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Exam Code: CIS-RCI ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist ? Risk and Compliance (CIS-RCI) learner January 2024 by team
ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist ? Risk and Compliance (CIS-RCI)
ServiceNow Implementation learner

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Question: 30
Which GRC application would you use to determine where the organization is the most vulnerable or has the most
A. Vendor Risk Management
B. Audit Management
C. Policy and Compliance Management
D. Risk Management
Answer: D
Question: 31
Common controls from UCF import into which table in ServiceNow?
A. sn_compliance_policy
B. sn_compliance_policy_statement
C. sn_compliance_policy_exception
D. sn_complilance_authority_document
Answer: C
Question: 32
You are working with your customer to determine necessary audit management workflow configurations.
What should they know about the approval process for audit engagements? (Choose three.)
A. If the engagement is approved and there are remaining open tasks or issues, it automatically moves into the Follow
Up state.
B. If the engagement is approved and there are no remaining open tasks or issues, it automatically moves into the
Closed state.
C. If the engagement is rejected, it automatically moves back to the Fieldwork state.
D. If the engagement is approved and there are remaining open tasks or issues, it automatically moves into the
Fieldwork state.
E. If the engagement is rejected, it automatically moves into the Scope state.
Answer: A,B,C,D
Question: 33
How can you get the SOX content pack?
A. ServiceNow Store
B. Patch Update
C. Platform Upgrade
D. Professional Services
Answer: B
Question: 34
For classic risk assessment, indicator failure factor represents the impact of risk indicator failures on what score?
A. Inherent ALE
B. Calculated ALE
C. Residual ALE
D. Inherent SLE
Answer: A,B
Question: 35
What are some of the baseline tables commonly leveraged in Entity filters? (Choose three.)
A. Company [core_company]
B. Services [cmdb_ci_service]
C. Location [cmn_location]
D. Risk [sn_risk_risk]
E. Audit Engagement [sn_audit_engagement]
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 36
Controls are generated from a Control Objective when what is applied to it?
A. Policy
B. Citation
C. Indicator template
D. Entity Type
Answer: C
Question: 37
Who can move a Policy into Review? (Choose two.)
A. sys admin
B. policy approver
C. policy reviewer
D. policy owner
Answer: A,B
Question: 38
In which state is the Policy once all approvals are received?
A. Review
B. Published
C. Draft
D. Retired
E. Awaiting Approval
Answer: B
Question: 39
For classic risk assessment, what are the risk components that apply to the Qualitative method? (Choose two.)
A. Single Loss Expectancy (SLE)
B. Annualized Rate of Occurrence (ARO)
C. Impact
D. Likelihood
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 40
Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) uses a slightly different nomenclature structure than ServiceNow.
Common controls from UCF import into which table in ServiceNow?
A. Control Objective [sn_compliance_policy_statement]
B. Authority Document [sn_compliance_authority_document]
C. Control [sn_compliance_control]
D. Citation [sn_compliance_citation]
Answer: B

ServiceNow Implementation learner - BingNews Search results ServiceNow Implementation learner - BingNews ServiceNow's chief digital information officer on why 2024 is going to be really fun
  • Chris Bedi is ServiceNow's chief digital-information officer. 
  • "We know we're early innings, especially with gen AI, but we are pushing on it hard."
  • Bedi's insights are part of Business Insider's year-end leadership series, "Looking Ahead 2024."

For the cloud-software provider ServiceNow, this year's advances in artificial intelligence have opened a lot of doors.

The software-as-a-service provider is "aggressively pursuing our ambition to absolutely be an AI-first company," Chris Bedi, the chief digital-information officer at ServiceNow, told Business Insider. "We know we're early innings, especially with gen AI, but we are pushing on it hard."

The $140 billion company's cloud-based offerings include service management, operations management, and business management. And Bedi said he knows that if generative AI, or gen AI, is used correctly, it will save hours of work and help bolster the careers of workers using it.

Part of integrating and understanding AI is training ServiceNow's 22,000 employees. The company had its first AI learning day recently, which brought the whole company together. It included panels of both internal and external speakers to "demystify it a bit and provide a learning path," Bedi said.

While ServiceNow focuses on gen-AI solutions and use cases, it also measures employee satisfaction. "Do they feel like it's actually additive to their job or is it kind of a nonstarter?" Bedi asked.

"Humans don't necessarily run to the technology — they sometimes run away from it," he said. "We're trying to move fast while we're bringing our human capital along."

Bedi said teams involved in IT, HR, and customer-support operations don't feel threatened by generative AI. "Their sentiment is around 64% of them believe it's helping boost productivity," he said.

The teams that heavily rely on gen AI are seeing "it's freeing up 25% to 30% of their time, but we're using that time so they can serve our clients better. So they're actually viewing it as a career progression for them."

The challenge that ServiceNow and all companies face is around fast innovation, "but also we take care of governance, safety, and ethics" around AI, Bedi said.

ServiceNow wants to "create better experiences because we all know experiences done the right way can drive the right behavioral and economic impacts." The company also said, "we shouldn't have any decision made without an accompanying AI-based recommendation," Bedi added.

Bedi's insights are part of BI's year-end leadership package, "Looking Ahead 2024," which digs into vision, strategy, and challenges across corporate America.

The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What are you looking forward to most for 2024?

I'll use one word: innovation. I think that there is so much technology capability available to CIOs and CTOs around the world, and just using all of it to innovate in a way that serves customers better, drives the company forward, frees employees up from the toil they've been in. That, to me, is going to be really fun.

What is your biggest concern for 2024?

I'll be the broken-record CDIO and say cyber. It's just not getting easier [protecting against cyber attacks and data hacks], it's getting harder. And so that's one thing, but also data [can also be manipulated] which then change algorithmic outputs, data labeling, wipeouts — stuff like that. I worry about threats which are yet to emerge.

What is one thing you think you got right in 2023?

We started experimenting and doing stuff with gen AI super early. And it's yielding benefit now because we're alive on like 15 things across five or six departments. So jumping on it early.

What is one thing you think you got wrong in 2023?

I would say underestimating how quickly gen AI would progress. It went a lot faster than I thought. It's amazing to think that it was just last November, December. And the speed has been amazing.

Fri, 22 Dec 2023 21:57:00 -0600 en-US text/html
ISG to Publish Reports on ServiceNow Partner Ecosystem No result found, try new keyword!“Through these collaborations, the integration of GenAI and machine learning enhances predictive ... and security policies. ServiceNow Implementation and Integration Services, assessing ... Tue, 28 Nov 2023 01:04:00 -0600 Unpacking the Latest Options Trading Trends in ServiceNow

Investors with a lot of money to spend have taken a bullish stance on ServiceNow NOW.

And retail traders should know.

We noticed this today when the trades showed up on publicly available options history that we track here at Benzinga.

Whether these are institutions or just wealthy individuals, we don't know. But when something this big happens with NOW, it often means somebody knows something is about to happen.

So how do we know what these investors just did?

Today, Benzinga's options scanner spotted 9 uncommon options trades for ServiceNow.

This isn't normal.

The overall sentiment of these big-money traders is split between 55% bullish and 44%, bearish.

Out of all of the special options we uncovered, 4 are puts, for a total amount of $451,040, and 5 are calls, for a total amount of $341,220.

Projected Price Targets

Analyzing the Volume and Open Interest in these contracts, it seems that the big players have been eyeing a price window from $420.0 to $720.0 for ServiceNow during the past quarter.

Volume & Open Interest Development

Examining the volume and open interest provides crucial insights into stock research. This information is key in gauging liquidity and interest levels for ServiceNow's options at certain strike prices. Below, we present a snapshot of the trends in volume and open interest for calls and puts across ServiceNow's significant trades, within a strike price range of $420.0 to $720.0, over the past month.

ServiceNow Call and Put Volume: 30-Day Overview

Largest Options Trades Observed:

Symbol PUT/CALL Trade Type Sentiment Exp. Date Strike Price Total Trade Price Open Interest Volume
NOW PUT TRADE BULLISH 01/19/24 $680.00 $176.1K 178 81
NOW CALL SWEEP BEARISH 02/16/24 $680.00 $120.6K 158 40
NOW PUT SWEEP BULLISH 01/19/24 $650.00 $110.0K 505 100
NOW CALL TRADE BULLISH 01/19/24 $420.00 $106.6K 60 4
NOW PUT SWEEP BEARISH 01/16/26 $680.00 $102.0K 8 10

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow Inc provides software solutions to structure and automate various business processes via a SaaS delivery model. The company primarily focuses on the IT function for enterprise customers. ServiceNow began with IT service management, expanded within the IT function, and more recently directed its workflow automation logic to functional areas beyond IT, notably customer service, HR service delivery, and security operations. ServiceNow also offers an application development platform as a service.

Following our analysis of the options activities associated with ServiceNow, we pivot to a closer look at the company's own performance.

Current Position of ServiceNow

  • With a volume of 501,000, the price of NOW is down -0.72% at $682.7.
  • RSI indicators hint that the underlying stock may be overbought.
  • Next earnings are expected to be released in 50 days.

Expert Opinions on ServiceNow

A total of 2 professional analysts have given their take on this stock in the last 30 days, setting an average price target of $702.5.

  • An analyst from RBC Capital has decided to maintain their Outperform rating on ServiceNow, which currently sits at a price target of $680.
  • An analyst from Wells Fargo has decided to maintain their Overweight rating on ServiceNow, which currently sits at a price target of $725.

Trading options involves greater risks but also offers the potential for higher profits. Savvy traders mitigate these risks through ongoing education, strategic trade adjustments, utilizing various indicators, and staying attuned to market dynamics. Keep up with the latest options trades for ServiceNow with Benzinga Pro for real-time alerts.

© 2024 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Tue, 05 Dec 2023 00:15:00 -0600 en text/html
Latest News Mentioning ServiceNow

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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has awarded technology consulting firm iTech AG a potential three-year, $75 million blanket purchase agreement for support services to help the agency’s Center for Clinical Standards and Quality Boost internal processes and citizen experience. Arlington, Virginia-based iTech AG said Tuesday it s...

Kyle McKendrick, senior enterprise account executive at ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), and Daniel Gruber, specialist managing director at KPMG, said government agencies looking to drive business transformation on a modern platform should partner with a multifaceted industry team that takes a holistic approach to modernization. In a joint article published ...

Technology industry executive Laura Fritzlen has been named vice president of public sector alliances and channels at Zscaler (Nasdaq: ZS), GovCon Wire has learned. She will be responsible for expanding strategic partner relationships and alliances with public sector organizations to help strengthen collaboration and drive growth at the cloud securi...

Raj Iyer, former chief information officer of the U.S. Army, was recently appointed as head of global public sector at workflow automation software provider ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW). He brings to the newly created position over three decades of technology and business transformation experience in government and private sectors and will help accelerate...

Vishal Desai, most recently president of the national workflow automation business unit at SilverEdge Government Solutions, has assumed the role of chief technology officer at the Columbia, Maryland-based technology services provider. In this capacity, he will oversee efforts to align the company’s engineering, product development and technology i...

The cloud services segment of the GovCon market is booming as government agencies prioritize modernization and migrate to the cloud. GovCon Wire spoke with PV Puvvada, CEO of NetImpact Strategies and Wash100 Award winner, to find out more about what’s driving this growth and what’s next for the cloud services market and emerging technologies....

Carahsoft Technology has received a $432 million contract from the U.S. Army for the delivery of ServiceNow products to the service branch through Dec. 22, 2027. Funding and work locations will be based on each order under the firm-fixed-price contract for ServiceNow procurement, the Department of Defense said Friday. Carahsoft serves as the public ...

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW) has secured a potential five-year, $250 million blanket purchase agreement from the Department of Health and Human Services to provide digital workflow platforms to help HHS manage applications, optimize inventory and reduce waste. The company said Thursday it partnered with Carahsoft Technology to offer its ServiceNow Technol...

ExecutiveBiz featured Jonathan Alboum, federal chief technology officer at ServiceNow, in its most recent Executive Spotlight interview published Thursday. He talked about his career with ServiceNow and what he hopes to accomplish with the company moving forward. The Q&A also tackled the company’s core values, the government agencies&#8217...

Technology investment firm The Acacia Group has acquired The Baer Group, which provides tech consulting and services to customers in public and private sectors, for an undisclosed sum as part of efforts to address the increasing shortage of technical talent needed to support digital transformation efforts of government and industry clients. “We se...

Tue, 07 Sep 2021 22:13:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Is ServiceNow Stock a Top Buy for 2024?

Someone forgot to tell ServiceNow (NOW -0.51%) that the cloud software industry has been slowing down in 2023. The digital transformation platform's revenue growth has actually been accelerating throughout the last year, and the stock has picked up steam as 2024 approaches. Shares of ServiceNow are up 80% in 2023 with just weeks left to go until the new year.

A high valuation has prevented many investors from pulling the trigger on buying this top cloud stock. After an epic run, is it still a top buy for 2024?

A next-gen platform for the future of work

ServiceNow provides numerous solutions for businesses to manage their workforce and customer experiences. Its platform spans digital workflow management tools, from AI that helps find bottlenecks that are slowing down the completion of tasks to cloud observability solutions that help with app performance.

ServiceNow landed on the radar of many investors this past summer after an expanded partnership was struck with Nvidia. ServiceNow said it would adopt Nvidia's latest and greatest AI systems to Boost its own platform, and in turn, Nvidia would expand its use of ServiceNow in its own workflow management for developing more powerful chips and generative AI systems.

This type of AI used to automate more employee tasks is powering "digital transformation" among big customers. In a year like 2023 where cost-cutting has been a top priority in the corporate world, it's helped keep demand high for ServiceNow's software. And, after the bear market of 2022, the company's revenue growth has been ratcheting up again.


Total Revenue

Increase (YOY)


$5.9 billion



$7.25 billion


Q1 2023

$2.1 billion


Q2 2023

$2.15 billion


Q3 2023

$2.29 billion


Data source: ServiceNow. YOY = year over year.  

Even better, though, has been ServiceNow's rapid progress on profitability. Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) income from operations was $492 million in the first nine months of 2023, compared to just $200 million in the same period in 2022. Free cash flow (FCF) was $1.36 billion in the first nine months of 2023 (a healthy FCF profit margin of 21%), with the discrepancy between GAAP profitability primarily driven by employee stock-based compensation.

As for that employee stock-based compensation, ServiceNow management reported it repurchased $282 million worth of stock in Q3 2023. This is part of the company's first-ever stock repurchase program, which is aimed at offsetting the impact of dilution from ongoing employee stock-based compensation. About $1.2 billion worth of stock repurchase authorization remained at the end of the quarter.

Expect some turbulence, but a top cloud stock for the long term?

After the big run-up in stock price in 2023, ServiceNow trades for a high premium of 90 times trailing-12-month earnings per share, or about 60 times trailing-12-month FCF. Of course, part of the premium exists because ServiceNow's profit margins are expected to rise rapidly over the course of the next few years. To wit, shares trade for a bit more reasonable 55 times Wall Street analysts' expectation for 2024 earnings per share.

ServiceNow is nevertheless an expensive stock as we head into the new year. That can cause some turbulence in stock price, including steep sell-offs if ServiceNow misses some short-term financial estimates from one quarter to the next.

However, given the company's fast-and-steady growth for years, and leadership in cloud-based and AI-powered software, investors are rightfully optimistic about the business's trajectory. As I explained this time last year, I think a stock like ServiceNow is best bought in batches over the course of time, perhaps using a dollar-cost averaging plan. This still seems like the right strategy for those investors interested in the long-term potential (a decade and beyond) for ServiceNow.

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 21:38:00 -0600 Nicholas Rossolillo en text/html
Cybersecurity predictions for 2024 reflect more advanced threats

Varun Badhwar, the CEO and co-founder of Endor Labs contends that as most organizations stand at the intersection of AI and enterprise control, malicious actors will continue to explore using AI and associated tools to accelerate exploitation and intrusions. They will also look to target the large GenAI platform providers and widely used AI OSS projects/components as part of broader software supply chain attacks.

“In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the parallels between the adoption of cloud services and the current surge in artificial intelligence (AI) implementation are both striking and cautionary. Just as organizations eagerly embraced cloud solutions for their transformative potential in innovation, the haste of adoption outpaced the development of robust security controls and compliance tools. Consequently, this created vulnerabilities that malicious actors were quick to exploit, leaving enterprises grappling with unforeseen challenges,” warns Badhwar. “As we witness a similar trajectory in the adoption of AI technologies, it becomes imperative to draw lessons from the past and proactively address the looming concerns. The rapid integration of AI into various facets of business operations is undeniably transformative, but the lack of comprehensive visibility and enterprise control raises red flags.”

Badhwar adds: “In an era where data is a prized asset and AI is a powerful catalyst for business growth, the responsibility lies with industry leaders, policymakers, and technology providers to collaboratively build a foundation for responsible AI adoption. By establishing comprehensive controls and fostering transparency, we can unlock the full potential of AI while safeguarding the interests of organizations and their stakeholders.”

There will be an increase in new founders using AI to solve society’s challenges, predicts Kaarel Kotkas, the CEO and founder of Veriff, saying the responsibility for AI’s positive influence on society resides with security leaders.

“New founders are in a prime position to solve complex problems and societal issues with AI solutions. As digital natives, this generation of entrepreneurs has the innate ability to understand AI, its applications, and how it can influence the digital age - for better or worse,” says Kotkas. “For example, in 2023, fake identities and deepfakes became a significant challenge to identity verification - 85% of all fraud in 2023 was impersonation fraud. But, despite the threats it can pose, AI is also applied to provide fast and accurate verification and authentication of real users. While the AI threat landscape constantly evolves, we should look to these new leaders to ensure their companies are equipped to easily implement new techniques to solve major challenges ranging from security to predictive analytics to user authentication.”

The Topic on everyone’s minds this year was generative AI — moreover what the potential security threats and risks are from its existence and usage. The discussions will only intensify according to Kev Breen, who is the Director of Cyber Threat Research at Immersive Labs where he researches new and emerging cyber threats.

“Fear-mongering headlines flashed AI's security risks instead of providing tactful ways to incorporate the technology into their organizations. Security leaders and practitioners alike always strive to anticipate the next big technology or threat to ensure they are prepared to handle whatever may come their way,” chides Breen.

Breen argues that GenAI hit the technology scene this past year with a bang and is already heavily being embraced — or companies are racing to get involved so they don’t fall behind. But among all its popularity, early adopters) are simultaneously seeing a significant amount of FUD - fear, uncertainty, and doubt - and misunderstanding.

“People still don’t fully understand the risks and vision of AI, which lends itself to paranoia or unfounded fears of massive AI security risks. In the year ahead we’ll hopefully see the hype around AI die down and become more of the norm so that we can focus on the many benefits of using these tools to do work more efficiently and effectively. A handful of organizations are dedicating ample time and resources to the actual use cases of this technology, and we can expect more businesses to follow suit,” Breen continues.

We already began to see this towards the end of 2023, but in 2024, we can expect governments and AI service providers to continue to implement policies regulating the development of AI. The key differentiator will be if these entities have moved beyond the shock and awe of AI to focus on the benefits. Risk assessment will continue to be a part of the equation as it should with any advancement in technology, but prioritizing innovation in these policies rather than fear will set countries apart. In 2023, we focused on the potential risks of AI. In 2024, it will be essential to focus on the potential opportunities,” concludes Breen.

Ransomware Remains in the Headlines

According to Daniel Howley, the technology editor at Yahoo Finance, after a slight downturn in 2022, cyber-attacks became more frequent last year. A new report by MIT professor Stuart Madnick says there were more ransomware attacks reported in the first nine months of 2023 than all of 2022. The Apple-funded report, but written independently by Madnick, highlights an alarming increase in cyberattacks that impacted as many as 360 million people through August. Madnick claims that ransomware groups are becoming more organized, operating as gangs, and targeting organizations with critical user data such as government and healthcare facilities.

These findings are no surprise to Dr. Darren Williams, the CEO and Founder at BlackFog, who says that after a record-breaking 2023, ransomware will not ease anytime soon and that ransomware is becoming the main threat to all organizations, and insurance is no longer a viable option. He warns that action needs to be taken now and predicts several new trends to take hold.

Wed, 03 Jan 2024 07:55:00 -0600 text/html
ServiceNow Named a Leader in Digital Process Automation No result found, try new keyword!SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave ... Mon, 27 Nov 2023 18:30:00 -0600 ServiceNow: The Rally Has Gone Too Far (Rating Downgrade)
ServiceNow headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA


I covered ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW) last January, concluding that the stock should reach $150B market cap over the next handful of years. Less than one year later, the stock is just about there.

This is yet another case study

Sat, 30 Dec 2023 20:44:00 -0600 en text/html
Cognizant to Buy ServiceNow Consultancy Thirdera

By Dean Seal

Cognizant has agreed to acquire Thirdera, the largest independent global pure-play ServiceNow consultancy, as part of the growth strategy for its strategic partnership with ServiceNow.

Professional-services-company Cognizant said Wednesday that the addition of Thirdera, which specializes in solutions related to the ServiceNow platform, would add 940 employees to Cognizant's ServiceNow Business Group.

Financial terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Thirdera's ServiceNow training platform, Thirdera University, is expected to play a central role in credentialing resources to fulfill growing demand in the ServiceNow ecosystem, Cognizant said.

"I believe the combination of Cognizant's deep industry, AI, and platform expertise paired with Thirdera's leading-edge offerings in enterprise transformation will position Cognizant at the forefront of thought leadership and innovation in the ServiceNow ecosystem," Chief Executive Ravi Kumar S said.

The acquisition is expected to close next month.

Cognizant and ServiceNow are currently working together to build a $1 billion combined business focused on AI-driven automation.

Write to Dean Seal at

Wed, 13 Dec 2023 02:26:00 -0600 en-US text/html

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