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Question: 32
What is the minimum holding time of SA-106 Grade B, 1 inch thick material?
A. 2.4 hours
B. 2 hours
C. 1 hour
D. not specified
Answer: C
Question: 33
What is the working pressure of a 150 Ib. flange, SA 350 Gr.LF6 CL 1, used at 400°F?
A. 230 psig
B. 200 psig
C. 170 psig
D. 140 psig
Answer: B
Question: 34
What is the minimum class flange that can be used if the material is SA 351 Gr.C F8C, temperature 950?F and
working pressure is 1930 psig
A. 800
B. 900
C. 1500
D. This material can not be used at this temperature
Answer: C
Question: 35
The preheat zone shall extend beyond each edge of a pipe weld
A. 1â
B. 2â
C. 2T
D. 3T
Answer: A
Question: 36
What is the root face limitation as listed on the attached WPS and PQR
A. 3/32â
B. 1/8â
C. No limit
D. Not designated
Answer: D
Question: 37
If the supporting PQR is used, are the P-noâs correct on the attached WPS?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Could be if properly preheated
D. Not enough information
Answer: B
Question: 38
Is the thickness range on the WPS supported by the PQR?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Re qualification is required by API 570
D. Re qualification is required by ASME Section V
Answer: B
Question: 39
Is the attached PQR properly qualified?
A. No, because RT is not allowed during PQR qualification
B. No, because there are not enough tensile tests
C. No, because peening is allowed by ASME B31.3
D. Yes
Answer: B
Question: 40
What should have been the correct number and type of guide bends on the PQR?
A. 6 side bends
B. 2 face and 2 root bends
C. 1 side, 1 face and 1 root bend
D. No side bends required
Answer: D
Question: 41
According to API 570, a(n) is a person who assists the inspector by performing specific NDE testing.
A. NDE technician
B. Inspector assistant
C. Level II inspector
D. Examiner
Answer: D
Question: 42
More than one contractor, manufacturer or installer may simultaneously qualify a welder. In such case, each
participating organization shall be represented by during the test.
A. A certified welding inspector
B. A responsible employee
C. The welderâs supervisor
D. A welding engineer
Answer: B
Question: 43
Which of the following best describes API 574?
A. code
B. Standard
C. specification
D. Recommended practice
Answer: D
Question: 44
The potential for personnel exposure is deemed to be significant in which fluid service?
A. Category M fluid service
B. High pressure fluid service
C. Normal fluid service
D. Category B fluid service
Answer: A
Question: 45
When an injection point circuit for the purpose of inspection is designated, the recommended up stream limit of the
injection point circuit shall be the greater of ?
A. minimum 12 inches
B. maximum 12 inches
C. three pipe diameters
D. both A and C
Answer: D
Question: 46
can cause flame detectors used to indicate a furnace or boiler fire to give false indications on control panels.
A. Welding or related repairs on piping
B. Piping alterations in the shop
C. Ultrasonic inspection
D. Radiographic inspection
Answer: D
Question: 47
After application of a non destructive evaluation technique, any resulting evidence is commonly referred to as
A. A crack
B. porosity
C. a leak
D. an indication
Answer: D
Question: 48
API 570 applies to piping systems for process fluids such as:
A. Firewater
B. Plumbing, sanitary sewers and storm sewers
C. Raw, intermediate, and finished products.
D. Piping systems on trucks, ships and barges
Answer: C
Question: 49
Which of the following applies to socket welds in piping systems?
A. Should be avoided
B. Should be used in all welded piping
C. Should be welded using SAW only
D. Should be avoided where crevice corrosion may occur
Answer: D
Question: 50
Each piece of magnetizing equipment shall be calibrated
A. at the beginning of each shift
B. at least once a year or whenever the equipment has been subject to major electrical repair
C. whenever the technician feels like it
D. at least once every 90 days
Answer: B

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The company received observations for its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) plant in Ahmedabad, where the inspection was carried out from December 14 to 22, the company said in a regulatory filing.
“There were no data integrity-related observations,” it said in a statement. “The company will closely work with the USFDA to address these observations.” There are no repeat observations from the previous inspection, the US health regulator further noted. tnn
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ACA Plan Compare Data (2014-2015)

This data compares differences between 2014 and 2015 Affordable Care Act insurance plans. The data comes already joined through a crosswalk file and includes fields that indicate if a plan changed, and by how much. ProPublica used to create the "Will My Obamacare Health Care Costs Go Up?" app.


Fri, 01 Sep 2023 04:57:00 -0500 text/html https://www.propublica.org/datastore/dataset/aca-plan-compare-2014-2015-data
Installed solar power capacity exceeds plan: government inspectors

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has by itself approved 114 projects and asked the Prime Minister’s Office to greenlight another 54 projects to be added to the Power Development Plan VIII (PDP).

But of these 168 projects, none has any legal ground to be added to the plan, the Government Inspectorate said in a report Monday after investigating the industry ministry in its management of solar power plants.

These violations have resulted in 8,600 MW of solar power being connected to the grid by the end of 2020, 10 times the approved plan.

Similar violations were discovered in rooftop solar power. The total capacity of solar rooftop surpassed 16,500 MW by the end of 2020, 19 times the approved plan.

Some regulations that the Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued or consulted on with the government had "led to issues and carried risks of policy abuse" as it allowed rooftop solar projects to be installed on agriculture and forest land.

These projects, although approved on false legal ground, were still eligible for the incentive feed-in tariff (FiT) of 8.38 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour for 20 years.

The surge in solar power capacity in the central and central highlands was not matched by an improvement in transmission capacity, which led to an overload of power in some localities such as Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Phu Yen, Gia Lai and Dak Lak, where solar power plants were forced to run below capacity.

"The imbalance between installed capacity and transmission capacity has caused inefficiency in the grid and broke the PDP," the inspectors said.

This is a waste of resources and created a bad reputation to power investment in Vietnam, they added.

Another violation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is delaying the completion of a national solar power development plan for 2025.

The Prime Minister’s Office in 2017 issued a policy to encourage solar power investment and tasked the ministry with making a national plan for it, but the ministry waited almost two years to complete the plan.

This means there was no official plan for solar power development until six months before the incentive mechanism expired. It resulted in hundreds of projects being approved without any legal grounds, and it was possible that some investors had to ask the ministry for permission covertly for its approval.

The industry ministry also made violations in giving 14 projects an incentive FiT of 9.35 cents per kilowatt-hour in 20 years, even when the incentive mechanism had expired.

This means the national power monopoly Vietnam Electricity had to pay an extra VND1.48 trillion to buy electricity from these projects from 2020 to June 2022.

The ministry also gave unreasonable consultation in proposing a timeframe of 20 years for the incentive price period, which is "too long" and not suitable for establishing a competitive market, inspectors said.

It proposed the government to buy the electricity in U.S. dollars, causing difficulties in implementation due to exchange rate fluctuations.

"The industry ministry has shown lax management and irresponsibility that caused severe consequences," inspectors said.

Inspectors have proposed that the case be investigated further by the police. Individuals and units responsible should be punished, they added.

Tue, 26 Dec 2023 12:02:00 -0600 en text/html https://e.vnexpress.net/news/business/economy/installed-solar-power-capacity-exceeds-plan-government-inspectors-4693594.html
Inspectors accused of 'gambling' 50,000 homes plan

Council chiefs have accused government inspectors of "gambling" the future of a plan for 50,000 homes on three sites for gypsies and travellers.

John Fuller, the leader of South Norfolk Council (SNC), condemned a proposed consultation for the new pitches as being "clearly unreasonable".

Three sites were identified for further consultation, in Cawston, Costessey and Wymondham.

They were put forward as part of the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP), which covers housebuilding in the city, Broadland and South Norfolk over the next two decades.

Eastern Daily Press: This map shows where housing would be allocated if the Greater Norwich Local Plan is approved. Pic: Greater Norwich Development Partnership.This map shows where housing would be allocated if the Greater Norwich Local Plan is approved. Pic: Greater Norwich Development Partnership. (Image: Greater Norwich Development Partnership)

Government inspectors have said the GNLP must include pitches for the traveller community, without which the entire plan would be rejected.

Speaking to his SNC cabinet colleagues on Monday, Mr Fuller said: “The inspectors have been labouring, quite unreasonably, with the suggestion that unless we find these 20 spaces, and I will say that 18 of the 20 are in south Norfolk, then the entirety of the local plan must fail.

“That is clearly unreasonable - [legally] unreasonable - and must be challenged.”

Mr Fuller, accused the inspectors of "overreaching" themselves, leaving the authority with no alternative but to approve the sites and "gambling" the entire plan.

He also objected to the inspector's suggestion that consultation responses be sent directly to them rather than go through SNC.

The Costessey site was highlighted as a particular concern.

Located off Bawburgh Lane, it has space for 18 pitches and would only be delivered if an 800-home development on the site was delivered.

Mr Fuller said the consultation did not make clear where they would be on the site and the Costessey scheme was a 'contingency' site and may not go ahead.

SNC's cabinet members stressed they were not against having sites for travellers in the district but said the government inspectors had turned the consultation into a "sham".

Mr Fuller said: “No other authority in England has a better record than us over the last 20 years of proactively finding sites.

"We take our responsibility to the gypsy and traveller community very seriously.”

Liberal Democrat Costessey councillor Terry Laidlaw agreed with Mr Fuller, saying the sites had "come out of the blue" and could disrupt talks the parish council is having for a new community centre in the area.

Mr Fuller said the travellers' sites need to be detached from the rest of the plan.

While Norwich City Council's cabinet approved the consultation last week all three GNLP authorities must unanimously approve the decision.

The consultation will now be reconsidered.

The three sites

The Cawston site would be on land off Buxton Road, Eastgate, with space for around four pitches. It is the only privately-owned space that has come forward in the GNLP, with all other areas being on council land.

The Costessey site, on land off Bawburgh Lane, north of New Road, has space for 18 pitches. The plans would be added to an 800-home development on the 153-acre site, which is part-owned by Norwich City Council.

The final site could be at the current Wymondham Recycling centre, on Strayground Lane, which has space for two pitches. This site is owned by Norfolk County Council, which announced it plans to move from the site to a new location.

Mon, 11 Jul 2022 01:25:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/local-council/20614185.inspectors-accused-gambling-50-000-homes-plan/
Inspectors' Waltham Forest Council draft local plan warning

Planning inspectors have “significant concerns” about how many thousands of homes Waltham Forest Council wants to build.

According to the current draft of the borough’s Local Plan, which will shape development until 2035, the council plans to build 1,800 new homes each year.

However, this is a third higher than the target set for the borough by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan of 1,264 new homes a year for the next decade.

Read more: Towers of up to 38 storeys planned on Walthamstow business park

Planning inspectors Catherine Jack and Sarah Housden have raised concerns there is “insufficient evidence” to show the council’s higher target is “justified and deliverable”.

They added: “No other reasonable alternative levels or distribution of growth that might have fulfilled the plan’s strategic objectives, including the objectives of increasing housing and employment provision, have been appraised.

“For example, the London Plan ten-year housing target for Waltham Forest to 2029 could be the basis of a reasonable alternative level of housing growth, but it has not been appraised, and there is no explanation of why it was not considered to be a reasonable alternative.”

The inspectors also raised concerns about tall buildings, flood risk, air quality, the impact of more visitors to Epping Forest and shrinking industrial capacity at Blackhorse Lane.

Read more: Woodland 'saved for future generations' after residents campaign

On the tall buildings, they pointed out a failure to define what a “tall or taller” building is, where they could be built, or how tall they should be.

A lack of air quality modelling to protect Epping Forest was described as “a significant shortcoming at this stage of the examination”.

The inspectors concluded: “Overall, priority appears to have been given to the housing and employment objectives, leaving the other sustainability objectives attracting significantly lesser weight without clear explanation.

“We are therefore unable to conclude that the proposed level of housing growth is justified.”

Read more: 'Underhand' council keeping people unaware of tower block plans

In a response sent on 11th May, the council asked to pause the examination of its draft plan while it gathers more evidence to “address swiftly” the concerns.

When contacted for comment on why its housing target is so high, Councillor Ahsan Khan, deputy leader and cabinet member for housing and regeneration, said the only way to house the 11,000 people on the waiting list is to “build more homes”.

He added: “The inspectors agree that Waltham Forest needs the level of new housing set out in the local plan and we are working to demonstrate how we will achieve our goal in more detail.

“We have already started work to fully address the inspectors’ clarification points so that we can build the houses that residents need and help them access the decent, sustainable jobs and training opportunities the construction industry provides.”

A council spokesperson also confirmed the Waltham Forest’s strategy is “growing our tax base”, by attracting new residents and businesses, to raise money that will manage “demographic pressures and further planned reductions in government funding”.

The council’s goal of building 27,000 homes by 2035 was first introduced by former leader Clare Coghill in 2019, who described her strategy as “ambitious” in grappling with the challenge of predicted population growth.

Conservative group leader Emma Best said: “The planning inspectorate has confirmed what we have been telling the Labour group and talking with residents about for the past two years.

“The housing targets in the local plan are unjustified and undeliverable, rely on inappropriate tall buildings and do not safeguard Epping Forest and its surrounding suburbs.

“Waltham Forest Labour are risking our borough’s future by irresponsibly pushing back on the inspectorate’s and the community’s legitimate concerns.

“They must now concede their plan must change and bring forward an appropriate, affordable and deliverable plan for new homes in our borough.”

Waltham Forest Civic Society have now vowed to campaign against the 27,000 home target, which it fears will “force high-rise developments” and “destroy the character” of Epping Forest and Lea Valley.

Fri, 10 Jun 2022 05:48:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/news/20202908.inspectors-waltham-forest-council-draft-local-plan-warning/
The Humane touch: More MVNOs are being minted than ever

Ryan Reynolds-backed Mint Mobile exited to T-Mobile for $1.35 billion last year, and Sam Altman-backed "Ai Pin" startup Humane launched a pricey little device with a $24 monthly subscription that comes with phone number, unlimited data and as many AI-powered queries as you can muster.

What do they have in common? They're both MVNOs, short for "mobile virtual network operators" -- independent mobile services built on top of carriers' infrastructure.

MVNOs aren't new -- they've been around since the 1990s -- but the business model is having a moment. Tapping advances in network and cloud technologies, brands are becoming MVNOs to build direct relationships with their customers and fans through businesses that promise significant recurring revenues and a larger share of wallet than a mere app might get.

"The march of technology has facilitated growth," James Gray, managing director at telecom industry consultancy Graystone Strategy, told TechCrunch. "The movement towards 100% digital MVNOs and the launch of eSIM has made it much easier and cost-effective to have an all-digital distribution strategy. That’s why we are now seeing growth in new forms of MVNOs."

Indeed, the global MVNO industry is pegged as an $84 billion market today and its growth is accelerating, with an increase of nearly 40% expected in the next five years to $116.8 billion.

Humane condition

MVNOs were already a "lighter" option for building a carrier from the ground up -- they require none of the costly overheads of operating physical infrastructure. But that didn't always make MVNOs a slam dunk, as the margins made it tough to compete against the main carriers. The advance of technology has changed all that though, and there is software for MVNOs to offer differentiated services and manage the entire stack themselves. And the advent of the eSIM -- which negates the need for physical SIM cards -- makes it even easier to enter the MVNO space. That is the route Humane has taken.

"Using an eSim offers multiple advantages, ranging from ease-of-activation to ensuring Ai Pin can maintain its overall weight, size and shape, which is key for a wearable AI-powered device," a Humane spokesperson told TechCrunch.

But why assume the responsibility of running its own network, albeit one tied to T-Mobile, when it would be simpler to ask the customer to arrange their own connection? It all comes down to reducing friction, making the Ai Pin work out of the box, while allowing Humane to remain firmly in the driving seat.

"By becoming an MVNO, this enables us to control the entire customer experience from end-to-end," Humane said. "This makes the process for the consumer as simple and intuitive as possible, and enables the network connectivity detail to fade into the background."

Humane in action

Humane's Ai Pin in action. Image Credits: Humane

Rather than addressing customers as a single entity, MVNOs can tailor their product for any number of differentiated segments. For example, an enterprise CFO might not value a consumer MVNO that ships with free Spotify, but they might fancy a bespoke service that serves deep insights and granular controls over how the plan is deployed among its 50,000 workforce.

Some MVNOs align themselves with ethical issues, as U.K. green energy company Ecotricity does with Ecotalk, a network that promises to invest profits in environmentally-friendly endeavors.

And many carriers build their own sub-brand MVNOs to target different demographics, or they simply acquire existing ones -- as T-Mobile did with Mint.

"MVNOs have the flexibility, agility, and business models to react quickly and innovate," Gray said. "They are well-placed to offer more targeted propositions for different customer segments, or ones that are aligned to customer values. And there are a lot of MVNO-like operator sub-brands launching globally as operators recognize their brands won’t 'stretch' to different customer segments."

Regulation time

Richard Branson launches Virgin Mobile USA Cellular phone service in NYC. July 24, 2002

Richard Branson launches Virgin Mobile USA Cellular phone service in NYC. July 24, 2002. Image Credits: Evan Agostini/ImageDirect via Getty

The first MVNO arrived back in 1999 with the U.K.'s Virgin Mobile, followed swiftly by a triumvirate in Denmark (Club Blah Blah, Tele2 A/S and Telmore). These initial four grew to more than 300 globally within a decade and 1,300 by 2018. Today, there's an estimated 2,000 MVNOs across 90 countries, according to mobile network industry body GSM Association (GSMA), with hundreds more set to launch.

This represents a 53% growth in MVNOs in the past five years, pitting the ratio of MVNOs to mobile network operators (MNOs) at well over 2:1. Leading the charge is Europe, constituting half of the global MNVO market, followed by the Americas (19%) and Asia (16%).

Carriers haven't always loved MVNOs -- regulations have variously had to mandate access to would-be competitors, or loosen it up when the economics for carriers got tougher. But as it becomes more difficult for MNOs to reach new customers, they are more inclined to encourage niche players looking to build businesses on top of their infrastructure, serving as a lucrative side-hustle that cashes in on spare network capacity, with the MVNOs picking up all the marketing and distribution costs. It's a win-win.

Keen to promote competition, governments are broadly in favor of smaller upstarts building on the big guns' infrastructure. But regulatory requirements vary greatly from market-to-market -- some countries mandate that MVNOs provide access, while others "encourage" it.

The role that regulations plays can't be understated though. Some countries have been slow to embrace the MVNO movement, with the likes of Nigeria recently opening to MVNOs by issuing more than 40 licenses to new networks in the country.

"This is expected to spill into other countries in the region, who have been less proactive on issuing MVNO licenses, or where the traditional operators have a close relationship with the regulator," Allan T. Rasmussen, a telecoms industry consultant, analyst and MVNO specialist explained to TechCrunch. "These countries will have to adapt sooner than later, so they're not be left behind in the digital economy."

Still, some jurisdictions make it difficult for MVNOs -- Pakistan has made it prohibitively expensive, charging a whopping $5 million just to obtain a license. And Canada has historically insisted that any MVNO must have its own infrastructure, which goes against the whole MVNO concept and means that any MVNO has been a big telco sub-brand.

So while the MVNO landscape does vary, regulators and big telcos generally favor the model as they are pro-competition and are an effective way to monetize spare network capacity.

Hearts and minds

Roccstar attends the DJ Drama listening party. Image Credits: Erik Voake for MNRK Music Group / Getty

Long-gone are the days when MVNOs can compete with the major telcos on price -- they have to bring something unique to the table, through tailored products that appeal to the hearts and minds of a specific audience.

Mint Mobile became online-only and went to great lengths to explain how it could pass these cost-savings to the customer. Ryan Reynolds' marketing acumen and gravitas was pivotal to Mint's rise.

"Despite Reynolds' popularity, it was a David vs. Goliath story -- everyone loves an underdog and they managed to get the message across that with the 'big guys,' you are overpaying for a service," Rasmussen said. "It's also a prime example of using 'existing assets' to sell much more than something boring like telephony -- they sold a lifestyle and a sense of 'I want to be part of this'."

In a similar vein, Grammy-nominated music producer Leon "Roccstar" Youngblood Jr. recently launched Roccstar Wireless atop T-Mobile, with the "backing of A-list celebrities" (these will apparently remain undisclosed for now).

Roccstar Wireless co-founder Darius Allen, who designed one of the first dual-screen smartphones, says that it's tapping Mint Mobile's "branding and experience" playbook to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

"The success of Mint Mobile wasn’t solely due to its celebrity partners, but it was the marketing team's execution," Allen told TechCrunch. "Although we have taken a few pages from the success of Mint, we understand that it’s much bigger than slapping a few celebrities on a network to get users to change carriers. Mint was primarily an online company -- we already have more than 2,000 retail distribution partners and over 1,000 independent sales reps."

Numerous teams in Brazil's SĂ©rie A soccer league have also launched their own-brand mobile networks, with very little difference between their respective plans -- Santos, Fluminese and Botafogo are almost exactly identical. All that matters is the brand.

Santos mobile phone plan

Santos mobile phone plan. Image Credits: Santos FC

Fluminese mobile phone plan

Fluminese mobile phone plan. Image Credits: FluMobile

Still, it's a winning play, with more teams eager to join the MVNO party. In Europe, Turkey's multi-sport club Fenerbahçe has operated Fenercell since 2009, and last year it was joined by Austrian top-tier soccer club Austria Wien and Italy's AC Milan, which rolled out AC Milan Connect at the end of October.

There's nothing stopping anyone from becoming an MVNO if they have enough of a fanbase, from sports teams to YouTubers. But while the process of becoming an MVNO has gotten easier, it is still fraught with challenges.

The enablers

Google has operated an MVNO for eight years, but it has the resources to negotiate partnerships and develop significant facets of the software stack in-house. Smaller entities might not have that luxury, which is where mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) really come into play.

MVNEs serve as the bridge between the MVNO and the carrier, taking care of the infrastructure such as SIM card provisioning, billing, user management, customer support, analytics and even front-end consumer-facing apps.

Humane, for example, is working with an MVNE partner called Optiva, which serves the telecom industry with full-stack business support systems such as billing and network integration, though Humane takes care of some things itself. "The front-end, and much of the custom functionality, is built ourselves to fully align with the Humane design and experience," Humane explained to TechCrunch.

Indeed, companies can decide how much of an "MVNO" they want to be, depending on budgets, goals and technical nous. There are so-called "thin" or "light" MVNOs, which are effectively resellers that rely on carriers' own resources. Some operators exist somewhere in the middle, with some of their own technology operating under the hood, before we arrive at MVNOs, which are fully fledged mobile networks sans mobile mast.

These full-stack MNVOs are becoming more common for various reasons, such as the availability of tools that give access to every element of the stack, such as deep packet inspection (DPI) that provides granular controls over permitted content. For instance, a kid-focused MVNO might want to enable parents to block access to TikTok after a certain time, or allow customers to access specific domains when they have no credit.

By way of example, Uber launched an MVNO in Mexico last year (it had operated one in Brazil since 2021), a move designed to address affordability among its vast driver base. With Uber Cel, the ride-hail giant makes it cheaper to access services that help the driver do their job, including unlimited use of the Uber app, Google Maps or Waze.

Zolve -- an Indian neobank that helps immigrants set up banking before they arrive in the U.S. -- entered the MVNO market last year too. Hurdles that immigrants face with banking are similar to those of getting a mobile phone plan, with weeks or months of red-tape, paper work and approval processes often delaying matters. 

"SIM Cards perfectly fit that story, as another essential service which immigrants need to settle faster and hence we deliver them in their home country," Prudhvi Varma, Zolve's head of marketing, explained to TechCrunch. "Otherwise, immigrants have to take temporary travel SIM cards or take international roaming services which are costly with limited validity before they get their own plans in the U.S."

Users can signup for their phone plan from anywhere in just a few minutes, with a choice of AT&T or T-Mobile.

Signing up for a Zolve mobile phone plan

Zolve mobile phone plan. Image Credits: Zolve

Initially, Zolve explored all the usual channels that budding-MVNOs go through. This included trying the "reseller" route, which involves partnering with an MNO to create own-brand SIM cards, with the carrier taking care of the underlying spadework. But this would have positioned Zolve more as a distribution channel for the carrier, plus it wouldn't give Zolve much control over the experience or access to any data.

"It was all a broken experience for customers as they have to visit Zolve to get a [SIM] activation code, create separate accounts with the telecom provider, and so on," Varma said. "For Zolve, it was difficult to track SIM activations, invoicing and such like."

So Zolve turned to Gigs to provide all the underlying infrastructure -- Gigs is basically an MVNO in a box, giving companies everything they need to offer telephony services natively, including checkouts, multicurrency payments and a single API that connects to multiple carriers. Gigs raised $20 million last year from notable backers, including Google's Gradient Ventures.

Behind the scenes, Gigs buys huge volumes of data, voice and SMS capacity from the telecom providers, collates their APIs into a single layer, and businesses can construct their own phone plans as required. The platform also offers customer and subscription-management smarts, with data presented in a single dashboard giving a full view of subscriptions, payments and analytics.

Gigs Dashboard

Gigs Dashboard. Image Credits: Gigs

This "plug and play" approach is why Gigs touts itself as a "Stripe for phone plans."

"When Stripe came along, everybody could put a payment button in front of anything in a matter of hours or days, and you could get a full integration of payments done with a team in a couple of weeks," Gigs CEO Hermann Frank told TechCrunch. "No need to talk to the banks or the acquirers, and no need to build everything from scratch while spending millions."

Gigs recently announced an AI product for MVNOs called Operator, designed to reduce customer support overhead by up to 95%.

The ChatGPT-powered service allows end-users to self-serve just about any request -- this includes UI elements to facilitate requests directly inside a chat. For instance, if a subscriber wants to update their credit card information, or if they need an eSIM for a new phone, Gigs will enable this there and then.

"We're able to do this because we're fully vertically integrated right into the network and into our own stack," Frank said.

Gigs Operator

Gigs Operator. Image Credits: Gigs

Recurring revenue

U.S. hardware startup Light also functions as an MVNO, with the minimalist phonemaker offering mobile plans for several years. But it was far from plain-sailing at first, having to use different platforms for different aspects of its network. Thus, Light quietly switched to Gigs a few months back.

"Even just from an admin perspective, we're now able to see everything about each user in the one dashboard, such as whether their card was declined," Light co-founder Joe Hollier told TechCrunch. "There's now so much more automation for things that were once manual -- every month we would (previously) manually email people whose cards had been declined!"

The minimalist Light phone also offers its own mobile plans

The minimalist Light phone also offers its own mobile plans. Image Credits: Light

While simplicity and affordability were among the motives behind Light's mobile plans, it also gives customers another way to support its mission -- to create a sustainable business off the back of a minimalist mobile phone.

"We do have a really strong and grassroots community, and so the additional revenue that we make off the service plan we invest back into our software development and so on," Hollier said. "Users are excited to pay versus any of these other carriers, and the revenue from the Light Plan has been a way for people to support us."

While Hollier said that the bulk of its revenue still comes from physical hardware sales, he hopes the balance might shift. Overhauling its MVNO infrastructure not only makes it easier on the internal administration side, it also improves user-facing features such as SIM card activation and onboarding.

"The easier it is to activate a SIM, the more likely someone's going to convert," Hollier said. "As the steps get more tedious, you lose people along the way. We suspect that we're going to see more activations."

As we've seen with Apple's increased reliance on services revenue, companies love steady subscription income. And this also could explain why Humane has ventured into MVNO territory -- generating revenue on hardware, no matter how fancy and futuristic, is difficult. It's rare for a company to scale the mountain of unit economics, making it risky to depend on that alone for a sustainable business. 

"The patents and licensing fees will eat up what little there might be left after producing the device," Rasmussen said. "A subscription-based model will not only keep the customers in the loop, but also provide a recurring revenue stream. In return, Humane will get the user data that comes with telephony, which they can use to better target the end-users needs and lifestyles. Humane will thus be in control of managing both the device and signal for current services and new opportunities, without having to pass through a mobile operator first."

Thu, 04 Jan 2024 21:31:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://news.yahoo.com/humane-touch-more-mvnos-being-113115312.html 'Withdraw Local Plan and start again' - inspectors say scheme may be out of date

PLANNING inspectors examining City of York Council’s draft Local Plan - which sets out what houses can be built and where - suggest the draft plan is scrapped and fresh proposals submitted.

The Local Plan outlines where and what housing developments will be built in the city over the next 15 years, and what land is classed as Green Belt. It also outlines where employment sites can be built. It is key for all future planning permission decisions in the city.

Planning inspectors have criticised the council for delays over the Local Plan process and have written to the council to suggest “it may be that withdrawal of the submitted plan and proceeding to examination with a fresh plan is the most appropriate way forward”.

The council has already spent “significant sums” of money on the project.

And a council spokesperson says the local authority will NOT withdraw the draft but will “press ahead” with the current plan and submit further evidence to prove that it is workable.

In a letter to the council, the planning inspectors say: “The Local Plan was submitted for examination in May 2018.

“Given the time that has now passed since submission and since much of the evidence supporting it was undertaken and produced ... it is important for the examination to make swift progress in order to avoid a circumstance whereby elements of evidence lose their currency, or become unduly time-limited.

“In light of this, we consider that these matters point to a reduced likelihood of adopting a truly up to date development plan for York. As such, we ask the council to now give serious consideration to the possible withdrawal of the submitted plan.”

They say the pandemic has led to challenges - but that the council has “set and missed” target dates for extra work to be completed.

But senior councillor Nigel Ayre says “we strongly feel that starting the lengthy and complex Local Plan process again is quite simply, the wrong thing to do”.

A council spokesperson said that the documents the planning inspectors have asked for will be submitted as soon as possible.

Cllr Ayre said: “It is important for the future development of York that we support a plan that delivers new employment opportunities and addresses the local pressures in our housing market, but at the same time, guarantees protection for the Green Belt and York’s natural beauty.

“This Local Plan strikes the right balance for the city and our communities and residents.

“Natural England have agreed that the plan and proposed modifications do not pose a risk to our designated nature conservation areas.

“Whilst reviewing our Green Belt course Paper Addendum, we have not found any evidence that our definition of the detailed green belt boundary should be substantially revised and we consider that the inspectors' concerns will be addressed in the forthcoming update.”

He thanked staff for their work on the plan. Around 13,152 new homes will be built in York by 2033 under the draft Local Plan.

The Local Plan process has already cost the council almost ÂŁ2 million, opposition councillors said last year.

Mon, 11 Jan 2021 14:00:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/19003004.withdraw-local-plan-start-again---inspectors-say-scheme-may-date/
Class 9 Assam students rescued after hatching plan to go to Mumbai, start business

Two Class 9 students from Assam, who recently failed in their unit test exams and fled their homes to catch a flight to Mumbai to become businessmen, were rescued on Thursday morning in a coordinated operation by the police forces of both states.

The boys were highly influenced by stories of global billionaire Elon Musk and wanted to become a successful rich person like him. So they decided to start a business using artificial intelligence (AI) after stumbling upon the idea in several viral videos on social media, one of the students’ families told The Indian Express.

Since the two were aware their families would not have approved of the idea, the duo decided to travel to Mumbai without informing them, the police officials said.

The Assam and Mumbai police took the two teens into their custody at the Mumbai airport on Thursday morning.

Earlier, the Mumbai police control room received information that two kids — a 15-year-old and a 14-year-old — from Tinsukia, Assam, had left for Mumbai on Wednesday without informing their families. The teenagers had boarded IndiGo flight 6E 115 to Mumbai.

Festive offer

The boys’ families had filed a missing persons’ complaint at the Doomdooma police station in Assam, following which the Assam police contacted their counterparts in Mumbai and sought help.

API Sandeep Shinde from the Sahar police station, airport staff, customs, and CISF officials reached the T2 terminal when the said flight landed early Thursday. The two kids were taken into safe custody and their family members, relatives and officials from Doomdooma police station were informed.

Hatched plan during vacation

The mother of the 15-year old, who is also a school teacher, said she suspected the two were in touch over mobile phone during the Christmas holidays.

“On Wednesday morning I saw that the safe in my wardrobe was opened and around 80,000 was missing. Initially I thought servants could be behind this, but later I discovered that the mobile phone she used to give to her son is also missing,” she said.

When she called on the number, he disconnected and later switched off the phone. She then called his school and was shocked when the teacher informed her he hadn’t gone to the school that day. His friend didn’t go to school either.

She got scared and started to look for the son and his friend in the area with her husband, relatives, friends and the other boy’s family. The family also approached the local police and filed a missing person’s complaint.

Hotel executive’s alertness and first lead

The family put appeals and messages on social media about the two teens and sought help as local media also made news of the two boys. Fortunately, an executive of the same hotel (60-kms away from their home) where the duo had stayed for sometime, identified the two in the news reports. He immediately contacted the police. The family of one of the boys also spoke to the hotel executive.

“He told us that they had left for the airport and also shared the cab driver’s contact. When we contacted the cab driver he told us that the boys were talking about plans to go to Mumbai via Kolkata. We now had an idea that they were heading to Mumbai. I used my friend’s help who is in customs, and we managed get the details of the passengers in two Mumbai bound flights from Dibrugarh airport. We finally got confirmation at around 11pm about the two boys on board IndiGo flight 6E115 to Mumbai,” said the uncle of the 15-year old.

The family through Assam police informed Mumbai police control room and API Sandeep Shinde and his team received the teens at the Mumbai airport. Had they left the Mumbai airport premises, we would have never found them again,” he added.

AI, investment business, Japan

The two were influenced by Elon Musk’s success stories, especially, the younger one, who had several business ideas and the elder one was looking after the funding part. The two had collaborated. There was also a third student in their group, but he didn’t turn up and said that he would join them later, the uncle said.

The two had been seeing videos of businesses using AI on social media, and out of curiosity, they hatched a plan to come to Mumbai for the business. They had plans to bring all youngsters who thought like them onto one platform and collaborate for a common business goal. Since their families would not have approved of their decision to start a business, they decided not to keep them in the loop. They bought air tickets using the cash, with one of them carrying his Aadhar card and boarded the flight on Wednesday afternoon,” the uncle told The Indian Express.

He added that both had failed in certain subjects in unit tests and were also scared of how the family would react, hence they decided to run away.

“With god’s grace I got my son back. We are still trying to figure out what trigged this,” said the mother of the15-year old. His family members said he was a little depressed because he failed and he thought is family would have been very upset.

“We will rope in professional counsellors to counsel the boys so that they don’t repeat this in future,” his uncle said.

“Following due process and after preliminary counselling, we handed over the kids to their parents,” said Sanjay Govilkar, senior Inspector of Sahar police station.

Thu, 04 Jan 2024 03:28:00 -0600 en text/html https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/mumbai/class-9-assam-students-rescued-after-hatching-plan-to-go-to-mumbai-start-business-9095671/
Oxford's Local Plan: Inspectors approve 11,000 city homes plan

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