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Magento-Certified-Professional-Cloud-Developer Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer

Test Detail:
The Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer test is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of developers working with the Magento Commerce Cloud platform. The test assesses a developer's ability to leverage Magento's cloud-based infrastructure and implement best practices for developing and deploying scalable, secure, and high-performance Magento Commerce Cloud solutions.

Course Outline:
The Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer course provides in-depth training on the development aspects specific to the Magento Commerce Cloud platform. The course covers subjects such as Magento architecture, cloud deployment, data management, customization, and performance optimization. The following is a general outline of the key subjects covered:

1. Introduction to Magento Commerce Cloud:
- Understanding the Magento Commerce Cloud platform.
- Exploring the cloud infrastructure and deployment options.
- Navigating the Magento Commerce Cloud environment.

2. Magento Architecture and Core Concepts:
- Understanding the Magento architecture and its components.
- Exploring the Magento directory structure and codebase.
- Working with modules, themes, and extensions.
- Implementing Magento best practices and coding standards.

3. Magento Commerce Cloud Development:
- Developing custom modules and extensions.
- Implementing customizations using layout XML and UI components.
- Leveraging the Magento API and web services.
- Integrating with third-party systems and services.

4. Magento Commerce Cloud Deployment and Management:
- Deploying Magento Commerce Cloud instances.
- Managing environments, branches, and deployments.
- Utilizing version control systems and workflows.
- Implementing continuous integration and deployment processes.

5. Magento Commerce Cloud Performance and Optimization:
- Understanding performance optimization techniques.
- Caching strategies and optimization best practices.
- Debugging and troubleshooting common performance issues.
- Implementing scalability and load balancing.

Exam Objectives:
The Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer test evaluates the candidate's proficiency in the following areas:

1. Magento Architecture and Core Principles:
- Understanding the Magento architecture and its components.
- Applying Magento best practices and coding standards.
- Demonstrating knowledge of Magento core concepts and directory structure.

2. Magento Commerce Cloud Development:
- Developing custom modules and extensions.
- Implementing customizations using layout XML and UI components.
- Integrating with third-party systems and services.
- Utilizing the Magento API and web services.

3. Magento Commerce Cloud Deployment and Management:
- Deploying Magento Commerce Cloud instances.
- Managing environments, branches, and deployments.
- Implementing version control systems and workflows.
- Demonstrating knowledge of continuous integration and deployment processes.

4. Magento Commerce Cloud Performance and Optimization:
- Applying performance optimization techniques.
- Configuring and managing caching strategies.
- Debugging and troubleshooting common performance issues.
- Implementing scalability and load balancing.

Exam Syllabus:
The Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer test syllabus provides a detailed breakdown of the subjects covered in the exam. It includes specific knowledge areas, tasks, and skills that candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in. The syllabus may cover the following areas:

- Magento Architecture and Core Concepts
- Magento Commerce Cloud Development
- Magento Commerce Cloud Deployment and Management
- Magento Commerce Cloud Performance and Optimization
Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer
Magento Professional learner

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Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer
After installing a Magento extension that implements a new class for a site and deploying this to an integration environment, you see it is not working.
In the logs, you discover the following error:
The specified /app/generated/code/MyCompany/MyModule/MyClassFactory.php could not be written failed to open stream: Read-only file system
How do you fix this?
A. A support ticket should be filed with Magento Commerce Cloud to fix the filesystem issue.
B. The extension should be modified so it does not write to generated at runtime.
C. The file should be generated locally and pushed via Git.
D. The GENERATED_CODE_WRITABLE variable should be set to true whenever using extensions.
Correct Answer: B
Your project is in a phase where the locales that will be used are still being determined. You need to configure your project in a manner that will allow them to be changed dynamically.
How can you accomplish this?
A. Remove the system/default/general/locale configuration from the app/etc/config.php file
B. Configure SCD_ON_DEMAND to true in the .magento.env.yaml file
C. Run the command vendor/bin/ece-tools locales:unlock on the environment
D. Configure DYNAMIC_LOCALES in the SCD_MATRIX to true in the .magento.env.yaml file
Correct Answer: B
The merchant wants to offer specific pricing in different currency markets, so you have set up multiple websites to cover each currency.
Now they want customers to be directed to the appropriate website based on the country they are in.
How do you configure this?
A. Use the Country Mapping in the Fastly settings to map country codes to store views.
B. In the Project Web UI, enable the Website IP Mapping setting.
C. Update magento-vars.php to detect the country code from the IP address and map it.
D. Build or install a Magento extension that changes the default currency code on application init.
Correct Answer: D
/R eference:
QUESTION 56 After making changes to custom commands in the deploy and build phases, you deploy to Staging. The deployment takes much longer than expected, and Staging is in maintenance mode for most
of this time.
What do you do to reduce site downtime?
A. Set the SKIP_MAINTENANCE_SCD variable to true in the .magento.env.yaml file.
B. Add a custom command to the post_deploy phase to activate deferred deployment.
C. Move custom commands from the deploy phase to the build phase.
D. Update the SCD_MATRIX variable to include only necessary custom commands.
Correct Answer: A
You want to Strengthen the ability to monitor Production deployments by setting up an email notification system.
How do you achieve this?
A. Enable Deployment Notifications under Configure Environment > Settings in the Project Web UI
B. Build a custom module which hooks into the deployment phase and sends emails in real-time
C. Configure log notifications in the .magento.env.yaml file
D. Use the magento-cloud environment:deploy:email command to enable email notifications
Correct Answer: C
A merchant with three websites using en_GB, fr_FR and de_AT requires a change in locale to de_DE for the German Production website. After running the following command on Production you notice the frontend design of the German
website is broken:
php bin/magento config:set --scope=websites --scope-code=german general/locale/code de_DE
Static content deployment is set up on the deploy phase.
Why did this happen?
A. Static Content is not pre-generated for the de_DE locale
B. de_DE is not writeable in pub/static and has to be configured via the file
C. The magento-cloud environment:deploy command has not been run yet to generate static content for the new locale
D. STATIC_CONTENT_SYMLINK is not configured in the .magento.env.yaml file
Correct Answer: C
Section: (none)
QUESTION 59 To secure composer credentials you want to remove the auth.json file from the
project repository.
How do you do that?
A. The build phase runs on a separate server and variables are not available there, you must keep the credentials in the auth.json file, but you can replace the password with its hash
B. Add the env:COMPOSER_AUTH variable on the project level and make it visible on the build phase
C. Put the composer credentials into /mnt/build/.config/composer/auth.json
D. Add the COMPOSER_AUTH variable with the sensitive option enabled
Correct Answer: A
QUESTION 60 You have created a new Integration branch and did not receive the administrator email with the
password reset link.
What is prohibiting the email from sending?
A. You have not enabled the Magento Email module with bin/magento module:enable
B. The Outgoing Emails setting is disabled under Environment Settings in the Project Web UI
C. Email is always disabled on all integration branches
D. You have not configured SendGrid for this environment
Correct Answer: B
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In conjunction with the Professional Learning Cycles, the team at your school/district will receive implementation support from a PCE consultant with school and coaching experience to guide the implementation of the work in classrooms.

The PCE consultant will also provide text set recommendations for staff,  customize student materials recommendations and answer any questions throughout the process. 

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  • Continuing Education is professional learning that entitles the learner to credits they can use to maintain a certification or license granted by a third-party organization. LinkedIn Learning offers approved Continuing Education courses aligned with the following organizations’ Continuing Education requirements:

    ·       Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)

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Professional Learning No result found, try new keyword!This section has useful information about the range of learning and teaching focused professional development, including induction sessions, certificated programmes and experiential routes to ... Thu, 26 Aug 2021 11:00:00 -0500 en-GB text/html Online Learning

Competency Definition

Demonstrate the awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills required to equitably engage and include people from different local and global cultures. Engage in anti-racist practices that actively challenge the systems, structures, and policies of racism.

Behaviors Associated with Competency

  • Solicit and use feedback from multiple cultural perspectives to make inclusive and equity-minded decisions.
  • Actively contribute to inclusive and equitable practices that influence individual and systemic change.
  • Advocate for inclusion, equitable practices, justice, and empowerment for historically marginalized communities.
  • Seek global cross-cultural interactions and experiences that enhance one’s understanding of people from different demographic groups and that leads to personal growth.
  • Keep an open mind to diverse ideas and new ways of thinking.
  • Identify resources and eliminate barriers resulting from individual and systemic racism, inequities, and biases.
  • Demonstrate flexibility by adapting to diverse environments.
  • Address systems of privilege that limit opportunities for members of historically marginalized communities.

LinkedIn Learning Collections

Equity and Inclusion - Level One - coming!

Equity and Inclusion - Level Two - coming!

Equity and Inclusion - Level Three - coming!

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Mi-STAR Professional Learning Courses
Teachers collaborating and studying mi-star curriculum

Build Your NGSS Toolkit

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) represent a paradigm shift in teaching and learning. Build your NGSS toolkit with online Mi-STAR professional learning courses.

Mi-STAR's Courses

Build Your NGSS Toolkit: Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards


Grades 5-9 teachers


This short two-hour course introduces both new and experienced science educators to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Integrating primary source materials from the NGSS website as well as nationally respected experts, this course provides an overview of the vision and structure of three-dimensional science education, as well as a guided tour through some of the key resources available in the NGSS Framework and Standards.

Practical strategies and resources for further exploration in implementing the NGSS in the classroom are also explored.

By the end of the course, teachers will be able to

  • describe the purpose and vision of the NGSS
  • explain the three dimensions of the NGSS Use resources, including appendices, from the NGSS Framework and website, to guide classroom instruction
  • describe key features of NGSS instruction in the classroom, including phenomena, storylines, productive talk, sense-making, engineering, and 3D assessment

Registration and Payment

Build Your NGSS Toolkit: Systems and System Models


Grades 5-9 teachers


This short two-hour course defines systems and systems models from an engineering perspective, tying modeling to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) science classroom. It weaves together multiple respected science education sources to support classroom modeling as both a critical Science and Engineering Practice and a Crosscutting Concept.

Practical methodologies and routines to implement modeling are also explored. A classroom-tested lesson is provided upon course completion.

By the end of the course, teachers will be able to 

  • define a scientific model and explain why models are useful
  • describe the specific attributes and engineering values of system models
  • explain how an NGSS-aligned curriculum can employ and support student modeling
  • describe and implement multiple modeling strategies for the classroom, including digital instruction

Registration and Payment

Build Your NGSS Toolkit: Productive Talk


Grades 5-9 teachers


This short two-hour course explores the value of productive talk to support student sensemaking and consensus building. It integrates multiple respected science education sources to support productive talk as a critical experience in the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices of asking questions and defining problems, constructing explanations, and arguing from evidence.

Practical methods and routines to implement productive talk with students are also explored.

By the end of the course, teachers will be able to

  • describe productive talk and differentiate it from traditional classroom discourse
  • explain why productive talk is good for students
  • describe the key elements of productive talk
  • apply classroom strategies to facilitate productive talk during initial ideas, understanding, and consensus discussions

Registration and Payment

About Mi-STAR

Kids doing a science project.

Mi-STAR is an integrated science middle school curriculum and teacher professional learning program designed for the Next Generation Science Standards.

One of the main goals of this curriculum and program is to stimulate students’ engagement through real-world unit challenges that demonstrate how science and engineering contribute innovative solutions to contemporary problems.

Mi-STAR’s curriculum incorporates three-dimensional assessments, and the professional learning program includes technology-enabled networking. Together, the curriculum and program empower teachers to Strengthen students’ science learning.

Learn More

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Podcast Series: Innovations in Education

Lincolnshire, IL– 95 Percent Group LLC, the trusted source for proven literacy solutions, unveiled 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite™, a comprehensive program for developing awareness of speech sounds for students grades K-1. Aligned with the latest research on phonemic awareness and part of the One95™ Literacy Ecosystem™, the new suite includes core and intervention lessons, intervention tools, assessments and teacher professional learning. 

Building phonemic awareness means developing the understanding that spoken words are made up of specific sounds, called phonemes. The focus of phonemic awareness is on those sounds, but exact research reports that good phonemic awareness instruction makes the critical connection to the grapheme—letters or groups of letters—that represents the sound. The 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite is a prime example of this research brought to life in the classroom.

“Building a foundation in the ways that written words connect to spoken words begins with phonemic awareness.  Phonemic awareness is essential for developing literacy skills and a strong predictor of practicing success,” said Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group. “Our new 95 Phonemic Awareness Suite is grounded in the current research on phonemic awareness, providing teachers with an evidence-based, comprehensive program that will help young learners develop a foundation for becoming proficient readers.”…Read More

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Experiential Learning & Professional Success

Scholarly experiential activities allow students and faculty members to integrate and reinforce chemistry knowledge, develop their scientific and professional skills, enhance their safety and risk assessment skills, create new scientific knowledge, and add new contributions to other knowledge bases. Although implementing and sustaining such projects is a resource-intensive process, including but not limited to: faculty time, laboratory space, instrumentation, chemical literature, supplies, and student stipends, the investment is justified by its positive impact on student learning and the richness it adds to students’ and faculty members’ scientific experiences. Increased student-faculty member engagement has also been shown to increase student success.

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The Learning Center

Student and tutor in the writing center

The Learning Center provides a variety of opportunities for students to discover their learning preferences and build successful academic behaviors. Students who regularly use our services tend to show increased academic confidence, stronger learning skills, and improvement in their coursework.

Professional tutors, who are learning specialists, coordinate and supervise all peer-led programs.

What students are saying about The Learning Center:

"I came to The Learning Center in the beginning of the second semester and it has changed the way I learn. I now know how to manage my time, and I learned new study skills that actually work for me and I will continue to use them in the future."

"As a result of my tutoring sessions I have learned that it is always a good idea to ask for help. Typically, I try to help myself as much as possible and can be quite stubborn when it comes to reaching out for help. After going to tutoring in a subject I am not comfortable in, I realized it is okay to go get help when needed even if it is for a simple homework problem."

"I understand the material better, so I can use the skills I learned and complete my work on my own with no problem."

"I loved being a peer leader, it shaped who I became as a student and gifted me with life long friends!"

Note: Van Hoesen Hall A-wing is undergoing renovation, which impacts access to The Learning Center. Please see the map linked here for paths and entrances. The Learning Center is located on the second floor in the B-wing.

Professional Tutoring

Student with professional tutor

Professional tutoring is individualized, skill-based sessions in reading, study strategies, math, time management and writing. 

Learn more about Professional Tutoring


student visiting the Nightowl site on her laptop.

Nightowl offers real-time, online after-hours help for undergrad-level writing, math, chemistry, biology, physics, psychology and accounting

Learn more about Nightowl

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) for Chemistry

Students in a peer tutoring session

PLTL is peer-led collaboration to practice solving chemistry problems for General Chemistry 1 and 2.

Learn more about PLTL

Inclement Weather Policy

When the campus cancels classes due to inclement weather, The Learning Center and some of its programs (Supplemental Instruction (SI), Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL), and Peer Tutoring) will also be cancelled. SUNY Cortland announces these cancellations on the campus homepage and via email. Generally, our Nightowl night-time, online tutoring and remote Professional Tutoring services will continue to operate during inclement weather. For questions about Nightowl online tutoring, please email Jen Drake. For other questions about The Learning Center please email The Learning Center.

If you would like to provide any feedback to The Learning Center, please email

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The Early Learning Champion Program

PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions are committed, talented early education professionals who work with young children (infants to third graders) and their families. Champions work in a diversity of learning environments: some are certified Pre-K, Head Start and early elementary teachers, others are childcare providers in centers and programs, and still others are librarians, museum educators, or family, friends, and neighbors who offer care in their homes. Champions are passionate about their work, enthusiastic about their professional growth and active contributors to the dynamic early education field. 

Once you become a Champion, you’re always a member of the PBS Education family. Champions are celebrated with an awards reception, and the program generally kicks off with a learning summit. The program comprises a two year journey where Champions are encouraged to find their passion and voice, and pursue a program of both personal and professional growth. Among other opportunities, Champions can expect to:

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Professional development and lifelong learning

The spring 2024 program guide from the University of Delaware’s Division of Professional and Continuing Studies (UD PCS) is available online.

With a theme of “The Power of Lifelong Learning,” the catalog highlights a wide range of educational opportunities for learners of almost any age, career path or background. From pre-college programs that allow high school students to enroll in UD courses or prepare for college entrance exams, to classes that aid in career training and professional growth, to lifelong learning programs for adults age 50 and over, UD PCS supports learners’ educational goals.

Along with featuring upcoming business, healthcare, IT and legal program offerings, the publication highlights the resources and services UD PCS provides, such as career tools for program participants, free continuing education planning and advisement, and a spring virtual information session.

Most noncredit professional development programs are offered online, with financial assistance options like scholarships, payment plans or discounts.

The public and the UD community are invited to learn more about spring 2024 programs at an online information session Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. Programs covered include brewing science, clinical trials management, cybersecurity, drone pilot, nonprofit management, paralegal, project management, sales operations, business analytics, instructional design, Montessori teaching, social media and digital marketing, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and RN refresher education.

For details or to view the catalog, please visit the website.

For further information, please visit:

Wed, 13 Dec 2023 10:01:00 -0600 en text/html

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