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GAQM Professional study tips
Killexams : GAQM Professional study tips - BingNews Search results Killexams : GAQM Professional study tips - BingNews Killexams : 6 Tips For Nursing Students


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There is no doubt that nursing school is difficult and demands a lot of time, effort, and attention. Learning new material and keeping up with clinicals while balancing your everyday life is already difficult enough. However, balancing your nursing program’s studies and coursework with a life outside of school might get more challenging. But, don’t worry, as this can be done.

At the end of the day, your ability to succeed in nursing school ultimately depends on your level of effort, study techniques, time management abilities, and dedication. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as every nursing student is different. But rest assured that with the help of some tried and tested tips, you can make your time in nursing school much easier. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of these tips below:

Find the right nursing program

Choosing a nursing program right for you is one of the first steps to becoming a registered nurse. Because the nursing program you choose will significantly impact your future employment, take the time to research a few options.

But, to choose the right one, consider asking yourself a few questions first. For instance, do you prefer on-campus or online nursing programs? Do you meet the requirements for any scholarship? If not, can you afford nursing school on your own? Do you want to specialize in travel or cultural nursing? By asking such questions, you can narrow down the nursing programs available to you and select the few that best suit your professional and academic goals.

Always remember the “why”

You will need to hold onto your why when you go home late from a long day of clinicals and still have to study. You have a reason for being passionate about nursing. Keep that reason in mind and use it as motivation to complete your task.

Perhaps you choose a profession in nursing because you naturally want to serve people, or perhaps you enjoy the challenges it presents. Whatever the reason, always remembering why you wanted to become a nurse can help you stay motivated and focused during your time at nursing school.

Study with your peers

As you participate in simulation labs and other activities with your peers, you will get to know each other quite well. Ask your friends to join you in a study group if you find group study methods work best for you.

Nursing students frequently struggle with particular courses depending on their past knowledge and background. Therefore, taking classes with others can close any gaps and provide you the chance to both teach and learn from your classmates. A greater sense of friendship and camaraderie with others who appreciate the difficulty of your studies is another advantage of group learning.

But if you’re into group studies, there are also a few advantages to studying with your peers individually. So, the next time you visit the library, ensure they’re sitting close by. That way, you can ask them questions without worrying about studying in a group of ten people.

Treat nursing school like a job

Accelerated nursing students don’t work during the school day for a reason. The curriculum is demanding and requires as much commitment and time as a full-time job, if not more. You will get the most out of your education if you stay focused and devoted to studying and developing into the best nurse you can be.

You will succeed in nursing school if you are willing to spend up to forty hours a week doing homework, writing papers, and studying online resources aside from labs and clinicals. You can create a lifelong routine that will benefit you in every aspect of your life by approaching nursing school with the mindset of a full-time career.

Also, don’t forget to go above and beyond during in-hospital clinical rotations. After all, you’ll work with some of the most experienced registered nurses in each clinical setting. So, it’s a no-brainer for you to capitalize on those connections. Of course, you’ll feel anxious initially, but it would be wise to take risks and gain knowledge from as many people as possible.

Always remain organized

During nursing school, each nursing component will present you with its own set of learning challenges. So, remaining organized is crucial. You will be required to participate in several school-related activities that need you to be somewhere at a specific time, such as clinical rotations, tests, simulation labs, and study groups.

This is why most successful nursing students use planners or smartphone scheduling apps. These apps do wonders when it comes to remaining organized. They help you track where you need to be by keeping all your events in one location. After all, you don’t want to fit your entire calendar into your brain, which will already be packed with healthcare knowledge.

Establish and follow a routine

Even though nursing school is difficult, managing it can be much simpler if you have a routine. It would be best to establish and follow routines and procedures that encourage efficiency from the start of your nursing education. Here are some examples of how nursing students can excel in nursing school by creating and following a routine:

  • Plan your extracurricular and other activities accordingly so they don’t conflict with your key study times.
  • Schedule your study time. For instance, if you concentrate better at night, schedule an evening study schedule.
  • If you enjoy exercising, schedule a set time for it.
  • Set aside time to study on the weekends.
  • Instead of cramming everything on the same day, spread your studies over the week.
  • Set a particular time for completing nursing assignments.
  • Get up and go to bed at the same hour.


It takes practice to learn how to study more effectively and put these nursing school study tips into practice. But nursing is a skill that you’ll keep developing throughout your career. After you graduate, you’ll discover that many of the habits you adopt at nursing school will help you become a better nurse in the real world. Ultimately, learning as much as possible should be your topmost priority in nursing school. But you don’t have to stop there. After all, the best nurses constantly learn and develop their skills and knowledge!

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Killexams : Tips and Tools to Help Students Study, Take Notes, and Focus

With a new academic year rolling around, students of all ages will be looking for help and guidance with their work—and there are a wealth of options on mobile app stores and the web to help you succeed.

Here we've picked out some of the best apps and services across multiple categories, including time management, homework help, note-taking, and more. Put them together and you've got a comprehensive toolkit for making sure that this year is a good one.

No matter what your requirements, courses, or study habits are, there should be something here for you (or for the young student in your life). You might be surprised at just how much difference the right app can make.


Trello can adapt itself to whatever purpose you have in mind.

Courtesy of Trello

The main appeal of Trello is its versatility: You can adapt the simple card-based interface in whichever way you want—whether to keep track of individual homework assignments or to log multiple research strands in an essay—and the software will adapt accordingly.

You can assign categories and deadlines to cards, attach files to them, and drop in to-do lists. However you decide to use Trello, you're going to find it straightforward to get around the app with easy drag-and-drop operations and a ton of options and features.

Trello (freemium for web, Android, iOS)


Get help from Socratic with just about any topic.

Courtesy of Socratic

Powered by Google's artificial intelligence engines, Socratic is here to answer any question on any topic, whether you need step-by-step math explanations, a quick overview of a historical event or work of literature, or details of a particular set of biological processes.

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Killexams : Tips To Set Up an Effective Study Space at Home

Studying is a core part of the educational experience. Students require a great study space, and in the modern world in which online learning and distance-based practice as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have become the norm, students require a great home study space more than ever.

Fortunately, there are a number of great options for creating an excellent space to facilitate ongoing studies in your home. Whether you’re seeking a degree to augment your existing professional experience or looking for an opportunity to change careers, as people in the United States are likely to do as many as 12 times these days, these tips for creating an effective study space are sure to make a massive difference in your life as a student. Continue practicing for some great ideas that are certain to help you excel in the classroom and in your everyday life.

Online learning has become a staple in the modern world.

Space © Lisa Charleston Space

Today, professionals are using digital learning opportunities to enhance their career prospects and gain valuable experience and knowledge that will help propel them into new and exciting opportunities of all types. A child development associate degree online, for instance, is a great asset for anyone working in the education field already or for anyone seeking entry into the world of teaching. Educators are unique professionals and must deal with a wide range of issues, challenges, and daily tasks. With the help of an online degree program, teachers and those seeking to become teachers are able to gain the skills required to enhance classroom management, boost curriculum design, and enjoy teaching more fully as a result.

Make sure to separate learning from other tasks in your home.

space © Provided by Lisa Charleston space

Teachers know the value of great organization. A great study space is a must for anyone seeking to excel in this type of degree program, or in any other learning opportunity for that matter. One thing that students can do to accommodate these needs is to carve out a dedicated workspace for their studies. Creating a space that is used solely to facilitate learning and studying is a great way to separate routine daily tasks and the ongoing educational needs of the student.

With the help of services like junk removal in Denver, those looking to make a difference in their workspace and reduce clutter can get a head start on this process with the help of highly professional services. We all collect quite a bit of junk in our daily lives, and often, it ends up piling up in our homes and around our living spaces more broadly. Junk and clutter have a habit of muddying our headspace as well as our home’s spaces, but with a junk removal service on your side, making significant headway into reducing these productivity-killing problems is simple and highly effective.

It’s important to remember that education is a commitment. Committing to yourself isn’t always easy, but if you make the effort to engage with your coursework wholeheartedly, then you are bound to see the fruits of your labor faster than ever. By removing clutter from your home, specifically your workspace, you can make quick inroads toward greater educational attainment and better efficiency throughout your studies. Another thing that you can do to boost your efficiency in study time is comprehensive schedule building. Using a simple calendar, you can dedicate specialized time to routing tasks, work requirements, and your education.

Making time for your studies isn’t always easy, but it will be worth it over the long term as you work toward your new credential that might just change your life for the better.

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Killexams : Graduate Certificate in Professional Study

Give Your Teaching Career a Boost with a Professional Study Graduate Certificate

If you would like to advance your professional career by pursuing additional coursework beyond your degree, a Graduate Certificate of Professional Study within the field of education from Southern New Hampshire University can provide you with the opportunity to engage with a broad range of topics. Earning your graduate certificate is a great way to add to your teaching résumé while enhancing your understanding of important educational concepts and strategies.

This field-based certificate program, available through the SNHU Vermont Campus, is ideal for practicing educators seeking applied learning and professional development opportunities within the syllabu areas of curriculum, assessment and evaluation, education technology, learning and development, and teacher leadership.

Although this program is currently available in a limited number of districts within the state of Vermont, we encourage you to reach out to the SNHU Vermont Campus at if you are interested in participating or learning more.

See Yourself Succeed with a Professional Study Graduate Certificate from SNHU

The field-based Professional Study Graduate Certificate program in education at SNHU allows you to choose from the following five subject areas: Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation, Education Technology, Learning and Development, and Teacher Leadership. This is a 15-credit program, and you will select five three-credit courses to complete in accordance with your chosen topic.

As a private, nonprofit university, SNHU has one mission - to help you see yourself succeed. The benefits of enrolling in a field-based graduate program at SNHU include:

  • Convenience. Pursue your graduate degree or certificate where you work, and complete international field studies around your teaching schedule.
  • Supportive community. We have a deep understanding of how adults learn best, and we know all of our students personally. Our cohort model allows you to learn with colleagues.
  • Relevance. All course material and assignments apply directly to your classroom practice.
  • Affordability. It’s our mission to make higher education more accessible. That’s why, SNHU is one of the most affordable private, nonprofit universities in New Hampshire. 
  • Constructivist classrooms. Our instructors design the classroom experience so that it begins with your experiences and builds toward exceptional practice in a collaborative manner.

Careers & Outcomes

The Professional Study program is designed to help educators advance their careers without committing to a full master’s degree program. The goal of this program is to produce teachers who are prepared to impact their schools and their students in meaningful ways, both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether your goal is to develop new curriculum, become familiar with new teaching technology, or learn new leadership skills, SNHU can help you take the next step in your career.

Professional Study (Post-Master's Graduate Certificate)

In addition to the standard Professional Study Graduate Certificate in education program, SNHU also offers a Professional Study Post-Master's Graduate Certificate option. This program is similar to the standard graduate certificate version, but is designed for educators who have already earned their Master of Education. This program also features Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation, Education Technology, Learning and Development, and Teacher Leadership as subject areas; however, many of the courses within the post-master's program cover more advanced topics.


With multiple pathways to choose from, the program will help you develop a deeper understanding of responsive, responsible teaching methods. Participants will plan and deliver purposeful learning opportunities that incorporate current research and best practices to engage students in meaningful ways. SNHU will help you learn to create strengths-based, inclusive, and collaborative learning communities in classrooms and schools. The program will also help you understand the need for professional analysis, innovation, and continually evolving professional strategies while evaluating your own personal growth, teaching practice development, and personal leadership.

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Killexams : A New Study Suggests You’re Really Developing Those Sick Sweep Picking Skills to Impress Your Bros

If you’re a dude (or lady) and you picked up the guitar to “score some chicks” and really get to live the rockstar lifestyle, I’ve got some news that may make you question your genuine motivations. According to a new study released by the American Psychological Association (APA), straight men that learn guitar to play extreme metal “are mostly motivated to do so in order to impress other heterosexual men.”

The data was recently posted by the Twitter account of a British TV show called QI, or Quite Interesting.

Huh. So, that’s a potentially new wrinkle in your guitar practice routine, isn’t it? Now, it’s important to note that “mostly motivated” doesn’t mean “entirely motivated,” so there’s that. But there’s also the fact that the study titled Extreme metal guitar skill: A case of male-to-make status seeking, mate attraction, or byproduct,” (via Loudwire) suggested that humans mostly express themselves through art for “sexual selection or byproduct of the complexity of the human brain.”

However, after surveying 44 straight male metal guitarists, researchers found that after examining their “practicing habits… sexual behavior… and feelings of competitiveness toward the same sex.” What researchers found was that “that time spent playing chords predicted desire for casual sex with women.” Yet on the flip side, “perceptions of playing speed positively predicted intrasexual competitiveness (a desire to impress other men).”

“Extreme metal is a genre that is heavily male-biased, not only among the individuals that play this style of music, but also among the fans of the genre… Therefore, it is unlikely that extreme metal musicians are primarily trying to increase their mating success through their music. However, musicians in this genre heavily invest their time in building technical skills (e.g., dexterity, coordination, timing), which raises the question of the purpose behind this costly investment. It could be that men engage in this genre mainly for status-seeking purposes: to intimidate other males with their technical skills and speed and thus gain social status.”

So there you have it. If you’ve been banging your head against the brick wall of pinch harmonics and sweep picking, you could really be doing it so your buddies can think you’re the ultimate badass and not to get the girls. And realistically, who isn’t impressed by someone that can melt your face off with a ripping solo?!

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Killexams : Learn some essential non-verbal communication skills for business owners for only $30

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: As of September 15, you can get the Better Business Professional Skills Bundle(opens in a new tab) for just $29.99 instead of $1,592 — that's a 98% discount.

Cultivating the skills of a business professional(opens in a new tab) takes time. While you might naturally learn some leadership and management skills by watching your own mentors, it may be helpful to overtly learn the tools and skills of the trade. That’s where the Better Business Professional Skills Bundle comes in. This set of eight courses covers everything from improving your body language to advanced personal skills and goal planning. All instruction materials are available for life and on sale for $29.99 (Reg. $1,592). 

Learn to be a socially capable business professional

So much of communication is non-verbal. Some researchers say that communication is up to 93% nonverbal, so it may be worth checking what your body is saying, and the first course of this bundle may be some help there, Body Language Fundamentals: Excellerate Nonverbal Communication. Learn more about your body language and identify when it might need some revision.

You will get instruction on non-verbal communication as a whole, along with communication, networking skills, and leadership. Start studying open-ended questions as a means to carry your conversation forward. Or learn team-building skills(opens in a new tab) from the professionals at Skill Success, a purveyor of internet instruction that has been a credible learning resource for years.

Skill Success providers over 1,000+ curated and organized online video courses, and in this one, you could start studying lessons in goal planning and time management. This 13-lesson course may help you learn to prioritize tasks, create a success-based routine, and more!

The final course in the set is called Communicate & Work Better While Being a Part of a Small or Large Team, and it may be able to help you smooth out team strife before it ever happens. Learn to recognize why some conflict is to be expected and how it factors into a healthy relationship, and learn to build up your own team.

Master the soft skills of business

Start learning more about time management, device management, and beyond. Get the Better Business Professional Skills Bundle(opens in a new tab) on sale for $29.99 (Reg. $1,592). 

Prices subject to change.

Wed, 14 Sep 2022 21:46:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Mental Skills Slow With Age, But Seniors Gain in Other Ways: Study No result found, try new keyword!Mental Skills Slow With Age, But Seniors Gain in Other Ways: Study By By Cara Murez HealthDay Reporter, HealthDay Reporter MONDAY, Sept. 19, 2022 (HealthDay News) -- Seniors, there's good news and ... Mon, 19 Sep 2022 08:55:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Babies born during coronavirus lockdowns developed communication skills at slower rate: Study

A new study suggests that babies born during coronavirus lockdowns are reaching developmental milestones at a slower pace than those born outside of the lockdowns.

The study, posted this week in the peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ by researchers at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland, showed that babies born between March and May of 2020 struggled to communicate at one year of age, compared to babies born between 2008 and 2011.

Ireland was subjected to strict lockdown measures during significant portions of time between the springs of 2020 and 2021.

According to the study, 89% of babies born between 2008 and 2011 were able to say a "meaningful word" at 12 months of age, compared to just 77% of infants who spent their early months shut out from the outside world early in the pandemic. Additionally, the number of babies able to point at objects dropped from 93% to 84%, and those who could wave good-bye fell from 94% to 88%.


Photo of a young mother holding her newborn baby, while putting him to sleep.  (iStock)

The study was based on questionnaire results from 309 parents of babies during the pandemic. Parents were asked about the different tasks their children could perform on their first birthday. Those results were then compared to a longitudinal study that asked about the same skills between 2008 and 2021.

"Pandemic-associated social isolation appears to have impacted on social communication skills in babies born during the pandemic compared with a historical cohort," the study said. "Babies are resilient and inquisitive by nature, and it is very likely that with societal re-emergence and increase in social circles that their social communication skills will improve. However, this cohort and others will need to be followed up to school age to ensure that this is the case."

One of the study’s authors, Dr. Susan Byrne of the Royal College of Surgeons, told NBC News that a quarter of the babies in the study had yet to meet another baby their age by their first birthday and that few people had come to their homes during the pandemic.


A protestor carries a sign practicing "We Will Not Comply" during a demonstration outside the Virginia State Capitol to protest Virginia's stay-at-home order and business closures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. (REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

"If no one's coming to your house to leave again, you're not going to learn how to say 'Bye, bye,’" Byrne told the outlet.

Byrne added that babies could have been negatively impacted by not engaging with stimulating objects outside of their own home, which they have already memorized.


Fulton County Public Schools 8th-grader Ceani Williams helps her 5th-grade brother, Kareem Williams, with his classwork during a virtual learning day at their home in Milton, Georgia. (REUTERS/Alyssa Pointer)

"Children point because either something has fallen, and they want to find it, or they're interested in a new thing, and they want to see it," Byrne explained. "Obviously, if you've been in your lovely home the whole time, you know everything. Nothing's new."

The study is the latest in a long list of data showing the negative effects coronavirus lockdowns have had on the children, both in early-age development and in the classroom.


In addition to the learning loss suffered by children during lockdowns, a exact study showed that coronavirus restrictions also negatively impacted the physical health of children and contributed to childhood obesity, especially in low-income communities. 

Thu, 13 Oct 2022 08:58:00 -0500 Fox News en text/html
Killexams : Are you considering studying abroad? Here are 5 tips to help you prepare financially

Each year, American undergraduate students flock across the globe to study abroad. During the 2019/2020 academic year, 162,633 students did so, reflecting a 53% decrease due to the Covid-19 pandemic — in the before times, that number had hovered around the 341,000 mark and was slowly increasing every year.

Traveling can be expensive, though — excursions to different countries with your classmates during your semester abroad are no exception. You'll need to foot the bill not only for tuition, but meals, housing, flights, activities and everything else as well. Even with the many scholarships and grants that are available, those costs can certainly add up and become a financial burden for students and their families.

Below, Select shares some tips to help students financially prepare to study abroad so they can make the most of their experience in a new country. 

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Ask your family if studying abroad seems financially reasonable to them

Studying abroad can wind up being an enormous expense. The University of Louisville estimates that, on average, the cost of a semester-long study abroad program can range from $7,000 to $15,000 per student. It's important to discuss this upcoming expense with your family so you can determine whether or not this is something they could reasonably assist you with.

You should also speak to the study abroad coordinator at your school to help you figure out where you'd like to go, what you would be able to study there, which programs are available and how much it will be. That way, you can bring a more precise representation of the associated costs to your family.

Keep in mind that the type of program you decide to do can affect the cost, too. A one-month program will likely be significantly less expensive than a program that lasts the entire semester. There are also certain programs that allow you to study solo and live with a host family or study as part of a group with other students from your university. Your school's study abroad coordinator will be able to break it all down for you and help you select the option that's best for your financial and academic goals.

Find out if there are scholarships or grants available

Now would also be a good time to find out if there are any scholarships or grants available that would cover some or all of the cost, and to do some research about which ones you can apply for. Unlike student loans, scholarships and grants don't need to be repaid — you'll just need to go through an application process in order to qualify for them. These funding options can significantly reduce the financial responsibility that comes along with studying abroad, and are definitely worth looking into.

If scholarships and grants are not available and your family can't afford to contribute to the cost of your trip, it might be worth devising a financial plan to pay for your study abroad program if it's something you're still really interested in.

Get a job on or off campus and save what you can

You can make a decent amount of money by partaking in on-campus jobs, getting a job at a nearby store or restaurant, doing research, babysitting or tutoring in your college town, among other jobs. There are many ways for college students to take on a side hustle or part-time gig to earn extra money. Apps such as Wag! or TaskRabbit can be helpful for finding flexible-hour jobs like dog walking or assembling furniture if you're unable to commit to more structured working hours.

Another popular way to earn money is by selling stuff you no longer need on apps such as Depop or Mercari. Select recently interviewed a 22-year-old seller on Depop who earns between $1,500 and $2,500 per month. Typically, all you need to get started selling is a phone and a PayPal account.


  • Fees

    Depop collects a 10% fee for each item sold on the platform. On top of that, payment processor Paypal takes an additional 2.9% and $0.20 per transaction.

  • Shipping costs

    Either the buyer or seller can cover the cost of shipping; shipping labels are generated by Depop and costs depend on the weight and dimensions of your package.

  • Availability

    The app is available in both the App Store (for iOS) and on Google Play (for Android); there's also a web version, but the app is more functional.

  • How do you get paid?

    You'll need a PayPal account in order to get paid. However, there are two options for sellers on Depop: Getting paid directly through your PayPal, which is linked to your Depop account, or through Depop Payments. If your shop uses Depop payments, buyers can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or a credit or debit card to finance purchases from your shop (you'll still need a linked PayPal account though). If your shop is linked to your PayPal, buyers can only use PayPal to pay for their purchases.


  • You only have to pay fees when you sell an item (no listing fees)
  • You can post the listings and manage your shop all from your phone


  • Depop takes a higher commission fee (10%) than some other resell platforms
  • You can't use it for in-person deliveries or orders


  • Fees

    Sellers pay a 10% fee for each item that's sold. There's also a payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $0.30.

  • Shipping costs

    Either the buyer or seller can cover the cost of shipping; shipping labels are generated by Mercari and costs depend on the weight and dimensions of your package.

  • Availability

    Mercari has an app that's available in both the App Store (for iOS) and on Google Play (for Android), and you can also list and shop via its website.

  • How do you get paid?

    After the transaction has been completed, the payment will show up on your Mercari balance. You can either have the money directly deposited into your bank account ($10 minimum payout) or get it deposited onto a debit card (there's a $2 fee for this option).


  • You only have to pay fees when you sell an item (no listing fees)
  • People who want to sell items locally can use Mercari Local
  • You can post the listings and manage your shop all from your phone


  • Mercari take a higher commission fee (10%) than some other resale platforms

Once you start earning some money, it's a good idea to keep it in a high-yield savings account, which will pay you more in interest for your balance compared to a traditional savings account. That means your savings can grow just a little bit faster and as a result, get you to your goal quicker. While you likely won't earn hundreds of dollars per month in interest unless you deposit a really large sum of money, it's still better than earning just the amount of interest that's typically paid by traditional savings accounts.

Select ranks Marcus by Goldman Sachs High Yield Online Savings as one of the best accounts since it has no monthly fees, no excessive transaction fees and no overdraft fees. Synchrony Bank High Yield Savings is another strong contender that also offers an ATM card to make withdrawing cash easier, which could be helpful when you're abroad.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs High Yield Online Savings

Goldman Sachs Bank USA is a Member FDIC.

  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

  • Minimum balance

    None to open; $1 to earn interest

  • Monthly fee

  • Maximum transactions

    Up to 6 free withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle *The 6/statement cycle withdrawal limit is waived during the coronavirus outbreak under Regulation D

  • Excessive transactions fee

  • Overdraft fees

  • Offer checking account?

  • Offer ATM card?

Synchrony Bank High Yield Savings

Synchrony Bank is a Member FDIC.

  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

  • Minimum balance

  • Monthly fee

  • Maximum transactions

    Up to 6 free withdrawals or transfers per statement cycle *The 6/statement cycle withdrawal limit is waived during the coronavirus outbreak under Regulation D

  • Excessive transactions fee

    None, but may result in account closure

  • Overdraft fees

  • Offer checking account?

  • Offer ATM card?

Try to study abroad during an off-peak time

Use studying abroad as a way to rack up credit card rewards

As you near the start of your study abroad experience, consider signing up for a credit card that offers travel rewards so you can get more of a bang for your buck, especially when it's time to book flights and pay for meals while you're abroad. There are a number of credit cards aimed at helping students build their credit, as well as others that offer simpler reward systems. Plus, you'll want a card that doesn't charge foreign transaction fees when swiping abroad (most debit cards charge foreign transaction fees).

Select named the Bank of America® Travel Rewards for Students credit card as one of the best for students who travel thanks to the fact that cardholders earn 1.5 points per dollar for all purchases. You can redeem rewards such as a statement credit to help cover the cost of qualifying travel purchases, which works as a simple way to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for traveling abroad.

Be sure to spend cautiously whenever you're using a credit card — this is not free money after all — and your balance needs to be paid back in full or else you'll be charged interest. When you're not paying upfront with cash, it can be easy to lose sight of that. Plus, credit card rewards are most valuable when you pay off your balance each month to avoid accruing interest charges.

Remember to notify your bank and credit card company about your upcoming trip so they don't suspect fraud when you make a purchase abroad and freeze your account. 

Bottom line

Figuring out how you and your family will pay for your study abroad experience can be a difficult challenge, but by planning ahead, making and saving some money and using the right financial products, the costs will become less daunting and you'll be able to enjoy your travels even more. 

Editorial Note: Opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Select editorial staff’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any third party.

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Killexams : A Professional's Tips For Bleaching Your Eyebrows At Home Kendall Jenner met gala © Taylor Hill/Getty Images Kendall Jenner met gala

TikTok beauty trends come and go, from the moisturizing technique known as "slugging" to stick-on face lifts achieved with cosmetic tape. These days, bleached eyebrows are the existing craze. It's even a filter, making the fad all-the-more ubiquitous on social media. Though it may seem like brows disappeared overnight, this beauty practice is nothing new. According to W Magazine, the look can first be traced back to Elizabethan times -- nearly 500 years ago. As explained by historian Rachael Gibson, "We see people really starting to remove their brows in Europe in the Middle Ages, and by the Elizabethan era it was popular to completely remove or bleach out the brows." Social elites were expected to boast "high" and "wide" foreheads, a look achieved by either plucking or bleaching brows. It wasn't until the 1990s that the aesthetic again achieved mass popularity. Celebrities like Madonna, largely inspired by the drag scene in the 1970s and 1980s, sought to achieve a more-futurist look with invisible brows, per Bustle.

It's 2022 and bleach is back. With celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Lizzo jumping on board, many are attempting to disappear their own brows from home (via Page Six). Though it's much safer to achieve this look with the help of salon experts -- bleach can cause burns or blindness if not handled correctly -- keep these tips in mind if you're set on transforming your brows from the comfort of your own bathroom. 

Take The Necessary Safety Precautions

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"You don't realize the impact of brows on a face until you've gotten rid of them," makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench told Vogue. Before you get to work bleaching, test out the look using a filter. This no-commitment trial run will supply you a better idea of whether you can see yourself with permanently-blonde brows. Fashion Journal sat down with Melbourne stylist Madison Finn to get professional tips for at-home brow coloring. To safely start the process, Finn recommends putting vaseline on the skin surrounding your eyebrows -- this will act as a protective layer. Cling wrap, too, according to the stylist, stops the product from dripping or getting onto eyelashes. It also "keeps the bleach damp -- when bleach dries out it doesn't process as much."

Find a clean mascara wand to use for delicate application. Mix your bleach powder with cream developer and remember, "the thicker the mix the stronger the bleach," per Fashion Journal. Next, and as recommended by makeup professional Ffrench, "Coat hairs thoroughly from root to tip." Any leftover cream can be used to "cover the brows completely until you can't see them anymore." Finn recommends placing cling wrap over your brows as they develop. "Set a timer and have a look, wipe some off and see," she says. "If they aren't blonde enough re-apply and pop the glad wrap back on for 10-minute intervals." Most importantly, if you get bleach in your eyes, flush with water immediately

Keep Your Brows Looking Fresh With Aftercare

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After you've completed the bleaching process and are satisfied with your new look, invest in a good purple shampoo. According to Nexxus, purple shampoo neutralizes those brassy tones that often result from bleaching, and will keep your dye job looking fresh for longer. If you're hoping to avoid potential irritation, also apply a vitamin E cream to your brows, per Madison Finn for Fashion Journal. According to Finn, "Eyebrows fall out and new ones grow. You just have to be sure you have enough new growth before you re-bleach or you could further damage the already bleached hairs." With this in mind, wait two to three months before re-applying bleach.

As noted by Bustle, the bleached brow look can also be achieved by applying a light concealer. For those hoping for a less-permanent aesthetic change, makeup can be the way to go. Though at-home bleaching is relatively simple, it's important to remember that this type of hair treatment may not be great for your skin, especially if you're going through a breakout (via Byrdie). When in doubt, call on a trusted friend to ask for support -- you'll be channeling Kendall Jenner at the Met Gala in the span of an hour.

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