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PCNSE-PANOS-9 Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE PAN-OS 9.0)

Test Detail:
The Palo Alto PCNSE-PANOS-9 exam, also known as the Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE PAN-OS 9.0) exam, is designed to assess the knowledge and skills of individuals working with Palo Alto Networks security products and solutions. Below is a detailed description of the test, including the number of questions and time allocation, course outline, test objectives, and test syllabus.

Number of Questions and Time:
The Palo Alto PCNSE-PANOS-9 test consists of multiple-choice questions and hands-on simulations. The number of questions and time allocation for the test are as follows:

- Number of Questions: Approximately 75
- Time: 90 minutes

Course Outline:
The PCNSE-PANOS-9 test covers various courses related to Palo Alto Networks security engineering. The course outline typically includes the following key areas:

1. Palo Alto Networks Security Platform Technology Overview:
- Introduction to Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls and security platforms
- Understanding the core features and capabilities of Palo Alto Networks security solutions

2. PAN-OS Configuration and Management:
- Configuration of security policies, NAT (Network Address Translation), and security zones
- Understanding Panorama for centralized management and reporting
- Implementing high availability and redundancy configurations

3. Network Security:
- Configuring and managing firewall interfaces, routing, and VPN (Virtual Private Network)
- Implementing security features such as User-ID, App-ID, and Content-ID
- Configuring security profiles for threat prevention and URL filtering

4. Firewall Deployment Scenarios:
- Designing and implementing firewall deployments for different network architectures and environments
- Understanding best practices for firewall rule management and optimization

5. Troubleshooting and Maintenance:
- Troubleshooting common issues and network connectivity problems
- Implementing monitoring and logging for effective security operations
- Understanding software and content updates, license management, and device upgrades

Exam Objectives:
The Palo Alto PCNSE-PANOS-9 test aims to evaluate candidates' understanding of Palo Alto Networks security engineering concepts and their ability to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Palo Alto Networks security solutions. The key objectives of the test include:

1. Knowledge of Palo Alto Networks Security Platform:
- Understanding the features and capabilities of Palo Alto Networks security solutions
- Familiarity with the various components and functions of the Palo Alto Networks security platform

2. PAN-OS Configuration and Management:
- Ability to configure security policies, NAT, security zones, and other PAN-OS features
- Understanding Panorama for centralized management and reporting

3. Network Security:
- Configuration and management of firewall interfaces, routing, and VPN
- Implementing security features such as User-ID, App-ID, and Content-ID
- Knowledge of security profiles for threat prevention and URL filtering

4. Firewall Deployment Scenarios:
- Ability to design and implement firewall deployments for different network architectures and environments
- Understanding best practices for firewall rule management and optimization

5. Troubleshooting and Maintenance:
- Troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve common issues and network connectivity problems
- Knowledge of monitoring and logging for effective security operations
- Understanding software and content updates, license management, and device upgrades

Exam Syllabus:
The PCNSE-PANOS-9 test syllabus covers the necessary knowledge areas required to demonstrate proficiency in Palo Alto Networks security engineering. The specific content and emphasis may vary slightly, so candidates are advised to consult the official Palo Alto Networks documentation or study materials for the most up-to-date test syllabus.
Palo Alto Networks Certified Security Engineer (PCNSE PAN-OS 9.0)
Palo-Alto Certified testing
Killexams : Palo-Alto Certified testing - BingNews Search results Killexams : Palo-Alto Certified testing - BingNews Killexams : Palo Alto Networks CEO addresses Friday earnings experiment: ‘Lesson learnt’

Lesson learnt :)

— Nikesh Arora, Palo Alto Networks CEO

After spooking Wall Street for weeks with its plans to report earnings after Friday’s closing bell, Palo Alto Networks Inc.’s mysterious move turned out to be much ado about nothing. 

Some analysts were fearing trouble at Palo Alto Networks PANW, -2.60%, especially after fellow cybersecurity company Fortinet Inc. FTNT, -0.12% delivered a downbeat report earlier in the cycle and Palo Alto teased that its own call would last about two hours. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives didn’t mince words in his preview note, writing that the decision to post results late Friday was “one of the biggest PR disasters and black eyes we have seen in decades of covering tech.”

See also: Why is Palo Alto Networks reporting earnings Friday afternoon? The strange timing draws speculation.

Going back to 2018, only one member of the S&P 500 index SPX posted earnings on a Friday, according to Dow Jones Market Data. That was Nike Inc. NKE, -1.36% in December 2020, and while the report from Nike brought good news, Wall Street was still fearful headed into Palo Alto Networks’ report given the unconventional scheduling.

But results turned out to be fine, as Palo Alto beat earnings expectations and largely topped estimates with its guidance.

Palo Alto Networks shares sunk about 18% between when the company announced its earnings date, toward the start of the month, and Friday’s close, before the release came out. That selloff came during a period when tech stocks in general were under pressure, though the Nasdaq 100 index NDX was down only about 6% in the period.

Shares of Palo Alto Networks rallied sharply after the latest results, however, up more than 11% in Friday’s extended session.

Palo Alto Networks Chief Executive Nikesh Arora suggested on the earnings call that he thought the company had been clear enough in its rationale for the Friday afternoon timing.

“We apologize to people who are inconvenienced,” he said at the top of his prepared remarks, according to a transcript provided by AlphaSense/Sentieo. “But as we had mentioned in our press release, we wanted to deliver ample time to analysts to have one-on-one calls with us over the weekend, and we have a sales conference that kicks off on Sunday. We want to make sure all of our information was disclosed out there.”

He added some more lighthearted remarks, including to say that the company “enjoyed the attention” and that analyst reports that speculated on the timing “made for some very interesting reading.” Arora said that analysts might tell future mentees about the unusual Friday event, which came out of the company’s “sort of misdirected sense of trying to get you guys to go do this over the weekend for us.”

Arora shared on X, the service formerly known as Twitter, that 5,500 people had dialed into the company’s call about two hours into it, whereas average attendance over the past five years was about 1,000.

But would the company do it all again? Presumably not, he suggested.

Wallace Witkowski contributed reporting.

Sat, 19 Aug 2023 07:57:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Contractors claim city owes them $3.5M more for new police HQ

Palo Alto and the contractors who are building the city's new police headquarters near California Avenue are in a legal battle over more than $3.5 million in change orders — requests for additional compensation for work that the companies allege was caused by incomplete plans and unexpected requirements.

According to documents obtained by Palo Alto Online through a Public Records Act request, the dispute primarily involves the city's main contractor, Swinerton Builders, and its subcontractor, Pacific Structures, the two companies behind most of the change orders and claims. Other companies involved include Swinerton's subcontractors Commercial Controls Corporation, Walters & Wolf, WSA Compliance, Helix Construction Company, Broadway Mechanical Contractors, Sandis, and Northern Services, according to the city.

The 15 change orders and claims were for work ranging from the electric wire sleeves required for the new building to the installation of doors in the building.

The City Council, which designated the new public safety building as its top priority more than a decade ago, discussed the claims and the potential litigation in a closed session on Monday night and did not take any formal action.

The new building at 250 Sherman Ave. will house the Police Department, the Office of Emergency Services and the administration of the Fire Department and is slated to be completed later this year. Workers recently completed electrical installation and removed the exterior scaffolding, according to a report from City Manager Ed Shikada. The $118-million project is now about 90% complete, and staff is preparing to move into the building in 2024, the report states.

The legal skirmish has been going on since at least November, when the city notified the contractors that it would reject — either wholly or in part — some of the requests for additional compensation. This includes a change order for $1.49 million from Pacific Structures in connection with construction of pre-cast stairs at the new building.

The city denied the change order in early November, arguing that the contractor had failed to comply with a contract provision requiring it to submit change orders "within 10 days of the occurrence of the circumstances giving rise thereto," according to a letter that Pacific Structures General Counsel Steve Cvitanovic wrote to the city on Nov. 30.

Pacific Structures took issue with the rejection. It argued that the added work was caused by city requirements. In disputing the city's rejection, Cvitanovic cited a court case in which a contractor was allowed to recover damages on a public works project in which extra work "was necessitated by the incorrect plans and specifications," notwithstanding the notice provision in the contract.

Pacific Structures maintained that it was directed to perform work relating to seam alignments at concrete decks, columns and walls "well above the requirements in contract documents and Pacific Structures' standard of care," according to the formal claim that the city discussed in the closed session. The change had an impact on the amount of labor required to finish the job and on the company's stair installation sequence, according to the claim.

The company noted that the circumstance giving rise to the cost impact occurred upon the completion of the work, making it impossible for Pacific Structures to meet the 10-day requirement.

"The impact could not have been discovered until after work completion because the final as-built condition was required for specific identification of additional scope," Jarrod Haering, president of Pacific Structures, wrote in the claim.

The claim for $1.49 million is the largest of 15 claims, with each stemming from a rejected change order.

Another claim entailed Pacific Structures' need to keep its craftsmen on site for longer than was expected, which cost the company an additional $205,403, it stated.

The documents show contractors' increasing frustration. On April 26, Haering filed a claim after the city rejected its change order for $333,520. He complained that his company discovered many errors, omissions, conflicts or ambiguities on the city's part.

"Pacific Structures has processed and implemented over $3.6 million in change orders on this project," Haering wrote. "This is a 27% increase from our original contract value. The volume of change on this project is grossly inconsistent with the industry norms. No reasonable contractor would have assumed or included staffing needs for a 27% increase in scope."

Swinerton also took issue with costly changes to the city's plans. In late June, it filed a claim for $257,338 relating to work on the audiovisual systems. The installation of the system was complicated by the city's review process, which required numerous modifications to the plans and caused delays in approving and ordering the needed materials, Swinerton asserted.

"In addition, in each submittal iteration, new comments were added that were not included in the previous iterations due to different entities reviewing the package each time," Swinerton wrote in its June 30 claim.

Swinerton in another claim said its workers and contractors had to delay work by nine days because the city required testing of building components that the company said had already been tested and certified in Los Angeles. In its claim for $142,592, Swinerton asserted that the testing requirement delayed its plans to pour concrete, and when the company asked the city if it could proceed with pours as per schedule while the testing was being performed, it was told that the work can proceed at "contractor's risk," according to the claim.

It didn't get the real go-ahead to proceed with the pouring until days later, the claim stated, which created a "compensable impact."

James Devine, the attorney representing the subcontractor Commercial Controls Corporation (CCC), similarly noted that material costs that escalated due to city delays should not be borne by his client.

"CCC believes that … there is only one viable outcome — the City pay for the increased material prices and the City should not force Swinerton and/or CCC to bear the burden of the City's own breaches of its public works contract with Swinerton," Devine wrote.

State law provides for the city and its contractors to submit unresolved claims to a mediator or another process for resolving disputes. The new report from Shikada suggests that the legal process will not affect the city's plans to make the building fully operational in 2024.

"As is typical with large, complex capital projects, staff is working through bringing the project to completion, including following the contractual dispute resolution process for claims received in relation to work completed by the general contractor and sub-contractors," the report states.

Thu, 10 Aug 2023 03:47:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : A Year Later, Palo Alto Is Still A Hold
Palo Alto Networks



As a dividend growth investor, I seek new investment opportunities in income-producing assets. I often add to my existing positions when I find them attractive. I also use market volatility to my advantage by starting new positions to diversify my holdings and

Sun, 13 Aug 2023 18:23:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Palo Alto Networks look-ahead: Watching the guidance
Palo Alto Networks headquarters in Silicon Valley

Sundry Photography/iStock Editorial via Getty Images

Cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks (NASDAQ:PANW) is set to report its fourth-quarter earnings on Friday after market close, with investors closely watching after smaller rival Fortinet (FTNT) slashed its full-year guidance.

Analysts expect enterprise customers to cut back on spending, amid

Thu, 17 Aug 2023 06:11:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Crime and Public Safety

PALO ALTO – A man was found dead next to his parked car Wednesday morning in downtown Palo Alto, according to police.

Officers did not find any evidence that a crime had occurred and there were no obvious signs of foul play, the Palo Alto Police Department said in a news release.

A passerby made the discovery around 6:25 a.m. in the 600 block of Waverley Street. The body was on the ground between a legally parked green 2021 Dodge Challenger and the sidewalk, police said, adding that the sports car belonged to the man.

Palo Alto firefighters went to the scene and confirmed the person was dead, police said.

The Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office will continue the investigation into how the man died, according to police. The coroner’s office will also release the man’s identity once it is confirmed and his next of kin is identified.

Anyone with information related to the case can contact the police department at 650-329-2413. Those wishing to remain anonymous can call or text 650-383-8984 or email

Jason Green, breaking news reporter, San Jose Mercury News, for his Wordpress profile. (Michael Malone/Bay Area News Group)

Jason Green is a breaking news reporter for the Bay Area News Group. He works week nights and spends most of his time covering crime and public safety; reviews videogames now and then, too. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara, with a BA in Communication; and the University of Southern California with a MA in Print Journalism.

Thu, 17 Aug 2023 02:51:00 -0500 Jason Green en-US text/html
Killexams : Palo Alto: Fiscal Q4 Earnings Snapshot

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Palo Alto Networks Inc. (PANW) on Friday reported fiscal fourth-quarter…

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) — Palo Alto Networks Inc. (PANW) on Friday reported fiscal fourth-quarter earnings of $227.7 million.

On a per-share basis, the Santa Clara, California-based company said it had profit of 64 cents. Earnings, adjusted for one-time gains and costs, came to $1.44 per share.

The results beat Wall Street expectations. The average estimate of 15 analysts surveyed by Zacks Investment Research was for earnings of $1.28 per share.

The security software maker posted revenue of $1.95 billion in the period, falling short of Street forecasts. Sixteen analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $1.96 billion.

For the year, the company reported profit of $439.7 million, or $1.28 per share. Revenue was reported as $6.89 billion.

For the current quarter ending in October, Palo Alto expects its per-share earnings to range from $1.15 to $1.17.

The company said it expects revenue in the range of $1.82 billion to $1.85 billion for the fiscal first quarter. Analysts surveyed by Zacks had expected revenue of $1.55 billion.

Palo Alto expects full-year earnings in the range of $5.27 to $5.40 per share, with revenue ranging from $8.15 billion to $8.2 billion.


This story was generated by Automated Insights ( using data from Zacks Investment Research. Access a Zacks stock report on PANW at

Copyright © 2023 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, written or redistributed.

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Killexams : Palo Alto shares rise on earnings beat, surprising investors who thinking about a Friday report

Arora Nikesh, Palo Alto Networks CEO & Chairman at the WEF in Davos, Switzerland on May 23rd, 2022.

Adam Galica | CNBC

Palo Alto Networks shares jumped as much as 9% in extended trading on Friday after the security software vendor reported earnings that exceeded analysts' estimates.

The stock had dropped 16% in August leading up the report as investors thinking that the company's decision to announce results late on a Friday suggested the release may include troublesome numbers.

Here's how the company did for the quarter ended July 31:

  • Earnings: $1.44 per share, adjusted, vs. $1.28 per share, adjusted, as expected by Refinitiv.
  • Revenue: $1.95 billion, vs. $1.96 billion as expected by Refinitiv.

Revenue in its fiscal fourth quarter increased 26% from $1.6 billion a year earlier, Palo Alto said. Net income climbed to $227.7 million, or 74 cents a share, from $3.3 million, or a penny a share, a year ago.

For the first quarter, Palo Alto expects revenue of $1.82 billion to $1.85 billion, and sales for the year are expected to be $8.15 billion to $8.2 billion. That's below analyst expectations of $1.93 billion for the fiscal first quarter and $8.38 billion for the full year, according to Refinitiv.

Palo Alto announced its earnings date on Aug. 2. West coast tech companies typically report earnings no later in the week than Thursday afternoon, giving investors an opportunity to process the numbers and trade the stock based on those results before the end of the week. Historically, companies with bad news often bury the numbers after the close of trading on Friday.

Nikesh Arora, CEO of Palo Alto Networks, addressed the timing of the release on the company's earnings call, and said it's "made for some very interesting reading" in analyst reports over the past two weeks.

"We apologize to people who are inconvenienced," Arora said, adding that the company was caught in between a few events. Palo Alto had a board meeting this week and has a conference kicking off on Sunday, and wanted to get the numbers out before all those people gather together.

"Sorry to drag you out on a Friday, but I think it's important for a few thousand people next week that we shared all these results with them," Arora said.

WATCH: Jim Cramer interviews Palo Alto Networks CEO Nikesh Arora

Fri, 18 Aug 2023 09:36:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Palo Alto Networks stock jumps on earnings, guidance

Shares of Palo Alto Networks (PANW) jumped in after-hours trading. The cybersecurity company reported fiscal fourth adjusted quarter earnings that handily beat Wall Street estimates, while revenue was just shy of expectations. The company also issued upbeat full-year guidance. Constellation Research Founder Ray Wang says the company is "doing well" but "the challenge is the macro-environment. Budgets are being re-directed from cybersecurity to AI." Wong says Palo Alto is benefiting from putting "the best portfolio in the marketplace for customers to buy so that they don't have to go to all these different point solutions." However, Wong thinks the stock is going to be "challenged for the rest of the year" due to companies shifting their spending to AI.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Shares of Palo Alto Networks trading up just about 5% right now after reporting Q4 earnings. Now, lots of hype going into this report. Let's first get to the numbers, then I'll tell you why.

So when you take a look at this report, it was mixed on the top and bottom line. You're looking at sales coming in at just around $2 billion that beat the Street's expectations, I believe. When you take a look at your sales-- excuse me. Missing here just by a bit. $1.95 billion estimate. There was for $1.96 billion.

EPS, though, coming in better than expected $1.44. Estimate was for $1.28. But the guidance here is really what's critical. And I think it's almost a sigh of relief that we're seeing from the Street because they were bracing themselves for a disastrous report. But 2024 billings forecast, $10.9 billion to $11 billion, that beat the Street's expectations of $10.77 billion.

When it comes to Q1 revenue outlook, though, that coming in just a bit light here. When you take a look at what they are expecting there, they see Q1 revenue at $1.82 billion to $1.85 billion. The Street was looking for $1.92 billion.

So billings forecast topping expectations. We saw the stock sell off over the last 2 days or so because there was lots of concern about what we would be hearing in this report. So let's get analyst reaction to that. And we want to bring in Ray Wang, Constellation Research principal analyst and founder. Ray, your first take.

RAY WANG: Yeah, they put out a Friday night special. Everybody got nervous. It felt like it was going to be some kind of political campaign where you make the announcements on a Friday and hope no one notices on the weekend.

But I think it was really a lot to do with Fortinet having bad forecasts going towards the future. And I think that spooked everyone on the market. But the good news is that they're doing well. They're definitely one of the leaders when you look at enterprise security and if you look at cybersecurity stocks.

The challenge is the macro environment. Budgets are being redirected from AI-- from cybersecurity to AI. And that's really the challenge in every single organization. Boards are going to AI first. And it's having an impact across the sector. They've managed to weather this AI onslaught much better than everyone else. And that's why their forecasts are where they are.

DIANE KING HALL: So, Ray, I know one of the concerns coming into this was, oh, there could possibly be an executive change, or. You know, it was just very dramatic coming into these results. I mean, you rarely see this what we usually call a Friday night data dump. So given that where it is, we kind of see a sigh of relief in the aftermarket. What do you-- what do you think about-- like, what are you expecting to hear on their earnings call? What are you looking for?

RAY WANG: Yeah, I think people want to understand if CISOs are still buying. I think they want to understand if there's an AI story that's going to be in place, which they do have, which is going to make it easier for CISOs and/or enterprises to manage their environments. They also want to know, you know, what they're doing to cut costs as well going forward.

So everyone's been on their cost posture. I think those are probably the three important things. The larger macro forecast in general is it's hard to beat the comps of the last 2 years. Everybody doubled down on cybersecurity like there was no tomorrow. And trying to match those comps aren't an easy thing to do.

SEANA SMITH: Ray, where do we stand in the broader space? Because when we talk about so much concern going into this report yesterday of reporting after the bell on Friday but also their competitor, the rival Fortinet also reported disappointing results. So what does this tell us just how Palo Alto is positioned among the broader industry?

RAY WANG: I think it's because Palo Alto has a broader portfolio. And when you look at what's happening inside every enterprise right now, they're trying to reduce the number of vendors they work with. They're trying to reduce the complexity, which means the integration cost of working with more than one vendor.

And so what Palo Alto has done is probably put the best portfolio in the marketplace for customers to buy so that they don't have to go to all these different point solutions. And I think that's really where their strength has been is managing that portfolio better than everyone else, managing M&A better than everyone else. And that's where the inherent advantage is.

DIANE KING HALL: And so, Ray, I want to ask you, in terms of where the stock stands, it's-- obviously, there was a lot of selling heading into this result. Do you think it's positioned for greater growth through the balance of the year?

RAY WANG: I think it's going to be challenged for the rest of the year. We do have a great dip at the moment. I think the rundown that was going on here, I think there were down 19% for the year. And the NASDAQ was down about, what, 7% to 8%. It's a good time if someone had got in, like, today. So they're a little bit late there.

But I would say that-- you know-- I mean, it's going to be flat for a while because the forecast going forward for Q3, Q4 are all impacted by everyone running to AI and spending the money in budgets in AI. And that's really the challenge. I think going forward, there's going to be other kind of security threats are going to be in place. And, of course, the spending on cybersecurity has always been pretty strong. It is the number one issue every CIO focused on last year. It is now the number two issue because of AI.

DIANE KING HALL: All right, Ray Wang of Constellation Research. Thanks so much for joining us for a Friday night special.

Fri, 18 Aug 2023 14:44:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Cybersecurity 'still number one on the agenda in boardrooms,' Cramer says as Palo Alto reports

Signage outside Palo Alto Networks headquarters in Santa Clara, California, U.S., on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Shares of Club name Palo Alto Networks (PANW) have plummeted by more than 18% since the start of the month amid a broader sell-off in the cybersecurity industry. But we still expect the cyber leader to outperform peers when it reports quarterly results Friday, as it continues to benefit from platform consolidation and diverse revenue streams.

Fri, 18 Aug 2023 00:55:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Man's body found on Palo Alto street

Authorities are investigating the death of a man whose body was found on a downtown Palo Alto street Wednesday morning.

The discovery was made shortly before 6:30 a.m. on Waverley Street, close to Hamilton Avenue. The body was found between a parked green 2021 Dodge Challenge and the sidewalk. Authorities said the vehicle belonged to the victim.

Palo Alto police did not locate any obvious signs of foul play and have no evidence at this time that any crime occurred.

The man's identity is not being released at this time.

As a result of the ongoing investigation, the intersection has remained closed to traffic for several hours.

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 17:21:00 -0500 en text/html
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