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Killexams : Axis Network student - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/AX0-100 Search results Killexams : Axis Network student - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/AX0-100 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Axis Killexams : Elomir Reviews (Axis Klarity) Real Opportunity or Fake MLM?

Elomir is a nutritional company offering products to help you thrive.

Currently, in the promotional pre-enrollment phase, Elomir offers unique products – and a unique opportunity. The company’s flagship product is a dissolvable tongue strip that targets inflammation, gut health, and mental clarity.

Do Elomir products live up to the hype? Should you sign up for Elomir? Keep memorizing in our review to discover everything you need to know about Elomir today.

What is Elomir?

Elomir is a network marketing company in the final steps of its pre-launch phase.

Found online at Elomir.com, Elomir aims to offer products to boost mood, mental clarity, and energy, among other benefits.

Elomir’s flagship product is Axis Klärity, a strip that dissolves on your tongue to deliver powerful active effects. After letting the Axis Klärity dissolve on your tongue, you can feel the benefits within minutes – including better focus, a mellow mood, and a flatter belly, among other effects.

In the future, Elomir plans to launch other products – including other supplements that use the unique dissolvable diffusion technology to deliver active effects directly to your bloodstream through your tongue.

Elomir customers can make money by referring Elomir to friends and family. Elomir lets you build a team of Brand Partners and Customers, then earn income through referrals and commissions.

Every time someone buys Elomir products or an Elomir membership through your link, you receive a commission. Elomir has a 13-tier company structure, paying different bonuses and rewards as you progress through the ranks and build your network.

To become an Elomir Brand Partner, you must pay a membership fee of $49 per year (or buy an Enrollment Pak to waive the membership fee). You continue paying the membership fee annually to remain active in Elomir.

What is Axis Klärity?

Elomir’s flagship product is called Axis Klärity. It’s a dissolvable, nutrient-packed strip you place on your tongue.

Featuring unique diffusion technology, Axis Klärity delivers its active ingredients to your bloodstream as quickly as possible. Letting the strip dissolve on your tongue allows the ingredients to work as soon as possible.

According to Elomir, Axis Klärity can lead to benefits like:

The strip comes in a single flavor: berry fusion. Its made from natural flavors and sweetened with stevia.

Here’s how Elomir describes the benefits of Axis Klärity:

“3 simple and effective ingredients blend, combined with the exclusive proprietary Diffusion Technology. You may feel the benefits in minutes by simply allowing the strip to dissolve on your tongue!”

The proprietary Axis Klärity blend consists of 45mg of three active ingredients, including:

Curcumin Conjugate: Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and studies show it’s linked to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Derived from turmeric root, the curcumin conjugate in Axis Klärity could help manage exercise-induced sore muscles, according to Elomir. Many people take curcumin daily for joint pain, inflammation, and general health and wellness.

NAC Conjugate: Axis Klärity uses N-acetyl L-cysteine (NAC), one of the trendiest ingredients in the anti-aging supplement community. NAC, according to Elomir, has been shown to promote detoxification and reduce oxidative stress in the body. Many people take NAC daily for anti-aging effects.

Thiamine Conjugate: The third and final active ingredient in Axis Klärity is thiamine conjugate. Thiamine, also known as vitamin B1, supports in helping calm the mind while enhancing mood, clarity, and focus, according to Elomir.

About Elomir’s Diffusion Technology

Elomir’s flagship product, Axis Klärity, uses diffusion technology to deliver the active ingredients into your body as quickly as possible.

With traditional supplements, you need to wait for the ingredients to pass through your stomach and into your intestines before they deliver their active effects.

With Elomir’s diffusion technology, that’s not the case; instead, your body starts to absorb the ingredients as soon as they’re in your mouth. As the strip dissolves on your tongue, it turns the active ingredients into a liquid, spreading the ingredients around your mouth and allowing them to enter your bloodstream via your gums and other sensitive mouth tissues.

Here’s how Elomir explains their unique diffusion technology:

“This breakthrough technology was developed to offer a solution for the poor bioavailability and absorption of the more conventional forms of these ingredients.”

Turmeric has been shown to provide antioxidant effects, which is why it’s a popular supplement ingredient. However, turmeric is also difficult for your body to absorb. When you take turmeric powder, your body doesn’t absorb much of it.

To help boost the absorption of turmeric and other active ingredients in Axis Klärity, Elomir developed diffusion technology.

The diffusion technology combines the active ingredients with a carrier molecule. The carrier molecule triggers absorption via diffusion. Here’s how Elomir explains what happens when the strips meet your tongue:

“By encapsulating the ingredients with a carrier molecule that triggers facilitated diffusion absorption, this technology provides an optimal delivery system of these potent ingredients.”

All three active ingredients in Axis Klärity are called “conjugates,” which means they work differently than standard versions of supplement ingredients. Here’s how Elomir explains the choice to use conjugate formulas for maximum absorption:

“Our conjugate formulas are water-soluble, more stable, and deliver the minimum amount for maximum results!”

Each strip of Axis Klärity contains 45mg of a proprietary blend. According to Elomir, the tongue strips deliver superior absorption at a lower dosage, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of thiamin, curcumin, and NAC.

Axis Klärity Ingredients

Elomir has published the complete list of active and inactive ingredients in Axis Klärity.

Here’s what you get in each strip of Axis Klärity:

Axis Klärity Proprietary Blend: 45mg of cyclodextrin, thiamine conjugate, N-acetyl L-cysteine conjugate, and curcumin conjugate

Other Ingredients: Purified water, cellulose complex (with pullulan, guar gum, pectin, cellulose, starch, and cyclodextrin), natural blackberry flavor, natural raspberry flavor, organic MCT oil, hydrolyzed sunflower lecithin, rebaudioside M (stevia extract), citric acid, magnesium citrate, sea salt, malic acid, quillaia extract, and tapioca maltodextrin.

Axis Klärity is gluten-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan.

Axis Klärity Benefits

Elomir connects Axis Klärity with several benefits, including everything from gut health to a calmer mind.

Here are the four core benefits of Axis Klärity and how they work, according to Elomir:

Natural Mood Booster: Axis Klärity can encourage a mellow mood throughout the day, according to Elomir.

Promotes Gut Health: Gut health is linked to virtually every other system in your body, from mood and energy to inflammation. Axis Klärity can purportedly promote gut health and “support your second brain.”

Encourage a Calm Mind: Busy lifestyles can fry your brain. We’re overloaded with sensory data constantly. Axis Klärity claims to encourage a calm mind by calming your busy thoughts and creating clarity and focus all day long.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Axis Klärity also purportedly has anti-inflammatory properties, according to Elomir. The company claims the curcumin in Axis Klärity may help Boost joint mobility and support a healthy inflammatory response.

According to Elomir testimonials online, people have experienced various benefits using the Axis Klärity test strips.

One woman claims she has noticeably higher energy just 8 minutes after taking the tongue strips, for example, and is ready to tackle the day.

Another customer, a 13-year-old middle school student, uses the tongue strips to help her get through school every day, claiming the strips help her feel calm and focused. Other customers report better energy, less stress, and other benefits.

Axis Klärity Pricing

Axis Klärity is priced at $89 per box. Each box contains 30 strips.

The pricing works out to around $3 per strip.

The Elomir Opportunity

If you like Axis Klärity and Elomir, you could make money by promoting the product and the company to other people.

Elomir is a network marketing company. The company aims to offer benefits like:

Your Hours: Set your own schedule.

Your Income Opportunity: Hard work and determination can go a long way, and the fate of your business lies in your hands.

Your Team: Build a team of Brand Partners and Customers.

Elomir is marketing an opportunity to anyone who wants to make extra income, get help paying bills, or build long-term home-based businesses. You can be your own boss and access a compensation plan to help meet your financial goals.

If you decide to take advantage of the Elomir opportunity, then you can join as a Brand Partner. As a Brand Partner, you earn money through retail bonuses, fast start bonuses, generational team bonuses, rank advancement bonuses, and 3X bonuses.

To qualify as a Brand Partner, you must buy at least one box of tongue strips ($89) and pay a membership fee of $49 per year (or buy a Leader Pack / Enrolment Pak).

The Elomir Compensation Plan

Elomir has published full details about its compensation plan online here.

As a Brand Partner, you can earn money through five methods:

Retail Bonus: You earn 35% commissions whenever someone purchases Elomir products through your Brand Partner online retail store. The Enrolling Brand Partner receives a Retail Bonus of 35% of the CV of the order.

Fast Start Bonus: When a new Brand Partner first enrolls in Elomir, they can purchase an initial Enrollment Package of their choice. The Enroller receives a Fast Start Bonus up to 4 generations deep, based on rank. You must be an Active Brand Partner with 65 PV (including your personal orders and personally enrolled customers’ orders) to qualify for the Fast Start Bonus. It’s paid weekly and monthly.

Generational Team Bonus: Elomir offers a monthly generational team bonus. Volume from your Brand Partners and their customers’ product purchases are paid through a “unilevel tree.” As a Brand Partner progresses further up the ranks at Elomir, they can earn monthly generational team bonus pay based on rank. Generational Team Bonuses start at $18 (for Icon level) and go up to $104,000 (for Legend level), with Legend being the 13th tier of the company.

Rank Advancement Bonus: Elomir also offers rank advancement bonuses monthly based on the new rank up of the Brand Partner. To earn the rank advancement bonus, you must reach the rank of Icon4, which is the fourth tier of the company’s structure. The bonus starts at $200 for Icon4 and moves up to $80,000 for Legend.

3X Rank Bonus: Elomir offers a 3X rank bonus to Brand Partners who rank up within their first full month from enrollment. They can earn 3X the bonus on the highest level rank you achieve in that time period. This bonus is paid from Icon4 through Icon7, which are the 4th to 7th tiers of the Elomir company structure. You get paid on the highest level rank you achieve, and it’s not cumulative. Your rank is based on where you are on the last day of the first entire calendar month.

Elomir Refund Policy

You can request a refund of any amounts charged by contacting Elomir’s customer service at support@elomir.com.

You can also request a refund on Elomir products (like the tongue strips) within 30 days of your date of purchase and receive a full cash refund or exchange.

You need to return the unused portion of your product or empty product containers to qualify for a refund.

Elomir Membership Fee

Like most network marketing companies, Elomir charges a membership fee. To remain active as a Brand Partner, you must pay this membership fee (or buy a package of Elomir products).

Elomir calls its membership an “enrollment back office fee.” You pay $49 annually, billed annually and renewed yearly, to remain an active Brand Partner with Elomir.

You must also buy a box of Axis Klärity tongue strips ($89.99 per box) to activate your membership.

Enrollment Back Office Fee: $49 (one-time fee), then $49 per year (charged one year after signup and every year after that until cancellation (plus $89.99 for one box of Axis Klärity tongue strips)

Elomir waives the membership fee if you buy an Enrollment Pak on signup.

The Elomir Enrolment Packs, also known as Leader Packs, are priced at $250 to $800 and come with multiple boxes of Axis Klärity:

  • 3 Box Leader Pack: $250
  • 5 Box Leader Pack: $400
  • 10 Box Leader Pack: $800

You can buy your Elomir membership fee or the Elomir Enrollment Pak using your debit card, credit card, check, or bank deposit.

About Elomir

Elomir is a network marketing company and nutritional supplement manufacturer based in Melissa, Texas.

According to Online Wealth Chronicles, Elomir was founded by Van Nguyen and Terry LaCore.

Van Nguyen has 17+ years of experience in the network marketing industry, while Terry has a manufacturing business that creates the dissolvable Elomir strips and other products. He’s the president of LACORE Enterprises and has experience in network marketing.

You can contact the company via the following:

  • Email: support@elomir.com
  • Mailing Address: 901 Sam Rayburn Hwy, Melissa, TX 75454

Final Word

Elomir is a network marketing company offering dissolvable tongue strips to help with mood, inflammation, and energy.

The company’s flagship product, Axis Klärity, contains curcumin and other active ingredients to target various benefits. Each box of 30 strips is priced at around $90.

Elomir has a 13-tier company structure, starting at Icon (the first tier) and going up to Legend (the 13th tier). You can also sign up for Elomir as a Brand Partner. In exchange for a membership fee (or the purchase of an Enrollment Pak), you have the opportunity to sell Elomir products (and Elomir memberships) to other people, then earn commissions on their purchases and membership fees.

To learn more about Elomir, the Axis Klärity dissolvable tongue strips, or the Elomir opportunity, visit the official website today at Elomir.com.


Wed, 13 Jul 2022 12:58:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.bellevuereporter.com/marketplace/elomir-reviews-axis-klarity-real-opportunity-or-fake-mlm/
Killexams : Axis Bank Mohara IFSC Code

Home IFSC code Axis Bank Chhattisgarh Mohara

Axis Bank Mohara IFSC Code and MICR code in Chhattisgarh with branch details.

or Choose branch from below

or Choose from banks from Mohara from below

Sun, 17 Jul 2022 08:03:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.india.com/ifsc-code/axis-bank/chhattisgarh/mohara/
Killexams : ASX Tech Stocks: Tech Council is aiming for 1.2m Aussies in tech jobs by 2030 No result found, try new keyword!Tech jobs are critical across the economy with 861,000 people currently employed in tech jobs across Australia. Tue, 02 Aug 2022 14:36:45 -0500 en-au text/html https://www.msn.com/en-au/money/markets/asx-tech-stocks-tech-council-is-aiming-for-12m-aussies-in-tech-jobs-by-2030/ar-AA10faaV?fromMaestro=true Killexams : Japanese Lab Builds 5-Axis 3D Printer

A Japanese lab is investing some time in the possibilities of a 5-axis 3D printer. They show it printing using five axis as well as doing finish machining on a printed part. We’ve covered parts of why this is the right direction to go for 3D printing in another post.

It looks like they have modified an existing industrial machining center for use with a 3D printing nozzle. This feels like cheating, but it’s the right way to go if you want to start playing with the code early. The machines are intensely accurate and precise. After all, building a five axis machine is a well known science, 3D printing with one opens a whole new field of research.

There isn’t too much to show in the video, other than it’s possible and people are doing it. The Five-axis 3D printing and machining is uninteresting, we have been able to machine plastic for a long time.

However, they show one blue part in which the central axis of the part was printed vertically, but revolute splines along its outer perimeter were printed normal to the surface of the already printed 3D part. Which is certainly not commonly done. Video after the break.

Sat, 16 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 Gerrit Coetzee en-US text/html https://hackaday.com/2016/04/29/japanese-lab-builds-5-axis-3d-printer/
Killexams : Buy Axis Bank; target of Rs 940: Prabhudas Lilladher

Broker Research

July 27, 2022 / 05:52 PM IST

Prabhudas Lilladher's research report on Axis Bank

Axis bank core earnings were better driven by NIM beat and lower provisions led by steady asset quality. Loan growth at -0.9% QoQ was lower as corporate declined since AXSB evaded pricing pressure while higher yielding retail (SBB, agri, CC, and PL) saw strong traction, which might continue. Bank suggested that even if corporate growth is boosted, spread would not be diluted. Preference for profitability over growth could bode well, as systemic asset quality risks are benign. Cost to assets would remain elevated although target is to reduce it from 2.2% to 2.0% over FY22-25E. Asset quality improved QoQ with controlled net slippages and reduction in stressed pool. Valuation at 1.7x on FY24 ABV is comforting and discount to ICICIBC should narrow as RoE may enhance from 12.0% to 14.5% over FY22-24E.


Maintain multiple at 2.3x FY24 ABV and TP at Rs940. Retain BUY.

For all recommendations report, click here

Disclaimer: The views and investment tips expressed by investment experts/broking houses/rating agencies on moneycontrol.com are their own, and not that of the website or its management. Moneycontrol.com advises users to check with certified experts before taking any investment decisions.

Axis Bank - 260722 - prabhu

Broker Research

Mon, 25 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/stocks/buy-axis-bank-target-of-rs-940-prabhudas-lilladher-2-8893871.html
Killexams : NextNav, Valor Systems Partner to Bring Vertical Location Capabilities to Public Safety Agencies Nationwide

Partnership will empower decision making and safety of agency clients tracking threats and emergency responses in urban and high-risk environments

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- NextNav, a leader in next generation GPS, has partnered with Valor Systems (Valor), an industry leader in public safety and security software applications, to provide z-axis vertical location capabilities to first responders, public safety agencies, and corporate security clients. By leveraging NextNav's Pinnacle network, Valor's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) products and mobile suite of software solutions will now provide critical vertical location data needed to precisely pinpoint the location of threats or civilians in distress during an emergency.

NextNav Logo (PRNewsfoto/NextNav)

With clients across North America, Europe and Asia, Valor provides a highly scalable, multi-stakeholder solution to help command centers and investigators increase situational awareness and synchronize response efforts. Through the integration of NextNav's Pinnacle service, first responders and security agencies using the Valor suite of solutions will gain a 3D visualization of emergencies as they unfold, reducing response times and enhancing overall safety.

This actionable location data is especially critical in dense urban environments, where traditional 2D location capabilities can be insufficient and location precision is a "must-have" for crisis responders and security personnel.

"Valor was founded to serve the unique needs of both public and private safety entities and has maintained this commitment to its core for over 28 years", says Bill Rendina, CEO of Valor Systems. "With NextNav's precision z-axis managed location service, Valor clients will now be able to have an enterprise-wide common operating view of resources above or below ground level that is secure, encrypted and commensurate with the safety and security operations they rquire. Through the Valor platform, these clients will not only know where their resources are in dense urban environments but be empowered to make real-time command decisions via location intelligence relative to the hazard, threat or incident as it unfolds."

"Today's environment presents newfound challenges to all agencies tasked with serving and protecting our nation. All responders require the utmost in protection and safety, and NextNav's Pinnacle z-axis service ensures that the agencies Valor serves are securely located throughout their respective missions in real time" said Dan Hight, VP of Business Development. "Through the Pinnacle network service, Valor's customers will have refined intelligence and in-building location of all personnel, a critical factor in today's era where multi-agency, multi-discipline mobilization and/or threat modeling is required. Public safety is a core tenet of NextNav's DNA and this partnership expands upon our growing ecosystem of geo-powered vertical location service providers who are trusted to provide the highest degree of situational awareness and force protection."

The Pinnacle network delivers precise vertical location in 4,400 cities and towns – capturing 90% of buildings greater than three stories – in the United States. NextNav's Pinnacle powers applications across the public safety community to support stronger situational awareness for first responders. Earlier this year, a tier-one wireless carrier selected NextNav Pinnacle to bring z-axis capabilities to wireless 9-1-1 phone calls to enhance caller geolocation and emergency response outcomes.

Source: NN-FIN

About Valor Systems

Since 1994, Valor Systems has provided public safety and security software applications to help local, state and federal agencies, the US Military, healthcare, research labs, transportation, manufacturing, and global corporations Boost emergency response and increase first responder support. Valor offers CAD, RMS, Mobile and citizen reporting applications that can work independently and/or collectively in concert as one unified platform based on a client's budget, operational needs, and installation timeframe. Our systems can be installed locally on a customer's computer network or accessed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted on CJIS compliant, secured "cloud" network. Also, when needed, Valor's public safety modular suite can also connect students, faculty, staff, citizens, customers and/or employees into one integrated communication ecosystem to allow for real-time emergency reporting into the command center.

For more information, please visit www.valorsystems.com or follow Valor on LinkedIn

About NextNav

NextNav Inc. (Nasdaq: NN) is a leader in next generation GPS, enabling a whole new ecosystem of applications and services that rely upon vertical location and resilient geolocation technology. The company's Pinnacle network delivers highly accurate vertical positioning to transform location services, reflecting the 3D world around us and supporting innovative, new capabilities. NextNav's TerraPoiNT network delivers accurate, reliable, and resilient 3D positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services to support critical infrastructure and other GPS-reliant systems in the absence or failure of GPS.

For more information, please visit https://nextnav.com/ or follow NextNav on Twitter or LinkedIn

Gillian Smith
[email protected]

Cision View original content to get multimedia:https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nextnav-valor-systems-partner-to-bring-vertical-location-capabilities-to-public-safety-agencies-nationwide-301597764.html


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Killexams : Comorbidity of Substance Use and Axis I Psychiatric Disorders

Other Common Co-occurring Disorders

The co-occurrence of attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and psychoactive substance use disorders has recently received much attention. While ADHD used to be thought of as a childhood disorder, accurate evidence indicates that approximately 30% of individuals with ADHD continue to have the diagnosis in adulthood. In summarizing data from a number of studies of adults and adolescents with substance use disorders, a mean rate of 23% of subjects with ADHD was found.[75] Investigations of substance use disorders in adults with ADHD have estimated rates of alcohol use disorders to be between 17% and 45% and rates for drug abuse or dependence to be between 9% and 50%.[75]

As with many comorbid conditions, diagnostic issues remain somewhat unclear. Of help in the diagnosis of ADHD is the fact that core ADHD symptoms appear to be developmentally continuous with childhood symptoms. In fact, a longitudinal history of symptoms from childhood must be present to make the diagnosis in an adult. Because attentional problems may be a common occurrence during withdrawal states, assessment of symptoms must be made during a period of abstinence.

Pharmacotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of ADHD (Table I). The psychostimulants are the first line of treatment for uncomplicated ADHD in both children and adults. Because of the abuse potential of the stimulants, it is not clear that these medications are a reasonable choice for the treatment of adults with comorbid ADHD and substance use disorder. Several case studies of stimulant treatment of cocaine-dependent individuals with ADHD indicate therapeutic effects without medication misuse.[76] Clearly, this area warrants further investigation. If a decision is made to use stimulants, the medication use should be closely monitored, with careful evaluation of treatment compliance and substance use status. Other options for pharmacologic treatment include TCAs, clonidine, and bupropion.[77]

Behavioral treatments to Boost focus and attention can be helpful in the treatment of childhood ADHD, but are understudied in the treatment of adult ADHD.[77] As with other comorbid conditions, it is important to maximize nonpharmacologic treatment approaches.

Recent studies indicate that substance use disorders and eating disorders commonly co-occur. In a number of studies of substance use disorders in treatment-seeking bulimics, prevalence estimates of substance use disorders averaged 28%.[78] Substance use disorders appear to be less common in individuals with anorexia.

Commonalities between eating disorders and substance use disorders have been noted. These include the loss of control over the use of a substance, preoccupation with an abused substance, the use of a substance to cope with stress and negative feelings, and the secrecy and denial surrounding the behavior.[79] With this in mind, psychotherapeutic techniques that address both disorders clearly need to be developed. Biologic commonalities between these disorders have also been identified that can help guide pharmacologic treatment efforts. The serotonin system is thought to be involved in regulating appetite as well as alcohol consumption. The notion of serotonergic mechanisms underlying all consummatory behaviors has been offered.[14] Selective serotonin drugs have some efficacy in the treatment of bulimia.[80] In the absence of any specific studies addressing pharmacologic treatments in patients with comorbid substance use and eating disorders, SSRIs would be a reasonable first choice when a pharmacologic agent is indicated (Table I).

Tue, 26 Jul 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/430610_5
Killexams : Axis Bank-Citi deal likely to be completed by Q4FY23, says MD Amitabh Chaudhry

Axis Bank’s deal to acquire the consumer business of Citibank India will be completed by the fourth quarter of this financial year, managing director and chief executive officer Amitabh Chaudhry said on July 25.

“On the Citibank consumer business integration, we are awaiting CCI (Competition Commission of India) approval, and we expect to close the transaction by the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023,” Amitabh Chaudhry said at a conference call after the private lender’s April-June quarterly results.

Chaudhry said that Axis Bank cannot engage with Citi “extensively” till it gets the CCI approval, which was expected within six to eight weeks. However, the bank was working on integrating people, technology and business operations, he added.

Also read: Axis Bank Q1 Results | Net profit jumps 91%, beats estimate

In March, Axis Bank acquired Citibank's India consumer business for $1.6 billion in an all-cash deal. The transaction comprised the sale of consumer banking businesses of Citibank India, which include credit cards, retail banking, wealth management and consumer loans.

Axis Bank had said the deal would increase its credit-card customer base by around 31 percent with an additional 2.5 million cards.

The merger date would be when Axis Bank will take over the deposits and the assets of Citibank. Axis Bank does have the right to use the ‘Citi’ name for a certain period of time, Chaudhry said on July 25. Eventually, the bank’s plan is to provide the same experience to Citi consumers in the “same shape and form as before”, he added.

Q1 results

Axis Bank on July 25 reported a 91 percent year-on-year rise in net profit at Rs 4,125 crore for the quarter ended June, topping analysts' expectations of Rs 3,597.7 crore.

Despite robust net profit growth, the bank's operating profit fell 5 percent from a year ago owing to operating expenses growth of 34 percent and treasury losses. Core operating profit excluding trading income showed a growth of 17 percent year-on-year and 5 percent sequential growth, driven by resilient fee income growth.

Also read: Axis Bank Q1 results | Here are top five highlights of a healthy quarter

The private sector lender reported a 21 percent rise in net interest income to Rs 9,384 crore, exceeding Street's estimate of Rs 9,186.6 crore.

Loan growth was broad based, with retail loans growing 25 percent year-on-year and the corporate loan book growing faster by 27 percent.

The surge in net profit was also driven by a sharp drop in provisions to Rs 359 crore for the reported quarter from Rs 3,302 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Specific loan loss provisioning was down to Rs 777 crore from Rs 2,865 crore a year ago. This was because the pile of gross non-performing assets fell by 39 percent year on year.

Gross bad loans were just 2.76 percent of the bank's loan book, down from 3.85 percent a year ago and 2.82 percent the quarter before. On a net basis, non-performing loans slipped below 1 percent of the loan book to 0.64 percent. 

Axis Bank’s chief financial officer Puneet Sharma did not provide any guidance on credit growth but said the lender aims to grow faster than the industry.

In terms of margins, Sharma did not guide whether the bank was targeting 4 percent levels like its peers.  The lender's net interest margin (NIM) expanded 14 bps YoY to 3.60 percent in the June quarter and was up 11 bps sequentially.

“What we have categorically stated is that we have a NIM-bridging exercise that we fundamentally are undertaking,” Sharma added.
Mon, 25 Jul 2022 01:05:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/business/axis-bank-citi-deal-likely-to-be-done-by-q4fy23-says-md-amitabh-chaudhry-8884761.html
Killexams : Inflation surged in June and Americans should be furious at the Axis of Idiocy that created it

By now you’ve seen the news that June inflation hit an annualized rate of 9.1%. And you know that’s bad—not just bad, epically bad, the highest in 41 years. What you may not know is that right now a small army of economists are trying to figure out how best to react. Should they talk about whom to blame or worry about whom to warn?

I say, why choose? Let’s warn about the people who are to blame. 

Start with the Federal Reserve. They had one job—ONE JOB! They were supposed to keep inflation from ever getting started. Wednesday’s numbers are yet more evidence of how miserably they failed. And it’s not like they weren’t warned about the consequences of needlessly expansive monetary policy, they just thought they knew better. 


This is not controversial. The Fed knows it messed up. Chairman Jerome Powell has, to his credit, been saying as much for some time now. 

More importantly, Powell has been issuing warnings. Interest rates are going up, almost certainly by another 0.75% at the next meeting with several more rate hikes at least through 2023. Chairman Powell knows that makes a recession in the next 12 months even more likely. But he also knows that evading responsibility and not taking aggressive action now will make things even worse in the long run. Listen to his warning.   

There’s another thing Powell said; something that merits more attention and for which Powell deserves more credit. He’s said in the press conference after the last Fed meeting that the Fed won’t be paying much attention to "core inflation," the inflation rate after stripping out the effects of things like energy and food prices, which can bounce around by a lot.


The politicians, of course, will be yammering on about how the core inflation numbers show that this month’s dreadful news is just a quirky, one-off thing. Sure, they’ll say, $5 gas was terrible but now that those prices are coming down (by a bit) good times are sure to come. 

A gas tank driver delivers 8,500 gallons of gasoline at an ARCO gas station in Riverside, Calif., Saturday, May 28, 2022. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes) (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes / AP Newsroom)

This is nonsense. The core inflation numbers are down by a fraction over May but they’re still awful.  In any case, who cares. We have to eat and put gas in the car. That Powell gets that is a good thing. But it also means the Fed will not flinch from doing their job. 

Which brings us to the other end of this Axis of Incompetence, the politicians. 


This is not all the Fed’s fault. Beginning in 2021 the usual herd of politicians were promoting yet more "emergency" relief spending. And beginning in 2021 a number of responsible economists—and, to be fair, a few responsible politicians—were telling them that the spending wasn’t necessary and would likely lead to inflation. 

Never mind. There’s no safe way to get between a politician promising free money and a camera. Today’s numbers show the consequences of that folly. 


But should there be a warning that goes with the blame? I’m afraid so. The Fed is promising to do something that will be hard and likely painful. They’ve got to do it, but you need to be warned about what’s to come.

Most politicians don’t have a clue about what to do but they need to show us they care and some them will try to convince you they have a plan. You need to be warned about that too.


You can ignore the rhetoric but you can’t ignore the chaos some of these anti-inflation tactics will create. Despite the mountain of evidence indicating they don’t work, some politicians are proposing price controls. 

Some politicians want us to restructure whole industries, breaking up successful companies to in the name of "competition." 

Some politicians are even advocating that in the middle of the most serious inflation in two generations—an inflation that was partly caused by spending money—we need to spend more money. 

There you have it. Wednesday’s inflation numbers terrible news. It’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to be worried. In fact, be angry and thinking about the same people.   

Michael L. Davis is a clinical professor of economics at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University.

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