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PEGACPDC88V1 Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1 book |

PEGACPDC88V1 book - Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1 Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: PEGACPDC88V1 Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1 book January 2024 by team

PEGACPDC88V1 Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1

Exam Specification:

- exam Name: Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant (PCDC) 88V1
- exam Code: PEGACPDC88V1
- exam Duration: 90 minutes
- exam Format: Multiple-choice questions

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Pega Decisioning
- Understanding the role of decisioning in Pega applications
- Overview of Pega Decisioning architecture and components

2. Decision Strategy Design
- Defining decision requirements and objectives
- Creating decision strategies using Pega Decisioning tools and techniques

3. Predictive Analytics and Modeling
- Leveraging predictive analytics to drive decision outcomes
- Building and configuring predictive models using Pega Decisioning

4. Adaptive Decisioning
- Implementing adaptive decisioning capabilities
- Monitoring and optimizing adaptive decision strategies

5. Decision Data Management
- Managing and organizing decision data
- Integrating external data sources for decision making

6. Next-Best-Action Design
- Designing and implementing Next-Best-Action strategies
- Personalizing customer interactions based on real-time data and insights

7. Decision Governance and Compliance
- Ensuring compliance with regulatory and organizational policies
- Implementing decision governance processes and controls

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the role and importance of decisioning in Pega applications.
2. Design decision strategies to meet specific business requirements.
3. Utilize predictive analytics and modeling techniques for decision making.
4. Implement adaptive decisioning capabilities for real-time decision making.
5. Manage and integrate decision data from various sources.
6. Design and implement Next-Best-Action strategies for personalized customer interactions.
7. Ensure decision governance and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Exam Syllabus:

The exam syllabus covers the following Topics (but is not limited to):

- Pega Decisioning overview and architecture
- Decision strategy design and optimization
- Predictive analytics and modeling techniques
- Adaptive decisioning and real-time decision making
- Decision data management and integration
- Next-Best-Action design and implementation
- Decision governance and compliance
Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant 8.8 V1
Pegasystems Decisioning book

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Certified Pega Decisioning Consultant (CPDC) 88 V1
QUESTION 86 In a Set Property component, the Rank value is determined by ___________.
A. the default value of the Rank
B. the sequence in which it appears on the canvasC. the data transform
D. the order in which the propositions are received
Answer: D
Reference: (176)
QUESTION 87 To implement an eligibility criteria you use a
A. Eligibility
B. Segment
C. Switch
D. Proposition Filter
Answer: D
QUESTION 88 To reference a customer property in a strategy, you need to prefix the property name with the keyword
A. No prefix. Use directly the property name.
B. .
C. Data.
D. Customer.
Answer: B
QUESTION 89 Which category contains the Set
Property component?
A. Arbitration category
B. Enrichment category
C. Data Import category
D. Business Rules category
Answer: B
Reference: (80)
QUESTION 90 In a decision strategy, to remove propositions based on the current month, you use a
A. Calendar component
B. Filter component
C. date strategy property
D. calendar strategy property
Answer: B
QUESTION 91 What information has a 1-to-many relationship
with a Customer?
A. List of accounts owned
B. Average monthly product usage
C. Date of last visit to store
D. Number of family members
Answer: A
Reference: (194)
QUESTION 92 In Pega Decision Management, a banner on a website can represent
A. dimension
B. strategy
C. channel
D. proposition
Answer: B
Section: (none)
QUESTION 93 In the Next-Best-Action strategy, a Switch component can be used to switch
A. between two customers within the same household
B. between two different service propositions
C. between a high value and low value customer
D. off interaction history
Answer: B
QUESTION 94 In a Decisioning Strategy, which component is required to enable access to primary
Customer properties?
A. Set Property
B. None, properties are available
C. Data Import
D. Customer Import
Answer: A
QUESTION 95 In a Decisioning Strategy, which component is required to enable access to Product
Holding properties?
A. Data Import
B. None, properties are available
C. Set Property
D. Customer Import
Answer: A
Reference: (199)
QUESTION 96 To access a property from an unconnected component, you use
the ___________.
A. customer-dot-property construct
B. property value
C. dot-property value directly
D. component name-dot-property construct
Answer: D
/Referenc e:
Reference: (116)
QUESTION 97 When a new component is added to the strategy canvas, its Rank value will be
A. 1
B. One higher than the current highest Rank
C. Not set
D. 0
Answer: A
Reference: (176)
QUESTION 98 To run a delta report in the Visual Business Director, a minimum of two
____________ are required.
A. data sources
B. propositions
C. input definitions
D. strategies
Answer: D
Reference: (123)
QUESTION 99 After launching a new product, the delta mode in Visual Business Director could show
A. the volume difference between the new product and the existing products
B. the date when the new product was introduced
C. the volume of the existing products
D. a green shape for the product added
Answer: A
Reference: (131)
QUESTION 100 Visual Business Director
allows you to perform:
A. What-if analysis
B. Naive Bayesian analysis
C. Predictive analysis
D. Monte Carlo simulation
Answer: A
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Pegasystems Decisioning book - BingNews Search results Pegasystems Decisioning book - BingNews Esri Book Shows How Earth Science Organizations Can Improve Decision-Making No result found, try new keyword!To aid these decision-makers, Esri, the global leader in location intelligence, has released Addressing Earth’s Challenges: GIS for Earth Sciences. The new book includes real-life stories about ... Thu, 21 Dec 2023 00:12:00 -0600 Scholastic Book Fair Reverses Opt-In Diversity Decision

After a few months of intense criticism over a policy that allowed schools to remove diverse books, Scholastic has had a change of heart. The massive publishing company, well known for setting up book fairs in schools across the country, had recently put in a policy forcing schools to opt-into stocking books with “diverse voices”—namely books with queer content or written by people of color which address oppression and racism.

The statement from Scholastic reads, in part: “Even if the decision was made with good intention, we understand now that it was a mistake to separate diverse books in an elective case.” In an earlier statement published on October 13, Scholastic had said that this was done because of the rising number of legislative book bans across the country that “create an almost impossible dilemma: back away from these titles or risk making teachers, librarians, and volunteers vulnerable to being fired, sued, or prosecuted.” The separation was made to “continue offering” books that feature queerness or antiracist content. “We don’t pretend this solution is perfect—but the other option would be to not offer these books at all—which is not something we’d consider.”

The fear is valid; Katie Rinderle, a fifth-grade teacher in Georgia, was fired after a teacher complained about one of the books she read to her class, My Shadow is Purple, which features a young protagonist who does both “boy things,” like sports, and “girls things,” like ballet. But when Georgia pulled diverse titles from library shelves, the Washington Post reported that the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights said that the move may have violated students’ civil rights.

The Washington Post also reported that the majority of book compaints are filed by just 11 people nationwide. Regardless of whether or not Scholastic’s decision was morally right, the impetus to preemptively protect schools and libraries, as well as authors and illustrators, from this kind of pearl-clutching legislative censorship is based in real, factual concerns. But that doesn’t mean that Scholastic has to make a book banner’s job easier.

This elective program, called “Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice” was incredibly unpopular, both among authors and first amendment freedom watchdogs like PEN America. Author Tunisia Moore told Rolling Stone that she’s Black “365 days a year,” and doesn’t get to “opt in to being Black.” Amanda Gorman, the incredible poet who recited one of her poems at President Biden’s inauguration, posted on X about how this decision felt like a “betrayal.” Gorman, who is a Black woman and activist in addition to being a writer, has published children’s stories, one of which, Change Sings, was affected by this policy.

io9 reviewed the “Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice” program as issued by Scholastic. It included many stories that were about famed civil rights figures, like John Lewis and Ruby Bridges, but it also included a lot of science fiction and fantasy stories that tackle Topics of racism and oppression through a genre lens. Books like The Girl in the Lake, by India Hill Brown, which is an intergenerational ghost story that addresses the historical racial inequalities around Black people and the ability to learn how to swim, are on the list. Thunderous, a graphic novel by M. L. Smoker, relates one girl’s struggle to get home as she’s sucked into a world where Lakota history and folklore becomes immediately present and threatening. Smoker is an established poet and prolific writer, and is a member of the Sioux and Assiniboine tribes.

Scholastic said in its most recent letter, signed by the president of Scholastic Trade Publishing, Ellie Berger, that it would be discontinuing this program, starting in January. It reaffirmed its “commitment” to distribute these titles, and stated that it was working on a “pivot plan” for schools who had already scheduled book fairs for the fall. “ Our commitment to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ authors and stories remains foundational to the company,” the memo read. “We are committed to providing access and choice” for young readers, who get to pick out the books they purchase from the fair, without much adult supervision. The letter ends with, “we pledge to stand with you as we redouble our efforts to combat the laws restricting children’s access to books.”

It’s a decent sentiment and a good apology, as far as these things go, but the damage has been done. Earlier this year, children’s author Maggie Tokuda-Hall (Squad, The Mermaid the Witch and the Sea) ran into problems with Scholastic when it asked her to adjust the author’s note of her children’s picture book, Love in the Library, to eliminate explicit mentions of racism and discrimination, reported NPR. Love in the Library is about how two Japanese Americans fell in love at the internment camp they were forcibly relocated to during World War II. It seems like the backdrop of racism is extremely important.

Scholastic apologized that time too. Maybe this—the retraction of the elective, separate-but-equal “Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice” case—will finally be the thing that forces Scholastic to stand up to book bans and actively affirm its commitment to stories by and about queer folks and people of color.

Want more io9 news? Check out when to expect the latest Marvel, Star Wars, and Star Trek releases, what’s next for the DC Universe on film and TV, and everything you need to know about the future of Doctor Who.

Tue, 24 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html
Scholastic apologizes, reverses decision siloing books on race, LGBTQ topics No result found, try new keyword!The president of the children’s book publisher Scholastic has apologized and reversed the company’s decision to separate books discussing LGBTQ themes and race into a special collection this fall. Wed, 25 Oct 2023 04:09:00 -0500 en-us text/html How Would This Supreme Court Rule on Book Banning?

Last Thursday, Penguin Random House, along with a group of writers, educators, and parents in Iowa, joined the front ranks of the high-stakes election-year issue of book banning. They filed suit in federal court against the state’s school administrators, including the president of the state’s Board of Education, to stop the enforcement of a law known as Senate File 496, which the governor, Kim Reynolds, signed into force in May. The law requires that public-school libraries and classrooms contain only “age-appropriate” books, which it defines to automatically exclude books that have a description of a sex act. The law also prohibits instruction that deals with “gender identity” and “sexual orientation,” which the plaintiffs allege includes books. Local school-district boards are responsible for identifying which books violate the law; one has a list of about sixty that must be taken off the shelves—from an initial list of four hundred, which was trimmed after an outcry from the community. Any school employees who violate the law are subject to increasing disciplinary measures—for teachers, that could mean having their teaching license revoked.

The lawsuit notes that the language of the statute is so broad—does even a mention of sex qualify as a violation?—that it has caused confusion and alarm among teachers and librarians, who fear being fired if they fail to comply. As a result, they have been erring on the side of removing books, rather than on the side of providing access to information. There are no provisions for considering the literary, artistic, or educational merit of the work as a whole, and titles removed by some districts so far include classics by Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, William Faulkner, Margaret Atwood, and Richard Wright. The complaint cites a question raised by the Iowa Association of School Librarians: If the ban covers classic literature that is part of the Advanced Placement curriculum, how will the state handle the issue of students being unable to read the books that are the subject of A.P. tests? It goes on to ruefully note that, as the age of consent is sixteen in Iowa, high schoolers can lawfully have sex, but not read about it in their school library.

The Iowa law, of course, is just one of a series of recently passed state laws that seek to ban books, or to limit students’ access to information about sex, sexual identity and orientation, and issues of race in American history. Texas, Florida, Missouri, Utah, Arkansas, and South Carolina have all passed laws restricting public-school students’ access to books. The Arkansas version imposes penalties of up to a year in jail for librarians and booksellers who provide material considered “harmful to minors.” Texas House Bill 900 requires publishers to “rate” books based on their sexual content, and prohibits any “sexually explicit” books from appearing in school libraries. Plaintiffs including the American Booksellers Association and the Authors Guild filed suit to declare the Texas law unconstitutional, and won an initial victory when a federal district-court judge stopped its enforcement, but the famously conservative Fifth Circuit recently heard oral arguments in an appeal of that ruling. Opponents of bans are not optimistic about the outcome.

All this raises the question of what the current Supreme Court would do if it were to decide to take up one of the simmering book-ban cases. The key precedent on the issue is Island Trees School District v. Pico, from 1982. That case arose out of the removal of ten books from public middle-school and high-school libraries in a school district on Long Island, New York, by the local board of education. Though Island Trees is forty years old, the case concerns books addressing the same themes included in today’s bans: Richard Wright’s “Black Boy,” Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five,” Eldridge Cleaver’s “Soul on Ice,” and titles by Bernard Malamud and Alice Childress. The vice-president of the local board, a retired New York City police sergeant, had deemed the books obscene, “anti-American,” and “just plain filthy,” though he admitted that he hadn’t read them. In fact, he heard about them at a meeting of an organization called Parents of New York United (P.O.N.Y.U.), a conservative group from Watkins Glen, in far-western New York, which had compiled a list of objectionable books and given it to the Long Island school-board members. P.O.N.Y.U. is a precursor of sorts for Moms for Liberty, the modern conservative book-banning group from Florida. (Indeed, Governor Reynolds spoke alongside other state Republican lawmakers at an event hosted by Moms for Liberty at a middle school in Des Moines just months before passing the Iowa law.)

The Island Trees case made its way to the Supreme Court after a district-court judge in Brooklyn, appointed by Ronald Reagan, ruled in favor of the school board, finding that students had no right to access the books in question. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that ruling, and the Supreme Court took up the subsequent appeal. There, in a majority decision written by Justice William Brennan, the Court invalidated the ban, echoing a prior ruling that students do not surrender their First Amendment rights “at the schoolhouse gate.” But the over-all ruling is hardly a model of judicial clarity. The decision was 5–4, with seven separate written opinions, including four dissents. The majority noted that citizens, including minors, have a right to receive information and ideas. Nevertheless, the opinion is limited to the removal of books that are already in a library, and the Court makes explicit that it is not ruling that school libraries must acquire any particular books. Moreover, Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote a dissent in which he made the evergreen argument that parents should have “influence, if not control” over their children’s education, equating parental control to “democracy in a microcosm.” He also suggested that children who are denied books in school libraries are not prevented from obtaining them: they can simply go to a bookstore and buy them. Finally and, perhaps, ominously, Burger asserts that there is no constitutional requirement that schools maintain libraries at all. “The board,” he wrote, “could wholly dispense with the school library, so far as the First Amendment is concerned.”

The volume and vehemence of the dissents in the Island Trees decision were perhaps a reflection of the times. The Satanic Panic—the belief that cabals of Satan-worshipping teachers and others were conducting terrible rites involving schoolchildren—had begun a couple of years earlier, in 1980, with the publication of “Michelle Remembers,” a memoir purporting to be based on the author’s “recovered memories.” (The panic resulted in more than twelve thousand accusations reported to authorities, none of which confirmed the existence of such abuse.) The year before, a six-year-old boy named Etan Patz had disappeared from his SoHo neighborhood while on his way to school; the incident set off a consuming fear of child abduction across the country. There seemed to be a sense of rising unspeakable dangers to children. Moms for Liberty and similar groups, in a way, are warning of what they perceive to be similar dangers: a conspiracy of “woke indoctrination” that is designed to “groom” children for predators. For whatever reason, book bans are once again being promoted as a totemic protector of children.

This Supreme Court has been protective of some speech, particularly religious speech. (See Justice Neil Gorsuch’s opinions upholding a public-high-school football coach’s right to hold group prayer on the fifty-yard line, and in favor of a wedding-Web-site designer who feared being forced to work for same-sex couples.) But it’s not clear what the current Court would do when the desire to ban speech—or, in the question of book banning, to restrict access to certain ideas—is articulated as a parental right. We know, from the Dobbs decision, that the conservative Justices are not averse to overruling settled precedent, even with regard to a constitutional right. And what about the voices of fundamentalist religious groups who are certain to weigh in on behalf of bans? Will the Court grant deference to a religion-based desire to restrict the information that all public-school students can have access to? It may be that those who favor bans will find a more receptive bench now than they did four decades ago. ♦

Wed, 06 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Virginia county school board member sworn in on stack of LGBTQ books featuring graphic content

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Democrat Karl Frisch was sworn in for his second term on the Fairfax County School Board with a stack of books banned in other school systems for sexually controversial content Thursday.

"He was sworn in on a stack of the five LGBTQ-themed books most frequently banned by other school systems," Frisch’s campaign website announced. "Currently, the Board’s Vice Chair, Frisch becomes its Chair on January 1. He is the first LGBTQ+ person elected to local office in Virginia’s largest county and one of only four openly LGBTQ+ school board members in the Commonwealth out of roughly 800 members."

Frisch’s male partner held the stack of books as he was sworn in. The books included "All Boys Aren’t Blue," "Gender Queer," "Flamer," "Lawn Boy" and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower."

A local liberal blog, Blue Virginia, reported on the story and the video can be found on the Fairfax County Public Schools' YouTube page

Karl Frisch was sworn in to his position on the school board using a pile of controversial books banned in multiple districts.


Multiple books, such as "Flamer" and "Gender Queer," include controversial sexual imagery or material that has caused them to be restricted by other school districts.

"Flamer," written by award-winning author and artist Mike Curato. Released in 2020, Curato's work is a semi-autobiographical graphic novel set in 1995. It tells the story of a character who is bullied at a Boy Scouts summer camp for "acting in a manner considered stereotypical of gay men." The graphic novel includes characters discussing pornography, erections, masturbation, penis size, and an illustration that depicts naked teenage boys.

The book courted controversy across the country, making the American Library Association's list as one of the most "banned books" of 2022. The book has reportedly been challenged in at least 62 schools for its LGBTQ content and sexually explicit material.

Similarly, "Gender Queer" by Maia Kobabe has courted major controversy among America’s parents for being in public school libraries throughout the U.S. and has been challenged for its depictions and descriptions of oral sex as well as discussions on masturbation. The book also discusses Kobabe's journey of self discovery towards identifying outside the "gender binary."

"Gender Queer" and other sexually graphic books have come under fire for being presented to children, with the North Dakota legislature considering a ban on such material (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)


Frisch’s ceremony appears to follow a possible trend of officials being sworn in on sexually explicit books banned by certain school systems.

A new Pennsylvania school board president was sworn into her position in early December with her hand on a stack of controversial books, including "Flamer" and "All Boys Aren’t Blue."

Karen Smith, a Democrat who was re-elected to the school board on Nov. 7, was sworn in on Dec. 4 as the new Central Bucks school board president after a vote by the board. As Smith walked up to the podium to be sworn in, her husband followed her with the stack of books.

This comes just two months after Fairfax Country School Board faced another scandal when a pro-Palestinian board member opposed honoring the victims of the Hamas terror attacks on October 7.


During the meeting, Abrar Omeish rebuked the board for their "sneak attack" of inserting a moment of silence for victims of the surprise terrorist attack and Israel’s ensuing war against Hamas into the meeting’s agenda. 

She also criticized members for using language in the brief commemoration that didn’t "represent all children." She noted she had sought a "statement that represented everybody’s views," implying frustration that the statement did not speak to the Palestinian struggle in any way.

Fox News' Joshua Q. Nelson, Hannah Grossman and Gabriel Hays contributed to this report.

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 03:30:00 -0600 Fox News en text/html
Education board upholds Las Cruces school's decision to keep controversial book at a high school

The New Mexico Board of Education voted to uphold the Las Cruces Public School's superintendent's decision to keep a controversial book at the Mayfield High School library.

The controversial book was approved by the superintendent of Las Cruces Public Schools.

The superintendent upheld the recommendation of the district's book committee, but the complainant appealed the decision.

The book in question is a novel called "Jack of Hearts (and Other Parts)" by author L.C. Rosen.

The novel follows a young gay teen as he navigates his sex life.

The book has faced harsh criticism from conservative groups who say it's inappropriate for public schools.

The book's author released a statement on his website addressing the controversy the book has sparked.

You can read Rosen's statement in its entirety here.

RECOMMENDED:New Mexico education board to discuss controversial book's approval in Las Cruces schools

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Sun, 10 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Captain Tom's daughter defends decision to keep book profits
Media caption,

Captain Tom's daughter defends book profits decision

The family of Captain Sir Tom Moore kept the profits from his books for themselves, they have said.

Hannah Ingram-Moore told TalkTV's Piers Morgan Uncensored there had been no agreement with her father that book money would go to charity.

Capt Sir Tom's autobiography, Tomorrow will be a Good Day, came out in 2020.

He writes in the prologue that "with the offer to write this memoir I have also been given the chance to raise even more money" for his foundation.

Ms Ingram-Moore claimed they had kept the profits from the captain's three books - reportedly £800,000 - at his request.

She said her father wanted his family to keep the money in a company separate to the Captain Tom Foundation.

There is no suggestion that Ms Ingram-Moore acted illegally by keeping the money from the book sales, rather than donating it to her late father's charity.

Image caption,

Captain Sir Tom Moore became famous for his fundraising efforts during the first coronavirus lockdown

In the prologue to the 2020 autobiography, Capt Sir Tom wrote: "Astonishingly at my age, with the offer to write this memoir I have also been given the chance to raise even more money for the charitable foundation now established in my name.

"Its goals are those closest to my heart, with a mission to combat loneliness, support hospices and help those facing bereavement... I am deeply honoured to be given yet another opportunity to serve the country of which I am so very proud."

In a clip of the TV show released to the BBC, Ms Ingram-Moore's husband, Colin, told Morgan that the "vast majority" of the £809,000 revenue reportedly raised by the family's company Club Nook Ltd "came from the three books that he wrote with Penguin Random House".

He said "95%" of the Club Nook money was from the books.

Image caption,

Hannah Ingram-Moore, Capt Sir Tom's daughter, said her father wanted the family to have the book profits

Ms Ingram-Moore, of Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, said: "These were my father's books, and it was honestly such a joy for him to write them, but they were his books.

"He had an agent and the agent and he worked on that deal.

"They were Captain Tom's books and his wishes were that that money would sit in Club Nook."

Morgan asked, "For you to keep?" and she replied "Yes - specifically".

The books were "never anything to do with the charity", she said.

Her father "decided what to do with the income from them - it was his wishes, not ours - he made the decisions about the things that he did - we didn't act for him", she said.

Image source, Getty Images
Image caption,

Capt Sir Tom won the nation's hearts with his fundraising walk, which took in 100 laps of his garden

Capt Sir Tom's extraordinary fundraising efforts for National Health Service charities are part of Covid-19 pandemic history.

By walking laps around his Bedfordshire garden, he raised £38m for NHS Charities Together, which works with a network of more than 230 NHS Charities across the UK to support the organisation.

However, the charity set up by his family in his honour is no longer taking donations.

The Captain Tom Foundation is currently the subject of a statutory inquiry.

Just over a year ago, the Charity Commission launched an inquiry into its finances.

It also emerged Ms Ingram-Moore was paid thousands of pounds via her family company for appearances in connection with her late father's charity.

She appeared at an awards ceremony - the Virgin Media O2 Captain Tom Foundation Connector Awards - which included the name of the charity and the charity's logo on its awards plaques.

At that time she was the charity's interim chief executive on an annual salary of £85,000.

However, her appearance fee was paid not to the Captain Tom Foundation but to Maytrix Group, a company owned by her and her husband.

She told TalkTV she was paid £18,000 and gave £2,000 of it to the foundation.

This summer, the foundation stopped taking money from donors after planning officials at Central Bedfordshire Council ordered that an unauthorised spa pool block at Ms Ingram-Moore's home should be demolished.

The building on the site of the family home - originally approved for the use of the occupiers and the Captain Tom Foundation - was granted planning permission in August 2021 and had been partly constructed when revised plans, which included a spa pool, toilets and a kitchen "for private use", were submitted in February 2022.

The revised plans for what was called the Captain Tom Building were turned down by the council in November 2022.

A demolition order for the now-unauthorised building was issued, the authority said.

That order was appealed and a hearing is due later this month.

The BBC has contacted Ms Ingram-Moore for comment.

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Thu, 12 Oct 2023 03:00:00 -0500 en-GB text/html Owner of longtime Tyler bookstore explains decision to close down

Updated: 48 minutes ago

A woman was caught on video having a meltdown at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport on New Year's Eve, screaming profanities at staff and travelers. Credit: @bigjune6/LOCAL NEWS X /TMX

Updated: 1 hour ago

Her arraignment, which was set to happen Friday morning, is being pushed back to a later date to allow Phillips to hire an attorney.

At 11 years old, Herrera has been taking flying lessons at Johnson Aviation in Tyler, owned by her grandfather Rex Johnson, for just under a year. A fifth grader at Overton Park Elementary in Fort Worth, she spends her off time learning to fly in Tyler.

"Different dog breeds would be like a basset hound. Sometimes it can be our beagles actually have a genetic trait that can lead them to develop glaucoma, and even like our chow-chows and things like that," said Dr. Taylor Lovell. She recommends yearly or bi-yearly checkups to catch symptoms early.

County Road 3344 will be located off of State Hwy 155, just south of Interstate 20 in the Owentown area. "We haven't built a brand new Smith County Road since the 1950s in Smith County, so that's historic in itself," said Judge Neal Franklin.

The cost of just about everything has gone up significantly over the last year, including auto insurance, increasing at an annual rate of about 19.2 percent from last year. Some experts say the main driving force for the increase is auto parts.

Fri, 29 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
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WWE's Shawn Michaels reveals what led to Wes Lee being pulled from NXT Deadline

The WWE universe received some unfortunate news from NXT superstar Wes Lee this week, as the fan-favorite star revealed that he would be undergoing surgery for a back injury and would therefore be out of action for quite some time. That also obviously means he won't be in action at NXT Deadline, where he was supposed to face Dominik Mysterio for the North American Championship. During today's NXT Deadline conference call with Shawn Michaels, Michaels was asked about Lee and how long they knew before the announcement, and while they knew he was struggling for some time the decision surrounding Wes competing at Deadline was close to last minute.

"Well, the decision with Wes was pretty darn close to last minute. Wes has been struggling for quite some time. I certainly didn't know the depth of it. I knew, obviously we get medical reports, but it was a decision that Wes made on his own, as he should," Michaels said. "I mean, clearly he's a young man that goes out there and just performs like few othersgr, and he had a huge match already going into this Premium Live Event looking for the North American Championship. But just a day or two before we had a long talk and he just did not think he could make it through the match with the pain he was in."

"And so that was the decision certainly that he and our medical team made. It's the best decision for Wes, and that's the only thing in my mind that's important right now. So look, all of us again, was last minute. Wes to his credit, was certainly doing everything he could do to get himself ready for this, but it just wasn't meant to be," Michaels said.

After the decision was made to replace Wes in the match, it was soon decided that Dragon Lee would be the one to step in and face Mysterio at Deadline. When asked why it ended up being Dragon Lee, Michaels revealed several reasons for going that route.

"So, we made the last-minute decision, I guess less than 24 hours with Dragon Lee. And I guess the reason, because I'll say this, I think there's obviously a story there from before with Dragon Lee, and just from a selfish standpoint, for me, I was so looking forward and enjoyed having him in NXT, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I didn't have him as long as I wanted to," Michaels said.

"And so, he's somebody that again, I felt like would obviously be a fantastic match. He's somebody that I happen to personally enjoy and not just as a performer, but as a human being. I know there were match-ups that were still sort of on the table for him here in NXT, so, I thought that if there was any possibility of those matches being able to happen, that Dragon Lee would be the best fit," Michaels said. So, we'll find out Saturday the ninth if he can become North American Champion. But one way or another, it is great to have him here in NXT, even if it's just for a little bit longer."

We wish Wes Lee all the best and a speedy recovery. As for Deadline, you can find the full updated card below.

WWE NXT Deadline:

  • WWE NXT Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov (C) vs Baron Corbin
  • Men's Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Dijak vs Trick Williams vs Josh Briggs vs Bron Breuker vs Tyler Bate
  • Women's Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Tiffany Stratton vs Lash Legend vs Blair Davenport vs Kelani Jordan vs Fallon Henley
  • North American Championship Match: Dominik Mysterio (C) vs Dragon Lee
  • Steel Cage Match: Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James

NXT Deadline takes place on Saturday, December 9th.

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