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Exam Code: MAC-16A Practice test 2023 by team
MAC-16A ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The MAC-16A ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification test typically consists of multiple-choice questions and hands-on practical tasks. The exact number of questions may vary.

- Time: The test duration is typically around 90 to 120 minutes. It is important to manage time effectively to complete all the required tasks within the allocated time.

Course Outline:
The ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification focuses on validating the knowledge and skills required to diagnose and repair Apple Macintosh computers. The course outline may include the following key areas:

1. Apple Product Line:
- Familiarity with the Apple product line
- Understanding different Mac models and configurations
- Knowledge of Mac hardware components and their functionalities

2. macOS and Software Installation:
- Understanding macOS operating system
- Performing macOS installations and upgrades
- Knowledge of macOS troubleshooting and recovery options

3. Mac Hardware Troubleshooting:
- Diagnosing hardware issues using Apple diagnostics tools
- Identifying and replacing faulty hardware components
- Troubleshooting common Mac hardware problems

4. Mac Software and Configuration:
- Configuring and troubleshooting software settings on Mac
- Resolving software conflicts and compatibility issues
- Managing user accounts and permissions

5. Mac Networking and Connectivity:
- Configuring network settings on Mac
- Troubleshooting network connectivity issues
- Knowledge of common networking protocols and technologies

6. Customer Service and Communication:
- Effective communication with customers
- Providing accurate and helpful technical assistance
- Understanding customer needs and expectations

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the MAC-16A ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification test typically include:
- Evaluating the candidate's knowledge of Apple product line and Mac hardware components.
- Testing the candidate's ability to diagnose and troubleshoot Mac hardware and software issues.
- Assessing the candidate's understanding of macOS operating system and software installations.
- Evaluating the candidate's knowledge of Mac networking and connectivity.
- Assessing the candidate's customer service and communication skills.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific test syllabus for the MAC-16A ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification may vary, but it generally includes the following topics:

1. Apple Product Line:
- Mac models and configurations
- Mac hardware components and functionalities
- Apple product specifications and features

2. macOS and Software Installation:
- macOS operating system and versions
- macOS installation and upgrade procedures
- Troubleshooting and recovery options

3. Mac Hardware Troubleshooting:
- Diagnosing hardware issues using Apple diagnostics tools
- Replacing faulty hardware components
- Troubleshooting common hardware problems

4. Mac Software and Configuration:
- Software settings and configurations on Mac
- Troubleshooting software conflicts and compatibility issues
- Managing user accounts and permissions

5. Mac Networking and Connectivity:
- Configuring network settings on Mac
- Troubleshooting network connectivity issues
- Understanding networking protocols and technologies

6. Customer Service and Communication:
- Effective communication with customers
- Providing technical assistance and support
- Understanding customer needs and expectations

ACMT 2016 MAC Service Certification
Apple Certification test plan
Killexams : Apple Certification test plan - BingNews Search results Killexams : Apple Certification test plan - BingNews Killexams : Apple Planning to Test AI Services Using Foxconn Servers

Foxconn will exclusively supply Apple with dedicated servers for training and testing artificial intelligence services, according to Taiwan's Economic Daily News (via South China Morning Post).

hey siri banner apple
The servers are to be made in Vietnam due to Apple's plan to diversify its supply chain away from China. Foxconn currently supplies servers to Amazon, OpenAI, and Nvidia for AI applications. Foxconn is already Apple's primary provider of data center servers.

Last month, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said that Apple was working on "Apple GPT" artificial intelligence projects that could rival OpenAI's ChatGPT. Apple does not yet have a "clear strategy" for creating a product for consumers, and while it could be planning to make a "significant" AI announcement in 2024, Gurman claims it has no concrete plans as of yet. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the progress of Apple's generative AI technology is significantly behind its competitors and there is no sign that the company plans to launch AI services next year.

During Apple's earnings call last week, CEO ‌Tim Cook‌ said that AI and machine learning are "core fundamental technologies integral to virtually every product" that Apple builds. AI is apparently "absolutely critical" to Apple, with Cook confirming that Apple has been investigating generative AI "for years."

Tue, 08 Aug 2023 00:28:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Best fitness trackers for HIIT No result found, try new keyword!Take advantage of time intervals, keep track of where you are in your routine and more with these fitness trackers that come preloaded with HIIT-friendly features. Wed, 23 Aug 2023 07:08:27 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : Ford Hires Apple Software Exec With a Plan for Subscription Services No result found, try new keyword!Ford is not trying to nickel and dime customers with service options, says ex-Apple exec Peter Stern in his new role. Mon, 14 Aug 2023 04:45:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Apple TV Plus MLS plan: price, season pass and what games you can stream

If you want to watch soccer, the Apple TV Plus MLS Plan is well worth checking out, as it lets you stream Major League Soccer games over the internet, all form one platform.

Wits Lionel Messi becoming a part of the MLS recently, thanks to his joining Inter Miami, countless soccer fans have flocked to this Apple TV Plus spin-off in order to watch the legend play.

That’s right, the Apple TV Plus MLS Plan is a spin-off to ’standard’ Apple TV Plus, and that means this service doesn’t offer you movies or TV shows. Just soccer. That can make the streaming service a little confusing, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

Apple TV Plus MLS price

So what's the cost of Apple TV Plus MLS each month? In the US, you have to pay $14.99 for the plan, and in the UK it's £14.99.

The plan doesn't include the standard Apple TV Plus, but if you already subscribe to Apple's movie and TV subscription service, you can save $2/£2 on that monthly cost. In addition, the Apple TV Plus free trials you see everywhere doesn't cover the MLS plan, except in a few special cases.

Apple TV Plus MLS season pass

You can save money on the Apple TV Plus MLS plan by paying for a season pass, which will let you watch games until the MLS season ends in December.

This costs $99/£99, but if you already subscribe to Apple TV Plus, it's only $79/£79, so you'll save money by paying for the full season of the streaming service that way.

What MLS games can you stream?

The good news for MLS fans is that the Apple TV Plus MLS plan lets you stream every single game from the 29 teams participating in the league. This includes regular season matches, as well as playoff and MLS Cup matches.

Plus, all of the Leagues Cup matches are available on the MLS Season Pass too, so you can see the US, Canadian and Mexican teams go head-to-head. The exception to this is Mexico, as the Apple TV Plus app won't let you stream Leagues Cup games there.

How to stream Apple TV Plus MLS

You use the Apple TV Plus app to stream MLS games.

This app is available on all Apple devices including iPhones on iOS, iPads on iPadOS, Macs on MacOS and Apple TVs on tvOS.

In addition you can use smart TVs, games consoles, PCs, Android phones and tablets, ChromeOS devices and Windows PCs to stream Apple TV Plus, and therefore MLS.

Wed, 16 Aug 2023 12:43:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : TikTok’s plan to take on Spotify and Apple Music

The Scene

Since it first exploded in popularity five years ago, TikTok has evolved into the de facto launching pad for new musicians around the world, playing an instrumental role in turning artists like Lil Nas X, Olivia Rodrigo, and Doja Cat into household names.

It now falls on Ole Obermann to make TikTok’s new subscription music streaming service into a success. TikTok Music went live in Brazil and Indonesia last month, and will compete around the world with platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. As global head of music development at TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, Obermann’s job is to negotiate with record labels and leverage the app’s cultural influence into new revenue streams.

Obermann previously held executive positions at Warner Music Group and Sony Music, where he helped close some of the first deals between the industry and platforms like Facebook and Spotify. We talked to him about how TikTok works with artists, the features coming to TikTok Music, and his current favorite song in the edited conversation below.

The View From Ole Obermann

Q: What impact has TikTok had on the music industry?

A: It is the most impactful discovery platform or discovery tool in the history of the music industry. In the past, radio was probably the biggest driver of discovery, and then music television — MTV, VH1 — became a really big driver of discovery, marketing, and promotion as well. TikTok is kind of both of those things, but at an incredible scale. Even more important is the format of music and short-form video on TikTok — it’s a completely personalized feed. That does an incredible job of matching the right song or the right video with the right audience. There’s just never been anything like it.

Q: If TikTok is the most important place for discovery, how does it work with artists, record labels, and music managers? How do you balance those relationships with TikTok’s own interests?

A: There’s a fine balance that we always have to achieve, right? Because the record labels or the managers, the artists — they’re actually pretty accustomed, historically, to having a good amount of control over what gets featured the most. Like in terms of what gets playlisted, what gets pushed on radio, or what gets featured in the iTunes Store or even physical retail.

The beauty of TikTok is that it is completely random. There is no longer the ability to say is the song, or are the artists who we are going to keep featuring. The community decides what is going to work. I think the industry has, and is still, working their way through how to deal with that. But they are kind of coming to embrace it more and more. They’re more agile, and can react to something that starts to happen on TikTok, even if it takes them by surprise.

They can quickly jump on board and do the marketing and the promotion and the support on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and the other platforms. It takes a little bit of the control away. But it introduces this beautiful element of surprise, where the most obscure and random song that no one saw coming, or genre of music that no one saw coming, ends up being a massive hit.

Q: It used to be that an artist would start sharing their music on TikTok, and if they were lucky, a record label or manager would find them and launch their professional career. But now TikTok is getting more involved in that process. For example, you launched SoundOn, a platform for music marketing and distribution, and last month, you started Elevate, a program specifically for emerging artists. Why are these initiatives a good idea?

A: It starts with creation. So the creator makes music, then you need discovery, promotion, and marketing to connect that musical creation with an audience that will hopefully fall in love with the song or the artist. Then, you need distribution, and sort of broader artist engagement — that would be a streaming service, like Spotify, or now, TikTok Music. That’s kind of the full journey for the song or for the artist, and we want to play a part in all aspects of that.

Q: Speaking of TikTok Music, you recently launched the new streaming service in Indonesia and Brazil, which are two of TikTok’s biggest markets. Why go to those countries first, rather than the United States, which is arguably still the capital of the global music industry?

A: There’s kind of a slightly complicated matrix of inputs or variables that you look at: What’s the competitive landscape? What’s the licensing landscape? How big is TikTok there? Can we try to draw on an audience that’s already engaged with one of our platforms? How much music engagement do we have in a certain country or geography already, that we’ll be able to hopefully translate directly into a newly launched premium streaming service? Those are probably the big ones, but there are quite a few others that we think about when we make a decision like this. Then we can learn as we go, and expand accordingly into other geographies off the back of that. The goal is to have a much broader, bigger footprint eventually. But we can’t do that all in one shot.

Q: You recently partnered with other streaming platforms, like Apple Music, which are now your competition. How are you thinking about those relationships?

A: Our philosophy goes back to our incredible passion and focus on discovery. When a user on TikTok discovers a song, whatever the easiest way is for that user to listen to the full song — whether that’s Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music — we want to facilitate that. We will be very neutral in terms of where the user wants to listen. If they’re a Spotify subscriber, then great, they should go listen on Spotify. Converting to full-length listening is the first priority.

Obviously, we’re confident and hopeful that we can build a big audience on our own streaming service. And there’s some really fun things we can do, leveraging what we know about user behavior around music on TikTok and how that’s going to translate into a full streaming service. I think we will be able to create some pretty amazing ties and bridges between the two. But we will still remain open for business with these other platforms as well, if that’s where the users want to listen.

Q: Can you say more about what kinds of integration there will be between TikTok and TikTok Music?

A: The music that gets served up to you in terms of recommendations in TikTok Music will be heavily influenced by what we already know about your musical tastes through TikTok. But we also think about how it’s actually a two-way street. You want fans to discover music on TikTok and then listen to it on TikTok Music. But more and more, especially the young fans, they want to engage with the music beyond just listening full-length. So you could also be in TikTok Music with a playlist of your favorite songs, and then, say, go make a video using a particular song as the soundtrack. So this could become a full loop, where you’re going in both directions between TikTok and TikTok Music.

Q: Another thing that TikTok is working on is this app called Ripple, which allows people to create and edit their own music. Are you envisioning a future where people are uploading music to TikTok Music that was produced with TikTok’s own tools?

A: We want to inspire creativity on the short-form video creation side, but also the audio creation side. Maybe you have a really particular kind of mood or vibe that you want to try to create a piece of music around, because that’s going to then be the perfect soundtrack for the video that you want to create. So the idea with Ripple is that — we are very early-stage — but we are going to be able to allow creators to customize the piece of audio or the song that they then want to sync up or soundtrack their video with.

Q: What’s your favorite song that you heard on TikTok recently, or your favorite artist?

A: There’s this song called Ojapiano. It’s an African song, and there’s a dance trend. It’s got a really fun beat and kind of a tribal flute sound to it. As it stands, the song is already doing some really big numbers and having a lot of success. But my bold prediction is that someone’s going to come along and put some [new] lyrics over it, and remix it to make it more of a pop song. Because right now, it’s almost more like an EDM dance song. I’ve got it stuck in my head right now.

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Killexams : Apple Arcade FAQ: ‘Kingdoms: Merge & Build’ is now available

Gaming subscription services are all the rage now, but Apple Arcade isn’t quite like Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass. So if you’ve got questions about it, we’ve got plenty of answers.

Updated 08/18/23: Merge-2 kingdom building game Kingdoms: Merge & Build is now available.

What is Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AppleTV that features more than 150 games. The games are a mix of genres and styles, and include original games you’ll only find on the service and others that can be found on the regular App Store or even other platforms. Apple Arcade isn’t a streaming service like Xbox Live Cloud Gaming or GeForce NOW. Games must be downloaded onto your device in order to be played.

What do I need to run it?

Apple Arcade is available as part of iOS 13, iPad OS 13, tvOS 13, and macOS Catalina or later. Some of the more visually-intensive games may only run well on newer hardware, though, and some Mac games require macOS 11 (Big Sur).

How much does Apple Arcade cost?

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, and you’ll also get a one-month free trial. You can also sign up for the annual plan, which is $49.99.

If you’re currently on the $4.99 month-to-month plan and want to switch to the annual plan, you can do so on your iPhone or iPad. Open the App Store app, then tap your account icon in the upper right. Tap Subscriptions, then tap the entry for Apple Arcade. Here, you can switch to the annual plan. Apple Arcade is also included in the Apple One subscription bundles, which range from $10 a month to $30 a month.

How do I sign up for Apple Arcade?

There isn’t an Apple Arcade app—it’s built into the App Store. On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac open the App Store and look for the Apple Arcade tab at the bottom of the screen (or in the left column on macOS). A sign-up screen with a Try It Free button will appear. After the trial you’ll be charged either the monthly or annual fee, depending on your selection. When subscribing, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID or Face ID to sign in, and you’ll have to confirm your subscription purchase a few times.

Once you’re done with the sign up, the Arcade section of the App Store shows what games are available to you. To access a game, tap on it in the App Store, then tap the Get button. When the game is done installing on your device, the Get button turns into a Play button, and you can tap it to launch the game. The game app icon will also appear on your device’s Home page.

On the Apple TV, there actually is an Arcade app. Open that to see the sign-up offer. You’ll also find an Arcade tab within the App Store.

Does my subscription include family sharing?

Yes. One $4.99 per month subscription can be shared between up to six people (including you).

How do I cancel Apple Arcade?

First off, keep in mind that if you cancel Apple Arcade (either before your free trial is up or after subscribing), you won’t be able to keep playing the games unless you re-subscribe. If you’re okay with that, you can use the same process you use to cancel any other subscription service. Here’s the easiest way to do it on the iPhone and iPad:

  1. Open the App Store app and tap on your profile photo in the upper right.
  2. In the screen that pops up, press Subscriptions near the top of the page.
  3. You’ll then see a list of active subscriptions, and Apple Arcade should be listed there. Tap it.
  4. You’ll either see Cancel Free Trial or Cancel Subscription toward the middle of the page that appears. Tap whatever option is available, then Confirm Cancellation.

And here’s how to cancel Apple Arcade on the Mac:

  1. Open the App Store app and then press the icon with your profile photo in the lower left.
  2. The Account window will appear, and you should then click View Information at the top of the window. Enter your password when/if prompted.
  3. When your Account Information appears, scroll down to the Manage section and click the Manage link to the right of Subscriptions.
  4. When the list of your active subscriptions appears, click Edit to the right of Apple Arcade.
  5. Toward the middle of the page that appears, you’ll see a button that says either Cancel Free Trial or Cancel Subscription. Click it, then click Confirm Cancellation and Confirm.

How do I access Apple Arcade games?

Apple Arcade is its own tab in the App Store. You can find games to get there, and grab anything you like without fear of being charged, seeing ads, or having to later buy in-app purchases.

Once downloaded, Apple Arcade games are found just like any other app on your device.

apple arcade app

You’ll find this tab on the Mac, too.

Does Apple curate the games on Apple Arcade?

Yes. Apple says it is “handpicking the games in Apple Arcade” and that it curates them “based on originality, quality, creativity, fun, and their appeal to players of all ages.”

Do Apple Arcade games have in-app purchases?

No. In Apple’s words, “since every game includes access to the full experience, including all game features, content, and future updates, no additional purchases will be required.” Even games that have in-app purchases on the App Store won’t have any in Apple Arcade.

Do Apple Arcade games have ads?

Also no. On a related note, Apple says Apple Arcade has no ad tracking.

Is Apple Arcade a game streaming service like Google’s Stadia or Xbox Game Streaming?

No. All Apple Arcade are downloaded.

Are Apple Arcade games available on other systems?

Apple Arcade games were originally exclusive to Apple Arcade—not in the regular App Store nor on any other mobile platform. Some would appear on PC or consoles, but never in a subscription service.

Apple has since relaxed that policy somewhat, and you can find games in Apple Arcade that also exist in the regular App Store or on Android. They are usually denoted by a “+” at the end, to differentiate the Apple Arcade version (free to get with your subscription, and free from ads or in-app purchases) from the App Store version. For example Mini Metro (App Store) vs. Mini Metro+ (Apple Arcade).

Will I still be able to buy games on the App Store without an Apple Arcade subscription?

Yes. There’s no sign that the existing games model will be going away, as it works fine for freemium games like Idle Heroes or Toon Blast. Apple is focusing on “handpicked” games for Apple Arcade, so there’s little doubt that the library will be much smaller than the thousands of games available in the App Store.

Are there demos for Apple Arcade games?

No, and they’re not really necessary. Like App Store apps, games get quickly and can easily be removed if you don’t want to keep it anymore.

Apple partly envisions Apple Arcade as a way of letting players try out games with more freedom than the App Store currently allows (which is basically none). In Apple’s words, “rather than pay upfront for each game, a subscription to Apple Arcade will supply players the opportunity to try any game in the service without risk.”

The service has a free trial, though, as we’ve seen with both Apple Music and Apple News+.

Am I able to keep playing Apple Arcade games if I cancel my subscription?

No. As with most subscription services, you only have access while you’re a subscriber.

Can I use controllers with Apple Arcade games?

Yes. In additional to traditional MFi (Made for iOS) controllers, you can pair some specific Bluetooth controllers for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with either your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Since many Apple Arcade games are playable on Mac and Apple TV (where controller support is more common), many games will support them. Some games, especially those that are also available in the broader App Store and only for iPhone or iPad, have no controller support.

rotor riot xbox lookalike

Recently Apple relaxed the requirements for MFi controller certification, which may have grown out of the Apple Arcade negotiations.

How often are new games released?

Games are typically released on Fridays, but not every Friday. The release schedule is sporadic—some Fridays there are no new games released, some see one game released, some more than one. Sometimes there will be no new game release, but existing games will get a big update with new content and features.

On average, new games are released at a rate of about one every 2-3 weeks, though this may Strengthen as Apple has loosened the rules around Apple Arcade exclusivity.

What games have been released so far?

There are over 150 games available for Apple Arcade, and the list grows all the time.

Title Publisher Release Date
A Fold Apart Lightning Rod Games 04/17/20
A Monster’s Expedition Draknek Limited 09/10/20
Agent Intercept Prodigy Design 09/19/19
Air Twister YS Net Inc. 06/24/22
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure ustwo 12/11/20
All of You Alike Studio 11/06/20
Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City Team Alto / Snowman 07/16/21
Alto’s Adventure—Remastered Team Alto / Snowman 03/25/22
Amazing Bomberman Konami 08/05/22
Angry Birds Reloaded Rovio 07/16/21
Asphalt 8: Airborne+ Gameloft 08/27/21
Assemble With Care ustwo 09/19/19
ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree Wildboy Studios 09/19/19
Badland Party HypeHype Oy 05/06/22
Baldo: The Guardian Owls Naps Team 08/27/21
Ballistic Baseball Gameloft 10/18/19
Battleheart Legacy+ Mika Mobile 11/04/22
BattleSky Brigade: Harpooner BattleBrew Productions 09/19/19
Beyond a Steel Sky Revolution Software 06/26/20
Beyond Blue E-Line Media 04/17/20
Big Time Sports Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
Bleak Sword Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Bold Moves+ Red Games Co. 06/09/23
Bridge Constructor+ Headup GmbH 02/04/22
Butter Royale Mighty Bear Games 01/24/20
Card of Darkness Pendleton Ward 09/19/19
Cardpocalypse Versus Evil 09/19/19
Castle Crumble Orbital Knight 02/03/23
Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls Konami 09/17/21
Cat Quest II The Gentlebros. 09/19/19
Charrua Soccer Batovi Games 02/07/20
Chess Universe+ Tilting Point 05/04/23
ChuChu Rocket! Universe Sega 09/19/19
Cityscapes: Sim Builder Playstack 05/04/23
Clap Hanz Golf Claphanz 04/02/21
Clue: The Classic Mystery Game+ Marmalade Game Studio 03/24/23
Construction Simulator 2+ Astragon Entertainment 04/15/22
Cooking Mama: Cuisine! Office Create Corp. 06/17/22
Cozy Grove Spry Fox 03/18/21
Crashlands+ Butterscotch Shenanigans, Inc. 01/14/21
Crayola Create and Play+ Red Games Co. 10/29/21
Creaks Amanita Design 07/10/20
Cricket Through the Ages Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Crossy Road+ Hipster Whale 10/08/21
Crossy Road Castle Hipster Whale 02/28/20
Cut the Rope Remastered Paladin Studios 04/02/21
Dandara: Trials of Fear+ Raw Fury 12/03/21
Dead End Job Headup GmbH, Ant Workshop 09/19/19
Dead Cells+ Playdigious 12/02/22
Dear Reader Local No. 12 09/19/19
Decoherence Efecto Estudios 10/11/19
Detonation Racing Electric Square 07/30/21
Discolored Shifty Eye Games & Jason Godbey 11/08/19
Disney Coloring World+ StoryToys Entertainment 05/04/23
Disney Getaway Blast+ Gameloft 05/04/23
Disney Melee Mania Mighty Bear Games 12/17/21
Disney SpellStruck Artist Arcade 05/04/23
Doctor Who: An Unlikely Heist Tilting Point 04/07/23
Dodo Peak Moving Pieces Interactive 09/19/19
Don’t Bug Me! Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
Doodle God Universe JoyBits 07/16/21
Doomsday Vault Flightless 01/03/20
Down in Bermuda Yak & Co 09/19/19
Dread Nautical Zen Studios 09/19/19
EarthNight Cleaversoft 09/19/19
Episode XOXO Episode Interactive 01/06/23
Exit the Gungeon Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Explottens WRP Pvt. 09/19/19
Fallen Knight FairPlay Studios 10/25/19
Fantasian Mistwalker 04/01/21
Farm It! Tummy Games 03/26/21
Farming Simulator 20+ Giants Software 05/04/23
Farmside The Label 02/17/23
Fledgling Heroes Subtle Boom 09/19/19
Football Manager 2023 Touch SEGA 11/08/22
Frenzic: Overtime The Iconfactory 06/18/21
Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins Konami 06/03/22
Frogger in Toy Town Konami 09/19/19
Galaga Wars+ Bandai Namco 11/12/21
Game Dev Story+ Kairosoft Co., Ltd 06/18/21
Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows Devolver Digital 08/07/20
Garden Tails: Match and Grow Playdots, Inc. 09/16/22
The Gardens Between+ The Voxel Agents 10/14/22
Gear.Club Stradale Eden Games 04/08/22
Getting Over It+ Bennett Foddy 05/04/23
Gibbon: Beyond the Trees Broken Rules 02/25/22
Gin Rummy Classic+ MobilityWare 10/07/22
Goat Simulator+ Coffee Stain Publishing 05/13/22
Grand Mountain Adventure+ Toppluva 04/28/23
Grindstone Capybara Games 09/19/19
GRIS+ Devolver 09/30/22
Guildlings Sirvo Studios, Inc. 11/08/19
Hanx101 Trivia BlueLine Studios Inc. 09/02/22
Hearts: Card Game+ MobilityWare 01/07/22
Hello Kitty Island Adventure Sunblink 07/28/23
HEROish Sunblink 07/22/22
Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler Rogue Games, Inc. 09/19/19
Hidden Folks+ Adriaan de Jongh 01/28/22
Hill Climb Racing+ Fingersoft 05/04/23
HitchHiker Versus Evil 03/26/21
Hogwash Bossa Studios 10/25/19
Horizon Chase 2 Aquiris Game Studio 09/09/22
Hot Lava Klei Entertainment 09/19/19
Human: Fall Flat+ 505 Games 03/31/23
HyperBrawl Tournament Milkey Tea Limited 09/19/19
Illustrated BorderLeap 01/13/23
INKS.+ State of Play Games 06/25/21
INMOST Chucklefish Limited 10/11/19
Iron Marines+ Ironhide Irl 05/04/23
JellyCar Worlds Walaber Entertainment 12/09/22
Jenny LeClue Mografi 09/19/19
Jet Dragon Grezzo Co. 06/16/23
Jetpack Joyride+ Halfbrick Studios 07/23/21
Jetpack Joyride 2 Halfbrick Studios 08/19/22
Jigsaw Puzzle by MobilityWare+ MobilityWare 06/10/22
Jumper Jon Ogre Pixel 11/01/19
Kimono Cats HamaNature Studios 03/03/23
King’s League II Kurechi Sdn. Bhd. 09/19/19
Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD+ Ironhide Irl 11/12/21
Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD+ Ironhide Irl 07/29/22
Kingdom Two Crowns+ Raw Fury 05/04/23
Kingdoms: Merge & Build Cherrypick Games 08/18/23
Kings of the Castle Frosty Pop 01/17/20
Layton’s Mystery Journey+ Level-5 Inc. 09/03/21
Legend of the Skyfish 2 Crescent Moon Games 04/03/20
Legends of Kingdom Rush Ironhide Game Studio 06/11/21
LEGO Brawls The Lego Group 09/19/19
LEGO Builder’s Journey The Lego Group 12/19/19
LEGO DUPLO World+ StoryToys Entertainment 07/07/23
LEGO Star Wars Battles TT Games 09/24/21
LEGO Star Wars: Castaways Gameloft 11/19/21
Leo’s Fortune+ 1337 & Senri LLC 06/25/21
Lifelike kunabi brother 10/25/19
Lifeline+ 3 Minute Games 02/24/23
Lifeslide Dreamteck 09/19/19
Limbo+ Playdead 05/04/23
Little Orpheus Sumo Digital 06/12/20
Love You to Bits+ Alike Studio 08/26/22
Lumen Lykkegaard International 02/05/21
Manifold Garden William Chyr Studio 10/18/19
Marble It Up: Mayhem! Marble it up 11/08/19
Marble Knights WayForward 09/18/20
MasterChef: Let’s Cook! Tilting Point 09/03/21
Mind Symphony Rogue Games, Inc. 10/11/19
Mini Motorways Dinosaur Polo Club 09/19/19
Millionaire Trivia: TV Game+ Uken 06/30/23
Monomals Picomy 11/01/19
Monster Hunter Stories+ Capcom 08/06/21
Monument Valley 2+ ustwo games 03/11/22
Moonshot – A Journey Home Noodlecake 04/22/22
Murder Mystery Machine Blazing Griffin 09/19/19
Mutazione Die Gute Fabrik 09/19/19
My Bowling 3D+ iWare Designs 07/01/22
My Little Pony: Mane Merge Gameloft 12/16/22
My Talking Tom+ Outfit7 Limited 08/12/22
My Town Home – Family Games+ My Town Games 05/04/23
NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition 2K Sports 04/02/21
NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition 2K Sports 10/19/21
NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition 2K Sports 10/21/22
Necrobarista Route 59 07/17/20
Nekograms+ Hungry Sky 08/10/23
Neo Cab Chance Agency 09/19/19
Neversong Serenity Forge 05/01/20
Next Stop Nowhere Night School Studio 08/14/20
Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis Viacom International 01/21/22
Nightmare Farm Hit-Point Co., Ltd. 10/05/19
No Way Home SMG Studio 01/10/20
NUTS Noodlecake Studios 01/22/21
Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm Cornfox & Bros. 09/19/19
Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon Cornfox & Bros. 01/08/21
Octodad: Dadliest Catch+ Young Horses 05/04/23
Oddmar+ Mobje Ltd. 12/03/21
Old Man’s Journey Broken Rules 11/18/22
Operator 41 Shifty Eye Games 09/19/19
Osmos+ Hemisphere Games 03/17/23
Outlanders Pomelo Games 09/19/19
Over the Alps Stave Studios 09/19/19
Overland Finji 09/19/19
PAC-MAN Party Royale BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment 10/18/19
Painty Mob Devolver Digital 09/19/19
Patterned BorderLeap 09/19/19
Pilgrims Amanita Design 10/05/19
Pocket Build+ MoonBear LTD 04/01/22
Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On! Game Freak 01/20/23
Populus Run FIFTYTWO 01/29/21
Possessions Noodlecake Studios 09/19/19
PPKP+ Shimada Toshiro 05/04/23
Pro Darts 2022+ iWare Designs 05/27/22
Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ iWare Designs Ltd. 04/15/22
Projection: First Light Blowfish Studios 09/19/19
Prune+ Joel McDonald 04/29/22
Punch Planet Sector-K Games 09/19/19
Rayman Mini Ubisoft 09/19/19
Red Reign Ninja Kiwi Limited 09/19/19
Redout: Space Assault 34BigThings 10/05/19
Reigns: Beyond Devolver Digital 11/06/20
Retro Bowl+ New Star R&D 06/23/23
Retro Goal+ New Star R&D 06/23/23
Ridiculous Fishing EX Vlambeer 07/17/23
Riptide GP: Renegade+ Vector Unit 02/10/23
Rosie’s Reality RosieReality 11/15/19
Roundguard Wonderbelly Games 03/13/20
Samorost 3+ Amanita Design 07/08/22
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Cartoon Network 08/21/20
Sayonara Wild Hearts Annapurna Interactive 09/19/19
Scrappers Q-Games 04/10/20
Secret Oops! Mixedbag 01/31/20
Shadow Blade+ Crescent Moon Games 03/04/22
Shantae and the Seven Sirens WayForward 09/19/19
Shinsekai: Into the Depths Capcom 09/19/19
ShockRods Stainless Games 10/11/19
Shovel Knight Dig Yacht Club Games 09/23/22
Simon’s Cat – Story Time Tactile Games Limited 04/02/21
Skate City Snowman 09/19/19
Slash Quest Noodlecake Studios 10/01/20
Slay the Spire+ Humble Bundle 07/07/23 Kooapps 05/04/23
Sneaky Sasquatch RAC7 09/19/19
Sociable Soccer Rogue Games, Inc. 11/08/19
Solitaire Stories Red Games Co. 07/02/21
SongPop Party Gameloft 04/02/21
Sonic Dash+ Sega 04/08/22
Sonic Racing Sega 09/19/19
South of the Circle State of Play 10/30/20
Sp!ng SMG Studio 03/05/21
Spaceland Tortuga Games 09/19/19
Spades: Card Game+ MobilityWare 01/07/22
Speed Demons Radiangames 09/19/19
Spek RAC7 Games 09/19/19
Spelldrifter Free Range Games 09/19/19
Spider Solitaire: Card Game+ MobilityWare 10/07/22
Spidersaurs WayForward 09/19/19
Spire Blast Orbital Knight sp. 01/22/21
Splitter Critters+ RAC7 Games 12/10/21
Spongebob SquarePants: Patty Pursuit Nickelodeon 05/28/20
Spyder Sumo_Digital 03/20/20
Squiggle Drop Noodlecake 01/27/23
Star Fetched Crescent Moon Games 11/01/19
Star Trek: Legends Tilting Point LLC 04/02/21
Stardew Valley+ ConcernedApe 07/21/23
Stela SkyBox Labs 10/11/19
Stellar Commanders Blindflug Studios 09/19/19
Steven Universe: Unleash the Light Cartoon Network 11/27/19
Stitch. Lykkegaard Europe 10/28/22
Stranded Sails Shifty Eye Games 09/19/19
Subway Surfers Tag Sybo Games 07/15/22
Summon Quest The Label 04/21/23
Super Leap Day Nitrome 08/06/21
Super Impossible Road Rogue Games, Inc. 09/19/19
Super Mega Mini Party Red Games Co, LLC 11/01/19
Super Stickman Golf 3+ Noodlecake 08/06/21
Survival Z Ember Entertainment 02/19/21
Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment 04/02/21
Takeshi and Hiroshi Oink Games Inc. 11/08/19
Tales of Memo Tendays Studio 10/25/19
Tangle Tower SFB Games 09/19/19
Temple Run+ Imangi Studios 05/04/23
Temple Run: Puzzle Adventure Scopely, Inc. 09/17/21
Tetris Beat N3twork Inc. 08/20/21
The Bradwell Conspiracy Bossa Studios 10/05/19
The Collage Atlas Robot House Games Ltd 10/16/20
The Enchanted World Noodlecake Studios 09/19/19
The Get Out Kids Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
The Last Campfire Hello Games 08/27/20
The Loud House: Outta Control Nickelodeon 02/14/20
The Lullaby of Life 1 Simple Game 07/24/20
The Mosaic Raw Fury 11/01/19
The Oregon Trail Gameloft 04/02/21
The Otherside The Label 05/08/20
The Pathless Annapurna Interactive 11/12/20
The Pinball Wizard Frosty Pop Games 09/19/19
The Survivalists Team17 10/08/20
Things That Go Bump Tinybop Inc. 10/18/19
Thumper: Pocket Edition+ Drool LLC 10/01/21
Time Locker+ Sotaro Otsuka 05/04/23
tint. Lykkegaard International 09/19/19
Tiny Wings+ Andreas Illiger 10/15/21
TMNT Splintered Fate Paramount Global 05/04/23
Transformers Tactical Arena Red Games Co 11/05/21
Towaga: Among Shadows Noodlecake Studios 09/19/19
Towers of Everland Cobra Mobile Limited 05/22/20
UFO on Tape: First Contact Revolutionary Concepts 11/08/19
Ultimate Rivals: The Court Bit Fry Games 07/09/21
Ultimate Rivals: The Rink Bit Fry Games 12/12/19
Various Daylife Square Enix 09/19/19
Very Little Nightmares+ Bandai Namco 05/04/23
Warp Drive Supergonk 11/27/20
Warped Kart Racers Electric Square 05/20/22
Way of the Turtle Illusion Labs 09/19/19
What the Car? Triband ApS 05/04/23
What the Golf? Fig 09/19/19
Where Cards Fall Snowman 09/19/19
Winding Worlds KO_OP 05/15/20
Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker Aquiris 04/01/21
Word Laces minimega 09/19/19
World of Demons PlatinumGames 04/02/21
World’s End Club IzanagiGames 09/04/20
Wurdweb Aran & Adriaan 08/13/21
Wylde Flowers Studio Drydock 02/22/22
Yaga Versus Evil 10/25/19
Zen Pinball Party ZEN Studios 09/03/21
Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes Firefly Games 12/04/20
Zookeeper World Kiteretsu Inc. 09/10/21
Thu, 17 Aug 2023 21:56:00 -0500 Author: Jason Cross en text/html
Killexams : Apple Watch 9 Release Date: Tips & Tricks

Apple’s working on a new Apple Watch 9. If you’re interested in buying the 2023 Apple Watch, there are some steps you’ll want to take before the device arrives.

If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch you might want to wait for the next Apple Watch. The Apple Watch 9 will reportedly come with enticing improvements including a brand new processor and health sensor upgrades.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple will launch two Apple Watch 9 models (codenamed N207 and N208) and a new Apple Watch Ultra (codenamed N210). Gurman says Apple won’t launch a new Apple Watch SE in 2023.

We don’t have an official Apple Watch 9 launch date yet, but the new models will debut alongside the iPhone 15 series in the fall. Gurman says Apple’s fall event will take place on September 12th.

While it might seem like it’s too early to start prepping for the Apple Watch 9 release date, taking some steps right now, and in the months ahead, will ensure you’re fully prepared to buy one when the time comes. And through this preparation, you may even find a smartwatch you really like long before Apple’s announcements.

In this guide we’ll take prospective buyers through some steps to take as we approach the Apple Watch 9 release date.

Track Apple Watch 9 Rumors

You’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for new information about the Apple Watch 9. Leaks are inevitable and we’ll hear a lot more about the Apple Watch Series 9 as the year goes on.

Leaks will fill in the blanks well ahead of the Apple Watch 9 release date and they’ll also help you set proper expectations as we inch closer to launch.

You’ll want to track hardware and software rumors, but you’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for nuggets about the release date and supply chain.

As of right now you can expect Apple to launch its new Apple Watch 9 models sometime in September alongside the new iPhone 15 series.

For a look at the latest Apple Watch 9 rumors, check out our guide.

Get Familiar with watchOS

If you own an Apple Watch 1, Apple Watch 2, or a device outside of Apple’s ecosystem, and you plan on upgrading to a new Apple Watch this year, you’ll want to get familiar with the operating system. Right now, the current software is watchOS 9.

If you’re currently using an older version of watchOS or if you’re using another operating system, use this time to get acquainted with watchOS and make sure you’re comfortable with it.

To get started, have a look at Apple’s guide. You may also want to go into a store and go hands-on if this will be your first time buying one.

Apple has revealed watchOS 9’s successor, watchOS 10. watchOS 10 will be the software that powers the Apple Watch 9 and its extremely important to get familiar with this version of watchOS as well.

The company’s pushed watchOS 10 into beta testing. If you own a compatible Apple Watch, you can join one of Apple’s beta programs and try the software out ahead of its stable release in the fall.

If you prefer to keep your devices on stable software, you’ll want to get familiar with the software from a distance. Either way, you’ll want to dig into the changes on board so you’re comfortable with the Apple Watch 9’s software.

Apple Watch 9 Colors

It looks like Apple might debut aa new color alongside the Apple Watch 9.

According to leaker ShrimpApplePro, the stainless steel version of the Apple Watch 9 will include familiar color options: Graphite, Gold, and Silver. However, the aluminum version will apparently get a new shade.

The leaker says the aluminum model will come in a new pink color alongside the existing Midnight, (PRODUCT)RED, Silver, and Starlight.

Dig into the existing colors and perhaps pick one ahead of time so you’re ready when pre-orders begin.

Research Apple Watch Accessories

As we push toward the Apple Watch 9 release date, make sure you spend time getting familiar with Apple Watch accessories. If you do this ahead of time, you’ll know exactly what to buy and how much to spend.

We recommend reading reviews and digging into the best Apple Watch accessories in the months ahead. Some accessories could drastically alter how you use your device.

Be sure you get a feel for potential costs, dig into the pros and cons of various accessory manufacturers, and find styles that appeal to you.

Look at Other Apple Watches

Before you make the decision to wait for the Apple Watch 9, you’ll want to get familiar with Apple’s current crop of smartwatches. You might find something you really like long before the Apple Watch 9 arrives.

The Apple Watch SE is worth a look ahead of the Apple Watch 9 release later this year.

Apple currently sells the Apple Watch 8, the high-end Apple Watch Ultra, and the budget Apple Watch SE 2. Make sure you look into these before you make a decision to wait.

Retailers are still selling older models like Apple Watch 7, Apple Watch 6, and Apple Watch SE and you should dig into these models as well.

We should see retailers offer discounts on all of these Apple Watch models throughout the year so make sure you keep an eye out for price cuts.

Research Apple Watch Alternatives

We also recommend researching Apple Watch alternatives. You might find a device you love that falls outside of Apple’s ecosystem. A couple of the more prominent Apple Watch alternatives are the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 5, and the Fitbit Versa 4.

Read reviews, talk to people who own these models if you can, and gather feedback.

Make a Plan for Your Current Watch

If you’re planning to upgrade your smartwatch in 2023, make sure you have a plan for your current watch if you have one.

Some of you might know of a friend or relative who could make use of your current device. Ask around and see if anyone might need a hand-me-down. You may also look into donating your device to charity.

If you plan on selling your current device to help offset the cost of your Apple Watch 9, you’ll want to dig into prices at popular resellers.

If you plan to trade your current device in, you’ll want to keep it in pristine condition because that’s how you’ll get the most money back.

Decide If You Need AppleCare

New Apple Watches come with a standard warranty, but you might want to better protect your investment with AppleCare.

AppleCare is an extended warranty service that delivers far better support than a standard warranty. If you aren’t familiar with AppleCare’s benefits, you should research them. You may also want to look at AppleCare alternatives.

You’ll be able to add AppleCare to your bag during the checkout process. You can also buy it later on down the road if you decide to wait.

Research Carriers

If you’re planning to buy a new Apple Watch with cellular data, make sure you research carriers so you can find the perfect fit for your new device.

If you’re unhappy with your current provider’s coverage or data plan, or if you’ve never owned a watch with cellular data, use this time wisely.

Each carrier has its pros and cons and it could take some time to find one that stands out.

5 Reasons to Wait for Apple Watch 9 & 4 Reasons Not To

Wait for Better Performance

Wait for Better Performance

Apple generally makes yearly improvements to the Apple Watch's performance and we should see the company make some improvements this year.

The current flagship Apple Watch models deliver solid battery life, but we could see Apple take things even further with new chips in 2023. 

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, while the 2023 Apple Watch models will likely be modest updates, they will have a faster chip on board.

As he notes, Apple hasn't upgraded the main processor inside the Apple Watch for three years running so this would certainly be a welcomed change. 

In his new Power On Discord channel, Gurman says the new processor will likely be based on the A15 chip that Apple first used in the iPhone 13. 

If you aren't thrilled with the Apple Watch's current horsepower (battery life, speed, load times), you might want to hang back and wait for the new models. 

Sun, 13 Aug 2023 11:59:00 -0500 Adam Mills en-US text/html
Killexams : Apple Store coupon codes for August 2023


How can I contact the Apple store customer service team?

You can call the Apple Store team on (800) 692–7753. You can also find an online request form on their website, which you can use to let their team know about your issue and they'll work out how best to help.

Does Apple Store offer free shipping?

Yes, Apple Store offers free next-day shipping for any items that are currently in stock. If you want your order even sooner than that, there’s also a two-hour delivery option available that costs $9.

Does Apple Store offer in-store pickup?

Yes, Apple Store offers a free in-store and curbside pickup option If you’d rather collect your Apple goodies yourself. Once your order is available for collection, Apple will send you an email with all the information you need and you can then collect your items at your own convenience.  

Does Apple Store price match?

Apple Store doesn’t currently price match, but if this ever changes, we’ll let you know. So check back here regularly to find out about the latest codes, benefits, and ways to save.

Does Apple Store do Black Friday deals?

Yes, but we recommend shopping around on Friday, November 24 2023 to find the best Apple Black Friday deals. Third-party retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, and Verizon had some great discounts last year on iPads, MacBooks, and more. It’s also worth checking Apple Store directly for good trade-in offers.

What is the Apple Store returns policy?

You can return your Apple Store product within 14 days of receiving it and Apple Store will pay for the returns shipping label. Bear in mind, it must be an Apple product that was bought directly from the Apple Store, and it must be returned and repackaged with all the documents and accessories it came with. There are some products that you can’t return, like opened software, Apple gift cards, print products and electronic software downloads.

Hints and tips

Check Out Apple Refurbished: You can purchase an Apple device for a whole lot cheaper when you shop Apple Refurbished. All Apple products available to buy refurbished come under the Apple Certified Refurbished promise. This means they are thoroughly checked over to ensure they’re of like-new quality. All refurbished items also come with a 1-year warranty to supply you true peace of mind.

Apple Trade-ins: Apple has a trade-in scheme that allows you to trade in your old Apple device and get store credit or an Apple gift card to use toward the purchase of a new one. Apple currently offers up to $650 in trade-in value on old devices, so it's definitely worth exploring for a potential saving. You don’t even have to go into a store to apply for a trade-in, you can complete your application online!