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Alcatel-Lucent Quality of Service
Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent reality
Killexams : Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent reality - BingNews Search results Killexams : Alcatel-Lucent Alcatel-Lucent reality - BingNews Killexams : Divine connection, disturbing reality!

Pilgrimages and spiritual yatras hold immense cultural, spiritual, emotional and social significance across various religious traditions around the world. These journeys often symbolize devotion, self-discovery, and a connection to the divine. However, beneath the veneer of devotion and spirituality, a disturbing reality persists – the inhumane treatment of animals during pilgrimages and yatras. 

Throughout history, pilgrimages and yatras have involved the use of animals to facilitate these sacred journeys. From camels and horses to elephants and bullocks, animals have been harnessed to carry pilgrims, supplies, and religious paraphernalia. However, what was once a practical solution has often evolved into a form of exploitation and cruelty.

In various parts of the world, animals are subjected to gruelling conditions during these journeys. Long hours of labour, inadequate rest, insufficient diet and exposure to extreme weather conditions, etc. has become the norm for these creatures. Furthermore, traditional rituals involving animals, for sacrifices and processions, often lead to suffering and death.

The mistreatment of animals during pilgrimages and yatras raises several ethical, environmental, and cultural concerns:

Ethical Dilemma: The mistreatment of animals contradicts the core principles of compassion, kindness, and respect that many religious and spiritual philosophies profess. It questions the very essence of devotion and spiritual growth.

Environmental Impact: The overuse and exploitation of animals during pilgrimages contribute to environmental degradation. Deforestation, overgrazing, and pollution are often consequences of these practices, harming ecosystems and biodiversity.

Cultural Evolution: As societies evolve, certain practices within religious traditions need to adapt. The continuation of animal exploitation can hinder the progress of these traditions, preventing them from aligning with modern ethical standards. However, its need of the hour to evolve culturally, without carrying forward harsh practices like sati and animal sacrifices.

Tourism and Image: Many pilgrimage sites attract tourists from around the world. The mistreatment of animals can negatively impact the image of these sites and deter potential visitors.

The Need for Change!

Recognizing the urgency of the matter, various stakeholders must come together to bring about change. Religious leaders and institutions play a crucial role in shaping practices. By reinterpreting scriptures and teachings, they can guide their followers toward compassionate and ethical treatment of animals. Education and awareness campaigns within communities can highlight the ethical implications of animal cruelty and encourage believers to embrace more humane alternatives. Governments have a responsibility to enforce laws that protect animal welfare. Establishing guidelines for animal treatment during pilgrimages and yatras can serve as a framework for responsible conduct. Advancements in technology can provide alternatives to animal labour, such as electric vehicles or other forms of transportation. Innovations can help preserve traditions while reducing harm to animals. Collaboration between religious institutions, local authorities, and tourism boards can promote responsible and sustainable pilgrimage practices that respect both animals and the environment.

Spirituality means transformative experiences that elevate the human spirit and foster a sense of connection to the divine. It is time to align these sacred journeys with the principles of compassion and respect that lie at the heart of most spiritual beliefs. By acknowledging the inhumane treatment of animals during religious practices and journeys and taking steps toward change, societies can evolve while staying rooted in their traditions – ultimately creating a more harmonious world where both humans and animals coexist in mutual respect.

Pilgrimages, often regarded as sacred and spiritually enlightening journeys, have unfortunately witnessed a darker side, shedding light on instances, where the quest for spirituality clashes with the wellbeing of innocent creatures.

The Kambala Controversy – India:

The Kambala festival in Karnataka, India, is a traditional buffalo race held to honour the god Kadri Manjunath. While the event has historical and cultural significance, it has come under scrutiny for the treatment of the racing buffaloes. These animals are often subjected to strenuous races on muddy tracks, with their physical and emotional wellbeing compromised. Activists have raised concerns about the use of whips, the risk of injuries, and the overall distress experienced by the buffaloes.  

The Gadhimai Festival – Nepal:

The Gadhimai Festival in Nepal is notorious for its mass animal sacrifice, where thousands of animals, including buffaloes, goats, and chickens, are killed in the name of religious devotion. The festival, held every five years, has drawn international condemnation for its sheer scale of cruelty. Despite efforts from animal rights organizations and public outcry, the event has persisted, shedding light on the challenges of reconciling deep-rooted traditions with evolving ethical standards.

Animal Labor at Amarnath Yatra – India:

The annual Amarnath Yatra in India witnesses the use of horses, ponies, and mules to transport pilgrims and supplies to the holy Amarnath cave. However, reports have highlighted the substandard conditions in which these animals are kept, the lack of proper rest and care, and the physical toll of carrying heavy loads in challenging terrains. The Yatra has raised concerns about the exploitation and suffering of these animals, sparking debates about the need for alternative transportation methods.

Animal Processions in Thaipusam – Malaysia:

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated in various countries, including Malaysia, with elaborate processions involving devotees carrying ornate structures known as “kavadis.” In some cases, devotees pierce their bodies with hooks and skewers, often accompanied by animals like roosters. While the festival holds deep religious significance, the use of animals and the self-inflicted pain raises ethical questions and concerns about the welfare of both humans and animals involved.

Animal Labor in Hajj – Saudi Arabia:

The Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, involves a massive influx of pilgrims and requires significant logistics. Camels and other animals are traditionally used for transportation and carrying supplies. However, reports have emerged about the harsh treatment, inadequate care, and overworking of these animals, highlighting the ethical dilemma of balancing religious practices with animal welfare.

There are numerous instances of animal cruelty in the name of religious practices. But as far as I know, no religion values inhumane practices. Interpretation of spiritual books in favour of animal cruelty cannot be accepted. We as a social being must treat animals with the same dignity as we treat fellow human being. 

The inhumane treatment of animals during pilgrimages and other religious practices, exposes a complex intersection between religious traditions, cultural practices, and evolving ethical standards. While these real-life cases shed light on the darker aspects of some religious practices, they also serve as catalysts for important conversations. Balancing the preservation of tradition with compassion and respect for animals is a challenge that requires collaboration between religious leaders, communities, and governing bodies. By acknowledging these cases and working collectively towards humane alternatives, societies can ensure that religious practices truly embody the values of devotion and empathy, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

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Views expressed above are the author's own.


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Killexams : Love ‘The Bachelorette’? Apply to These Reality TV Casting Calls

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Killexams : REALITY TV

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Killexams : How the ongoing writers' strike impacts reality TV

JOHN YANG: The broadcast TV networks are heading into the fall season with writers and actors still out on strike.

That means no new episodes of scripted dramas or comedies.

Instead, the primetime schedules are leaning heavily on reality and competition shows.

So you'd think the people who work on reality shows would be celebrating.

But as Ali Rogin reports, in Hollywood, appearances are not always reality.

ALI ROGIN: To deliver us more insight on how the writer strike is affecting reality and Unscripted TV is Ryan Gajewski, digital staff editor at The Hollywood Reporter.

Ryan, thank you so much for joining us.

So is the reality TV industry celebrating the current state of Hollywood?

RYAN GAJEWSKI, The Hollywood Reporter: This has been a surprisingly tough moment for reality TV, and I think that for outsiders and initially, I sort of assumed that, you know, this would be kind of a boom moment for unscripted, right.

You know, when you look at the fall schedules coming up for broadcast TV, a number of networks CBS, ABC, Fox are really leaning heavily on unscripted without having any new scripted episodes to air.

And so I think that it seemed to be something one would assume is that there's a lot of work and a lot of more projects getting greenlit, and that doesn't seem to be the case for some reason.

You know, I've talked to a number of producers who said this is the toughest moment they've seen for unscripted TV right now in terms of people aren't working.

There have been long stretches where since maybe December that a lot of people have been in without work.

And the jobs that are available, as with unscripted, tends to be long hours working weekends, no health benefits.

I think it's surprising for many to learn that unscripted has not necessarily been thriving right now.

ALI ROGIN: The last big writer strike happened between 2007 and 2008.

What were the circumstances then?

RYAN GAJEWSKI: Reality TV certainly had success prior to the strike, but certainly once the strike took place in 2007, there were shows that came about to support the lack of scripted options.

So now I think that the WGA East has unionized some unscripted workers.

But for the most part, the majority of shows are not union.

They're not under union contracts in unscripted.

Certain ones are sort of they call the shiny floor shows tend to be union shows like MasterChef and The Voice kind of those bigger competition shows, but most aren't.

You know, when you look at the schedule for this fall, there are 38 hours of unscripted programming across the five broadcast networks, which is an 81 percent uptick from last year how many shows were being included on fall schedules at this time last year.

So definitely reality is being brought in to help save all these networks, and yet the jobs aren't there right now.

ALI ROGIN: Fascinating.

And you mentioned the shiny floor shows.

How is the strike affecting the celebrity guests, the celebrity judges that take part in these competition shows, other types of reality television who are otherwise participating in the strike?


So I think that, you know, reality hosts who are often well known A listers and people who have acting careers and judges and potentially contestants on shows like Dancing with the Stars, they're covered separately.

So it's not part of the deal that's being currently ironed out that have led to the strike, but just the idea of producing content for a strut company.

I think that some, you know, involved in the undiscripted industry thought that it's possible that hosts would and judges would, for optics reasons, perhaps not want to create new episodes of shows.

But -- so far it appears that right now most shows are still moving forward, even with actors involved.

ALI ROGIN: And producers of reality shows are not considered writers.

They're not part of the writer's union.

But certainly they play a large role in shaping the storylines of these shows.

They do a very similar job that writers do.

So why aren't they covered by the union?

RYAN GAJEWSKI: Yeah, I think that, you know, you talk to people in the industry and there is confusion as far as why that wouldn't be considered.

Writing unscripted has been seen sort of as this cheaper, quicker alternative, and I think that's helped it thrive.

I've talked to people who think that kind of some unscripted programming has kind of leaned in on maybe less experienced producers and people behind the scenes who are able to get work and develop Hollywood experience but are willing to work these longer hours, maybe not getting residuals, not having health benefits.

And so once studios have found a way to create this content in a cheaper way, are you going to be able to change that?

And certainly certain shows have managed walkouts.

So Survivor, I talked to an editor who has worked on two shows, Survivor and History Swamp People, who she was part of walkouts for both shows, and they were able to make those shows union.

So certainly that's a possibility, but it becomes tricky.

You sort of need the show to be seen as indispensable to your platform, and certainly not all shows have that luxury.

And then if you haven't worked in a while, it becomes a little bit scary for work security to then be willing to be part of a walkout because people take your job.

So it gets tricky.

ALI ROGIN: Ryan Gajewski with The Hollywood Reporter, thank you so much for joining us.

RYAN GAJEWSKI: Thanks so much.

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Killexams : augmented reality

[PyottDesign] recently wrapped up a personal project to create himself a custom AR/VR headset that could function as an AR (augmented reality) platform, and make it easier to develop new applications in a headset that could do everything he needed. He succeeded wonderfully, and published a video showcase of the finished project.

Getting a headset with the features he wanted wasn’t possible by buying off the shelf, so he accomplished his goals with a skillful custom repackaging of a Quest 2 VR headset, integrating a Stereolabs Zed Mini stereo camera (aimed at mixed reality applications) and an Ultraleap IR 170 hand tracking module. These hardware modules have tons of software support and are not very big, but when sticking something onto a human face, every millimeter and gram counts.

Continue practicing “Beautifully Rebuilding A VR Headset To Add AR Features”

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Killexams : OSF to create virtual reality platform

Peoria, Ill.-based OSF HealthCare is creating a virtual reality platform to help combat opioid overdose deaths. 

The platform, dubbed Virtual Reality Embedded Naloxone Training, uses augmented reality training to help train people on how to use naloxone, according to an Aug. 14 press release from OSF. 

"The mixed-reality portion of this being physical and virtual, will combine the real spray device and a manikin so that people can practice the real physical spraying with a manikin as well as having this virtual world that is valuable at the same time," said Scott Barrows, director of the OSF Innovation Design Lab.

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Killexams : Woman Shares Reality of 150lb Weight Loss With Permanent Deep Stretch Marks

Losing weight might seem incredibly glamorous, but this woman who has managed to shed 150 pounds has shared the brutal reality of extensive weight loss.

After losing so much weight, TikToker @emmaa.getsfitt has transformed her life, and while she likes to share her newfound confidence on social media, she has also been very open about the not-so-perfect reality too.

Many of Emma's videos show before and after pictures of her unbelievable transformation, but one of her most viral videos highlights the deep stretch marks she has been left with following her 150-pound weight loss. While highlighting the stretch marks across her torso, Emma wrote on TikTok that it's "something [she] used to hate so much," but now the stretch marks have become her favorite thing.

Since the video was posted on July 12, it has amassed over 17.2 million views, and more than a million likes on TikTok.

Emma showing the deep stretch marks she has after shedding 150 pounds naturally. Stretch marks can occur when the skin changes shape rapidly, either from stretching or shrinking. @emmaa.getsfitt

Stretch marks aren't always regarded in a positive light, but they are a completely natural occurrence. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) explains that they can occur when a person's skin either stretches or shrinks rapidly, and the abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin to rupture. They add that stretch marks most commonly occur during growth spurts during puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight change, or weight training.

More health coverage from Newsweek:

Typically, stretch marks are a permanent scar, but the AAD suggests creams and lotions to help treat the affected area. It's best to treat them from an early stage, as mature stretch marks are less likely to heal, it adds. It can also take many weeks to notice any difference, but consistency is key.

While many of Emma's videos show her intense workouts, or the healthy meals she likes to cook, she has earned many plaudits for her honesty throughout the weight loss journey. It's often very easy to perceive someone else's transformation as perfect, but Emma has been very candid about the hardships too.

Many TikTok users have highlighted the beauty of Emma's stretch marks as they show the journey she's been through, and the viral post has amassed more than 20,300 comments so far.

One person commented: "these are the coolest stretch marks I've ever seen. I wish mine looked like that."

Another person wrote: "These are some of the most unique and beautiful stretch marks I've ever seen. Truly amazing what our bodies can do, and the art they create with change."

"Damn, that looks so cool. These might be the coolest tiger stripes I have ever seen," commented another TikTok user.

Newsweek reached out to @emmaa.getsfitt via Instagram for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

Is there a health issue that's worrying you? Let us know via We can ask experts for advice, and your story could be featured on Newsweek.

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Killexams : SAG-AFTRA Takes Up Bethenny Frankel’s Fight to Unionize Reality TV Performers

“Real Housewives” star Bethenny Frankel just got a powerful new ally in her push for reality TV performers to unionize and join the actors on the picket lines: SAG-AFTRA.

The guild said Thursday that it has spoken with Frankel’s attorney, entertainment lawyer Bryan Freedman, about the treatment of reality performers, and said the other performers Freedman represents can indeed be covered under the guild’s Network Code Agreement.

More from IndieWire

“We stand ready to assist Bethenny Frankel, Bryan Freedman, and Mark Geragos along with reality performers and our members in the fight and are tired of studios and production companies trying to circumvent the Union in order to exploit the talent that they rely upon to make their product,” the guild wrote in an official statement. “We encourage any reality performers and/or members to reach out to SAG-AFTRA’s Entertainment Contracts Department so that we may work together toward the protection of the reality performers ending the exploitative practices that have developed in this area and to engage in a new path to Union coverage.”

Frankel has been leading the charge for reality stars to be unionized for almost as long as the actors have been on strike. In just a short time, her efforts have escalated to other famous reality stars joining her cause and even Freedman and Geragos sending a litigation hold letter to NBCUniversal on behalf of a group of unnamed clients who have appeared on shows on Bravo, E!, and CNBC.

On July 19, Frankel in an Instagram post wondered why reality TV stars are still working, pointing out that reality stars “don’t get paid shit” in residuals despite ratings that can often surpass other scripted programming, and she also called out ways in which reality stars can be exploited. She revealed that for her first season of reality television she was paid just $7,250, and she called on stars to stop filming network and streaming content until other shows that are generating money for the studios for free are taken down.

Certain reality shows are covered under SAG-AFTRA’s Network Code Agreement, which also applies to non-primetime and non-dramatic primetime television, including daytime talk shows, game shows, soap operas, variety programming, and more. It’s the reason those programs have dominated the airwaves while the writers and now actors have been on strike, leading to almost all new scripted shows to be delayed from the fall TV season.

Frankel, in her original post, challenged the notion that the reason reality stars don’t get traditional residuals is because cast members on such shows are able to use the exposure and platform to grow their own personal brands and businesses.

“The mentality that we were nobodies and that these streamers and networks have given us platforms and that we can capitalize on them is also moronic,” she wrote on June 19. “Just because talent signs their life away doesn’t make exploitation correct.”

Shortly thereafter, Frankel retained Freedman and Geragos and drew a line in the sand, acknowledging that she “may have burned bridges in the entertainment space and torched the kingdom Khaleesi style” for her words.

“This is the reality check, the reality reckoning….it’s cool until it’s not,” she wrote in part in another Instagram message. “I have used my voice and I keep pushing and hopefully I can make a difference that will resonate into other exploited professions and industries as well. I was given a platform for a reason and I intend to use it not only for superficial and entertaining reasons but for something important as well.”

SAG-AFTRA took notice after Freedman and Geragos’ letter, sent on August 3, alleged the “grotesque and depraved mistreatment” of the reality stars. The letter accused NBCUniversal of plying cast members with alcohol and depriving them of food and sleep, denying mental health treatment to performers, exploiting minors, distributing or condoning revenge porn, covering up acts of sexual violence, and refusing stars the opportunity to leave their shows.

“NBCUniversal is committed to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace for cast and crew on our reality shows,” NBCUniversal later responded in a statement to THR. “At the outset, we require our third-party production partners to have appropriate workplace policies and training in place. If complaints are brought to our attention, we work with our production partners to ensure that timely, appropriate action is or has been taken, including investigations, medical and/or psychological support, and other remedial action that may be warranted such as personnel changes.”

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Killexams : 29 Best Reality TV Shows of All Time Killexams : 29 Best Reality TV Shows to Watch in 2021 — Reality TV to Stream Today, via streaming sites (11)

Back to reality

Reality TV shows can be a polarizing course among friends. There are those who can’t get enough of them. And there are those who wish the entire genre would disappear, making room in the television lineup for more sitcoms, crime shows, gritty dramas—even cartoons. Wherever you fall in the conversation, you have to admit that the category has come a long way since its inception.

There’s a bit of debate as to which program marks the first of the reality TV shows. Some people point to the classic TV show Candid Camera, which premiered in 1948, ran until 2014, and featured folks unknowingly being filmed in awkward situations. But for modern television viewers, MTV’s The Real World, which debuted in 1992, kicked off the version of the genre we’ve come to know and love (or love to hate).

We rounded up the 30 of the best reality TV shows, based on longevity, star-making ability, and award wins. We also took into account those unforgettable moments that cement a reality show into pop culture. Because let’s face it: The Real Housewives franchise might not be high art, but it certainly provides endless entertainment and one-liners for its fans. Check out how our list stacks up with your own preferences.

Survivor (2000–present)

A cunning game of strategy and survival techniques, Survivor changed the game for reality TV shows with its unique approach to competition. That’s probably why it has won an impressive seven Primetime Emmys. The premise alone will tempt you to tune in: A group of contestants is marooned on a tropical island with only the clothes on their backs and their wits to survive. But what’ll keep you coming back week to week is the need to find out who wins the game—and a million dollars.

Watch on Hulu

Intervention (2005–present)

This is one of those reality shows that feels much more like a documentary. Dealing with the heartbreaking realities of addiction, each episode focuses on an individual whose family is staging an intervention to help them. The audience gets a glimpse of a day in the life of the person living with the addiction before meeting an expert who will help friends and loved ones stage the intervention. Covering such a serious subject, Intervention can feel less frivolous than other reality TV shows, especially when an episode doesn’t end in success. The eye-opening series isn’t afraid to tackle hard Topics and has won two Primetime Emmys for its efforts.

Watch on Hulu

Project Runway (2004–present)

If you love fashion and drama movies, it’s hard not to be obsessed with Project Runway. Though the original hosts, Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, have moved on, this reality show continues to inspire. It has won two Primetime Emmys since it debuted in 2004 and continues to churn out mind-boggling competitions in which aspiring fashion designers compete. The show has made style stars of the winners, including Christian Siriano, who’s returned to the show as a mentor.

Watch on Peacock

Originally Published: December 17, 2021

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Killexams : Lot 132 Lucent Place Mandogalup WA 6167 No result found, try new keyword!To enquire about specific property features for Lot 132 Lucent Place, Mandogalup, contact the agent. What is the size of the property at Lot 132 Lucent Place, Mandogalup? The internal land size ... Tue, 15 Aug 2023 21:32:00 -0500 text/html
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