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SCP-NPM learning - SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) Updated: 2024

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)
SolarWinds Performance learning

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SCP-NPM SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM)

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Question: 1
Which is not true for Device Studio Poller?
A. Collects data from Orion Failover Engine or Hot Standby Engines
B. Can perform logical operations or transformations on the polled data
C. Polled values are displayed in existing resources
D. Can poll multiple OIDs for a given technology
Answer: A
Question: 2
How does NPM calculate capacity usage trends?
A. Volume capacity
B. Average calculation
C. Capacity forecasting widget
D. Historical data
Answer: D
Question: 3
You can display Palo Alto firewalls on Orion Maps.
A. False
B. True
Answer: B
Question: 4
You inherit an environment with NPM and begin to receive High Traffic Utilization alerts from interfaces. When you
view the alert, the issue is resolved.
How do you modify NPM to receive fewer false alerts?
A. Configure the alert so that it triggers only when traffic utilization remains high for a sustained period
B. Configure the alert so that it resets only when traffic utilization remains high for a sustained period
C. Increase the status polling frequency on the problematic interfaces
D. Increase the statistics polling frequency on the problematic interfaces
Answer: D
Question: 5
You use NPM to monitor a set of physical servers. The server team decides to virtualize these servers using VMware.
Which part of your virtual infrastructure will NPM no longer be able to monitor?
A. Virtualization host hardware health
B. VM sprawl monitoring
C. Virtualization host and VM performance metrics
D. Virtualization environment tree
Answer: B
Question: 6
When a router monitored by NPM reboots, the interface indexes statuses change to unknown in NPM.
What do you do after you remove the unknown interfaces?
A. Update the NPM internal ID numbers
B. Manually update the interface indexes
C. Rum a list of resources on that node and add the interfaces with the updated index IDs
D. Run the Configuration Wizard to update the interface indexes
Answer: C
Question: 7
After you create an NPM report with custom charts for availability and response time metrics, you schedule the report
and add an action to export it. But you cannot export it as an Excel file.
What is the likely reason?
A. You must link the report with a URL in an email action to run live in the web console
B. Excel file formats are not supported
C. The custom charts only support a PDF export
D. You do not have the permissions to export the report
Answer: B
Question: 8
How do you assign users access to select reports?
A. Create the reports while logged in as each user and set permissions
B. Use custom properties and account limitations to control report access
C. Configure the report and add a Report Limitation. Assign the limitation to users who need access to the report
D. Save the reports in different sub-directories and set the permissions for each user
Answer: C
Question: 9
Retention policies require you to keep Syslog messages in the database for 9 days before you can discard them. Syslog
messages from 8 days ago are missing.
What is likely the issue?
A. Database compaction runs weekly
B. Default Syslog retention period is seven days
C. Default Syslog web filter is seven days
D. Detailed records are summarized after seven days
Answer: B
Question: 10
You created a Universal Device Poller (UnDP) but cannot find an OID in the MIB tree.
How do you resolve this issue?
A. Restart the Universal Device Poller
B. Update the MIB database
C. Rediscover the node via Network Sonar Discovery
D. Add the node to NPM for monitoring
Answer: B
language=en_US#:~:text=When%20you%20use%20the%20Universal,can%20type%20it%20in %20directly
Question: 11
Users report that NPM performance is slow when managing devices through the Orion Web Console. You verify the
SNMP trapping is responsible for the poor performance.
How do you resolve this issue?
A. Add the devices as managed nodes to cut down on the trap messages received
B. Point the devices to a trap manager and filter unwanted messages before forwarding remaining traps to the Orion
C. Reduce the number of days SNMP messages are kept in the SolarWinds Trap Viewer
D. Add an Additional Web Server to handle the load of users accessing the NPM Orion Web Console
Answer: B
Question: 12
How can you ensure the trigger actions you set on an alert will work?
A. Use the Database Manager to trigger and test the alert
B. Simulate a performance interruption on a network device to test the alert trigger
C. Click Simulate on the assigned trigger action
D. Test the alert from within Alert View of the Web Console
Answer: B
Question: 13
The Universal Device Poller retrieves management data in which format?
Answer: A
Question: 14
Youre troubleshooting a complex network issue and need to build a comparison of several metrics across multiple
devices and SolarWinds products to identify the problem.
What feature can you use?
A. PerfStack
B. Network Insight
C. NetPath
D. AppStack
Answer: A
Question: 15
You can import device-specific MIBs into the SolarWinds MIB Database, but you cannot import UnDP pollers based
on OIDs from device-specific MIBs.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B
Question: 16
You have two groups of users C one in Sydney and one in Perth.
How do you limit the users within the Orion Platform so they only have access to the devices in their location?
A. Group devices into geographical Orion groups and use single group Account limitations to limit user access
B. Configure Network Atlas to show only devices in their geographical location
C. Use the Orion Service Manager to limit user access to nodes only in their location
D. Configure the Orion Web Console settings to show only devices in the users geographical location
Answer: A
Question: 17
You need to add a new subnet of 500 devices for monitoring.
What is the first step to incorporate these devices into NPM?
A. Collect NetFlow from a core router
B. Perform a Network Discovery
C. Measure network-wide bandwidth consumption
D. Add the nodes using the Add Node feature in Manage Nodes
Answer: B
Question: 18
In which scenario is an agent the best solution?
A. If you cannot allow ICMP polling on your routers
B. If hosts in distributed networks have overlapping IP addresses
C. If the WMI ports are already in use on Linux
D. If Native GLX log file monitoring is required
Answer: D
Question: 19
How can you quickly generate a report in NPM to show the top 50 interfaces by percent utilization?
A. Create a web-based report and filter the data to restrict to the top 50 interfaces
B. Copy a similar default report and edit it for different time-frames
C. Copy a similar default report and edit it for the top 50 interfaces
D. Create an advanced SQL query report
Answer: C
Question: 20
Half of your objects in a nested map are down, but the top level map is up.
What is the cause?
A. You set availability thresholds for devices to above 50%
B. You set availability thresholds for devices to below 50%
C. You set map status thresholds to above 50%
D. You set map status thresholds to below 50%
Answer: D
Question: 21
Which items can you display in Web Console maps?
A. Monitored nodes and network links
B. Quarks, gluons, Leptons, nodes, and network links
C. Interfaces, volumes, and database instances
D. Monitored nodes, interfaces and volumes, SAM applications and components, and network links
Answer: D
Question: 22
Your network includes the headquarters and three remote sites. Users from remote site A complain they do not have
access to the companys accounting server. Users from remote site B and C have access to the accounting server.
How can you find the source of the issue?
A. Use NetPath to see if there are problem areas between remote site A and the headquarters
B. Verify that the accounting servers CPU utilization are not abnormally high
C. Use NetPath to see if there are problem areas between remote site A and remote sites B and C
D. Verify that the accounting servers are up
Answer: A
Question: 23
How many agents does NPM require for Quality of Experience, NetPath, and system monitoring on the same Windows
A. 3
B. 1
C. 5
D. 2
Answer: D
Question: 24
You start a new job where NPM is already in use. As soon as you are added to the alert list, you begin receiving high
traffic utilization alerts from a handful of interfaces.
When you check the alert, the traffic spike has ended. Your new colleagues advise you to ignore these alerts because
the spikes rarely last for more than a couple of minutes and are only a concern if they last longer.
How should NPM be modified so you receive fewer false alerts?
A. Configure the alert so that it triggers only when traffic utilization remains high for a sustained period
B. Configure the alert so that it resets only when traffic utilization remains high fora sustained period
C. Increase the status polling frequency on the problematic interfaces
D. Increase the statistics polling frequency on the problematic interfaces
Answer: A
Question: 25
What is required of your nodes to detect duplex mismatches? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Duplex of both devices must be identified as full or half
B. Ensure corresponding values for each interface are different
C. The nodes must support topology and be interconnected
D. Unify the duplex mode configuration on neighboring interfaces
Answer: A,C

SolarWinds Performance learning - BingNews Search results SolarWinds Performance learning - BingNews SolarWinds predicts key trends and themes that will define enterprise IT in 2024

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI), a leading provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and IT management software, has released its predictions for the IT trends and themes that will dominate in the year ahead. This year, enterprises are likely to further embrace artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation to meet their efficiency, service delivery, and productivity goals.

As digital environments have become more modern and mature with the adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, they’ve also become infinitely more complex to migrate, monitor, and manage. With constrained resources, limited time, and mounting workloads, IT teams have embraced AI-powered automation to provide a critical lift.

“As AI becomes more sophisticated and its application more widespread—from consumer uses like ChatGPT to impactful enterprise implementations like automated service delivery and anomaly detection—it’s no longer the presence of AI that’s notable, but the application of it,” said Jeff Stewart, vice president of global solutions engineering at SolarWinds. “Thanks in large part to impressive strides in the advancement of AI and machine learning this year, enterprises are better equipped than ever to solve, or even avoid, costly hits to their systems, services, or bottom line in 2024.”

For 2024, SolarWinds forecasts these themes—powered and accelerated by AI and machine learning—will shape the enterprise technology landscape:

  • Organizations will embrace Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) to support busy teams. With AIOps, organizations can integrate data from across complex hybrid IT environments and receive the actionable, predictive intelligence they need to optimize performance, resolve issues quickly, and relieve pressure on IT teams. Furthermore, AIOps are paving the way toward autonomous operations, which will require little to no human intervention.
  • IT Service Management (ITSM) will support faster, more successful IT outcomes. On average, research shows that organizations surveyed who adopted AI-powered tools to meet their ITSM needs were able to reduce system downtime by 21% and decrease time spent resolving incident and service requests by 23%. Features such as virtual troubleshooting agents and guided incident resolution will continue to support the workload of IT teams in 2024. In fact, SolarWinds Service Desk customers surveyed reported saving 23 hours per week due to reduced ticket volume—nearly the equivalent of adding an extra employee to their team.

Throughout 2023, SolarWinds retained its position as an industry leader by continually developing modern IT and software solutions that evolve in lockstep with the challenges faced by today’s enterprises as they attempt to compete, scale, and innovate. SolarWinds solutions are rooted in the company’s deep connection with tech professionals. The company engaged directly with customers through THWACK®, its community of over 180,000 users, to develop and test the new AI capabilities and ensure they make it easier for IT pros to do their jobs.

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About SolarWinds 

SolarWinds (NYSE:SWI) is a leading provider of simple, powerful, secure observability and IT management software built to enable customers to accelerate their digital transformation. Our solutions provide organizations worldwide—regardless of type, size, or complexity—with a comprehensive and unified view of today’s modern, distributed, and hybrid network environments. We continuously engage with IT service and operations professionals, DevOps and SecOps professionals, and database administrators (DBAs) to understand the challenges they face in maintaining high-performing and highly available hybrid IT infrastructures, applications, and environments. The insights we gain from them, in places like our THWACK community, allow us to address customers’ needs now and in the future. Our focus on the user and our commitment to excellence in end-to-end hybrid IT management have established SolarWinds as a worldwide leader in solutions for observability, IT service management, application performance, and database management. Learn more today at

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The SolarWinds Hack

SolarWinds Hack

The manual supply chain attack against SolarWinds’ Orion network monitoring platform has sent shockwaves throughout the world, with suspected Russian government hackers gaining access to U.S. government agencies, critical infrastructure entities and private sector organizations.

The injecting of malicious code into Orion between March and June 2020 allowed hackers believed to be with the Russian intelligence service, or APT29, to compromise Microsoft and FireEye, as well as U.S. Departments of Defense, State, Treasury, Homeland Security and Commerce, according to reports from Reuters and others.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) ordered all federal civilian agencies Sunday to power down SolarWinds Orion products until all hacker-controlled accounts and identified persistence mechanisms have been removed. CISA said it has evidence of additional initial access vectors beyond SolarWinds Orion, but noted those other intrusion methods are still being investigated.

Michael Dell: Public Cloud Isn’t More Secure Than On-Premise
‘The things that led to a lot of these attacks are human-induced that can occur in a public cloud, can occur in a private cloud – it can occur anywhere,’ says Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell.

Mimecast Axes SolarWinds Orion For Cisco NetFlow After Hack
Mimecast has decommissioned its SolarWinds Orion software and replaced it with a Cisco NetFlow monitoring system after hackers compromised a Mimecast certificate used for Microsoft authentication.

Microsoft’s Brad Smith Drags AWS, Google Over SolarWinds Response
‘There are other companies that... have not even alerted their customers or others that they were a victim of a SolarWinds-based attack. These are companies where their own infrastructure was used to launch the attack,’ says Microsoft’s Brad Smith.

AWS: SolarWinds Hackers Used Our Elastic Compute Cloud
‘The actors used EC2 just like they would use any server they could buy or use anywhere (on-premises or in the cloud). And, in fact, the actors did use several different service providers in this manner,’ AWS tells CRN.

SolarWinds To Spend Up To $25M On Security Following Attack
SolarWinds says the money will be put toward security initiatives as well as used to cover higher costs around both insurance and professional fees stemming from the massive cyberattack.

Partners: AWS Must Come Clean On Role In SolarWinds Hack
‘I do wonder whether AWS has made a judgment error in not coming out to publicly defend their position in this high-profile case with such far reaching consequences,’ says Karl Robinson of AWS partner Logicata.

10 Boldest Statements From The SolarWinds Senate Hearing
Senators and tech executives discussed how the SolarWinds hackers used AWS’ infrastructure, took advantage of Microsoft’s authentication process, dwelled in FireEye’s systems and remained undetected for months.

U.S. Senators: AWS Infrastructure Used In SolarWinds Attack
‘The operation we’ll be discussing today uses [Amazon’s] infrastructure, [and], at least in part, required it to be successful. Apparently they were too busy to discuss that here with us today,’ says Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

U.S. Plans Russian Sanctions For SolarWinds Breach: Report
The Biden administration plans to classify the SolarWinds campaign as ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘disruptive’ to distinguish it from espionage activities the U.S. conducts against adversaries, The Washington Post reported.

Microsoft On-Premises Warning: Customers Must Protect Their Own Identity Infrastructure
‘We were also reminded of the importance of cloud technology over on-premises software. Cloud technologies like Microsoft 365, Azure and the additional premium layers of services available as part of these solutions Improve a defender’s ability to protect their own environment,’ writes Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of security, compliance and identity, in a blog post.

SolarWinds Hackers Kept Going After Microsoft Until January
The SolarWinds hackers first viewed a file in a Microsoft source repository in November, and were able to download source code for its Azure, Exchange and Intune cloud-based products.

SolarWinds MSP Building New IT Systems Prior To N-able Launch
‘As we look to design the new N-able systems, we‘re going to have the benefit of all that [threat actor] knowledge and these world class experts to help us design this,’ says SolarWinds MSP President John Pagliuca.

SolarWinds MSP Hunts For New Security Chief Following Split
‘Tim [Brown, VP of Security] has been a fantastic advisor to the 25,000 MSPs that we have. So, we’re bummed. But we understand. So, we’re looking to see if we can clone him,’ says SolarWinds MSP President John Pagliuca.

10 Bold Statements From SolarWinds MSP After The Orion Hack
From comments on switching up CEOs and weeks of silence to building new IT systems and giving MSPs free security products, here’s a look at 10 notable remarks made by SolarWinds MSP President John Pagliuca and VP of Security Tim Brown.

SolarWinds Hacked From Inside U.S., 100+ Orgs Compromised
‘As a country, we choose to have both privacy and security. [As a result], the intelligence community largely has no visibility into private sector networks,’ says Anne Neuberger, a top Biden administration cybersecurity official.

Microsoft: No Evidence SolarWinds Was Hacked Via Office 365
‘The wording of the SolarWinds 8K [regulatory] filing was unfortunately ambiguous, leading to erroneous interpretation and speculation, which is not supported by the results of our investigation,’ Microsoft said Thursday.

Alex Stamos Attributes SolarWinds Hack To Russian Intel Service
New SolarWinds consultant Alex Stamos says the Russian foreign intelligence service is responsible for the massive hacking effort, although SolarWinds itself isn’t attributing the attacks to a specific group or nation.

SolarWinds CEO Confirms Office 365 Email ‘Compromise’ Played Role In Broad Based Attack
SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna has Verified suspicious activity in its Office 365 environment, with a company email account compromised and used to access accounts of targeted SolarWinds staff in business and technical roles.

Mimecast To Lay Off 80 Workers Weeks After Disclosing Hack
Mimecast CEO Peter Bauer says cutting 4 percent of its workforce will help the company provide more resources to enterprises while leveraging automation and efficiency for mid-market and SMB customers.

Kevin Mandia: Discovering SolarWinds Hack ‘Validates Our Intelligence and Expertise’
‘This breach got everybody to recognize there‘s a way to compromise some of the most secure organizations on the planet in a surreptitious way, and that alarmed people,’ says FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia.

Chinese Hackers Exploit SolarWinds To Steal Federal Payroll Info: Report
Suspected Chinese hackers took advantage of another SolarWinds Orion vulnerability to spread across networks and break into computers at the National Finance Center and other U.S. agencies, Reuters said.

Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman’s 10 Boldest Remarks From Best Of Breed Virtual Winter 2021
From surging sales and profitability and securing the supply chain to combating complexity and doubling down on detection and response, here’s a look at 10 notable statements made by Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman.

SolarWinds Hack ‘One Of The Most Dramatic’ In Last Decade: Sophos CEO
‘You cannot think about your security only in the context of, ‘How well am I secured?’ You’ve got to go beyond that to say, ‘How well am I secured and how well am I securing everything that I connect to?’’ says Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman.

Fidelis Targeted By SolarWinds Hackers After Installing Orion
Fidelis Cybersecurity was a target of interest to the SolarWinds hackers after downloading an evaluation copy of trojanized SolarWinds Orion network monitoring software in May, the company disclosed Tuesday.

Mimecast Breach Linked To SolarWinds Hack, Allowed Cloud Services Access
Mimecast said Tuesday that its certificate compromise was carried out by the same threat actor behind the SolarWinds attack and provided hackers with access to customers’ on-premises and cloud services.

5 Security Vendors That Have Reported Cyberattacks Since December
Five cybersecurity vendors disclosed in accurate weeks that hackers have attacked their internal systems, compromised their certificates or attempted to access their email accounts. Here’s a rundown of what happened when.

SolarWinds Hackers Access Malwarebytes’ Office 365 Emails
‘Attackers leveraged a dormant email production product within our Office 365 tenant that allowed access to a limited subset of internal company emails,’ Malwarebytes CEO Marcin Kleczynski wrote in a blog post.

SolarWinds Hack Could Cost Cyber Insurance Firms $90 Million
‘Although the SolarWinds attack is a cyber catastrophe from a national security perspective, insurers may have narrowly avoided a catastrophic financial incident to their businesses,’ says BitSight’s Samit Shah.

5 Things To Know About The Mimecast Hack And Stock Drop
From the type of certificate likely compromised to the impact of this hack on Mimecast’s email security rivals to whether the attack is tied to the SolarWinds breach, here are five big things to know about the Mimecast hack.

Hackers Compromise Mimecast Certificate For Microsoft Authentication
The certificate used to authenticate Mimecast’s Sync and Recover, Continuity Monitor and Internal Email Protect (IEP) products to Microsoft 365 has been compromised by a sophisticated threat actor.

Hackers Taunt FireEye’s Kevin Mandia At Home With Postcard: Report
The FBI is investigating a mysterious postcard sent to CEO Kevin Mandia’s home days after FireEye found initial evidence of a hacking operation on federal agencies and private businesses, Reuters reports.

SolarWinds CEO: Attack Was ‘One Of The Most Complex And Sophisticated’ In History
Hackers first accessed SolarWinds in September 2019 and went out of their way to avoid being detected by the company’s software development and build teams, SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna says.

SolarWinds’ New CEO Will Make These 5 Changes Post-Hack
From resetting privileged credentials and re-signing all digital certificates to manually checking source code and rolling out threat hunting software, here are five critical security improvements new SolarWinds CEO Sudhakar Ramakrishna plans to make.

SolarWinds Fights Back With Chris Krebs, Alex Stamos Hires
‘Armed with what we have learned of this attack, we are also reflecting on our own security practices and seeking opportunities to enhance our posture and policies. We have brought in the expertise of Chris Krebs and Alex Stamos to assist in this review,’ SolarWinds tells CRN.

SolarWinds Hackers Compromise Confidential Court Filings
The Russian hackers behind the SolarWinds attack have apparently compromised the federal courts’ electronic case filing system, putting ‘highly sensitive non-public documents’ at great risk.

SolarWinds To Pay Ex-CEO $312K To Assist With Investigations
SolarWinds has agreed to pay former CEO Kevin Thompson $62,500 for each of the next five months as the embattled company faces a likely wave of lawsuits and government probes into its conduct around the hack.

SolarWinds Hackers Got Into U.S. Justice Department’s Emails
‘At this point, the number of potentially accessed Office 365 mailboxes appears limited to around 3 percent, and we have no indication that any classified systems were impacted,’ the Justice Department announces.

Feds: SolarWinds Breach Is Likely Russian Intel Gathering Effort
Nearly ten U.S. government agencies experienced follow-on activity on their systems after being compromised through a malicious SolarWinds Orion update, the Cyber Unified Coordination Group says.

SolarWinds Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Alleging Securities Violations
The first class-action lawsuit brought against SolarWinds following its colossal breach accuses the company of making materially false and misleading statements about its security posture throughout 2020.

SolarWinds Hackers Gain Access To Microsoft’s Source Code
One Microsoft account compromised by suspected Russian hackers had been used to view source code in a number of source code repositories, but none of the code itself was altered, Microsoft disclosed Thursday.

Here Are 24 Reported Victims Of The SolarWinds Hack (So Far)
From tech giants, internet service providers and IT solution providers to federal agencies and county governments, here’s a deeper look at 24 of the publicly identified victims of the colossal SolarWinds hack.

CrowdStrike Fends Off Attack Attempted By SolarWinds Hackers
The suspected Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds attack attempted to hack CrowdStrike through a Microsoft reseller’s Azure account but were ultimately unsuccessful, CrowdStrike says.

Five Solution Providers Breached By SolarWinds Hackers: Researchers
The SolarWinds hackers called for proceeding with the second stage of their attack on Stratus Networks, Digital Sense, ITPS and Netdecisions, and had an unknown response to compromising Deloitte, Truesec says. Digital Sense said it wasn’t impacted by the campaign since the company doesn’t use SolarWinds.

Top Treasury Email Accounts Exposed In SolarWinds Hack: Report
The hackers performed a complex step inside Microsoft Office 365 to create an encrypted “token” that tricked the Treasury’s system into thinking the hackers were legitimate users, The New York Times said.

Microsoft: A 2nd Group May Have Also Breached SolarWinds
A ‘different threat actor’ may be responsible for the malware known as Supernova that has been found installed in SolarWinds Orion.

Kevin Mandia: 50 Firms ‘Genuinely Impacted’ By SolarWinds Attack
FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia acknowledges the SolarWinds hack ‘is an attack very consistent with’ what the Russian foreign intelligence service is known for, but didn’t want to officially blame the campaign on them.

Intel, Nvidia Swept Up In SolarWinds Attack: WSJ
The chipmakers say they are investigating the impact of downloading a software update containing malicious code for SolarWinds Orion — the trigger that has left many SolarWinds customers vulnerable — though there is no evidence of any negative impact.

Unclassified Treasury Systems Hit By SolarWinds Hack: Mnuchin
‘At this point, we do not see any break-in into our classified systems. Our unclassified systems did have some access,’ Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin tells CNBC Monday morning.

Trump Downplays SolarWinds Hack, Pompeo Blames Russia
‘Russia, Russia, Russia is the priority chant when anything happens because Lamestream [Media] is, for mostly financial reasons, petrified of discussing the possibility that it may be China (it may!),’ Trump tweeted.

Cisco Hacked Through SolarWinds As Tech Casualties Mount
Roughly two dozen computers in a Cisco lab were compromised through malicious SolarWinds Orion updates, Bloomberg reported. Cisco says there isn’t currently any known impact to its offers or products.

Datto Offers All MSPs Free Scanner To Find Signs Of FireEye, SolarWinds Hack
‘Now is a time to remain vigilant and take an active role in hardening systems against these, now known, tactics,’ Datto CISO Ryan Weeks writes in a blog post announcing the scanner.

VMware Flaw Used To Hit Choice Targets In SolarWinds Hack: Report
A VMware vulnerability that allowed federated authentication abuse was used by the SolarWinds hackers to attack valuable targets, KrebsOnSecurity said. VMware said it didn’t have any indication of this happening.

SolarWinds Should Have Been More ‘Vigilant’: Palo Alto Networks CEO
‘I am not going to supply them a free pass,’ says Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora. ‘They should have been more vigilant and diligent, but I think this is a very sophisticated, very complex attack. The fact they (the Russians) got in there not only did they do sophisticated things, they also got lucky that this is a piece of software which then went unnoticed for six to nine months, and now it’s embedded in the infrastructure of thousands of customers.’

SolarWinds Hack Compromised 40-plus Microsoft Customers
A decisive plurality – 44 percent – of the Microsoft customers compromised through SolarWinds are actually in the IT sector, and include software and security firms as well as IT services and equipment providers.

Microsoft Breached Via SolarWinds As Scope Of Destruction Widens: Report
Suspected Russian hackers capitalized on Microsoft’s wide use of SolarWinds to infiltrate the software giant, and then used Microsoft’s own products to further their attacks on other victims, Reuters said. Microsoft pushed back on the report.

SolarWinds Deploys CrowdStrike To Secure Systems After Hack
SolarWinds says its breached Orion network monitoring platform now meets the security requirements of U.S. federal and state agencies following the release of a final hotfix Tuesday night.

Feds: SolarWinds Attack ‘Poses a Grave Risk’ To Government, Business
The U.S. government says it has evidence of additional initial access vectors beyond the SolarWinds Orion supply chain compromise, but noted that those other attack methods are still being investigated.

SolarWinds MSP To Revoke Digital Certificates For Tools, Issue New Ones As Breach Fallout Continues
‘I think they’re afraid. They’ve got liability, and they don’t know what to say, so everybody’s told to keep their mouth shut. Instead of being focused on the issue at hand, they’re worried about lawsuits,” SolarWinds MSP partner Rich Delany tells CRN.

SolarWinds Hack ‘One Of The Worst In The Last Decade’: Analyst
‘There are a lot of white knuckles around this attack ... Even though much of it is unknown, right now people are fearing the worst,’ Daniel Ives of Wedbush Securities tells CRN.

Malware Used In SolarWinds Attack Can Now Be Blocked: FireEye
‘Under certain conditions, the malware would terminate itself and prevent further execution... This killswitch will affect new and previous... infections by disabling... deployments that are still beaconing to avsvmcloud[.]com,’ FireEye tells CRN.

Microsoft’s Role In SolarWinds Breach Comes Under Scrutiny
Microsoft has become ensnared in probes surrounding the colossal U.S. government hack, with media reports and company messages focusing on Office 365, Azure Active Directory and a key domain name.

$286M Of SolarWinds Stock Sold Before CEO, Hack Disclosures
Silver Lake and Thoma Bravo said they weren’t aware of the cyberattack at the time of the sale, but didn’t respond to questions about whether they knew Sudhakar Ramakrishna had been selected as SolarWinds’ next CEO.

10 Things To Know About The SolarWinds Breach And Its U.S. Government Impact
From how nation-state hackers evaded detection to why federal agencies were ordered to immediately power down Orion to its impact on the SolarWinds MSP business, here are the most important things to know about the SolarWinds breach.

Homeland Security Latest Breach Victim Of Russian Hackers: Report
A spokesman said the Department of Homeland Security is aware of reports of a breach and is currently investigating the manner. The U.S. Treasury and Commerce Departments were also reportedly hacked.

US Calls On Federal Agencies To Power Down SolarWinds Orion Due To Security Breach
An emergency directive issued by the U.S. government calls on all federal civilian agencies to disconnect or power down SolarWinds Orion IT management tools because they are being used to facilitate an active exploit.

Infected SolarWinds Updates Used To Compromise Multiple Organizations: FireEye
Nation-state hackers gained access to government, consulting, technology and telecom firms around the world through trojanized updates to SolarWinds’ Orion network monitoring tool, according to FireEye .

8 Big Things To Know About The State-Sponsored FireEye Hack
From who’s suspected to be behind the FireEye hack and how they remained hidden, to what FireEye and intelligence officials are doing to minimize the fallout from the attack, here’s a look at what partners need to know.

FireEye Hacked By Nation-State Group Seeking Government Info
‘This attack is different from the tens of thousands of incidents we have responded to throughout the years. The attackers tailored their world-class capabilities specifically to target and attack FireEye,’ says CEO Kevin Mandia.

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Learning Support Learning Support

Being enrolled in Learning Support paired courses is your opportunity to develop a stronger belief in your abilities as well as a greater understanding of the material through additional help, practice, and improvement strategies.

Having a Growth Mindset Matters!

Students who adopt a growth versus a fixed mindset about their academic endeavors:

  • believe they can get better;
  • become active participants in their education;
  • learn from their mistakes;
  • face their challenges;
  • ask for help;
  • engage in practice;
  • evaluate themselves on effort as much as on grades;
  • never quit.

The University System of Georgia Model

Students who have Learning Support requirements in English and/or Math will be enrolled in Corequisite instruction.

Corequisite instruction means that students are in a credit-bearing (college-level) English and/or Math course, plus a required support course – two courses in the same semester. These courses must be taken the student’s first term of enrollment.

Support courses assist students in enhancing their skills by providing additional instruction as well as low-stakes testing opportunities. They are designed to Improve students' understanding and performance in the credit-bearing course. The Support course is students' safe space to make and learn from mistakes.

Upon satisfactory completion of the credit-bearing course, students will have earned college-level credit for English and/or Math, as well as satisfied the Learning Support requirement.

Students who place into Learning Support based on their HS GPA and/or SAT or ACT scores may attempt to test out by taking the Accuplacer Placement test. Those students will have the appropriate test requirements posted in their Banner account, with a link to the testing information on their Check Your Status page.

Learn More About Learning Support

Establishing Connection...

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The Learning Network

Student Opinion

How Do You Feel About High School?

Scroll through some work by the winning students and educators who participated in our “What High School Is Like in 2023” multimedia challenge. Then tell us how well the collection captures your experiences.


Wed, 03 Jan 2024 18:07:00 -0600 en text/html How Machine Learning Will Transform Your Industry

CTO, Caresoft Global Technologies, Inc.

Machine learning is a rapidly growing field with endless potential applications. In the next few years, we will see machine learning transform many industries, including manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

In manufacturing, machine learning can be used for quality control, automation and customization. For example, machine learning can be used to detect defects in products before they reach consumers. It can also be used to automate repetitive tasks such as assembly line work. And finally, manufacturers will increasingly use machine learning to customize products for individual consumers.

In retail, machine learning can be used for data analysis to help businesses make better decisions about inventory and pricing. Personalization will become more common, with retailers using machine learning to recommend products to customers based on their past behavior. Robotics will also become more prevalent, with machine learning being used to automate tasks such as shelf stocking and order picking.

In healthcare, machine learning can be used for diagnostics, treatment and prevention. For example, machine learning can be used to diagnose diseases earlier and more accurately. It can also be used to develop personalized treatments based on a patient's characteristics. Machine learning can also be used for preventative care, such as identifying risk factors for disease and providing tailored recommendations for healthy living.

So far we have only scratched the surface of what is possible with machine learning. As technology continues to evolve, we will see even more amazing applications of this transformative technology.

Machine Learning In Manufacturing

In the past, quality control for manufactured goods was a time-consuming and expensive process that required human inspectors to examine each item for defects. However, machine learning can be used to automate this process by training algorithms to identify defects from images or other data sources. This can help reduce the cost of quality control while also increasing the accuracy of the inspection process.


Machine learning can also be used to automate manufacturing processes. For example, robots that are equipped with machine learning algorithms can be trained to perform tasks such as welding or fabricating parts. This can lead to a more efficient manufacturing process and can free up human workers for other tasks.


Another way that machine learning is transforming manufacturing is by enabling customization at scale. In the past, it was difficult and expensive to create customized products due to the need for manual labor and individualized production lines. However, machine learning algorithms can now be used to automatically generate custom designs based on customer specifications. This allows manufacturers to quickly and easily produce personalized products without incurring significant additional costs.

Machine Learning In Retail

In the past, retailers have relied on data from customer surveys and transactions to make decisions about their business. However, this data is often incomplete and doesn't provide a full picture of customer behavior. Machine learning can help solve this problem by analyzing large data sets to identify patterns and trends. This information can be used to Improve customer service, optimize stock levels and make other strategic decisions.


Machine learning can also be used to personalize the shopping experience for customers. For example, Amazon uses machine learning to recommend products that customers may be interested in based on their previous purchase history. This helps shoppers find what they're looking for more quickly and makes the overall shopping experience more enjoyable.


Robots are increasingly used in retail settings to perform shelf stocking and order fulfillment tasks. While these machines cannot replace human workers completely, they can free up employees' time to focus on more critical tasks, such as helping customers. In the future, robots may become even more involved in the retail sector as machine learning technology develops.

Machine Learning In Healthcare

Machine learning is already being used in healthcare to diagnose diseases. For example, Google has developed an algorithm that can detect breast cancer based on images. In the future, machine learning will be used to diagnose more complex conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and cancer.


Machine learning can also be used to develop new treatments for diseases. For example, a company called Insilico Medicine is using machine learning to develop new drugs for cancer and other diseases. In the future, machine learning will be used to develop more effective and personalized treatments for patients.


In addition to diagnosing and treating diseases, machine learning can also be used to prevent them. For example, IBM's Watson system is being used to predict patients' risk of developing certain diseases. In the future, machine learning will be used to create more personalized and effective prevention plans for individual patients.


Machine learning is set to transform a wide range of industries in the coming years. In retail, machine learning will enable more accurate data analysis, personalization of products and services and even the use of robotics in stores. In healthcare, machine learning will revolutionize diagnostics, treatment and prevention. And in manufacturing, machine learning will Improve quality control, automate processes and allow for greater customization. These are just a few examples of how machine learning will change the landscape of the industry as we know it. So whatever sector you're in, it's time to start preparing for the machine learning revolution.

While ML and associated technologies like natural language processing are gaining traction in current workflows, it's important to pay close attention to ethical standards that differentiate humans from machines. Today, ML has come to a point where it can replace humans in many intelligent tasks. The future is clearly AI/ML-driven, and it will eventually become part of our lives to the degree the mobile phone is. We will take it for granted. Given all of this, those using and developing AI must keep ethics in mind when dealing with it, whether that's focusing on consumer privacy rights or keeping up to date with laws and regulations surrounding the technology in this space.

Forbes Technology Council is an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs and technology executives. Do I qualify?

Sun, 26 Feb 2023 21:30:00 -0600 Richard Ambadipudi en text/html
How Less Perfect Performance And More Intentional Learning Strengthen Success

“When you're green, you’re growing. When you're ripe, you rot,” the late McDonald’s leader Ray Kroc liked to say. Maybe being too “ripe” rather than a little “green” explains why some people feel stalled in their careers and teams don’t make progress as expected. In a accurate conversation, Eduardo Briceño, CEO of, cofounder of Mindset Works and author of The Performance Paradox: Turning the Power of Mindset into Action, explains how we can become trapped as chronic performers—trying to do everything perfectly—rather than operating in the learning zone, actively exercising our capacity to grow and change.

We get stuck in performance “when we focus on getting things done as best as we know how, trying to minimize mistakes,” Briceño contends. “It’s a mental state where we’re focused on getting things done and we use strategies to do what we know works and try not to take risks. The learning zone is where we go beyond what we have done before, what we have already mastered. We focus on what’s unknown. We pay attention to the things that surprise us, to the mistakes that we make. And we use strategies that are not just about getting things done but that lead to improvement.”

It’s appropriate to be in performance mode if the stakes are high, says Briceño, when success depends on minimizing errors and doing whatever has been proven to work. In the long run, though, organizational strength comes from being willing to take risks, experiment and acknowledge mistakes. Briceño provides several examples of how to prime a growth mindset that lets us intentionally experiment and “extract the lessons” from things that go wrong, thereby enhancing organizational culture and effectiveness.

Help People Spend More Time In The Learning Zone

Briceño encourages leaders to identify what people care most about and what they want to accomplish, and then to assess how their approaches or habits might make it harder for them to achieve their goals. But since it can be stressful for people to accept corrective feedback, perhaps the most important thing leaders can do is to “solicit feedback frequently and broadly” for themselves and model the idea that this practice is “important for everyone in the company to do.”

For example, if all executive team members “share one thing that they’re working to Improve so that they can support each other” in making that change, then other team members can provide relevant information, access to networks or other resources, thereby supporting each other’s development. When executives consistently model that approach for their own functional teams, the habit of sharing for mutual improvement can take hold across the organization.

A willingness to be vulnerable, exposing one’s errors and accepting feedback and support demonstrates humility as well as a willingness to grow and change. When executives take this stance they show employees at all levels that acknowledging mistakes and weaknesses and asking for support are valued behaviors worth emulating. Over time, notes Briceño, openness and humility become normalized and less vulnerability is required overall.

Foster Growth Through Relationships

Good relationships at work foster well-being. They make it feel safer to focus on learning and show imperfections and inadequacies, rather than remaining stuck in performance mode, feeling required to appear at the height of our game without deviation or rest. When colleagues collaborate and support each other, they develop mutual understanding and deeper connections. “In sharing what I’m trying to improve, in sharing what I’m unsure about—sharing my mistakes and my lessons—I’m disclosing more of myself to you,” says Briceño. This creates an opportunity to “know each other more deeply in ways that other people might not get to know me as deeply because I’m not sharing as much with them. I’m not sharing as much of my thoughts and emotions. And so that creates a deeper bond with you, because I am more transparent with you than I tend to be with other people.” The result is a virtuous cycle of closeness and growth that fosters both stronger collaboration and retention.

Get More Benefit From Providing Varied Learning Opportunities

“The most powerful learning happens when the person is choosing it—when they are saying, ‘I want to learn X and I’m going to do Y about it,’” says Briceño. In strong organizational cultures, there are clear standards and required competencies, and people receive feedback about where they’re doing well and what skills they need to develop to be considered for promotion. Once they’ve received feedback, they have options and choices about how they would like to Improve themselves. Companies often invest in specialized development programs for high potentials and employees on the leadership track, but it benefits the whole company when everyone has opportunities to grow and develop. Organizations can provide a range of developmental support like access to LinkedIn Learning or other inexpensive, self-organized, peer teaching programs.

Make Meetings More Valuable

Many meetings are really exercises in performance, with executives delivering pro forma reports and making plain that they have no problems. But when everyone looks perfect, it’s likely that no one is improving. So, stop conducting meetings in which the same syllabus are always discussed and nothing changes. Instead, try fostering new learning and individual growth by shifting meeting agendas. For example, says Briceño, devote part of meetings to “learning zone conversations” and encourage attendees to share something they learned the prior week. This lets them not merely focus on what they might have got wrong but to identify the learning they gained from the mistake and how it could drive future actions. If senior leaders do this kind of reflection in their own meetings, Briceño says, their example will percolate down and foster similar transparency and learning at all levels of the organization.

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The Best Online Learning Platforms for 2024

Online learning sites enable us to expand our minds and creative spirit. No matter where you are in the world or how little prior experience you have with a subject, you can learn just about anything, so long as you have an internet connection. We test and review dozens of online learning platforms, and here we list the best ones for all kinds of non-matriculated learning.

"Learning" isn't limited to the education taught in school. There are sites where you can pick up new software skills, become a better manager, study the art of memoir writing, watch a tutorial on how to set up a sewing machine, and listen to a world-renowned master in their field explain how they got there. Are you looking for practical skills? Business skills? Professional development? Inspiration? Or are you a student who needs tutoring in AP History? You can learn any of these things and more.

Read on for the top services we've tested, followed by everything you need to know about online learning.

Deeper Dive: Our Top Tested Picks


Best for Inspiration

Why We Picked It

Everything about MasterClass deserves an A+. Instructors are among the top names in their fields. Each class is designed in painstaking detail. The production quality is superb. And what you learn from MasterClass is a combination of practical skill and inspiration.

Who It's For

MasterClass is for anyone who has a curiosity and desire to learn, from teenagers on up. It's for people who want insight into a chosen field, as well as those open to learning what they can from the highest achievers in other fields. Whether you're passionate about standup comedy, filmmaking, leadership, baking, music, or scholarship, you can find wonderful insight from MasterClass.


  • A-list celebrity instructors
  • Supremely high production values in videos
  • Well-thought-out course structure
  • Great breadth of topics


  • Video and course run times and year filmed should be clearer
  • Ads for other MasterClass classes are frustrating and senseless


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free

Khan Academy

Best for Free Academic Learning

Why We Picked It

Khan Academy is one of the best online learning sources because it clearly and strategically helps you learn academic subjects for free. Whether you need to master a mathematical concept or advance your understanding of macroeconomics, Khan has you covered. The videos, readings, and interactive components it uses to teach are well thought out and delivered with care.

Who It's For

Khan Academy focuses on learning materials for students in kindergarten through early college. That doesn't mean other people can't use it or find immense value in it. When you look at the available courses, however, you will notice that many of them closely map to the US education system. So for example, there are courses under the heading High School Physics. Khan Academy is especially adept at teaching math, science, computing, economics, history, and personal finance, among a few other subjects. You get sequential material, too, so you can work through one lesson at a time in order until you've learned what you need to know.


  • Free
  • No account necessary
  • Uses video lectures, readings, and quizzes
  • Impressive test-prep and college-prep resources
  • Generous language support


  • Missing some subjects, such as foreign languages and music
  • Caters uniquely to the US education system and needs


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free


Best for Free Access to University Courses

Why We Picked It

Coursera is different from many other online learning sites because it hosts real courses from prestigious universities and makes many of them available for free. In other words, you can get all the lectures (recorded to video) and memorizing materials from a class at, say, Yale University without paying anything at all. Coursera has other kinds of classes, too, but the university material is really what sets it apart. For some courses, there are options to pay for it and earn a professional certificate, bachelor's degree, or master's degree. If you don't pay, you still get the exact same learning materials, but you don't get any interaction with instructors or any grades on your assignments.

Who It's For

Coursera is for people who want access to real university classes and have the self-discipline to follow through on all the assignments, which can often take weeks or months to complete. You mostly learn through videos, readings, quizzes, and assignments. If you use Coursera for free, you may be able to get feedback on your assignments from other learners, but not the instructor. Coursera is best for learners who can handle college-level course material.


  • Offers real courses from universities for free
  • Partners with private corporations for job-specific skills
  • Reasonably priced certificate courses


  • Interface dated in some areas


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free


Best for Quizzes and Games

Why We Picked It

We picked Kahoot! as one of the best online learning platforms because it lets you create games, quizzes, and other interactive content for your learning materials. Whether you are designing games and quizzes or playing them, Kahoot! is easy to use. We love that it adds engagement to all kinds of get-togethers, whether in the classroom, meeting room, or living room.

Who It's For

Kahoot! is an ideal platform for businesses that need to teach something, as well as educational instructors who want to make their content more engaging. Once you have an account, you'll see other fun ways to use the platform to create, for example, trivia for family gatherings or activities at conferences


  • Encourages interaction in a fun way
  • Variety of uses, from business training to student learning
  • Easy to use as creator or player
  • Players don't require an account


  • Strict 120-character limit on question text field
  • No auto-advance option; host must manually move to next question or slide


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free


Best for Creatives Learning Practical Skills

Why We Picked It

Skillshare's videos teach you skills to lead a creative life. It covers everything from creative hobbies to tips for running a creative online business. This site offers short videos, sometimes as part of a much longer series, where you learn and practice mostly hands-on skills. You get additional materials, such as PDF handouts, and sometimes community forums where you can upload examples of your work to get feedback from other learners. While its pricing has jumped around over the years, Skillshare now has a reasonable annual cost.

Who It's For

Skillshare is for people who want to develop creative skills or need help learning the ins and outs of running a creative business. It's especially good at helping people with drawing, painting, digital arts, photography, cooking, writing, sewing, and other crafts. One aspect of Skillshare that we appreciate is that it does have some very short courses or lessons within courses that you can complete as a one-off. For example, if you just want to practice drawing cacti for five minutes, Skillshare has videos that will indulge your creative cravings.


  • Varied content syllabus all suited to creative types
  • Optional assignments and community interaction
  • Some free courses


  • Feedback from other learners is rarely insightful or instructional
  • No certain that instructors participate in community features


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free


Best for Programming and Vocational Skills

Why We Picked It

We picked Udacity as one of the best online learning platforms because it teaches highly specific, job-focused skills and gives learners an opportunity to create demo work to prove it. Udacity delivers rigorous courses, called Nanodegrees, that teach highly specific job-related skills, mostly in the tech arena. Some of the Nanodegrees have been created in partnership with big-name companies, like IBM Watson and Google. Learners come away not only with new skills but also—fairly often—sample projects to show their work, perhaps for a job interview.

Who It's For

Udacity is clearly for job seekers who want to work in a specific technical field and perhaps for a specific employer. How specific? There's a course called Self-Driving Car Engineer, developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia, Uber, and other companies. Udacity does offer some more general business courses on syllabus such as marketing. That said, Udacity is best for people who are willing to pay a few hundred dollars per month to complete one of its highly targeted Nanodegrees.


  • Focused on specific job skill development, especially in programming and computer science
  • Nanodegree learners come away with relevant work samples
  • Self-service cancellation, data download, and account deletion


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to measure the value for job seekers
  • Less inspirational and motivational than other learning sites


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free


Best for Curious Minds

Why We Picked It

Wondrium is a subscription-based video streaming service that focuses on educational programming. Wondrium was formerly called The Great Courses Plus, and while it has expanded its catalog in accurate years, it still has everything that The Great Courses Plus had. The courses come across as a series of TV lectures or simple documentaries. You can watch video courses not only on your computer, but also via Apple TV, Roku, and other devices. The service has an overwhelming amount of content on syllabus such as philosophy, religion, and the natural world.

Who It's For

The best way to describe Wondrium is to call it couch-side edutainment. It's not geared toward teaching you hands-on skills or helping you achieve a specific learning goal (though it does have some skills-focused classes). Instead, Wondrium feeds your curiosity with videos that explore ideas that perhaps you know nothing about. In that sense, it's wonderful for beginners or people who don't have any prior knowledge of the subjects it covers.


  • Excellent accessibility options
  • TV quality production values
  • Variety of content


  • No free account or content
  • Prices somewhat high


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free


Best for Taking One-Off Courses

Why We Picked It

We included Udemy in this list of the best online learning platforms because it sells discrete video courses on an array of topics. Many people end up using Udemy because they met an instructor through another context, and the instructor pointed them to Udemy to purchase their course. Generally speaking, Udemy's content covers both personal and professional development, with excellent lessons in management training, software use, and programming. We like that you can pay for Udemy courses one by one, with prices varying per course, or you can get access to a catalog of content with a business subscription. Regrettably, the subscription prices are high, and you need a minimum of five people for a business account.

Who It's For

Udemy is for three kinds of people: 1) those with a business subscription to the site who can simply explore what it has to offer, 2) people who are interested in a specific course offered on the site, and 3) instructors who want to host and sell their courses on Udemy. For the third use case, we didn't do detailed testing or analysis, instead focusing on Udemy from the learner's perspective.


  • Great learning courses for hard and soft professional skills
  • Interesting array of content
  • Clear resources for instructors


  • No subscription for individuals; pricing is per class
  • Price for Business accounts somewhat high, with a minimum of 5 people


User Created Classes
Some Celebrity Instructors
Some Courses Free

Buying Guide: The Best Online Learning Platforms for 2024

How Effective Is Online Learning?

All the sites included in this roundup use video as the primary teaching method. Some add interactive quizzes, PDFs, links to additional resources, and discussion areas (usually little more than a section for comments) so that everyone engaged with the material can learn from one another.

Videos can be standalone, although usually, they're part of a series. A course might contain several hours of videos, but they're always broken up into parts. The best learning sites take care to plan out how much content goes into each video as well as the sequence of videos. In this way, your learning is cumulative. You're typically building new ideas or concepts on top of what you've already learned.

When quizzes are available, they can be private to you or shared with an administrator or instructor if your login is part of a business account or associated with a formal class or tutoring (in the case of Khan Academy). They help you track how well you've retained new information. Some sites offer certificates upon completion. They are not widely accepted by other institutions, but they may be helpful to you in some cases. For example, if your employer pays for you to have a subscription to a learning website, you can offer these certificates as evidence of using it.

A note on language learning: There are so many excellent websites and apps for learning a foreign language that we have a separate article for them. When you want a language app, you'll have specific questions, such as: Which one offers the language I want? How much time do I need to spend on it each day? How much does it cost? You might also want to know which apps are better for developing a base vocabulary versus advancing existing skills. Our roundup of the best language learning apps and websites covers all these points and more.

Similarly, PCMag has a separate article on the best courses for learning to create websites. It's another concrete skill that comes with specific questions. We have another entire article dedicated to the best online courses for Photoshop.

Stills of MasterClass videos

(Credit: MasterClass/PCMag)

Is MasterClass Worth the Money?

MasterClass is an on-demand learning website where you get hours and hours of video featuring top talent talking about their fields. Everything about it is extremely well made, and if you're interested in even one course, we think it's worth paying for a year's subscription. You will certainly find other courses if interested once you get into the catalog.

MasterClass is simultaneously binge-worthy, educational, and thought-provoking. The quality alone leaves you whispering, "How is this so good?"

In the accurate past, MasterClass has done a good job of improving its lineup of instructors to include more top talent who are people of color and women (it was previously weak in this regard). The catalog of classes is growing all the time. The content is top rate, and the quality is exceptional.

Where Can You Take Real College Classes Online?

Coursera is one of the best online learning sites that offers plenty of free video courses and materials. It also partners with universities to make some of their degree programs available online. If you want the degree, you have to apply to the program and pay tuition to the school, just as if you were an in-person student. However, if you don't care about getting the degree and you just want access to real courses and materials from the likes of Yale, University of Singapore, and Sciences Po in France, then you can create a free Coursera account and have access to them.

No matter how you attend, you get video lectures, memorizing materials, quizzes, and in some cases the opportunity to submit assignments for peer-review (when you audit a course) or grades (with paid enrollment).

Recommended by Our Editors

Coursera interface

(Credit: Coursera/PCMag)

Coursera partners with private companies, too, to offer accessible education in a variety of fields from programming to designing with AutoCAD. Other examples of classes you can take include Introduction to Food and Health, Google IT Automation with Python, and Introduction to International Criminal Law.

What Are the Best Online Learning Platforms for Specific Job Skills?

If you need to learn specific job skills, there are two online sites that we recommend. One is Udacity because it teaches highly specific, job-focused skills. If you are aiming to get a job from one of the companies that Udacity partners with, the Udacity courses could supply you a leg up. While Udacity offers a handful of courses that aren't technical in nature, the majority are, and they are highly specific. How specific? There's a course called Self-Driving Car Engineer, developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Nvidia, Uber, and other companies.

The other site is LinkedIn Learning. We like it best for brushing up on general job skills, such as public speaking and developing interviewing strategies; we also love its video tutorials on learning creative software, such as Photoshop. Many of those software programs come from, which was acquired by LinkedIn some years ago. was the best resource for learning software for many years, and we're happy it lives on today at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Learning

(Credit: Microsoft/PCMag)

Learn at Your Own Pace

The next time you feel like you need some fresh ideas, take a spin through one of these sites and learn something new. You might find yourself caught up in wonderment at new and interesting ideas or taking notes on something useful. The beauty of online learning sites is that they don't require any commitment, so you can learn what you want at your own pace.

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SolarWinds lawsuit by SEC puts CISOs in the hot seat

As former SolarWinds CISO Timothy Brown faces charges from the SEC for fraud and internal control failures tied to undisclosed cybersecurity risks, it’s clear that the liability landscape for security executives has changed.

Although CISOs have always carried the complex responsibility of securing critical systems and data, the SEC’s decision to assign personal liability to Brown for failing to fully disclose these risks has signaled a major shift for the CISO community. Expectations and consequences are changing, and the SEC can now hold CISOs legally and financially accountable for cybersecurity shortcomings or improper cyber risk assessments that occur under their watch.

In addition to liability concerns, these types of incidents also pose significant risk of hefty compliance fines and a negative public perception. To prevent these issues, CISOs are tasked with implementing important changes to protect their organization’s security posture. Today, we see a pressing need for industrial organizations to better understand their cyber risks, and it’s also imperative to eliminate silos between CISO/CSOs and other C-suite executives like CFOs to mitigate the detrimental impacts to a company’s bottom line when risk does not get documented properly. We need to equip CISOs to perform this new duty and bridge the chasm between different teams that usually have different drivers and speak a different lingo.

Weaknesses within the critical infrastructure industry

Organizations with a tie to operational technology assets and industrial control systems for critical infrastructure – including the transportation, manufacturing, large data centers, energy, and oil and gas industries – are particularly susceptible to cyberattacks. This susceptibility has been exacerbated by the integration of remote monitoring tools like IT and IoT, which have introduced new avenues for cybercriminals to attack and increased the stakes for CISOs.

These vulnerabilities come with great costs – monetarily and also in terms of increased legal implications. The interconnected nature of these environments also means that a breach could result in a domino effect with sequential failures and the potential to endanger the health and safety of the public. Because the tie to public welfare, the likelihood of legal repercussions following a security breach in one of these industries remains higher than others.

Relationships between CISOs and CFOs evolve

The SolarWinds case points to the necessity for clear and consistent communication between CISOs and other C-Suite executives. Without ongoing, open dialogue between these leaders, it’s impossible to certain complete awareness of the range of complications associated with potential cyber risks. Now that we’ve seen how these risks can easily extend beyond security concerns and into catastrophic financial and legal issues, it’s important that conversations about these risks are not taking place exclusively among CISOs.

The roles and responsibilities of CISOs and other C-Suite executives vary dramatically, which can naturally result in siloed processes and priorities. However, to ensure alignment and effectively protect an organization from data breaches and legal recourse alike, it’s imperative that business leaders learn to “speak the same language” and share information to align their efforts and goals.

CFOs and CISOs must collaborate to evaluate the relationships between cybersecurity incidents and legal risks. We can facilitate this by leveraging cyber risk quantification and management tools, which congregate data to calculate, quantify and translate information about threats and vulnerabilities into lay terms and easily digestible data.

Considerations looking forward

The accurate SolarWinds news has also highlighted that simply meeting requirements is no longer satisfactory for compliance purposes. The heightened accountability we’ve seen demonstrated in this case further emphasizes the need to continuously monitor security infrastructure and confirm that adequate cyber defenses are in place before a breach occurs. By embracing proactive cyber risk management and integrating tools that offer a comprehensive picture of risk exposure, CISOs can stay ahead of potential incidents and close critical gaps, safeguarding themselves and their organizations from a wide range of issues.

Looking ahead, organizations would also greatly benefit from adopting a “team sport” approach to security operations. By creating space for everyone to participate in security-focused conversations, CISOs can establish an emphasis on cybersecurity that spans the entire organization. Along with reinforcing the importance of cyber risk management to business operations, clearly communicating risks and concerns to senior leadership teams and advisory boards increases the likelihood of receiving approval for funding and resources necessary to fully mitigate identified risks. Additionally, incorporating other employee teams into an organization’s cyber risk strategy establishes cybersecurity as a shared business priority as opposed to a siloed goal within the IT and OT departments.

Jose M. Seara, founder and CEO, DeNexus

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Enhancing model performance and data efficiency through standardization and centralization No result found, try new keyword!Recent advancements in agricultural computer vision have heavily relied on deep learning models, which, despite their success in general tasks, often lack agricultural-specific fine-tuning. This ... Fri, 29 Dec 2023 03:10:01 -0600 en-us text/html Master’s of Science Degree in Learning Technologies (Online)

Master’s of Science Degree in Learning Technologies (Online)

Drexel University School of Education

Emphasis on Learning Engineering, Experience Design, Educational Technologies and Leadership 

Learn to lead the strategy, creation, and implementation of learning design and development systems using emerging educational technologies that based on the learning sciences with an online Master of Science (MS) degree in Learning Technologies. This innovative program prepares students to create learning solutions for a dynamic and interconnected world. The curriculum is built on a framework of national education standards, digital literacy, design thinking, instructional design approaches, learning sciences, learning engineering, artificial intelligence, assessment, learning analytics, and applied STEM content all tempered by social justice perspectives. In a world that depends on instant information, the learning technologies graduate program is the ideal preparation for a broad range of careers in education and business settings that involve STEM content.

The Learning Technologies leadership program also embeds several online Graduate Certificates (Instructional Design for e-Learning, Learning Analytics, Learning in Game-Based Environments) that enable students to develop a specialized foundation in the field, along with (elective certificates in cognate areas including “Creativity Tools & Techniques for the Classroom or Workplace,” “Mind, Brain, Learning,” and “Higher Education Leadership”, If you choose to complete one of these certificates prior to enrolling in the MS degree in Learning Technologies, up to 18 credit hours may be transferred to the Learning Technologies Master's degree upon admission.

The Learning Experience

The Master’s in Learning Technologies degree program is offered entirely online but emphasizes experiential and applied learning with high levels of faculty-student interaction. We are committed to providing convenient, flexible, and rigorous online technology-based degree programs that offer the same faculty, curricula, and degrees as our distinguished on-campus programs.

Drexel is ranked #1 in the Philadelphia region for online education programs by US News and World Report. In this context students will develop creative design skills through hands-on experiences with new media tools, design methodologies and learning formats.

The Master’s in Learning Technologies program at Drexel University School of Education is a comprehensive program whose mission is to integrate design thinking and the learning sciences into applied areas of practice in instructional design, game-based learning, and on-line learning. This degree program is designed and facilitated by faculty who are recognized scholars, practitioners and researchers in educational technology and subsidiary fields of practice. Courses are personalized to the needs of individual students and outcomes are oriented to career aspirations. The 15 courses are each 10-weeks long totaling 45 credit hours.

Program Leadership

Having pioneered on-line learning methods, the program director, Dr. William Lynch, continues to lead cutting edge developments in Learning Engineering, Experience Design, Technologies, and Leadership. Join him and the program faculty experts for the curricular content of this program in developing your own customized program in alignment with your passions and professional aspirations.

William F. Lynch - Drexel University Professor for MS in Learning Technologies

The M.S. in Learning Technologies is designed to equip you with the hands-on design skills and experience, interdisciplinary knowledge, and technical experience you will need to respond to the needs of contemporary learners of all ages. Our dynamic world needs learning professionals who can help schools, colleges, nonprofits, companies, and government agencies design engaging, accessible, and effective learning experiences drawing on the most current learning technologies and research.

- Professor William Lynch, PhD

What Can You Do with a Master's Degree in Learning Technologies?

Graduates with a master’s in educational technology will be able to:

  • Apply instructional design principles to create high-quality learning formats that align with ISTE standards
  • Take roles as future-focused, collaborative leaders to build connected learning communities
  • Develop digital performance support tools and formats for just-in-time learning and support throughout the workflow
  • Evaluate and assess emerging technologies as part of the in-classroom learning technologies movement (e.g., assistive technologies, mobile devices, simulations and online assessment tools) as they may be applied to learning

Careers with an MS in Educational Technology

As schools and workplaces recognize the need for greater performance through customized learning, expert instructors who understand how people use educational technology will be the key to designing instructional technologies and integrating these new training systems. Graduates of the MS in Educational Technology degree program have a multitude of career opportunities. Here are just a few examples:

  • Instructional design leader
  • Learning coordinator
  • Instructional program manager
  • K-12 Classroom technology expert
  • Learning Development Professional and leader
  • Curriculum software consultant
  • Graphics and content webmaster
  • Multimedia developer
  • Director of integrated technology
  • Manager of learning and development
  • Technology coach
  • Corporate training director

If you are looking for a program with professional and caring advisors, faculty, and support personnel who will listen to YOU and help you achieve your goals. The MS in Educational Technology is what you’re looking for. Do not wait another day to begin the journey to your dream career. Pursue an educational technology degree with Drexel University! You can get started by filling out the Drexel Online application or call us at 215.571.4471 to discuss your opportunities for success.

What will you study?

Students in the MS in Learning Technologies program will develop creative design skills through hands-on experiences with new media tools and learning formats. Join us for the best adult experience anywhere in online learning!

Master’s in Educational Technology Courses

The following courses comprise the curricular sequence of the Master’s degree two-year program of study:

Year One Curriculum

  • EDCR 512: Using & Integrating Technology
  • EDLT 504: Learning Engineering
  • EDLT 503: The Learning Sciences
  • EDCR 514: Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Education
  • EDCR 518: Evidence Based Evaluation
  • EDLT 502: Learning Experience Design
  • Graduate Certificate Course 1
  • Graduate Certificate Course 2

Year Two Curriculum

  • Graduate Certificate Course 3 (see options below)
  • Graduate Certificate Course 4 (see options below)
  • Graduate Certificate Course 5 (see options below)
  • Graduate Certificate Course 6 (see options below)
  • EDU 780: Capstone Research
  • EDUP 780, EDUT 780, or EDUL 780 Capstone Research I
  • EDUP 781, EDUT 781, or EDUL 781 Capstone Research II

Graduate Certificate Learning Technology Area Elective (Choose One)

Instructional Design for e-Learning Graduate Certificate

  • EDLT 551: Instructional Design Methods
  • EDLT 552: Instructional Design: Project Management
  • ELL 503: Teaching and Learning Issues in e-Learning

Learning Analytics Graduate Certificate

  • EDLT 591: Learning Analytics: Lenses on students, teaching, and curriculum enactment
  • EDLT 592: Information Enabled Change in Educational Organizations
  • EDLT 593: Using Data to Understand Educational Systems

Learning in Game-Based Environments Graduate Certificate

  • EDLT 541: Foundations of Game-Based Learning
  • EDLT 543: Play & Learning in a Participatory Culture
  • EDLT 544: Integrating Games and Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Mind, Brain & Learning

  • EDHE 620: Mind, Brain, and Learning
  • EDHE: 621: Neuropedagogy and Assessment
  • EDHE: 622: Neurodiversity in Education and Workforce
  • CRTV 615: Neuroscience, Creativity and Innovation

U.S. Education Policy 

  • EDPO 620: Education Policy: Concepts, Issues, and Applications
  • EDPO 628: American Educational Policy and U.S. Competitiveness
  • EDPO 636: Access & Equity in Educational Policy Making 

Course descriptions may be found in the Drexel University Course Catalog.

Capstone Course information for the Educational Technology Graduate Program

Students in the MS in Learning Technologies program complete a research capstone course where they are introduced to various types of research designs and learn to be both consumers and producers of research. Following completion of the research course, students will complete a capstone experience by selecting one of the two-course multi-disciplinary sequence options below:

  • Thesis (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a master’s thesis which consists of a well-written research paper, comprised of five chapters that posits a research question and uses logical arguments & data to address/answer a gap in research
  • Lesson Study (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a research-based lesson design and analysis project
  • Practitioner Course (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a master’s project. Examples include: A reform initiative narrative, program or grant proposal, white paper or policy analysis, or program evaluation

Who is eligible to apply for admission?

Our goal is to develop leaders, designers, and facilitators of effective learning environments for all levels of education and training, including business, K-12 schools, higher education, military, and informal learning environments. If you are seeking a career in advancing learning through the design and creation of superior learning environments, our faculty and curriculum can help you achieve your goals.

The MS in Educational Technology is offered 100% online. You can get started by filling out the Drexel Online application.

Students generally complete the program in two years taking two courses per quarter year-round. If you are interested in a face to face program, please contact an advisor.

Admissions Criteria

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher (graduate degree GPA will be considered along with the undergraduate GPA)
    • Provisional admission may be granted with an Undergraduate GPA below a 3.0
    • For undergraduate GPA’s below a 2.75, an admissions interview is required

Required Documents

With multiple ways to submit documents, Drexel makes it easy to complete your application. Learn more by visiting Drexel Online's Completing Your Application Guide.

  • A completed application
  • Official transcripts from all universities or colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions (including trade schools) attended
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • Personal Statement (500 - 750 words) describing your interest in the program. Specifically:
    • How the program relates to your previous educational and professional activities
    • If changing course, why you are moving in this new direction with your educational goals
    • How the program relates to your current line of work
    • How you plan to apply the program to your future goals
  • Current Resume
  • Additional requirements for International Students

How to Apply to the Master’s of Science in Educational Technology Program

The MS in Educational Technology is offered 100% online. You can get started by filling out the Drexel Online application, or call us at 215-571-4471 to discuss your opportunities for success! Additionally, if you wish to talk to the program director, Dr. William Lynch, before applying, call 215-490-3035 and he will either answer or call you back as soon as possible. Be sure to leave your phone number.

Games and Learning in Digital Environments (GLIDE) Lab

The Games and Learning in Digital Environments (GLIDE) Lab at Drexel University allows students the opportunity to conduct research and develop games and digital learning environments. In the GLIDE Lab, students from multiple Drexel University Schools and Colleges work together to explore the role of gaming and digital interaction in helping to Improve learning.

Students in the MS in Educational Technology program are eligible to support the work of the lab through a co-op or as a student volunteer. To learn more about the GLIDE Lab, please visit or email

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