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Apache Webserver
Sair Webserver action

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Apache Webserver
Question: 77
The following is an example of what type of CGI script?
#Hello, World! Script echoContent-type: text/html echo
Hello, World!

Hello, World!'
A. PHP script
B. HTML scipt
C. Shell script
D. JavaScript
E. Perl script
Answer: C
Question: 78
Joni, a system administrator, would like to test a Web server to see how it will withstand a
load of 100 simultaneous hits. Which command would she most likely use?
A. ab -<100
B. ab -L100
C. ab 100
D. ab 100
E. ab -n100
Answer: E
Question: 79
Justin has entered the following lines into httpd.conf, but he is not sure what exactly these
new lines will do. Which of the following will be caused by the lines Justin entered?
(Choose two)
ExpiresActive on
ExpiresByType text/html M604800
ExpiresByType image/jpg A2592000
A. JPG images will expire after a month in the client's cache.
B. JPG images will expire after a week of non-use.
C. JPG images will expire a month from the time they were changed.
D. HTML documents will remain active for a week from the time they were changed.
E. HTML documents will remain active for a month from the time they were changed.
F. HTML documents will remain active for a week in the client's cache.
Answer: A, B
Question: 80
Which of the following will occur if the StartServer Apache directive is set to five?
A. Five instances of mod_quickstart.o will be started.
B. Five child processes will be started for every request.
C. Five child processes will be started when Apache starts.
D. Five virtual hosts will be started for every request.
Answer: C
Question: 81
Which of the following is NOT an option that is supported by the Linux apachectl script?
A. start
B. restart
C. stop
D. graceful
E. kill
Answer: E
Question: 82
An administrator wishes to install a new Apache module without recompiling Apache. He
wants the modules automatically placed in the proper locations and the appropriate
directive added in the httpd.conf file. Which of the following utilities will allow the
administrator to accomplish this task?
A. apmodprobe
B. apxs
C. apachectl
D. apconfig
E. apbuild
Answer: B
Question: 83
Using a name-based virtual host, how does a client make a request to the desired host?
A. The client listens for a particular IP address that is set in the httpd.conf file.
B. The client requests are compared to the server's /etc/hosts file.
C. The client browser provides the host header, which the server matches against the list
of virtual hosts.
D. The client browser provides a virtual script that includes the desired port number.
Answer: C
Question: 84
Eddy is maintaining a large Apache server used for holding and transferring files via the
Web. He has accumulated many archive files with the tar.gz extension and would like to
prevent them from being shown when directories are listed. Which line could he add to
either httpd.conf or .htaccess to accomplish this?
A. IndexHide "tar.gz
B. IndexHide "-tar.gz"
C. IndexIgnore *.tar.gz
D. IndexIgnore!.tar.gz
E. IndexList no .tar.gz
F. IndexList !tar.gz off
Answer: C
Question: 85
Which of the following modules MUST be compiled into the Apache server?
A. http_core.c
B. apache_so.c
C. charset_so.c
D. tcpip_core.c
Answer: A
Question: 86
A system administrator has entered the directive below into httpd.conf. Which of the
following will she have to type into the browser to get the aliased page? Assume the file
access permissions are set correctly. Alias /html/ /user/local/my_dir/my_html/
A. http://localhost/
B. http://localhost/html/
C. http://localhost/usr/local/html
D. http://localhost/my_dir/html
Answer: B
Question: 87
Apache servers a document according to certain characteristics provided by the
requesting browser. These characteristics of the document are called the document's
dimensions. What dimension is used when Apache serves a request from a browser that
has a preference for gzip compressed document?
A. type
B. encoding
C. compression
D. format
Answer: B
Question: 88
You are the system administrator of an Apache server that houses the Web site This site allows users with normal accounts to have home pages, and it
houses several other mission critical Web sites. A user, Joe, has a home page that requires
a change in one of the Apache configuration directives. Joe wants to allow or deny access
to his home page based on a username/password combination. Which of the following is
the best way to implement this change?
A. Allow Joe to configure the appropriate .htaccess file.
B. Install the mod_runtime_auth module and allow Joe to make the appropriate changes
to httpd.conf.
C. Make the appropriate changes to httpd.conf file and restart httpd.
D. Make the appropriate changes to the global .htaccess file and restart httpd.
Answer: A
Question: 89
Which of the following represents a security concern of programming CGI scripts using
the C programming language?
A. C programs must run with setuid root.
B. If the program receives more data then the amount of memory it has allocated, a buffer
overflow can cause the program to exit to a shell on the server.
C. Many early C compilers lack the ability to dynamically alter file permissions, which
result in many C programs running with root permissions.
D. CGI scripts written in C compile at runtime on the client system, which makes the
client vulnerable.
E. If the server and client do not have identical compiler versions; the lesser compiler is
used, which may known exploits.
Answer: B
Question: 90
Jan wants her Apache server to be able to handle multiple requests over a single TCP
connection. Which of the following would allow her to do this?
A. Expirations
B. BrowserMatch
C. KeepAlive
D. PersistentConnect
E. ChunkEncode
Answer: C
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By completing this form, you are joining our People Power volunteer program and agreeing to receive emails, calls, or texts from the ACLU, its state affiliates, and their representatives about ways to take action and support the ACLU. To learn more about how People Power uses your data, please see our Privacy Policy.

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Strike Action

All Articles for

Strike action, also called labor strike, on strike, greve, or simply strike, is a work stoppage caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. A strike usually takes place in response to employee grievances. Strikes became important during the Industrial Revolution, when mass labor became important in factories and mines. In most countries, strike actions were quickly made illegal, as factory owners had far more political power than workers.

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Urban Action Lab

By working through partners in the Boston Areas, the Corcoran Center engages students in experiential learning, which drives student understanding of multidisciplinary collaboration and delivers positive social impact. Past activities include:

Working with dozens of community-based organizations to host successful and impactful summer internships 

Urban Action labs have supported several projects in Boston neighborhoods:

  • Economic Development Planning through longitudinal partnerships with community-based organizations
  • Reimagined development concept of large-scale mixed-income community in partnership with Mass Housing and Boston Housing Authority
  • Developed Demographic study of Boston Metropolitan Area Caribbeans 
  • Study of Urban Agriculture and innovation that would Excellerate operations and production

 Real Estate Field Projects teams developed options for Churches, blighted theaters, and strategically advantageous placemaking initiatives

 Days of Service in Mattapan in coordination with student volunteer groups

  • Corcoran Center students digitally restored historical images of VFW and American Legion post-commanders dating back to 1919
  • Several years of support of BC Children's Theater performances in Boston neighborhood schools.
  • Cleaning, painting, and updating classrooms and offices for Mattahunt Elementary School in partnership with BC Volunteer and Service Learning groups.

 Mattapan faith-based organizations, parents, pastors, and youth leaders are invited to BC Artsfest.

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Support & Opposition

We created this page of our Web site to set forth reasons in support of, and in opposition to affirmative action, with the intent that these summaries would be helpful to students who are writing research papers about affirmative action, a controversial topic.

In support of Affirmative Action
Affirmative Action is designed to end the discrimination of people based on race and nationality. It is a way to provide non-whites an opportunity to have decent jobs and add to the diversity at any work place.

Diversity is desirable, but without a concerted effort to attract students and faculty from different identity groups, higher education communities would not be very diverse. In a diverse setting one can grow from interacting with people from different backgrounds by learning about their cultures and experiences. This knowledge helps eliminate stereotypes. In classrooms with people from different identity groups, students and faculty members can learn new perspectives from each other. For people who have been challenged in their lives (e.g. by economic hardship or by attending schools with few resources), affirmative action provides educational opportunities and a chance to prove that they can achieve. Racial and sexual barriers still exist in our society: affirmative action attempts to create a level playing field to help people compensate for that fact. Overall, people of color are exceptional assets to universities, colleges and employers. Their contribution adds to the quality of a place.

In Opposition to Affirmative Action
Some people say that instead of ending discrimination, affirmative action actually does the opposite. They say that it is unfair to use race as a consideration in admitting students to a college or university. Others argue that many of the students admitted on the basis of affirmative action are not equipped to perform in, for example, Ivy League schools. They say that the possibility for their success is low. Some say that affirmative action discourages students of color from achieving their best: there is little incentive to strive for a 4.0 average if one believes that a 3.2 average is all that is needed for being admitted. Others argue that giving minorities "special treatment" is in essence saying that they are too stupid to succeed in school or to find a job on their own. Overall, they say that minorities are demeaned because they are chosen on the basis of affirmative action: affirmative action then is a way to perpetuate a lack of incentive on the part of minorities to achieve success on their own.

Connecticut College Supports Affirmative Action
At Connecticut College, affirmative action influences hiring practices but not admission procedures. The College, as an institution, supports affirmative action as a tool for achieving diverse workplaces, although not all individual members of the College community support its use. At times this course becomes the focus of debate on campus.

Affirmative action is an imperfect tool designed to help eliminate racial and sexual barriers to access, promotion, and success in the workplace and in college admission. Many members of the College's administration and faculty believe that there is still a need for its use in our society.

At Connecticut College, we strive to create a community that welcomes the individuality of each person who lives, works and/or studies here. While we use the legal tool of affirmative action in hiring, much of what we do to build a vibrant, diverse community go beyond procedures that are defined by law. We are an educational community in which there are many opportunities for dialogue and engagement across all lines of difference. We believe that knowledge and personal relationships are powerful antidotes to prejudice.

Other Web sites of Interest
Stanford University's Encyclopedia of Philosophy describes the history of affirmative action from a philosophical perspective, paying attention to both support for it and opposition to it:

The American Council on Education published a report in 1997 entitled, "The Case for Affirmative Action."

One issue of the Stanford University Magazine focused on this course in 1996. The articles can be found at the following address. This address takes the reader to the article against affirmative action. Links to the "for" article and other related articles appear on the left-hand side of the

This website was compiled by Judy Kirmmse, former Affirmative Action Officer at Connecticut College, and Yalidy Mercedes Matos '09.

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Bear Proofing your Camp

Friday January 05, 2024  

excerpted from The Backpacker's Field Manual
by Rick Curtis

The goal of bearproofing your camp is to minimize odors that might attract bears, and to set up safe storage areas for food and garbage that are out of reach of bears and are away from your sleeping area. The best way to do this is to start with a camp set up that facilitates these goals. In his book Safe Travel in Bear Country, Gary Brown describes a basic camp set up where the sleeping area is upwind of the kitchen and food storage area and at least 300 feet (100 meters) apart (see Figure 6.26).


Figure 6. 26

General Bear Bagging Tips:

“Bear bagging” is something of a general term used for hanging your food. There are lots of other animals (raccoons, opossums, coyotes, chipmunks, skunks, etc.) that will go after human food. In some cases you may be camped in locations where there are no bears, but still need to hang your food at night. The best thing to do is talk with local rangers about what the “critter” population is and what precautions you will need to take. In areas with significant bear problems, there may be permanent food hanging stands or containers provided by the park.

Hang up all food (except unopened canned food), pots, pans, cups, bowls, utensils, all garbage. In grizzly bear territory you should also hang up used tampons (see Chapter 5 - Leave No Trace Camping: Women and Menstruation; Chapter 7 - Natural History: Dealing with Bears). On one backpacking trip in Shenandoah National Park, we diligently hung everything up. Around midnight a black bear came into camp and trotted off with someone’s pack. He had left a tube of toothpaste in one of the outer pockets (perhaps because of their breath problems, bears love toothpaste). Be sure that your camp is clean of food scraps which may attract a bear. Suspend food and garbage in duffel bags, stuff sacks, or sealed plastic bags at least 12-15 feet (3.6 - 4.5 meters) above the ground and at least 8 feet (2.4 meters) from the tree trunk. The bags should hang from a point where the tree can still support them but bear cubs and other critters will have difficulty reaching them. Make sure the bags cannot be reached from the ground, either.

Be creative and sensible with your techniques of hanging food. A 75 foot (23 meters) rope (at least ¼ inch thick - 6 millimeters), two carabiners, and stuff sacks are helpful. When using stuff sacks, don’t hang the sack directly from the drawstring. Instead, wrap the string around the neck of the sack and tie it leaving a loop through which to clip a carabiner. This technique alleviates the stress on the drawcord by distributing the stress to the entire sack. Thus, the stuff sack is less likely to rip and spill its contents onto the ground. Below are two useful methods of bear bagging:

Counterbalance Method (see Figure 6.27):

  1. Find a tree with a live branch. The branch should be at least 15 feet (5 meters) from the ground with no object below the branch that could support a bear’s weight. The point at which you will toss the rope over the branch should be at least 10 feet (3 meters) from the tree. The branch should be a least 4 inches in diameter (10 centimeters) at the tree and at least 1 inch in diameter (3 centimeters) at the rope point.
  2. Separate your food and other items into two bags of roughly equal weight.
  3. Throw the rope over the branch. Attach one end of the rope to one of the bags.
  4. Raise the bag as high as you can up to the branch.
  5. Attach the other bag to the rope as high up on the rope as you can. Leave a loop of rope near the bag for retrieval.
  6. Push the second bag up to the level of the other bag with a long stick.
  7. To retrieve the bags, hook the loop of rope with the stick and pull it down. Remove the bag and then lower the first bag.

Bear Bag 5

Figure 6.27

Marrison Haul System

This simple but effective mechanical advantage hauling system was developed by Chris Marrison for the Outdoor Action Program (see Figure 6.28). It's particularly helpful when you have heavy food loads. Bears are very intelligent and some bears are smart enough to know that by cutting the diagonal rope to the tree, they can bring down the food bag.

  1. Find a tree with a live branch. The branch should be at least 15 feet (5 meters) from the ground with no object below the branch that could support a bear’s weight. The point at which you will toss the rope over the branch should be at least 10 feet (3 meters) from the tree. The branch should be a least 4 inches in diameter (10 centimeters) at the tree and at least 1 inch in diameter (3 centimeters) at the rope point.
  2. Throw the rope over the branch. Test the branch to make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight (don't be standing directly underneath when you test). Make a Truckers Hitch about 6 feet (2 meters) from the ground and clip carabiner 1 into the bight.
  3. Feed the running end of Rope End B through Carabiner 2 and then through Carabiner 1.
  4. Pull the end of the Rope End A to move Carabiner 1 as close to the tree branch as possible. Tie off Rope End A to the tree.
  5. Attach the food bag to Carabiner 2 and haul the bag as high up as possible. Tie off Rope End B.
  6. To retrieve the bag, untie Rope End B and lower the bag to the ground.

Bear Bag 6

Figure 6.28

Helpful Hauling Hints:

  • Use a sturdy tree as a block around which to pull the rope. Protect the bark from friction in the rope by using a stuff sack or piece of clothing.
  • Find a sturdy, dead branch on the ground and tie the end of the rope to be pulled to this branch. The branch serves as a yoke and allows more than one person to efficiently pull on the rope at once.

If the Area is Treeless:

If you are going to be traveling in a treeless area where bears are present you will need to take additional precautions. You may want to invest in bearproof plastic containers to store your food in and leave this on the ground away from your Sleeping Area and Cooking Area (see Figure 6.26). Bears may still be able to smell the food, but they cannot open the containers. Some parks provide bear containers or bear poles. A bear pole is a pole with a Y-shaped top. Using a large lifting pole with a hook on the end you can place your bags up in the fork of the Y.

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Dementia Action Week

Dementia diagnosis rates have stagnated, many are facing dementia alone, without access to the vital support that a diagnosis can bring.

This Dementia Action Week we're encouraging individuals and their families to seek a timely diagnosis and avoid reaching crisis point.

Getting a diagnosis can be daunting, but we believe it’s better to know. And so do 91% of people living with dementia.

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Rick Williams Rick Williams has kept 6abc viewers informed for more than 25 years as an anchor and reporter. He currently co-anchors Action News at 5 p.m., and assumed his role as anchor of Action News at 11 p.m. in January 2022.

Rick also reports for Action News' weekly "Crimefighters" series. Before that, Rick co-anchored Action News Mornings, helping to create a dominant early morning program.

Rick arrived in Philadelphia in 1988 from WRAL-TV in Raleigh, North Carolina. Before that, he worked in Huntington, West Virginia and Washington D.C., where he also worked in radio and attended college at Howard University.

Although Rick was born in New York, he considers himself a true Philadelphian and has spent much of his time helping to uplift the community and inspire young people in their academic endeavors. He currently sits on the board of Philadelphia Futures, a non-profit organization that mentors college-bound Philadelphia students. He is also a board member of the Moorestown Theater Company, and has taken the stage in a few musical productions with his family and friends.

While Rick has covered a variety of big events and has interviewed various presidents, politicians and celebrities, one of his favorite assignments is hosting the 6abc Thanksgiving Day Parade alongside Cecily Tynan, which he has enjoyed every year since 2009.

Thu, 02 Dec 2021 09:36:00 -0600 en text/html
Take action to help individuals at risk and defend human rights Wed, 30 Mar 2011 00:07:00 -0500 text/html Take Action

The news media has given Donald Trump a special phone privilege, allowing him to call in to shows instead of forcing him to appear via satellite or in studio. As a result of this privilege, Trump can appear on more shows, and he can avoid being confronted by images and demonstrations showing his lies for what they are. Tell news networks that it’s time to take away Trump’s special privilege.

Mon, 25 Dec 2023 15:39:00 -0600 en text/html

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