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2B0-011 tricks - ES Router Configuration Updated: 2023

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ES Router Configuration
Enterasys Configuration tricks

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ES Router Configuration
Question: 42
Which CLI command associates an interface to an OSPF area?
A. area add interface
B. interface set to-area
C. ospf add interface to-area
D. interface add ospf to-area
Answer: C
Question: 43
Which CLI command would configure an IP address to the loopback interface?
A. interface add ip lo0 address-netmask
B. interface create ip lo0 address-netmask
C. interface set ip loopback0 address-netmask
D. ip add interface loopback0 address-netmask
Answer: A
Question: 44
Which X-Pedition Router command copies the startup configuration file to a server?
A. copy startup to tftp-server
B. copy active to
C. copy startup to
D. copy active to tftp-server
Answer: A
Question: 45
Which method can be used to enter Boot Prom mode on the X-Pedition Router?
A. Press ^C keys while booting
B. Press ^Z keys while booting
C. Press ESC key while booting
D. Type Boot-Prom command in Enable mode
Answer: C
Question: 46
Which command is used to transfer an image to the X-Pedition Router?
A. copy ftp flash
B. copy image flash
C. system image add tftp-server file-name
D. system ftp image
Answer: C
Question: 47
Which command example configures a default route on the X-Pedition Router?
A. ip add route default nexthop
B. ip add route default gateway
C. ip create route default gateway
D. ip create route default nexthop
Answer: B
Question: 48
Which command example configures a primary IP address on an interface on the router?
A. interface add ip eth6 address-netmask
B. interface create ip eth6 address-netmask
C. interface add ip eth6 address-netmask port et.1.6
D. interface create ip eth6 address-netmask port et.1.6
Answer: D
Question: 49
Which one of the following would be found in an OSPF Stub Area?
A. An Autonomous System Boundary Router
B. At least one Area Border Router
C. One or more Virtual Links
D. OSPF-ASE Routes
Answer: B
Question: 50
QoS policies can be written using information contained in which three layers of the OSI model?
A. Physical Layer, DataLink Layer and Network Layer
B. DataLink Layer, Network Layer and Transport Layer
C. Network Layer, Transport Layer and Application Layer
D. Transport Layer, Session Layer and Application Layer
Answer: B
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Enterasys Configuration tricks - BingNews Search results Enterasys Configuration tricks - BingNews Flash Programmer Shows Some Nifty Tricks

A handy tool to have on the bench is a Flash chip programmer, and the ones based around the CH341A USB bus converter chip are readily available. But the chip is capable of so much more than simply programming nonvolatile memory, so [Tomasz Ostrowski] has created a utility program that expands its capabilities. The software provides easy access to a range of common i2c peripherals. He’s got it talking to smart batteries, GPIOs, environmental sensors, an OLED display, and even an FM radio module. The code can all be found in a GitHub repository. The software is Windows-only so no fun and games for Linux users yet — but since it’s open source, new features are just a pull request away.

The CH341A is much more than an i2C controller, it also supports a surprising range of other interfaces including SPI, UARTs, and even a bidirectional parallel printer port. Maybe this software will serve to fire the imagination of a few others, and who knows, we could see more extended use of this versatile chip. Oddly we’ve featured these programmer boards before, though in a tricky flashing job.

Sat, 04 Nov 2023 13:50:00 -0500 Jenny List en-US text/html
Gmail + email address trick for multiple accounts

Gmail challenged the likes of Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL to become today the most widely used consumer email service. With a user base of more than 1 billion, it’s no secret why most of us have a Google account. In this post, we will show you two Gmail email address tricks that will help you create and use multiple accounts.

Gmail email address trick for multiple accounts

1] Use (+) to create unlimited siblings of your Gmail address

Just append a plus (“+”) sign after your email address and after that, you can insert any combination of words or numbers to create any number of personalized email IDs with the same inbox.

For instance, if your current email ID is [email protected], you can modify your email to [email protected] or [email protected] or use any combination to still receive an email with the same ID, [email protected].

Hence using this Gmail trick, you will be able to create multiple aliases of your primary ID and that too without tweaking any setting or configuration.


  1. You can make use of multiple aliases to sign up with web services with their name after the (“+”) sign. So, when you get an email from them on your primary ID you will know instantly which service has sent you the email.
  2. You can use an alias name to sign up for social channels and use their name while registering. For instance, [email protected] can be modified into [email protected], [email protected], and so on.
  3. You can create filters that put emails sent to one email address, such as [email protected] in a folder other than your main Inbox.

2] Use (.) dot to create multiple addresses of your primary address

This is another Gmail trick on how you can create multiple email addresses by inserting (.) dot anywhere in your Gmail address. Gmail doesn’t recognize periods as characters in addresses and just ignores them even if you enter by mistake.

For example, [email protected] can be written as [email protected]. The emails would still go at the primary address. Remember the periods in your email address count for nothing and hence you can create multiple ids.

Tip: You can still sign up for an online service even without revealing your email id. Just use an alias name by inserting (.) dots in between and if you want to create an email filter for that id to know the emails coming for that online service. Delete or keep such emails as per your wish.

How to fix Gmail + trick not working?

The Gmail + trick should be working fine. But if it does not work, we suggest you clear your browser cache, disable any VPN software you may be using and try again.

Hungry for more? Take a look at these hidden Gmail Tips and Tricks.

Also read: How to enable Desktop Notifications for Gmail in Windows.

Gmail email address trick for multiple accounts
Mon, 14 Dec 2020 08:15:00 -0600 en-us text/html
18 ChromeOS tips and tricks for your new Chromebook No result found, try new keyword!Readers like you help support Android Police. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read More. Computers should be simple and easy to use for ... Mon, 16 Oct 2023 02:57:00 -0500 Old Casio Calculator Learns New Tricks

[George Stagg] recently found himself stung by the burden of free time while in lockdown. Needing a project to keep him occupied, he decided to upgrade his 90s Casio CFX-9850G calculator to run custom machine code.

All [George] really wanted was for his vintage calculator to understand Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). The calculator in question can already run its own version of BASIC, however the bespoke Hitachi CPU struggles performance-wise with complex programs, and wouldn’t be a realistic way of using RPN on the calculator. An RPN interpreter written in assembly language would be much faster.

The first step in cracking this calculator wide open was a ROM dump, followed by writing a disassembler. Incredibly, the MAME framework already featured a ‘partial implementation’ of the calculator’s CPU, which was a much needed shot in the arm when it came time to write a full-featured emulator.

With the entire calculator emulated in software, the plan from here involved replacing one of the BASIC commands in ROM with new code that would jump to an address in RAM. With 32KB of RAM there ended up being plenty of room for experimentation, and uploading a program into RAM was simplified by using Casio’s original backup software to dump the RAM onto a PC. Here, the contents of RAM could be easily modified with custom code, then uploaded back into the calculator.

With RAM to burn, new routines were created to write custom characters to the screen, and a new font was created to squeeze more characters onto the display than normal. [George] ended up porting a Forth interpreter, which defaults to RPN style, to finally achieve his humble objective. He also managed to get a version of Conway’s Game Of Life running, check out the video after the break.

We can’t get enough of our calculator hacks here, so make sure to check out the CPU transplant on this vintage Soviet calculator.

[Many thanks to Adrian for the hot tip]

Wed, 06 Apr 2022 12:26:00 -0500 Chris Wilkinson en-US text/html
Calorie-Cutting Tricks

When you think about going on a diet, the first word that jumps into your head is probably "deprivation." That's because most weight-loss plans are based on depriving you of your favorite foods, counting calories, and ultimately, leaving you hungry. Sooner or later -- usually sooner -- you get tired of feeling hungry all the time, say "to heck with this diet," and go back to your old habits. What follows is a vicious cycle: you gain weight, become disgusted with yourself, feel miserable, and make yet another commitment to find the right diet once and for all.

Well, you are in luck. The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic can show you the right way to tackle weight loss, a way that will free you from diets forever. And by losing weight, you will also get healthier. Losing as little as 5% to 10% of your body weight can significantly Strengthen your health, especially if you have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

First, you need to be committed to making minor changes in your lifestyle. Second, supply up the guilt! It's not a good motivator and has no place in weight management. Equipped with a positive attitude, you can follow a few easy steps to cut calories and win the battle of the bulge.

We aim to teach you to make small changes in the amounts and types of foods you enjoy without asking you to supply any food up completely. Forbidding foods creates incredible cravings! Instead of asking you to eliminate your favorite foods, we want you to enjoy them with these modifications:

  • Reduce the portion size. Anything less than you were eating is a step in the right direction. Increase your portions of heart-healthy vegetables, and try a meatless meal each week.
  • Indulge occasionally in those rich and decadent foods you love. If we said you could never have another piece of cheesecake, you would think and dream about it, perhaps even become obsessed with the restriction. It's better to satisfy your urges with small portions of what you crave. Just knowing you can have that hot fudge sundae once in a while is empowering, and helps keep your resolve strong.
  • Modify the food. If you love super-premium ice cream, try low-fat frozen yogurt. You may be surprised how a healthier alternative can satisfy your cravings. Using smart substitutes like those listed below is another way to modify your family favorites to make them healthier. Don't forget to visit our own Recipe Doctor message board for Elaine Magee's great suggestions on making food nutritious and delicious.
  • Cut the fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram, while protein and carbohydrates have only 4. If you simply reduce the fat content of your diet, you can cut calories while eating about the same amount of food. Also, eating a lower-fat diet makes you feel better and will Strengthen your health.
  • Pump up the fiber. Eating plenty of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes is a great way to feel satisfied on fewer calories. These foods are loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals, both of which have been shown to lower your risk of cancer and heart disease.

You can save even more calories by making some smart substitutions when you are in the kitchen. Here are a few modifications you can use to "healthy up" your cooking. Be adventurous, and you'll be surprised to see how delicious a food can be without all those extra calories.

Smart Substitutions to Help Cut Calories
Instead of using: Try:
Cream Fat-free evaporated milk or fat-free half & half.
Fat to thicken sauces, soups, stews Pureed, cooked potatoes or roasted veggies.
Oil in marinades Citrus juices or flavored vinegars.
Stick margarine Tub margarine, vegetable oil, or flavored broth.
All the cheese in a recipe Half the amount of extra-sharp cheese or an equal amount of low-fat cheese.
Wine or alcohol in cooking Flavored broth or apple juice.
Ground beef Half the amount of lean ground meat, and half beans or tofu.
High-fat sauces Fruit or vegetable salsa, or vegetable purees thinned with added broth.
Whole eggs Two egg whites for each egg, or egg substitute.
Oil or butter in baked goods Unsweetened applesauce, baby-food prunes, or fat-free sour cream.

If cutting calories is not your thing, you may prefer to burn extra calories. We all know how easy it is to eat extra calories. How easy is it to burn them?

A 150-pound person can burn 100 calories by:

  • Pedaling an exercise bike for 13 minutes
  • Climbing up and down stairs for 16 minutes
  • Gardening for 18 minutes
  • Walking briskly for 22 minutes
  • House cleaning for 25 minutes

Rich Weil, our fitness guru, has all kinds of fun and exciting tips to help you learn to love physical activity. Drop in on his Exercise and Fitness message board for some new ideas.

The bottom line is to find simple ways to incorporate calorie-burning or calorie-saving steps into your activities of daily living. If they become habitual, you will be successful at losing weight -- once and for all.

Tue, 15 Dec 2020 07:36:00 -0600 en text/html
Trick Or Treat? 13 Financial Steps To Take On Halloween

Trick or treat? That’s a phrase you'll hear a lot on Halloween.

The tradition is that the trick is an implied threat if you don't provide a treat. Halloween is all meant to be harmless fun and games.

But when it comes to our finances, there can be real harm. We too often fail to provide treats and end up suffering from the tricks we really should be afraid of.

Here is a countdown of 13 money-related tricks you might fall for and the treats that can help ward them away.

Trick No. 1: Your Identity Is Stolen

Treat: Check your credit reports for errors once a year for free at Sign up for free credit monitoring with sites like Credit Karma (which uses data from Equifax EFX and TransUnion so you may also want to sign up for monitoring directly with Experian). Place a security freeze on your credit reports to prevent anyone from accessing your credit without your permission. Be careful of where you use debit and credit cards.

Trick No. 2: You’re Unprepared For An Accident Or Illness

Treat: Make sure you have adequate property and casualty, health, and disability insurance; an advance health care directive; and a durable power of attorney.

Trick No. 3: You Overlook Proper Estate Planning

Treat: While nothing can stop death, here’s how you can lessen the impact on your heirs. Make sure you have enough life insurance to provide for your dependents; a will; up-to-date beneficiary designations; and possibly a trust to avoid probate, provide more control over the disposition of your assets, and minimize estate taxes.

Trick No. 4: You Unexpectedly Lose Your Job

Treat: Try to build up enough cash reserves to cover at least three to six months’ worth of necessary expenses.

Trick No. 5: You’re Struggling With Debt

Treat: Consider ways to reduce the interest on your credit cards and your expenses. Then put those savings toward the debt with the highest interest rate. As one debt is paid off, put those payments toward the remaining debt with the highest interest rate until they’re all paid off. (Once you get to debts with interest rates below 4% to 6%, you may not want to pay them off early since you can earn more in the long run by investing the savings instead.) You can use this Debt Blaster calculator to see how quickly you can pay your debt off and how much interest you would save.

If you’re having trouble with the minimum payments, you may want to negotiate an affordable payment plan with your creditors or work with a nonprofit credit counseling agency to do it for you. As a last resort, filing for bankruptcy protection can supply you a clean slate to rebuild your credit. Student loans are virtually impossible to get rid of through bankruptcy, so if you’re struggling with those payments, consider a new federal loan repayment plan or talk with the loan service provider about options for deferment or forbearance.

Trick No. 6: You’re Not Saving Enough For Retirement

Treat: Put at least enough money in your employer’s retirement plan to get any matching funds and run a retirement calculator to see how much more you need to save to reach your goals. When running the calculator, be sure to assume below average real investment returns and an above average life expectancy to be on the safe side.

Trick No. 7: You’re Paying Too Much In Taxes

Treat: Make as much use as you can of tax-advantaged accounts like employer-sponsored retirement plans, IRAs, and HSAs. Use taxable accounts for tax-efficient investments like equity index funds, individual stocks, and investment real estate and harvest losses in your portfolio each year.

Trick No. 8: You’re Losing Money To Inflation

Treat: For long-term money, have at least a portion of your portfolio invested in stocks to allow for enough growth to keep pace with inflation. You may also want to include real assets like real estate and commodities as a hedge against periods of rising inflation.

Trick No. 9: You’re Dealing With Poor Market Timing

Treat: Stick to a diversified asset allocation strategy based on your time frame and risk tolerance, and rebalance it at least once a year. One simple way to do this is with an asset allocation fund since they are designed to be a fully diversified one-stop shop. If you prefer to make your own portfolio, you can use a free online tool like Portfolio Visualizer to see the performance history of various asset allocation models, including ones you can design. You can also use a roboadvisor or an old-fashioned human financial advisor.

Trick No. 10: Your Investment Returns Are Lower Due To Fees And Trading Costs

Treat: Low fund fees have been found to be the “most proven predictor of future fund returns,” a 2016 Morningstar MORN report noted. You can minimize fees and trading costs by sticking to index funds (including low cost target date funds made up of index funds or ETFs). If you want help choosing your investment allocation, look for free workplace financial education and guidance programs from your employer, online tools that may be offered by your retirement plan provider for free, or representatives at a discount brokerage firm.

Trick No. 11: Your Child Faces The Burden Of Student Loan Debt

Treat: If your child is still young and you can afford to save for a college education, start putting money away in a 529 plan and/or a Coverdell Education Savings Account. Both of them can grow tax-free for education expenses. If your child is approaching college age, check out these tips on maximizing financial aid eligibility and seek out ways to cut costs like choosing a less expensive school or starting at a community college.

Trick No. 12: You Haven’t Protected Your Assets From Long-Term Care Costs

Treat: If you’re in your 50s to early 60s, consider purchasing long-term care insurance while you’re still relatively young and healthy enough to qualify. In particular, see if your state offers a long-term care partnership program, which allows you to qualify for Medicaid benefits while still keeping an amount of assets equal to the insurance coverage you purchase through the program if your benefits are exhausted. That way, you know exactly how much insurance to purchase: enough to cover your assets.

Trick No. 13: You’re Procrastinating On Any Of The Above

Treat: Make a list of all the things mentioned above that you need to do and then break them down into manageable steps. If necessary, consider working with a financial planner who can help guide you through the process and hold you accountable. Your employer may even offer access to one for free through a workplace financial wellness program.

There will be lots of witches, zombies, vampires, and other monsters running around tomorrow night. Fortunately, they’re fairly harmless. But the real threats aren’t so visible, and it will take a little more than a few pieces of candy to keep them at bay.

Mon, 30 Oct 2023 02:01:00 -0500 Erik Carter en text/html
8 Tricks to Cheap Student Travel No result found, try new keyword!As the days grow longer and the weather warmer, a tremor of excitement passes through college campuses: Summer vacation is on its way. Soon, students will be swapping books for plane tickets and ... Mon, 13 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 How to Line Up a Great Connections Solve

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to get better at Connections, the existing game in the New York Times Games catalog. While there’s not a single best strategy, we’ve had a lot of fun over the past few months developing our own approaches. We spoke to a few experienced solvers and the game’s editors to get some tips.

First, make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules, which you can find by clicking or tapping the question mark icon in the top right corner of the game.

Ultimately, your gameplay is going to be informed by your unique knowledge and personality. Don’t let the pursuit of a “perfect” solve stand in the way of having a good time and solving the puzzle.

We don’t expect you to know every possible way a category can come together, but it’s helpful to know the most common ways that they’re structured. The categories have set difficulties. Yellow is the easiest, then green, then blue. Purple is the trickiest. Typically, categories involve trivia or the meaning or structure of words.

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