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Exam Code: MS-100 Practice test 2023 by team
MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services

Exam Title :
Microsoft 365 Certified - Enterprise Administrator Expert

Exam ID :

Exam Duration :
150 mins

Questions in test :

Passing Score :
700 / 1000%

Official Training :
MS-100T01-A: Office 365 Management

MS-100T02-A: Microsoft 365 Tenant & Service Management

MS-100T03-A: Microsoft 365 Identity Management

Exam Center :
Pearson VUE

Real Questions :
Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Real Questions

VCE practice test :
Microsoft MS-100 Certification VCE Practice Test

Design and implement Microsoft 365 services (25-30%)

Manage domains

 add and configure additional domains

 configure user identities for new domain name

 configure workloads for new domain name

 design domain name configuration

 set primary domain name

 verify custom domain

Plan a Microsoft 365 implementation

 plan for Microsoft 365 on-premises Infrastructure

 plan identity and authentication solution

Setup Microsoft 365 tenancy and subscription

 configure subscription and tenant roles and workload settings

 evaluate Microsoft 365 for organization

 plan and create tenant

 upgrade existing subscriptions to Microsoft 365

 monitor license allocations

Manage Microsoft 365 subscription and tenant health

 manage service health alerts

 create & manage service requests

 create internal service health response plan

 monitor service health

 configure and review reports, including BI, OMS, and Microsoft 365 reporting

 schedule and review security and compliance reports

 schedule and review usage metrics

Plan migration of users and data

 identify data to be migrated and method

 identify users and mailboxes to be migrated and method

 plan migration of on-prem users and groups

 import PST Files

Manage user identity and roles (35-40%)

Design identity strategy

 evaluate requirements and solution for synchronization

 evaluate requirements and solution for identity management

 evaluate requirements and solution for authentication

Plan identity synchronization by using Azure AD Connect

 design directory synchronization

 implement directory synchronization with directory services, federation services, and Azure endpoints

Manage identity synchronization by using Azure AD Connect

 monitor Azure AD Connect Health

 manage Azure AD Connect synchronization

 configure object filters

 configure password sync

 implement multi-forest AD Connect scenarios

Manage Azure AD identities

 plan Azure AD identities

 implement and manage Azure AD self-service password reset

 manage access reviews

 manage groups

 manage passwords

 manage product licenses

 manage users

 perform bulk user management

Manage user roles

 plan user roles

 allocate roles in workloads

 configure administrative accounts

 configure RBAC within Azure AD

 delegate admin rights

 manage admin roles

 manage role allocations by using Azure AD

 plan security and compliance roles for Microsoft 365

Manage access and authentication (20-25%)

Manage authentication

 design authentication method

 configure authentication

 implement authentication method

 manage authentication

 monitor authentication

Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

 design an MFA solution

 configure MFA for apps or users

 administer MFA users

 report MFA utilization

Configure application access

 configure application registration in Azure AD

 configure Azure AD application proxy

 publish enterprise apps in Azure AD

Implement access for external users of Microsoft 365 workloads

 create B2B accounts

 create guest accounts

 design solutions for external access

Plan Office 365 workloads and applications (10-15%)

Plan for Office 365 workload deployment

 identify hybrid requirements

 plan connectivity and data flow for each workload

 plan for Microsoft 365 workload connectivity

 plan migration strategy for workloads

Plan Office 365 applications deployment

 manage Office 365 software downloads

 plan for Office 365 apps

 plan for Office 365 Pro plus apps updates

 plan for Office 365 Pro plus connectivity

 plan for Office online

 plan Office 365 Pro plus deployment

Microsoft 365 Identity and Services
Microsoft Microsoft download
Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft download - BingNews Search results Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft download - BingNews Killexams : Windows 10 KB5029331 update introduces a new Backup app

Windows 10

Microsoft has released the optional KB5029331 Preview cumulative update for Windows 10 22H2 with sixteen improvements or fixes, including the introduction of a new Backup app.

The KB5029331 cumulative update preview is part of Microsoft's "optional non-security preview updates" schedule, which are released on the fourth Tuesday of every month. This update allows Windows admins to test upcoming fixes and features that will be released in the upcoming September Patch Tuesday.

Unlike Patch Tuesday cumulative updates, the preview updates do not include security updates. 

Windows users can install this update by going into Settings, clicking on Windows Update, and manually performing a 'Check for Updates.'

As this is an optional update, you will be asked whether you wish to install it by clicking the 'Download and install' link, as shown in the image below.

After installing this update, Windows 10 22H2 will be updated to build 19045.3393.

Windows 10 users can also manually download and install the KB5029331 preview update from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

What's new in Windows 10 KB5029331

While latest Windows 10 updates have been acting primarily as bug fixes, this update includes several new features, demonstrating that Microsoft is not completely ignoring Windows 10 in favor of Windows 11.

The 16 highlighted fixes and new features in the KB5029331 update are:

  • New!  This update adds the Windows Backup app to your device, as described in the next section.
  • New! This update improves how Windows detects your location. This helps to supply you better weather, news, and traffic information.
  • New! This update expands the roll out of notification badging for Microsoft accounts on the Start menu. A Microsoft account is what connects Windows to your Microsoft apps. The account backs up all your data and helps you to manage your subscriptions. You can also add extra security steps to keep you from being locked out of your account. This feature gives you quick access to important account-related notifications.
  • This update supports daylight saving time (DST) changes in Israel.
  • This update addresses an issue that affects the display of the search box.
  • This update addresses an issue that affects settings. They do not sync even if you turn on the toggle on the Windows backup page in the Settings app.

Finally, Microsoft continues to warn about a long-standing bug with Windows installations created from offline media or ISO images that causes Microsoft Edge Legacy to be removed and not replaced with the new modern Microsoft Edge.

Instructions on resolving this issue and a complete list of fixes can be found in the KB5029331 support bulletin.

The new Windows 10 Backup app

One of the most unexpected additions in this release, is the release of a new Windows 10 Backup app that will automatically be installed with the update.

The Windows Backup app replicates the features of Windows 11's built-in backup settings page as well as the scattered settings throughout Windows 10.

However, instead of creating a new dedicated section for these features in the Windows 10 settings, Microsoft has released it as a standalone app called Windows Backup.

Like the Windows 11 Backup app, you can use Windows Backup to backup your files, directories, and folders to OneDrive. You can also backup stored WiFI credentials and other saved passwords, settings, and installed apps and preferences to your Microsoft account.

All of these features already exist in Windows 10 but are scattered throughout the Windows 10 settings and apps.

For example, the Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings page already lets you control what data is synchronized with your Microsoft account, and you can use the OneDrive app to backup data.

The Windows Backup app just brings these settings into one place, allowing Windows 10 users a one-stop view to manage these functions.

Wed, 23 Aug 2023 08:52:00 -0500 Lawrence Abrams en-us text/html
Killexams : Microsoft tests new ways to download files through Skype
  • Microsoft released an update to Skype Insiders today.

  • The update includes several new features that Boost the experience of downloading files.

  • The app now supports automatically downloading files, has a streamlined way of opening items, and includes a new option for saving content.

If you're one of the few who lives on the edge of your seat to try out new Skype features, today is your lucky day. Microsoft began testing several new options with Skype Insiders this week. All of them revolve around a streamlined and improved experience for downloading and saving files.

Skype Insider now includes an option to automatically download files. In addition to having the content ready to go more quickly, Skype will show an icon that identifies the file type of the sent item.

Microsoft also changed which buttons you need to press to access a file. If auto-download is enabled, you'll no longer need to press "download." Instead, you can simply tap the file within Skype since it's already there.

Skype Insiders have the option to save files onto their devices as well.

Microsoft outlined everything that's new in a Tech Community post:

  • Seamless Auto-download: Tired of manually downloading each file? Navigate to Settings -> Messaging -> Auto-download files, and once enabled, your incoming files will automatically download. What's more, as they download, you'll see a vibrant icon specific to the file type, making it instantly recognizable.

  • Say Goodbye to Excess Buttons: In our earlier design, files came with a 'Download' button which, post-download, changed to an 'Open' button. We've streamlined this. Now, with auto-download enabled, simply tap or click anywhere on the received file to instantly open and view it. This experience is consistent across all platforms.

  • Save with Ease: While auto-download lets you view files immediately, we understand the need to sometimes save these to your device. On desktop platforms, right-click to select the 'Save-As' option from the menu, and on mobile, open the file, and select the 'Share' option.

In addition to the new features, the latest Insider build of Skype includes stability improvements and bug fixes, including addressing an issue that could prevent the video camera from working on Android.

If you're passionate about Skype, make sure to check out the most latest episode of the Windows Central Podcast. Our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino argued why Microsoft should combine all of its messaging services into a unified and resurrected MSN Messenger app.

Skype | Free at Microsoft

While not as popular as Zoom, WhatsApp, and Teams, Microsoft's Skype is a powerful communication app that supports calls, video calls, and messaging. Skype Insiders can test out upcoming features and provide feedback to Microsoft.View Deal

Tue, 15 Aug 2023 05:50:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Microsoft releases new free Windows 11 virtual machines with the August 2023 update0 0

A Windows 11 logo with a gradient background

Microsoft has released the August 2023 update for Windows Development Environment (WDE), its free set of Windows 11-based virtual machines available in different configurations. Version 2308 is now available for download from the official website in four formats for various virtualization software, and it is based on Windows 11 build 22621.2134, the latest cumulative update released earlier this month.

In addition to letting you use Windows 11 Enterprise for free for 90 days, WDE contains everything one may need to start making apps for Windows 11:

  • Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition with UWP, .NET Desktop, Azure, and Windows App SDK for C# workloads enabled.

  • Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 enabled with Ubuntu installed.

  • Windows Terminal installed.

  • Developer mode enabled (still no signs of the Dev Home app).

You can download and run Windows Development Environment using VMware (Workstation Player and Workstation Pro), VirtualBox, Parallels, or Hyper-V. The virtual machine will be available for free for 90 days, after which it will start nagging you with typical things an inactivated Windows copy does (a black desktop background, notifications, and periodic shutdowns). Still, Microsoft stresses that you cannot activate a copy of WDE since it is evaluation-only.

Windows Development Environment version 2308 is valid until November 7, 2023. As usual, expect another update with a new expiry date in the second half of the next month (version 2307 was released on July 25, 2023).

To get your copy of Windows Development Environment, head to the official website and select the format you need. Note that downloading WDE requires a minimum of 70GB of free space and 8GB of RAM. Also, ensure your computer supports virtualization and the technology is enabled in the optional features section. If you are not a developer and everything you need is just to check out what the latest Windows 11 release has to offer, check out the official evaluation images without extra software here.

Mon, 21 Aug 2023 21:00:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : KB5029863: Microsoft improves Windows 11 setup, WinRE with "critical" dynamic update

An image with a colorful Windows 11 22H2 logo and a dimmed background

Earlier today or last night, depending on where you live, Microsoft released its non-security C-release for updates for Windows 10 (KB5029331) and Windows 11(KB5029332, KB5029351). Alongside those, the tech giant has also released KB5029863 Dynamic Update, labeled "critical" for Windows 11 version 22H2. The dynamic update helps to Boost the setup process of Windows, generally when a new feature update initiates.

The support article for the new KB5029863 update says:

KB5029863: Compatibility update for installing and recovering Windows 11, version 22H2: August 22, 2023


This update makes improvements to the Windows recovery features for Windows 11, version 22H2.

In a Tech community blog post about Windows 10 Dynamic Updates, Microsoft explained Dynamic Updates in more detail regarding its various components and uses. These packages include fixes to Setup.exe binaries, SafeOS updates for Windows Recovery Environment, and more:

As soon as a Windows 10 feature update initiates, whether from media or a Windows Update service-connected environment, Dynamic Update is one of the first steps invoked. Windows 10 Setup reaches out to an Internet-facing URL hosted by Microsoft to fetch Dynamic Update content, then applies those updates to your OS installation media.

Content acquired includes:

  • Setup Updates: Fixes to Setup binaries or any files that Setup uses for feature updates.
  • Safe OS Updates: Fixes for the "safe OS" that are used to update Windows recovery environment (WinRE).
  • Servicing Stack Updates: Fixes that are necessary to address the Windows 10 servicing stack issue and thus required to complete the feature update.
  • Latest Cumulative Update: Installs the latest cumulative quality update.
  • Driver Updates: Latest version of applicable drivers that have already been published by manufacturers into Windows Update and specifically targeted for Dynamic Update.

In addition to these updates, Dynamic Update will preserve Language Pack (LP) and Features on Demand (FODs) content during the upgrade process. These are not updates to LPs and FODs, but reacquisition to ensure the user has these elements present with the update completes.

The Dynamic update is available only via Microsoft Update Catalog. You can download it by visiting this link.

Wed, 23 Aug 2023 00:32:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Microsoft Now Playing the Very Long Game With Activision No result found, try new keyword!Give Microsoft credit for this much—it doesn’t think in the short term.  In the 19 months that the software giant has been trying to complete its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the ... Tue, 22 Aug 2023 04:31:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : How to Fix Microsoft Edge Not Responding
Microsoft Edge Not Responding Featured

Microsoft has been systematically working to Boost its Edge browser by adding new features and updates on a regular basis, positioning it as a compelling alternative to Google Chrome. Yet, sometimes issues still arise due to various bugs in the Chromium code. This tutorial shares the most effective troubleshooting tips you need to follow if Microsoft Edge is not responding.

Good to know: check out our list of keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the most useful Microsoft Edge features.

Basic Troubleshooting

Before diving into specific solutions, try these general troubleshooting tips if you’re experiencing issues like Microsoft Edge not responding or crashes.

  • Clear cache and browsing data: most browsers automatically save temporary Internet files to help pages load faster. If Microsoft Edge opens but does not load the page, clearing this cache will help resolve the issue.
  • Update Edge to the latest version: you should always ensure that the Edge browser is updated to the latest version to avoid many common problems with Microsoft Edge.
  • Scan your PC for malware: if you suspect that your PC is infected with a virus, causing Edge to not respond, scan your computer for malware using Microsoft Defender (part of Windows Security). Perform all types of scans using Microsoft Defender from the Command Prompt.
  • Restart your computer: if you encounter any unknown issue on your Windows computer, try restarting the PC. In many cases, that’s all it takes to resolve a simple bug.

FYI: want to remove the Bing Chat button from Edge? We can show you how.

1. Close and Reopen Microsoft Edge

If Microsoft Edge is not responding, try properly closing it down via the Task Manager, then restart the browser. In most cases, this will fix the problem.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift+ Esc to launch the Task Manager.
  2. Click “Processes” in the left pane. Select Microsoft Edge on the right under “Apps,” then click “End task” below the search bar to close the Edge browser.
  1. Reopen the Edge app from either the taskbar or the desktop shortcut, and check whether the issue has been resolved.

Tip: learn how to fix the “Task Manager has been disabled by administrator” error.

2. Repair Microsoft Edge

If the Edge browser opens but stops functioning, attempt to repair it. Before starting, make sure you’ve closed the Microsoft Edge browser and logged in with administrative privileges.

  1. Click the Start menu, and launch the Settings app.
  1. Click “Apps,” in the left pane, then click “Installed Apps” on the right.
  1. Scroll down until you find Microsoft Edge in the list of apps. Click the three-dot icon next to it, and select “Modify” from the menu options. If you see a prompt asking, “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” press “Yes.”
  1. Click “Repair.”
  1. You will see the progress of the repair.
  1. After a few seconds, the Microsoft Edge browser will relaunch automatically to indicate that the repair has been completed. Do remember that the browser data and settings are not affected by the repair procedure.

3. Disable/Uninstall Extensions

If your Edge browser is not responding properly, it could be because an extension is not working correctly. To troubleshoot this, follow the steps below to deactivate your installed extensions to see whether the problem has been resolved.

  1. Launch the Edge browser, and click the puzzle piece-shaped icon next to the address bar. In the drop-down menu, click “Manage extensions.”
  1. In the “Installed extensions” section, toggle the checkbox to the left of all extensions to disable them.
  1. If the issue has been resolved, you can enable each extension one by one to identify which one is causing the issue. Once you have identified the problematic extension, uninstall it by clicking “Remove.”

Tip: find yourself missing Internet Explorer? Learn how to bring IE back to Windows 11.

4. Close Other Tabs and Apps

Microsoft Edge may fail to respond if you have too many tabs or other programs open on your Windows computer. If you have too many open, try closing all tabs and windows on your browser – except the one displaying the error message.

Additionally, shut down any other applications currently running on your Windows computer, including background apps and processes. If you are downloading a file, pausing until the issue has been resolved is better. Afterward, check to see whether you can access the tab that was not responding in Microsoft Edge.

5. Check Whether Antivirus Software Has Been Updated

Are you using third-party antivirus software, like Norton, McAfee or Kaspersky? If so, you must check whether the virus protection has expired or the software has become outdated. Obsolete or expired software may interfere with the functioning of Microsoft Edge.

Once you have identified the issue, you can renew your virus protection plan or download the latest security update from the software company’s website.

6. Free Up Storage Space on Your PC

All of your apps are probably installed on the C:\ drive of your computer. If you’re experiencing frequent Microsoft Edge crashes, it’s worth checking the storage space on your main drive.

  1. Press Win + E to launch the File Explorer app, and click “This PC.”
  1. Under “Devices and drives,” look for the (C:) drive. Below the drive name, you will see the bar that shows the free space left.
  1. Alternatively, right-click the (C:) drive, and select “Properties” in the context menu.
  1. In the new dialog, you can see the values for “Used Space” and “Free Space” for the C:\ drive.

If the C:\ drive is running low, take prompt action to free up some space. If you’re not sure how to get started, learn how to clean up your C:\ drive.

FYI: learn how to block pop-ups on Windows in Microsoft Edge and other popular browsers.

7. Try Another Browser

Finally, it could be possible that your wireless network is the culprit. To determine whether this is the case, try accessing the webpage that is causing the Edge not responding issue with another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Brave. If the page still won’t load, it’s likely an issue with your network or the website itself.

Try restarting your modem and router to see whether this resolves the problematic Edge situation. However, if the problem persists, there may be an issue with the website itself. In this case, there isn’t much you can do, except try again in a few hours or the next day.

Getting Edge Back on Track

If you still can’t get Edge to work properly, it may be worth reinstalling Microsoft Edge directly from its official website. As a final solution, try restoring the Edge browser settings to default. On the other hand, if your browser is working just fine, learn how to use split screen in Edge for improved multitasking.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Meenatchi Nagasubramanian.

Meenatchi Nagasubramanian

Meenatchi is always passionate about learning new technological advancements and would love to try out new gadgets, software, and apps. After quitting her career as an Embedded Software Developer in 2009, she took up a career in content writing.

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Wed, 23 Aug 2023 03:25:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Microsoft Edge may get a cool new feature that excludes MacBook users — here's why

If you’re a Windows Insider with Microsoft Edge Canary downloaded on your computer, you’ll have access to a few exciting new flags today. An X user (@Leopeva64) discovered a new “Handwriting to Text” flag and multiple new FedCM flags that bring extra privacy features to Edge.

Microsoft rolls out any new features to its Canary version of Edge first, and then once all the kinks are worked out, most features make their way to the public version of Edge. So if you’re anxious to try these new features (and many more), you can quickly become a Windows Insider for free and download Edge Canary.

Read on for a brief overview of what these new flags entail, and which devices you can hopefully use them on when features roll out publicly.

This new feature in Edge Canary will be reserved for Windows laptops that support handwriting input via a stylus or your finger — at least in the beginning. As with other Edge Canary features, this handwriting-to-text feature could roll out to Edge Beta Android app users or people involved with the iOS TestFlight Beta, and eventually to public Edge users on all devices that support handwriting input.

In the image posted by @Leopeva64 on X, the text attached to this new feature reads “Allows inking via pen to be converted into typed text on most input fields in Microsoft Edge. This is available on devices where handwriting is supported.” The flag’s description also notes that you’ll need to search “Use your handwriting to enter text” in Windows settings to see if Handwriting to Text is enabled on your device.

See more

Whether you’re able to use your finger as a handwriting input may depend on your device’s compatibility with Edge and its settings. For example, on my Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 7, I can use my finger or a stylus to type in any text box within Microsoft Edge Canary. However, some devices may require a stylus or pen in order to use this feature, which would leave Edge users on MacBooks in the lurch.

Right now, this feature is hidden behind a flag within Microsoft Edge Canary on Windows computers. You’ll need to make sure you have Edge Canary downloaded, and then you can navigate to edge://flags in the browser’s address bar. Search for “Handwriting to Text,” and use the dropdown menu to the right to switch from Default to Enabled. Then, you’ll be able to use handwriting instead of typing in most text boxes within the Edge Canary browser.

In addition to this exciting handwriting feature, it also appears Microsoft may be adopting FedCM (Federated Credential Management) proposals to bring extra security and privacy features to its users. If you head to edge://flags and search “FedCM,” you can look through all the unique privacy and security features you can enable.

using handwriting to text feature microsoft edge canary

It’s not clear when these FedCM privacy features or the handwriting to text functionality will be brought to Edge on all devices. For now, only Edge users through Windows get to take part in the fun.

Lately, Microsoft seems to be all about improving user experience. There are exciting features coming to Window 11’s next update, including improved Live Captions and bonus voice commands, and Windows Insiders can finally remove unwanted bloatware taking up valuable storage space.

Tue, 22 Aug 2023 16:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Turbocharge Your Career Path With an MBA Training and Microsoft Office Bundle for Just $50

You don’t need to blow a hole in your schedule or budget to gain the skills and knowledge you need to fast-track your business career.

Business people meeting on a boardroom.
Image: StackCommerce

Whether you want to grow your own business or to move up the ladder in the business world as quickly as possible, you may need to learn valuable entrepreneurial knowledge without commuting to classrooms or crashing your budget. While our solution doesn’t replace a formal MBA degree, you can gain additional business knowledge with this MBA course packaged with lifetime access to Microsoft Office Pro 2021.

You can now grab this bundle for only $49.99 (reg. $419.99). With this powerful duo, you can increase your success in current or potential business endeavors!

Taught by Chris Haroun, who boasts experience in venture capital, hedge funds, equities and consulting, you can feel confident that you’re gaining the proper knowledge for your entrepreneurial pursuits. Again, “The 2023 Total MBA Training in One Box” won’t replace an genuine MBA degree, but it can teach you everything from launching a business from scratch to going public.

You’ll discover insights into management consulting businesses and investment banking firms, as well as how they may benefit your company. You can also learn to create financial models from scratch and quickly examine a company’s finances and entire markets by the time this course is over.

Since you’ll get lifetime access to this 4.5-star rated MBA training, you can study at your own pace. Plus, you don’t have to finish the whole course before taking advantage of the practical and professional skills you develop. Best of all, you can conveniently access classes from desktops, laptops and even mobile devices.

As a huge bonus, this bundle includes a lifetime license for the Windows version of Microsoft Office Pro 2021. It includes Excel, Word, Access, Outlook PowerPoint, Publisher, Skype for Business and the free version of Teams. You’ll get an incredible deal on lifetime access to MS Office for your PC. Say goodbye to expensive yearly subscriptions!

Move up the business ladder with help from Microsoft Office Pro 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License + A Free Entire MBA in 1 Course to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

Wed, 23 Aug 2023 08:23:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : Microsoft Edge falsely flags Chrome setup as malware No result found, try new keyword!Microsoft Edge is mistakenly flagging Chrome Setup as harmful on Windows. This is a false positive, and users should ignore the warning. Tue, 22 Aug 2023 22:01:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Microsoft can't stop killing Kinect products. Another one is set to bite the dust. No result found, try new keyword!The move will not impact the product's user experience, and Azure Kinect Developer Kit SDK will remain available for download. Microsoft recommends offerings from its partners, like Orbbec, as ... Tue, 22 Aug 2023 00:54:49 -0500 en-us text/html
MS-100 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List