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Question: 1
Every business process, whether inside or outside of Appian, requires which of the following?
A. Human interaction
B. Defined steps
C. Reporting
D. Automation
Answer: B
Question: 2
A client requested a feature that is exceptionally specific and uncommon.
You begin by gathering research to help determine how such a feature could be implemented, but no documentation is
What should you do next?
A. Create a Support Case.
B. Check The Appian Academy.
C. Review the Appian Playbook.
D. Ask the Appian Community.
Answer: D
Question: 3
At what stage are you most likely to regularly refine the backlog?
A. Optimize
B. Release
C. Build
D. Initiate
Answer: A
The 'Optimize' stage in many development methodologies, including Appian's approach, often involves continuous
improvement and iterative development. This is when the team frequently revisits and refines the backlog based on
feedback, changing requirements, and lessons learned from previous sprints or iterations. Refining the backlog ensures
that the most important and valuable features are prioritized and that the product or application continues to evolve to
meet users' needs.
Here's a brief rundown on the other options:
B. Release - While the backlog might be reviewed to ensure all required functionalities are present, the primary focus
during the release phase is getting the product or feature out to the end-users.
C. Build - At this stage, the team focuses on creating the solution. While the backlog might undergo some changes, it's
not the primary stage for regular refinement.
D. Initiate - This is usually the starting phase where initial requirements are gathered, and the initial backlog is set up.
The focus here is more on defining the scope and less on refining an existing backlog.
Question: 4
Match each sprint ceremony to its appropriate objective. Each objective may be used once, more than once, or not at
Answer: A
Question: 5
A feature is being deployed to the test environment.
In which environment is unit testing performed for the feature?
A. Upgrade
B. Development
C. Production
D. Staging
Answer: B
Question: 6
Who is responsible for estimating the level of effort for Product Backlog items?
A. Product Owner
B. Testers
C. Developers
D. Scrum Master
Answer: C
Question: 7
During what stage of the Appian Delivery Methodology does story-pointing regularly occur?
A. Build
B. Optimize
C. Release
D. Initiate
Answer: A
Question: 8
In the scrum lifecycle of a project, when should the team agree on the requirements for the Definition of Done?
A. Before getting started on the project
B. During the sprint retrospective
C. During the backlog refinement
D. After the sprint planning
Answer: A
Before getting started, teams need to make important decisions about how the extended team will work together during
the project. These include: Scheduling the key ceremonies on a fixed cadence including: daily scrum, sprint planning,
sprint review, backlog refinement, sprint review and the sprint retrospective. Design the development workflow and
configure the project management tool (e.g. Jira). Define the deployment pipeline and configuration management
process. Agree the Definition of Done (DoD) and Definition of Ready (DoR).
Question: 9
You need to query some data from the database using more than one filter.
Which parameter for a!query() should you use to define your filters?
A. filter
B. logicalExpression
C. aggregation
D. selection
Answer: B
Question: 10
A client asks you to store work location information for their employees. The client mentions that multiple employees
may be assigned to multiple work locations.
Which type of database relationship is the client describing?
A. One-to-Many (1:N)
B. Many-to-One (N:1)
C. Many-to-Many (M:N)
D. One-to-One (1:1)
Answer: C
Explanation: Many-to-Many
Relationship An example of this would be an application to manage Employees and Projects. Each Project has a team
of multiple Employees, but a given Employee might currently be on more than one Project
Question: 11
You need to update the table structure in the database, and then update the related CDT in Appian to publish the data
store entity.
Column names in the database and the CDT are implemented using different naming conventions.
Which statement is appropriate in this scenario?
A. You can update the CDT columns in Appian Designer, or update the CDT-related XSD and create a new version
from that.
B. You must update the CDT columns in Appian Designer.
C. You dont need to make any manual changes. Appian automatically updates the CDT according to database
D. You must update the CDT-related XSD and create a new version from that.
Answer: A
Question: 12
During User Acceptance Testing (UAT), a tester operating in the test environment asks you to change a data point in
one of the tables.
In the development environment, you navigate to the database and adjust the data point that the tester described.
What is the issue with the steps taken?
A. According to Appian best practices, changes should not be made directly in a database.
B. The change to the database was made in the wrong environment.
C. As an associate, you should not be communicating or coordinating directly with testers.
D. The change was made without formally seeking approval from DevOps.
Answer: B
Question: 13
Review the following table.
Given the following options are in mySQL, which option correctly alters the last row on the table?
A. INSERT price = 0.9 -
INTO product -
WHERE product_id = 3;
B. MODIFY product -
UPDATE price = 0.9 -
WHERE product_id = 3;
C. SET product -
(price) VALUES (0.9)
WHERE product_id = 3;
D. UPDATE product -
SET price = 0.9 -
WHERE product_id = 3;
Answer: D
Question: 14
What is a Foreign Key?
A. The key that cannot be used in any other table.
B. The key that joins two tables together.
C. The key that uniquely identifies a record.
D. The key that uniquely identifies a record when joined with another column.
Answer: B
Question: 15
You need to edit data in a table. You ate currently using the following statement:
INSERT INTO product (productId, productName) VALUES (3, "App1e");
What is the issue?
A. You should be using an UPDATE statement.
B. You forgot the WHERE clause in your statement.
C. You should be using a CREATE statement.
D. You should be using an EDIT statement.
Answer: A
CREATE TABLE table_name (
column1 datatype,
column2 datatype,
Question: 16
When using "a!pagingInfo()" within "a!queryEntity()", which batch size value will return all items?
A. -1
B. 0
C. null
D. 500
Answer: A
Question: 17
Review the following table.
Which option correctly deletes the last row from the table?
A. REMOVE product_id = 3 IN product;
B. DELETE FROM product WHERE product_id = 3;
C. DELETE product_i = 3 FROM product;
D. REMOVE FROM product WHERE product_id = 3;
Answer: B
Question: 18
You have data from two unrelated tables.
Which Appian objects can easily relate data from these two tables?
A. Process Models
B. Expression Rules
C. Custom Data Types
D. Record Types
Answer: D
When creating a Record Type, you can define relationships to other Record Types, which enables you to link data
from two or more unrelated tables. This is typically done by creating a foreign key field in the Record Type that
references the primary key of another Record Type.
Question: 19
What is a way to start a process from an interface?
A. Start Process Smart Service
B. Process Start Event
C. Process Messaging
D. Start Process Link
Answer: A
Question: 20
An end-user needs to trigger a process model and act on the user task assigned to them.
What is the minimum security permission needed?
A. Viewer
B. Initiator
C. Editor
D. Manager
Answer: B
The "Initiator" permission allows a user to start a new instance of a process model and access any user tasks assigned
to them in that instance. This permission does not allow the user to modify the process model or any of its
components, but only to initiate and participate in a process.
Question: 21
Which scenario would most commonly use a related action?
A. Running a process every Friday morning that sends a reminder email to employees who havent submitted their
B. Starting a company-wide annual performance review process that tasks every employee to fill out
a self-assessment
C. Resetting the password on an employee who has forgotten their login credential
D. Updating the status of an IT service request to "Closed", because an IT response is not necessary
Answer: D
Question: 22
Your team lead mentions that the environment has been performing very slow lately, and the reason is unclear.
A process model is consuming a lot of memory, and this could be causing the slowness in the environment.
What are two valid solutions to this issue? (Choose two.)
A. Manually delete processes that have already been completed or cancelled so it does not cause further performance
B. Configure the automatic process clean up so that it does not automatically clean-up processes.
C. Delete processes alter completion or cancellation by configuring the Data Management tab in the Process Model
D. Archive processes after completion or cancellation by configuring the Data Management tab in the Process Model
Answer: A,C,D
Question: 23
When setting the assignment of a User Input task, you need the task to be assigned to the person who started the
Which option is appropriate to use to accomplish this goal?
A. pp!name
B. pm!creator
C. pp!initiator
D. pm!name
Answer: C
Question: 24
In a process model, you want all outgoing flows lo start once all incoming flows have reached the node.
Which gateway is most appropriate to use?
Answer: D
Question: 25
In addition to initiating the process model, what other permission is required to execute the Write to Data Store Entity
smart service?
A. Viewer permission to the data store
B. Viewer permission to a constant that points to the data store entity
C. Admin permission to the CDT
D. Editor permission to the record
Answer: A

Appian Certified Study Guide - BingNews Search results Appian Certified Study Guide - BingNews Study guide No result found, try new keyword!An expanded and revised online study guide provides students with further resources, including answers and tutorials for all tasks, while encouraging lively and proactive learning. This is the most ... Tue, 13 Jun 2023 02:25:00 -0500 A Study Guide to Humanae Vitae

Written by the Priests and Pastoral Associates of Priests for Life


This study guide is based on the Vatican Translation of Humanae Vitae


Table of Contents:



Introduction to the Study Guide

Summary of the Introduction to the Encyclical and Section I: New Aspects of the Problem and Competency of the Magisterium

A Summary of Section II. Doctrinal Principles

Summary of Section III. Pastoral Directives 

Essay: Finding Our Way Back Home

Essay: Life, Purity and Humanae Vitae

Essay: The Transmission of Life -- On Whose Terms?

The Contraception of Grief: A Personal Testimony

Glossary of Terms




A Study Guide to Humanae Vitae

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life


Forty years is not a long time in Church history. Indeed, we are still living in the moment of Humanae Vitae (issued on July 25, 1968), and of the challenge it presents to the world.

Humanae Vitae does not identify the key problem of our day in the realm of sex or birth or "the pill," but rather in the myth that we can be God. Pope Paul writes at the beginning of the document, "But the most remarkable development of all is to be seen in man's stupendous progress in the domination and rational organization of the forces of nature to the point that he is endeavoring to extend this control over every aspect of his own life -- over his body, over his mind and emotions, over his social life, and even over the laws that regulate the transmission of life” (n.2).


The Pope here is painting a wider vision of the problem. We think everything belongs to us, but the reality is that we belong to God. "Humanae Vitae" means "Of human life." Human life came from God, belongs to God, and goes back to God. "You are not your own," St. Paul declares. "You have been bought, and at a price" (1 Cor. 6:19-20). Sex and having children are aspects of a whole cluster of realities that make up our lives and activities. We suffer from the illusion that all of these activities belong to us. “This is my life, my body, my choice.


The problem we face is not that our society is obsessed with sex. Rather, it is afraid of it-- afraid of the total reality and power of what it represents, where it comes from, and where it leads. Sex properly understood requires that we acknowledge God who made it. More than that, sex can never be separated from its purpose: to insert us into this immense, powerful movement of life and love that started when God said "Let there be light" (Genesis 1:3) and culminates when the Spirit and the Bride say "Come, Lord Jesus!" (Revelation 22:17).


Sexual activity means so much that it is wrong to diminish its message or deny its full reality: it belongs in the context of committed love (sealed by marriage) and openness to life precisely because this is the only context great enough to hold its message and reflect the greater reality to which the gift of sexuality points us and to which it commits us.


This is a reality that is bigger than all of us. It is the self-giving which starts in the Trinity, and is revealed in a startling way on the Cross, and then challenges each of us in our daily interaction with others, with God, and with our own eternal destiny. It is so real and so big that it is scary. That's why so many today are afraid of the full reality and meaning of sex. That's why Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae.


That is also why our Priests for Life pastoral team wrote this Study Guide. We have also established a special website,, to promote the teachings of this document. It is our daily prayer that this effort will lead many believers to understand, embrace, and proclaim the beautiful truth of human life. 




James J. Pinto, Jr., M.E.V.
Editor: A Study Guide to Humanae Vitae 


This Study Guide will be most effective if one first thoroughly familiarizes himself with its content and layout. Review the table of contents and the location of each section listed. The Study Guide is to be used by an individual or group as a side by side companion with the text  of Humanae Vitae included in this booklet. The three Essays offer unique insight with questions for further discussion. The Contraception of Grief: A Personal Testimony presents a riveting and practical witness to why Humanae Vitae is the wholesome truth.


The Glossary assists the reader in clarifying some key terms contained in the Encyclical. Glossary terms are listed by the number/paragraph in which they first appear. The terms will be marked with an *asterisk in the Humanae Vitae text as a note to the reader that the term is contained in the Glossary. 


After practicing Fr. Pavone’s Foreword one should read the Summary of the Introduction and Section I, followed by the practicing of the Introduction and Section I. of Humanae Vitae itself. After completing the Introduction and Section I. of Humanae Vitae; the reader answers the series of questions below the Summary of the Introduction and Section I.  The sequence followed for the Introduction and Section I is repeated for each following section: practicing the Study Guide Section Summary, practicing of the corresponding Encyclical section itself and returning to the Study Guide questions for that particular section. The questions are meant to refer the reader back to particular paragraphs/numbers (n.or n.n.) of that section where he/she will find the answers. One may work on the answers to these questions while practicing the paragraph/number, or, wait until he/she has read the entire section and then complete the answers. Continual returning to the text of the encyclical helps emphasize that the document itself is the primary source of instruction and the basis for individual and group applications. 


The three Essays have several questions at their conclusion to help foster reflection and discussion. A personal witness to the truth and wisdom of Humanae Vitae is presented in The Contraception of Grief: A Personal Testimony. 


This Study Guide is meant to be a “springboard” to delve more deeply into Humanae Vitae and its themes, in order to stimulate reflection, and a lifestyle of holiness. 


For those considering the possibility of facilitating a study group, this study guide lends itself to a discussion study group method of learning. While a leader/facilitator encourages the group and keeps it “on track”, it is the individual sharing and group dynamic that contribute most to the learning process. The facilitator is not a lecturer, neither is he there to deliver all the answers. The facilitator seeks to shepherd the group learning process and does everything possible to solicit their contributions. Members interact and learn from everyone, including the facilitator. A Facilitator’s Guide is available through Priests for Life at The Facilitator’s Guide seeks to assist you in leading a group and lays out suggested study sessions.


It is our hope, that on the fortieth anniversary of Humanae Vitae, this study guide will assist in promoting the Church’s clear and authoritative word on transmitting human life. May all who hear this true, prophetic and lovely word be assured that: the Church has always issued appropriate documents on the nature of marriage, the correct use of conjugal rights, and the duties of spouses. These documents have been more copious in accurate times. (n.4)


Mon, 25 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
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NCR's Amoris Laetitia Study Guide

Joy-of-the-Family-Guide.jpgExplore Pope Francis’ message about marriage and family with our complimentary study guide!

Moral theologian Jana Bennett and lay ecclesial minister Peg Ekerdt offer reflections on each chapter of Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) and thoughtful discussion questions to help you delve deeper into these important topics. Used in conjunction with the full text of the document, the guide can easily be used for an adult education class or a college or high school classroom.

Complete this form to receive access to our free study guide.

Wed, 21 Sep 2016 09:20:00 -0500 en text/html
AALAS certification exam study guidance

Recently certified technicians reveal the exam preparation techniques that helped them ace the test

For more than 30 years, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) has been administering a nationwide voluntary certification program for laboratory animal technicians. Depending on educational background and work experience, a technician may sit for an exam to become a certified Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician (ALAT), Laboratory Animal Technician (LAT), or Laboratory Animal Technologist (LATG).

Each of the multiple-choice exams is designed to measure the test-takers' competency in animal husbandry, facility management, and animal health and welfare. Nowadays, many laboratory animal care positions require AALAS certification.

Here we asked several technicians who recently passed the ALAT, LAT, or LATG certification exam what advice they would deliver to someone preparing to take the test themselves.

“The best study aid I had was a set of AALAS in a FLASH cards. They helped all the way until my test date. Also, we have a training coordinator here at Penn who gives us study sessions once a week.”

Deborah A. Whitehouse, RALAT

University of Pennsylvania

“Have a designated place to study and study a little every day. The designated study area helps you to focus on your task and you can let others know not to disturb you while you are there. Studying a little every day helps you to make steady progress toward your goal and keeps you from cramming right before your test.”

Julia B. Drake, MS, CMAR, RLATG

National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“Get as much hands-on training as possible. I could read the information and remember most of it but getting to work with the equipment or performing a procedure is what really helped me understand the subject. I would even suggest getting in contact with other facilities to access some equipment/procedures that you may not have the opportunity to be exposed to at your current job site.”

National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“We highly recommend taking a review course—it was a great review of the information in all three AALAS books and provided additional information that was not in the books. Definitely review the Animal Welfare Act, PHS Policy, and the Guide, and pay close attention to the GLPs. Also during the test be familiar with real lab animal facility situations to answer questions, as the test focused less on straight knowledge and more on situational knowledge.”

Karen Keeran, LATG Gayle Zywicke, LATG

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health

“When I received my confirmation letter to take the test I made sure to schedule my test a month before the actual deadline so that I would push myself to study harder. A few days before test date I felt I was not ready and I decided to push back the test date. The new test date was the last chance I had to take the testand I knew that it was all or nothing.”

“Study for the AALAS exams by working in small groups—it is easier to brainstorm, and fosters a team spirit.”

“While practicing the books I would take notes on what I read, but instead of writing down what was in the book I would write it down how I understood it or how I could remember it (mnemonic devices).”

Jose D. Chinchilla, LVT, ALAT

National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“Making flash cards while studying from the AALAS Training Manual really aided me in remembering the information that I found to be difficult to understand or remember. I would test myself by randomly picking a card and answering them correctly, which helped me to retain the information. I found this especially helpful with the 'Species Characteristics and Breeding Data' appendix.”

National Institutes of Health

Priority One Services Contractor

“To prepare for any AALAS certification test, you should purchase the study bundle, which will include a manual, workbook, and CD. After each chapter you read, do the related worksheet and if you have any questions ask your supervisor. Next, go to the CD and take the quiz for that chapter. If any of your coworkers are taking the same exam as you, consider forming a study group to help answer confusing questions.”

Thu, 23 Dec 2021 07:31:00 -0600 en text/html
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COMPANY NEWS: Appian today announced the launch of Appian AI Skill Designer and the integration of Generative AI in the Appian Platform. Through low-code design Appian democratises AI development, eliminating the need for specialised data science and python coding skills, delivering the benefits of AI automation, cost savings, process excellence, and improved decision making directly to business users.

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Selecting Your Program

Our programs vary in length from a week to a full academic year.  We offer short-term programs that take place during the summer, spring break, or winter break, as well as long-term programs that cover one or two semesters. 

If you are looking for a semester program, consider whether you would prefer to go abroad in the spring or fall.  Due to differences in academic calendars around the world, some programs work best for Purdue students in one semester or the other, so the search allows you to specify.  If you are open to spring and fall programs, selecting the “Semester” option will bring up results for both.

For adventurous students, we also offer programs that cover two semesters!  Many returning students say they wish they had studied abroad longer, and the cultural immersion and cost effectiveness of a year-long program can be hard to beat. 

Students interested in summer opportunities often ask if they can search for Maymester programs.  We don’t categorize these separately from other summer programs, but it’s possible to search for programs beginning in May.  See “Program Start Month” below.

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Rome Travel Guide

Michelangelo masterpieces and centuries-old villas, palaces and temples framed with the vines of bygone times. With its mix of modern and ancient architecture, beautifully curated exhibitions, and the best wine bars, Rome will never deliver you the same experience twice. Between Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon, you may begin to wonder how many feats of architectural genius can be squeezed into one city. —Nicola Ferlei Brown

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To help you find the best mattress for you, our team of certified sleep coaches and mattress experts (who have over three decades of product testing experience) spend hundreds of hours a month reviewing different mattresses (including hybrid and memory foam), testing them in key areas including temperature control and pressure relief. After analyzing our test data and user review research, we award the mattress an overall score out of 5. Only the top-rated beds make it into this guide.

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