD. More senior appointments have also followed.

Kavita Patel started at the firm in April 2021, but came to Prima Dental with 20 years in manufacturing under her belt. She was employed to concentrate on the firm’s emphasis on training staff across its production lines.

‘Career progression has always been attractive for me. I don’t mind starting low, but I like to be able to work my way up and I think that appeals to a lot of people,’ said Patel, 44.

‘Staff can always ask for support or about new roles and we can help. We want to establish a culture where staff are capable of everything to make us as dynamic as possible,’ said Patel.

As well as the variety of the job dictated by changing orders and product development, the flexibility of the shift system was another appealing factor for many at the firm, she said.

Marian Draghici, 30, started at the firm in 2016 after moving to the UK from Romania and is testament to all of the above. He progressed rapidly and is already what the company calls a 'cell leader' – the equivalent of a shift manager.

He is about to fill one of the new manufacturing technician roles that will help ensure the smooth running of the night and day shifts.

‘There is always opportunity and always new roles because we are always changing and adapting,’ said Draghici.

‘I started from the bottom and worked my way up. Prima has been really supportive helping me progress.

‘It is great to be part of a firm which has continued to expand through the hard times we have had and which continues to invest. It feels like there is always opportunity here.’

Prima Dental now sells 60 per cent of its sales in the United States of America, but has a presence in what it calls the ‘key markets’ of India, Brazil and China, which it has a plan for further growth.

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Killexams : Best Data Center Certifications

Job board search results (in alphabetical order, by certification)*




LinkedIn Jobs



CCNA Data Center (Cisco)

1,564 2,126 1,649 19 3,876

CCNP Data Center (Cisco)

1,025 1,339 1,508 14 3,145

JNCIP-DC (Juniper Networks)

125 37 14 4 130

VCE-CIAE (Dell)*

81 19 30 14 132

VCP6-DCV (VMware)

32 37 57 38 111

*Search results for the generic phrase “VCE data center engineer”

Regardless of which job board you use, you’ll find many employers looking for qualified people to join their data center teams. SimplyHired lists 114,000-plus data center jobs in the U.S., with more than 172,000 on Indeed, 50,000 on LinkedIn Jobs and 20,000 on LinkUp. With the right credential(s) in hand, one of these jobs is sure to be yours.

Data center job roles start at the network technician level and advance through senior architect. Most of the certifications covered would fit well with an associate- or professional-level network engineer position. According to SimplyHired, the average salary for network engineer jobs is about $79,000, and $111,000 for senior network engineers. Glassdoor reports a U.S. national average salary of about $73,000 for network engineers, and their average for senior network engineers climbs to $94,000.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Data Center

Cisco certifications continue to be some of the most recognizable and respected credentials in the industry. The CCNA Data Center certification is a great introductory certification for networking professionals who want to specialize in data center operations and support and have 1-3 years of experience.

Candidates for the CCNA Data Center certification need to understand basic data center networking concepts. These include addressing schemes, troubleshooting and configuring switches with VLANs and routers using Nexus OS, network and server virtualization, storage, and common network services such as load balancing, device management and network access controls.

The CCNA Data Center is valid for three years, after which credential holders must recertify. Recertification requires passing a current version of one of the following exams:

  • Associate-level exam (except for ICND1 exam)
  • 642-XXX professional-level or 300-XXX professional-level exam
  • 642-XXX Cisco Specialist exam (does not include Sales Specialist exams or MeetingPlace Specialist exams, Implementing Cisco TelePresence Installations (ITI) exams, Cisco Leading Virtual Classroom Instruction exams, or any 650 online exams)
  • Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) written exam
  • Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) written exam or current CCDE practical exam

Candidates can also sit through the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview and the CCAr board review to achieve recertification for CCNA Data Center.

CCNA Data Center facts and figures

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Data Center

Networking professionals looking to validate their data center skills and achieve a competitive edge in the workplace can’t go wrong with the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Data Center credential.

Geared toward technology architects, along with design and implementation engineers and solutions experts, the CCNP Data Center identifies individuals who can implement Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) rack-mount servers; install, configure and manage Cisco Nexus switches; and implement and deploy automation of Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). The CCNP Data Center is designed for candidates with 3-5 years of experience working with Cisco technologies.

When pursuing the CCNP Data Center, Cisco lets you choose either a design or troubleshooting track. Related data center certifications include the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Data Center), for those with 1-3 years of experience, and the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center, aimed at professionals with seven or more years of experience.

The CCNP Data Center is valid for three years, after which credential holders must recertify. The recertification process requires candidates to pass a single exam to maintain the credential, or to sit for the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) interview and the CCAr board review. Credential holders should check the Cisco website for the current list of qualifying exams before attempting to recertify.

CCNP Data Center facts and figures

Certification name

Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center (CCNP Data Center)

Prerequisites and required courses

Valid Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center (CCNA Data Center) certification or any Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification. Training recommended but not required; classes are usually four or five days and start at $3,950.

Number of exams

Four exams:
  • 300-175 DCUCI – Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing
  • 300-165 DCII – Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
  • 300-170 DCVAI – Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation
  • 300-160 DCID – Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
  • 300-180 DCIT –  Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure

All exams are 90 minutes, 60-70 questions.

Cost per exam

$300 per exam; $1,200 total (price may vary by region). Exams administered by Pearson VUE.


Self-study materials

The certification page provides links to self-study materials, including the syllabus, study groups, webinars, Cisco Learning Network resources and learning partner content.

JNCIP-DC: Juniper Networks Certified Professional Data Center

Juniper Networks, based in California and incorporated in 1997, develops and sells network infrastructure equipment and software aimed at corporations, network service providers, government agencies and educational institutions. The company has a large certification and training program designed to support its solutions, which includes Data Center, Junos Security, Enterprise Routing and Switching, and Service Provider Routing and Switching tracks.

The Data Center track recognizes networking professionals who deploy, manage and troubleshoot Juniper Networks Junos software and data center equipment. The single exam (JN0-680) covers data center deployment and management, including implementation and maintenance of multi-chassis link aggregation group (LAG), virtual chassis and Internet Protocol (IP) fabric, virtual extensible LANs (VXLANs), and data center interconnections.

The JNCIP-DC certification is good for three years. To renew the certification, candidates must pass the current JNCIP-DC exam.

JNCIP-DC facts and figures

VCE-CIAE: VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer

VCE, short for Virtual Computing Environment, was part of EMC Corporation, which Dell acquired in 2016. The VCE line of converged infrastructure appliances are still being manufactured and widely sold, and the company has a handful of VCE certifications geared toward designing, maintaining and supporting those solutions.

VCE certifications are now part of the larger Dell EMC Proven Professional certification program but have retained some independence. The program currently offers the VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA), VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer (VCE-CIAE) and VCE Converged Infrastructure Master Administration Engineer (VCE-CIMAE) credentials. We focus on the VCE Administration Engineer in this article because it’s available to the public as well as Dell employees and partners, and it ranks well in job board searches.

The VCE-CIAE is a professional-level credential that recognizes professionals who manage and support Vblock Systems. The single exam includes Topics such as system concepts, administration, security, resource management, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Candidates must recertify every two years to maintain a VCE certification. To renew, credential holders must pass the current VCE-CIA exam (this is the prerequisite for the VCE-CIAE certification), as well as pass the current VCE-CIAE exam or earn a higher-level credential.

VCE-CIAE facts and figures

Certification name

VCE Converged Infrastructure Administration Engineer (VCE-CIAE)

Prerequisites and required courses

Prerequisite: VCE Certified Converged Infrastructure Associate (VCE-CIA) certification

Recommended: VCE Vblock Systems Administration Management training; available as instructor-led classroom and online (five-day course, $5,000; prices may vary by course provider and location)

Number of exams

One: exam 220-010 (60 multiple-choice questions, 90 minutes)

Cost per exam

$200. Exams administered by Pearson VUE.


VCP6-DCV: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization

The VCP6-DCV is one of those credentials that sits firmly on the line between traditional data center networking and cloud management. As such, it appeals to a wide networking audience. In fact, the VMware website states that more than 100,000 professionals have earned VMware VCP6-DCV certification, making it one of the company’s most popular certifications.

VMware offers an extensive certification program with a rigorous Data Center virtualization track, which includes the VCP6-DCV. Candidates must thoroughly understand Domain Name System (DNS), routing and database connectivity techniques, and how to deploy, configure, manage and scale VMware vSphere environments and storage. VMware recommends that candidates have a minimum of six months of experience with VMware vSphere 6 before attempting the VCP6-DCV certification.

New candidates must take a VMware training course and pass two exams. Training courses start at $4,125; pricing is based on the specific course, delivery format and learning partner.

VMware requires credential holders to recertify every two years. Recertification is achieved by taking whatever exam is most current for the certification, earning a new VCP certification in a different solution track or advancing to the next-level VMware certification.

Note: VMware certifications are geared toward the VMware vSphere product, the latest incarnation of which is Version 6.5. As of April 2019, VMware is still rolling out various Version 6.5 exams. Currently, Version 6.5 exams are offered for the Professional and Advanced Professional (Design only) levels. We anticipate that Version 6.5 exams and credentials at the Associate, Advanced Professional Deploy and Expert levels will follow soon.

VCP6-DCV facts and figures

Certification name

VMWare Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV)

Prerequisites and required courses

Candidates who are new to VMware Data Center Virtualization technology: Six months’ vSphere 6 experience plus one of the following training courses:
  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage plus Virtual SAN Fast Track [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Optimize & Scale [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Bootcamp [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Design and Deploy Fast Track [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting [V6]
  • VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop [V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure and Manage plus Optimize and Scale Fast Track [V6 or V6.5]
  • VMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale plus Troubleshooting Fast Track [V6]

Note: The cost of VMware training varies; expect to pay from $4,125 for classroom training to more than $6,000 for Bootcamps and Fast Track courses.

Number of exams

Two exams for new candidates, those with vSphere 5 training only, those with an expired VCP in a different solution track or those with an expired VCP5-DCV certification:

One exam for candidates with valid VCP5-DCV certification: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta exam, 2V0-621D, 105 minutes, 65 questions

One exam for candidates with valid VCP certification, any solution track: VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center

Exams administered by Pearson VUE.

Cost per exam

  • vSphere Foundations exam (V6 or V6.5): $125
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization exam: $250
  • VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta exam: $250



Self-study materials

Links to an exam guide, training and a practice exam (if available) appear on each exam page (see the How to Prepare tab). VMware Learning Zone offers exam prep subscriptions. Numerous VCP6-DCV study materials are available through Amazon. MeasureUp offers a VCP6-DCV practice test ($129) and a practice lab ($149).

Beyond the top 5: More data center certifications

While not featured in the top five this year, the BICSI Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) is a terrific certification, designed for IT professionals with at least two years of experience in designing, planning and implementing data centers. This vendor-neutral certification is ideal for data center engineers, architects, designers and consultants. Another good vendor-neutral certification is Schneider Electric’s Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA), an entry-level credential for individuals who design, build and manage data centers as part of a data center-centric IT team.

CNet’s Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP) and Certified Data Centre Technician Professional (CDCTP) are also worthy of honorable mention. Based in the U.K., these certifications don’t appear in a lot of U.S. job board postings but still deliver solid results from a general Google search.

IT professionals who are serious about advancing their data center careers would do well to check out complementary certifications from our featured vendors. For example, Cisco also offers a number of certifications in data center design and support, including application services, networking infrastructure, storage networking and unified computing. VMware also offers additional data center virtualization certifications worth exploring, including the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Design (VCAP6.5-DCV Design) and the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX6-DCV). Also, the Dell EMC Proven Professional certification program offers a bevy of data center-focused certifications, including the Dell EMC Implementation Engineer (EMCIE) and the Dell EMC Certified Cloud Architect (EMCCA).

Because of the proliferation of data center virtualization and cloud computing, you can expect the data center networking job market to continue to remain strong soon. Achieving a certification can be a real feather in your cap, opening the door to new and better work opportunities.

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Killexams : Former Omahan who set American women's marathon record says 'everything clicked'

Nebraska's COVID cases are down for a fifth straight week.

Results of a national college entrance exam released Wednesday are not very encouraging for Nebraska or the nation, and an exam official said the results can’t just be pinned on the pandemic.

The national average ACT composite score for the high school class of 2022 was 19.8, the lowest average score in more than three decades, according to data released Wednesday. It was the first time since 1991 that the average ACT composite score was below 20. The highest possible score is a 36.

“This is the fifth consecutive year of declines in average scores, a worrisome trend that began long before the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has persisted,” said ACT CEO Janet Godwin in a statement.

Approximately 1.3 million U.S. high school students in the class of 2022 took the test.

Nebraska graduates achieved an average composite score of 19.4 in 2022, with 94% of graduates tested. That’s the lowest average composite score for the state in at least 10 years.

In 2021, 86% of graduates were tested for an average composite score of 20.

The ACT college entrance exam measures readiness in English, reading, mathematics and science.

Godwin said the magnitude of the declines nationwide is particularly alarming because growing numbers of seniors are leaving high school unprepared for college success.

“These declines are not simply a byproduct of the pandemic,” she said. “They are further evidence of longtime systemic failures that were exacerbated by the pandemic.”

Comparing states’ performance on the ACT has always been problematic, and it’s even more so because of pandemic disruptions.

In some states, only a fraction of students take the exam. And when states increase their participation rate, scores often go down because students who aren’t on a college track are tested.

Nebraska tests all public-school juniors as part of annual state assessments. However, the pandemic disrupted participation, further making year-to-year comparisons a bit dicey.

Prior to the pandemic, Nebraska was able to test 100% of graduates.

If there is a silver lining to be found, it lies in how Nebraska fared compared to states that similarly tested a large majority of graduates.

Of the 14 states with more than 90% of graduates taking the ACT, only Utah at 19.9 scored better than Nebraska.

In Nebraska, 20% of tested graduates met all four ACT benchmarks for college success, down from 23% a year earlier.

That was lower than students nationally, of whom 22% met the benchmarks — but the disparity could reflect Nebraska’s testing of a greater percentage of its students.

The benchmarks reflect the minimum ACT scores required for students to have a higher probability of success in credit-bearing first-year college courses.

Students who meet a benchmark have about a 50% chance of earning a B or better and approximately a 75% chance of earning a C or better in the corresponding college course or courses, ACT said.

In Nebraska, the percent of students meeting the benchmarks had held steady for several years when testing all grads.

Twenty-two percent of Nebraska graduates met all four benchmarks in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Nationally, the percentage of students meeting all four benchmarks dropped three percentage points, from 25% of students in 2021.

The percentage of students meeting no benchmarks was 42%, up from 38% of students in 2021, ACT said.

“Academic preparedness is where we are seeing the decline,” said Rose Babington, senior director for state partnerships for the ACT. “Every time we see ACT test scores, we are talking about skills and standards, and the prediction of students to be successful and to know the really important information to succeed and persist through their first year of college courses.”

The number of students taking the ACT has declined 30% since 2018, as graduates increasingly forgo college, and some universities no longer require admissions tests. But participation plunged 37% among Black students, with 154,000 taking the test this year.

Standardized tests such as the ACT have faced growing concerns that they’re unfair to minority and low-income students, as students with access to expensive test prep or advanced courses often perform better.

Babington defended the test as a measure of college readiness. “Now more than ever, the last few years have shown us the importance of having high-quality data to help inform how we support students,” Babington said.

Test scores now are optional for first-year student admission at many institutions. Some colleges, such as the University of California system, even opt for a test-blind policy, where scores are not considered even if submitted.

But many students still take the tests, hoping to get an edge in admissions by submitting their scores. Tyrone Jordan, a freshman at test-optional Arizona State University, said he took the ACT and the SAT to get ahead of other students and help him receive scholarships.

Jordan, who wants to pursue mechanical engineering, said he thinks his rigorous schedule at Tempe Preparatory Academy prepared him for college, and the standardized tests helped support him and his family financially.

“All the test did for me was deliver me extra financial money,” Jordan said.

This report includes material from the Associated Press.

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Killexams : Is it a Developmental Delay? What to Look for & Where to Find Support

Could it be a Developmental Delay?

Your gut tells you something is off. You’re not sure what it is, exactly, but your child has missed a few key milestones.

Maybe they’re behind on walking, talking, or something else, and you wonder – is this developmental delay or possibly a disability emerging?

The unknown, the questioning, the wondering, and the work to uncover what is going on can be very overwhelming.

When my son was diagnosed with autism at age seven, I didn’t know where to start.

When the shock of the diagnosis wore off, the first thing I did was track down local resources and community support groups for parents of children with disabilities.

That’s where this guide comes in – hopefully, it will help you find the resources and support you need as you navigate this time.


What is a Developmental Delay?

A developmental delay occurs when a child does not reach the same developmental milestones as their peers.

Delays can be when a child’s development slows, stops, or even reverses.

These milestones are based on what a majority of children reach by a certain age and include cognitive, speech, motor (gross and fine), social and emotional skills.

Examples are a child babbling by 6 months old, being able to jump on two feet by age 2, and counting to ten by age 5.

How are Developmental Delays Diagnosed?

Doctors and nurses screen children for developmental delays and will refer you to a specialist if a delay is suspected.

Screening helps them determine if a child is learning basic skills comparable to their peers. Sometimes children are just slightly slower to learn a skill and will accomplish the goal on their own.

At other times, children benefit from seeing a physical, mental or occupational therapist, or other specialist.

Expect doctors to ask you questions about your family’s medical history, do a physical exam on your child, and interact/play with them to assess their skills.

If a delay is suspected, you and your child will be referred to a specialist for assessment.

Assessment certified include neuropsychologists or developmental behavior doctors.

Can Developmental Delays be Corrected?

Sometimes a child outgrows a developmental delay. Other times, extra help is needed.

The key is early detection, which is shown to significantly reduce the impact these delays have.

And even if a child could overcome their delay on their own, many parents enjoy using therapists to help their child along. Common therapy and support options for developmental delays include:

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Behavioral Therapy

Special Education

Are Developmental Delays and Developmental Disabilities the Same Thing?

No, they are not the same. A developmental delay is temporary, and a child usually outgrows or overcomes it through therapy.

Developmental disabilities are lifelong. These children also benefit from therapy, which will deliver them tools to be their best self.

What is a Developmental Disability?

Developmental disabilities impact a child’s day-to-day functioning in areas of physical, cognitive, speech or behavior skills.

These disabilities are present in infancy or childhood and are with a person for life.

Conditions that start in the teen years or adulthood are not considered developmental disabilities.

Is Autism a Developmental Disability?

Yes, autism falls under the umbrella of developmental disability.

What do I do if I Think My Child has a Developmental Disability?

Talk with your child’s doctor if you think there could be a problem.

You may be referred to a developmental-behavioral pediatrician or other pediatric certified for further evaluation.

School aged children with developmental delays or disabilities could also qualify for a 504 plan or IEP to help them with their education.

Mood Disorders, Anxiety & Depression

Mental health encompasses a wide range of conditions. The most common are anxiety and depression, but they are also many other mood disorders out there, such as bipolar disorder or seasonal affective disorder.

Mental health issues can affect any child at any age.

They can be hard to pinpoint – after all, growing up is all about learning to handle your emotions and all children experience emotional extremes. You might be wondering, could these sudden outbursts be normal, or a sign of something else going on?

If you’re wondering “does my kid need counseling,?” take notes of what you’re seeing and ask your pediatrician. And once you’re doing down this road, learn how using a child therapist works so you’re ready if you get that referral.

FCP mental health professional with patient girl © Provided by Grand Rapids Kids FCP mental health professional with patient girl


ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood.

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t outgrow ADHD. It lasts into adulthood.

Kids with ADHD often have trouble focusing, are easily distracted and struggle with organization. Many of these children are also impulsive.

Even though it’s common, living with ADHD is a struggle. It’s hard for kids (and adults!) to sit still and focus and they often feel misunderstood because they don’t operate in the world like society expects.

If you suspect your child has ADHD, these local pros offer ADHD testing and can connect you with therapists if your child has ADHD.

Often, ADHD is inherited, which means that you might also have it. Don’t overlook the signs that you might have ADHD as an adult. Because there is help for you, too!

ADHD in children Metro Health happy kid with fidget spinner © Provided by Grand Rapids Kids ADHD in children Metro Health happy kid with fidget spinner

Language and Speech Delays

Language and speech delays cover both struggles with communicating and/or understanding language.

Does your child have no issue speaking, but do they don’t seem to understand instructions you deliver them? Perhaps they know what you’re saying, but struggle to form words to respond.

These delays can have physical causes like hearing issues, a cleft palate or a tongue tie. Other times the delays stem from neurological delays or disabilities.

Kids with these delays are easily frustrated and can seem very irritable. But it’s only because they want to communicate and can’t!

Connecting your kid with a speech therapist is imperative to helping a child with a speech or language delay, and these certified work wonders.

Speech therapist with patient top doctor © Provided by Grand Rapids Kids Speech therapist with patient top doctor

Cognitive Delays

Cognitive delays describe children who are behind their peers in learning and solving problems.

Does your child take longer to grasp concepts that other kids their age have mastered? Do they not seem to have an awareness appropriate for their age or lack curiosity?

These delays (which can sometimes become lifelong, and therefore disabilities) could be genetic or caused by illness or injury.

Getting help for kids with cognitive delays greatly enhances their chances at success – both at school, and in life.

Many professionals can help kids with these delays. You might be referred to a speech therapist, behavior therapist, physical therapist or occupational therapist.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological developmental disability.

People with ASD often struggle with social cues and interaction and become obsessive with repetitive behaviors or interests. They usually learn and move differently than other children.

It used to be that kids with neurological disorders were often criticized by society – both at home and at school. Parents would be frustrated with their children and their children had no clue why they were misunderstood.

Nowadays we understand that kids with neurological disorders just navigate the world differently than us. Parents now have resources available to both help them understand their neurologically different kid, and for the child to understand how their brain works.

This comprehensive list of autism services helps kids and families in West Michigan thrive.

autism services in west mi © Provided by Grand Rapids Kids autism services in west mi


Dyslexia is a disability that prevents children (and adults) from understanding written words and processing sounds. They can even struggle with spoken words.

Because it drastically affects academic performance, dyslexia is considered a learning disability.

Being unable to process written instruction makes it increasingly difficult to keep up in class, even if they have the cognition to learn.

If your child struggles to read, ask if their school can test them for dyslexia. Schools often have practicing certified available or other resources to help these kids.

Depending on the severity of the diagnosis, speech or language therapists could also be helpful.

Motor Delays

Motor delays happen when children are behind their peers in either gross motor or fine motor skills.

They might struggle to jump on two feet, hold and use a crayon, or brush their teeth.

Pediatricians regularly screen patients for these delays, and early intervention can really help.

Children with motor delays benefit from occupational therapists and/or sensory-processing therapy.

Screening Programs for Kids

Dyslexia is a disability that prevents children (and adults) from understanding written words and processing sounds. They can even struggle with spoken words.

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Killexams : Success for Speaking Spaniel as Horndean woman wins dog trainer award

Gill Gallagher has worked with dogs since 2016, but began specialising her training towards Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels last year when she set up Speaking Spaniel, and it has proved to be a successful decision.

Gill said: ‘I’m so happy & excited to have this recognition, especially as the new spaniel specific business has only been operating since June this year. It was wonderful to be nominated but to win was amazing.

‘Over the last few years working bred spaniels have become increasingly popular and I have seen many families welcome them into their lives.’

The judges said: ‘What stood out was Gill’s passion and a wealth of knowledge and also that the training programmes were personalised for the families and their dogs focussing on their individual needs while incorporating the dog’s natural instincts & infectious personalities which may need to be harnessed.’

Gill will be given her award next year in a ceremony for winners.

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Killexams : Chester County personal trainer gives 5 fitness tips for Fall

Adam Lieb, a married father of two sons, rounded out his summer filled with family time in the outdoors hiking, biking and traveling in their RV.

Now with the start of school, the family has switched gears to fall sports and activities. As the owner of Chester County Training in South Coventry, Lieb has a busy schedule this time of year between managing his business on top of coaching his youngest son’s soccer team.

“This is our busiest time in personal training and starting new people off now that they are back from summer vacations and are looking to get back into a routine,” Lieb said. “I have four new people I’m working with now that just came in the past few weeks.”

Adam Lieb, owner of Chester County Training. (Photo submitted by Adam Lieb)
Adam Lieb, owner of Chester County Training. (Photo submitted by Adam Lieb)

In the morning after breakfast, which includes a plant-based protein shake, Lieb and his two boys head to his training studio for a mini workout before they head off to school.

“They exercise with me for 15 to 20 minutes every morning,” he said, adding they do rope climbs, pull-ups and push-ups, among other exercises.

Lieb, 39, who was a physical education teacher in the Boyertown Area School District for 16 years, has figured out a way to keep himself on top of healthy eating during this time of year by planning meals ahead for the week and using Sunday as a food prep day.

“If I cook my protein on a Sunday night, I can supplement that with a carbohydrate during the week,” he said.

Things like ground turkey, chicken, ground beef, or pork chops are examples of some of the protein choices he might cook in advance, along with carbohydrates, such as quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes.

“It’s good to get an idea of what your meals are going to be, so you don’t get caught guessing what to eat when you don’t have the time because you’re running to take a kid to practice or you have a meeting,” Lieb said. “It’s about making smart food choices that you decided on early in the week.”

Working in the field of exercise science is something Lieb, a strength and conditioning specialist, has wanted to do from a young age, which led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from East Stroudsburg University and a master’s degree in sport and exercise physiology from West Chester University.

Fall is the time advantage of the nice weather while we still have it by making the most of being active outdoors before cold temperatures set in by going on a hike or taking a bike ride. (Submitted Photo)
Fall is the time advantage of the nice weather while we still have it by making the most of being active outdoors before cold temperatures set in by going on a hike or taking a bike ride. (Submitted Photo)

“This is what I’ve been thinking about since I was in seventh grade,” he said.

Today, Lieb works with clients who have been with him ever since he started his personal training business 14 years ago.

“It’s the best way to Boost your mental and physical health and your quality of life is better,” he said, of those who either train with him or one of his trainers two to three times a week.

Since Lieb’s profession is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, he used his expertise to come up with five fitness tips to inspire you to move and eat in a mindful way this fall.

1. Take Advantage of the Weather

Lieb suggests making the most of being active outdoors for the next two months while the weather is nice and you can be comfortable. Whether taking a hike, going for a bike ride or enjoying your pets outdoors, he said there are many ways to get physical this time of year without extreme temperatures getting in the way.

2. Get Back to a Routine

Lieb said you don’t need to wait until January to make a commitment to getting back to working out and eating well now that summer vacations are behind you. According to Lieb, the fall is a good time to get back to a consistent schedule and get back on track with food. He emphasized that exercise and nutrition are the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Be Mindful of Food Choices

The fall season is the launch pad for holiday eating, between all of the outdoor fall festivals and game days, so Lieb recommends being mindful of choices since celebration tends to be an excuse for overindulgence. He suggests considering alternative options, such as if watching an Eagles or Phillies game you can bypass the alcohol and wings with creative avenues, such as using plain yogurt and a zero-calorie seasoning packet to make a dip instead of a sour cream-based dip.

4. Find a Way to Hold Yourself Accountable to Exercise

Lieb said that finding a friend, personal trainer or group to work out with will enable you to hold yourself accountable to show up for exercise. He said the reason personal training works is because you schedule an appointment with a person and you have to show up, which in turn leads to success.

5. Plan Ahead for the Winter Months

According to Lieb, now is a good time to come up with an exercise plan for the winter months. This way you have a game plan in advance and won’t be stumped once the weather turns frigid and the outdoors are no longer ideal for exercising. He suggests playing pickleball or badminton indoors at a place like Smashville USA in Pottstown.

About Chester County Training

Chester County Training is a personal training service that offers one-on-one, partner, group, Zoom, or Facetime training sessions designed to meet specific exercise, strength, yoga, and nutritional goals. They will meet with clients at one of their three private personal training studios, located in South Coventry, your work site, or in the comfort of your home.  For in-home training, all exercise equipment is provided. Chester County Training’s focus is to help clients of all ages and fitness abilities achieve their health and fitness goals. Training appointments need to be scheduled in advance and free assessments are available. For more information, visit or on Instagram @Chester_County_Training

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Killexams : Leading Providers of Pre-Licensure Training and Reporting Software Team Up to Accelerate Career Success for Home Inspectors

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Leading Providers of Pre-Licensure Training and Reporting Software Team Up to Accelerate Career Success for Home Inspectors

Oct 04, 2022 (PRNewswire via COMTEX) -- PR Newswire

WAUKESHA, Wis., Oct. 4, 2022

Edcetera's ICA and Spectora, home inspection industry leaders, announce exclusive partnership

WAUKESHA, Wis., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Edcetera, developer of a popular suite of online courses for professional development, board examination, and occupational licensure in skilled trades and professions, today announced a partnership between its home inspection training school, Inspection Certification Associates (ICA), and Spectora, the all-in-one home inspection software used by more than 8,000 professionals nationwide. Through this partnership, ICA and Spectora will provide all of the training needed to become a home inspector, as well as the modern business tools, reporting software, and ongoing education needed to build a successful career - all-in-one affordable package.

"Now more than ever, people are looking for careers that provide flexibility and autonomy," said Nader Qaimari, chief executive officer of Edcetera. "Home inspection is a career that provides both of those things and more, while being accessible to people from all walks of life. That is why we embarked on this exclusive partnership, which brings together two of the most respected brands in the home inspection industry. Our powerful combination of training, technology, and support will help any new home inspector start their career with all the tools to succeed."

Careers in home inspection, which can be full-time professions or secondary income-boosting vocations, are becoming increasingly attractive to people seeking entrepreneurial opportunities that also provide flexibility, stability, and high-income potential. Home inspection offers a non-degree pathway to careers that boast median annual wages of more than $77,000-significantly above the national median wage. Successful established home inspectors report earning well above $100,000 annually.

Edcetera's ICA trains students with a wide variety of educational levels and backgrounds to become home inspectors through comprehensive online, classroom, and field training under the supervision of a licensed home inspector. ICA also provides board exam preparation courses to ensure students are successfully prepared to meet state requirements on the written exam.

Spectora offers the most advanced, yet most intuitive, home inspection reporting software on the market. This indispensable tool helps home inspectors conduct thorough inspections, while also making it easy to create visually compelling and clear reports for both homeowners and real estate professionals. Spectora also develops and hosts custom websites for home inspectors, enabling them to build their business without needing to become experts in website development and design.

The package available through this partnership provides access to ICA's pre-licensure course-delivered by licensed home inspector expert instructors, a 1-year subscription to Spectora software, a professionally-designed business website, and one year of website hosting services. Home inspectors can continue their education through Edcetera Home Inspection, which offers programming designed to help current and aspiring home inspectors maintain their professional licensure and grow their skills over time.

"We are thrilled to be teaming up with ICA to deliver this incredibly valuable package to aspiring home inspectors," said Kevin Wagstaff, founder of Spectora. "The combination of their highly-regarded training and our user-friendly report writing software and turnkey marketing bundle puts a successful career in home inspection in reach for virtually anyone."

To learn more about the joint offering, please see

About Edcetera: Edcetera is on a mission to help unlock opportunity by harnessing the power of credentialing and professional licensure. We help people at all stages of their careers by providing licensing, test preparation, continuing education, and more. Our significant regulatory experience, paired with our extensive breadth of subject matter expertise and agile delivery methods, allow us to adapt rapidly to new and evolving regulatory and professional requirements and trends. Edcetera is a portfolio company of Eden Capital.

About Spectora: Spectora provides modern home inspection software and business tools for the modern home inspector. Spectora's iPhone/iPad and Android mobile app helps home inspectors write high-quality home inspection reports that deliver buyers and agents the information they need in a clean, easy-to-read report. Spectora's business automation tools help inspectors grow their business and manage it more efficiently. Spectora is based in Denver, Colorado.

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SOURCE Edcetera


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