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Exam Code: MB-210 Practice exam 2022 by Killexams.com team
MB-210 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Candidates for this exam are Dynamics 365 functional consultants with sales expertise. Candidates are responsible for implementing solutions that support a sales life cycle to run efficiently and effectively to meet revenue targets, business strategies, and company objectives.

Candidates are responsible for configuring and expanding the core functionality of Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and supporting entities to map to the sales processes in place at the company. They identify opportunities to use Power Apps to develop unified experiences for all devices, Power Automate for application integration, business process flows, and other automation tools to construct an application that supports and accelerates the "lead to cash journey."

Perform configuration (40-45%)
Configure sales settings
• configure sales territories
• configure default revenue type
• configure auto number settings
• configure business closures
• configure fiscal year
• configure currencies
• configure sales team roles
• configure sales security roles
• configure goal management components
• create and manage sales collateral
• configure relationship cards
• configure playbook management
Configure processes
• configure record creation rules
• configure out of the box sales business process flows
Create and configure sales visualizations
• configure sales content pack for Power BI
• configure sales dashboards
• design and create sales charts
• execute and analyze sales reports
Configure integration with external sales applications
• implement Dynamics 365 AI for sales
• configure and enable embedded intelligence
• implement social selling assistant
• implement LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Manage core sales entities (20-25%)
Create and manage leads
• create and search for leads
• convert activities to leads
• perform lead qualification
• configure status reasons
• scan business card
Create and manage opportunities
• create and search for opportunities
• close opportunity as won or lost
• track stakeholders and sales team
• add product line items to opportunity
• customize the Opportunity Close form
• configure status reasons

Manage sales entities (35-40%)
Create and manage quotes
• add quotes to opportunities
• edit quotes in various stages
• send quotes to customers
• convert quotes to orders
• create a template from a quote
Create and manage sales order processing
• create and manage orders
• create and manage invoices
• create and manage competitors
Create and manage product and product catalog
• configure product families, bundles, and products
• configure price lists
• configure discount lists
• configure unit groups
• configure product lifecycle

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
Microsoft Microsoft PDF Download
Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft PDF download - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/MB-210 Search results Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft PDF download - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/MB-210 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Microsoft Killexams : How to Update Apps on Windows 11 No result found, try new keyword!App updates keep your PC secure and running smoothly. Here's how you can update the apps on your Windows 11 PC. Thu, 28 Jul 2022 22:00:14 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/how-to-update-apps-on-windows-11/ar-AA105R6z Killexams : Warning for Microsoft users as ‘high severity’ flaws spotted – update now

MICROSOFT users have been warned over various 'high-severity' flaws which could leave users vulnerable to security breaches.

On Monday, the Indian government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) (Chromium based) alerted Microsoft users of several new security flaws in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft users have been warned over various 'high-severity' vulnerabilities.


Microsoft users have been warned over various 'high-severity' vulnerabilities.Credit: Getty

The problems are affecting Microsoft Edge browser versions before 103.0.1264.71.

What are software vulnerabilities?

Vulnerabilities are flaws in a computer system that weaken the overall security of the device.

The weaknesses may be located within the hardware or the software that runs on the hardware

Vulnerabilities are considered very dangerous because they can give a remote attacker the ability to get beyond security measures.

Once a bad actor does that, they can run arbitrary code or launch a denial of service (DoS) attack against the impacted system.

This could lead to hackers accessing and stealing your data.

And in more severe cases, they may even be able to take full control of your device.

Experts from WION shared the reasons why these vulnerabilities exist: "Use after free in Guest View, Use after free in PDF, Use after free in Service Worker API, Use after free in Views, Insufficient validation of untrusted input in File."

What can I do?

Users are urged to install the proper patches found on the Release Notes for Microsoft Edge Security Updates webpage.

It's also advised to update your Microsoft Edge to the latest version.

To do this, go to Settings and more > About Microsoft Edge (edge://settings/help).

Once there, you may see one or both of the following toggles: download and install updates automatically.

You will definitely also want to use a Firewall, which is considered essential for protection.

Firewalls monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic on your device – so if someone is trying to get into your device, the firewall will keep them out.

Fri, 29 Jul 2022 00:44:00 -0500 Jona Jaupi en-gb text/html https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/19362026/warning-microsoft-users-security-flaws/
Killexams : How to Install MS Office Document Image Writer

Jeff Grundy has been writing computer-related articles and tutorials since 1995. Since that time, Grundy has written many guides to using various applications that are published on numerous how-to and tutorial sites. Born and raised in South Georgia, Grundy holds a Master of Science degree in mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Thu, 12 May 2022 18:27:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://smallbusiness.chron.com/install-ms-office-document-image-writer-64088.html
Killexams : How to Sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge

Here is a guide that shows you how to sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge. Signatures are basically used to get or provide consent or approval on documents like contracts, legal documents, applications, forms, and more. Just like how you add inked signatures on a hard-paper document, you can also add an electronic signature to your PDF document in the Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge is a great PDF viewer for Windows 11/10 with some good PDF reading and annotation tools. Additionally, you can easily draw and add a handwritten signature to a PDF document right from the Edge browser. In this post, we will discuss two different methods to electronically sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge. Let us check out these methods now!

These are the main methods to sign a PDF document in the Edge browser:

  1. Use the Draw tool to sign a PDF in Edge.
  2. Digitally sign a PDF in Edge using an add-on.

Now, let’s discuss these two methods in elaboration!

1] Use the Draw tool to sign a PDF in Edge

You can simply sign a PDF file using the Draw tool in the Edge browser. These are the basic steps to digitally sign a PDF in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
  2. Import a PDF file.
  3. Click on the Draw tool from the toolbar.
  4. Select pen color and thickness.
  5. Draw a handwritten signature anywhere on the PDF.
  6. Save the signed PDF document.

Let us discuss the above-mentioned steps in detail!

Firstly, simply launch the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC. Then, you need to import a PDF document file that you want to sign using the Ctrl + O hotkey.

After you open the input PDF file, you will see various PDF reading as well as annotation features on the top toolbar. You will see page view, rotate, zoom, read aloud, highlight, erase, etc. To sign a PDF, you need to use the Draw tool; simply click on the Draw option. And, choose the ink properties including the color and thickness of the drawing pen.

How to Sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge

Now, draw your handwritten signature with the drawing pen anywhere on the PDF document. In case of any mistake, click on the Erase option and then delete the drawn signatures. You can then redraw the signature in the PDF.

Next, you need to save the PDF with an added handwritten signature. For that, click on the Save button to save the signature in the original PDF. Or, you can use the Save as button to create a new PDF document with a handwritten signature.

So, this is how you can easily sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge using its native draw feature.

2] Sign a PDF in Edge using an add-on

Some add-ons for Edge enable you to add a signature to your PDF right in the browser. In this post, we are going to use this free add-on service called Digital Signature for PDF Files. It is a dedicated add-on service using which you can add handwritten signatures to a PDF file in the Edge browser. This add-on service also lets you draw individual handwritten signatures and download them in PDF, JPG, and PNG format. You can then add the created signatures to your Word, PDF, and other documents.

Here are the main steps to sign a PDF in Microsoft Edge using this add-on:

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge.
  2. Go to the Edge Add-ons page.
  3. Search and Install the Digital Signature for PDF Files add-on.
  4. Click on the icon of this add-on from the top badge.
  5. Press the PDF and Advanced Options button.
  6. Import a PDF document.
  7. Add a handwritten signature with customized line width, color, etc.
  8. Save the signed PDF document.

Now, let us elaborate on these steps for you!

Firstly, launch the Microsoft Edge browser and open the Add-ons page in it. To do so, go to the three-bar menu and click on the Extensions option.

Next, press the Get extensions for Microsoft Edge option and it will navigate you to the Edge Add-ons page.

In the search bar, type and enter Digital Signature for PDF Files. You will see the Digital Signature for PDF Files add-on in the result. Click on the Get button to install and add this extension to the Edge browser.

Now, click on the icon of this newly installed add-on from the extension badge. And, press the PDF and Advanced Options button.

A Signature Pad page will open up in a new tab. In this tab, click on the Pick a PDF File option to browse and load the source PDF document to which you want to add a handwritten signature.

After that, you need to set up the drawing options to draw a signature including minimum line width, maximum line width, minimum dot distance, pen color, and velocity factor. Configure these options and then draw a signature on the PDF at any part of it. You can also select the page of the PDF on which you want to add a handwritten signature.

In case you want to delete the added signature and draw a new signature, tap on the New Signature option and then draw your signature. It also provides you an Undo option to undo a previous action.

When you are done signing a PDF document, choose PDF Document as the Save Format and then click on the Download to Disk button to save the signed PDF document.

This is how you can draw a signature and sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge using this free add-on.

How do I edit a PDF in Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge allows some basic editing as of now. It provides a few annotation features including Highlight, Draw, and Erase using which you can draw annotations on a PDF document. You can also rotate pages of a PDF document in Edge.

Also, the new Chromium-based Edge browser supports Chrome-based extensions, so you can search for a PDF editing extension on the Edge Add-ons page and install one to edit PDF in Edge.

How do I sign a PDF in Windows 10?

Signing a PDF in Windows 10 is quite easy. You can draw and add a signature to a PDF in Windows 10 using various software and tools like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Foxit Reader, SmallPDF, and some other PDF readers.

How do I enable digital signature in Microsoft Edge?

You can enable digital signature in Microsoft Edge. However, this feature is available in the Microsoft Edge Canary version as of now. You can check out the detailed procedure to enable and validate the digital signatures in Microsoft Edge that we covered earlier.

How do I digitally sign a PDF in Windows 10?

It is quite easy to digitally sign a PDF document in Windows 10. You can use a free software like Advanced PDF Utilities Free that allows you to edit as well as digitally sign a PDF file. Also, you can electronically sign a PDF document right from your Edge browser that we already discussed in this article.

Hope this article helps you sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge browse using two simple methods.

Now read:

How to Sign a PDF document in Microsoft Edge
Sun, 12 Sep 2021 01:55:00 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.thewindowsclub.com/how-to-sign-a-pdf-document-in-microsoft-edge
Killexams : Microsoft Weekly: The return of IE, Windows 11 build 25174, and app previews
Microsoft Weekly graphic with a builder on Windows 11s logo on the left and a mountain with IE logo

It's Saturday, which means that it's time yet again to walk through all of the important things that happened in the Microsoft-verse in the past few days. This was one of the busiest weeks so far in terms of news and we had items related to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Windows 11, app previews, and leaks flowing in consistently. Without further ado, check out our weekly digest for July 30 - August 5!

The return of Internet Explorer

A gravestone for Internet Explorer saying that He was a good tool to download other browsers

Internet Explorer (IE) is dead and isn't even supposed to be bundled in Windows 11. However, some internet sleuths managed to find it within the depths of Microsoft's latest operating system. It turns out that the GUI for IE still exists in Windows 11 and can be triggered pretty easily. Heck, you can even set a shortcut for it. Interestingly, Microsoft has remained silent on the matter even though there was a clear public perception prior to this week that Windows 11 is the first version of the OS that comes without IE bundled.

But coming over to Microsoft's latest browser, Edge received a few noteworthy updates as well. Edge Dev 105.0.1336.2 introduced Narrator, a new management policy, and a bunch of performance improvements. The company also enabled Enhanced Security mode (previously Super Duper Secure Mode) by default in Edge 104.0.1293.44 Beta and then quickly rolled out the configuration with a new Basic option for everyone in Edge Stable via version 104.0.1293.47.

Talking about browsers in general, Edge is inching closer to 11% of the desktop market share. This is obviously still far behind Chrome's current share of 66.19%, but it's a start. Meanwhile, DuckDuckGo has now committed to blocking Microsoft scripts in its browser and extensions. Microsoft has also stated that it won't profile users from DuckDuckGo on ad clicks, even though advertising on the site is done in partnership with Microsoft.

Windows 11 build 25174

The Windows 11 logo with the stock wallpaper on the background

Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 Dev Channel build 25174 this week. Most notably, this build introduces the Game Pass widget so that you can get a sneak peek at new arrivals, imminent departures, and more. There are a bunch of bug fixes for File Explorer, Settings, and Taskbar, as well as a lengthy list of known issues. A servicing build 25174.1010 (KB5017214) was also released yesterday.

There were a couple of interesting things about build 25174 too. While it could be due to a bug but there are hints that Microsoft is changing the icons in the Shut Down dialog box. In a similar vein, some Windows 11 users managed to trigger a floating rounded Taskbar. However, Microsoft later pointed out that this is a bug, much to the disappointment of many.

On the other hand, the Beta Channel received builds 22621.450 and 22622.450. As usual, the former has new features disabled by default while the latter has them on. Some improvements have been made to File Explorer but there are various known issues too. Since we are talking about issues, Microsoft has also resolved a display bug affecting the input indicator and language bar in Windows 10.

Coming over to the security side of Windows, Nvidia has released version 473.81 of its GeForce driver. This is also being made available to unsupported Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems since it patches some important security issues. Meanwhile, Smart App Control (SAC) in Windows 11 can now block LNK, ISO, RAR, IMG, VHD, and VHDX files, among others.

App previews, leaks, and updates

A Microsoft Store listing for Windows Subsystem for Linux Preview

We have a lot of ground to cover in this section so I'll try to keep it brief. We'll start off with Microsoft PowerToys - which still hasn't hit version 1.0 - netting a couple of updates. Version 0.61.0 brought quality of life improvements for Always on Top, FancyZones, and PowerToys Run. Meanwhile, version 0.61.1 was only a small release to patch a couple of issues.

Additionally, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) received version 0.65.1, which introduced a number of changes and is available for all Windows Insiders. On the other hand, Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) August's update brought input compatibility in apps such as games, networking and windowing improvements, and reliability updates. Windows Package Manager (Winget) was updated to version 1.3 too and it was a pretty significant update that added the ability to display installation notes, verbose logs, new settings, and more.

On the Microsoft 365 side, Microsoft has started rolling out a new Teams client that natively runs on Apple Silicon, which is good news for Mac users looking for performance improvements. The collaboration app is also getting a Video clip feature so you can create and send short video messages. Furthermore, Word on the web has received a Review mode which basically gives no editing rights, but allows reviewers to read documents and leave feedback.

Similarly, Office Insiders in the Beta Channel on Windows and the web can now try out dictation in OneNote. Meanwhile, Surface customers will be happy to know that the Surface app has been updated with lots of new features that can be tried out now.

Interestingly, Microsoft started rolling out Outlook Lite for select emerging countries as well. The app just weighs in at 5MB and packs core functionalities of the email client. In a similar vein, the company's cloud-powered video-editing service Clipchamp has ditched its complicated pricing plans in favor of a free plan and a premium one that costs $11.99/month.

Some more details about Microsoft's "Designer" - codenamed "Oasis" - tool have leaked as well. It seems like it will be a successor to Sway and will empower users to create new designs for social media and marketing posts with the help of AI.

Finally, if you use Rufus, you should know that version 3.20 is out. It adds the option for automatic account creation and the ability to copy regional settings from the current Windows installation.

Git gud

Xbox Game Pass family plan promo photos

We will kick off our gaming section by drawing your attention to Sea of Thieves' highly anticipated Season 7, which is now live. It introduces players to new captaincy and ship-owning features, battle passes, cosmetic items, challenges, and a lot of quality of life improvements.

And if you're wondering how Sony is sitting quietly about the ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, it turns out that this is absolutely not the case. In some recent filings that have been made public, Sony has emphasized the importance of Call of Duty, the potential of it being a Microsoft exclusive, and implied that the latter would cause players to ditch PlayStation. Of course, the jury is still out on whether the acquisition will eventually go through or not.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has other areas of focus though. The company has emphasized that even though its gaming business is rooted in Xbox, its future growth lies beyond the console, and gravitates more towards Xbox Cloud Gaming. To that end, it has also fixed some issues in the Xbox App for Windows which caused some UI freezes during Xbox Cloud Gaming. And since we are talking about platforms, those who keep track of things like this should know that Windows 11's market share on Steam has dipped for the first time since its release.

The Redmond tech giant has also started testing a family plan for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in Ireland and Colombia. It allows people to share the full benefits of the subscription with up to four other users at a price of $25/month. Microsoft's global rollout plans for the new plan are still a bit unclear.

Since we are on to the subject of game subscriptions and the value they bring, it's also time to talk about Ghost Recon Wildlands, Shenzhen IO, Cooking Simulator, and more heading to Xbox Game Pass this month. In a similar vein, Calico and Saints Row 2 are now free through Games with Gold while Batman and Anthem headline this week's Deals with Gold. Don't forget the latest Xbox Free Play Days promotion either, currently sporting Far Cry 6, The Serpent Rogue, and Roguebook.

Coming over to the hardware side, Microsoft has revealed that it has freed up "hundreds of additional megabytes" in the Xbox Series S for developers to play around with, which means that games can now take advantage of more memory. Oh, and there's also a weird "singing" Xbox controller that you can win via a lucky draw of sorts.

Finally, don't forget to take a gander at this weekend's PC game deals, collected in handy lists by our News Editor Pulasthi Ariyasinghe.

Dev Channel

Tux with Ubuntu logo on his chest vs Windows 11

Under the spotlight

A colorful printer

As he does every week, forum member Adam Bottjen - better known as Warwagon - wrote a handy and brief Tech Tip Tuesday guide about how you can print to PDF.

Internet Explorer open in Windows 11

Adam also authored a guide about how you can create a shortcut to launch Internet Explorer in Windows 11 because he likes to watch the world burn.

Logos of four popular browsers - Vivaldi Chrome Edge and Firefox

Next, we have a write-up from News Reporter Taras Buria about which browser is the best in terms of efficiency on Windows. If this is something you are curious about, check out Taras' thoughts here.

The Telegram logo

Meanwhile, News Editor Paul Hill penned a detailed guide on how you can leverage the obscure download manager in Telegram.

OneNote logo in the center with angry and thumbs down emoji on the right and love and thumbs up emoj

Finally, I wrote a listicle about the top 10 features people are requesting for Microsoft OneNote. Although the list is interesting, it's disappointing to see that Microsoft has not responded to any feedback.

Logging off

A ripoff of God of War on Xbox called

Our most interesting news item of the week revolves around God of War on Xbox... kind of. Basically, a game called War Gods Zeus of Child (yes, really) that clearly rips off Sony's beloved franchise was selling on Xbox for $3.99. Although Microsoft eventually removed it, questions were raised about how the game got through the certification process and stayed on the storefront for days. And while War Gods has been pulled, there's another problematic listing from the same developer. It's called Dinasaur Falling Survival (that's not a typo) and it basically "borrows" from Fall Guys. it's unclear why this title hasn't been removed yet.

Neowin Newsletter promo banner

If you'd like to get a weekly digest of news from Neowin, we have a Newsletter you can sign up to either via the 'Get our newsletter' widget in the sidebar, or through this link.

Missed any of the previous columns? Check them all out at this link.

Sat, 06 Aug 2022 05:16:00 -0500 Usama Jawad en text/html https://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-weekly-the-return-of-ie-windows-11-build-25174-and-app-previews/
Killexams : Knotweed Euro cyber mercenaries attacking private sector, says Microsoft No result found, try new keyword!Dubbed Knotweed by Microsoft's Threat Intelligence Center and Security Response Center, the private sector targeting crew has made use of multiple Windows and Adobe zero-day exploits in attacks ... Wed, 27 Jul 2022 04:49:20 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/knotweed-euro-cyber-mercenaries-attacking-private-sector-says-microsoft/ar-AA102c3A Killexams : ALERT! Update Microsoft Edge web browser to fix major security bug

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), a nodal agency under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has issued warning for Microsoft Edge web browser users, claiming that it has found several vulnerabilities in it. Also, the government body has marked the vulnerabilities as ‘high’ that can allow hackers to bypass security restrictions and execute arbitrary code on the targeted system.

The government body advises the Edge users to not to ignore this warning and update the browser to avoid any kind of hacking. CERT-IN is responsible for highlighting cybersecurity threats like hacking to the people.

In an official statement as quoted by The Times of India, the the government body informed that these vulnerabilities exist in Chromium Open-Source Software (OSS) which is then consumed by Microsoft Edge web browser due to Use after free in Guest View, Use after free in PDF, Use after free in Service Worker API, Use after free in Views and Insufficient validation of untrusted input in File.

The remote hacker can exploit these vulnerabilities by sending them specially crafted request on the targeted system which can let them bypass security restrictions and execute arbitrary code or denial of service (DoS) conditions. It also noted that the problems also affected Microsoft Edge browser versions before 103.0.1264.71, according to the advisory.

The nodal agency advised the users to apply for an appropriate update of the web browser to avoid any kind of hacking. Microsoft has rolled out an update for its Edge browser that also contains fixes to the vulnerabilities. 

Follow the below steps to download the update of Microsoft Edge,

1) Click on the three dots option at the top right corner of your browser.

2) then, click on Help and Feedback options, followed by About Microsoft Edge.

3) Update your browser now.

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Fri, 29 Jul 2022 03:26:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.livemint.com/news/alert-update-microsoft-edge-web-browser-to-fix-major-security-bug-11659065029310.html
Killexams : Microsoft Spots Cyber Mercenaries Using Windows, Adobe Zero-Day Exploits

A cyber mercenary company in Austria has likely been using zero-day exploits in Windows and Adobe software to spread malware to victims, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft made the allegation in a report on Wednesday that linked the malware attacks to a mysterious intel-gathering firm in Austria called DSIRF. Redmond claims DSIRF is actually a professional hacking company that sells access to its “Subzero” malware tool to clients. 

Over the past two years, Microsoft has detected the Subzero malware circulating to computers with the help of previously unknown vulnerabilities in both Windows and Adobe Reader. “Observed victims to date include law firms, banks, and strategic consultancies in countries such as Austria, the United Kingdom, and Panama,” the company added. 

Back in May, Microsoft detected one such attack that involved sending a malicious PDF through email in order to infect the user’s computer. The PDF was designed to exploit a vulnerability in Adobe Reader to remotely execute computer code on the victim’s machine. The attack could then elevate privileges to run system level-code by leveraging a previously unknown flaw in Windows, dubbed CVE-2022-22047, which Microsoft only patched earlier this month. 

Chaining the two vulnerabilities together allegedly enabled DSIRF to download and install the Subzero malware onto the victim’s computer. According to Microsoft, the malware’s main component allows it to log keyboard strokes, capture screenshots, steal files and run additional programs over the hijacked machine. 

In addition to using PDFs, Microsoft has also detected DSIRF relying on Excel documents containing malicious macros to secretly spread Subzero. 

The company is linking the attacks to DSIRF, citing the servers and internet domains the Subzero malware was communicating to. RiskIQ, a threat intelligence firm Microsoft acquired last year, was able to identify “a host of additional IP addresses under the control” of the hackers. 

“This process yielded several domains with direct links to DSIRF, including demo3[.]dsirf[.]eu (the company’s own website), and several subdomains that appear to have been used for malware development, including debugmex[.]dsirflabs[.]eu (likely a server used for debugging malware with the bespoke utility tool Mex) and szstaging[.]dsirflabs[.]eu (likely a server used to stage Subzero malware),” Microsoft said.

DSIRF didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. In the meantime, Microsoft is urging customers to prioritize patching the Windows flaw CVE-2022-22047 in their computers. This can be done by installing the latest Windows updates.

The company’s Microsoft Defender Antivirus has also been updated to detect the presence of the Subzero malware. However, Microsoft wasn't able to uncover exact details of the Adobe Reader vulnerability, which the company suspects with "medium confidence" remains a publicly-unknown flaw in the software.

Wed, 27 Jul 2022 08:15:00 -0500 en-au text/html https://au.pcmag.com/security/95340/microsoft-spots-cyber-mercenaries-using-windows-adobe-zero-day-exploits
Killexams : Edit an Image before downloading in Microsoft Edge using Built-in Image Editor

Microsoft Edge has come with a built-in image editor tool that lets you edit an image before downloading it to your Windows 11/10 computer. This tool is better than many basic image editor tools available over the internet. It lets you crop, rotate, flip an image, set light and color, set the zoom level to edit an image comfortably, enhance the image with different filters, and annotate it with a pen and a highlighter.

Using built-in Image Editor Tool of Microsoft Edge

Edit an Image using built-in Image Editor Tool of Microsoft Edge

If you find some image on a webpage that you want to edit with such options before saving it, then this built-in feature of Edge browser can be a good option to try. There are many useful features like Math Solver, highlight text in PDF documents, etc., that are already present in the Edge browser, now this image editor tool makes it more helpful.

How to Edit an Image before downloading in Microsoft Edge

Before you proceed, update Microsoft Edge so that you can get this feature. If you haven’t received it yet, you will get it later. It is currently available in Beta versions but should be rolled out soon to the Stable versions.

Now, to edit an image, you need to right-click on that image and use the Edit image option. Once it is done, the image editor window will pop up.

edit image context menu option

This window has four main sections that include all the important features of Microsoft Edge’s image editor tool. Let’s check all these sections one by one.

Crop images

crop rotate and flip image

This section lets you crop the image in free-hand crop mode with desired angle (between -45 degree angle to 45-degree angle) which is one of its best options. And, if you don’t want to use the free-hand crop mode, then you can also switch to aspect ratios mode where you can select any of the available aspect ratios (9:16, Square, 5:4, 3:2, 16:9, 3:4, etc.) to crop the image.

In addition to cropping the input image, this section is also helpful to rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise and flip the image horizontally and vertically.

Image Adjustments

adjust light and color

This section is handy when you want to adjust lightning and coloring for the image. There are options and sliders available for each option to make the adjustments to the image. You can adjust shadows, highlights, brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, tint, warmth, etc., for the image. The changes are visible in real-time which gives a pretty good idea about the output image.

Related: Microsoft Edge browser Tips and Tricks

Add Filter to images

use filters to image

As the name suggests, this section contains different types of filters that you can apply to the image. For a selected filter, you can set the intensity level (from 0 to 100) by moving the slider available for that filter. You can also click and hold on the image to view the original image to check the difference between the input and filtered image.

An Auto Enhance feature is also present in this section but it didn’t work for me. It remains greyed out. Maybe this feature is yet to come.

Markup or annonate

markup tools

This is an interesting section where you can do the annotation work to the image. Here, you can use a pen tool with more than 15 colors for annotation, a pen with a single arrow or two arrows, a highlighter tool, and an eraser tool to remove ink strokes. All these options/tools are present in the left section of the image editor. For pen and highlighter, you can also set the thickness level and change color whenever you needed.

Use all the sections of this tool and perform the editing. You can also undo or redo your steps, zoom in and out the image, and reset the image to begin editing from the scratch anytime you want. All such options are present in the top part of its image editor.

When you are done with the editing, you can use the Save button available in the top left corner to download the image as a PNG file or save it to the clipboard.

This image editor tool works well but sometimes it got stuck and showed a blank window for the image editor while testing this feature. But overall, it is a nice addition to the list of features present in Microsoft Edge and it may also Improve and support other features (like text tool, resize option, more output image formats, etc.) in the future with new updates.

Hope this helps.

How do I edit photos in Microsoft Edge?

If you want to edit an image of a webpage, then you can use the native image editor feature of the Microsoft Edge browser. Right-click on an image and use the Edit image option to start the editing. You will be able to crop, rotate, flip the image, add effects, use a highlighter, etc., and then download the edited image. This post above covers all options and details for editing photos/images using Microsoft Edge.

How do I change download settings in Edge?

To change the download settings in the Edge browser, open Settings of Microsoft Edge and access the Downloads section present on the left sidebar. Once you have accessed it, you can adjust download settings such as changing the download folder, using the toggle to automatically open Office files in the Edge browser instead of downloading, and more.

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