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4H0-004 HCP-Hyperion System 9 Financial Management 4.1

Exam Detail:
The 4H0-004 (HCP-Hyperion System 9 Financial Management 4.1) test is a certification test that focuses on assessing the knowledge and skills of individuals in using Hyperion System 9 Financial Management 4.1 for financial planning and management. Here is a detailed overview of the exam, including the number of questions and time, course outline, test objectives, and test syllabus.

Number of Questions and Time:
The exact number of questions in the 4H0-004 test may vary, but it typically consists of around 60 to 80 questions. The duration of the test is usually 90 to 120 minutes, depending on the test format and language.

Course Outline:
The 4H0-004 certification course covers various courses related to financial planning and management using Hyperion System 9 Financial Management 4.1. The course outline may include the following components:

1. Introduction to Hyperion System 9 Financial Management:
- Overview of financial management and its role in organizations
- Introduction to Hyperion System 9 Financial Management architecture and components
- Navigation and user interface of Hyperion System 9 Financial Management

2. Financial Data Management:
- Data integration and data loading techniques
- Data validation and reconciliation
- Data extraction and reporting

3. Financial Planning and Budgeting:
- Budgeting and forecasting techniques
- Financial modeling and scenario analysis
- Collaborative planning and approval workflows

4. Financial Consolidation and Reporting:
- Consolidation processes and methods
- Financial statement reporting
- Intercompany eliminations and currency translations

5. Data Analysis and Performance Management:
- Key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics
- Data analysis and interpretation
- Performance monitoring and reporting

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the 4H0-004 test are to evaluate the candidate's knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

- Hyperion System 9 Financial Management architecture and components
- Financial data management techniques and processes
- Financial planning and budgeting methodologies
- Financial consolidation and reporting processes
- Data analysis and performance management in financial management

Exam Syllabus:
The 4H0-004 test syllabus covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to Hyperion System 9 Financial Management
2. Financial Data Management
3. Financial Planning and Budgeting
4. Financial Consolidation and Reporting
5. Data Analysis and Performance Management

Candidates are expected to have a strong understanding of these courses and their practical application in financial planning and management using Hyperion System 9 Financial Management 4.1. The test assesses their ability to navigate and utilize the system, manage financial data, perform budgeting and forecasting, consolidate financial information, and analyze financial performance.

HCP-Hyperion System 9 Financial Management 4.1
Hyperion HCP-Hyperion information hunger
Killexams : Hyperion HCP-Hyperion information hunger - BingNews Search results Killexams : Hyperion HCP-Hyperion information hunger - BingNews Killexams : Food, farming, and hunger

Of the 5.9 million children who die each year, poor nutrition plays a role in at least half these deaths. That’s wrong. Hunger isn’t about too many people and too little food. It’s about power, and its roots lie in inequalities in access to resources and opportunities.

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Killexams : Hunger and Livelihoods

Save the Children’s research suggests that income shortages in poorer households, when combined with shocks such as natural disasters or conflict, reinforce poor health and nutrition and thereby lead to higher rates of child deaths.

Hunger also keeps children out of school and limits their ability to concentrate once in school. Studies conducted by Save the Children indicate that learning achievement among children from poor families is systemically lower than their peers.

An increasing number of young people live in a state of poverty, unemployment and/or underemployment. Over one-fourth of young people in the world cannot find a job paying more than $1.25 per day, the international threshold of extreme poverty. Three quarters of young workers ages 15-29 are employed in the informal sector, increasing the possibility of exploitative or hazardous working conditions.

Save the Children’s Household Economy Approach (HEA) outcome analyses have found that the cycle of vulnerability due to chronic hunger and a lack of livelihoods security may lead poorer households and children to pursue unsustainable and dangerous livelihoods opportunities, to withdraw children from school, or to encourage early child marriage or harmful child labor.

Food security, livelihoods protection and strengthening, and poverty alleviation programs are an essential underpinning to ensuring the survival, education and protection of children, such that the intergenerational cycle of poverty can be broken.

To address this, Save the Children:

  • Provides food assistance to families following a natural disaster or emergency.
  • Builds household and community resilience to food security and economic shocks and stresses.
  • Strengthens socio-economic conditions to Improve standards of living and the ability of families to provide for their children.
  • Provides youth with the skills and linkages they need to earn and manage a decent income.
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Killexams : Hyperion gets another violation notice from air quality watchdog agency

The South Coast Air Quality Management District has issued another violation notice to the Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant, near El Segundo, for emitting elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide, officials announced Wednesday, July 26.

Fence-line monitoring at Hyperion showed elevated levels of hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, with a maximum one-hour average of 64.60 parts per billion on June 19, according to AQMD, the regulatory agency responsible for air quality in Southland counties. That exceeded the facility’s permit limit for H2S of 20 ppb.

“Prior to the exceedance, Hyperion submitted a notification reporting that it had shut down several air pollution control devices (known as scrubbers) for planned maintenance and repairs,” an AQMD statement said. “The scrubbers were returned to service within seven hours, and the fence-line monitoring system showed H2S levels had returned to typical levels.”

Officials with Los Angeles Sanitation & Environment, which operates Hyperion, did not respond to requests for comment.

Hyperion is the region’s largest and oldest wastewater reclamation facility.

In July 2021, equipment there meant to sift debris from wastewater became clogged, causing severe flooding that crippled the plant for weeks. Officials had to release millions of gallons of raw sewage into the ocean to relieve the flooding and prevent Hyperion from going entirely offline.

The aftermath led to a pungent odor that plagued El Segundo residents for weeks as Hyperion officials worked to make imminent repairs. While the odor has abated from its suffocating high point, El Segundo residents and officials have repeatedly said the odor has remained.

AQMD inspectors have responded to more than 5,500 complaints from members of the community and issued about 70 notices of violation to Hyperion for public nuisance in violation of the agency’s Rule 402, along with one notice for excess visible emissions under Rule 401, and three violations of permit conditions.

Hyperion officials, for their part, have worked since then to make longer-term fixes and perform AQMD-mandated maintenance.

As for the most-recent violation, an AQMD enforcement team conducted an on-site inspection and found that Hyperion also violated record-keeping requirements under a September 2022 order and failed to notify the agency within one hour of discovery of the elevated H2S levels on June 19.

Violations can result in civil penalties and, in some cases, the company can choose to implement voluntary measures to reduce emissions or prevent further violations. If no settlement is reached, a lawsuit could be filed.

SCNG staff contributed to this report.


City News Service is a regional wire service covering Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties. Its reporting and editing staff cover public safety, courts, local government and general assignment stories. Contact the City News Service newsroom at 310-481-0404 or

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Killexams : Hyperion Partners

Company Overview

Hyperion Partners was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 by a team of executives with experience across many business functions in the wireless industry. Hyperion is a full-service business development and technology consulting firm, specializing in mobility. They invest back into their business to provide the lowest cost solutions to our customers. Their focus is in adding value while introducing disruptive offers to their business customers. Hyperion has exclusive access to several hardware and software providers that make their bundles more attractive. Hyperion acts as a consultant to their customers and partners to ensure their customer is getting the most practical, affordable, and complete solution possible.

About Hyperion Partners

HQ Location
Las Vegas, NV

InquisIT LLC

InquisIT helps to advance and secure the government's technology infrastructure and bring leading-edge technologies that more effectively meet the needs of their consumers and drive business process efficiencies.

The Mosaic Group

The Mosaic Group is a full-service marketing, public relations, events management, and government relations firm headquartered in West Palm Beach.

Roasters Coffee

Roasters Coffee is a local coffee company in the Tri-Cities, Washington.
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Killexams : Hyperion Avenue to Debut New Marvel Crime Series

Hyperion Avenue, an imprint of Disney Publishing Worldwide, is launching Marvel Crime, described as a hard-edged crime-fiction program for adults. It features three original novels by bestselling crime and mystery authors, each focused on a different Marvel character. The first title debuts in 2024, with the other two to follow in 2025. Both Marvel and and DPW are owned by the Walt Disney Co.

“We are always looking for new ways to tell stories about Marvel’s beloved superheroes, and working with Hyperion Avenue on the Marvel Crime novels will showcase these characters in an exciting new light,” said Sven Larsen, v-p of licensed publishing at Marvel, in a statement. “We know that lifelong Marvel fans and crime fiction enthusiasts alike will enjoy this inventive new series.”

The titles were acquired by Hyperion Avenue executive editor Adam Wilson. First up is a story inspired by Marvel character Jessica Jones, written by Lisa Jewell, author of 19 novels including Then She Was Gone and None of This is True. Thriller writer S.A. Cosby, author of Razorblade Tears and All the Sinners Bleed, will tackle Luke Cage in his Marvel Crime novel. And Alex Segura, author of Secret Identity and the Pete Fernandez Miami Mystery series, will write a story starring Daredevil. Segura has worked with other Disney Publishing Group imprints on YA novels including Star Wars Poe Dameron: Free Fall (Disney Lucasfilm Press, August 2020) and Araña and Spider-Man 2099: Dark Tomorrow (Marvel Press, May 2023).

Hyperion Avenue, which was launched in 2021, publishes fiction and nonfiction for adult readers. A key part of its mandate is to take existing IP and stories from the Disney family of companies and reimagine them through original storytelling from diverse talent. One example is the Meant to Be romance series, which launched in 2021; the third title, Kiss the Girl by Zoraida Córdova, inspired by Ariel of The Little Mermaid, is coming out this month.

Hyperion Avenue's list includes new IP; branded content from throughout the Disney corporate family including Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, ABC, and Twentieth Century Fox; and celebrity books, including titles by personalities from ABC, ESPN, and other Disney-owned companies. Titles under the imprint to date include Schoolhouse Rock! The Updated Official Guide, The eXtra Files by Jeffrey Brown, Quit being an Idiot: Life Lessons from The Golden Girls, and the Marvel memoir, Look Out for the Little Guy! by the fictional Scott Lang, also known as Ant-Man.

Separately, another new Marvel series for adults is set for a 2024 release, this one with Random House Worlds. Announced in June, the What If…? series of novels examines the consequences of altering reality, through twists on Marvel origin stories. Titles include What If…Loki Was Worthy? A Loki and Valkyrie Story, by Madeleine Roux; What If…Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? A Scarlet Witch and Spider-Man Story, by Seanan McGuire; and What If…Marc Spector Was a Host to Venom? A Moon Knight and Venom Story, by Mike Chen.

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Killexams : Hyperion Records begins streaming for the first time

Four months after its acquisition by Universal Music Group, multi-award-winning label Hyperion Records is making its 43-year-old catalogue of recordings available on all streaming platforms for the first time.

Hyperion has set a goal to release the entire catalogue of over 2000 recordings for streaming by spring 2024. The first 200 albums were released today, with subsequent collections to follow every fortnight from September 15.

The first 200 catalogue albums showcase a wide-ranging repertoire collection, spanning 900 years of Western art music from the 12th century to today, across sacred and secular, choral and solo vocal to orchestral, chamber and instrumental.

There are key recordings from many of Hyperion’s roster of artists, including Arcangelo, Mahan Esfahani, Marc-André Hamelin, Angela Hewitt, Sir Stephen Hough, Alina Ibragimova, Steven Isserlis, Steven Osborne, Polyphony, Howard Shelley, Takács Quartet among many others.

The second phase of catalogue releases, scheduled for September 15, will exhibit some of Hyperion’s piano and keyboard stars, including Danny Driver, Stephen Hough, Pavel Kolesnikov, Steven Osborne and harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani, among others across more than 70 albums. 

This move to streaming follows UMG’s acquisition of Hyperion in March this year, which saw the label join UMG’s portfolio of world-renowned classical labels, including Decca and Deutsche Grammophon

“We searched for and found a long-term home that is committed to our values, artists, recordings and editorial style and we are delighted that our entire back catalogue as well as new and future releases will be available on streaming platforms in the coming months,” said Simon Perry, managing director of Hyperion and son of label founder Ted Perry. “These first 200 albums tell our story, and we look forward to presenting all our work from the past four decades to a new global streaming audience artist-by-artist, series-by-series. Each had their challenges and now they come together to tell a narrative, hopefully a powerful one, of what can happen when you make space for musicians to thrive: it’s why Hyperion has worked.”

Dickon Stainer, UMG’s president of global classics & jazz said: “The arrival of Hyperion on the world’s streaming platforms offers a special moment of discovery for this precious and pioneering label.”

“I am enormously excited to be part of this moment in Hyperion's history,” added pianist and long-standing Hyperion recording artist Sir Stephen Hough. “I've made over 40 albums for the company, pouring my heart, soul and fingers into each one, and now, thirty years after my first, they are to be made available through streaming to a much wider, indeed Universal, audience. It delights and touches me to be able to reach a vast new family of music lovers in this way.” 

Angela Hewitt OBE, Hyperion pianist, commented: “I have always been thrilled to be part of the Hyperion family. The recordings I have made for the label over the past thirty years have been highlights of my life and career and I am happy that my albums will be enjoyed by even more music lovers around the world.” 

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Killexams : Available Support

Online Tools and Resources 

  • Hyperion Online training can be found in the Online Knowledge Centre. The course Getting Started in Hyperion provides navigation basics. Additional courses such budgeting, forecasting, planned use of carry forward, and using SmartView to supplement the classroom training will be added during the month of November.   
  • The Chart of Accounts Website provides a detailed listing of all the new chartfield values. You can view or obtain the information onto an Excel spreadsheet that you can sort or edit for your departmental use. Link:

Help Line

If you have questions about this year’s forecasting and budget process or the Hyperion Planning system, we ask that you direct your questions directly to the project. You can contact the project in two ways:

Note: if you email, your details will be forwarded to the project for tracking and resolution; you will get a faster response by directly contacting the project.

Post Go Live  Support  Sessions

Should you have specific scenarios or questions following the classroom training, we are providing additional support sessions that you can attend to get face-to-face assistance.  

To ensure that we have adequate computers and enough staff on hand to deliver you individual support, we ask that you let us know which session you wish to attend. These sessions will be available Nov 30 through Dec 20 (depending on demand). 

To reserve some time for personal support, please follow the link below:

We will be operating on a first/come first serve basis so we recommend you reserve a space 2 -3 days in advance of the session you wish to attend.

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Killexams : World hunger and famine

When disaster strikes, Oxfam works with a global network of local organizations to address urgent humanitarian needs and protect lives. We deliver food, clean water, cash, and information, working closely with local leaders who know how best to help people in need.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has also revealed the fragility of our food systems. That's why Oxfam is working with local communities across the world to build resilient and sustainable local food systems able to provide nourishing food for everyone to solve world hunger.

Building livelihoods

In order to stop world hunger, Oxfam and our partners help farmers learn new techniques, share their innovative ideas with each other, grow more food, and earn more money. And when sudden disasters (an earthquake or an upsurge of locusts), or slow-onset emergencies such as drought bring hunger and the threat of famine, we help people rebuild the ways they make a living so they can put food on the table.

For farmers, we provide seeds, tools, and other supplies people need to grow their own food, keep their livestock healthy, and become self-sufficient. In many emergencies, Oxfam provides cash so people can make their own food purchasing decisions, to ensure they can get what will help them best (and circulate money in the local economy).

Providing water, sanitation, and hygiene

Communities enduring emergencies and food shortages may also face a lack of clean water and the threat of disease. It’s hard to absorb nutrition from any available food if you have a stomach ailment. Oxfam and our partners help people with a source of clean water, soap so they can stay clean, and a proper toilet to avoid contaminating water supplies. In many of Oxfam’s ongoing programs, our partners work on promoting good hygiene and sanitation to help people stay healthy even when there is not an emergency.

Advocating with and for communities

Oxfam and our supporters advocate for peace, push for adequate assistance for people affected by war and famine, and campaign for climate action given the climate crisis' effect on the world’s supply of food and the poorest communities.

Our research and advocacy advance sustainable development in ways that help reduce the risk of future food crises and disasters, helping communities become more resilient.

We also advocate for more assistance for rural women farmers, who account for nearly half the agricultural workforce in developing countries. Despite their crucial roles in producing food, they face discrimination and limited bargaining power, disadvantages in land rights, unpaid work, insecure employment, and exclusion from decision making and political representation.

Find out what you can do to reduce hunger and the likelihood of famine in the world. Visit our Take Action page to sign up for a virtual event, add your name to a petition or contact your member of Congress to push for better policies, and join our E-Community.

You can also make a donation towards hunger relief: Your financial contribution can help fight hunger and famine, so we can defeat poverty and injustice.

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Killexams : Hyperion Optics

Hyperion is a premium custom optics & optical assembly provider established in 2008. Our team works in an iterative + collaborative way with our clients to optimize their go-to-market strategies. We specialize in DFM/ DFA (Design for Manufacturability/ Assembly) and providing cost-competitive, high-quality custom optics, and lens assemblies.

As a full-service provider for custom optical solutions, we offer optical & mechanical designdesign optimization, feasibility study, tolerance analyses, component fabrication, and optomechanical assemblies from UV, VIS, through LWIR applications.

With this comprehensive capability, Hyperion eliminates component-level performance issues and waste caused by over-specification. Our production team and optical engineers collaborate to fine-tune manufacturing & assembly tolerances, improving optical outcome and yield. Our engineering team consists of 15 engineering experts in optics, mechanical, and electrical fields. Along with a team of experienced production and assembly staff, we consistently convert world-class system designs into high-quality products.

Our optical engineering, manufacturing, and assembly teams have completed a broad portfolio of lens design & optimization for our clients across different industries.

fisheye lens from Hyperion Optics

With 12 years of experience in both design and manufacturing, we help our clients achieve the optimal cost-performance ratio from prototyping to production. Equipped with Single-Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) capabilities, we are able to fabricate complex optical surfaces such as asphericacylindrical, toroidal, and DOE surfaces.


We work with clients in industries such as biomedical, aerospace, commercial sensing, imaging, robotics, and machine vision to create compact yet high-performance optical systems. Our flexible custom lens design and prototyping package includes feasibility study, tolerance analysis, and optimization study. 

diffractive optical elements - DOE - from Hyperion Optics

The Hyperion’s Unique Advantages:

  1. Engineering Creativity — our engineers often come up with out-of-the-box solutions for challenging optical design problems
  2. Competitive Pricing — we adopt a cost-effective philosophy and deliver savings to our customers via optimization of specs and manufacturing processes
  3. Quick Turnaround — dedicated rapid-prototyping team helps achieve short lead time in small volume projects
  4. Free initial design consultation — this includes component-level engineering review, tolerance analysis, pre-production modeling for custom parts
  5. Timely production status report — dedicated project managers oversee each order to preempt unforeseen delay and ensure on-time delivery

IR optics from Hyperion Optics

Hyperion is committed to high-quality optics and equally high-quality customer experience. We do so by operating with structure and procedures while thinking creatively with nimbleness and innovation.

Experience the Hyperion difference and let us help you tackle your next optical challenge.


 Adaptive optics systems


 Beam profilers

 Beam shapers and expanders



 Cleaning equipment

 Cleanroom equipment

 Coating equipment

 Coatings and thin films


 Diffractive optics

 Imaging systems

 Infrared/thermal imaging


 IR optics

 Laser crystals

 Laser Damage Testing


 Machine vision




 MTF measurement

 Nonlinear optical materials

 Nonlinear optics

 Optical amplifiers

 Optical design

 Optical design services

 Optical fabrication

 Optical sensors

 Optical spectrum analysers

 Optical testing equipment


 Polishing and grinding



 Spatial filters


 UV optics

 Wavefront analysis


 Windows and prisms

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Killexams : Hyperion Records Starts Catalog Rollout on Streaming Platforms

Hyperion Records has entered the streaming age.

From today (July 28), the venerated British classical label begins the rollout of its catalog on streaming platforms, starting with a batch of 200 titles.

The initial run includes “key recordings” from Hyperion’s roster, including Arcangelo, Mahan Esfahani, Marc-André Hamelin, Angela Hewitt, Sir Stephen Hough, Alina Ibragimova, Steven Isserlis, Steven Osborne and Polyphony.

All 2,000-plus LPs from the Hyperion vault will be available to stream by spring 2024, reads a statement. Collections should follow every two weeks from Sept. 15, 2023, until the complete set is ingested and available across the myriad platforms.

The long-overdue streaming push follows Universal Music Group (UMG) acquisition of the label, in a deal announced in March which sees Hyperion join Decca Classics and Deutsche Grammophon in UMG’s classical portfolio.

Also from today, three new Hyperion releases are made available for streaming, including the latest Dvořák album from the Takács Quartet; and a collection of choral anthems from Stephen Layton and Trinity College Choir Cambridge.

Going forward, all new Hyperion titles will be simultaneously available for streaming, physical purchase and download, explains the statement from UMG.

The 43-year-old label — which is home to artists like Marc-André Hamelin, Angela Hewitt and Stephen Osborne, and some works which date back to the 12th century — was founded in South London by Ted Perry, a classical enthusiast who moonlighted as a mini-cab driver to fund its early recordings.

“These first 200 albums tell our story, and we look forward to presenting all our work from the past four decades to a new global streaming audience artist-by-artist, series-by-series,” comments Simon Perry, managing director of Hyperion and son of the label’s founder. “Each had their challenges and now they come together to tell a narrative, hopefully a powerful one, of what can happen when you make space for musicians to thrive: it’s why Hyperion has worked.”

The second release phase will “showcase some of Hyperion’s great piano and keyboard stars” including pianists Danny Driver, Stephen Hough, Pavel Kolesnikov, Steven Osborne, and harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani.

Subsequent “release chapters” will feature choral music, string quartets, Baroque, early music and solo vocal, and more.

The acquisition came as the classical music world emerged as a hive of activity. Last November, Deutsche Grammophon launched a new standalone streaming service, Stage+, catering to its own catalog and that of Decca Classics. And earlier this year, Apple Music launched its own standalone streaming app, Apple Music Classical, which stems from its August 2021 acquisition of Primephonic.

“The arrival of Hyperion on the world’s streaming platforms,” comments Dickon Stainer, UMG’s president of global classics & jazz, “offers a special moment of discovery for this precious and pioneering label.”

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