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MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1
MuleSoft Certified study help
Killexams : MuleSoft Certified study help - BingNews Search results Killexams : MuleSoft Certified study help - BingNews Killexams : Tips and Tools to Help Students Study, Take Notes, and Focus

With a new academic year rolling around, students of all ages will be looking for help and guidance with their work—and there are a wealth of options on mobile app stores and the web to help you succeed.

Here we've picked out some of the best apps and services across multiple categories, including time management, homework help, note-taking, and more. Put them together and you've got a comprehensive toolkit for making sure that this year is a good one.

No matter what your requirements, courses, or study habits are, there should be something here for you (or for the young student in your life). You might be surprised at just how much difference the right app can make.


Trello can adapt itself to whatever purpose you have in mind.

Courtesy of Trello

The main appeal of Trello is its versatility: You can adapt the simple card-based interface in whichever way you want—whether to keep track of individual homework assignments or to log multiple research strands in an essay—and the software will adapt accordingly.

You can assign categories and deadlines to cards, attach files to them, and drop in to-do lists. However you decide to use Trello, you're going to find it straightforward to get around the app with easy drag-and-drop operations and a ton of options and features.

Trello (freemium for web, Android, iOS)


Get help from Socratic with just about any topic.

Courtesy of Socratic

Powered by Google's artificial intelligence engines, Socratic is here to answer any question on any topic, whether you need step-by-step math explanations, a quick overview of a historical event or work of literature, or details of a particular set of biological processes.

Sun, 09 Oct 2022 23:10:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Prodapt Joins the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program

Prodapt releases "MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria" to simplify integration to Aria’s Billing and Monetization Platform and help companies create seamless digital experiences, faster

NEW YORK, September 14, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Prodapt today announced it has joined the MuleSoft Technology Partner Program and has contributed to the partner ecosystem by releasing a "MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria". The "Aria connector" accessible in Anypoint Exchange will allow companies to simplify integration to Aria and expose convenient methods for taking full advantage of the capabilities of Aria’s Billing and Monetization Platform.

Prodapt is helping its customers integrate Salesforce and Aria faster by using this Anypoint connector. It helps configure and expedite:

  • Synch Account Info, Product Info, Billing & Invoice related Info b/w Salesforce and Aria

  • Simplified authentication and easily adaptable to new changes

  • Speed up the integration by 5x, enable customers to view their billing, invoice, and charges in real-time and Improve customer satisfaction.

"As enterprises globally see exceptional value in building IT ecosystems using best-of-breed cloud applications, minimizing and simplifying integration costs using tried and tested best practices are critical for time-to-market and assurance. Prodapt’s MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria adds to this maturing and growing ecosystem, to significantly simplify integration," said Brendan O’Brien, Chief Innovation Officer, and Co-Founder, Aria Systems.

"Industries are facing new demands that push them to accelerate the pace of digital transformation," said Brian Miller, senior vice president of business development, MuleSoft. "The Connectivity Benchmark Report shows that integration challenges are slowing down critical digital initiatives for 88% of organizations. This collaboration allows our mutual customers to create a composable enterprise by securely unlocking and integrating their data and apps to deliver new levels of speed, agility, and efficiency."

The MuleSoft Technology Partner Program includes leading enterprise software companies across functional applications, such as CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP), marketing automation, and HCM, as well as across industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail and media, and telecom. Using MuleSoft, technology partners help customers achieve greater speed, agility, and efficiency. MuleSoft’s platform enables companies to become composable businesses, where they can turn every asset in their organization — data, bots, and applications — into reusable building blocks to scale and increase the speed of work.

MuleSoft customers can learn more about Prodapt’s MuleSoft Certified Connector for Aria by visiting:

Prodapt customers can learn more about how to integrate data from siloed apps and systems faster and automate complete workflows more efficiently with MuleSoft at:

About Prodapt

Prodapt has a singular focus on the Connectedness vertical. Prodapt partners with the leading creators of our hyper-connected world. Prodapt’s customers range from telecom operators, digital/multi-service providers (D/MSPs), technology and digital platform companies in the business of Connectedness.

Prodapt builds, integrates, and operates solutions enabling next-generation technologies and innovations. Prodapt services global leaders including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Adtran, Vodafone, Liberty Global, Windstream, Virgin Media, Rogers, Deutsche Telekom, among many others. Prodapt’s customers help more than a billion people, and five billion devices stay connected.

Prodapt has offices in North America, Europe, Latam, India, and Africa. It is part of the 120-year-old business conglomerate, The Jhaver Group, which employs over 22,000 people across 64+ locations globally.

Salesforce and others are among the trademarks of, inc.

MuleSoft is a registered trademark of MuleSoft, Inc., a Salesforce company. All other marks are those of respective owners.

View source version on


Manian Sivaramakrishnan,
Head - Enterprise Marketing

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Killexams : Study hacks to help you ace your midterms

If you’re stuck on a problem or a concept discussed in class, ask for help. Ask a classmate, visit office hours or a help lab. Consider joining or starting a study group. And take advantage of other free resources. If you live on campus or are a first-year student, check out the Academic Success & Achievement Program (ASAP) for free tutoring support. If you need help writing a paper, visit The Writing Center. If you have a big research project, University Libraries offers consultations to help you get started. Review more academic resources for students. 

Sometimes the hardest part of studying is just getting started. Schedule out time in your week to study and do your best to get started right away. Find a favorite place that can become your study spot, like a coffee shop, library or community room in your residence hall. Establishing study routines and finding the right study spot can help you feel prepared for midterms.

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Killexams : Want to study for ethical hacking? You can with this $35 certification bundle

The following content is brought to you by ZDNet partners. If you buy a product featured here, we may earn an affiliate commission or other compensation.

Cyber crimes continue to increase in frequency and severity, so the demand for cyber security skills will keep growing. And now, you can study for certified ethical hacking certifications, even with no tech background, with this 10-course cybersecurity training collection for $34.99.

You can access these courses on your computer, tablet, and phone. Total novices should start with "Learn Ethical Hacking: Beginner to Advanced," as it's designed specifically for those without IT experience. It even includes a crash course on Python and Linux essential system commands.

Amazon Web Services is the world's leading cloud-computing platform, and the "AWS Security Management & AWS Security Specialist Course" is a student favorite, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It's offered by Oak Academy, founded by tech experts and specializing in the most in-demand skills such as coding, cybersecurity, mobile, game development, app monetization, and more. You'll learn about cloud computing, security, and much more required for well-paid jobs in this field.

You'll develop practical hacking skills in "Practical Wireless Networks Hacking from Scratch" and "Learn Practical Hacking Using Metasploit From Scratch." "Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Bootcamp with Linux" teaches you practical hacking skills, including how to set up your own lab. While "Ethical Hacking: Network Scan by Nmap & Nessus" demonstrates how to use Nmap to discover networks and check vulnerable devices.

A basic understanding of concepts related to ethical hacking is recommended for "The Complete Python Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced." And if you're familiar with basic web technologies such as HTTP, HTML, Document Object Model, and the like, you can dive into the "Full Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Course."

You should know the information covered in the CompTIA Security+ and Network+ exams before taking "TOTAL: CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-002)", but that certification would turbocharge your resume. If you've got basic IT skills and are into Raspberry Pi, then "Practical Hacking using Raspberry Pi" should be of particular interest to you.

Kickstart a new career fighting cybercrime with the 2023 Complete Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Certification Bundle, available for only $34.99.

Thu, 29 Sep 2022 17:14:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : API series - MuleSoft: Why API governance should be an innovation & transformation driver

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network’s API universe series written in full by Matt McLarty in his role as global field CTO & VP, digital transformation Office (DTO), MuleSoft – 

MuleSoft’s core technology proposition hinges around a promise to take the ‘mule-work’ (or donkey, or grunt)  out of cloud-based software integration with specific competancies in API management and automation intelligence.

Mulesoft is known for its Anypoint Platform with unified functions that centralise around integration, API management and automation – but today (after an acquisition that was completed in 2018), the company is also now known for its now-expansive integration with the Salesforce platform.

McLarty writes as follows…

We all know that IT governance has historically had a bad reputation.

Too often it’s viewed as a handbrake on innovation – a lead weight that slows down the speed of business efficiency. Part of this problem correlates to the strong ties between governance, security and compliance. Yet when done right, governance can be a driver of innovation and transformation, by providing clear direction and empowering different parts of the business to work independently.

Organisations can best enable this by building a multi-layered API governance programme/initiative that covers both operational stability and security, while meeting strategic business goals. In a world of spiralling complexity, this can only be done effectively by taking a universal API management approach.

Building on strong foundations

API governance is a big issue and it’s time for us all to look at the facts.

Today we can say that governance is absolutely critical to ensuring API projects are successfully and securely implemented. This is increasingly important as many organisations are now empowering business teams to create APIs and connected experiences using no/low-code tooling. However, research shows that security and governance is seen as the biggest challenge to integrating user experiences. Gartner also predicts that by 2025, “Less than 50% of enterprise APIs will be [well] managed, as explosive growth in APIs surpasses the capabilities of API management tools.” If that came true, it would turn every unmanaged API into a potential ground zero for a serious security breach.

On the other hand, APIs are also fundamental business tools that deliver direct business benefits.

MuleSoft’s McLarty: think about API governance in four distinct categories.

Organisations that have embraced API-led connectivity have improved visibility into operations, increased customer engagement, driven innovation, improved ROI and increased adoption of automation. In this context, API governance can help organisations accelerate delivery, increase productivity and even inform their overall digital strategy.

Broadly speaking, the goal of API governance is to ensure that enterprise APIs deliver their intended value.

But frequently, enterprise goals are so diverse that they may result in conflict. Security versus productivity is a classic example. It is therefore helpful to think about API governance in four distinct categories. By taking this approach, organisations can build a governance model with clear ownership and objectives.

Four categories for API governance

API program governance sits at the top of the pile, coordinated by a “Center for Enablement” (C4E) or similar function sitting within the organisation. It should focus not just on technology issues/changes but also wider themes including business alignment, delivery methodologies, team structures and potentially corporate culture.

API product governance as the name suggests, is about managing the lifecycle of each individual API product – which should be treated as a standalone entity with its own strategy and business model to measure against. This will be the job of the API product manager, who will look at both the security/compliance risks that need to be managed and areas such as alignment between product vision and design, business model, market strategy, roadmap and operating model.

API portfolio governance is overseeing larger sets of API products within the enterprise. It can help to reduce the risk of duplicated effort, drive consistencies around design and policy, merge similar API products and deprecate any unused ones.

API platform governance is what happens automatically in an organisation’s runtime API interactions. It provides metrics and helps enforce policies for the other three categories of API governance. In addition, it leverages automation and digital capabilities to ensure stability, security and resilience within the API operational environment.

A universal control plane

Considering API governance in this way will help organisations develop a more coherent approach. However, organisations must also consider that API environments are heterogeneous and complex.

Today’s organisations use more than 900 individual applications on average, with the majority drawing on a mixture of public and private APIs. Considering that many IT environments today span multiple clouds, organisations can quickly face visibility and control challenges.

The scale, complexity and distributed nature of these environments requires a single, unified control plane to manage API governance. By centralising governance rules and applying them to any API at scale, organisations can accelerate innovations and time to market without sacrificing trust.

Wed, 21 Sep 2022 10:18:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Building a Successful Certification Program at Your Institution

In a world where competition for jobs, pay increases, and academic success continues to increase, certifications offer hope to candidates and educators.

Certification helps to build a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers and government tech initiatives. Certification strikes the right balance of academic excellence and real-world skills, giving students the confidence and motivation they need to succeed both in school and in a profitable career.

“According to Pearson VUE’s 2021 Value of Certification study, 69% of IT managers believe certification significantly increases an employee’s productivity,” said Ray Murray, of Vice President and General Manager, Certiport. “Certifications are a great way to help candidates get their foot in the door and be more productive in their future careers.”

Defining certification

A certification is any credential that an individual can earn or achieve that validates a level of knowledge or a skillset related to a specific subject or discipline. Certifications are credentials that stand in addition to, in support of, or independently from degrees and diplomas.

Value of certification

Certifications, as defined above, are often created or supported by industry-recognized businesses or organizations and are administered in controlled environments by authorized and independent agents. Validating technical skill and knowledge has benefits in both academic and workplace settings.

Key benefits of certification in academia

Candidates who earn certifications while in school reap benefits early, including:

  • Validation of knowledge
  • Enhanced academic performance
  • Improved reputation
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Increased confidence
  • Respect from peers

Studies validate the specific benefits listed above, demonstrating the value of certifications for candidates as well as academic institutions. According to the Florida CAPE Performance Report, certification provides tangible improvements in academic performance, including:

  • Higher grade point average for certified high school students: 3.12 vs 2.78 (4.0 scale)
  • Higher graduation rates for certified high school students: 97.5% vs 78.4%
  • Increased post-secondary enrollment: 84% vs 82%
  • Reduced dropout rates: 0.2% vs 1.0%
Latest posts by eSchool Media Contributors (see all)
Thu, 06 Oct 2022 22:15:00 -0500 Content Provided by Certiport en-US text/html
Killexams : Why this Stanford researcher says you should ask your friends for more favors: 'We are a collaborative society'

Need a ride to the airport? Or help hanging your curtain rod? These pesky tasks are often made easier by asking a friend for help, but many of us are reluctant to do so.

People consistently underestimate others' willingness to lend them a hand, according to a new study published in the journal Psychological Science.

Help-seekers also overestimate how inconvenienced the person they are asking for a favor will feel.

"It can be nerve-wracking to ask a stranger for help," says Xuan Zhao, a social science research scholar at Stanford University who co-authored the study with Nicholas Epley, a social cognition professor at the University of Chicago.

"In our research we found people underestimate both strangers' and friends' [desire to help]."

'We are a pro-social and collaborative society'

Throughout history, there has been a debate about whether we live in a selfish society or a collaborative society, Zhao says.

 "Over the past few accurate decades, there has been more and more evidence that we are a pro-social and collaborative society," she says. "That's part of our winning strategy of evolution."

If you think about how you feel when you've helped out a friend, it might start to make sense.  

"Helping other people makes you feel good because it creates a moment of social connection," she says. "It makes you feel valued and needed by other people and if you are successful at helping them it makes you feel competent, and everyone likes feeling competent."

Helping other people makes you feel good because it creates a moment of social connection.

Xuan Zhao

Stanford Researcher

'People are taught to be self-sufficient'

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 02:30:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : MuleSoft aids in businesses 'having a 360-degree view of customers': Chief product officer

MuleSoft Chief Product Officer Shaun Clowes sat down with Yahoo Finance's Brian Sozzi at the 2022 Dreamforce Conference to discuss customer data integration and enhancing customer experiences.

Video Transcript


DAVE BRIGGS: Yahoo Finance's Editor-At-Large Brian Sozzi had a chance to sit down with MuleSoft Chief Product Officer Shaun Clowes at Dreamforce 2022 this week, where they discussed the integration software, the company's role in the business world. Here's Sozz.

SHAUN CLOWES: As you can see, everybody here at Dreamforce is talking about how can they have a 360 degree view of their customer and grow efficiently. Everybody's looking to figure out how to automate while still delivering an incredible customer experience. And the average enterprise has to do that on top of about 950 different systems.

So imagine you're AT&T, you're a large telecommunications company or a bank, you're trying to deliver great customer service on top of those 950 different systems. MuleSoft helps you make those systems work as one. So it's a great place to be. You know, once you integrate those different systems, you end up being able to deliver your projects about three times-- sorry, 75% faster. It's just dramatically-- a good place to be.

BRIAN SOZZI: That was under two minutes. That was really good.

SHAUN CLOWES: Thank you.

BRIAN SOZZI: So what is your biggest challenge as you look forward to next year?

SHAUN CLOWES: I guess the question is-- the big challenge that all of us are facing is exactly how to do what I just described, which is achieve digital transformation and do so with less, right? We're all trying to do more with less. Obviously, we're facing economic headwinds, inflation, the workforce challenges. Everybody's facing all those challenges.

And so they're all trying to figure out, OK, I know I need to continue meeting the needs of my customers, but how do I do that efficiently, right? How am I going to actually achieve that, again, on top of those 950 different systems? And so our challenge is helping our customers do that. Our challenge is helping them deliver value from all those things so that their customers continue to get their needs met over and over again.

BRIAN SOZZI: You guys, MuleSoft, got a nice shoutout in the last earnings call a couple of weeks ago. It feels and it seems like there's a turnaround brewing. Sales are accelerating. What is driving that?

SHAUN CLOWES: Yeah, I mean, the simple case is that in the end, the real world is very complex, like I said. And most enterprises are really complex and getting more complex and still trying to deliver incredible customer experiences. And so MuleSoft has been doing-- for about 16 years, we have been helping organizations take all of those different systems and complex environment and connect it all together so that they can have a 360 degree view of their customer.

So for MuleSoft, this is us in our prime. We're doing exactly what we have always set out to do, and we're doing it as part of the broader Salesforce, which obviously has hundreds of thousands of customers where we can surface all of this data to drive a really better customer experience.

BRIAN SOZZI: I was talking to Salesforce's co-CEO Bret Taylor about the platform's integrating a lot more. It seems like there's more collaboration between a MuleSoft, a core CRM customer, and also a Slack and Tableau. Is that a fair assessment?

SHAUN CLOWES: Absolutely. We're working to make certain that all the different capabilities of all those things you talked about-- Tableau, Slack, MuleSoft, and Salesforce-- all work together really seamlessly. Let me supply you an example. Some of our customers-- in fact, many probably listening to this interview-- still have mainframes with green screens that are holding important customer data. Like, if you were at the IT keynote, many people were clapping when we talked--

BRIAN SOZZI: I don't even think that-- I don't think we could stream on those computers.

SHAUN CLOWES: Yeah, I'm pretty sure they don't do video. But regardless, they have all of this important customer data and capabilities in their mainframe. So how do they take that stuff and put it in beautiful digital experiences like mobile apps or in service experiences in Service Cloud? So we released a new tool called MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation that does just that.

It takes those mainframes, UI-driven experiences, or PDFs, or images, it gets the data out of those things, and then it surfaces them up for use inside, for example, Salesforce, where it can be automated using Salesforce Flow. You can run workflows off Slack. You can see that same data in Tableau. Realistically, like, the whole idea is to bring this one view of the customer and all of these capabilities together. It's better together.

BRIAN SOZZI: I think that's what you're talking about, the team has been talking about, a single source of truth?

SHAUN CLOWES: Absolutely, a single source of truth. One place to go, one place to understand what the customer looks like, what they want, and what they need. And with Salesforce Genie, which you heard us talk about a fair bit and I assume others have been talking to you about, we are making this all real time. So that when something happens, you know, your vehicle breaks down or your bank account is overdrawn or you become a VIP with a retailer, when that happens, we can respond in real time.

We can send you a gift. We can send somebody to fix your car. We can notify one of the account teams that supports you to call you and tell you that it's OK and we're going to figure it out for you. We're bringing it all together to truly deliver an incredible customer experience. That's what makes moments truly magical. Moments are magical when they respond to what's happening to me as a customer, me as an individual.

BRIAN SOZZI: Bigger picture thing, what-- in this era of automation, it's only going to increase. What role do humans play?

SHAUN CLOWES: I mean, humans will always be needed to deliver those beautiful human magic moments. Like, humans are best when they're creative, when they're making smart decisions on behalf of their company, on behalf of their customer. So what we really want to do is we want to take away the drudge work. We want to take away the repetitive rote work that employees are forced to do which doesn't really add any value.

There's flipping from one system to another. They're copying and pasting data from one system to another. We worked with AT&T, and AT&T were automating some of the work that's done by their B2B sales team. And did you know that they automated a few of the key workflows? They saved 30 minutes per rep per day. I would love to have 30 minutes back myself.

BRIAN SOZZI: I got to push-- Shaun, I need somebody on the phone if I call up.

SHAUN CLOWES: Yes, but that person is still answering you on the phone. But instead of putting you on hold for 30 minutes, they're instead being able to use a system. That means they can answer your questions immediately. And that means AT&T saves a million hours every year of their reps' time so they can serve you as a customer.

SEANA SMITH: Our thanks to Brian Sozzi. He's out there with MoleSoft Chief Product Officer Shaun Clowes at that Salesforce Dreamforce event out on the West Coast.

Sun, 09 Oct 2022 03:16:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : GovCon Expert David Egts Joins MuleSoft as Public Sector Field CTO

David Egts, a technology industry veteran and a member of Executive Mosaic’s GovCon Expert program, has been appointed the first field chief technology officer for the public sector at MuleSoft, he announced in a LinkedIn post.

He will serve as a technical executive responsible for communicating MuleSoft’s product roadmap and corporate strategy with technology and public sector business leaders as part of the software company’s digital transformation office.

In this new role, Egts will employ his decades of technical and industry knowledge and experience to help agencies advance their digital government initiatives and enhance service delivery and ensure that government requirements are integrated into research and product development efforts.

He also serves as an adviser to companies helping them commercialize open source software and bring their technology offerings to the public sector market.

Before joining MuleSoft, he spent over 15 years at Red Hat, where he most recently served as chief technologist and senior director for Red Hat’s North America public sector.

He was a senior systems engineer at Silicon Graphics and held management roles at Concurrent Technologies Corp. earlier in his career.

Thu, 22 Sep 2022 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : NTT DATA Announces Intent to Acquire Apisero to Enhance MuleSoft Data Integration Capabilities

Acquisition continues NTT DATA's focus on building a sustainable digital talent ecosystem

NTT DATA, a digital business and IT services leader, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Apisero, a leading global MuleSoft consulting firm. The acquisition supports NTT DATA's strategy to be the preferred digital innovation partner in the market providing clients end-to-end cloud and data and engineering capabilities. and adds approximately 2,100 global resources.

"Apisero's leading expertise with MuleSoft, along with its wider Salesforce ecosystem capabilities, helps us expand modern data and cloud integration expertise as we enable impactful digital transformation for our clients," said Wayne Busch, Group President, Consulting and Digital Transformation, NTT DATA Services. "We continue to scale our digital transformation business. With other accurate investments including Nexient, Vectorform, Postlight and now Apisero, we can offer our clients full end-to-end capabilities to help them achieve their business goals."

"Since inception, Apisero has been deeply rooted in its commitment to the success of our clients, independent software vendors, partners, and employees," said Vijay Rao, CEO, Apisero. "Combining this commitment with NTT DATA's global platform provides an incredible opportunity to drive enhanced capability and digital transformation to a broader portfolio of enterprise clients. We are excited to join NTT DATA and look forward to this new phase of our growth journey."

Apisero will bring over 1,500 certified MuleSoft consultants and 500 Salesforce consultants to NTT DATA's digital transformation services team. In addition, Apisero provides full lifecycle support for MuleSoft including API and application design to implementation, management and support to help organizations overcome the challenges associated with unlocking siloed data, merging disparate data, and merging fragmented business applications.

"In today's digital economy, our customers expect seamless digitalization at scale for their businesses across the globe," said Brent Hayward, CEO, MuleSoft. "Aligning Apisero's niched expertise with NTT DATA's global footprint will deliver increased product adoption and client success for MuleSoft and the broader Salesforce ecosystem."

Apisero clients and employees will benefit from access to NTT DATA's powerhouse of innovation resources and broader digital transformation capabilities including a $3.6 billion average annual R&D investment. NTT DATA recently announced the launch of 6 innovation centers across the globe to focus on bringing advanced technologies to clients with an Innovation Studio co-located in Plano, TX.

NTT DATA is a Groundbreaker Sponsor at Dreamforce 2022, Salesforce's 20th anniversary of this premier event bringing together the entire Salesforce community. Visit us at Booth 1304 or for more information.

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP served as the legal counsel to NTT DATA, and Guggenheim Securities, LLC served as the exclusive financial advisor to Apisero in connection with this transaction. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approval and is expected to close within the next 30 days.

About Apisero

Apisero - a MuleSoft Strategic and Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner - is a global leader in technology services and digital solutions. Headquartered in Arizona, Apisero partners with enterprise customers to break down data silos, automate business processes, and uncover new ways to drive revenue from their DX initiatives. To learn more, visit


NTT DATA – a part of NTT Group – is a trusted global innovator of IT and business services headquartered in Tokyo. We help clients transform through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, digital & IT modernization and managed services. NTT DATA enables them, as well as society, to move confidently into the digital future. We are committed to our clients' long-term success and combine global reach with local client attention to serve them in over 50 countries around the globe. Visit us at

About NTT DATA Services

NTT DATA Services is a recognized leader in IT and business services including cloud, data and applications. A division of NTT DATA headquartered in Texas, the company leverages consulting and deep industry expertise to help clients accelerate and sustain value throughout their digital journeys. Visit or LinkedIn to learn more.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning NTT DATA and its current expectations and projections about future events and trends affecting its business, including with respect to the acquisition of Apisero, the business impact of the acquisition of Apisero and the potential of growth related to digital services. Forward-looking statements should not be read as guarantees of future performance or results, and they involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Although NTT DATA makes such statements based on assumptions that it believes to be reasonable, there can be no assurance that real results will not differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements.

© 2022 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

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