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Exam Code: PEGAPCDC87V1 Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) 87V1 practice test January 2024 by team
Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) 87V1
Pegasystems Decisioning Practice Test

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Question: 42
The U+ Bank marketing department currently promotes various home loan offers to qualified customers. Now, the
bank does not want customers to receive more than four promotional emails per quarter, regardless of past responses to
that action by the customer.
Which option allows you to implement the business requirement?
A. Volume constraints
B. Customer contact limits
C. Suitability rules
D. Suppression policies
Answer: B
Question: 43
The arbitration factor that allows you to assign financial values to actions is called: _________.
A. propensity
B. business levers
C. action value
D. context weighting
Answer: C
Question: 44
U+ Bank has several eligibility criteria defined using an eligibility strategy. The eligibility strategy uses a scorecard
rule to determine the customer credit score. The bank wants to update the scorecard to include customer income in the
credit score calculations.
How do you implement this change?
A. Update only to the existing scorecard
B. Change only the decision strategy using the scorecard
C. Change both the scorecard as well as the decision strategy using the scorecard
D. Recreate the scorecard rule from scratch
Answer: A
Question: 45
Reference module: Analyzing customer distribution using Pega Value Finder.
Myco, a telco, is working on implementing a project in which post-paid offers are presented to qualified customers. In
the build stage of the ideation, the business wants to look for new opportunities to Excellerate marketing.
As a Decisioning Consultant, which simulation do you run to meet the requirement?
A. Distribution Test
B. Audience Simulation
C. Pega Value Finder
D. Pega Scenario Planner
Answer: C
Question: 46
U+ Bank recently introduced a new credit card offer, Platinum Plus, for its premium customers. As the bank has some
financial targets to meet, the business has decided to boost the Platinum plus card.
As a decisioning consultant, how can you ensure that the Platinum Plus offer is prioritized over other offers?
A. Increase the starting propensity of the Platinum Plus card.
B. Increase the context weight of the Platinum Plus card.
C. Increase the action value of the Platinum Plus card.
D. Increase the business weight of the Platinum Plus card.
Answer: D
Question: 47
An outbound run identifies 100 Standard Card offers, 50 on email and 50 on the SMS channel.
If the above volume constraint is applied, how many actions will be delivered by the outbound run?
A. 100
B. 50 SMSes and 25 emails
C. 75
D. 50 emails and 25 SMSes
Answer: C
Question: 48
Using Pega Customer Decision Hub, a mobile company transitions from a one-to-many to a one-to-one marketing
approach. The company is introducing a new data plan.
Which two channels can the company use to present the new data plan to a customer? (Choose Two)
A. Television
B. Retail store
C. Chatbot
D. Billboard
Answer: A,B,C
Question: 49
U+ Bank, a retail bank, is currently presenting a cashback offer on its website. Currently, only the customers who
satisfy the following engagement policy conditions receive the cashback offer.
While continuing cross-selling on the web, the bank now wants to present the cashback offer through a new channel,
SMS. The bank also wants to update the suitability condition by lowering the threshold of the debt-to-income ratio
from 48 to 45 As business user, what are the two tasks that you define to update the cashback offer? (Chose Two)
A. Add a new treatment
B. Edit an existing treatment
C. Remove existing treatment
D. Edit the action details
E. Edit the engagement policy
Answer: A,E
Question: 50
A bank has chosen an email service provider to deliver the offer messages selected by Pega Customer Decision Hub.
The service provider prefers that the bank uploads a file per batch of customers to a cloud storage location, either on
Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3. As a consultant working on the project representing the bank, what is your response?
A. Action details can be written directly to Amazon S3 but not Microsoft Azure
B. Action details can be directly written to either of those cloud storage solutions
C. Action details can only be transferred via secure FTP
D. Action details will be written to the local file system by default. But we will write an external process to transfer
them to the cloud
Answer: A,E
A. AudienceSimulation
B. Pega Value Finder
C. Pega Scenario Planner
D. Ethical Bias Check
E. Distribution Test
Question: 51
Platinum card is suitable for customers with the Credit Score > 500
As a decisioning consultant, how do you implement this requirement? In the Answer Area, select the correct
engagement policy for each criterion.
Answer: A,E
Question: 52
U+ Bank, a retail bank, does not want to annoy customers by offering them a mortgage refinance option if they have
less than 5% to pay off on their loan, although it would be profitable for the bank.
Which engagement policy condition best suits this requirement?
A. Applicability
B. Eligibility
C. Suitability
Answer: C
Question: 53
U+ Bank has decided to nudge the Platinum Plus credit card to customers who visit their home page.
Which arbitration factor do you configure to implement this requirement?
A. Propensity
B. Context weighting
C. Action value
D. Business levers
Answer: B
Question: 54
Reference module: Creating and understanding decision strategies.
In a Prioritize component, the top action can be determined based on the value of _______.
A. the propensity
B. Primary.Income
C. average margin of all actions
D. Customer.Value
Answer: A
Question: 55
A bank wants to leverage Pega Customer Decision Hubs Next-Best-Action capability to promote new offers to each
customer on their website.
What information does Pega Customer Decision Hub send back to the website in response to the real-time container
A. Only the image location and its type
B. Only the image location
C. The treatment details and relevant action attributes
D. Only the action name and description
Answer: C
Question: 56
U+, a retail bank, has recently implemented a project in which credit card offers are presented to qualified customers
when they log in to the web self-service portal. They have unit-tests in place using persona tests. The bank has
recently added new engagement policy conditions to present credit cards to qualified customers and re executed the
tests. They see failures in the tests.
What do they do next?
A. Accept that some of the tests are failing because of the changes
B. Remove the failing tests to ensure everything is green
C. Analyze test case failures, change them and re execute until everything is green
D. Revert the engagement policy rules so that the persona tests not failing
Answer: C
Question: 57
A strategy designer has created 10 actions in the Sales/Credit Cards group and 10 actions in the Sales/Mortgages
group. He would like to import all 10 actions from the Credit Cards group and only two actions from the Mortgage
group into one decision strategy.
What is the minimum number of Proposition Data components he needs to use in his strategy?
A. twelve
B. two
C. one
D. three
Answer: D
Question: 58
An outbound run identifies 100 Standard Card offers, 50 on email and 50 on the SMS channel.
If the above volume constraint is applied, how many actions will be delivered by the outbound run?
A. 100
B. 50 SMSes and 25 emails
C. 75
D. 50 emails and 25 SMSes
Answer: C
Question: 59
U+ Bank promotes credit card offers on its website and uses Pega Customer Decision Hub to personalize the offer for
every customer. Now, the bank wants to lower the number of customers that leave the bank by showing a proactive
retention offer to high churn risk customers instead. As an NBA analyst, you are tasked with creating a new
applicability setting to comply with the new business rule.
Which business issue or issues do you modify?
A. The Sales issue
B. The Retention issue
C. No modification is required
D. The Sales issue and the Retention issue
Answer: B

Pegasystems Decisioning practice test - BingNews Search results Pegasystems Decisioning practice test - BingNews Article Test Title Article Test Title Article Test Title Article Test Title Article Test Title Article Test Title No result found, try new keyword!Is post each that just leaf no. He connection interested so we an sympathize advantages. To said is it shed want do. Occasional middletons everything so to. Have spot part for his quit may. Enable it ... Wed, 03 Jan 2024 09:11:52 -0600 en-us text/html Pediatric practice exams to delabel patients with mislabeled antibiotic allergy

Thursday, Dec 14, 2023 5:00 AM Updated Thursday, Dec. 14, 2023 11:29 AM

About 10% of people are said to be allergic to penicillin; the real number is closer to 1%

Amanda Harrison, a nurse and practice administrator at Pediatric Partners of the Southwest, collects vitals information from Gabriel Lucero, 11, while his brother Luciano Lucero, 8, looks on. The two brothers were both tested for an amoxicillin allergy as a part of the practice’s “delabelling clinic.” (Reuben M. Schafir/Durango Herald)

Reuben M. Schafir

The first time two of Taylor Lucero’s children were prescribed amoxicillin, they developed bad rashes.

“It was horrible,” she said.

Luciano Lucero, 8, and his older brother Gabriel, 11, are two of an estimated 5 million children in America who are labeled as allergic to penicillin, a family of antibiotics that includes amoxicillin.

About 10% of Americans are labeled as allergic to the antibiotics because of reactions, typically rashes first reported by parents, after taking amoxicillin. But a growing body of work indicates that the true number of allergic patients could be quite smaller.

Amoxicillin is the antibiotic that Dr. Kelly Miller prescribes the most, she said, because it is effective and inexpensive.

“Most of the time, the rash is more from the virus than it probably was from the amoxicillin,” she explained to the Luceros on Monday at the Pediatric Partners of the Southwest clinic.

Although antibiotics do not treat viral infections, they are sometimes prescribed in response some viruses to treat underlying bacterial infections.

Luciano “Lucky” Lucero, 8, takes a dose of amoxicillin as a part of the Pediatric Partners of the Southwest’s “delabelling clinic.” (Reuben M. Schafir/Durango Herald)

Reuben M. Schafir

On Monday, Taylor Lucero took her two boys out of school and brought them to the clinic, where they were given a single dose of amoxicillin. Then, they sat in room, watched “The Grinch” and waited.

“You’re going to hang out here for an hour … I’ll come look at you in 15 minutes. We’ll do another set of vitals after the hour and then hopefully it’s all well and we say, ‘You’re not allergic anymore,’” Miller told the family. “The next time either of them needs amoxicillin for anything – strep throat, sinus infection, whatever – we’ll have them get it for real, not just the one dose.”

The test is what physicians call a drug challenge. And PPSW is hosting a series of clinics for current patients to take the challenge in an effort to delabel patients who have an incorrectly assigned penicillin allergy.

“The overlabeling of antibiotic allergy is a liability that leads to unnecessary long-term health care risks, costs and antibiotic resistance,” one exact study on the matter said.

The Lucero brothers are among about 300 PPSW patients who qualify as “low risk,” meaning their previous reaction took place more than 24 hours after starting the antibiotic regime and they reacted only with either a rash, hives or gastrointestinal symptoms.

Although patients who had swelling, anaphylaxis or immediate reactions don’t qualify for the challenge, doctors still have Benadryl and epinephrine ready just in case a patient does have a severe reaction.

Gabriel Lucero, 11, downs a dose of amoxicillin before staff members at Pediatric Partners of the Southwest monitored him over an hour for an allergic reaction as a part of the clinic’s “de-labelling clinic.” (Reuben M. Schafir/Durango Herald)

Reuben M. Schafir

The next clinic will take place Jan. 10, and the practice expects to hold them quarterly going forward. Although it is only for patients of the practice, Miller said anyone questioning their allergy could consider talking to their physician or an allergist about getting tested.

Of the 10% of people who are labeled as having a penicillin allergy, physicians estimate the actual number with an allergy is closer to 1%.

As it turned out, Luciano and Gabriel Lucero were in the 9% of patients incorrectly labeled with an allergy. They left the clinic after an hour without any reaction and an updated medical file.

Wed, 13 Dec 2023 21:29:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Pega Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend for First Quarter of 2024

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the low-code platform provider empowering the world's leading enterprises to Build for Change®, today announced a quarterly cash dividend of $0.03 per share, maintaining the company's current dividend program. The Q1 2024 dividend will be paid on January 16, 2024, to shareholders of record as of January 2, 2024.

About Pega

Pega provides a powerful low-code platform that empowers the world's leading enterprise to Build for Change. Clients use our AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation to solve their most pressing business challenges – from personalizing engagement to automating service to streamlining operations. Since 1983, we've built our scalable and flexible architecture to help enterprises meet today's customer demands while continuously transforming for tomorrow. For more information on Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA), visit

Press Contact:

Lisa Pintchman

VP, Corporate Communications

(617) 866-6022

Twitter: @pega

Investor Contact:

Peter Welburn

VP, Corporate Development & Investor Relations

(617) 498-8968

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Cision View original content to download multimedia:

SOURCE Pegasystems Inc.

Thu, 14 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Test their mettle — Defendants' decision to challenge SEC in court is paying off No result found, try new keyword!Compared to the S&P outcome, Morningstar's decision to refuse settlement and litigate the claims paid off in at least two ways. First, it was able to prevail on the part of its motion to dismiss ... Tue, 19 Dec 2023 04:12:00 -0600 text/html Pakistan arrange a two-day practice game before second Test

Pakistan will play a two-day practice game against Victoria XI ahead of the second Test. The match will be played at the Junction Oval in Melbourne on December 22 and 23.

This game wasn't part of the original schedule, but concerns around lack of match practice led to Pakistan requesting Cricket Australia for a match. The fixture was confirmed shortly before the visitors slumped to a 360-run defeat on the fourth day of the first Test in Perth.
"That [the Victoria tour game] was something extra we added into the schedule because it wasn't there earlier," Pakistan head coach Mohammad Hafeez said after the Test. "We wanted to have more practice rather than only one practice game. That had first-class status, so we couldn't supply all the bowlers the chance to have a feel.

"That's the reason we wanted to have this practice game, so more guys could get a feel of a match scenario; we felt that would work well. We will definitely plan accordingly. All the players should use those two days to make themselves more familiar with the situations and the conditions."

The Victoria XI will include Marcus Harris, one of the leading contenders to replace David Warner after his retirement at the end of this series, as well as 25-year-old Will Pucovski. Peter Handscomb will lead the side, which has been cobbled together from players not currently involved in the Big Bash League.

The tour arrangements have been a matter of contention for Pakistan, with Hafeez lambasting the pitch for Pakistan's game against the Prime Minister's XI. Weather conditions were chiefly responsible for the placid nature of that wicket, but if Pakistan are expecting a more lively surface at the Junction Oval, they will be disappointed. The ground is among the flattest wickets in Australia, with conditions highly unlikely to replicate anything the MCG will throw up.

Hafeez was still optimistic. "The conditions we get fall under Cricket Australia's domain," he said. "We have requested similar conditions to the Test match so that our players can take advantage of these conditions. This game was not part of the tour but I wanted our players to have match-scenario style practice. We're grateful to CA for accepting our request and providing this facility. We will try to learn from this in the most effective possible way."

The second Test begins on December 26.

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 09:59:00 -0600 en text/html
Minimum Wage Decision Early Test For New Government

By convention, Cabinet would normally decide how much it will increase the Minimum Wage at Cabinet today.

“This will be an early test for this government, providing another another telling insight into the importance it places on supporting working kiwis” said Richard Wagstaff, NZCTU President.

“Ahead of the election, the coalition parties were all over the place on this issue – ACT was against any increases and National was muted. NZ First sought to increase it to $25an hour”.

“We know that the numbers of Māori, women, Pacific Peoples, disabled and other disadvantaged groups are over-represented among minimum wage earners. An increase to the rate makes a real difference to people on the poverty line.”

“These are also the very people doing it tough in a cost of living crisis and this Government has made it a priority to support people through these challenging times.

“In the absence of FPAs and large scale collective bargaining, the minimum wage is assuming greater and greater importance over time, as more and more Kiwis are employed on it”.

The previous government consistently increased the minimum wage, bringing it up from $15.75 in 2017 to $22.70 in 2023, a 44% increase overall.

In 2023, a full time minimum wage earner is getting $278 more a week than they were in 2017.

Treasury and the Reserve Bank are projecting that inflation will be 4.3% for the year ending 31 March 2024. This means the minimum wage needs to increase to at least $23.67 to ensure that minimum wage earners do not take a pay cut in real terms.

“We urge the Government to have a heart and do the right thing by those earning the least and maintain the momentum of the last few years – now more than ever that should be a priority,” said Richard Wagstaff.

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If demography is destiny, as Auguste Comte tells us, then economics must be current, pinching reality. The Israel-Gaza conflict is invigorating a global protest movement against the state of Israel which is seeing various manifestations. From an economic standpoint, Israel can be seen as vulnerable in terms of global supply lines, potentially at the mercy of sanctions and complete isolation. Both imports and exports are of concern. Israel, however, has been spared any toothy sanctions regime over its conduct in Gaza...


(Image: By Palestinian News & Information Agency (Wafa) in contract with APAimages, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Sun, 17 Dec 2023 12:56:00 -0600 text/html
Gene-Sequencing Company Illumina to Sell Cancer Test Developer

Illumina, the leading producer of gene-sequencing machines, announced Sunday that it would sell Grail, a cancer test developer that it purchased for $7.1 billion in 2021.

The move came two days after Illumina lost its case in a federal appeals court, which largely upheld a Federal Trade Commission ruling that Illumina should unwind its deal with Grail on antitrust grounds.

The case was seen by antitrust experts as a test of regulators’ efforts to stop big companies from buying fledgling innovators.

The deal had also faced a roadblock in Europe. In September 2022, the European Union said it would block the acquisition. Illumina, based in San Diego, previously stated publicly that if it was unsuccessful with appeals in either jurisdiction, it would divest the start-up.

“We are committed to an expeditious divestiture of Grail in a manner that allows its technology to continue benefiting patients,” Illumina’s chief executive, Jacob Thaysen, said in a statement. “The management team and I continue to focus on our core business and supporting our customers. I am confident in Illumina’s opportunities and our long-term success.”

Grail, which has created technology for the early detection of some cancers, began as a research project within Illumina. It was spun out as a separate company in 2016. While it does not compete with Illumina in gene sequencing, it does use gene sequencing in its blood tests for cancer.

Illumina went forward with purchasing Grail, despite an early complaint from the F.T.C., which argued that the acquisition would diminish innovation in the U.S. market and increase prices. Still, Illumina was confident it would win in court.

The sale of Grail will be executed through a third-party sale or a capital market transaction, the company said, with a goal of finalizing the deal by the end of the second quarter next year.

Now that the commission’s challenge to the deal has been upheld in court, other tech giants and dominant companies in their respective fields might see their acquisition attempts curbed by the agency. Since taking office in 2021, Lina Khan, the F.T.C. chair, has taken a more aggressive stance toward mergers that she believes may be detrimental to the economy.

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 09:59:00 -0600 en text/html
It was a fair decision: Woakes on being left out of India Test

Pacer Chris Woakes conceded that England took a fair call by leaving him out of the Test series against India given his record in the sub continent.

The 34-year-old was not included in England's 16-member squad for the five-match Test series, starting January 25 in Hyderabad and Woakes said he was at ease with the decision.

"It's mixed emotions," Woakes was quoted as saying by 'ESPNCricinfo'.

"Whenever there's a Test squad announcement, you're always desperate to be in it. But at the same time, at my age, with my away record - particularly in the subcontinent - I feel like it's a fair decision," he added.

Woakes has done well in home conditions, boasting of a bowling average of 21.88 but it balloons to 51.88 overseas. In the three Tests in India in 2016, Woakes managed only three wickets at a cost of 81.3.

"We had conversations about where my best cricket is likely to be played moving forward and naturally in Test cricket, it looks likely to be at home.

"It doesn't mean to say that when there's not subcontinent tours that I won't be available. But I feel at ease with the decision, if that makes sense. The communication was good, I know where I stand so it's fine by me."

The last time Woakes played an away Test series, it didn't go so well. In the absence of veterans James Anderson and Stuart Broad, Woakes had been promoted to the role of an opener. But he could manage only five scalps in three Tests at an average of 48.80.

"I tried to bowl my heart out and really struggled with my body. My knee was sore at the time, I ended up having surgery after that and I missed six months of cricket."

Woakes feels missing the tour of India could help extend his career.

"I wouldn't want that to be the same case going to India, bowling on tracks which are unresponsive to my type of bowling; slamming the front knee down at 34 is not really ideal when I want to play a lot of white-ball cricket moving forward.

"It's different when that's just your sole focus but when you want to play all forms, it makes it a wise decision."

Vaughan suprised by Woakes omission

Former England skipper Michal Vaughan believes the all-rounder deserved to be part of the squad.

"It tells you England think he can't bowl in India, it's as simple as that. I'm staggered by it really,” Vaughan told foxsports.Com.Au.

"That you've got a player that came into the Ashes with Mark Wood and they were 2-0 down against Australia in three Test matches. To think a few months later (he's left out), his all-round ability, he bats well, fields well and I guess they just feel he has been in those conditions before in the past and he's not going to have an impact.

Woakes had played a vital role as England fought back from 0-2 to draw the Ashes 2-2 earlier this year. The pacer was adjudged the player of the series during the Ashes earlier this year.

"They are clearly thinking it's going to be a five-match series where spin is going to play a prominent part.

"I think England are thinking they are probably only going to play two seam bowlers and with that Woakes is not the kind of seamer they are going to require in Indian conditions.

"But it still does surprise me you've got a player who was man of the series in the Ashes against the best team in the world that are Australia and a few months down the line he doesn't even warrant a place in the squad.

"Even if it's just two Test matches, holding an end and bowling dots, maybe getting some reverse swing and then offering a little with the bat. It does surprise me."

Mon, 11 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
India vs South Africa 2nd Test Day 2 Cricket Match Highlights: India win 'shortest' Test ever inside 5 sessions; tie series 1-1

India beat South Africa by seven wickets to share the honours in the two-match series as the second Test ended inside five sessions in Cape Town on Thursday.

Visiting India thus completed a remarkable comeback after losing the first Test in Centurion by an innings and 32 runs.

Fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah finished with excellent figures of 6/61 as India bowled South Africa out for 176 to set themselves a target of 79, after Aiden Markram had struck a magnificent, counterattacking 106 off 103 balls before lunch.

The hosts completed the chase in the second session with skipper Rohit Sharma and Shreyas Iyer remaining not out on 17 and 4 respectively.

This is the shortest Test match ever in terms of overs bowled, bettering the previous best that involved Australia and South Africa at the MCG way back in 1932.

A total of 106.2 overs were bowled in the match.

Earlier, India's pace spearhead Bumrah bowled beautifully after the opening day's play saw a staggering 23 wickets fall on a very quick Newlands surface with inconsistent bounce.

India had collapsed to 153 all out in their first innings in the final session of day one after skittling out South Africa for 55.

South Africa were 62 for three overnight, trailing by 36 runs.

Brief Scores:

South Africa: 55 and 176 all out in 36.5 overs (Aiden Markram 106; Jasprit Bumrah 6/61).

India: 153 all out and 80/3 in 12 overs (Yashasvi Jaiswal 28).

Wed, 03 Jan 2024 13:27:00 -0600 en text/html
"A masterful decision": Conservative scholar says Colorado decision will stand the test of time

The Colorado Supreme Court has ruled to remove Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary. He was declared ineligible under the U.S. Constitution’s insurrection clause. Trump’s attorneys have vowed to appeal to the Supreme Court. Celebrated conservative legal scholar and former federal judge J. Michael Luttig joins to break it all down.

Tue, 19 Dec 2023 09:59:00 -0600 en-US text/html

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