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Servicenow-CAD ServiceNow Certified Application Developer

Design an application including business logic, user interface, and database logic
• Determine if an application is a good fit with ServiceNow's platform capability
• Design and implement a user interface taking into consideration usability, form design, platform (desktop, tablet, and/or smartphone), and enhancing the user experience with scripts
• Write, test, and debug client-side and server-side scripts
• Implement security for an application using both contextual security and application scope
• Automate an application using workflow, Document Feeds, email, Scheduled Script Executions, and Events
• Create and use Application Properties
• Integrate to external data sources
• Manage applications including migration, downloading and installing, and managing source code 1 Designing and Creating an Application 15
2 Application User Interface 20
3 Security and Restricting Access 20
4 Application Automation 20
5 Working with External Data 10
6 Managing Applications 15
Total: 100

About Questions and Responses For each question on the examination, there are four (4) possible responses
The person taking the exam reviews the response options and selects the most correct answer to the question
A wrong answer, called a distractor, is an incorrect answer a candidate with incomplete skill or knowledge may choose
A distractor is a plausible option that fits into the topic area defined by a test objective, but is not the correct response
Questions are presented in one of these formats
Multiple-Select (one or more answers) An examinee selects at least one response that accurately answers the question
These questions use the phase “Select all that apply” to indicate that there may be more than one correct response
Multiple Choice (single answer) An examinee selects one response that most accurately answers the question
True or False An examinee is presented with a statement and is asked to select the correct answer from the two options; the statement is either true or false
The Testing Process Each candidate must register for the exam
During the registration process, each test taker has the option of taking the exam at an Authorized Testing Center or as an online-proctored exam
In both testing venues, the Certified Application Developer exam is done through a consistent, friendly, user interface customized for ServiceNow tests
The Kryterion Testing Network (KTN) is worldwide and all locations offer a secure, comfortable testing environment
Candidates register for the exam at an exact date and time so there is no waiting and a seat is reserved in the testing center

ServiceNow Certified Application Developer
ServiceNow Application answers
Killexams : ServiceNow Application answers - BingNews Search results Killexams : ServiceNow Application answers - BingNews Killexams : 42% of us want to work at diverse and inclusive companies

We are excited to bring Transform 2022 back in-person July 19 and virtually July 20 - 28. Join AI and data leaders for insightful talks and exciting networking opportunities. Register today!

A exact poll by analytics and advisory company Gallup, asked 13,085 U.S. employees what was most important to them when deciding whether to accept a job offered by a new employer. Some answers were those you’d likely expect, such as a significant increase in income or benefits (64% of respondents said this was “very important” to them) while 61% said they wanted greater work-life balance and better personal wellbeing.

A large chunk of the respondents (42%) said this mattered also: “The organization is diverse and inclusive of all types of people.” Potential hires, as well as those already working for a company, want to know their employer is paying a lot more than lip service to the ideals of diversity and inclusion.

This is important particularly for the Millennial and Gen Z cohorts. Pew Research Center says that “members of Gen Z are more racially and ethnically diverse than any previous generation.” One in four is Hispanic, 14% are African-American and 6% are Asian. Like Millennials, much of this generation is progressive and sees the country’s growing racial and ethnic diversity as a good thing.

Deloitte’s 2018 Millennial Survey discovered that 74% of Millennials believe that a company is more innovative when it has a culture of inclusion. As Millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, and Gen Z workers will be 30% of the workforce by 2030, companies need to step up.


Transform 2022

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Diversity in many dimensions

Deloitte’s Welcome to Generation Z report highlighted that “Diversity matters to them through many dimensions, not just isolated to race and gender, but also related to identity and orientation. Gen Z prioritizes diversity — across race, gender and orientation — more than any other generation and companies should as well.”

Companies with good diversity and inclusion policies promote a healthy and inclusive culture. Decision-making is improved, thanks to a wider range of perspectives and life experiences. It impacts a company’s bottom line too.

Another survey of 1,700 companies across eight countries, including the U.S., found that companies with above-average total diversity, which was measured as the average of six dimensions of diversity (migration, industry, career path, gender, education, age), had both 19% higher innovation revenues and 9% higher EBIT margins, on average. In good news for the tech industry, the survey found that the diversity impact was highest for companies that had a high emphasis on digital innovation.

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Staff DevOps Engineer — Big Data & Deployment — Federal, ServiceNow

ServiceNow is seeking a Staff DevOps Engineer to join its Big Data team, which plays a critical and strategic role in ensuring that the company can exceed the availability and performance SLAs of the ServiceNow Platform-powered customer instances which are deployed across the ServiceNow and Azure clouds. You’ll be delivering state-of-the-art monitoring and providing analytics and actionable business insights by employing new tools. You’ll need to have more than 12 years’ of overall experience with at least seven years’ as a Big Data DevOps or deployment engineer, and demonstrated expert level experience in delivering end-to-end deployment automation leveraging Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes or similar technologies. Apply Now.

Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack), Tock, Squarespace

A remote role, the Tock engineering team is looking for a Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) to help build the next generation restaurant ticketing system. You will be a generalist and will work with a mix of front- and back-end web development tools. You will report directly to the Director of Engineering and need at least three years’ of experience building software. Experience being a tech lead is a plus and you will understand all parts of a modern web-based application stack from front-end, back-end to production and will be a specialist in at least one part of the stack: back-end or production infrastructure. Apply now.

Data Analyst II, Uber Eats Grocery Support, Uber

The Uber Grocery Analyst on the Community Operations Global Analytics andInsights team will work closely with product, data infrastructure and business teams to design, build and maintain important metrics which drive the business and lead deep analytical analyses to derive insights. You’ll develop an in-depth understanding of business performance and share strategic insights with senior leadership to influence decision making. You will need four-plus years’ of experience in data analytics, business analytics, or a similar role. SQL and other data scripting language experience is essential. Apply now.

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Killexams : Language I/O Integrates with ServiceNow

p>Language I/O, a provider multilingual customer engagement, has intergrated with ServiceNow.

The integration with ServiceNow is the latest in a series of integrations offered by Language I/O, which has predominantly focused on multilingual customer service and sales support via integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, and Oracle Service Cloud.

"After integrating with other popular platforms in widespread use, ServiceNow was the natural next integration," said Language I/O Chief Technology Officer Diego Bartolome in a statement. "It solves our clients' multilingual needs in HR and IT service management so they can better serve their customers.

"Our clients have been eager for us to integrate with ServiceNow," Bartolome said, "and this latest achievement now brings Language I/O one step closer to our vision of embedding into any workflow system."

"ServiceNow is a very extensible platform," said Language I/O Vice President of Product Chris Jacob in a statement. "By integrating it with Language I/O as its translation provider, companies can leverage our translation services across a broad range of use cases."

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Killexams : ServiceNow Stock Slides After CEO’s Economic Mood Comments

Channel programs News

Joseph F. Kovar

Investors drove ServiceNow’s share prices down 14 percent Tuesday after CEO Bill McDermott told CNBC’s Jim Cramer there are some major macroeconomic headwinds despite his comments said that tech firms are in position to grow as enterprises use technology to fight those headwinds.


ServiceNow’s stock price Tuesday fell about 14 percent before recovering a bit in after-hours trading after cautious comments CEO Bill McDermott made on CNBC about the economy.

This was despite the optimistic comments McDermott made about the tech industry where, he said, the mood is much better than business as a whole.

McDermott, speaking with CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Cramer’s “Mad Money” program, said it is important to realize that macroeconomic crosswinds are blowing strong.


“You’re at 41-year high inflation,” he said. “The dollar right now is the highest it’s been in over two decades. We have interest rates rising. People are panic about security. You’ve got a war in Europe. So the mood is not great. But there’s no way out except to innovate and drive technology in your company. So you digitize your processes. You move faster, and you ultimately win.”

Despite those macroeconomic winds, Cramer called the conditions McDermott described as a counter-cyclical situation, and said that rather than canceling contracts with companies such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP, or Oracle, companies instead should be investing more in their technologies.

That is totally true, and as a result a lot of companies including the hyperscalers are doing very well, McDermott said. However, he said, enterprises are changing their technology investment priorities.

“Companies are first saying, which platforms do we want to bet on, and then how do we stack rank the priorities because they’re capacity-constrained,” he said. “So they choose the projects that they want to go after. But there’s one filter on all of this now, and that is fast return on investment. And if you can’t put an architecture in there that gives the customer fast ROI, chance are you’re going to get postponed or moved to the left side of the list as opposed to the right side you want to be on.”

Cramer said the idea that technology is somehow superfluous is wrong, and that analysts and stock traders are more bearish towards the market than are tech company executives, and McDermott

The mood among investors is in reality worse than the headlines, he said.

“If you look at tech, automation is front and center,” he said. “If you have a business and you want to grow it or you want to run it more efficiently, or you want to differentiate your brand, you’re going to have to compete with tech. So automation is alive and well, and I think the prospects for technology companies, especially ones with very strong brands and architectures will do very well.”

Cramer asked why young portfolio managers have seem to have forgotten that companies which are not doing as well as before actually invest more in technology.

McDermott said he sees some of the more seasoned portfolio managers telling investors to move away from energy and commodities towards tech since tech multiples are now in a very attractive range.

“But the bottom line is this: If you look at the world through the CEOs out there, they have to deliver great experiences for their customers,” he said. “They have to make their employees happy in all the relational issues, not just bonuses. People care a lot about cultures now. And you can’t build a great culture without serving your employees in moments that matter. And ultimately, you have to innovate, and you have to do it on the fly. So tech is going to be front and center through all of this.”

In the B2B world, enterprise businesses are very strong, McDermott said.

“Of course, you’re going to see the headwind of the dollar right now against well-known technology brands,” he said. “You’ve seen that, Jim. No one’s going to outrun the currency right now. And probably, when you think about energy and the dislocation caused by the war in Europe and this re-prioritization that I’m talking about, you’re going to see longer cycles in Europe. We saw that. But this doesn’t fundamentally change the narrative that tech is the only way to cut through the crosswinds and ultimately get to the other side.”

ServiceNow declined to discuss McDermott’s comments.

However, in response to a CRN request for more information, the company replied via email that no company is in a better position to help customers innovate through the current macroenvironment than ServiceNow.

“Overall, demand for digital technology remains robust. Our customers recognize economic challenges but continue to indicate sizable growth in IT spend. Industry analysts rightly believe enterprise software will remain a deflationary force because the industry benefits from secular tailwinds driven by digital transformation, migration to the cloud, and enhanced AI capabilities.

“We also hear from our customers that the macro complexity is real, particularly with inflation and foreign exchange currency. That’s why CEOs have zero tolerance for multi-year projects with blurry ROI. They are redirecting resources into technologies like ServiceNow that deliver outcomes faster,” the company said.

Joseph F. Kovar

Joseph F. Kovar is a senior editor and reporter for the storage and the non-tech-focused channel beats for CRN. He keeps readers abreast of the latest issues related to such areas as data life-cycle, business continuity and disaster recovery, and data centers, along with related services and software, while highlighting some of the key trends that impact the IT channel overall. He can be reached at

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Killexams : ServiceNow Stock Is Sliding. European Sales Cycles Are Getting Longer.

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