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Exam Code: 1D0-61C Practice test 2022 by team
1D0-61C CIW Network Technology Associate

Exam Title : CIW Network Technology Associate
Exam ID : 1D0-61C
Exam Center Fee : $150 (USD)
Exam Duration : 30 mins
Questions in test : 30
Passing Score : 63.33%
Exam Center : Pearson VUE
Real Questions : CIW Network Technology Associate Real Questions
VCE practice test : CIW 1D0-61C Certification VCE Practice Test

- Demonstrate knowledge of basic data communications components, and demonstrate technical knowledge of the Internet.
- Identify the role of networking hardware, and configure common hardware for operation.
- Identify the relationship between IP addresses and domain names, including assignment of IP addresses within a subnet.
- Identify the functions and components of servers commonly used on the Internet.
- Identify common Internet security and availability issues, including user-level and enterprise-level concerns.
- Identify common performance issues affecting Internet clients, including analysis, diagnosis.
- Perform basic hardware and system maintenance for network-aware systems.
- Manage fundamental elements of modern network-based client operating systems.
- Configure and troubleshoot wireless networks.
- Demonstrate understanding of virtualization.
- Explain concepts involving personal privacy protection on the Internet.

CIW Network Technology Associate
CIW Technology test plan
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How Exams Work

Colorado Law exams are computer-based. Students input their answers into Exam4, our computer-based bluebook application, that securely saves and transmits test submissions to the Law School Registrar.  Students are assigned a unique, anonymous six-digit test ID for each test they are scheduled to take.  Students must input the appropriate six-digit test ID into Exam4 and write the test ID on their paper test booklet when in-person exams occur. The six-digit test ID is your personal identifier used with your exam. Each student has their own test ID for each test they take each test season.

Students will receive detailed instructions via email from the Registrar prior to each test season.

Exams occur remotely. As a result, test questions will appear within the Exam4 program itself once a student has put in their credentials to start their exam. Students should take care to enter essay and multiple-choice answers in the correct answer area within the software.

Exam4 Software

Colorado Law uses Extegrity's Exam4 software.  Exam4 is a simple, lightweight, and secure test tool that is compatible with Windows and macOS.  It is the electronic equivalent of a paper bluebook for essay and short answer responses and a bubble sheet for multiple choice and true/false responses.  All exams will occur in TAKEHOME mode.

TAKEHOME test MODE: You may access your hard drive, other applications and the internet. You will be able to cut and paste external text into your exam. You may go into and out of this test as many times as you want while you are working your exam. You may exit an test in TAKEHOME mode, it will be saved, and you can start it again later. ALL Midterms and Final Exams will occur in TAKEHOME mode and this is pre-programmed for you.

Students must download a new Exam4 software package for each test season.  The current Exam4 software for Fall 2022 Final Exams is available here: Students are encouraged to download the latest Exam4 software package in advance of their exams so they can take a practice test to familiarize themselves with Exam4's functionality and features.  Make sure you know what materials your professor is allowing you to use during the test and whether or not you are allowed to copy/paste.

Anonymous test IDs

Students are assigned an anonymous, unique test ID for each exam which facilitates anonymous test grading.  Prior to each exam, students must obtain their anonymous six-digit test ID from Colorado Law's test ID tool at To obtain each unique test ID, students must know their Identikey and password.  

Document IDs

Get your document IDs from document ID is needed to securely fetch your test questions within the test software.

Practice Document ID

The test Document ID for the practice test is D0000000. Click on the Practice test tab on this website for more information about the practice exam.

Taking an Exam

Once the test is underway, students will input test answers into Exam4 which records and saves the typed information every minute. When students complete an exam, they submit their answers within the Exam4 tool.  When the student acknowledges completion of the exam, Exam4 will unlock the computer and seek an internet connection to upload the completed test to the Law School's Exam4 Receiver. The Registrar’s Office then processes the test and distributes it to your professor by anonymous test ID.

Students take all Exam4 exams remotely. Thusly, the exams will not be proctored and students are free to take exams at home or on campus as they see fit. Students are on their honor to follow the Honor Code.


Exam4, which is a product of the company Extegrity, is not a Colorado Law product. While the Registrar’s Office and Law School IT staff will help troubleshoot and assist students during their exams, it is the student’s responsibility to follow the instructions on the Exam4 website for the correct operation of Exam4. This includes system requirements, computer maintenance, and adherence to any other instructions given by Exam4. Prior to any exam, students should review the instructions on the Exam4 website.

Extegrity Support Contact information

Law school test administration is executed by the Law Registrar.


Students must download a new Exam4 software package for each test season. 

The current Exam4 software package is for Fall 2022 Final Exams and is available for download here:

Installation Instructions

  1. Complete the registration information and download the Windows or macOS version as appropriate.
  2. To install Exam4, double-click the install file you downloaded and follow the on screen prompts. 

macOS users:  If you have a previous test season install of Exam4, select "Replace" when prompted.

Note: Tablets and iPads are not allowed for exams. Only laptops are permitted.

Students are encouraged to take a practice test to familiarize themselves with Exam4's functionality and features.

Exam4 Best Practices

  1. Turn off auto updates.
  2. Close all running programs & applications (Word, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  3. Exam4 does not require students to disable antivirus.
  4. Administrator rights are required.
  5. Reboot your computer before each exam.


Students can contact Extegrity at or Law School IT at


Students must download a new Exam4 software package for each test season. 

Step 1:  Register, download, and install the current Exam4 package at

Step 2:  Launch Exam4.

Exam4 icon with lowercase letter e

Step 3:  Prepare to start a new test >> Next

Initial start screen for Exam4 to prepare new exam.

Step 4:  Input a made-up Exam ID twice and select "Fall 2022 Practice Exam" from the course dropdown list (twice) and select Next. 

Make sure you play around with the software and complete the survey once you are finished.

Exam4 - Course or  test title

Step 5: Check confirmation box and select OK.

Exam 4 Re-confirm information

Step 6: Set timer and viewer preferences and select Next.  Exam4 does not automatically close when test time is exceeded.  We recommend experimenting with the timer so you are comfortable with its operation.

Exam4 Timer

Step 7: Review instructions, check "Got it" box, and select Next.

Exam 4 - Got it

Step 8: Type in the name of the test Mode you would like to test in the input box, confirm selection, and press Next.

FOR FALL 2022 midterm and final exams: The test mode will be automatically programmed in Exam4 for your exams. Students will not have to choose an test mode. The test mode is "take home" mode. For the "practice exam" put in the word "TAKEHOME" in the box so you can see what a real test will look like this term.

Exam 4 Mode

Step 9: Begin Exam

Exam 4 - Begin Exam

Step 10: Choose the test document from the drop-down.

Exam 4 -  test document selection

Once in the exam, students will need to click on the "Exam Document" button once in the exam. When you do that, enter the code given to you by the Law Registrar and click "Fetch" to get the test questions. A pop-up box will appear with the test questions. The test Document ID for the "Fall 2022 Practice Exam" is D0000000.

Exam 4 - document id fetch

The next step is to click "side-by-side view" so that you can see both the test questions and test answer entry area at the same time. You can use the scrollbar on the bottom right to make the text smaller or larger.

Exam 4 - Side By Side View

Play around with the Exam4 functions so that you understand how to use them.

The essay section of the test is essentially a blank sheet of paper.  You will need to annotate for your professor which responses go with which questions.  You can insert answer separators that allow you to check word count.  Spell check is available from the tools menu, but does not check automatically as you type.  The multiple choice menu will pull up the multiple choice/true false response sheet.

Exam4 sample Essay Response

MAKE SURE YOU ENTER YOUR MULTIPLE CHOICE ANSWERS IN THE MULTIPLE CHOICE AREA OF EXAM4. Answers are saved as you enter them and you can then click the "hide" button to go back to the essay portion of Exam4.

Exam 4 Multiple Choice Answers

Step 11: Notice on the right you have the ability to keep track of word count within each answer. There is also a timer. It is possible to set timers for one hour remaining, 15 minutes remaining, and five minutes remaining. When there is less than one minute remaining, the area above the timer will say "less than one minute remaining." Keep in mind that there is not a pop up reminder when there is less than one minute remaining. Lastly, make sure that you keep your timer visible.

If you are still working on your test when you set a timer and the time runs out, you will receive a message that looks like this (below). You should immediately close your exam. Note: The timer is a notification that your test time has run out. Exam4 will not end the test for you, You must close and submit the test as described in the steps below.

Step 12: To close your exam, select End test and then choose End test Now. 

Step 13:  The software will ask you to confirm your choice to end the exam. Click to confirm and then on Okay, end exam.

Step 14: Choose the Submit Electronically button and click okay.


A box will pop up that says "Exam Submittal Successful. Please note you will NOT receive an upload notification email from Exam4.

Step 15: To exit the software, select exit from the File and Save Options tab. In the pop-up screen, check "I'm sure" and then Exit test Software. At this point you have successfully taken and submitted your exam. You're done!

If you have any technical issues or questions, contact or visit  

If you have any questions about the test process, contact the Registrar at

Checklist before taking your exam: 

  • Verify that you have downloaded and installed the Exam4 software package for the current test season.
  • Turn off auto updates on your computer.
  • Close all other programs (Word, Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  • Reboot your computer before each test (very important).
  • Have your unique six-digit test ID ready for this exam.  Lookup the test ID at  Remember, each test has its own unique test ID for each student and document ID (all students have the same document ID in any given class).
  • Have your laptop's power adapter handy.

A healthy computer is less likely to experience problems during an exam.  Be sure your computer is free of malware and operating normally.  Instructions for running TrendMicro's free HouseCall malware scanner are available for macOS and Windows.  Contact Law School Information Technology at if you have questions about your computer's fitness for exams.

Before Exams Begin

Prior to taking an exam, test takers should make sure they have the Exam4 software package for the current test season. This can be checked by opening Exam4 and verifying the version dates. 

If you are taking an test at the law school, make sure you are connected to the UCB Wireless network. Otherwise, you will not be able to submit your exam. Directions about connecting to the university network can be found here.

Exam takers should ensure their laptop is ready to go and fully charged. Have your power adapter for your laptop handy.


General test Information

  • Download the Exam4 software package ahead of time.
  • Computer-based timers which count time and provide countdown alerts are acceptable. These will not work with CLOSED mode exams (currently not in use by Colorado Law). Students are responsible for testing to make sure the timer works with the test mode of their exam(s).
  • If you need to use the restroom during an exam, the time on your test will continue to count down.
  • Make sure you know what materials your professor allows during the test and whether or not you are allowed to copy/paste. 
  • Do not discuss the test afterwards with other students as they might be taking it at a later date. If you have questions or concerns about the exam, contact the Law Registrar's Office, not your professor. Do not email your professor about anything related to exams until after the test and grading period is complete. This preserves anonymity for grading purposes.
  • Students must work on their test in the Exam4 software. It causes errors if students draft their test in Word or some other program and then copy/paste their test into Exam4. Students are expected to write and edit their test only in Exam4. Even if allowed in the test setting, students should not copy and keep any portion of their submitted test on their computer.
  • The timer in Exam4 is a notification that your test time has run out.  Be aware that you must close and submit the exam.  Exam4 will not end the test when your time runs out!
  • NOTE: The use of dual screens is allowed for law school exams . It is advisable that students who wish to use more than one computer screen do a practice test to ensure it will work with your setup. This is especially true for Mac users.

Rescheduled Exams

The Registrar’s Office coordinates all rescheduled exams and communicates with students about the date and time accordingly. test rescheduling is governed by law school rules. Inquiries can be directed to the Law Registrar’s Office at Exam takers with approved rescheduled exams take their exams remotely.

Students With Accommodations

Exam takers who are registered with Disability Services work directly with the Law Registrar’s Office. Inquiries can be made to

Computer issues

See the "Getting Help" tab for how to acess help during remote exams. Help is available during regular business hours. Most IT issues can be avoided by taking the practice test and trying out dual screen setups in advance.

It is extremely important for students to download the Exam4 software prior to each test season and take a practice exam. This helps to identify potential laptop malfunctions ahead of time. The law school has a limited number of emergency laptops available on a first come, first serve basis.

Sometimes Exam4 causes your computer to change back to the factory default background picture setting after you exit the program. Therefore, you may need to change your background picture back to what it was prior to using the software (if applicable).

Honor Code

Students are held to the Honor Code at the law school and the CU Student Code of Conduct. It is recommended that all test takers review it prior to exams. 

Exam Day

  • Earplugs, sound muffling earmuffs, and headphones are acceptable if you are taking exams at the law school.
  • A wristwatch or little clock is okay as long as it does not make noise.
  • Do not use items, materials, or resources not allowed by the professor. Remember the Honor Code.
  • Make sure to use a power cord.

Starting Exams

All exams occur remotely and are not proctored. test questions will appear in the Exam4 software once proper credentials have been inputted. This is when the timer for your test begins (if the test is timed).

1) Put in your unique, six-digit test ID:

Exam4  test ID, course selection and  test code info.

2) Confirm your settings.

Exam4 confirmation screen

3) Set your timer (if desired) and view preferences. 

Exam4 timer and view settings.

4) Acknowledge the honor code and instructions.

Exam4 honor code acceptance.

5) The test Mode settings should be pre-populated for you as TAKE HOME MODE.

Verify  test mode for Exam4.

6) The test time begins once students input the Document ID on the next page.

Exam4 Begin Exam

7) Access your test questions by clicking on the test Document button.

8) Enter the Document ID and click "Fetch" to retrieve the test questions. Your test time doesn't begin until you can see the questions.

Exam4 saves information for your exam.  Exam4 tracks time spent on the exam, but will not automatically close the test when your time runs out. It is the student's responsibility to self-monitor their time and close the test on time.  To finish and close an exam, click on on the upper-left hand corner “End Exam” button and "End test Now."  The test will close and the student will be prompted to submit their exam.  Exam4 will then upload the test to the Colorado Law Exam4 Receiver. Please note that Exam4 does not send out upload notification emails. Students can close out Exam4 and go back into the software to see their confirmation by clicking on the "Select Existing Exam" and then click on "View test Submittal Receipt" to see their test submission.

Any questions or concerns about the test should be directed to the Registrar’s Office and not the professor to preserve anonymity for grading purposes.  


Each test you take has a unique, anonymous six-digit ID assigned to you.  You can look up the test IDs that you have been assigned for your exams at  You must input the correct test ID into Exam4 and write it on your test booklet. NOTE: For Fall 2022 midterm and final exams, all Exam4 exams will occur remotely. Therefore, there will not be a physical test booklet for students to write on. test questions will appear in the software once the test begins.

Exam4 is Colorado Law's secure testing software.  Essentially, it is an electronic bluebook for essay and short answer responses and an electronic bubble sheet for multiple choice and true/false responses.  You will need to download a new version of the Exam4 software package for each test season AND take a practice test for each test season.

TAKEHOME: What you use for a take-home exam. You may access your hard drive, other applications and the internet. You will be able to cut and paste external text into your exam. You may go into and out of this test as many times as you want during the 9-hours that you are working your exam. Once you have exited an test in the CLOSED, OPEN or OPEN +NETWORK mode, you will not be able to get back into it. You may exit an test in TAKEHOME mode, it will be saved, and you can start it again later.

Other modalities not currently in use:

CLOSED: You have access only to the test you are typing. You may not access your hard drive, applications, or the internet. Once you end your exam, you may not go back and re-edit it.Your computer will run through a 1-2 minute Security Check prior to beginning. We expect that you will use this time to read the test question. If your computer fails the security check, you can try re-booting and re-starting the software. If this doesn’t work, you must go to a library lab computer.

OPEN: You may access your hard drive and other applications, but do not have access to the internet. Exam4 prohibits cutting and pasting from any external document into the test screen. Most exams will be in this OPEN mode. Once you end your exam, you may not go back and re-edit it.

OPEN + NETWORK: You have access to your hard drive, applications, and the internet. Exam4 prohibits cutting and pasting from any external document into the test screen. Once you end your exam, you may not go back and re-edit it.

We highly recommend that you take a practice test to familiarize yourself with Exam4.  This is especially true if you've used ExamSoft's SofTest or Examplify in the past.  Exam4 is easy to use, but puts responsibility on the student for formatting/sectioning their essay responses, timing the exam, and for spell check.

Yes, Exam4 has a spell check function available in the tools menu.  However, Exam4 will not check spelling as you type.

Exam4 supports select, undo/redo, copy/paste, and delete.  If your test mode is OPEN or OPEN + Network, you can copy/paste between Exam4 and your applications. Do not copy/paste between Exam4 and your other applications (such as Microsoft Word) if you are doing a TAKEHOME exam. In other words, draft your test in the software. It may cause errors to your test or it may not save properly if you draft your test outside of the software. Make sure you know what materials your professor is allowing you to use during the test and whether or not you are allowed to copy/paste. It is not possible to copy/paste content from the test questions into the test answer area.

The Answer Separator is a feature of Exam4 that allows you to separate out the word counts by question. Do NOT edit the Answer Separators in any way – it will not count your words correctly if you do.

Yes, you can choose to either show or hide the document stats for your test by clicking a box on the right that says "Show/Hide Doc Stats" (see the practice test tab for a picture of this). The Answer Separator in Exam4 allows you to separate word count by question. If you alter the Answer Separators in any way it will not count your words correctly.


It is not possible to annotate or make notes in the test software itself. Students need to make notes on paper if they would like before drafting a final answer in Exam4. Notes should be shredded once the test is complete. Students can highlight portions of the test questions to reference while they are taking an exam.

If a student loses internet access during an exam, they will be able to continue working on it. From Exam4's point of view, the only issue is that they cannot fetch the test questions again. So long as you do not close the questions, you will be okay since all exams are in take home mode this term. While the internet is down, the test file will remain saved on your computer with all the secure time stamps, etc., so the student can upload it later.

Fall 2022 Law School test Schedule


Last Day Of Class For Fall 2022: Friday, December 2, 2022

Exams should be taken and submitted using Mountain Time (MT). If you are no longer in Colorado and in a different time zone, please plan accordingly. Make sure you review the test schedule. Exam4 exams will not be proctored. Do not contact your professor about the test for any reason. All exams will be taken remotely. If you write anything on scratch paper during your exam, make sure to shred it once your test has been submitted.

Students must upload their test answers by test deadline listed on the schedule using Mountain Time.  

The test Document ID for the "FALL 2022 Practice Exam" is D0000000.

Total time spent on exams is only reported to faculty in instances where students went over the allowed test time (which may vary with accommodations).

Reminders For Exams: 

  • NOTE: The use of dual screens is allowed for law school exams . It is advisable that students who wish to use more than one computer screen do a practice test to ensure it will work with your setup.
  • If you need to use the restroom during a timed exam, please do so. The time on your test will continue to count down.  
  • Make sure you know what materials your professor will allow and whether or not you are allowed to copy/paste. Follow all directions given to you (if any) about what to do with the test questions after completing your exam(s). 
  • Do not discuss the test afterwards with other students as they might be taking it at a later date. If you have questions or concerns about the exam, contact the Registrar's Office, not your professor.
  • Do not email your professor about anything related to exams until after the test and grading period is complete. This preserves anonymity for grading purposes. 
  • Students are held to the Honor Code at the law school and the CU Student Code of Conduct. It is recommended that all test takers review it prior to exams. 
  • Final course grades are due from faculty in early January for fall term and late May for spring term. Grades are posted as they are received. Grading will utilize normal A-F grading. Non-law, LLM, and MSL students are not subject to the B+ median.









Watch a short Exam4 demo for macOS or Windows

Loaner test Laptops are available.  If you have any doubts or concerns about your computer’s OS version, performance, or reliability for exams, you may request a loaner laptop from Law IT at  test laptops may be picked up now or at any time before finals and returned at the beginning of the spring semester.

If you are taking an test at the law school, make sure you are connected to the UCB Wireless network. Otherwise, you will not be able to submit your exam. Directions about connecting to the university network can be found here.

How To Handle Loss Of Internet Access and/or Power During An Exam: If a student loses internet access and/or power during an exam, they will be able to continue working on it. From Exam4's point of view, the only issue is that they cannot fetch the test questions again. So long as you do not close the questions, you will be okay since all exams are in take home mode this term. While the internet is down, the test file will remain saved on your computer with all the secure time stamps, etc., so the student can upload it later.

If you need immediate assistance during exams (or the week before), contact or call 303-492-1865/303-492-6755 (as a backup option). Staff will help you through your technical questions. It is important to take a practice test to ensure viability of your laptop for the upcoming test period. If you have questions about the test questions themselves, you should address this in your test answer.

If you have any problems or confusion with specific test questions, please address those issues within your test answer. Do not contact the Registrar or your professor with questions regarding the content of your exam.

Why is there a grey rectangle blocking my screen? See here for instructions to fix this Mac issue.

How can I fix scaling issues if I cannot see the entire test question? See here.

How To Fix Your Settings If You Have Trouble Seeing Multiple Choice Area

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 23:08:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Does your fleet have a plan for technology evaluation?

All the new technology that is available today, or becoming available in the near future, is a good thing for the trucking industry. However, given all the choices, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to determine which technologies are actually right for your fleet.

Not every technology will make sense for every fleet. Duty cycles, loads, routes, etc., are all different, so each fleet’s technology needs are unique. However, there are steps all carriers can follow when making a technology-investment decision.

See also: What components make up a quality maintenance program?

It starts with identifying a specific need. Ask yourself some questions about what problem the technology will solve, whether it will replace an existing technology or augment it, and what systems it will have to integrate with, and how easy that integration will be.

But perhaps the biggest question to answer is how your customers will benefit from the new technology. That benefit can be direct to the customer, or it can be something that makes your operation more efficient, which in turn will benefit your customers. Answering these questions will help make the decision easier as to whether technology makes sense for you.

Once you’ve determined that the technology will be beneficial, you will need to identify everyone that will be impacted by the integration of the technology into your operation. This may stretch beyond drivers, technicians, and dispatchers to others within your organization, including back-office and finance people. Make sure to solicit input from them about the technology and the best way to integrate it into your fleet.

Don’t forget to consider the training that will be required for all those who will be interacting with the new technology. There is no point in investing in technology if people are not going to use it properly.

The best course of action when it comes to new technology is to develop a standard procedure for evaluating and implementing it. This will keep you from getting distracted by the latest and greatest claims that are attached to most new technologies.

Remember, when it comes to technology adoption, there is no universal right or wrong answer. However, there is a right and wrong for your fleet. Having a plan in place will help you make the right technology decisions more often than not and then you will reap all the benefits that technology offers.

Gino Fontana, CTP, is COO and EVP at Transervice Logistics Inc. Prior to this, he was VP of operations at Berkeley Division and Puerto Rico. He has more than 35 years of experience in the transportation and logistics industry with both operational and sales experience.

Wed, 07 Dec 2022 00:33:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Idols Reveal Their 2023 College Entrance test Plans

With less than a week left until South Korea’s annual college entrance exam, various idols currently in their senior year of high school have revealed whether they will take the 2023 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT)!

News outlet MyDaily reported that ENHYPEN’s Jungwon has chosen to forgo the exam, and NewJeans’ agency ADOR has confirmed that leader Minji will not be taking this year’s test.

Both IVE’s Jang Won Young and Liz have decided not to take the CSAT and focus on their promotions instead. Their agency Starship Entertainment commented, “Regarding their college entrance, Jang Won Young and Liz have officially decided not to take this year’s CSAT.” They added, “In the future, we will proceed with promotions while taking into consideration, in accordance with the artists’ opinions, whether to attend school when they are able to focus on college life. We ask for lots of attention and support for IVE in the future too as they greet you with an even better image.”

STAYC’s agency shared a similar statement on behalf of Yoon and J, stating, “Yoon and J will not take this year’s test and have decided to focus on their promotions as singers for the time being.”

This year’s 2023 CSAT will be held on November 17. Most high school seniors in Korea this year are born in 2004.

Wishing all the students taking the CSAT the best of luck!

Source (1) (2) (3) (4)

How does this article make you feel?

Wed, 09 Nov 2022 10:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Why You Need A Tech Plan No result found, try new keyword!“That’s why having a technology plan for your farm is critical.” The goal of a technology plan is to make sure all “smart” elements can communicate. “The more you can look ahead and ... Thu, 10 Nov 2022 10:00:00 -0600 text/html Killexams : The TSA plans to take facial recognition technology nationwide

The Transportation Security Administration has been testing facial recognition technology as an option for travelers at select U.S. airports for years, touting it as a way to speed up identity verification at security.

But now, the federal agency is poised to implement the system nationwide, causing alarm for privacy advocates and other critics who say the facial scanning systems bring a flurry of concerns.

Travelers queue up at the south security checkpoint in Denver International Airport as the Labor Day holiday approaches Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2022, in Denver.  ((AP Photo/David Zalubowski) / AP Newsroom)

The screenings, dubbed "Credit Authentication Technology with Camera," now known as CAT-2, were rolled out by the Department of Homeland Security in 2017 as part of a pilot program, and involve scanning fliers' faces at the TSA checkpoint and comparing the images to the travelers' documents such as their driver's licenses or passports.

Since then, the biometric system has expanded to 16 U.S. airports, and travelers are starting to notice.


The Washington Post recently reported on the issue "after hearing concerns" from "readers who encountered face scans while traveling." The outlet learned from an interview with Jason Lim, who runs the TSA's facial recognition program that the agency "hopes to expand it across the United States as soon as next year." 

The situation is reminiscent of the IRS's push last tax season to require facial recognition scans for Americans to access their tax returns, which was met with fierce backlash over privacy concerns and ultimately scrapped.  One of the many worries over the tax collector's program was data breaches, and the TSA already had its facial data breached in 2019.

ID requirement signs at entrance to passenger TSA security area, West Palm Beach, Florida.  (Photo by: Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The TSA has not provided data on how accurate the scans are, which is another significant concern for critics.

Business Insider noted that facial recognition technology's "use by law enforcement is even illegal in some cities, including San Francisco as, in some cases, racially-biased facial recognition scans have led to false arrests and even jail time for a Black man who was misidentified."


Lim reiterated that the facial scans are optional and assured The Post that the TSA does not store the live photo, save for some kept on hand for two years to test the system's effectiveness or for law enforcement purposes. But the TSA – known for its watch lists – could be in for a tough sell.

People wait in a TSA line at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, Tuesday, June 28, 2022.  ((AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson, File) / AP Newsroom)

Americans have long been skeptical of facial recognition technology due to its broad use by the Chinese government, which notoriously surveils its citizens and punishes government critics.

In a New York Post column Thursday, James Bovard addressed just that issue.


"The TSA scanning system could be a big step toward a Chinese-style ‘social credit’ system that could restrict travel by people the government doesn’t like," Bovard wrote. "Actually, TSA has already been caught doing that. In 2018, the New York Times exposed a secret watchlist for anyone TSA labels ‘publicly notorious.’ TSA critics to the end of the line — forever?"

FOX Business' Stephanie Pagones contributed to this report.

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Killexams : Amazon Is Said to Plan to Lay Off Thousands of Employees

The company has told Wall Street that it has tightened its belt in the past and can do so again. Amazon cut 1,500 jobs, including hourly workers, in 2001 during the dot-com crash, which amounted to 15 percent of its staff at the time. It also laid off a few hundred corporate employees in early 2018 after another period of rapid expansion.

What we consider before using anonymous sources. Do the sources know the information? What’s their motivation for telling us? Have they proved reliable in the past? Can we corroborate the information? Even with these questions satisfied, The Times uses anonymous sources as a last resort. The reporter and at least one editor know the identity of the source.

Last week, Amazon executives met with institutional investors, according to three people, just as its stock sank to its lowest level since the early days of the pandemic, erasing $1 trillion in value since Andy Jassy took over as chief executive last year.

Mr. Jassy, who previously ran Amazon’s lucrative cloud computing business, has been closely scrutinizing businesses to trim costs quickly. He initially pulled back on a warehouse expansion that was supercharged during the pandemic, then moved to other parts of the company.

In exact months, Amazon has also closed or pared back a smattering of initiatives, including Amazon Care, its service providing primary and urgent health care that failed to find enough customers; Scout, the cooler-size home delivery robot, that employed 400 people, according to Bloomberg; and, a subsidiary that sold sewing supplies for three decades.

From April through September, it reduced head count by almost 80,000 people, primarily shrinking its hourly staff through high attrition.

Amazon froze hiring in several smaller teams in September. In October, it stopped filling more than 10,000 open roles in its core retail business. Two weeks ago, it froze corporate hiring across the company, including its cloud computing division, for the next few months.

That news came so suddenly that recruiters did not receive talking points for job candidates until almost a week later, according to a copy of the talking points seen by The New York Times.

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Killexams : Canadian technology leaders plan to invest heavily in major emerging technologies: KPMG

Technology is poised to reshape the business world by 2024 despite near-term recessionary concerns and a global talent crisis

TORONTO, Nov. 24, 2022 /CNW/ - Most of Canada's biggest organizations are turning to major emerging technologies to enhance their products and services, drive operational agility and efficiency, defend market share, and win new business, according to a exact Global Technology survey by KPMG International.


In the next two years, almost all technology leaders (95 per cent) surveyed at private- and public-sector organizations in Canada plan to invest in Web3, the third iteration of the internet, the survey found. Approximately 70 per cent plan to invest in fifth-generation wireless technology (5G) and edge computing, 67 per cent plan to capitalize on quantum computing and over half (54 per cent) plan to invest in the metaverse over the same period. Over six in 10 plan to invest in virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The findings underpin research in KPMG's exact Global CEO Outlook in which Canadian chief executive officers ranked emerging or disruptive technologies as the No. 2 risk to company growth over the next three years, trailing only regulatory concerns.

"The race to transform is on," says Sanjay Pathak, Partner and National Leader, Technology Strategy and Digital Transformation Services, KPMG in Canada. "At a time when digital leaders face rising costs, a potential recession, and a global talent crisis, they are turning to emerging technologies to build business resiliency, harness data and analytics to enhance decision making, and drive growth.

"While it may seem counterintuitive to invest in innovation on the precipice of an economic downturn, these technologies are difference makers and will separate digital leaders from the laggards," he says. "Increasingly, we are seeing digital leaders become proficient in new and emerging technologies and these new advancements will reshape the business world within the next few years. But as with any transformative change, technology is only an enabler. It must be totally aligned to business purpose and strategy and the risks must also be carefully assessed, mapped out and mitigated."

Planned Technology Investments:


Edge Computing

















Have already invested

4 %

6 %

6 %

5 %

4 %

5 %



2 %

1 %

1 %

1 %

Plan to invest in the next 6 months / currently evaluating

14 %

8 %

10 %

9 %

10 %

8 %

2 %

1 %





Plan to invest in the next 6 months to 1 year

21 %

24 %

22 %

23 %

23 %

24 %

18 %

19 %

12 %

16 %

13 %

12 %

Plan to invest in 1-2 years

35 %

33 %

37 %

34 %

34 %

35 %

42 %

41 %

44 %

43 %

41 %

43 %

Plan to invest in next 3-5 years

26 %

29 %

24 %

28 %

28 %

27 %

38 %

38 %

39 %

37 %

42 %

40 %

* The remaining percentage have no plans to invest or explore further.

Talent Wars Abound

Significantly more Canadian organizations said they are behind schedule in implementing their digital transformation strategies than their global peers, the survey showed. Half of technology leaders in Canada (51 per cent) said their programs have been delayed or had slowed despite C-suite support and funding, compared to only 40 per cent globally.

This is in line with previous KPMG research that found many such programs had been, or were about to be, put on hold not only to prepare for a near-term potential recession but also to cope with employee burnout and the lack of skilled talent.

Technology leaders also identified the talent shortfall as one of two top barriers that is preventing their organization from adopting new digital technologies. The other barrier is their organization's aversion to risk or that reluctance to let go of existing procedures.

"In a downturn, companies that typically come out on top are those that maintain their investment focus on critical business priorities, build use cases for disruptive technologies, and ensure they're developing the required skillsets either in-house or by establishing a strong ecosystem of external partners," says Kathy Penner, Partner and National Leader, Technology Enterprise Solutions, KPMG in Canada. "So when there's an upturn, they are ready to leverage these investments and drive outsized growth."

All respondents to the survey acknowledged the positive impact of their digital transformation efforts to-date: An increase in profits and performance.

In the last two years, a quarter (26 per cent vs. 38 per cent globally) reported profits increased between 6-10 per cent as a direct result from their transformation journey. A further 19 per cent (20 per cent globally) experienced an 11 per cent or more increase in profitability, and over half (54 per cent vs. 42 per cent globally) increased profits by 1-5 per cent.

"Leaders are looking at technology and digital investments with increased scrutiny," says Ms. Penner. "The need for demonstratable return on investment and scalable delivery models being top of mind for most."

Explore additional insights related to Cloud, Enterprise Technology, and Cybersecurity here.

KPMG International surveyed more than 2,200 technology executives at some of the world's largest organizations across 15 countries, including 125 in Canada during the second quarter of 2022. Nearly half (48 per cent) of the respondents are headquartered in the U.S. Among the Canadian respondents, 17 per cent are with organizations reporting between US$20 billion and US$50 billion in annual gross revenue; 10 per cent are with organizations with more than US$10 billion but less than $20 billion; 26 per cent report between US$5 billion and $10 billion; and 42 per cent have between US$1 billion and $5 billion in revenue. Sixty-five per cent of Canadian respondents work at organizations with more than 10,000 employees. Over half (54 per cent) are publicly held companies, 22 per cent are privately held, and the remaining 25 per cent are governments or non-profit organizations.

About KPMG in Canada

KPMG LLP, a limited liability partnership, is a full-service Audit, Tax and Advisory firm owned and operated by Canadians. For over 150 years, our professionals have provided consulting, accounting, auditing, and tax services to Canadians, inspiring confidence, empowering change, and driving innovation. Guided by our core values of Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Together, For Better, KPMG employs more than 10,000 people in over 40 locations across Canada, serving private- and public-sector clients. KPMG is consistently ranked one of Canada's top employers and one of the best places to work in the country.

The firm is established under the laws of Ontario and is a member of KPMG's global organization of independent member firms affiliated with KPMG International, a private English company limited by guarantee. Each KPMG firm is a legally distinct and separate entity and describes itself as such. For more information, see



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Killexams : Amazon reportedly planning to shed 10,000 corporate and technology jobs

Amazon is planning to dismiss about 10,000 people in corporate and technology jobs starting as soon as this week, the New York Times reported on Monday, citing people with knowledge of the matter.

The cuts would be the largest in Amazon’s history and come as other tech companies including Meta and Twitter are also shedding workers.

Amazon’s cuts will reportedly focus on the e-commerce giant’s devices unit, which houses voice-assistant Alexa, as well as its retail division and human resources.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. As of 31 December last year, Amazon had about 1,608,000 full-time and part-time employees and the cuts would represent about 3% of Amazon’s corporate employees and less than 1% of its global workforce.

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, has warned that he believes the US is either in or heading towards a recession and that people and corporations should “batten down the hatches”.

On Sunday Bezos told CNN: “The probabilities say if we’re not in a recession right now, we’re likely to be in one very soon. My advice to people whether they’re small business owners is take some risk off the table. If you were going to make a purchase, maybe slow down that purchase a little bit. Keep some dry powder on hand and wait a bit.”

Last week, Facebook-parent Meta Platforms said it would cut more than 11,000 jobs, or 13% of its workforce, to rein in costs. Twitter has announced it is cutting half of its 7,500 employees.

Reuters contributed to this story

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Killexams : Micron to supply fewer memory chips in 2023, plans fresh capex cuts

Nov 16 (Reuters) - Micron Technology Inc (MU.O) said on Wednesday it would reduce memory chip supply and make more cuts to its capital spending plan, as the semiconductor firm struggles to clear excess inventory due to a slump in demand.

Shares of the company fell 5.8% to $59.44 in afternoon trading.

Micron was the first major chipmaker to sound an alarm about falling demand for personal computers and smartphones earlier this year in the face of decades-high inflation.

Chipmakers and electronics companies, which had been preparing for the pandemic-led demand surge to sustain and had for long struggled with supply constraints, soon found themselves with overstocked inventory.

The broader weakness seeped throughout the industry, and is now affecting all end-markets from personal electronics to data centers to industrial. The Philadelphia SE Semiconductor index (.SOX) has declined over 31% so far this year.

"In order to significantly Strengthen total inventory ... DRAM bit supply will need to shrink and NAND bit supply growth will need to be significantly lower than previous estimates," the company said.

Widespread supply and capex cuts typically denote a bottom for the memory industry and is a good sign, Wedbush Securities analyst Matt Bryson wrote in a note on Wednesday.

But he said there is potential for a longer demand trough that would likely weigh on the broader technology space.

Micron said it is reducing DRAM and NAND wafer starts - or the initial process in semiconductor production - by about 20% compared with the fourth quarter that ended on Sept. 1.

For 2023, the company expects its year-on-year bit supply growth to be negative for DRAM and in the single-digit percentage range for NAND.

Micron's outlook is likely "weighing on the perception that component suppliers/semi vendors have already baked adverse conditions into their outlooks, effectively derisking the stocks," Bryson said.

Reporting by Eva Mathews and Aditya Soni in Bengaluru; Additional reporting by Jane Lanhee Lee and Chavi Mehta; Editing by Shounak Dasgupta, Sriraj Kalluvila and Maju Samuel

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Killexams : Sling Is Increasing Its Subscription Plans by $5 Prepare to pay more for Sling TV. Sarah Tew/CNET © Provided by CNET Prepare to pay more for Sling TV. Sarah Tew/CNET

Sling TV is raising prices on all three of its basic subscription packages, following in the footsteps of other streaming services that implemented price hikes this year. Customers will pay $5 more for their plans, the company said on Thursday

The live TV streaming service has bumped up the monthly cost for Sling Orange or Sling Blue to $40, while its Sling Orange & Blue bundled package will be $55 per month. Current prices are $35 for the singular Orange or Blue plans and $50 for the Orange & Blue package. The changes will go into effect immediately for new customers, and existing subscribers will see the increase on their next bill on or after Dec. 3.

"Raising prices for our customers is not something we take lightly," said Gary Schanman, Sling executive vice president. "We recognize that historically high inflation is impacting our customers every day and our goal is not to be another burden to your wallet." He explained that rising costs of programming fees contributed to the decision. Looking ahead, customers will see fresh features and 150-plus new channels added to the lineup.

Sling TV is one of the latest streamers to adjust pricing this year. Netflix increased its subscription plans in January, and this month, it launched a cheaper, ad-based tier. Disney announced plans to up its monthly rates for Hulu and Disney Plus. Hulu's standalone plans are now $8 for basic with ads and $15 for ad-free, while it's live TV streaming subscriptions will increase on Dec. 8. Disney Plus will also offer a new, ad-supported plan for $8 per month (its current price) and increase its ad-free version by $3 to $11 a month.

Despite the price hike, Sling TV still offers half off your first month of service. The Orange package includes 31 channels featuring sports and family-friendly content, while Sling Blue offers 41 channels including entertainment and news. 

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