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HPE2-T37 syllabus - Using HPE OneView Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: HPE2-T37 Using HPE OneView syllabus January 2024 by team

HPE2-T37 Using HPE OneView

Exam Specification: HPE2-T37 Using HPE OneView

Exam Name: HPE2-T37 Using HPE OneView
Exam Code: HPE2-T37
Exam Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Passing Score: Not specified
Exam Format: Multiple-choice and hands-on performance-based questions

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to HPE OneView
- Overview of HPE OneView features and benefits
- Understanding the architecture and components of HPE OneView
- Exploring the HPE OneView user interface and navigation

2. HPE OneView Installation and Configuration
- Preparing the infrastructure for HPE OneView deployment
- Installing and configuring HPE OneView
- Managing network connectivity and integration with existing systems

3. Server Hardware Management
- Adding and managing server hardware in HPE OneView
- Configuring server profiles and templates
- Monitoring and troubleshooting server health and performance

4. Storage and SAN Management
- Configuring and managing storage resources in HPE OneView
- Creating storage profiles and managing storage volumes
- Integrating HPE OneView with SAN fabrics

5. Networking Management
- Managing network resources and switches in HPE OneView
- Configuring networking profiles and templates
- Monitoring network health and performance

6. Resource and Power Management
- Managing physical and virtual resources in HPE OneView
- Allocating resources and optimizing resource utilization
- Monitoring and controlling power usage and efficiency

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the features, benefits, and architecture of HPE OneView.
2. Install and configure HPE OneView for managing infrastructure.
3. Manage server hardware, including server profiles and templates.
4. Configure and manage storage resources and integrate with SAN fabrics.
5. Manage network resources and switches using HPE OneView.
6. Optimize resource allocation and monitor power usage with HPE OneView.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to HPE OneView (10%)
- Overview of HPE OneView features and benefits
- Architecture and components of HPE OneView
- HPE OneView user interface and navigation

Section 2: HPE OneView Installation and Configuration (20%)
- Preparing infrastructure for HPE OneView deployment
- Installation and initial configuration of HPE OneView
- Network connectivity and integration with existing systems

Section 3: Server Hardware Management (25%)
- Adding and managing server hardware in HPE OneView
- Configuring server profiles and templates
- Monitoring and troubleshooting server health and performance

Section 4: Storage and SAN Management (20%)
- Configuring and managing storage resources in HPE OneView
- Creating storage profiles and managing storage volumes
- Integrating HPE OneView with SAN fabrics

Section 5: Networking Management (15%)
- Managing network resources and switches in HPE OneView
- Configuring networking profiles and templates
- Monitoring network health and performance

Section 6: Resource and Power Management (10%)
- Managing physical and virtual resources in HPE OneView
- Resource allocation and optimization
- Monitoring and controlling power usage and efficiency
Using HPE OneView
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Using HPE OneView
Question: 29
Which action is allowed on storage pools managed by HPE OneView?
A. Volume provisioning
B. Setting storage pool replication
C. Changing storage pool RAID level
D. Changing storage pool capacity
Answer: A
Question: 30
Your customer wants to manage their HPE Superdome Flex using HPE OneView.
Which component must be added to HPE OneView to accomplish this task?
A. Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
B. Rack Management Controller (RMC)
C. all nPARs created within the complex
D. only the base chassis from the complex
Answer: A
Question: 31
What event occurs on iLO when an HPE ProLiant server is added to HPE OneView?
A. IPMI credentials are configured for the iLO
B. REST API plugin is enabled for iLO
C. Active Directory configuration is performed on iLO
D. SSO certificate is added to the iLO
Answer: D
Question: 32
Your customer plans to use HPE OneView to manage a small environment based on HPE ProLiant servers that
includes G7 and Gen 10 systems .
What should you explain to thiscustomer?
A. HPE Management Agent must he installed for HPE ProLiant Gen 10 servers.
B. HPE ProLiant G7 and Gen10 cannot be managed using the same appliance.
C. Not all of the features will be available for HPE ProLiant G7 systems.
D. HPE ProLiant Gen 10 servers do not need an HPE OneView license.
Answer: C
Question: 33
Click the option that will prevent the appliance from sending any email notifications or forwarding any SNMP traps
that are related to the server hardware.
Graphical user interface, application
Description automatically generated
Question: 34
As a part of troubleshooting, you have to reinstall the same version of the firmware on an HPE Synergy Compute
Module. Click the area within the Firmware section of the server profile that will allow you to install the same
firmware version.
Question: 35
Click the option that will allow you to update the firmware of master and satellite modules.
Question: 36
Which connection type can be defined within a server profile for an MPE ProLiant DL server?
D. Ethernet
Answer: C
Question: 37
What step must be taken to add an HPE SuperDome Flex to an existing OneView environment
A. A Rack Management Controller must be added to HPE OneView.
B. HPE Superdome Flex can be added to HPE OneView after at least one nPAR is created.
C. Each HPE Superdome Flex chassis must be added Individually using BMC I
E. HPE Superdome Flex complex can be added by adding base chassis of this complex.
Answer: A
Question: 38
Which statement about managing an HPE BiaoeSystem server is true?
A. A multi-enclosure Virtual Connect domain can be imported to HPE OneView without disrupting servers
B. Both c3000 and C7000 HPE BladeSystems enclosures can be imported to HPE OneView for monitoring
C. An HPE server blade cannot be deleted from HPE OneView It must be physically removed from the enclosure
D. An HPE server blade can be removed from HPE OneView by deleting the server from the Server Hardware section
Answer: D
Question: 39
Click the option that will allow you to disable virtual MAC addresses or generate a new pool of virtual Worldwide
Question: 40
Refer to the exhibit.
Your customer created multiple networks in HPE OneView, but only Eth-1 is available to be used within a server
profile .
What is a likely cause of this situation?
A. The other networks are not configured with the required Smart Link parameter.
B. The other networks are not added to the Logical Interconnect Group configuration.
C. The other networks have Private Network selected, which hides them from ComputeModules.
D. The other networks are configured with a purpose other than General or Management.
Answer: C
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HP OneView syllabus - BingNews Search results HP OneView syllabus - BingNews 8 Must-See Products And Solutions Unveiled At HP GPC 2015

HP Expands Reach Into Enterprise, SMB Infrastructure Market

The move by Hewlett-Packard to split into two companies is not slowing down HP's introduction of new server, storage and other data center technologies, if last week's HP Global Partner Conference is any indication.

On Nov. 1, the enterprise infrastructure part of HP, including its Helion cloud business, will be known as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. The rest of HP, centered primarily around its print and PC business, will be known as HP Inc.

In the meantime, HP continues to roll out new storage, server, and management products and solutions. Turn the page to see what HP is doing in the run up to its historic split.

HP OneView: Management Console For All Server, Storage, Networking

HP expanded its data center management capabilities with new partner training and services for its HP OneView software for managing server, storage and networking via a single console.

HP OneView lets customers do things like create server profiles and images, define storage volumes in 3PAR arrays for virtual machines, deduplicate such profiles, and get information on power use and data center ambient temperatures, all via a single console. A ReST API allows plugging into other management consoles.

Customers purchasing an HP c7000 blade server chassis also will have the option of buying a new starter pack of 16 HP OneView licenses. That starter pack is priced at $13,783, which represents a savings of about $1,000 over purchasing the licenses separately.

HP Wants Partners To Handle ConvergedSystem 700 Services

HP wants its solution provider partners to take over the services related to integrating the ConvergedSystem 700 converged infrastructure offering.

Until now, HP has packaged the storage, server, networking and other components of a ConvergedSystem solution in its own facilities before shipping them directly to customers' sites, where HP-trained people at the customer site do the real deployment. Now ServiceOne partners do on-site delivery and deployment of ConvergedSystem 700 solutions, which can be assembled by, and shipped from, Avnet.

Flash For MSA Storage

HP enhanced its MSA family of SMB storage arrays with the addition of SSDs for use as a low-cost, high-performance read cache. The new SSD option, which lists starting at $1,599, is in addition to the standard flash cache now shipping in about 25 percent of all MSA arrays sold.

Turning StoreVirtual Virtual Appliance Into Hardware

HP expanded its StoreVirtual scale-out storage line with the introduction of its new StoreVirtual 4335 hybrid flash array. The StoreVirtual 4335 features the same user interface, command line interface and data services as HP's StoreVirtual virtual storage appliance, but comes as an integrated hardware appliance with three 400-GB SSDs and seven 900-GB spinning drives.

New Hardware, Virtual Versions Of HP StoreOnce Line

Also new from HP are a couple of additions to the company's StoreOnce line of disk-based data protection and deduplication appliances.

New to the line is the StoreOnce 2900 with between 15.5 TBs and 31.5 TBs of raw capacity. That puts it between HP's existing StoreOnce 2700, which starts at 5.5 TBs of raw capacity, and the StoreOnce 4500, which can have from 24 TBs to 124 TBs. It can either be used as a complete SMB backup appliance or as a replication target for other StoreOnce solutions.

HP also introduced the StoreOnce Virtual Storage Appliance, or VSA, which runs on VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V or KVM hypervisors on industry-standard hardware to provide a low-cost data protection appliance with raw capacity of up to 50 TBs.

New Versions Of StoreEasy NAS Line

HP introduced three new models in its StoreEasy NAS family. The HP StoreEasy 1450 starts at $5,497 with a minimum of four 1-TB SATA hard drives, but scales to up to 24 TBs total in 1U. The HP StoreEasy 1650 maxes out at 72 TBs of raw internal capacity in a 2U chassis, but starts with eight 2-TB hard drives. The HP StoreEasy 1850, which starts at $14,657 with eight 1.2-TB SAS hard drives, expands to up to 43.2 TBs in 2U.

HP also is bundling its StoreEasy NAS appliance and its LiveVault archiving service as a Backup-as-a-Service offering. Starting price is $7,500, which includes an HP StoreEasy 1450 appliance combined with a 2-TB license for the LiveVault cloud.

Entry-Level ProLiant Tower Server

The HP ProLiant ML110 is the latest in HP's Gen9 servers, and is an upgrade to the previous ML110 G7. HP enhanced the ProLiant ML110 with more memory, disk storage and IO expansion, and optimized the server's compute capabilities for SMB physical and virtual workloads.

The HP ProLiant ML110 is scheduled to ship on April 1 with a list price of about $1,000.

Really Entry-Level ProLiant Tower Server

The HP ProLiant ML10 v2 is an updated version of the ML10 introduced in 2014. The ML10 v2 sits between HP's previous Gen8 server and the new Gen9 servers in that it uses the new Intel Haswell vs. the older Ivy Bridge platform, as well as HP's new Smart Array, but still lacks some components, including DDR4 SDRAM memory.

In addition to the new Haswell platform and Smart Array, the ProLiant ML10 v2, compared to the original ML10, also has six hard drives vs. four, and two Ethernet ports vs. 1

The HP ProLiant ML10 v2 is slated to ship in mid-April with a list price starting at about $300.

Wed, 25 Mar 2015 04:57:00 -0500 text/html
Why HP's Decision to Split Into Two Companies Makes Sense No result found, try new keyword!our HP OneView management platform, our HP Helion Cloud and a host of software and services offerings in security, analytics and application transformation," Whitman said in a press release. Mon, 06 Oct 2014 00:43:00 -0500 text/html hp calculator

If you like Nixie tubes and/or DIY calculators, checkout this interesting talk from the HP Handheld Conference in Orlando last month by [Eric Smith] from Brouhaha and [John Doran] from Time Fracture. For 20-some years, [Eric] and the late [Richard Ottosen] have been incrementally developing various DIY calculators — this paper from the 2005 HHC conference is an excellent overview of the early project. [John] got one of those early DIY calculators and set about modifying it to use Nixie tubes. However, he got distracted by other things and set it aside — until reviving it earlier this year and enlisting [Eric]’s aid.

This presentation goes over the hardware aspects of the design. Unlike the earlier PIC-based DIY calculators, they decided to use a WCH RISC-V processor this time around. The calculator’s architecture is intentionally modular, with the display and keyboard housed in completely separate enclosures communicating by a serial interface. If the bulkiness alone doesn’t exclude it from being pocket-sized, the 170 VDC power supply and 1/2 W per digit power consumption certainly does. This modularity does lend itself to DIYers replacing the display, or the keyboard, with something different. [Eric] wants to build a mechanical flip-digit display for his unit. As for the software, [Eric] reviews the firmware approach and some future upgrades, such as making it programmable and emulating other flavors of HP calculators.

If you’re embarking on a similar project yourself, check out this talk and take notes — there are a lot of interesting tidbits on using Nixie tubes in the 21st century. If [Eric]’s name sounds familiar, you may know him from the Nonpareil calculator software used on many emulators and DIY calculator projects, one of which we covered some years ago. [John] is also a long-time tinkerer, and we wrote about his gorgeous D16/M HCMOS computer system back in 2012. Thanks to [Stephen Walters] for sending in the tip.

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Mon, 06 Nov 2023 10:01:00 -0600 en-US text/html
HP Unleashes 12 New Enterprise Products At HP Discover

A New Style Of IT

HP upped the ante in its bid to drive a new style of IT with a blizzard of breakthrough products from the first-ever 100 percent liquid-cooled supercomputer to a new thin- client lineup including the embedded thin-client Linux-based operating system the HP ThinPro 5.0. Here are 12 new HP enterprise offerings that solution providers can leverage to drive a new style of IT for customers.

An Apollo Liftoff

HP's new Apollo 8000 high-performance computing system is the first 100 percent liquid-cooled supercomputer. HP said it has solved the liquid-cooling conundrum with new patented technologies that drive big savings in power and cooling. The U.S. National Renewable Energy Labs already is using the Apollo 8000 to save an estimated $1 million per year. A liquid-cooled Apollo 8000 has 144 servers per rack. The Apollo 8000 is targeted at the most demanding high-performance computing applications.

Apollo 6000 Supercharges Silicon Design

The Apollo 6000 system, which can accommodate up to 160 servers per rack, also is delivering dramatic savings in operating expenses and energy efficiency. In fact, Intel is seeing up to a 35 percent performance increase in its electronic silicon design automation application workloads with 5,000 new Intel based Apollo systems it has deployed. The Apollo 6000 will be attractive to solution providers serving the financial services and CAD/CAM design markets.

HP's OneView Automation Hub

HP promises that its new OneView software Automation Hub will drive six times faster provisioning for its Shark ConvergedSystems. In fact, HP's own testing showed that the new OneView 1.10 with the Automation Hub software reduced the time it takes to deploy 32 server clusters on HP ProLiant Blades with 3Par 7200 storage arrays and Brocade switches from 16 hours of an IT administrator's time to just 2.5 hours. "The real differentiator is software," said HP Senior Vice President Tom Joyce. "You cannot create a hardware bundle that does what the combination of Sharks and HP OneView will do."

HP's Converged System 300 And 700 OneView Advantage

OneView version 1.10 marks the first time that HP has leveraged the converged software defined management platform to completely automate HP compute, networking and storage including HP 3Par storage arrays on its Shark ConvergedSystems. To that end, HP has combined OneView with its ConvergedSystem 300 and 700 Shark Virtualization systems. HP said the software addition reduces IT operational expenses by up to three times and provides two times the performance of comparable offerings.

HP Virtual Cloud Networking SDN Application

HP is stepping up its Helion OpenStack cloud offensive with an HP Virtual Cloud Networking SDN Application. The new software, which is designed specifically for Helion, paves the way for solution providers to automate network service, allowing SDN-enabled applications to be rapidly deployed to thousands of users. HP Senior Vice President Antonio Neri said the offering is a sign of HP's commitment to modernize customer networks as they transition to the cloud. "Cloud as it's meant to be can't be accomplished without SDN," he said.

HP FlexFabric Data Center 7900 Switch

The software-defined networking war is in full swing. HP's latest weapon: the SDN-enabled 7900 DataCenter switch series, which creates a cloud- and SDN-ready infrastructure. HP said the 7900 speeds workload mobility for VMware vSphere vMotion by up to 80 percent. What's more, HP said the 7900's compact modular form factor reduces cost and complexity up to 75 percent.

Virtual Machine Pricing For HP DataCenter Care

HP is taking its Enhanced DataCenter Care Flexible Capacity offering to a new level with the ability to meter and price usage by virtual machine. That's a big breakthrough given just how prevalent VMware is in corporate accounts.

HP is also now offering seamless integration between on-premise systems and public cloud resources in a single pool by providing access to the HP Helion Public Cloud. Key to that is simplified billing for both on-premise and public cloud metering.

The flexible capacity pay-as-you-go model is finding a big following among a growing number of solution providers transforming themselves into service providers.

Faster, Faster, Faster: 3Par All-Flash Array With Dedupe

HP gave its all-flash HP 3Par StoreServ 7450 array a major software upgrade and added new SSDs, which together provide a significant boost in performance and reduction in space needed to store data.

New to the 3Par StoreServ 7450 is hardware-accelerated in-line primary deduplication which, along with new thin cloning software, cuts the space required to store data by about 75 percent without impacting performance, according to HP.

HP also is offering new high-density 1.9-TB cMLC NAND-based SSDs, which the company said brings the cost of flash-based storage to below $2 per GB. HP guarantees six nines, or 99.9999-percent, availability, for the new array.

Simplifying Data Protection

HP enhanced its backup, recovery and archiving solutions with the HP StoreOnce Federated Catalyst, a new solution the company said cuts management overhead significantly by combining all backup and archiving devices into a single pool of up to 17 petabytes of space, all managed with a single window.

The goal, according to HP, is to provide automation to cut the amount of time backup administrators spend on data protection and archiving and let them spend their time on more productive tasks.

The HP StoreOnce Federated Catalyst is being introduced first with the HP StoreOnce 6500 backup appliance, with the StoreOnce 6200 getting the capability soon, followed by other devices.

Flexible Thin Client

HP expanded its reach in the thin-client and virtual desktop market with the introduction of its t520 Flexible Series thin client device which the company is targeting at such businesses as call centers, retail, financial services and manufacturing.

The new HP t520 features a fanless design, and measures about 20 percent smaller than the company's earlier model, the t510. However, it offers 14 percent higher performance thanks to its AMD GX-212JC SOC processor and SATA flash drive interface, HP said.

All-in-One Zero Client

What's "thinner" than a thin client? How about a zero client.

HP's new t310 all-in-one zero client works in VMware environments as a remote Windows or cloud device. Its features the Teradici PCoIP (PC-over-IP) technology, which is also embedded in Amazon WorkSpaces, VMware Horizon DaaS and VMware Horizon View.

The t310 is a fanless device built into a 23-inch display, and comes with keyboard and mouse for use in small workspaces. It is targeted at health-care, financial services, government, retail and education environments.

New Thin-Client OS

HP also updated its embedded thin-client Linux-based operating system, the HP ThinPro 5.0, with a new user interface and the ability to allow users to easily move between the HP ThinPro OS and the HP Smart Zero Core.

With the new ThinPro 5.0 operating system, users can move between HP thin clients and HP zero clients, customize their desktops, manage the system with automatic or USB key updates, and set restore points for security and easy configuration, the company said.

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 15:49:00 -0600 text/html
Best HP laptop sales and deals in January 2024

Plenty of great HP laptops are on sale right now, including some of our picks for the best laptops of the year. Retailers like Best Buy, HP, and Amazon are chopping the price of HP's entire line. After discount, HP laptop sales start as low as $249. Speaking of discounts, make sure you check our HP coupon codes page for the latest offers on HP products. 

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HP laptop sales: Gaming

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Best HP Laptop for 2024

HP sells a wide variety of laptops, and many models are available in multiple configurations to match your performance and budget needs. If you need help finding the right HP laptop, we can help. Here are the main considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a new laptop.


The search for a new laptop for most people starts with price. If the statistics chipmaker Intel and PC manufacturers hurl at us are correct, you'll be holding onto your next laptop for at least three years. If you can afford to stretch your budget a little to get better specs, do it. And that stands whether you're spending $500 or more than $1,000. In the past, you could get away with spending less upfront with an eye toward upgrading memory and storage in the future. But laptop makers are increasingly moving away from making components easily upgradable, so again, it's best to get as much laptop as you can afford from the start. 

Generally speaking, the more you spend, the better the laptop. That could mean better components for faster performance, a nicer display, sturdier build quality, a smaller or lighter design from higher-end materials or even a more comfortable keyboard. All of these things add to the cost of a laptop. I'd love to say $500 will get you a powerful gaming laptop, for example, but that's not the case. Right now, the sweet spot for a reliable laptop that can handle average work, home office or school tasks is between $700 and $800, and a reasonable model for creative work or gaming upwards of about $1,000. The key is to look for discounts on models in all price ranges so you can get more laptop for less. And like other vendors, HP is constantly rotating sales on laptops on its site.


If you'll be taking your laptop with you to class or work or just down to your local coffee shop most mornings, then you'll want a smaller and lighter laptop -- something with a 13-inch or 14-inch screen. If you're buying a laptop for your home or work and don't plan on traveling with it with any great frequency, then it might serve you well to get a larger 15-inch, 16-inch or even a 17-inch display that gives you more room to work, play and multitask. 


When deciding on a display, there are many considerations: How much you need to display (which is surprisingly more about resolution than screen size), what types of content you'll be looking at, and whether you'll be using it for gaming or creative endeavors. 

You really want to optimize pixel density; that is, the number of pixels per inch the screen can display. Though there are other factors that contribute to sharpness, a higher pixel density usually means sharper rendering of text and interface elements. (You can easily calculate the pixel density of any screen at DPI Calculator if you don't feel like doing the math, and you can also find out what math you need to do there.) We recommend a dot pitch of at least 100 pixels per inch as a rule of thumb.

Because of the way Windows can scale the display, you're frequently better off with a higher resolution than you'd think. You can always make things bigger on a high-resolution screen, but you can never make them smaller -- to fit more content in the view -- on a low-resolution screen. This is why a 4K, 14-inch screen may sound like unnecessary overkill, but may not be if you need to, say, view a wide spreadsheet. 

Text and the edges of images can look fuzzy on a lower-resolution display. Look for a Full HD 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution at minimum -- or a 1,920x1,200-pixel resolution on laptops with 16:10 aspect ratios that are taller than traditional 16:9 widescreen displays and provide more vertical screen space for work without significantly increasing the footprint. A Quad HD (QHD) resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels (2,560x1,600 on a 16:10 display) will result in crisper text and images and will likely suffice on a 13- or 14-inch laptop display -- you don't necessarily need a 4K display.


The processor, aka the CPU, is the brains of a laptop. Intel and AMD are the main CPU makers for Windows laptops. Both offer a staggering selection of mobile processors. Making things trickier, both manufacturers have chips designed for different laptop styles, like power-saving chips for ultraportables or faster processors for gaming laptops. Their naming conventions will let you know what type is used. You can head to Intel's or AMD's sites for explanations so you get the performance you want. Generally speaking, though, the faster the processor speed and the more cores it has, the better the performance will be. 


The graphics processor, or GPU, handles all the work of driving the screen and generating what gets displayed, as well as speeding up a lot of graphics-related (and increasingly, AI-related) operations. For Windows laptops, there are two types of GPUs: integrated (iGPU) or discrete (dGPU). As the names imply, an iGPU is part of the CPU package, while a dGPU is a separate chip with dedicated memory (VRAM) that it communicates with directly, making it faster than sharing memory with the CPU.

Because the iGPU splits space, memory and power with the CPU, it's constrained by the limits of those. It allows for smaller, lighter laptops, but doesn't perform nearly as well as a dGPU. In fact, there are some games and creative software that won't run unless they detect a dGPU or sufficient VRAM. Most productivity software, video streaming, web browsing and other nonspecialized apps will run fine on an iGPU, though.

For more power-hungry graphics needs, like video editing, STEM and design applications as well as gaming, you'll need a dGPU; there are only two real companies that make them, Nvidia and AMD, with Intel offering some based on the Xe-branded (or the older UHD Graphics branding) iGPU technology in its CPUs.


For memory, we highly recommend 16GB of RAM, with 8GB being the absolute bare minimum. RAM is where the operating system stores all the data for currently running applications, and it can fill up fast. After that, it starts swapping between RAM and SSD, which is slower. A lot of sub-$500 laptops have 4GB or 8GB, which, in conjunction with a slower disk, can make for a frustratingly slow Windows laptop experience. Also, many laptops now have the memory soldered onto the motherboard. Most manufacturers disclose this, but if the RAM type is LPDDR, assume it's soldered and can't be upgraded. 

Some PC makers will solder memory on, however, and also leave an empty internal slot for adding a stick of RAM. You may need to contact the laptop manufacturer or find the laptop's full specs online to confirm. And check the web for user experiences, because the slot may still be hard to get to, it may require nonstandard or hard-to-get memory or other pitfalls, including voiding the warranty.


You'll still find cheaper hard drives in budget laptops and larger hard drives in gaming laptops, but faster solid-state drives have all but replaced hard drives in laptops. They can make a big difference in performance. But not all SSDs are equally speedy, and cheaper laptops typically have slower drives; if the laptop only has only 8GB of RAM, it may end up swapping to that drive and the system may slow down quickly while you're working. 

Get what you can afford, and if you need to go with a smaller drive, you can always add an external drive or two down the road, or use cloud storage to bolster a small internal drive. The one exception is gaming laptops: We don't recommend going with less than a 512GB SSD unless you really like uninstalling games every time you want to play a new game. 

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HP Discount Codes for January 2024


How long does HP take to deliver?

HP offers next working day delivery on all products currently in stock. Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday with free postage on all orders over £25. If you buy something under £25, the cost is £3 per order.

Does HP offer an NHS discount?

Yes, HP continues to offer an NHS employee discount. It's up to 40% off on select products and you'll need to verify your status as someone eligible for the discount. All NHS staff with a valid current NHS ID are eligible.

Is there a HP student discount?

HP offers up to 40% off for students. This discount applies to accessories and monitors, while you can save up to 15% on laptops and desktops, and up to 10% off printers. Students in sixth form, college, and university are eligible along with academic staff at all of those institutions. You need to register using your academic email address to be eligible with new students able to send their proof of enrolment to

What is HP+?

HP+ is a concept devised by HP to make its printers smarter. It makes it simpler to set up an Instant Ink subscription so that you're regularly sent ink as you need it with HP monitoring your ink levels. You also get an extra year's warranty with the company in case of any issues. As a smart printer, the device is always automatically kept up-to-date and secure. It's also cloud-connected so you can easily print from any other location.

How do I contact HP customer service?

HP offers many ways to contact customer service. If you want to talk to someone about a potential purchase, you can call 0207 660 3859 to enquire about a product. If you need to call tech support, the phone number is 0207 660 0596. In all cases, the phone lines are open 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Hints and Tips

Trade in your old PC: HP has a trade-in scheme that allows you to trade in any working laptop or desktop to get money off your next purchase. The laptop needs to be no more than six years old, it must be able to power on and hold at least 15 minutes of charge. When buying a PC from HP that costs over £601, you get £200 cashback while any system costing from £400 gets you £100. Check the system you want is part of the offer before signing up for the deal. It works as a cashback offer so you'll pay for the new device outright before receiving cashback within 21 days of receipt of your trade-in.

Check clearance deals: HP has a range of clearance deals with each product deemed as the "last chance to buy". It means stock is limited and you're sometimes buying slightly older tech but there are good savings to be made here if you're able to make the decision fast.

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