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Nortel Configuration availability
Killexams : Nortel Configuration availability - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/922-102 Search results Killexams : Nortel Configuration availability - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/922-102 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Nortel Killexams : Availability and Production Lists

Production Lists

DGA Members, publication of the Productions Lists has resumed. Log in to view the Lists in the sidebar to the right.

The Production Lists are divided into a list for the BA contracts, another for the FLTTA contracts, and a list for Networks and Local Television Stations. The information is separated by state within each list, and include a clickable state index for easy navigation. These lists are provided as a resource for networking of current and future projects, but are not a job referral or employment service as there is no promise of openings on the productions listed.

  • For questions concerning projects shooting in the Eastern area of the United States, please contact Abbie Brewer at 212-258-0805 or email abrewer@dga.org.

  • For questions concerning projects shooting elsewhere in the United States and abroad, please contact Steve Nguyen at 310-289-2096 or e-mail snguyen@dga.org.

Availability Lists 

These lists inform prospective employers of whose names are on the DGACA Qualification List, who are available for hire and how those members can be contacted.  These lists are published on a weekly basis and separated by DGA category and region, with the exception of the Weekly Tape which publishes a national list.

To view the Availability Lists please use the links in the sidebar to the right.  

DGA Members, to place yourself on an Availability List, please log in and use the "Availability" link in the members only navigation menu at the top of the page. Although members may "check-in" or "check out" of the appropriate lists online, all members must continue to fulfill their obligation to report all employment by calling the DGA Work Report Line at (310) 289-2040.

Members also have the continued option to request placement on the Availability Lists by calling the DGA.

  • If you have questions about the West Coast Availability Lists (including Low Budget) please Steve Nguyen at 310-289-2096 or via e-mail at snguyen@dga.org
  • If you have questions about the East Coast Availability Lists (including Low Budget) please contact Abbie Brewer at 212-258-0805 or via email at  abrewer@dga.org
  • For a report of members eligible for local hire employment in a specific geographic area, please call Ayelet Ifrah at 310-289-2092 or via email at AIfrah@dga.org

Be sure to include your name, contact number and the category and which Availability List you wish to be added to/removed from.

Please note: To protect members from phishing, spam or potential fraudulent activity, email addresses will no longer be listed on the Availability Lists PDFs.

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Killexams : Nortel Throws a Hail Mary No result found, try new keyword!Troubled telecom equipment maker Nortel seeks refuge from its creditors in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. CEO Mike Zafirovski (above) says his company 'must be put on a sound financial footing.' Troubled ... Sat, 05 Aug 2023 12:00:00 -0500 text/html https://www.thestreet.com/technology/nortel-throws-a-hail-mary-10457848 Killexams : Data Availability and Policy

The ISME Journal adheres to Springer Nature’s Data Policy Type 3. This means that a submission to The ISME Journal implies that materials described in the manuscript, including all relevant raw data, will be freely available to any researcher wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes, without breaching participant confidentiality. It also means that a Data Availability Statement (see below for more details) is required by the journal.

Data Policy Details

The journal strongly encourages that all datasets on which the conclusions of the paper rely should be available to readers. We encourage authors to ensure that their datasets are either deposited in publicly available repositories (where available and appropriate) or presented in the main manuscript or additional supporting files whenever possible. Please see Springer Nature’s information on recommended repositories.

General repositories – for all types of research data – such as figshare and Dryad may be used where appropriate.

Where a widely established research community expectation for data archiving in public repositories exists, submission to a community-endorsed, public repository is mandatory*.

Persistent identifiers (such as DOIs and accession numbers) for relevant datasets must be provided in the paper.

*For the following types of data set, submission to a community-endorsed, public repository is mandatory:

Data Availability Statement

As part of the The ISME Journal Data Availability Policies, all original articles must include a Data Availability Statement. Data availability statements should include information on where data supporting the results reported in the article can be found including, where applicable, hyperlinks to publicly archived datasets analysed or generated during the study. By data we mean the minimal dataset that would be necessary to interpret, replicate and build upon the findings reported in the article. We recognise it is not always possible to share research data publicly, for instance when individual privacy could be compromised, and in such instances data availability should still be stated in the manuscript along with any conditions for access.

Data Availability statements can take one of the following forms (or a combination of more than one if required for multiple datasets):

  1. The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available in the [NAME] repository, [PERSISTENT WEB LINK TO DATASETS].
  2. The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are not publicly available due [REASON WHY DATA ARE NOT PUBLIC] but are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.
  3. The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.
  4. Data sharing not applicable to this article as no datasets were generated or analysed during the current study.
  5. All data generated or analysed during this study are included in this published article [and its supplementary information files].
  6. The data that support the findings of this study are available from [third party name] but restrictions apply to the availability of these data, which were used under license for the current study, and so are not publicly available. Data are however available from the authors upon reasonable request and with permission of [third party name].
Mon, 07 Mar 2022 20:26:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.nature.com/ismej/authors-and-referees/data-availability-and-policy
Killexams : What does funds availability mean?

Editorial Note: Blueprint may earn a commission from affiliate partner links featured here on our site. This commission does not influence our editors' opinions or evaluations. Please view our full advertiser disclosure policy.

It’s probably happened to you at some point: You deposit a check and then…nothing. You look at your available balance every few hours and it stays the same each time. 

What’s going on? The rusty wheels of the U.S. banking system at work.

Financial institutions can typically hold your deposit between one and five days, or even longer in special situations, which means you can’t cash out or spend the deposit until the hold is lifted. 

What is funds availability?

Funds availability describes when you can spend or withdraw a bank deposit. 

Banks may have varying funds availability policies, but must follow the guidelines set in Federal Regulation CC, aka Reg CC.

Reg CC serves as ground rules for banks when creating their own funds availability policies. These policies typically must be presented to you when you open an account, and can usually be found on the bank’s website.

Depending on the type of deposit you make, when the funds will be available may vary. The amount deposited can also have an impact on when you can withdraw or access the funds.

Why banks hold funds

Banks want to verify that the payor has enough dough. This not only serves to protect the bank, but it also protects you from spending money that you don’t have.

Subpart B of Reg CC details how long a bank can place a hold on your funds. Depending on the type of deposit, you should usually have access to the funds in your account between one and five business days of the deposit. The funds availability schedule breaks down as follows:

  • Next business day. Cash deposits, wire transfers and certain check deposits, such as Treasury checks and cashier’s checks.
  • Two business days. Local checks, or those deposited in a bank that is in the same Federal Reserve check-processing region as the paying bank.
  • Five business days. Non-local checks, or those deposited in a different check-processing region than the paying bank.

Reg CC allows banks to extend hold periods on deposits in certain circumstances, but the bank must alert you if the hold goes longer for any reason. Reasons a bank might put a hold on your money for a longer period include:

  • The account is new.
  • The deposit is greater than $5,525.
  • The account has been repeatedly overdrawn.
  • Suspected fraud.
  • Emergency conditions, such as a communications failure, suspension of payments by another bank or war.

How deposit holds work

Typically, at least a portion of the funds you deposit are available the same day you deposit. However, in the case of a deposit hold, you may not be able to access deposited funds for up to a week. 

These holds are placed by banks to protect customers from fraud, overdrafts or fees that could occur if funds were made available immediately and the check has to be returned to you. Common factors that can increase the chances of a deposit hold can include:

  • You’ve had more money withdrawn than there is credit (from an account).
  • You’re new to the bank.
  • Your deposit exceeds the total available balance in your account.
  • You’ve deposited bad checks in the past.
  • The bank has to verify the payor has enough money to cover the check.

The bank should notify you that a deposit hold has been placed on your account.

If the bank didn’t place a hold at the time of the original deposit but determines a hold is required afterward, the bank will usually send an alert via email or a paper notice to your mailing address.

Understanding your funds availability policy

All banks must disclose their funds availability policy to customers once they open an account. These policies are usually available on the bank’s website, or by asking a customer service representative. 

The bank’s policy will clearly outline when funds will be available based on the type of deposit, such as cash or money order, as well as the deposit method (branch deposit, ATM or mobile deposit). 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A funds availability disclosure is a document that banks must offer to customers to be compliant with Reg CC. This disclosure must spell out in detail when the bank will make different types of deposits available for withdrawal, in accordance with Reg CC guidelines. Before a new account is opened, the disclosure must be made available to the customer, when periodic statements are provided or at the customer’s request.

A funds availability delay, also known as delayed funds availability, refers to the amount of time banks can hold funds that have been deposited to a customer’s account. 

A bank can place a hold on a check if it’s possible the check may not clear, but any policy regarding funds availability has to be clearly defined in the bank’s funds availability disclosure.

Reg CC requires banks to make cash deposits, wire transfers and certain check deposits available to withdraw the next business day, at the latest. Local checks must be available within two business days of deposit, while non-local checks must be available within five business days. However, banks can make funds available sooner.

Yes, a bank can choose to make funds available for withdrawal immediately upon deposit. However, restrictions usually apply, and you may have to pay a fee.

Blueprint is an independent publisher and comparison service, not an investment advisor. The information provided is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific financial decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Blueprint has an advertiser disclosure policy. The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. Blueprint adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

I’m an experienced personal finance writer, and have written informative articles for banks, credit unions and enterprise-level finance software companies. I became passionate about educating others on personal finance after navigating my way out of six-figure student loan debt, and have volunteered as a financial coach in my local community. My work has been published on Quickbooks.com, as well as TechRepublic, Yahoo Small Business, and Entrepreneur.com.

Jenn Jones is the deputy editor for banking at USA TODAY Blueprint. She brings years of writing and analytical skills to bear, as she was previously a senior writer at LendingTree, a finance manager at World Car dealerships and an editor at Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ. Her work has been featured on MSN, F&I Magazine and Automotive News. She holds a B.S. in commerce from the University of Virginia.

Mon, 24 Jul 2023 23:21:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.usatoday.com/money/blueprint/banking/checking/what-does-funds-availabilty-mean/
Killexams : How to Write an Email Requesting Availability

Tracey Sandilands has written professionally since 1990, covering business, home ownership and pets. She holds a professional business management qualification, a bachelor's degree in communications and a diploma in public relations and journalism. Sandilands is the former editor of an international property news portal and an experienced dog breeder and trainer.

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Killexams : Mortgage credit availability sinks to decade low

A man enters a Bank of America branch in New York.

Scott Mlyn | CNBC

As if higher mortgage rates weren't enough, it was harder even to qualify for a mortgage in July than it has been in a decade, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

Its monthly index measuring credit availability dropped in July to the lowest level since 2013, indicating that lending standards are tightening even further.

While availability for all loan types dropped, the component of the index for jumbo loans fell the most, as banks face increasing liquidity issues. Jumbo loans cannot be sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, so they are usually held on bank balance sheets.

Higher mortgage rates have caused demand for home loans to drop. Mortgage applications to purchase a home are 26% lower than they were a year ago, and refinance demand is off 32%, according to the MBA's most accurate weekly survey.

"Declining origination volumes have led to lower profitability for many lenders, resulting in narrower loan product offerings to reduce operational costs," said Joel Kan, an MBA economist, in a release.

A decline in cash-out refinance programs was a major component of the overall drop in credit availability.

The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage is now hovering around 7%, more than double what it was just two years ago when refinancing was booming.

Most borrowers today would rather not have to trade out a 3% rate for a 7% rate just to pull cash out of their homes. They are instead turning to home equity lines of credit, which are second liens.

Tue, 08 Aug 2023 21:04:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.cnbc.com/2023/08/08/mortgage-credit-availability-sinks-to-decade-low.html
Killexams : Mortgage credit availability hits a 10-year low

Mortgage credit availability dropped to its lowest level since 2013 in July as receding  origination volumes led to lower profitability for many lenders.

Simultaneously, liquidity concerns persisted for some jumbo lenders. As a result, many companies tried to reduce their operational costs by narrowing their loan product offerings, according to Joel Kan, Mortgage Bankers Association’s vice president and deputy chief economist.

The trade group’s monthly Mortgage Credit Availability Index fell by 0.3% to 96.3 last month. A decline of the index, benchmarked to 100 in March 2012, indicates that lending standards are tightening while an increase suggests loosening credit.

“One key driver of this month’s decline was a drop in cash-out refinance loan programs,” said Kan. “The 30-year fixed mortgage rate averaged 6.94% in July, more than a percentage point higher than July 2022, and this has significantly discouraged cash-out refinance activity, as borrowers turn to home equity and consumer loans instead.”

He added that the jumbo index fell for the third straight month, as jumbo lenders further reduce the number of available loan programs.

Meanwhile, the Conventional MCAI, which does not include loans backed by the government, decreased 0.5% and the Government MCAI, which examines FHA, VA, and USDA loan programs, decreased by 0.1%.

Of the two component indices of the conventional index, the Jumbo MCAI decreased by 0.8%, and the Conforming MCAI rose by 0.2%.

Tue, 08 Aug 2023 05:46:00 -0500 Sarah Marx en-US text/html https://www.housingwire.com/articles/mortgage-credit-availability-hits-a-10-year-low/
Killexams : Affordability and availability of insurance in Colorado may depend on fire-hardening your home

As temperatures heat up across Colorado so too does wildfire danger, and firefighters aren't the only ones tracking that danger closely — so is the insurance industry.

Some insurers are already pulling out of Colorado and rates are doubling and tripling across the state because of wildfire danger.

Experts say Colorado is at a crossroads. If we don't take steps to lower our risk — through mitigation and fire hardening of homes — they say the availability and affordability of insurance will only get worse.


Marshall Fire survivors like Tawnya Somauroo are leading the way, "We have a fire-resistant roof; we have fire-resistant walls; we have fire-resistant decking, we will have."

A former aerospace engineer and current patent attorney, she is innovative by nature. So when her house was destroyed by the Marshall Fire, she was determined to do what she could to prevent it from happening again, "We have windows that are tempered double pane, and we have vents to cover  ... to keep the embers out, and we will have covers on our gutters, and it actually doesn't cost that much upgrade to do all these things."

She didn't stop at her house. Somauroo talked to her neighbors who followed her example, "It makes us feel safer; it really does." That's why she invited some of the nation's leading experts on fire hardening to the state to help spread the word. They toured parts of the Marshall Fire burn scar, where many homeowners are fire hardening.

Jennifer Gray Thompson with After The Fire, an organization that helps communities rebuild after megafires, says we should all follow their lead, "If you've not yet been affected by a climate disaster, you can pretty much be very well assured that over the next decade to two decades you absolutely will be. Really, the consumers have to really change their entire mindset about how we live."

It's not just about wildfire risk but insurance rates, "You got double triple whammies coming every directionm" said Julie Shiyou-Woodard with Smart Home America. Her organization advocates for resilient building codes, and she says community-wide change is key. 

"There are communities in the United States that suffered catastrophic losses, same uncertainty. But ... the community and state working together, and working to really revamp codes and policy in that state flipped those markets," Shiyou-Woodard said. 

For Somauroo, it's about preparing for the worst, "Saying something can never happen is a bit of a thought trap. I think it's worth doing for the peace of mind and for keeping your community insurable."

Thanks in part to Somauroo and her neighbors, the legislature created a grant program this year to help with fire hardening for the first time ever. The legislature also created a wildfire resiliency board to come up with a building code for areas in the wildland urban interface. The code is expected to take effect July of 2025.

The federal Inflation Reduction Act also includes grant money to help with resilient building.


Tue, 25 Jul 2023 15:44:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.cbsnews.com/colorado/news/marshall-fire-colorado-wildfire-homes-house-megafire/
Killexams : Qualifying for a mortgage is getting harder, as credit availability is the tightest in a decade

Washington, DC CNN  — 

Available credit for mortgages tightened in July, falling to its lowest level in a decade for potential home buyers, according to a report from the Mortgage Bankers Association released Tuesday that analyzes data from ICE Mortgage Technology.

MBA’s monthly index fell by 0.3% to 96.3 in July, the lowest level since 2013, as lenders pulled back on underused loan programs and liquidity concerns remained for some jumbo loan lenders, said Joel Kan, MBA’s vice president and deputy chief economist.

A decline in the Mortgage Credit Availability Index indicates that lending standards are tightening, while increases in the index would indicate loosening credit. The index was benchmarked to 100 in March 2012.

Mortgage credit availability has been tightening since the spring, according to MBA, with a slight uptick in availability in June, when levels were essentially unchanged. Credit availability then fell again in July, to a decade low.

In July, the conventional loan index, which examines non-government loan programs, decreased 0.5%. The government loan index, which examines Federal Housing Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and US Department of Agriculture loan programs, was down by 0.1%.

The component of the conventional loan index for jumbo loans fell the most, dropping by 0.8%. Jumbo loans are those that exceed the limit for loans purchased by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, and are typically held on banks’ balance sheets. Some banks are proving less willing to take on those loans right now, amid liquidity concerns.

A lack of housing inventory in accurate months has led to a slowdown for mortgage lenders, as home sellers remain locked in to their ultra-low mortgage rates and potential home buyers struggle to afford mortgage rates approaching 7%. Fewer people getting mortgages means lower profitability for lenders, said Kan. That has led to them offering fewer products in order to cut costs.

One key driver of this month’s decline was a drop in cash-out refinance loan programs, he said. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate averaged 6.94%, according to MBA, in July, more than a percentage point higher than it was in July 2022.

“This has significantly discouraged cash-out refinance activity, as borrowers turn to home equity and consumer loans instead,” Kan said.

The MCAI is calculated using several factors related to borrower eligibility, like credit score, loan type and loan-to-value ratio, according to MBA. These metrics and underwriting criteria for over 95 lenders or investors are combined by MBA using data made available via ICE Mortgage Technology.

Tue, 08 Aug 2023 16:32:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.cnn.com/2023/08/08/homes/mortgage-credit-availability/index.html
Killexams : Retail rents rise in Q2 as availability tightens: CBRE

Dive Brief:

  • Net absorption of U.S. retail space in Q2 — vacancy at the start versus the end of the period — was 5.9 million square feet, the lowest demand since Q3 2020, according to a report from real estate investment firm CBRE.

  • The overall availability rate fell by 10 basis points year over year to a record-low 4.8%. The average asking rent rose 2.1%, driven by several markets in Florida as well as Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Demand is higher in the suburbs than in downtowns, with the overall suburban availability rate lower than the overall downtown rate for the fourth straight quarter, per the report.

Dive Insight:

Shifting retail location strategies and high financing and construction costs are shaking up demand for space.

In the second quarter, just 5.9 million square feet of retail space was constructed, the third-lowest quarterly total in a decade, according to CBRE. "The retail development pipeline will likely remain slow, as the market contends with economic uncertainty and elevated construction materials costs," researchers said in the report.

High office vacancies are dampening demand for retail space in core areas of some cities, though even in places like San Francisco, where retailers are fleeing downtown shopping districts, neighborhoods are thriving, according to Nick Egelanian, president of retail development firm SiteWorks.

High-profile bankruptcies like Bed Bath & Beyond have made their mark. As the home goods retailer winds up its liquidation, very few, if any, stores will remain open. The company ran 360 stores in the U.S. when it filed for bankruptcy in April, down from 949 stores as of late last year.

Partly due to bankruptcy filings “by several big-box retailers,” Q2 net absorption in the power-center segment was negative 727,000 square feet, according to CBRE’s report. That followed nine straight quarters of positive net absorption.

Yet retail space availability also hit record lows in the period, falling by 10 basis points to 4.8% overall, per CBRE. Availability in neighborhood, community and strip centers also fell by 10 basis points to a record-low 6.7%.

In fact, the negative net absorption likely reflects high occupancy rates, rather than low demand, according to Egelanian.

“With occupancy at record highs, there is very little to absorb,” he said by email.

Availability in lifestyle and mall centers rose 20 basis points to 6.2%, however, as retailers continue to close underperforming mall locations, CBRE said. Retail giants including Victoria’s Secret, Gap Inc. and even anchors like Macy’s have increasingly abandoned malls in favor of strip centers and other off-mall areas.

Tight availability in the second quarter led to higher rents. The overall average asking rent rose 0.6% to $23.21 per square foot, the highest quarter-over-quarter increase since Q1 2022, per CBRE. Year over year, average asking rent rose 2.1%, with neighborhood, community and strip centers seeing the largest increase, at 2.7%. 

“Overall, the biggest factor affecting retail right now is the disconnect between supply and demand for space and the cost of raw materials and credit, versus affordable rents,” Egelanian said. “This is causing a lot of short- to medium-term market dislocation.”

Fri, 28 Jul 2023 04:58:00 -0500 Daphne Howland en-US text/html https://www.retaildive.com/news/strip-mall-vacancy-retail-real-estate/689301/
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