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Killexams : 2m+ households ran out of food in the last year: Foodbank

Cost-of-living pressure is driving Australian food insecurity according to research from the food relief organisation. 

More than 2 million households in Australia ran out of food in the last year, leading to 1.3 million children living in food insecure households, according to Foodbank’s Hunger Report 2022.

People in those households would sometimes skip meals or go whole days without eating. 

Foodbank is now calling for relief in the budget to be released by the federal government next week. 

“We have heard the treasurer caution that the October budget is not the time for new spending measures to deliver relief to struggling families, but with more than a million people a month already seeking food relief, if not now, then when?” said Foodbank CEO Brianna Casey. 

See also: NFPs reveal the devastating impact of coronavirus on their organisations

Foodbank attributes the alarming statistics to cost-of-living pressure, with the cost of food and groceries confirmed as the top cause followed closely by energy and housing costs.

“Assumptions that this is affecting only those who are unemployed or homeless are incorrect with the research showing that over half of food insecure households had someone in paid work and a third of households with mortgages have experienced food insecurity,” reads a Foodbank statement. 

Casey said despite witnessing the unprecedented pressure placed on food banks over the COVID-19 pandemic, she was shocked by the troubling picture painted in the report.

“We know how important it is for people to have access to nutritious food, yet the rising costs of energy, fuel, groceries, rent and mortgages have put this fundamental need beyond the reach of more and more people with no respite in sight,” said Casey.

“These results should make everyone stop in their tracks. The numbers being reported are massive and hard to process, but they represent the harsh reality of living week to week when the cost-of-living crisis collides with an income crisis and the household budget now lists food as a discretionary spend.”

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Killexams : Purina Pro Plan Cat Food

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Killexams : One UI 5.0 Beta available for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra [OTA Downloads]

In August 2022, Google released the stable version of Android 13 for the Pixel lineup right after the IO 22 event. A month later, Samsung started its own One UI beta program for the Galaxy S22 series based on Android 13. Followed by Galaxy S21 series, GalaxyS20 series, and most recently the Note 20 series devices.

Samsung has an active One UI beta program available for the Galaxy S22 series, sitting at Beta 4. Beta 3 for the Galaxy S21 series is taking it one step closer to a stable release.

Today marks the beginning of Android 13 Beta for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

Samsung Community (USA) Beta Moderator just posted – “One UI 5.0 Beta Open to Unlocked Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Ultra Customers

One UI 5.0 Beta for Unlocked Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra
One UI 5.0 Beta for Unlocked Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra

Earlier this month, Samsung rolled out One UI 5 beta for the Galaxy S20 series in some regions including North America (USA), EU, the UK, and Asia including India.

If you wish to try Android 13 with One UI 5.0, you can join the One UI beta program by tapping on the banner for it in the Samsung Members app. But keep in mind that only unlocked Galaxy Note 20 devices are eligible as of now in the United States.

One UI 5 Beta OTA  obtain for Galaxy S22 Ultra
One UI 5 Beta OTA update for Galaxy S22 Ultra

One UI 5 features and changelog

Samsung is always late to the update game. As One UI firmware is quite feature-heavy and has tons of apps, it takes a lot of effort to migrate to a new operating system such as the latest Android 13-based One UI 5.0.

Checkout all the One UI 5 features from the Samsung Developer Conference: (start at 1:52:50)

Many stock Samsung apps including the popular Good Lock plugins, Samsung Good Guardians, and Expert Raw are being updated in support of Android 13.

One UI 5 Complete Changelog

One UI 5 Upgrade (Android 13)

One UI 5 provides a variety of functions that are personalized only for you, and helps you handle different tasks with ease.

My Galaxy, whatever I want

Color palette with more options

Find the color that’s right for you from the color palette. 

You can choose from a total of 16 color themes and general color themes based on the wallpaper.

Stack the home screen widgets together and swipe left or right to check them 

Stack multiple widgets such as weather and clock into one and swipe left and right to check them. 

You can create a stack by dragging and dropping widgets on top of other widgets, and by sliding the widget on the stack left or right, you can easily check the information of the widget you have specified, such as weather and time.

Simplified caller identification

By setting the desired call background for each contact, you can check who the caller is at a glance when a call comes in.

Deciding whether to receive notifications from the beginning

When you launch an app for the first time, you can decide whether to receive notifications or not, so you can only receive notifications from apps you allow.

Easily block annoying app notifications

The app notification controls have been revamped to appear at the top of the notification settings, making it easy to block when there are too many app notifications.

Choose which types of app notifications you want to receive

From pop-up notifications to app icon badges to lock screen notifications, you can choose to receive only the types of notifications you want, or no notifications at all, in a separate control menu.

Reminders due to be completed today at a glance

You can easily check the reminders scheduled to be completed today in the newly added ‘Today’ category. Reminders due to be completed today are also displayed at the top of the main screen of the Reminders app.

Show and hide completed reminders

You can show or hide completed reminders in any category. 

Show completion reminders when you want to see tasks completed today, and hide completion reminders when you want to focus on a must-do.

Customize the reminder view screen as you like

You can choose the reminder view screen to suit you. Show more reminders without detail information, or reduce the number of reminders and display the completion date, repeat condition, etc. together.

Set the language differently for each app

Added option to settings to specify different languages ​​for each app.

Edit wallpaper collection for lock screen

You can select an image to use as your lock screen wallpaper and add or delete it whenever you want.

Customize the function key and punctuation key next to the space bar on your Samsung keyboard

You can choose whether to display function keys and punctuation keys next to the spacebar.

Improved sound and vibration settings

The menu has been improved to make it easier to find the sound and vibration options you want. 

From selecting a ringtone to adjusting the volume and vibration intensity, you can easily set it all in one place.

Make my Galaxy more productive

Extract images or text from the screen 

You can extract text using Samsung keyboard, internet, gallery app, or extract text from screenshot. 

Easily extract and paste text into messages, emails, or documents without having to type in text.

Get useful feature recommendations based on the text content of the image

You can recommend useful features related to text content in apps such as Gallery and Camera.

When you select a phone number or website address from the image, you’ll see a button where you can make a call or a link to the website.

Work more easily with connected devices

If you select the Connected Device menu in Settings, you can run functions that are used in connection with other devices, such as Quick Share, Smart View, and Samsung DeX, more easily and quickly.

Easily switch between split screen and pop-up screen by swiping the screen

Switch to split screen by swiping with two fingers on the bottom or both sides of the full screen, 

You can switch to a pop-up screen by swiping one corner from the top of the full screen to the center with one finger. 

Drag the window to the top of the screen to switch the pop-up screen to full screen, or to the center of the screen to minimize the pop-up screen. 

This feature can be turned on or off in settings.

Quickly open split screen from accurate apps screen

From the accurate Apps screen, you can open an app directly by dragging it above or below the desired screen. 

If you hold your phone horizontally, drag the app to the side.

Use multiple timers at the same time

Even if you have a running timer, you can run additional new timers in the Clock app.

Easily manage the permissions of invitees to your calendar events

When you add an event to your Google Calendar, you can grant permission to see who has been invited or invite others.

Samsung DeX taskbar enhancements

A search button has been added to the taskbar to make finding apps easier, and you can right-click an app to quickly see what it’s doing. You can also choose which apps and buttons to display on the taskbar.

Added DeX notification icon

After opening the notification window, a red dot is displayed on the taskbar notification button so that you can be notified as soon as a new notification arrives.

Show mini-calendar in DeX taskbar

When you click a date in the taskbar, a mini-calendar is displayed, making it easy to check future events without opening the calendar app.

Supports Samsung keyboard functions even on external keyboards

Even when an external keyboard is connected, you can use Samsung keyboard functions such as emoji input and text editing.

More powerful search for my files

Choose whether to search all files or just the current folder. You can search only the file name, or you can also search for information within a file, such as specific words or location information of an image in a document. 

Once your search is complete, sort the results by name, date, size, or file type for easy viewing.

Improving digital wellness design

The design of Digital Wellbeing has been improved to make it easier to use functions such as usage time and app timer, and Sleep mode and Focus mode have been moved to the Bixby routine for more convenient use.

Bixby routines automate more

Move sleep mode to Bixby routine

You can manage your sleep mode from your Bixby routine rather than from the clock app, and you can automate a variety of actions, such as turning on Do Not Disturb when it’s time to go to bed or changing other phone settings.

Specify which mode to run according to your activity

You can choose which mode to launch according to your activity, whether at work, exercising or studying.

Turn on Do Not Disturb while studying and play music while working out.

Finding routines made easier

The design has been simplified to make it easier to find useful routines.

Quickly see running routines

Running routines are displayed at the top of the Bixby Routines screen, making it easy to identify and modify which actions are running.

Add routine actions and conditions

When using Airplane mode, you can turn on the sub menu and automatically start a routine of balancing the left and right sounds.

Added new emoji that can be combined into multiple emojis

80 new emojis that can be combined into multiple emojis have been added to the Samsung keyboard.

From unique facial expressions to cute animals, delicious food, and cute props, choose your favorite emoji, combine them with multi-emoji, and express your heart and emotions sensibly.

Added new AR Emoji Stickers

Download new stickers and express your mood and emotions with your favorite stickers.

A more enriched AR Emoji basic sticker

You can choose from a total of 15 default stickers when creating a new AR Emoji. 

Create AR emojis that express your personality with a variety of basic stickers.

Make the background of AR emoji stickers transparent

You can create stickers with transparent backgrounds to better match your photos or social media posts.

Use two AR emojis simultaneously in a video

Decorate your videos with 2 AR Emojis and share them with friends, set them as call backgrounds, or display them on your lock screen. 

Various dances and poses can be selected and combined as templates.

Use your favorite photo as an emoji background

Choose Scene Mode or Mask Mode to use any photo from your gallery as an emoji background.

Add stickers to Google Calendar

To keep important events at a glance, consider adding stickers when adding events to your Google Calendar. 

Stickers you add to events appear in both calendar view and list view.

Create a sticker with any photo you want

Make your own stickers from your gallery photos. 

From the Deco menu, you can select items for the sticker and add various deco and outlines.

Add built-in stickers to the photo editor

Have fun decorating your photos with 60 new basic stickers.

Provides various GIF editing functions

You can crop the animated GIF to any size or shape you want, and you can decorate your GIF more freely by using the same decor options for regular images as GIFs.

Samsung keyboard emoji, sticker buttons to your liking

You can rearrange emojis, stickers, etc. in the order you want by long-pressing the button on the Samsung keyboard.

Enter special character emoticons directly from the keyboard

Make conversations more interesting with cute special character emoticons combined with keyboard characters like (^.^).

photos and videos

Added help icon to pro mode

Added help icon to pro mode

A help icon has been added to the Pro/Pro video mode so you can always get tips and how-tos related to the various lenses, options and controls.

Support histogram function in pro mode

By checking the brightness distribution of the image with the histogram, you can shoot with the desired exposure value.

Easier one-handed zooming

The spacing of the zoom bar has been reduced to make it easier to zoom the screen even when holding the phone with one hand.

Easily navigate to camera mode

A back button is displayed when using the mode in the More menu, so you can change to photo mode at any time.

Add watermark to photos

Try adding a watermark to the corners every time you take a photo. 

You can display the shooting date and time, phone model information, and information specified by you on the watermark.

Telephoto lens support in food mode

When taking pictures in food mode, you can take close-ups with a telephoto lens.

A new story

Enjoy more immersive storytelling from your gallery with the new slideshow view.

Photos and videos in the story can be moved by swiping the screen with your finger or tapping on either end.

Easier filter selection

All filters are consolidated into one list so that you can easily find the filters you want in the camera, photo and video editors.

Faster Bixby

Even when you’re not connected to a mobile network, on-device mode lets you do a variety of tasks on your phone.

“Receive calls and control alarms and timers without Hi Bixby

You can answer a call or turn off the alarm or timer without saying “Hi Bixby” when an incoming call or alarm or timer goes off. Just say “Answer the phone” or “Turn off the alarm” to Bixby.

Safer for peace of mind

Check your phone’s security status at a glance

A security dashboard has been added to Settings, making it easy to view and fix security issues.

Get help in case of an emergency

In case of an emergency, if your phone is in your pocket or you are unable to speak, you can call emergency services by pressing the side button 5 times quickly.

Create an emergency contact list and use it on your phone and watch

You can create a list of people to contact in case of an emergency and use it in common on your phone and watch.

Notification when sharing images with personal information

When you share an image that contains sensitive information, such as a credit card, ID, or passport, you’ll see a notification in the Share panel. Prevent accidental leakage of valuable personal information in advance.

Easily check website security status

The security status of the site being used is displayed as an icon in the address bar of the Samsung Internet browser, and by clicking the icon, you can see what information the site collects and tracks.

Add accessibility feature to quick settings window

High-contrast text, color inversion, color adjustment, and color filter functions can be added to the quick setting window and selected easily.

Use your phone like a magnifying glass

Turn on the magnifier shortcut in the accessibility settings to use the magnifier function conveniently. The Magnifier feature allows you to greatly enlarge text or objects that are difficult to see with your phone’s camera.

Offers a wider range of voice assistants

When it is difficult to see the screen, you can get help from various voice feedback. Check what letters are typed on the keyboard by voice, or listen to what’s around you through Bixby Vision.

You can also hear what’s playing in the video (supported videos only).

Braille enhancements

TalkBack has been improved so that you can use Braille without installing a separate app. 

Braille is supported by most phone features, including the phone initial setup process (English, Spanish, Arabic, Polish).


Easily edit accessibility buttons

You can easily change the functions triggered by the accessibility buttons. To change the function, press and hold the accessibility button.

Added new edge behavior

When you move the mouse to a corner, you can click to select, drag, drag and drop, move to the top, and move to the bottom.

Additional changes

Notification design improvements

The app icon has been enlarged so that you can see at a glance which app sent the notification, and the text alignment options have been improved to make the content of the notification easier to read.

Answer difficult-to-answer calls by text

When you get a call when you’re busy, automatically answer what’s going on. If it is difficult to answer the call, the answer I typed or selected is read for you.

Drag and drop bookmarks into folders

You can drag and drop Samsung Internet Bookmarks into the folder. Manage your bookmarks simply and neatly.

Play sound on PC with Windows Connect function

When using the phone app on a PC, you can select the button on the title bar of the app to set whether to play the app sound on your phone or PC.

Add battery life information to device care

We’ve added battery life information to Device Care so you can check your battery life at any time, and you’ll be notified when your battery life runs out so you can replace it.

Add RAM Plus option

When you don’t need RAM Plus or want to limit storage usage, you can turn it off right from Device Care.

Show app name in Apps edge panel

If you turn on the Show app name option, the name will be displayed under the app icon.

Galaxy theme

Some obtain themes may not be compatible with Android 13 version. If the theme is not compatible, the phone default theme will be applied after upgrading.

How to sign up for One UI 5 Beta on Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra?

In order to register for the One UI 5.0 beta program, the Samsung Members app is a must. You will get a notice about the One UI beta program inside the Samsung Members app. Of course, this goes without saying, Galaxy Note 20 device is a must.

  • Download the latest Samsung members app update from Play Store. Or download a standalone APK.
  • Launch the app.
  • Head over to the notice section and you should see a new One UI Beta Program link.
  • Once you enroll into the beta program, head over to settings > system updates > obtain OTA updates.
how to apply for samsung's one ui 4.0 beta program
Samsung One UI 4 Beta Program Registration Process

Alternatively, you can directly go to the obtain links below and skip the Samsung Members part!

Join AndroidSage Telegram Channel

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Killexams : I’m a food pro, I’ve come up with the perfect recipe to use up bagels in the air fryer – they make such a tasty snack

HAVE you ever looked in your cupboard and spotted a leftover bagel that needs to be used up? 

A foodie has shared their recipe to make the most of the bakery product and transform it into a tasty snack – and it’s all done in the trusty air fryer. 

In just five minutes you can make a tasty snack out of a leftover bagel


In just five minutes you can make a tasty snack out of a leftover bagelCredit: tiktok/@thisisplanetfood
The snacks can be made to be sweet or savoury


The snacks can be made to be sweet or savouryCredit: tiktok/@thisisplanetfood

TikTok user Planet Food, who can be found at @thisisplanetfood, uploaded a video showing how to make bagel bites in three simple steps.

The foodie account said all you have to do is take the bagel and slice it evenly into ‘chips’.

Then, add the chopped bagel into a mixing bowl and add a generous splash of oil.

Next, mix together with one teaspoon each of garlic granules, smoked paprika, black pepper, salt and oregano. 

Once the mixture has evenly coated the bagel ‘chips’, it’s time to pop them into an air fryer at 170 degrees for five minutes. 

In no time at all, you’ll have crunchy, delicious bagel bites that can be served on their own or with a dip.

Planet Food decided to dish theirs up with a garlic dip for a moreish savoury snack.

But if you have more of a sweet tooth, they also offered up another alternative. 

The process begins in exactly the same way with the sliced bagel, but once it is ready to be seasoned, you add different ingredients. 

The ‘chips’ are combined with a mixture of melted butter and brown sugar cinnamon.

Once again, they should be placed in the air fryer for the same time and at the same temperature. 

After they are ready, the sweet bagel bites can be served with a side pot of Nutella. 

The recipe is so simple and only involves seasoning


The recipe is so simple and only involves seasoningCredit: tiktok/@thisisplanetfood
Then they are placed in the air fryer and ready in no time at all


Then they are placed in the air fryer and ready in no time at allCredit: tiktok/@thisisplanetfood
Sun, 02 Oct 2022 02:05:00 -0500 en-gb text/html

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Oct 11, 2022 (PRNewswire via COMTEX) -- PR Newswire

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2022

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The 7th Annual Taste of the Rams raised more than $170,000 to help food-insecure families, which is enough funding for the Food Bank to distribute roughly 680,000 meals throughout Los Angeles County. Proceeds from this sold-out event will make a major difference in the fight against hunger.

This year's sponsors included longtime Food Bank supporters, Don Lee Farms and Bank of America, and the event took place at SoFi Stadium, the home of Super Bowl LVI and the Los Angeles Rams, for the first time.

The Food Bank teamed up again with returning Honorary Chair, Offensive Player of the Year, and Super Bowl LVI MVP Cooper Kupp. Kupp has been this event's Honorary Chair for the past three years, championing the food-insecure alongside the Food Bank and many other Rams players, cheerleaders, and mascot, Rampage.

"I've been able to be a part of this for the last three years and it's great to be able to support organizations like the LA Regional Food Bank and their efforts to combat food insecurity in our city," said Cooper Kupp. "It's not just a problem in Los Angeles, it's an issue that's nationwide and worldwide. Any way we can play a role in raising awareness of these needs and increasing the reach of our local food banks is important to me and the Rams organization. To have our fans and my teammates come out to support this effort is a really cool thing."

The community's involvement is integral to the work of the Food Bank and the Food Bank's partner agency network of more than 600 LA County non-profits. The Food Bank and community partners work yearlong to alleviate hunger for the estimated two million people who are in need of food or nutrition assistance.

Taste of the Rams attendees were guided through the evening's lineup by Andrew Siciliano of the NFL Network. Siciliano reprised his role of hosting this event as he has done in the past. Guests enjoyed delicious food from an array of top LA Chefs, including longtime partners Steve Samson of Rossoblu and Superfine Pizza, Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken of Border Grill Modern Mexican and Josiah Citrin of Charcoal.

"The LA Regional Food Bank is proud to be part of such a generous, supportive community, whose participation at events like Taste of the Rams helps make the work of the Food Bank possible," said Michael Flood, President and CEO of the LA Regional Food Bank. "The Food Bank is incredibly thankful to the Los Angeles Rams, Cooper Kupp, Andrew Siciliano, all of our amazing chefs, and our presenting sponsors, Don Lee Farms and Bank of America, for helping make this year's Taste of the Rams such a success."

Through donors, volunteers, and community events such as Taste of the Rams, the Food Bank and community partners can continually reach about 800,000 food-insecure families each month. To learn how to get involved, please visit

About the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has been mobilizing resources to fight hunger in Los Angeles County since 1973. To support the Food Bank's vision that no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County, food and grocery products are distributed through a network of 600+ partner agencies and through Food Bank programs serving 800,000 people monthly. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Bank tripled the number of people reached every month. The Food Bank is a 4-star rated charity by Charity Navigator. For more information, visit

About the Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams - Los Angeles' original professional sports team - stand as one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League and since its founding in 1937, have garnered three World Championships and sent 30 of its members to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. As a professional sports team, the organization is committed to be a valuable civic partner and serving the greater Los Angeles area 365 days a year. The Rams play their home games at SoFi Stadium, which is located at Hollywood Park, a 298-acre sports and entertainment destination being developed by Los Angeles Rams Owner/Chairman E. Stanley Kroenke in Inglewood, CA.

The Rams organization recognizes its unique ability to raise awareness and funds for causes and issues relevant to fans and community members. The entire organization is committed to serving as a valuable community partner and benefiting the Los Angeles region 365 days a year while providing substantial resources to support education and mentoring, health and wellness, and help address issues tied to poverty such as food insecurity and homelessness. Since the team moved back home to Los Angeles in 2016, the Rams have provided more than 9,300 hours of community service and benefitted 192 schools and 153 different non-profit organizations through their community outreach programs.

For more information visit and follow the Rams' social media channels.

Contact: David May
Director of Marketing and Communications
Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
323-234-3030 x 134

View original content to obtain multimedia:

SOURCE Los Angeles Regional Food Bank


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Copyright (C) 2022 PR Newswire. All rights reserved

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Killexams : Microwave Heating Food Market to Observe Exponential Growth By 2022 to 2028 -McCain Foods, Kraft Heinz, Pinnacle Food

The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content.

Oct 10, 2022 (Heraldkeepers) -- New Jersey, United States– The Microwave Heating Food Market report comprises an in-depth study of the potential segments including product type, application, and end-user, and their contribution to the overall market size. The report provides an accurate and professional study of The complex analysis of opportunities, growth factors, and future forecasts presented in simple and easy-to-understand formats. The report covers the market by developing technology dynamics, financial position, growth strategy, and product portfolio during the forecast period.

The Microwave Heating Food Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period 2022-2028.

Download Free sample Microwave Heating Food Market report

Top key players: McCain Foods, Kraft Heinz, Pinnacle Food, Nestle, Kellogg, Ajinomoto Windsor, General Mills, ConAgra Foods, Unilever, Campbell Soup, Beech-Nut Nutrition, Bellisio Foods & Others.

The Microwave Heating Food Market report covers the different market scenarios that have a direct impact on the growth of the market. The report is structured with the meticulous efforts of an innovative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and experienced team of analysts, researchers, industry experts, and forecasters. The report includes the SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, predictive analysis, real-time analysis, revenue share, market size, the competitive market scene, market opportunities, and key strategies such as partnership, collaboration, mergers, and acquisitions that have been taken by key players to Excellerate their market position and strengthen their presence in the world market.

Global Microwave Heating Food Market Split by Product Type and Applications

This report segments the Microwave Heating Food Market on the basis of Types:
Chilled Food, Frozen Food

On the basis of Application, the Microwave Heating Food Market is segmented into:
Retail, Online Sale

Based on region, the global Microwave Heating Food Market is analyzed across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. The market across the North America region accounted for the highest market share, with nearly one-third of the global market in 2022. The region, furthermore, is anticipated to maintain its lead share by 2028.

Obtain Premium Research Report Details, Considering the impact of COVID-19 @

In a short time, the COVID-19 outbreak has affected markets and customer behaviors and substantially impacted economies and societies. Healthcare, telecommunication, media and entertainment, utilities, and government verticals function day and night to stabilize conditions and facilitate prerequisite services to every individual. The sector, in particular, is playing a vital role across the globe to support the infrastructure of countries amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microwave Heating Food Market is split by Type and by Application. For the period 2017-2028, the growth among segments provide accurate calculations and forecasts for revenue by Type and by Application. This analysis can help you expand your business by targeting qualified niche markets.

The years examined in this study are the following to estimate the Microwave Heating Food Market size:

History Year: 2015-2019
Base Year: 2021
Estimated Year: 2022
Forecast Year: 2022 to 2028

Reasons Why You Should Buy This Report:

1.To gain an in-depth understanding of Microwave Heating Food Market
2.To obtain research-based business decisions and add weight to presentations and marketing strategies
3.To gain competitive knowledge of leading market players
4.It gives pin point investigation of changing rivalry elements and keeps you in front of contenders.
5.It helps in settling on educated business choices by having total bits of knowledge of market and by making inside and out investigation of market sections.

If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will offer you the report as you want.

You can get some information about this research here

Table of Contents:

1 Microwave Heating Food Market Overview
2 Company Profiles
3 Microwave Heating Food Market Competition, by Players
4 Microwave Heating Food Market Size Segment by Type
5 Microwave Heating Food Market Size Segment by Application
6 North America by Country, by Type, and by Application
7 Europe by Country, by Type, and by Application
8 Asia-Pacific by Region, by Type, and by Application
9 South America by Country, by Type, and by Application
10 Middle East & Africa by Country, by Type, and by Application
11 Research Findings and Conclusion
12 Appendix…

What is the measurable studying's time span?
What is the Microwave Heating Food Market's advancement rate?
Which market region is experiencing the fastest turn of events?
Which market locale has the most significant deal?

Contact Us:
Amit Jain
Sales Co-Ordinator
International: +1 518 300 3575

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Killexams : I’m a money saving pro & have a failsafe £1 ingredient to level up my fakeaways

A MONEY saving pro has shared her number one top tip on how to elevate all your fakeaway meals.

Social media star Duchess of Thrift revealed she swears by a £1 secret ingredient that should become everyone’s “store cupboard essential”. 

The Duchess of Thrift said she relies on one ingredient


The Duchess of Thrift said she relies on one ingredientCredit: tiktok

Duchess of Thrift, who can be found on TikTok at @duchessofthrift, told her followers: “This is the £1 thing I would not be without in my kitchen”

She then held up a packet of curry sauce mix, which is available from supermarkets and shops like B&M.

She continued: “It’s the Mayflower curry sauce mix. It’s £1 and you get it from B&M, The Range, Farm Foods, places like that.”

The Duchess of Thrift then continued to say how it has been a total game changer when it comes to making her twist on her favourite takeaways. 

She went on to say: “I don’t use it as a traditional curry sauce.

“I add it to rice and to rice noodles to make Singapore fried rice and noodles.

“It’s a favourite in our house and if you want to save money and don’t want to buy takeaway, for pennies you can make a really, really convincing Chinese flavoured food.”

The social media user then continued to sing the simple food product’s praises, as she said it’s something she uses all the time. 

She added: “This is the one thing that we’re never, ever without and it’s an absolute bargain.”

And it seems the Duchess of Thrift – who says it’s much better than “the stuff in jars”  isn’t the only savvy shopper who has come to rely on the hidden gem.

Others said they regularly use it to Excellerate their dishes too. One wrote: “I agree, I buy it every time I’m in B&M.

A second said: “Always in my cupboard.” As a third added: “Love it. Always have it in.”

The social media star said that it makes her dishes taste amazing


The social media star said that it makes her dishes taste amazingCredit: tiktok
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Killexams : Best food processor 2022: tremendous kitchen tools for chopping, slicing, shredding and more

The best food processors will save you incredible amounts of time, and really level up your presentation too. They love to take on the food prep that's often a pain, so instead of spending ages chopping, grinding, slicing and shredding you can get your food processor to do it all in a fraction of the time. That means food processors are ideal for every kind of cooking, whether it's making salsa, salads and smoothies or preparing cheese and chocolate, cucumber or heavy cream, pesto or potato chips. 

No two food processors are identical but at heart they all have the same mission: to chop and/or mix ingredients by using one or more spinning blades. Many food processors have multiple blade options for different tasks, and many models can also whisk or emulsify, knead dough or shred veggies for utterly effortless slaws and salads.