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Killexams : CheckPoint Principles plan - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/156-110 Search results Killexams : CheckPoint Principles plan - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/156-110 https://killexams.com/exam_list/CheckPoint Killexams : Student loan payments restart this fall — here’s what to know, paths to loan forgiveness

The student loan payment pause ends this fall, and close to 4 million Californians with student loan debt are set to resume payments starting Oct. 1. Loans will begin accruing interest a month before, on Sept. 1. 

That comes after the Supreme Court struck down President Joe Biden’s plan to forgive up to $20,000 of federal student loans for eligible borrowers last month. 

“I believe that the Court’s decision to strike down our student debt relief plan is wrong,” the president said in a written statement after the June 30 decision. “But I will stop at nothing to find other ways to deliver relief to hard-working middle-class families.”

If you’re expecting to resume loan payments this fall, here’s what you need to know about repayment options and what’s ahead.

How can I check my student loan balance, interest rate and servicer?

You can check all three through logging into StudentAid.gov and checking your dashboard. If you’re having trouble logging in, you can also call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243.

A full list of student loan servicer contact information is also available at the Federal Student Aid website.

If you’re having issues with your account history or having trouble getting in touch, you can also file a complaint to the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, according to Celina Damian. She’s the student loan servicing ombudsperson for California, and says she’s the “advocate for borrowers” if they have questions or issues

“It’s really important for them to right now know their loan, their options and then their rights — there is a California borrower Bill of Rights for California borrowers when they’re dealing with their [loan] servicers,” she said. 

What if I’ve never paid any of my loan balance?

You’re not alone — per federal data, over 63,000 Californians with student loan debt are 24 and younger, meaning you were probably in college or newly graduated when the student loan payment pause began in March 2020.

“There were a lot of changes during the last three years of the pandemic, so we really want borrowers to start preparing now by calling their servicers, by finding out their loan balances,” Damian said. 

First, you’ll want to make sure your contact info on StudentAid.gov and loan servicer’s website is updated.

Your first payment will be due Oct. 1 unless you’ve graduated, gone below part-time status or left school within the last six to nine months.

That repayment grace period depends on what federal loan you have. If it’s a Direct Subsidized, Unsubsidized or Federal Family Education Loan, your grace period is six months. If it’s a Perkins Loan, your grace period is nine months. (For more on grace periods, the Federal Student Aid Office has additional information here.)

You’ll learn the amount you need to pay at least 30 days before the payment’s due date, and receive a bill electronically and in your mailbox at least 21 days before then. 

When you get your basic loan information — namely, your current balance — Damian says you’ll be able to “find out what repayment plan is best.” 

A repayment plan can change the amount of your monthly payments. By default, everyone is signed up for the Standard Plan. But you can also switch to an income-driven repayment plan, which adjusts payments based on your income and household size. 

If you sign up to autopay your student loan payment balance each month, you’ll also knock 0.25% off interest. 

What should student borrowers in general know before payment restarts?

The Department of Education instituted a 12-month “on-ramp” to repayment from Oct. 1, 2023 to Sept. 30, 2024 for borrowers. 

Any late, missed or partial payments won’t count against borrowers’ credit, cause their loans to default or refer them to collection agencies during this period, though loans will continue to accrue interest. After the on-ramp ends, future monthly bills will be adjusted to reflect the impact of the additional loan interest.

And last year, the federal government cleared all past due balances for student borrowers who defaulted or were delinquent on three types of loans:

  • William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) Program loans
  • Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans (both Department of Education-held and commercially-held) 
  • Department of Education-held Perkins Loans

That means if you weren’t eligible to sign up for an income-driven repayment plan due to defaulted or delinquent loans, you can now do so. 

Damian with the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation stressed that everyone — not just new borrowers — call their loan servicer, check their loan balances and interest and make sure all their contact information is updated before the payment pause ends. 

She recommends that borrowers use the StudentAid.gov Loan Simulator, where they “can actually enter their information and income.”

“It’ll provide them an estimate of their payment on each of the different [loan repayment plans],” she said.  

If you were already on an income-driven repayment plan before the student loan payment pause, the best time to recertify your income is now

While you have at least six months to do so after the payment pause ends, if your household size and income have changed since March 2020, recertifying as soon as possible ensures that the payment you’re making in October is the lowest possible amount.

If you were already enrolled in autopay — which, again, knocks off 0.25% off your student loan interest rate — you’ll likely need to re-enroll, which you can do on your student loan servicer’s website.

Damian also cautioned borrowers to look out for scams, and to double-check with the Federal Student Aid Office if they receive mail addressed “urgent” or get a phone call about their student loans. 

“Make sure that they are talking to reliable sources, any government ones like the DFPI, StudentAid.gov, the California Student Aid Commission, to get that information that they need,” she said. “We're not going to call borrowers.”

Loan services, like applying for an income-driven repayment plan or consolidating loans, are free through loan servicers.

What other paths are there to student loan forgiveness?

Over 800,000 borrowers across the country who have been paying off their loans for 20 years or more had their balances forgiven earlier this month. You can check your balance through your loan servicer to find out if you’re one of them.

If your school lied or misled you about the amount of debt you’d be taking on, you may qualify for a borrower defense discharge; you might qualify for a false certification discharge if your school falsely certified you to receive a loan; or you might be eligible for an unpaid refund discharge if you withdrew from school and the school never returned the funds to the loan servicer.

And if your school closed while you were enrolled or shortly after you withdrew, you could be eligible for a closed school discharge.

If you’re a teacher, government employee, public service worker, nonprofit worker or healthcare worker, you may qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Under PSLF, your remaining balance will be eliminated after you’ve made the equivalent of 120 qualifying monthly payments while working full-time for a qualifying employer.

The Student Borrower Protection Center website has more information about navigating the Public Service Loan Forgiveness application.

Some teachers can also apply for Teacher Loan Forgiveness, but you can’t receive credit to PSLF and TLF for the same period of teaching.

If you’re “totally and permanently disabled,” you may qualify for a total and permanent disability discharge to forgive the entire amount of your student loans.

Income-driven repayment plans also lead to student loan forgiveness — after payments are made over 20 or 25 years. That includes Biden’s new Saving on a Valuable Education Plan, or SAVE Plan, which the administration announced after the June 30 Supreme Court decision and called “the most affordable repayment plan ever created.”

Is the SAVE Plan available now?

No, but if you enroll or are enrolled on the Revised Pay as you Earn Plan for student loan repayment, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the SAVE Plan once it’s implemented in July 2024.

Three parts of the SAVE Plan are already in effect: 

  • The income floor, at which a borrower will have a $0 monthly payment, is higher. It used to be the difference between your adjusted gross income and 150% of the poverty guideline amount for your family size; now, it’s the difference between your AGI and 225% of the poverty guideline amount. That means, for example, if you’re a single person in California making $32,805 or less, you won’t have to make a payment. 
  • If you make your monthly payment, all unpaid interest is eliminated. For example, if your loan gains $120 in interest a month and your monthly payment is $100, you won’t have to pay the additional $20.
  • Your spouse no longer has to cosign your application for an income-driven repayment plan.

The Department of Education will notify student borrowers when the SAVE Plan application is available. And Californians can also sign up for the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation newsletter to get information about repayment plans, potential forgiveness and additional student loan developments.

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Killexams : OVI checkpoint planned for Friday night in Franklin County. Here's where.

The Franklin County DUI Task Force will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint Friday night near Gahanna.

The checkpoint will be held between 8 p.m. Friday and 12:30 a.m. Saturday on Hamilton Road south of Havens Corner Road.

Checkpoint locations are required to be disclosed beforehand by Ohio law.

Saturation patrols will also be in the area to monitor for impaired drivers.

Those who intend to drink while out should consider how they will get home and plan to have a designated driver or use a ride share service.

The checkpoint is funded through grant money.



This article originally appeared on The Columbus Dispatch: OVI checkpoint planned for Friday night in Franklin County

Fri, 18 Aug 2023 02:38:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://news.yahoo.com/ovi-checkpoint-planned-friday-night-143730127.html
Killexams : California’s 63-year-old higher education plan could use a reality check

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Thu, 27 Jul 2023 01:38:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.vcstar.com/story/opinion/2023/07/26/californias-63-year-old-higher-education-plan-could-use-reality-check/70469845007/
Killexams : Check Point Software Technologies named 2023 Company of the Year and Best-in-Class for the ...

Thu, 17 Aug 2023 02:01:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.galvnews.com/news_ap/business/check-point-software-technologies-named-2023-company-of-the-year-and-best-in-class-for/article_76b50623-b4a0-580e-954e-e7d06704a224.html
Killexams : Govt's fact check plan: Bombay HC says if it's against Constitution, it must go MUMBAI: The Bombay HC has ruled that if the effect of a rule or law is unconstitutional, it has to go. Senior counsel Navroz Seervai appearing for stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra had made daylong submissions to argue that the rule for setting up fact check units (FCUs) is "insidious" and would have a chilling effect on free speech at a time when social media is all pervasive.

Seervai, citing judgments of the Supreme Court and US Judges, said, "it is not open for the Centre to say the challenge raised (to FCU) is premature...it is a loss of statutory safe harbour-available worldwide-for intermediaries and a takedown (of content) is inevitable." The amendment by the Centre is as if "Rome has spoken... There is to be no debate on it," said Seervai. He argued that the rule denies safe harbour to social media platforms and other digital intermediaries unless they play ball with the government. He added, "Whichever government."
It "strikes at the heart of the use of internet for purpose of social media," said Seervai. "It is a way of saying. My way or the highway." He said, "False speech is as much speech as truthful speech and is protected and any attack on that is ultra vires of constitutional mandate.'' The intermediaries, essentially commercial organisations, are "least concerned beyond a point of what they host." "It is in their interest not to cross swords with the government" and may end up doing self-censorship, he added.

The HC noted that no petitions were filed by intermediaries. "Exactly. It stands out that neither have they bothered or dared to file a petition," said Seervai. He said the rule would fall foul of Article 14 for discrimination, and on principles of natural justice it seeks to make the government a "judge in its own cause"; he said the Centre is silent on this aspect in its reply. Justice Patel orally said, "This (such rule) would not have been necessary in days of print." He added, "The government cannot do without the internet. It is the way they transact business," and added, "it is truly the fear of the unknown."
Kamra was the first to challenge the amendment made to Rule 3 of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, amended this April, under the IT Act.
Later two more challenges were filed by the Editors' Guild of India and Association of Indian Magazines and an intervention plea was filed by the New Broadcast and Digital Association representing 27 television channels who concurred with Kamra that the rule violates constitutional principles and fundamental rights. Senior counsel Arvind Datar for the channels said in the absence of defining what is false, fake or misleading, the law has to be struck down as 'free speech' is so wide it can't be taken away by Parliament. "There would need to be a Constitutional amendment" for such a curb, he said.
Seervai said the government is not intended to a cover under Article 19 (2) (reasonable restrictions on free speech) for curtailing rights of citizens under Article 19 (1). Earlier, Justice Patel said, "let's take a hypothetical or maybe not so hypothetical situation. We are soon going to enter 2004 and we will see campaigns and rallies. Suppose an online person questions the statements made in such a rally; is it the business of the government to look into it and say it is wrong?"
The hearing went on all day and is to continue on Friday. At the end of long submissions, Justice Patel said to Seervai, "The chilling effect that you speak of and I am not talking about the AC in my courtroom, is that of self-censorship. If they are able to justify the amendment, then we will see. If not then we will see that too.''
Thu, 06 Jul 2023 20:51:00 -0500 en text/html https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/mumbai/govts-fact-check-plan-hc-says-if-its-against-constitution-it-must-go/articleshow/101557054.cms
Killexams : How the Buffalo Bills plan to respond to ‘reality check’ loss to Steelers

PITTSBURGH — During a fiery week leading up to Saturday’s second Buffalo Bills preseason game, Sean McDermott stopped practice several times to pull players out after a play because of a penalty.

The Bills’ coach admitted after a 27-15 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers that the message he tried to convey all week didn’t get the job done. Buffalo had an astounding 12 penalties in the first 30 minutes against the Steelers. Seven of the 12 were offensive infractions, including five called on the offensive line.

McDermott called the number of penalties “unacceptable.” Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins didn’t want to use the preseason as an excuse for why his team struggled on both sides of the ball. Instead, he called the way Buffalo lost the game a wake-up call.

“It sucks but that’s the NFL,” he said. “Any given Sunday, any given play, you can have momentum (and) have a swagger about yourself. And then sh** happens - it seemed like nothing went in our favor, but it happens. ... It’s a reality check. It’s like, all right guys, last year don’t mean sh**. We’re not just supposed to win. It’s not just gonna happen. People are gonna provide us their best at all times, even in preseason. So have your a** fu***** ready.”

The Bills went behind on the first series when Jaylen Warren exploded for a 62-yard touchdown run. The second-year running back went untouched through each level of Buffalo’s defense. After a quick 3-and-out, the Steelers ran back a punt 54 yards to set up deep in the Bills’ end. Second-year quarterback Kenny Pickett found a wide-open Pat Freiermuth for a 25-yard touchdown and the Steelers took a 14-0 lead after just seven offensive plays.

Protecting Josh Allen continues to be a large course of conversation among Bills fans after a game that saw their franchise quarterback running away from pass rushers on several occasions. McDermott said the Steelers affected the Bills quarterback but his defense didn’t do a good enough job pressuring the Pittsburgh quarterbacks.

“Our defense, it’s got to work together better than it did,” he said. “I can feel us in those situations. I think we had third-and-7, third-and-8. I think the first three or four were third-and-6-plus situations, our defense against their offense. We’ve got to win those. The first third down was a third-and-2 we had on offense, I think that’s the one Josh got out a little bit and then after that, I think we were feeling the rush a little bit in there, too.”

McDermott said both sides of the ball have to make adjustments and take ownership of mistakes and make corrections.

“It’s got to start in practice,” McDermott said. “Sometimes you don’t play like you practice, in this case, it happens in practice and we’re pulling guys out and it’s still not getting done. So you go back to the drawing board. I’ve got to figure out something there. At the end of the day, it’s my responsibility.”

Dawkins said the next step is looking at the film of the game and applying the lessons learned from mistakes on the practice field. He said the Bills need time and more reps to sure up any areas of concern.

Bills All Pro safety Micah Hyde said there is no panic in the Bills locker room.

“I think this is what the preseason is for,” he said. “Obviously, everybody wants to play a perfect game anytime you step on that football field, but at the end of the day, you know this is what preseason is for. You make some mistakes. You learn what you have, and you try to build off that.”


Bills stock up, stock down following loss vs. Steelers: Time to trade or sign MLB?

Bills backup tackle suffers gruesome injury against the Steelers

Bills’ offensive tackle depth takes significant hit

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Killexams : Prepare plan to check Himalayas’ ecological destruction: House panel

The Union environment ministry should prepare a practical and implementable action plan with clear timelines to put a check on ecologically destructive activities in the Himalayan region, the parliamentary standing committee on science and technology, environment, forests and climate change has recommended.

The committee recommended that a comprehensive action plan be prepared for the Himalayan region covering expected disaster events and natural disasters like in Kedarnath and Joshimath (HT Photo)
The committee recommended that a comprehensive action plan be prepared for the Himalayan region covering expected disaster events and natural disasters like in Kedarnath and Joshimath (HT Photo)

In its report tabled in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday, the panel, headed by senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, further said that it desired to know the efforts being made to monitor and check the unbridled growth in physical infrastructure and developmental projects in the Himalayan regions.

“The committee also recommended that a comprehensive action plan be prepared by the ministry for the Himalayan region covering all the major expected disaster events such as flash floods, cloud bursts, landslides, natural disasters like Kedarnath disaster and Joshimath disaster,” it said. “The ministry should also formulate a standard operating procedure (SOP) to be followed in the event of any such unfortunate disaster.”

The House panel also highlighted in its report in March that “tremendous increase” of tourist activities in these areas have put the natural resources under pressure.

“This has led to over-exploitation of natural resources and illegal construction of home stays, guest houses, resorts, hotels, restaurants and other encroachments,” the report said. “In view of the imminent threat to ecological balance caused by these activities, it is pertinent that a thorough assessment of illegal structures be undertaken in co-ordination with local authorities and strict actions be initiated at the earliest against such illegal constructions, lest it results into a manmade crisis of huge proportions.”

Earlier in March, the committee had noted that detailed procedure be followed by the ministry before giving clearances to construction and infrastructure projects and emphasised that the role of the ministry is to strike a balance between development and environment protection.

“The committee also believes that a one-size-fits-all approach to environment clearance should not be followed, especially for the ecologically sensitive areas of the country, such as in Joshimath, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti [in Uttarakhand], etc., which require a more meticulous approach with the only aim of furthering the environmental interests rather than economic interest,” the panel had said in March.

The ministry, in its submission, said that the suggestions of the committee have been noted for compliance.

On Wednesday, former environment minister Jairam Ramesh indicated that he wishes to resign from the position of the parliamentary committee head. Three very important bills bulldozed through Parliament these past few days were deliberately not referred to the standing committee chaired by him, Ramesh posted on X, formerly twitter.

“These are bills that radically amend the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 and the Forest Conservation Act, 1980, and the bill to set up the Anusandhan National Research Foundation. Not only that, the DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019 on which the committee submitted a comprehensive report with many substantive suggestions has been withdrawn. The Modi government has instead bypassed it with the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Act, 2022,” he wrote on Wednesday. “Under these circumstances, I see little value in continuing as the chairman of this Standing Committee, the subjects of which are very close to my heart and fit my educational and professional background…”

Thu, 10 Aug 2023 12:34:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/union-ministry-urged-to-take-action-on-destructive-activities-in-himalayas-prepare-disaster-action-plan-101691694218140.html
Killexams : Reliance Jio launches new prepaid plan with Netflix subscription; check details here

Reliance Jio has announced a new Jio prepaid plan that comes with Netflix subscription. This is the first time the Netflix subscription is being offered with a prepaid plan.

Jio is offering two plans which provide the user access to Netflix. The Rs 1,099 plan which comes with a validity of 84 days. The plan offers a mobile plan of Netflix (Mobile) which is worth Rs 149 per month. Apart from that the user will get Unlimited 5G data with Jio Welcome Offer, 2GB/day data and unlimited voice calls. 

The Rs 1,499 plan which comes with a validity of 84 days as well. The prepad plan offers the Basic plan of Netflix which is worth Rs 199 per month. The user will also get Unlimited 5G data with Jio Welcome Offer, 3GB/day data and unlimited voice calls. 

Speaking on this occasion, Kiran Thomas, CEO, Jio Platforms Limited, commented, “We are committed to bringing world class services to our users. The launch of Netflix bundles with our prepaid plan is yet another step to demonstrate our resolve. Our partnership with global partners like Netflix has grown in strength and together we are creating use cases for rest of the world to follow”.

Watch: Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma’s holiday pics, Ranbir Kapoor's new Range Rover Rs 4 crore worth, Sushmita Sen's pic with transgender cast of Taali, Shubhman Gill's video with cute fan: Celebs on Insta

Tony Zameczkowski, Vice President of APAC Partnerships for Netflix, said, “We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Jio. Over the years, we have launched a variety of successful local shows, documentaries and films which have been loved by audiences across India. Our collection of must watch stories is growing and our new prepaid bundle partnership with Jio will provide more customers access to this exciting line-up of Indian content as well as some incredible stories from around the world.”

Also read: Reliance Jio completes minimum-roll out obligation of 5G services in all 22 telecom circles of India

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Published on: Aug 18, 2023, 4:48 PM IST

Posted by: Danny Cyril Dcruze, Aug 18, 2023, 4:38 PM IST

Fri, 18 Aug 2023 08:45:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.businesstoday.in/technology/news/story/reliance-jio-launches-new-prepaid-plan-with-netflix-subscription-check-details-here-394680-2023-08-18
Killexams : Air New Zealand unveils plan to weigh passengers at check-in '; } else { var sFallBack = 'Click here to subscribe'; } $('#lee-services-list .loading').hide(); $('#lee-services-list').html('


'); $('.lee-featured-subscription').html(sFallBack); } function lee_formatPackage(oService){ try { var bOnlyModal = true; var oSettings = lee_getPackageSettings(oService.HomeMembership); var newService = {}; if(parseInt(oService.WebFeatureFG) === 2) return false; if(oService.WebStartPrice != ''){ var custom = JSON.parse(oService.WebStartPrice); $.each(custom, function(k,v){ newService[k] = v; }); } if(bOnlyModal && newService.in_modal && newService.in_modal.toLowerCase() === 'false') return false; if(!bOnlyModal && newService.not_members && newService.not_members.toLowerCase() === 'true') return false; newService.has_featured_class = newService.featured ? 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Wed, 31 May 2023 05:04:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.stltoday.com/news/video_709b4fb4-c59f-53a5-8fb1-8d05a23032a9.html
Killexams : LIC Launches Jeevan Kiran Insurance Plan: Check Minimum Premium, Eligibility, Other Benefits

The LIC Jeevan Kiran plan is available for individuals aged 18 to 65 and has a minimum sum assured of Rs 15 lakh.

LIC has launched a new life insurance plan called 'Jeevan Kiran'

New Delhi: Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has launched a new life insurance plan called ‘Jeevan Kiran’. The plan is non-linked and non-participating, which means that it does not track the stock market and does not offer any profit sharing. The plan offers life cover with the return of a premium, meaning if the policyholder survives to the end of the policy term, they will receive all of their premiums back.

The plan is available for individuals aged 18 to 65 and has a minimum sum assured of Rs 15 lakh. The policy term ranges from 10 to 40 years, and premiums can be paid in either single or regular installments. The Unique Identification Number (UIN) for LIC’s Jeevan Kiran is 512N353V01. The plan was launched on July 27, 2023.

Jeevan Kiran: Key Features

  • Life cover with the return of premium
  • High life cover at a reasonable cost
  • Available for young people aged 18 to 65
  • Minimum sum assured of Rs 15 lakh
  • Policy term of 10 to 40 years
  • Different premium rates for non-smokers and smokers
  • Single or regular premium payment options
  • Rebates available for sum assured more than Rs 50 lakh
  • Minimum installment premium of Rs 3000 for regular premium policies and Rs 30000 for single premium policies, as per Moneycontrol.

Jeevan Kiran: Eligibility Requirements

Age Requirement: Last Birthday Must Be 18 Years Old.

65 (as of last birthday) is the maximum entry age.

28 years (as of last birthday) minimum age for maturity

Age at Maturity Maximum: 80 years (as of Last Birthday)

Policy Term: 10 to 40 years, at most

LIC’s Jeevan Kiran: Optional Riders Available

There are two optional riders available with LIC’s Jeevan Kiran plan: the Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider and the Accident Benefit Rider. Both riders can be added to the plan at the inception, but the Accident Benefit Rider is not available with single premium policies. The Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider provides additional coverage in the event of accidental death or disability, while the Accident Benefit Rider provides a lump sum payment in the event of accidental death, as per a report in Mintgenie.

About Life Insurance Corporation of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India is referred to as LIC. After the Life Insurance of India Act was approved by India’s Parliament in June 1956, it began operating as a corporate entity in September of that same year. Beginning in July 1956, the LIC Act was in force. It aided in India’s private insurance sector’s nationalization. In order to create LIC of India, 154 life insurance firms, 16 foreign companies, and 75 provident companies were combined. One of India’s biggest financial institutions is this one. Over 2,529,390 crores are worth of its assets. Mumbai, Maharashtra, is home to the LIC’s corporate office, as per Vedantu.

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 08:21:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.india.com/business/lic-launches-jeevan-kiran-insurance-plan-check-minimum-premium-eligibility-other-benefits-6193055/
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