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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration
Novell Administration Practice Test
Killexams : Novell Administration VCE exam - BingNews Search results Killexams : Novell Administration VCE exam - BingNews Killexams : Placement Test Practice Killexams : Placement Test Practice

Being prepared is the best way to ease the stress of test taking. If you are having difficulty scheduling your Placement Test, please contact the UNG Testing Office.

If you have a red yes in any Placement Test Required row on your Check Application Status page in Banner, read the information below relating to the area in which you have the red yes.

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Killexams : Novell certification

Novell provides certification for technical competence with self-study tests and courses given at National Authorized Education Centers (NAECs). The earlier Enterprise CNE (ECNE), which included WAN expertise, was replaced with the Master CNE, which itself expires in mid-2007. Once a certification can no longer be obtained, people who have successfully completed the exams will not be stripped of that title.

Following are the Novell certifications, which used to be known as NetWare certifications. For example, a CNA used to be a Certified NetWare Administrator. For more information, visit See certification.

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In this short practice test, counting money is what it’s all about. First, students look at adding groups of coins and finding their totals. They’ll have to circle the correct answer choice to show they added them up. As a final challenge, students will read through two money math word problems and solve for the sums. This math worksheet is catered to the first-grade curriculum.

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Killexams : Practice Test: Synonyms and Antonyms

Tackle these vocabulary basics in a short practice test: synonyms and antonyms. Synonyms are words that have a similar meaning, and antonyms are words with opposite meanings. Students in first and second grade will think deeply about word meaning as they search for the matching synonym or antonym in each row of this reading and writing worksheet.

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Killexams : Calculus Readiness Test Practice Test

The questions that follow are designed to make prospective students aware of the mathematics background required for those intending to take one of the SFU Calculus courses: MATH 150, 151, 154 or 157. The genuine test will cover the same concepts as this VCE exam does, but the questions will be different. For more information about the expectations, read Calculus Readiness Test Assessment Topics.

If you do not achieve a passing score on the genuine test, we recommend that you enroll in Math 100 course, Precalculus.

Treat the Practice Calculus Readiness Test as a learning experience: if your answer to a question is incorrect, make sure that you understand the concept the question is related to before attempting the genuine test.

You should be aware of the following conditions when you attempt this practice test:

  1. To be admitted to MATH 151, you must answer at least 24 questions out of the 30 questions correctly (on the genuine test, not the practice test). For the other Calculus courses, the passing score is 20. The VCE exam does not keep track of your success rate - you will have to keep track of it yourself.
  2. You may take as much time as you like to complete the practice test. However, the genuine test will be timed: you will have 1.5 hour for completion of the test.
  3. On the practice test, you will be allowed multiple attempts at each question. On the genuine test, you will be allowed to attempt each question only once.
  4. You may take the VCE exam as many times as you wish. However, you will be allowed to take the genuine test only once.
  5. You will have to write the genuine test in person at the SFU Burnaby campus, and you will have to book a specific time to take it. You will not be permitted to bring any electronic devices to the test, but the software you will be using will allow you to use a basic four-function calculator if you wish to do so.
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Killexams : Still in school? Check out the new shop class.   GOING HIGH-TECH GUIDE
Still in school? Check out the new shop class.

The nationwide technology skills gap is so severe that computer software vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, and Novell have joined in the effort to recruit techies early and train them for present and future tech needs. Numerous programs designed to boost technical literacy and produce more qualified entry-level workers have popped up around the nation.

Microsoft's Skills 2000 aims to close the gap.
Nancy Lewis, general manager for Worldwide Training and Certification at Microsoft Corp., believes that vendors need to "pull together" and take the lead in closing the skills gap. For Lewis, "goal number one," is to attract more people to the industry, and "goal number two," is to train those workers. To help move things along, Microsoft recently launched the Skills 2000 program, a multimillion dollar, two-year effort designed to help close the skills gap with outreach, education, and training initiatives.

The company also pumped $75 million into the Microsoft Authorized Academic Training Program (AATP), which trains students at the high school, vocational, community college, and university levels in disciplines such as network management, systems administration, and computer programming. According to Microsoft, more than 100,000 students at 500 schools in 38 states will receive AATP training by the end of the 1998 academic year.

Sign up for Cisco's shop class for the 21st century.
Joining the training effort, Cisco, a leading vendor of network products such as routers and hubs, is sponsoring a nationwide program that will enable high school and college students to earn certification as Cisco Certified Networking Associates. In 1997, Cisco established 57 Networking Academies in high schools and junior colleges in seven states, and the company expects to have more than 400 academies in all 50 states by the fall semester of 1998. Cisco describes the effort as the equivalent of a shop class for the 21st century. Students in the program will learn the skills necessary to design and manage computer networks. Cisco is contributing approximately $18 million in curriculum, equipment, and resources to launch the program.

According to Cisco regional managers Steve Armstrong and Kevin Givens, strong interest in the program has come from the University of the District of Columbia, Howard University, and Archbishop Carroll High School. In Maryland, Baltimore's Washington High School now hosts a Cisco academy, and Givens is working with the schools in Prince George's Co., Montgomery Co., and Baltimore City to establish Networking Academies in those counties.

In addition, Cisco is teaming up with the Virginia Community Colleges System (VCCS) to start regional academies on 23 campuses throughout the state by the fall semester of 1998. These regional academies will support local academies in Virginia high schools. Armstrong and Givens believe there are approximately 30 schools in the District that could potentially host Cisco Networking Academies.

Novell has opened a novel foundation.
Novell Inc., the Orem, Utah-based vendor of networking software, is also sponsoring a program for training workers in network administration. Novell recently sponsored a program at Ballou High School in the District that offered students networking courses and career support. The project, carried out in conjunction with the Foundation for Educational Innovation, proved so successful that Novell donated $100,000 worth of software to help expand the program to surrounding schools.

Novell operates 1,450 training centers around the world, with an additional 420 high schools, community colleges, and universities throughout the United States offering Novell training. According to David Marler, director of business development for Novell Education, schools in Michigan, Florida, and California are now working on plans to deploy Novell's Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) program. According to Novell, approximately 25,000 students nationwide will take the CNA course as part of the high school curriculum during 1998.

B.S. holders are top guns at entry-level.
At the university level, says Dr. Lloyd Griffiths, dean of the School of Information Technology and Engineering at the Northern Virginia campus of George Mason University, "the way colleges are teaching [technology] is changing dramatically." For example, at George Mason, students from all departments, including liberal arts majors, will soon be able to select a minor in IT by taking 17 credit hours of technology course work. This new approach "came at the request of industry," Griffiths notes, partly because of the realization that "there are a lot of [technology-related jobs] that don't need a Ph.D. in computer science."

The most solid path for ensuring a long and successful career in high technology is to complete a four-year bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering. According to Griffiths, students who graduate with four-year technical degrees are snapped up by employers as soon as they graduate. Thanks to the overwhelming demand for high-tech workers, most computer science and engineering college grads can pick and choose from numerous entry-level offers, select a work culture that works for them, and negotiate great benefits.

Many companies, such as CDSI, begin wooing students with paid internships that bring them into the company even before they graduate. "We focus on the computer science and business departments," at the University of Maryland for entry-level workers, says Hollister. "We try to get interns from both of those groups" because CDSI has divisions that focus on IT solutions and business application solutions, he says. Even so, it's tough hanging onto the grads once their internships are over and graduation approaches. "The offers these interns are getting are outstanding," says Hollister, recalling one student who had seven job offers prior to graduation.

In addition, regional technology groups, such as the High Technology Council (HTC) of Maryland and Virginia's Northern Virginia Technology Council are leaning on local legislatures to do more to promote high-tech education and training in the schools. HTC, for example, is cosponsoring a tuition release bill in Maryland that would provide free tuition for technology courses at community colleges and universities in exchange for a commitment from the student to work in a Maryland company after graduation.

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Killexams : Test Optional Policy

Since 1969, we've been selecting the right applicants for Bowdoin, using only the materials that we require of you: your transcripts, your writing, and how your teachers talk about you.

This policy allows applicants to decide for themselves whether or not their SAT or ACT results accurately reflect their academic ability and potential. For candidates electing to submit them, test scores will be reviewed along with other indicators of academic ability. 

Forty-six percent of students in the Class of 2026 chose not to submit their scores.

Score Suppression

Applicants indicate on their applications whether they would like Bowdoin to review their standardized test results. Applicants also have the option to select some test types and not others for review (for example, a student might choose to use their SAT scores, but not their ACT). Applicants have until the application deadline to suppress their scores.

  • For applicants using the Common Application, these questions are located in the Bowdoin-specific questions section of the application.
  • For applicants using the Coalition on Scoir application, these questions are located in the Application Questions section.
  • For applicants using the QuestBridge Application, these questions are located on a Bowdoin-specific form available in the applicant portal after submitting the application.

Bowdoin will not review selected sections of an SAT or an ACT score (for example, just the Science portion of the ACT). If an applicant chooses to include scores for a specific test type, Bowdoin will review the complete score for that test type.


Bowdoin will "superscore" the SAT. Meaning, the admissions committee will consider the highest Critical Reading, Math, and Writing Scores submitted by an applicant, irrespective of test date.

Bowdoin will NOT combine results from Redesigned and pre-Redesign SAT exams to create a new total score. We will superscore Redesigned and pre-Redesign results separately, considering the highest section and total scores submitted from either set of results.

Bowdoin also superscores the ACT. The admissions committee will consider the highest submitted Composite score and subsection scores, and will also recalculate a new Composite score from subsection scores earned on different test dates.

Score Reports

For students submitting standardized test scores, we will accept scores that are self-reported on the student’s application, reported by the testing agency, or submitted through the self-report form found in the Bowdoin Application Portal. We accept self-reported scores for all applicants.

Bowdoin will verify scores for all enrolling students. Discrepancies between self-reported and official scores may jeopardize a student’s place at Bowdoin.

Official Score Reports

We will accept scores reported on a school transcript or sent to our office by a school counselor or CBO advisor as official. Official score reports may be sent to our office by email, fax, mail, or directly from the testing agency. Our testing codes are: 3089 (College Board) and 1636 (ACT).

Is standardized testing required for certain applicants?

No. Bowdoin College is test-optional for all applicants. Homeschooled candidates can find further information on additional requirements and recommendations on the Homeschooled Students page.

International applicants can find more information about required English proficiency testing on the International Applicant page.

Note: Because standardized test results are used for academic counseling and placement as well as for the College's ongoing research into the relationship between standardized testing and success at Bowdoin, all entering first-year students must submit scores over the summer prior to matriculating at Bowdoin.

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Killexams : White House brushes off Haley’s call for mental competency test

White House aides are confident they can combat GOP attacks on President Biden’s age and mental acuity, saying he has proven time and again that he’s up to the job. 

The criticisms resurfaced this week as Republican Nikki Haley labeled herself a “next generation” candidate in making her opening pitch for her 2024 presidential bid. Haley also insisted that anyone over 75 years old should be subjected to a mental competency test. 

It was a jab at Biden — who will turn 81 in November — and Haley’s 76-year-old rival for the Republican nomination, former President Trump. 

The White House and Biden allies say they understand that age and the president’s mental competency will be at the epicenter of Republican attacks and they are prepared to handle it. 

On Thursday, in a feisty response, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre offered a preview of how Team Biden will handle the attacks, pointing to 2021 when he proved his critics wrong and “turned around the economy” and in 2022 when everyone predicted another red wave. 

Biden, she said, “beat them at their own game.”

“Maybe they’re forgetting the wins the president got over the past few years, but I’m happy to remind them anytime,” Jean-Pierre said. 

In an email to The Hill, White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates echoed that sentiment, saying Republicans have played the age card and failed.  

“I’m not sure what they think they’re accomplishing,” Bates said. “The trend is not good for them.”  

Still, questions and doubts persist, even among Democrats, about Biden’s age.  

“I love Joe Biden. I’ve always loved Joe Biden. But I don’t think an 80-something should be the leader of the free world,” said one Democratic strategist, who requested anonymity to be candid about the issue. “It’s nothing personal. I think he’s done an amazing job as president but I do wonder about a second term.” 

“I don’t think anyone, if they’re honest, wants an 85-year-old president,” the strategist added. 

Another strategist predicted that Biden’s age — and his handling of the economy — would be the two issues Republicans would lob at him. 

“Obviously age is going to be a popular hobby horse for anyone trying to beat Biden, or keep Trump away from the nomination on the Republican side,” the second strategist said. “In order to do this effectively, you need to link age with performance. 

“You need to convince voters that the advanced age of the people in power is leading to worse outcomes, and making life harder for them. Just age in a vacuum is not going to move voters.” 

Polling this month could deliver Republicans confidence in the attacks.

It suggests that a majority of Democrats would prefer Biden as a one-term president, with some surveyed pointing to his age. Only 37 percent of Democrats said they want him to seek another term, which was down from 52 percent in the weeks prior to November’s midterm elections, according to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

Seventy percent of Americans in a December poll said they don’t want Biden to run again, largely citing his age, and another poll from November found that 38 percent of Americans say that age hurts a president’s ability to do the job. Fifty-nine percent in that poll said they think there is an age at which someone is too old to hold the presidency and pointed to 74 as that age.

Biden aides and those close to the White House say he has proven he is a capable leader and not the elderly, out-of-touch caricature that Republicans have painted.

They say he can hold his own, as he did last year when he fielded questions from reporters for more than two hours. And he can maintain a break-neck travel schedule that is standard for the commander in chief. 

They also point to last week, when Biden during his State of the Union address veered off script and was able to respond in real time to jeers from Republicans after he accused some in the party of wanting to make changes to Social Security. 

“Anybody who doubts it, contact my office,” Biden said in response to heckling coming from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — who called him a “liar” — and other Republicans. 

“I’ll deliver you a copy,” Biden said. “I’ll deliver you a copy of the proposal.” 

Those close to the president also say attacks on Biden’s age will only anger senior citizens, one of the largest voting blocs.

In 2020, The Washington Post reported that Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway warned her colleagues that attacking Biden’s age was chipping away at their support with older voters. 

At the same time, some Democrats argue that Biden has been forthcoming about his health, including on Thursday when Biden had his annual physical.

The results released by the White House said Biden is fit to execute the demands of his job and “remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male.”

In a memo following the exam, the president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, said none of Biden’s pre-existing conditions had worsened.

Those conditions, noted during his last physical, include a stiff gait and high cholesterol. O’Connor said Biden has no symptoms of long COVID-19 and attributed his occasional cough or congestion to gastroesophageal reflux.

Political observers say the transparency will help Biden. 

“The best way for the White House and certainly his campaign to go at this issue is twofold. One, release any relevant medical data that comes after his physical or throughout his campaign, which is important just to be transparent. But two, more importantly, just let them go on the road, let him go work, let him go talk to people,” said Ivan Zapien, a Democratic lobbyist and former DNC official.

Others railed against the Haley’s call for a test.

“There is a competency test for president, and it’s called an election,” said Michael Starr Hopkins, a Democratic strategist. “Voters have made clear they not only support President Biden, but support his agenda as well. Attempts to attack his age will only look desperate and alienate voters.”

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Killexams : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Administration-Health Services

graduatesFounded in 1978, our mission is to Strengthen health administration practice and policy through the generation and conduct of research in the management of health service organizations. This mission is accomplished through the education of individuals for academic positions and for high-level research positions in non-academic organizations.

Interdisciplinary Approach

The program offers an interdisciplinary approach that provides advanced studies in the conceptual and applied aspects of health administration and health services. The program’s interdisciplinary foundation is based on the active involvement of faculty members who are nationally recognized scholars in their field from a variety of departments across campus, including the School of Health Professions, Collat School of Business, School of Public Health, Heersink School of Medicine, and School of Nursing. The program also draws on the resources of campus-wide centers, such as the Lister Hill Center for Health Policy, Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education, and Center for Aging.

Student Life and Expectations

The educational experience in the Ph.D. Program includes didactic coursework with experts from a wide-range of disciplines relevant to health administration and policy from across the university. Additionally, students are expected to work closely with selected faculty in one-on-one mentorship relationships both prior to and during the writing of the doctoral dissertation. Upon completion of the program, students are expected to be highly skilled researchers capable of:

  1. Conducting and managing empirical and conceptual research.
  2. Demonstrating high levels of expertise in a specialization.
  3. Meeting the requirements for a faculty position in a department of health services administration or policy.
  4. Performing well in a high-level research or policy-making role in a non-academic organization, such as a corporation, non-profit institution, or a government agency.
  5. Effectively communicating their ideas orally and in writing.

In addition, recognizing that many of our graduates will find employment in academic settings, we offer students opportunities to develop their teaching skills. Doctoral students are often invited to provide guest lectures for master’s level courses, to serve as teaching assistants or graders for master’s level courses, and to serve as primary instructors for undergraduate courses.

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Killexams : Patrick Mahomes excited to test injured ankle out at Wednesday’s practice

CINCINNATI, Ohio - Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is ready to get back to work.

The MVP frontrunner suffered a high ankle sprain on his right ankle in the first quarter of a 27-20 win over Jacksonville. He re-entered the game in the third quarter and passed for 195 yards (22 of 30) with two touchdowns.

Kansas City coach Andy Reid and Mahomes both said he would play on Sunday in the AFC Championship against the Bengals, with the only lingering question being how healthy he will be.

“It’s doing good, few days of treatment, few days of rehab,” Mahomes said on Wednesday. “I’m excited to get on the practice field to test it out and see where I’m at.”

Recommended Bengals stories

Mahomes started receiving treatment when he got back to Kansas City the night of the game after undergoing further testing. He’s spent nearly the entire day at the team facility over the last 48 hours rotating between treatment, rehab and watching film.

“It’s a full-day thing to make sure you prepared mentally and physically,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes has battled and played through a variety of ailments throughout his career including a high ankle sprain on his other ankle. He said the most challenging injury he’s played through was the turf toe that he was dealing with in Super Bowl LV.

He told reporters on Wednesday that his latest ankle injury will impact the way he pushes off the ground to throw. His goal in practice this week is to find out the “limitations that he will have to work through.”

The encouraging part for Mahomes is he’s felt better than he thought he would at every step and that’s given him confidence to attack practice in the coming days.

“I’m going to push it to see what I can do on Saturday,” Mahomes said.

Michael Niziolek covers the Bengals for Follow him on Twitter @michaelniziolek, click here for more coverage.

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