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Exam Code: MB-220 Practice test 2022 by team
MB-220 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Candidates for this test are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement functional consultants with marketing expertise. Candidates are responsible for implementing solutions that attract and convert leads, build brand awareness, standardize omnichannel messaging, and deliver marketing insights.

Candidates are responsible for configuring and expanding the core marketing application to include email marketing, setup, interactive customer journeys, leads nurturing with personalized experiences, LinkedIn integration, Events, Voice of the Customer, Landing Pages, segmentation and scoring, and maintaining General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) compliance.

Candidates should have some knowledge of marketing principles and the Marketing application's role in relationship to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of applications, including integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 applications. Candidates should understand industry terminology, priorities, common initiatives, standards, methodologies, and best practices.

- Configure marketing applications (5-10%)
- Manage segments and lists (10-15%)
- Create and manage marketing forms and pages (10-15%)
- Manage leads (10-15%)
- Create and manage marketing emails (10-15%)
- Manage customer journeys (15-20%)
- Manage events and webinars (10-15%)
- Configure and analyze customer responses (10-15%)

Course Outline | Syllabus | test Objectives
Configure marketing applications (5-10%)
Configure marketing settings
 verify organization and business management settings
 define default matching strategies
 configure quota limits
 configure event settings
 configure Customer Insights synchronization
 manage keywords for images for an organization
 create templates
 configure the privacy banner
 configure settings for landing pages
 configure data protection tools
 configure Campaign & Materials Approval Workflow
 configure Marketing Business Units

Manage segments and lists (10-15%)
Create and manage segments
 determine segment type
 create market segments
 configure dynamic segments using Designer, Flow, or Query
 combine segments using union, exclude, or intersect logic
Create and manage subscription centers and lists
 determine usage scenarios for subscription lists
 create a subscription list
 add a subscription list or lists to a form
 create a segment based on a subscription list
 create and manage Subscription Center
Create and manage marketing forms and pages (10-15%)
Create marketing forms
 determine which marketing form type to use
 determine form requirements and limitations
 create a marketing form using a template
 enable prefilling for forms
 embed a form on an external website
 create new fields to add to marketing forms
Create and manage marketing pages
 determine which marketing page type to use
 create a marketing page using a template
 add form blocks to marketing pages
 customize a marketing page
 create and use dynamic test links
 implement dedicated marketing page blocks
 preview and validate marketing pages
 publish a marketing page
 configure Personalized Landing Pages

Manage leads (10-15%)
Create and manage leads
 create leads manually or automatically
 synchronize leads from LinkedIn by using the LinkedIn connector
 create and manage leads and lead segments through parent contacts/accounts
 create and manage leads through social content
Create and assess sales readiness
 create and manage Lead Scoring Models
 create explicit and implicit scoring conditions
 create compound conditions
 set up condition models
 configure thresholds

Create and manage marketing emails (10-15%)
Create email messages
 create an email message
 define mandatory fields
 add dynamic content to email messages
 integrate marketing pages with marketing emails
 create A/B Emails
Publish and manage email messages
 preview and test messages
 validate and publish messages
 edit Go live emails

Manage customer journeys (15-20%)
Create customer journeys
 determine template types
 implement content types
 set up a customer journey
 implement activity and launch workflow options
 implement targets
 implement flow control for customer journeys
Publish and manage customer journeys
 validate and publish a customer journey
 edit live customer journeys

Manage events and webinars (10-15%)
Create and manage events
 create an event team
 set up agendas, including internal and external tracks
 manage speakers, registration, waitlists, and attendees
 manage vendors, logistics, and accommodations
Create and manage webinars
 determine webinar types
 configure webinar options

Configure and analyze customer responses (10-15%)
Create and manage surveys and survey responses
 identify survey question types
 determine respondent types
 configure response routing
 preview and test surveys
 publish surveys for customer journeys
 implement workflow conditional logic for survey actions
Manage Customer Insights
 determine report types
 analyze contact insights
 analyze lead insights
 analyze segment insights
 analyze customer journey insights
 analyze email insights
 analyze lead scoring model insights
 analyze marketing page insights
 analyze marketing form insights
 analyze website insights
 analyze redirect URL insights
 gather and summarize survey results

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Microsoft Microsoft test format
Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft test format - BingNews Search results Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft test format - BingNews Killexams : How to format Text in Microsoft Forms

In Microsoft Form, you can add bold, italic, underline, color, size, numbers, and bullets to your text using the formatting feature offered by Microsoft Forms to make your text bigger, colorful, and organize.

Can you bold text on Microsoft Forms?

Yes, you can bold your text in Microsoft Forms, and it is very easy. Microsoft offers tools to format your text in your forms such as bold, italic, underline, color, font size, numbers, and bullets. In this tutorial, we will explain the process of formatting the text in your form.

How do I change font size in Forms?

Microsoft Form offers a few font sizes to change the size of your text, such as large, medium, and small, so the users can change the font size of the text in their forms to the font size they want.

To format text in Microsoft Forms, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the form you want to edit in Microsoft Forms
  2. Double-tap or highlight the text in the form.
  3. Select either bold, italic, underline, color, size, numbers, or bullets to your text.
  4. See the result

Open the form you want to format in Microsoft Forms.

On the form, Double-tap the text in the form or highlight the text.

You will see some formatting tools pop up.

To bold the text, click the Bold button (B) or press Ctrl + B on the keyboard.

To add italic to the text, click the Italic button (I) or press Ctrl + I on the keyboard.

To add an underline under the text, click the Underline button (U) or press Ctrl + U on the keyboard.

How to format text in Microsoft Forms

To add colors to the text, click the Font Color button and choose the color you want.

To add a font size to the text, click the Font Size button and select the font size you want, such as Large, Medium, and Small.

To add numbers to the text, click the Numbering button.

To add bullets to the text, click the Bullet button.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to format text in Microsoft Form.

Sat, 25 Jun 2022 12:14:00 -0500 en-us text/html
Killexams : Windows 10 will continue until 2025, Microsoft confirms again

Though Microsoft released the new Windows 11 2022 Update to consumers today, there’s no obligation to upgrade. Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 through October 2025, company executives said.

“We remain committed to Windows 10 and will continue to service Windows 10 through October of 2025,” said John Cable, vice president of program management for Microsoft’s Windows Servicing and Delivery, in a briefing with reporters.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 2022 Update (previously code-named ‘Windows 11 2H22″) is a collection of new features that address many things that many people don’t use regularly, including accessibility features, as our Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2) review concludes. PCs running Windows 10 and Windows 11 are eligible to upgrade to Microsoft’s new feature update for free.

If you don’t want to upgrade, don’t worry. Windows 11 is improving, but Windows 10 is an excellent operating system, which makes it difficult to recommend a move. (We offer three reasons to upgrade to Windows 11, and three more to stand pat.) Microsoft also hasn’t set an end date for when the free Windows 11 upgrade will expire, Aaron Woodman, Microsoft’s vice president in charge of Windows, said during the briefing.

Technically, the fact that Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until 2025 isn’t anything new, as Microsoft has been saying this since June 2021. Still, Microsoft said then that Windows 10 would be retired on Oct. 14, 2025 — even though the original lifespan called for it to end support in 2017. What we’ve learned is that Microsoft is holding fast to that 2025 deadline.

All this means is that is while Microsoft is encouraging you to move to Windows 11, there’s no obligation to right now. Microsoft isn’t pulling the rug out from anyone — though it’s going to be releasing new Windows 11 features on an accelerated timeframe.

Why? Because in April, Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella told analysts that Windows was the “socket” for subscriptions: to Microsoft 365, Windows 365, Azure, Game Pass Ultimate and the like. As long as you’re allocating a portion of your paycheck to a recurring subscription, Microsoft’s happy.

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 21:59:00 -0500 Author: Mark Hachman en text/html
Killexams : Microsoft updates Windows 11

Claims that it makes it easier and safer to use 

Software King of the World Microsoft is roling out its first major update to Windows 11, the current version of its PC operating system.

Vole claims that the update is aimed at making PCs easier and safer to use and Excellerate productivity. This includes things like a better search and updates to the Start menu, faster and more accurate search, Quick Settings, improved local and current events coverage in your Widgets board, and tabs in File Explorer. There are also enhancements to Snap layouts, the new Focus feature, and performance and battery optimisations.

Vole claims that Snap layouts on Windows 11 were a game changer for multitasking, helping people optimise their view when they need to have multiple apps or documents in front of them at the same time.

"With the new update, we're making Snap layouts more versatile with better touch navigation and the ability to snap multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge. We're introducing Focus sessions and Do Not Disturb to help you minimize distractions that pull you away from the task at hand," Microsoft said.

This update will deliver performance optimisations to Excellerate latency and unlock features like Auto HDR and Variable Refresh Rate on windowed games. And with Game Pass built right into Windows 11 through the Xbox app, players can access PC games.

Vole has also redesigned the Microsoft Store on Windows to be more open and easier-to-use and will be working closely with Amazon to expand the Amazon Appstore Preview to international markets. This will bring 20,000 Android apps and games to Windows 11 devices that meet the feature-specific hardware requirements.

Tue, 20 Sep 2022 22:06:00 -0500 Nick Farrell en-gb text/html
Killexams : Microsoft announces quarterly earnings release date

REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 11, 2022 — Microsoft Corp. will publish fiscal year 2023 first-quarter financial results after the close of the market on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022, on the Microsoft Investor Relations website at A live webcast of the earnings conference call will be made available at 2:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

For more information, financial analysts and investors only:

Investor Relations, Microsoft, (425) 706-4400

For more information, press only:

Microsoft Media Relations, WE Communications, (425) 638-7777, [email protected]

Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication but may since have changed. Shareholder and financial information is available at

Mon, 10 Oct 2022 12:01:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Microsoft Surface event: Here's everything that was announced

Microsoft's fall 2022 Surface event has just wrapped! It was a jam-packed event with three new Surface PCs, a handful of new accessories, and a smattering of new apps and services for Microsoft 365 subscribers. Here's a run-down of all the announcements from the event!

The company says many of the new devices and accessories will begin shipping on October 25 in "select markets," with pre-orders live now.  (opens in new tab)

Surface Pro 9

Surface Pro 9 renders

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Top billing at the event was the new Surface Pro 9, which incorporates both Intel 12th-gen and ARM-based Microsoft SQ3 chips in the same product line. Gone is the Surface Pro X, and in its place is a 5G version of the Surface Pro 9. The Microsoft SQ3 on the inside is based on the Snapdragon 8cx Gen3, and delivers big performance improvements over the Surface Pro X.