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Killexams : BEA action - BingNews Search results Killexams : BEA action - BingNews Killexams : Resident Evil ending explained

Resident Evil spoilers follow.

Netflix had us standing under its umbrella for Andrew Dabb's live-action Resident Evil series. While the franchise was once remembered for the Milla Jovovich-led movies that tossed Capcom's games out of the window, 2022 has heralded two entries to the Resiverse thanks to the lacklustre Welcome to Racoon City movie and the eight-part Netflix series that's unrelated.

Dabb's show is a faithful adaptation of the source material, serving as a continuation of the games that takes place after Resident Evil Village – though sadly, there's no cameo from the notorious Lady Dimitrescu. Things came to a head in the (literally) explosive finale, with clones, crocodiles and casualties galore. So, what did you miss? Here's the Resident Evil ending explained and how it sets up season two.

Splitting the story between 2022 and 2036, the focus of the finale was once again on Billie and Jade Wesker in their teenage and adult eras. In 2022, Jade is helped by Simon Marcus as they storm the Umbrella HQ at New Raccoon City to try and rescue Billie.

Also here are Albert Wesker and his clone, Bert. Fans wondered how Wesker survived his iconic volcano death in Resident Evil 5, but it turns out that before OG Wesker kicked the bucket, he'd developed three clones in the Arklay Mountains. The Wesker we follow in the series is an oddly sympathetic clone, Bert is a little unhinged, and Alby was killed in 2005.

After Billie succumbs to her zombie dog bite and the T-Virus adapts to her body, she accidentally bites Simon in a fit of rage. The villainous but brilliant Evelyn Marcus arrives on the scene and realises her son has been infected, putting a bullet in his head to save him the horrors of turning into a "Zero".

The survivors decide to destroy Umbrella's work, and there's a heartfelt exchange between Albert and Bert. Al says Bert deserves to live the life he never had and opts to stay behind to blow up the lab. Before sacrificing himself, Albert gives the girls a piece of paper and tells them to find "her". The big reveal comes at the end, when Jade unfolds it to find the name Ada Wong.

Those up on the games will know all about Ada. Wong, who is an antagonistic antihero working for an Umbrella offshoot called "the organization", was last seen during the events of Resident Evil 6, where she destroyed the lab of Dr Carla Radames and accepted a mystery job.

Ada was initially supposed to aid Ethan Winters in Village, however, the concept was cut. According to the Netflix series, Ada is currently in Japan, so that should provide us a hint at where Bert, Billie, and Jade are heading next.

Also in 2022, we see an injured Evelyn being wheeled out of the destroyed lab. Given that we see her in 2036 as a mind-controlled puppet of Billie, it wasn't a shocker that she'd made it out of this one alive.

We're not sure what's going on with Evelyn in 2036, because unless she's had a lot of work done, she doesn't seem to have aged in 14 years. It's also unclear whether she survives in the future timeline. When Jade drops a pheromone to attract a horde of Zeroes to the makeshift Umbrella camp, we don't see whether Evelyn makes it out.

Billie solemnly warns that a lot of people are going to die and says "maybe you" to Evelyn before she leaves. Still, something tells us Paola Núñez will be back.

More lives are left on the line in 2036, when Jade is unable to shoot Billie. Her cold-hearted sister is a little less forgiving, and as Billie shoots Jade – leaving her for dead – the Umbrella puppet master also flies off with her daughter Bea.

Jade is left bleeding out as Billie escapes, but we're betting a mother's love and her hunt for Bea will be a driving force in season two. Speaking of which, it's implied that there's something special about Bea.

When The University released a giant mind-controlled zombie, it looked like Bea was a goner. Instead, the monster lay down next to her and tried to protect her before Umbrella blew it to pieces. Has Jade been experimenting on her own daughter, or does Bea have the same properties as Billie?

We know Jade has "bad" blood, but if Bea has the same ability to bond with the virus as her aunt, it would explain why Billie snatched her.

Finally, we're left asking how the world goes to hell between 2022 and 2036. Simon can't infect anyone because he's dead, and with the Umbrella lab destroyed we should be able to avoid another Raccoon City incident. Although it's possible that Billie goes on a biting spree in Japan, there's a tease of what was in Evelyn's tank.

The 2022 timeline ends with the creature's hand bursting from the rubble, meaning it'll likely be causing trouble in season two. There are plenty of theories on what this thing is, with possibilities being everything from a Tyrant variant to the reanimated corpse of James Marcus. The Umbrella co-founder was namedropped by both Wesker and Evelyn, so she could have been trying to bring daddy dearest back from the dead.

All in all, Dabb built on the already established lore of Resident Evil, while also taking things further. Alongside a cameo from OG Wesker in his shades, we also got Lisa Trevor as the Golgotha eyeball monster. Dabb has already told Decider that other iconic characters could appear further down the line, and the showrunner apparently has an actor in mind for Lady Dimitrescu.

The Ada reveal is a neat segue into at least a mention of Leon S Kennedy, while others like Chris and Claire Redfield could be primed to arrive with Jill Valentine. For the time being though, Resident Evil has shuffled back to the grave while we wait for news of a potential season two.

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Killexams : Lawsuit says Bass Pro won’t honor lifetime warranty on socks

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — A man says in a class-action lawsuit against Bass Pro that the outdoor outfitter is refusing to honor its lifetime warranty on socks.

Kent Slaughter of Springfield said that after years of exchanging his “Redhead Lifetime certain All-Purpose Wool Socks” every time they wore out, the Springfield-based company changed its policy in 2021 before he tried to return four pairs of socks. Instead of getting another pair with a lifetime warranty, Slaughter said he was given socks that only carried a 60-day warranty, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

A Bass Pro representative said the company won’t comment on pending litigation.

The lawsuit said Bass Pro is misrepresenting the socks in its ads because it says they are “The last sock you’ll ever need to buy” because of the lifetime warranty.

Slaughter said in the lawsuit that the warranty was a major factor in his decision to buy the socks.

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Killexams : Doctor's lawyer defends steps in 10-year-old girl's abortion

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The lawyer for an Indiana doctor at the center of a political firestorm after speaking out about a 10-year-old child abuse victim who traveled from Ohio for an abortion said Thursday that her client provided proper treatment and did not violate any patient privacy laws in discussing the unidentified girl's case.

Attorney Kathleen DeLaney issued the statement on behalf of Indianapolis obstetrician-gynecologist Caitlin Bernard the same day Republican Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita said his office was investigating Bernard's actions. He offered no specific allegations of wrongdoing.

A 27-year-old man was charged in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday with raping the girl, confirming the existence of a case initially met with skepticism by some media outlets and Republican politicians. The pushback grew after Democratic President Joe Biden expressed empathy for the girl during the signing of an executive order last week aimed at protecting some abortion access in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling overturning the constitutional protection for abortion.

Bernard's attorney said the physician “took every appropriate and proper action in accordance with the law and both her medical and ethical training as a physician.”

“She followed all relevant policies, procedures, and regulations in this case, just as she does every day to provide the best possible care for her patients,” DeLaney said in a statement. “She has not violated any law, including patient privacy laws, and she has not been disciplined by her employer.”

Bernard reported a June 30 medication abortion for a 10-year-old patient to the state health department on July 2, within the three-day requirement set in state law for a girl younger than 16, according to a report obtained by The Indianapolis Star and WXIN-TV of Indianapolis under public records requests. The report indicated the girl seeking the abortion had been abused.

DeLaney said they are considering taking legal action against “those who have smeared my client,” including Rokita, who had said he would investigate whether Bernard violated child abuse notification or abortion reporting laws. He also said his office would look into whether anything Bernard said to the Star about the case violated federal medical privacy laws. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services would not say whether any privacy law complaints had been filed against Bernard, nor would Indiana University Health, where Bernard is an obstetrician. But the HIPAA Privacy Rule only protects most “individually identifiable health information,” the department’s website said.

The prosecutor for Indianapolis, where the abortion took place, said his office alone has the authority to pursue any criminal charges in such situations and that Bernard was being “subjected to intimidation and bullying.”

“I think it’s really dangerous when people in law enforcement start trying to launch a criminal investigation based on rumors on the internet,” Democratic Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears said.

Some Republicans who have backed stringent abortion restrictions imposed in Ohio after the Supreme Court ruling, including Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, initially questioned whether the story relayed by Bernard to the newspaper was real. After telling Fox News on Monday that there was not “a whisper” of evidence supporting the case's existence, Yost said his “heart aches for the pain suffered by this young child" and his investigative unit stands ready to support police in the case.

On Thursday, Yost faced intense backlash for his public statements, including a claim that medical exceptions in the Ohio “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban would have allowed the girl to receive her abortion in the state.

Apparently in response, he released a “legal explainer” detailing the law’s medical exceptions. Abortion rights advocates and attorneys said the law’s medical exceptions – for the life of the mother, dire risks of bodily harm and ectopic pregnancies – would not have protected an Ohio doctor who performed an abortion for the girl from prosecution.

Bernard did not reply to email and text messages from The Associated Press seeking comment.


Carr Smyth reported from Columbus, Ohio.

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Killexams : Netflix's Resident Evil Series: Ending Explained No result found, try new keyword!Here's what went down at the end of Netflix's Resident Evil series, and what it could all mean for Season 2 should the series get renewed. Fri, 15 Jul 2022 07:28:00 -0500 Killexams : Netflix's Resident Evil Season 1 Ending Explained: The Cast Previews What Happens Next

The first season of Netflix's Resident Evil live-action adaptation is out now and there is certainly a lot going on throughout--two stories told over a decade apart, plenty of twists and turns, a shocking amount of blood spattered everywhere, and more zombies than you'll ever want to deal with. And while Season 1 of Resident Evil introduced a new story for the franchise, it also left plenty of room to speculate on what's going to happen next.

After all, we didn't get a single cliffhanger. Instead, we got cliffhangers for both the 2022 story and the 2036 story. So it's time to examine how Season 1 ended and think about what happens next. Thankfully, GameSpot was able to discuss just that with the show's cast, as well as showrunner Andrew Dabb.


The end of the 2022 storyline is a pretty wild one. After we learn that the Albert Wesker we meet in the show is actually a clone of the original--and that there are more clones--we get a good idea of just how bad the Umbrella Corporation is. Although let's be honest, we all knew they were terrible.

Albert's focus, though, was on getting his daughters Billie and Jade away from New Raccoon City and out of the company's clutches. This was especially important for Billie, who was bitten by a zombie dog but didn't suffer the horrible effects that typically come with such an injury.

In order to get them away, Albert decides to blow up Umbrella's labs, sacrificing himself in the process. but not before making sure his daughters will be safe with Bert--another of Wesker's clones. Now, we're left with Bert and the girls on the run from Umbrella.

That sets up some interesting stakes for Season 2, as we know ultimately the sisters part ways--and not on the best terms. Moving forward, the actresses playing the girls can't wait to explore that side of their characters' relationship.

"I think it will be really first of all really fun to kind of play [the sisters' relationship deteriorating] because we always are kind of getting along," Tamara Smart, who plays the younger Jade, told GameSpot. "But I think we found it really fun to kind of not get along. It was unsettling because when you get along, but it was fun to play with."

No Caption Provided

As for what will eventually cause the demise of their relationship, Smart has an interesting theory. "I think that Jade does something bad," she said. "I think she messes up and Billie pays the price for it."

Given that we find out Billie is not only alive and well in 2036, but is a high-ranking Umbrella operative, seeing how she ends up there should be interesting. And if Jade is at fault, what could she have possibly done to see her sister take such a drastic turn?

Thankfully, should the show continue, we'll likely find out. As Dabb explains, the plan moving forward is for the show to continue juggling the separate storylines.

"I mean, the core of the story is how do these characters--Jade and Billie, specifically--start [one] way now and end [another]," he said. "How do they evolve in the present day storyline and how did they change in the future storyline--because we're following both of them concurrently. So it's definitely something we would keep going if we're lucky enough to go forward."


The stakes at the end of Season 1's storyline in 2036 are even more dire. Now reunited, the sisters stand on opposite sides of the fight. Billie isn't just a big deal in Umbrella, she's controlling Evelyn Marcus, who leads the corporation. And when we say controlling, we mean like a robot. Jade, on the other hand, has spent her years studying the infected and running from Umbrella.

Now, though, that's all changed. Billie has gotten her hands on the one thing Jade was attempting to keep away from the corporation--her daughter, Bea. It's heavily implied that Bea has been genetically modified, though we aren't sure to what extent. However, as Season 1 ended, Billie shot her sister and took Bea. Clearly, Jade isn't dead from the wound. However, being without her daughter is certainly a game changer going forward.

No Caption Provided

"I think what we've learned about Jade is that she is relentless and she's already suffered so much loss not just through the season, but also the entire time from 2022 to 2036," Ella Balinska, who plays the adult version of Jade, explained. "She feels responsible for the loss of her sister, and now that she's discovered [Billie is alive], maybe that's not quite the case. [But] that still triggers so much trauma of losing a family member, especially one that she is responsible for. So that's when it becomes an undying drive to get [Bea] back."

Focusing all of her energy on rescuing Bea from Billie and Umbrella will certainly make Jade a dangerous foe to have. After all, say what you will about her but we saw Jade taking on more of the infected than anyone else in Season 1, even to the point of wielding a chainsaw to cut her way through them. With her daughter at risk, is anyone safe from the elder Wesker sibling?

Resident Evil Season 1 is on Netflix now.

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Killexams : All the Match Review Panel news from the weekend’s action No result found, try new keyword!Geelong Amateur’s James Lee is facing two matches on the sidelines after being reported for abusing an umpire during Ammos’ 77-point loss to Queenscliff at the weekend. Sun, 17 Jul 2022 08:13:00 -0500 en text/html Killexams : Biden vows 'strong' climate action despite dual setbacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is promising “strong executive action” to combat climate change, despite dual setbacks in accurate weeks that have restricted his ability to regulate carbon emissions and boost clean energy such as wind and solar power.

The Supreme Court last month limited how the nation’s main anti-air pollution law can be used to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Then late Thursday, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he wants to delay sweeping environmental legislation that Democrats have pushed as central to achieving Biden's ambitious climate goals.

Biden, who has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, compared with 2005 levels, said Friday that "action on climate change and clean energy remains more urgent than ever.''

If the Senate will not act to address climate change and boost clean energy, “I will take strong executive action to meet this moment,'' Biden said in a statement from Saudi Arabia, where he met Friday with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Biden did not specify what actions he will take on climate, but said they will create jobs, Improve energy security, bolster domestic manufacturing and protect consumers from oil and gas price increases. “I will not back down,'' he promised.

Some advocates urged Biden to use the moment to declare a national climate emergency and reinstate a ban on crude oil exports, among other steps. Declaring a climate emergency would allow Biden to redirect spending to accelerate renewable energy such as wind and solar and speed the nation’s transition away from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.

Climate advocates, including some of Manchin's Democratic colleagues in the Senate, slammed his opposition — noting that it was the second time he has torpedoed climate change legislation.

“It’s infuriating and nothing short of tragic that Sen. Manchin is walking away, again, from taking essential action on climate and clean energy,'' said Sen. Tina Smith, D-Minn. “The world is literally burning up while he joins every single Republican to stop strong action to cut emissions and speed the transition to clean energy.''

Other Democrats said Manchin's announcement that he cannot back the climate provisions in the Senate bill — at least for now — frees Biden of the obligation to cater to a powerful, coal-state senator eager to protect his energy-producing home state. Manchin's vote is decisive in the evenly divided Senate, where Republicans unanimously oppose climate action.

"Free at last. Let’s roll. Do it all and start it now,'' tweeted Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I. who has long pushed stronger action on climate. “With legislative climate options now closed, it’s now time for executive Beast Mode,'' Whitehouse wrote.

Whitehouse suggested a series of actions Biden could take, including “a robust social cost of carbon rule″ that would force energy producers to account for greenhouse gas emissions as a cost of doing business. The senator also urged Biden to require major polluters to use technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions and impose stronger pollution controls on cars, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

Advocates also urged Biden to reject all onshore and offshore drilling on federal lands and in federal waters — a step he promised during the 2020 campaign but has not enacted — and restrict approval of natural gas pipelines and other fossil fuel projects.

“For too long, we’ve been waiting on a single legislative package to save us and a single legislator to determine our fate,'' said Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore. “Now that it’s clear legislation to address our climate crisis is dead, President Biden needs to put us on an emergency footing to address this disaster.''

Citing Biden's campaign promise to end new drilling on federal lands and waters, Merkley said, "Now is the time to show the American people he’s serious by saying ‘no’ to expanding our addiction to fossil fuels.''

Even before Manchin's apparent rejection of the climate measures, Democrats had slimmed their down their plan from about $555 billion in climate spending to just over $300 billion in a bid to secure his support. Proposed tax credits for wind, solar and nuclear energy, along with still-unproven carbon-capture technology, could reduce emissions by up to 40% by 2030, advocates said.

Manchin had already forced Democrats to drop two tax provisions he opposes: direct payments of clean energy credits and tax credits for drivers who purchase electric vehicles. Manchin forced other concessions last year, including killing a proposal that would have paid utilities that increase clean energy while penalizing those that do not.

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said he still hopes to salvage the clean energy tax provisions and said failure “really is not an option here.”

Manchin's request to postpone action on the climate measure follows a June 30 ruling by the Supreme Court, which said in a 6-3 vote that the Clean Air Act does not provide the Environmental Protection Agency broad authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

The ruling by the court's conservative majority likely complicates the Biden administration’s plan to manage power plant pollution, but does not eliminate its authority to regulate greenhouse gases. EPA Administrator Michael Regan has said the agency is moving forward with proposed rules for power plants in the coming months.

Ann Clancy, associate climate policy director for Indivisible, a progressive advocacy group, said it was time for Biden to "stop waiting for corporate-backed Democrats and their bad faith negotiations and deliver real wins for the American people on climate.''

"We don’t have any more time to waste,'' Clancy said.

Manchin, in a radio interview Friday, said climate activists want an immediate end to U.S. use of oil, coal and gas. "That's crazy,'' he told West Virginia talk show host Hoppy Kercheval. “I’m not throwing caution to the wind. I think we need an energy policy that works for our country.”

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Killexams : ‘Golden Girls 3033’: ‘BoJack’ Director’s Animated Pilot Sends ‘The Golden Girls’ to the Future — Exclusive

For years, Mike Hollingsworth has found creative ways to inject jokes into animated comedies. Working as the supervising director on “BoJack Horseman,” as well as “Tuca & Bertie,” “Inside Job,” and more, Hollingsworth fills frame after frame with visual humor — from cutaway punchlines and background puns, to silent callbacks and quips written on T-shirts, chyrons, and more.

Now, he’s applying his impressive skillset to a stone-cold classic of live-action television: “The Golden Girls.” In “Golden Girls 3033,” a pilot made to elicit a series order, Hollingsworth reimagines Susan Harris’ beloved sitcom with animation, relying on the original scripts and audio as a jumping off point before shaping fresh episodes for a story set more than 1,000 years in the future. Blanche (Rue McClanahan), Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Rose (Betty White), and Sophia (Estelle Getty) all still share a house in Miami — but it’s the year 3033, they’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth, and now Sophia walks around in the hulking body of a giant yellow robot, among other colorful changes.

IndieWire spoke with Hollingsworth to get the early details on “Golden Girls 3033,” but before memorizing all about it, watch the initial episode below.

After growing up watching “The Golden Girls,” the idea for a new series came to Hollingsworth almost by accident, while he was working on “BoJack Horseman” and pitching other shows to various networks. Most of those ideas were based around “doing what other people wanted,” and he soon shifted gears.

“Out of frustration, I just started coming up with the craziest ideas, like the most ridiculous concepts,” Hollingsworth said. “I was just riffing in the directors’ room at ‘BoJack,’ like, ‘Well, of course, I’m also working on a show — it’s ‘The Golden Girls,’ [but] they find the fountain of youth, and now they’re in the future.’ It made all the directors laugh, so I would return to it conversationally.”

“Then I realized I’m having so much more fun talking about this ridiculous [show] and ideas for it — like Dorothy’s ex-husband, Stan, is a squid alien — than I was while trying to pitch what they were asking for.”

When the pandemic struck, Hollingsworth decided to make the pilot himself. The five-minute episode offers a clear taste for what’s to come, though future episodes would ideally be half-hour entries, crafted by a full team of professional writers and animators. Hollingsworth also recognizes the sitcom’s significance to the gay community. His brother Bryan worked on the pilot’s character design, and Hollingsworth hopes to put more LGBTQ voices “in the driver’s seat” if “Golden Girls 3033” goes to series.

“It’s ultimately a celebration of the material,” he said. “With this concept, you’re getting the original performances. These are the words that Susan Harris wrote, and these are the performances that she oversaw as a director.”

Using “The Golden Girls” scripts as the outline for episodes freed Hollingsworth to think of how he could embellish the already crackling storylines. The pilot alone includes flying robots grafting a new hand for Dorothy, Blanche using an in-house food generator to instantly make “Dateless Dessert for One,” and a compact car joke with a timeless yet era-specific punchline.

“The format is so elastic,” he said. “The original scripts are the jumping boards, then — just like I did on ‘BoJack’ and ‘Inside Job’ — it’s just cramming jokes in, no wasted opportunities, with visual jokes everywhere.”

“I essentially created a little universe where I was able to tag these terrific jokes — they’re all alley oops and slam dunks — which, when you’re talking about ‘Golden Girls,’ you want to make a lot of sports references.”

The concept paired with Hollingsworth’s passion has already courted interest from networks. Once word got out about his pitch, he was approached about applying the same animated methodology to other live-action comedies, like “Perfect Strangers” and “Welcome Back Kotter.” But nothing could compare to “The Golden Girls.”

“These ladies are essentially like the Marx Brothers from the ’80s,” Hollingsworth said. “Their delivery is fantastic. The writing sparkles. There’s a Lisa Bonet nose ring joke in there, and it doesn’t [even] bump.”

Prior to Warner Bros. Discovery shutting down the Turner Networks’ original programming wing, Hollingsworth said TBS executives were “looking at [‘Golden Girls 3033’] in a big way.”

“At TBS, they were [like], ‘We will make this. We would love to make this, but you have to figure out all the legal stuff,'” he said. “My representatives and I started poking around Disney, asking, ‘How do we make this?’ The concept was so obtuse: ‘Golden Girls,’ fountain of youth, the future. We were just having trouble getting past those lawyer gatekeepers.”

Now, Hollingsworth sees not only an opportunity, but demand. “Golden Girls” merchandise is everywhere, from Urban Outfitters and Target to Etsy and your local stationary store. Hulu has seen steady interest since debuting the full series on streaming. And if Jack Donaghy taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing corporations love more than synergy.

“My dream for this is to be on Disney+ or Hulu,” Hollingsworth, who is represented by Bradford Bricken at The Cartel, said. “Even though some of the references may be dated, the comedy and the concepts that they’re dealing with seem so prescient. Young people are still talking about it and buying greeting cards of it, and books of quotes and stuff. It just holds up.”

“The show that I’m pitching could just be the beginning of the whole Golden Girls-a-verse — like the Marvel Universe, but with ‘The Golden Girls.'”

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Killexams : Belmont Resources Appoints Olympia Trust Company as Registrar and Transfer Agent

Vancouver, B.C. Canada – TheNewswire - July 15, 2022 - Belmont Resources Inc. (“Belmont”), (or the “Company”), (TSXV:BEA); (FSE:L3L2) announces that Olympia Trust Company (“Olympia”) has replaced TSX Trust Company as the Registrar and Transfer Agent of the Company.  Shareholders need not take action in respect of the change in transfer agent.

All inquiries and correspondence relating to the shareholders records, transfer of shares, lost certificates and/or change of address, should now be directed to Olympia Trust as follows:

Olympia Trust Company

Suite 1900,

925 W. Georgia Street,

Vancouver, B.C.  V6C 3L2 (Vancouver Office)

Phone: #587-774-2340


Olympia is a full service transfer agent and provides a suite of services ranging from Corporate Shareholder services to Corporate Actions, DTC/US Co agent services, plan of arrangements, acquisitions, escrow, Medallion stamp, AGM services, these to name a few.

About Belmont Resources

Belmont Resources has assembled a portfolio of highly prospective copper-gold-lithium & uranium projects located in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Washington and Nevada States.

Its holdings include:

  • The Come By Chance (CBC), Athelstan-Jackpot (AJ) and Pathfinder situated in the prolific Greenwood mining camp in southern British Columbia.  

  • The Crackingstone Uranium project in the uranium rich Athabasca Basin of northern Saskatchewan.  

  • The Lone Star copper-gold mine in the mineral rich Republic mining camp of north central Washington State.  

  • The Kibby Basin Lithium project located 60 kilometers north of the lithium rich Clayton Valley Basin. 

Junior Mining Network


“George Sookochoff”

George Sookochoff, CEO/President

Ph: 604-505-4061

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We seek safe harbor. Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. The TSX Venture Exchange has not approved nor disapproved of the information contained herein.

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Killexams : Resident Evil Ending Explained - Who is Ada Wong?

Netflix recently released the much-awaited Resident Evil live-action TV show. Developed by Andrew Dabb, the first season of the video game adaptation focused on Albert Wesker’s daughters, Jade and Billie Wesker. After moving to New Raccoon City, the sisters uncover dark secrets about the Umbrella Corporation while also learning the truth about their father.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Season 1 of Resident Evil.

Right after moving to Umbrella’s planned community, Jade and Billie learn about the pharmaceutical company’s shady work. Soon, the sisters discover that Umbrella was responsible for the virus outbreak in Raccoon City back in 1998. Thousands of people got infected with the T-virus, and the US government covered it all up by nuking the city. On top of that, Jade and Billie find out that their father, Albert Wesker, is, in fact, a clone of the original Albert Wesker, who died after falling into a volcano in 2009.


The Clone Al manipulated Jade and Billie’s DNA so he could use their blood to fight his sickness. During that process, Albert also made his daughters stronger, which is why the T-virus didn’t turn Billie into a flesh-eating zombie. However, that didn’t stop Billie from becoming a heartless maniac who ended up becoming the face of Umbrella Corporation. She also ends up biting Simon after losing control over herself, which is probably one of the many reasons why Jade leaves Billie.

In the future, we see that Jade Wesker has created a family for herself and has a daughter, Bea. Billie, on the other hand, is controlling Evelyn and is using Umbrella’s resources to hunt down Jade. Billie uses Jade to find the University’s location, where she learns about Jade’s daughter, Bea. For some unknown reason, zombies don’t harm Bea, and Billie wonders if Jade has manipulated her daughter’s DNA to keep her safe in this world. Nevertheless, Billie decides to kidnap Bea so she can run tests on her and escapes after shooting Jade.

In 2022, we see Albert sacrificing himself to save his daughters from Evelyn. He asks Bert (Another clone of Albert) to keep Billie and Jade safe. However, before blowing himself up, Albert hands over a piece of paper to Jade while saying, “Find Her.” In the car, Jade reads the note that has the address of “Ada Wong,” who is probably one of Albert’s friends.

In the video game franchise, Ada Wong is a significant character who first appeared in 1998’s Resident Evil 2. After that, Ada returned as a playable character in Resident Evil 4. Ada mostly appeared as an “anti-heroine” in the video games, as she betrays several people for her secret agenda. She uses her charming personality to get into people’s minds and learn crucial information that could serve her in the mission.

Ada is a fan-favorite character because of her complexity, and the community also loves to watch Ada’s legendary chemistry with Leon Kennedy. So, it would definitely be interesting to see this character in Netflix’s Resident Evil adaptation.

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